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Doctors say they have finally proved that running delays the symptoms of arthritis in later life. Even top athletes such as marathon runner Paula Radcliffe are less likely to suffer the condition than couch potatoes, according to a new study.

It found that runners delay the onset of arthritis by more than 12 years on average compared with those who never exercise. Those who get the most benefit run between six and 20 miles a week. The findings prove wrong the myth that exercising always speeds up the rate at which joints 'wear out' and can bring early osteoarthritis - the form of arthritis caused by ageing.

Well knew that all along of course!

MTV spells marathon tv!
In Britain, Radcliffe’s run also underlined the public’s flagging interest in Formula 1 motor racing, when ‘as-live’ coverage of the final grand prix of the season on the commercial broadcaster ITV, was beaten by live coverage of the Chicago marathon on the UK’s public-service broadcaster, the BBC. The corporation’s coverage of the Chicago marathon, beginning at 1.30pm, was watched by an average of 2.2 million viewers, with a peak of 3.5 million, equal to one in four people watching television, as the race ended.
Eldo Lise, "The eldo gang (mark, mary and I) are now experiencing another bout of a skin infection we all picked up from the kids...what a pain in the ass...takes forever to get rid of- and weird that it hits us all at the same time....can't complain-it's better than getting panga-ed on the beach right? p.s.- I was reading your site the other day- I've met your bud Carol-on a few chicks' nights out way back in our toronto days...small, small world- she used to work with a good friend of mine (Roderica) ...what a comeback she has made. The only reason I remember is that I met one of my best friends that night and it was quite the night-tequila me thinks." Small indeed, but I’d hate to paint it!
"Before they coach, coaches should be runners." -Erick Kimayo, world ranked #10 in the marathon in 1997, We endorse this quote just because……
But on a further note may we say that Eric (not Erick) has a few brothers who are pretty nifty too and the family method of training would be on the brothers drives a car and the others run - as far as they could. Upon exhaustion the brothers would hop in the car. The brother who went the furthest was always Eric - the brother who made it? Eric.
Interesting Drug-athlete story. It is a sad sport in many ways because even if there were two games (clean - unclean) all the athletes who cheat would enter the clean-Olympics.
Leading results from the HC Andersen Marathon in Copenhagen
1. Andrey Tarasov, Ryssland, 2.20.59 2. Runar Höiom, Sverige, 2.21.05 (leading Swedish Time for 2002) 3. Torben Juul Nielsen, Danmark, 2.21.31 4. Vitaly Melzaev, Ukraina, 2.22.15 5. Toomas Tarm, Estland, 2.22.23
1. Karina Szymanska, Polen, 2.33.20 2. Emily Kimuria, Kenya, 2.34.57 3. Gitte Karlshøj, Danmark, 2.35.08 4. Janina Malska, Polen, 2.50.01
Recognize any names? Janina resurfaces.. actually we were more interested in the ongoing great Master’s career of Gitte, a great Dane.
Royal Soil
Her Majesty Da Queen will be one of the first persons to congratulate Paula Radcliffe when the Chicago Marathon champion eventually sets her flying feet back on British soil this week.
"The last six miles in Central Park are fairly hard. It is up and down. This race starts at 20 miles." John Treacy - Boy, they must have been hard miles because there is only three miles in the park! At 20-miles the runner is in Harlem!
Doing my community service on Friday I volunteered to help with the registration for the Terry Fox run. I think the TF story very inspiring, plus I like to volunteer for a number of reasons - namely because without volunteers our sport would be in a poor state of affairs. Anyway this women comes up and asks for a number, she fills out a form, gets her number and T-shirt. Then I ask for the fee.
"Well so and so told me to come here and pick up a number." So I check pre-registration - she is not there.
So I ask for the surname of so and so, "I dunno." She says.
She goes on to say that she is part of a charity group that is raising money for the TF foundation.
So I ask what is the name of the group? To which she replies, "I don’t know."
I ask if she knows the full name of anyone in the group, in the charity, or who is actually running - "No."
"That’ll be $20 please then."
She then left sans number!
It is a wonderment she knew where the registration was.
Congratulations to Central Park Track Club - Thirty years and going strong, formed in October 1972.
Paris 09/14 - The Noms for the IAAF athlete of the year. Tobypicks - Paula and Tim.. predictable but personally I think that is how it will go.

America's Tim Montgomery (100m) Britain's Jonathan Edwards (triple jump); Morocco's Hicham El Guerrouj (1,500 metres); Hungary's Robert Fazekas (discus and hammer); Greece's Kostas Kederis (200m); American marathon runner Khalid Khannouchi; Poland's Robert Korzeniowski (race walking); Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic (400m hurdles); and Czech decathlete Roman Sebrle.
women'Paula Radcliffe (Marathon), America's Marion Jones (100m), Ethiopia's Berhane Adere (5,000-10,000m); Turkey's Sureyya Ayhan (1,500m); Sweden's Kajsa Bergqvist (high jump); Gail Devers of the United States (100m hurdles); Russia's Svetlana Feofanova (pole vault); Debbie Ferguson of the Bahamas (100-200m); Mexico's Ana Guevara (400m); and Mozambique's Maria Mutola (800m).

There are so many great athletes here - to be honest I think The Khannouch should get the male version. Tim got a WR, so did Khannouch. Tim was not dominant in his discipline, The Khannouch WAS. Tim ran one sublime race, The Khannouch ran two……

Out & About - The Terry Fox Run. A beautiful running day. The park was full of Canadians - I could not work out if the official starter was a celebrity or a politician, the "You will allrecognize…" by the voice of New York was lost on me…. ID-ing Celebs has never been my strong point highlighted by the famous evening of sitting on the next table to Sarah Jessica Parker at Da Silvano’s. My dinner guest knew who she was and kept on fainting through each course but never whispered a hint across…. Anyway on that subject Howard Stern was doing his loop on Saturday morning… but back to the race!
Queen Mary, Derek, and the nipper Alex were there representing the NYRR (who supports this race), Leslie, who supports bars, fast food joints and often needs the support herself (According to fellow late night drinkers from the nike crew) was there being a great volunteer…. Fiona Bayly won the race before popping off to Stonybrook for the alumni magnet meet….. The Achilles TC were there in force and I mistakenly thought this guy on the front line of the race was my Achilles buddy Hakan. Now Hakan is blind so I clap my hands on his shoulder and say who I am very clearly - This guy thought I was absolute nuts.

PonyTail Ted was there for the Harriers, "Running easy as I want to do VCP XC tomorrow…" And speaking of which we did the last Ten Miles of the Marathon course in glorious sunshine. A nice bunch of people turned up and everyone had smiles on their faces at the Tavern. The night before was Graeme Reid’s farewell bash thus we were super impressed to see Graeme out pushing the pace on this morning - a few hours earlier, at the party, when he said, "I’ll see you there…" I thought no chance, he’ll sleep in. However full kudos to the guy as I believe our last mile was the quickest and zippy it was. MasterBlaster, Cruiser, Paul K, LQD, Partime, Cara, The Boss, Century, Chris, Randy, Jen… many Urbanosos out there plus TRD, ALS, and others.

And the party? It was really nice - loadsa of CPTC-ers there but I spent the night talking to two girls, one from Jamaica (Bevine), and the other from Brighton (Tanya), England. They were hysterical. A whole night of great stories - all highly censored of course, so enough of that!

On to the Amsterdam Marathon - check Pieter’s page (above) for the latest blow-by-blow update. But the long and short of it was that Kimutai (The HATC’s massage therapist no less!) Won the race in one of the world’s best ever debut times! 2:07:26. I am trying to think of faster debuts - Osoro in 2:06:50 is the only one I can come up with, there is bound to be another but….. What a sterling, unexpected result! I know a lot of you think another Kenyan, blah-dee blah… but this is stellar. When I was in Kenya earlier this year Kimutai had just joined the camp after some bad experiences in the now (almost) defunct Fila Camp. If you remember the old Run Urban busking in Eldoret photo he is one of the Kenyan’s in the background.

Congrats also to Luc of the HATC who has secured a spot in his country’s marathon squad for the World’s next year with a fine 2:11. The disappointment was 42-yr old Limo "only" running 2:19 - it was on the cards for him to run much faster, and I know he will be very upset with that time but….
FOOTNOTE: Yes we know Gebrselassie ran 2:06 for a supposedly WR debut this year in London. But the fact he has run a Marathon before makes the translation of the word debut a little hazy.. those of you who think Geb was 15 when he ran that race obviously have not seen the great man close up! A debut is the first time one runs a marathon, not the first time someone says, "Okay, this is my first serious effort."
Women 1. Gete Wami (Eth) 2:22:19 (DEBUT, national and course record) 2. Constantina Dita (Rom) 2:23 :52 3. Stine Larsen (Nor) 2:27:06 (DEBUT)
Men 1. Benjamin Kimutai Kosgei (Ken) 2:07:26 (DEBUT) 2. Simon Bor (Ken) 2:07:56 3. Stephen Cheptot (Ken) 2:07:59 4. Antonio Pena (Spa) 2:08:08 5. Sammy Korir (Ken) 2:08:10 (Mr perennial 2:08) 6. Boaz Kimayo (Ken) 2:08:46 (Bro’ won Baltimore)

Wei Yanan led home an impressive Chinese 1-2-3 in the women's section of today’s Beijing marathon, winning in a new national record of 2:20:23.

Wei, who was also victorious this year in the Seoul Marathon on 17 March (2:25:06), crossed the finish ahead of Sun Yingjie, who was second with 2:21:21, with Zhang Shujing third on 2:23:17 – all personal bests.

Eric Kimayo takes the Baltimore Marathon in 2:17:43, and Russia’s Elvira Kolpakova took the women’s prize in 2:50:00
Eric, a 2:07 marathoner,
Stop Press - Bowie concert. You should have been there, he rocked. All the 80's classics, and who was there four rows from the front? Our intrepid reporter and TGV.
More tomorrow, this was fab - the Bowie concert to end all others.
Looking to borrow a massage table for the week of the New York City Marathon... can any one help?
Canadian News; "I'll leave the big momma look to you...that'll be mondo chapatis to inhale. Had one of those big mommas grab me in a drunken state and almost squeeze me to death when we were on a local pub crawl...wasn't too pleasant as she had the worse breath- but funny nonetheless...couldn't decide if she took a fancy to me or I was in the unfortunate position of being closest to her. I remember Martin K. had to talk her out of letting go of me.

"Just got back from seeing my parents off on their latest mom has a special compartment in her bag that was loaded with chocolate bars and cookies- sounds familiar, except she had the cheap brand of hobnob knockoffs. Thanks for the update from our fav Eldo Lise!

And whilst we are off the subject of running - by request, up for a few days is the old History Books.
Smokin’ J - Off to LA next week, into biking, and currently more interested in lightweight seat posts than running shoes! He has finally been persuaded to talk about his race a couple of weeks ago, "The race was pretty good actually - av. 24mph for 5 laps of park - pouring rain, 6.30am start, 3 crashes, pack finish - seems in cycling as though if you're not in the first 10 - you just "ride" across the line in the pack (should I say peleton!?)

"I made a runners error in that I was in the main pack with 1 mile to go and there was a breakaway 10 seconds up the road - we were at Tavern on the Green and the finish is at the top of Cats Paw Hill - so I charged off the front of the group and tried to bridge up to the breakaway of 4 - but I never quite closd to the final 2-3 seconds or so and got swallowed up by the pack just before the final sprint." Super impressive!

Last Sunday's LaSalle Banks Chicago Marathon = 31,106 official finishers. Behind; Boston (35,868; 1996), London (32,899; 2002) and New York City (31,786; 1999).
It appears that the ledge’ Alberto Salazar holds the Round da Reservoir course record despite some stiff competition from the country of Spain. We are awaiting confirmation of his time - it is super fast!
The track was spotting and starting to rain with drops of NYC’s finest, then spluttering to a halt.. could not make up its mind! But the speedsters had no trouble negotiating what was supposed to be a tough session! Man, I could not stop them, Barry - "Can we do more?" LQD, "I’m going to do at least 2 more…." What are these guys eating for breakfast??

Welcome also to Jamie who decimated the peleton, and to Beth who dropped by (via Providence). Beth, a 2:41 marathoner, is a new edition to the city. She brought us the gossip that John Doherty (d’ya remember him? My Euro friends will) is now a money-man and not running! A shame. He used to do a lot of pacing work in Europe on the track. The Boss was down on the track, and Partime too (Yes in the rain!), Cara with gears of Vitesse, Buffalo, Cre ("I’m having a post marathon party, put the word out…"), Chris from Amex "Long mile in Staten Island!" Randy Sax, "My coffee speaks for itself…" Century Man, "It is tough running a session holding back for once…" Lee, "What shall I eat for breakfast?" Don, DandaDog, & Amber, and Andrew who is rapidly returning to his former speedy self…

Later it was to the West side Pomodoro - Century and I were stood next to the bread table waiting for a table - Big mistake for the restaurant… "No bread? But the bowl was full a minute ago!" The food was excellent and filling and the place as good as the last time visited…. And a drop by H&H rounded off the evening - I mean what is a night without a Cinnamon Raison.

Coming up next week - Your Intrepid Reporter has been invited to meet the Mayor at the Gracie Mansion. And don’t forget the long run on Sunday…..
A day at the gym. I did my long run again on the treadmill. Was it the 50-mph winds, or the howling gale that smelt of everything except the Caribbean Wind? Nope, I actually like treadmills for long runs - a couple of CD’s and gels sure help to dwindle away the hours, and the alternative is the road loops of Central Park.

The only annoying thing is to be stuck in a position of non-motion. I mean I have never ran a race, or trained, with a ‘grunter’ or a ‘hacker’. The closest I came was years ago in Portugal, but that’s another story. BUT on the treadmill you are stuck next to them all! Yesterday I was dodging the flying arms of a girl who appeared to be auditioning for a shadow boxing film called Full range of motion… then there was the singing man…. Yep it is like an episode of Seinfeld! A woman came up, "You’ve been running a long time, how far are you going? You were running when I came in over an hour ago" (NB/ I should add I always run when the gym is empty and there are over 20 free treadmills).
So I reply, "20-miles."
She looks at me with a cranky eye, then peers down on the display panel, "And you’ve only done 3-miles? You are going to be here all day!"
I could not be bothered to tell her that the odometer resets to zero after ten miles.

We hear reports from Holland, "Lornah’s training has been great, everything is as planned!" Watch out NY! And on that note may I say there is a great I-view with Carol Howe on RW today (up until 11:30 when it’ll be archived) by the legendary Peter Gambaccini. Peter still holds one of the best ever Round the Rez times. Speaking of which we are offering a grand prize if anyone goes sub 7:30 for one loop - must be witnessed by at least two timers.
On that subject we are going to have our own rankings for the City’s best runner. To be considered one must actually live in the five boroughs, not in a foreign land flying in for select races. The women - #1 Zoomalong with a clear lead, she has had an outstanding year to date, and basically no-one (male or female) could touch her toenails. Consistently at the forefront of every race regardless of distance she has won the competition for 2002. Second place is tough, I’d have to go with Leteyesus. Lete races with a road warrior’s skull and has some really great performances to boot, most recently a podium finish in the Hartford Marathon. Carol Howe, if a 5-borough resident, would have been a lock for #2. #3 is an open spot but looking very much like an Alayne Adams story.
The men’s ranking will come tomorrow.
Nairobi, Kenya - the second annual women's 10km road race in Iten, some 20 km north-east of Eldoret, Kenya's cradle of distance running, will be held on 23 November 2002. The race will be part of the celebration of the second anniversary of the High Altitude Training Centre (HATC) in Iten, which is owned by top marathon runner Lornah Kiplagat, who has posted wins in Los Angeles (1997 and 1998), Rotterdam (1999) and Osaka (2001) in her career.

This is going to be a super event. There will also be a big party celebrating the Euro part of Pieter (Starbucks) and Lornah (Simba’s) wedding. So if you are passing through the Western Highlands take a red rose, and may you stay forever young for going.

News from a far, Steven P from CPTC, now living in Blighty, "the British XC Champs 4K event in March," will be his focus, but Steven shall be back in NY for the Joe 10km this December.
Coming to a television near you: The New York City Marathon takes place the first Sunday in November each year and is the premier event of the New York Road Runners, the world’s most comprehensive running organization.
more on Chicago
Jeanne Hennessy, of NYAC, took $2k for her Chicago 10th…. #14 Jen Rhines USA 2:41:16 and #16 The Legend herself, Joan Benoit-Samuelson ME 45 2:42:28
#19 Ian Syster RSA 2:16:04 (from his London 2:07!!!) and #20 Abdelah Behar FRA 2:16:14 - up and down performances both.
Route Du Vin, one of Europe’s best ½’s was won by an unknown Kenyan in front of a stellar field, 1 Barnabas Kenduiywo KEN 62:07. Edith Masai took the women’s race in 70-mins.
the Amsterdam Marathon comes this weekend - watch out for the Dutchman Luc Krotwaar of the High Altitude Training Camp to put in a great race. Tegla Loroupe says that she will be running to reclaim the world record. We say Good Luck, better pack your bicycle before going to Amsterdam!
Football News: England are held to an embarrassing 2-2 draw by Macedonia! And Wales defeat Italy.. whatever next?
Out and about at the polar heart rate monitor NYRR talk last night. I bumped into Marcus O’Sullivan who is a really great runner, and person to boot. I have never beaten him in a race yet (over track or road) as he is a very savvy racer (even when out of form). One thing I did learn was an accurate (or more) way to guesstimate your max pulse is 205 minus half your age. Marcus, who turned 40 the other year, did mention that he is not pursuing the Master’s 4-mile mile as was rumored. No-one over the age of 40 has ever beaten a 4-minute mile outdoors in the history of the world. However Nixon Kiprotich (who is another Kenyan age waiver) claims he ran 1:43 as a 39-yr old, and given that Nixon at that time could run a 3:36 1500m makes that 4-min barrier slight in stature.
From Randy Sax< "If you really want good coffee, or perhaps the best shots of espresso, just come by to my crib.
I won't get started on Starbucks, but if you MUST have their "coffee", make the coffee with a Melitta pour through. It's the only way to make coffee. Next time you're down in Tribeca, or near the store, stop by for a Latte, Machiatto, Espresso, name it, I'll make it!" And further Tobyreview bashing comes from Leslie, "west side h&h is better than east side h&h (i've had consistently tasteless bagels). ess-a-bagel outranks 'em all!" So I can now consider myself told! Randy I’m coming down on Sunday afternoon!
I must have eaten thirty Dannon yogurts with the supposedly ‘winning lids’ to finally get a congratulations tub. If I spend $50 on merchandise then they’ll give me a 20% discount - is that a win? Speaking of which did anyone notice how many (and it was many) pages you had to turn in this Sunday’s NY Times magazine to get past the adverts? The first eight pages were 100% commercial, I mean are we now paying to read commercials that pay the magazine? Watch the press - TanserPrint is coming out soon - 50 shiny glossy sides of Marlboro horses and stetsons brought to you for $3 each Sunday.
The CenturyMan saved me today - I picked up 29-pairs of running shoes, and he ably assisted with the super truck… all the shoes were pulled from the closet of Stop n’ Chat aka The Traffic Warden. This load of shoes will be shipped tomorrow to the village of Paul Tergat.

We stopped at H&H (7 bagels and two doughy things that I don’t know the name of…. I tell you H&H is a fab bagelry, consistently excellent bagels). Also as an experiment some Starbucks ground coffee beans, I am interested to see if the home brewed stuff tastes as good as the shop shots. (Ed’s note: email from Century tells you it was Challah bread, he even sent a link!

Whilst we are ‘da food, Eldo Lise says, "It's water+fruit for me today after barely surviving another dinner- they had 12 dishes on the go- I didn't even make it to the turkey. I decided it was best to just bring wine this time as my culinary attempts this weekend have been dismal- one of the best was trying to scrape off the burnt parts off a lopsided cake (not as easy as scraping toast let me tell you)-I'm blaming it all on my oven."
If you go to the Cigna web site and click on the pink ribbon, Cigna will donate $1.00 to fight breast cancer. Only good the month of October - pass it on! Click Here!
We read,
Kyle Baker, first marathon, 12th, 2:14:13: "It's not the time I wanted, but I'm definitely happy with it. Without the wind, I think it could have been a sub-2:12.
So that is a minimum of a 2-min 14-secs improvement, thus saying sans wind Paula would have run (She was only half a mile behind these guys) 2:15:03? And Khannouchi a 2:03??
An interesting name to the Marathon edition appears on RW today, Matt O’Dowd. Obviously he is not going to headline any press, but he will be a name to watch, and an exciting prospect for the Marathon future.
Coming up this weekend - The last ten miles community run! Just show up and run with others along the marathon course. This way on Marathon Day when you get to 16-miles the brain will say, "Been here, done it, can do it today." This is not a gimick, it works.
TT says TV
A day before the Chicago race, Toshinari Takaoka summarized his expectations: "I have trained with a 2:05 marathon in mind. I am ready for a fast pace and plan to stay with the leaders even if they go out with 14:50 for the 5Km. I see it as a great opportunity to run very fast time, something I probably won't have a chance to do in a Japanese marathon. I cannot explain in detail, but my preparation for this race went better than my training for the debut marathon."

Takaoka's coach, Kunimitsu Ito, is a 2:07 marathon runner. He explained that "Takaoka has been studying the marathon by watching many of the recent races." "Because my marathon experience is very limited, I try to learn by watching marathon TV coverage," said Takaoka. "For example, I learned how the best runners positions themselves during the various stages of the race."

"I don't know if I'll run a marathon next year," she said. "I'll be sitting down and considering my schedule after I've had a holiday."

Paula, 28-years-old, is still keen to continue her track ambitions. She has already won Commonwealth 5,000m gold and the European 10,000m title this season, as well as the London Marathon. The track still draws her like a red hot iron.

As to where her Chicago success ranked, she added: "I've got the world record so it's got to rank at the top.
"Ever since London I have been working towards this and my track races went 100% to plan. "I did think I could do it, but I don't like talking about breaking records. I just like to go out and run my own race rather than shout about what I am going to do. "I knew I was in good shape. But also you have nerves and you wonder whether you'll hold it together."

We think it is wise for Paula NOT to run a marathon in 2003, BUT to run the Olympic Marathon in 2004. This is based upon the fact that very few men, let alone women, can close on the 25th lap of a 10,000m like the Ethiopian Women can. Paula would have to be 8-10% stronger than the best Ethiopian woman to win the 10,000m in Athens in my opinion. This is based upon the energy expenditure of setting the pace and ‘breaking’ the wind resistance.

Trevor Jordan of Vernon, B.C., and Krystyna Paieczulis of Poland won the men's and women's titles respectively at the Royal Victoria Marathon Sunday. Jordan's winning time was two hours 35 minutes and seven seconds. Vancouver's Jay Barberie was second in 2:35.36 and Tom St. Clair of the U.S., was third in 2:36.50.

And England's Jon Brown, who won last year's marathon, won the half marathon in 1:02.32. Brown, who lives and trains in Victoria, chose the shorter distance because he is preparing for the upcoming New York Marathon. Judith Leroy of Victoria won the women's half marathon in 1:19.02.

Let’s not forget that Deena Drossin ran VERY well in Chicago too! Great job Deena!
The London Marathon raised an amazing 31-million pounds for Charity this year! A mind boggling figure.
From the Century man, who watched the race; Marla Runyan beatTeresa Wanjiku to capture the USA National 10K Championship/Tufts Health Plan 10K.

Mrs. Newly wed Runyan, 33, ran her first-ever 10K and finished at 31:46 to beat Kenya's Wanjiku by two-tenths of a second.

Einhoven Marathon
1. Willy Cheruiyot (Ken) 2.10.12 2. Gregorz Gajdus (Pol) 2.10.49 3. Douglas Rono (Ken) 2.10.50…… 8. Wilson Kigen (Ken) 2.13.49
Wilson has had an outstanding year over distances up to the Half… proving once again that two half’s aren’t a whole marathon.
Race Organizer words, "Dutchwoman Nadja Wijenberg stopped after 32 kilometers, there were no noteworthy results in the women’s race." Ouch!
Lee Bong-Ju retains his 1998 Marathon title – again winning The Asian Games title. Lee won Boston last year, and was the Olympic runner-up in 1996.
Tatyana Pozdnyakova broke her own 45-49 world age group record for the marathon with a 2:29:00 at the Ocean State Marathon
A hot Dutch race;Four Miles of Groningen: Men - 1. Silesha Sihen, ETH, 18:08.2; 2. Assefa Mezegebu, ETH, 18:19.6; 3. Philip Mosima, KEN, 18:38.5. Women - 1. Beata Rakonczai, HUN, 21:32.0; 2. Elena Orlova, RUS, 21:40.1; 3. Hellen Kimaiyo, KEN, 21:44.7 - Kimaiyo is a classic example of the short shelf life of Kenyan runners (ho ho ho). Oft written in the US press ‘Kenyans come and go….’ Well Kimaiyo ran in LA 1984! And lawdy clawdy it is 2002 now! Hey Mosima was around in the early Nineties too! Have we a revolution? Tergat debuting on the national team in 1992, Tanui in 1987, Tegla in 1991, Joyce ran 68-mins for a half 2-weeks ago - that is World class, she was running world class ten years ago too! Don’t get me started!

Have any of these guys considered that even the names they don’t see might be running national class times in Kenyan races too?

Before the race:
Radcliffe admitted: "We'll see how the race develops - but it's part of my natural style to run hard. But winning the race is what it is all about. It is only my second marathon and I'm still learning so that is the most important thing. "If Catherine is running at 2:16 or 2:17 pace, I'll have to go with her. Then we'll have a battle of the strongest - or whoever falls apart first."
After the race:
" I'm just so pleased. The wind was tough. I felt good the first half and I just to run tough the second half. At 22 to 23 miles, I had a bad patch but once I turned north toward the finish, I really pushed it.. I was kicking hard at the end and really wanted the record badly. The people out on the course were brilliant. They came close to beating the British crowd in London for enthusiasm." Radcliff'e' s splits were 1:09:05 for the first half and she ran the second half faster in 1:08:13. Ndereba’s time of 2:19:25 was pretty zippy too!
At the 17th mile Radcliffe injected a 5:02 mile….

The incredible Khannouchi again runs a Sub 2:06! This third time, and fourth Chicago victory. Toshinari Takaoka gave The Khannouch a real run for his money before the race he said: "Yes. I want to have the (Japanese) record. But I also want to race. RWD: What do you mean by that? TT: I have decided to take a gamble and run with the lead pack. I will stay with them as long as I can and hope to get the record but also be in contention in the race.

A brave hearted guy, and it nearly paid off big time for the win!

Runner’s World’s creator George Hirsch, 3:28:53, in the 60-69 category - a fantastic result!

Asian Games 1,500m Gold medallist Sunita Rani of India has been tested positive for a banned drug.
Paula ran her two Chicago half’s in 1:09 & 1:08 consecutively…..

At the Staten Island - Silky Wilky takes another win, in 1:11. Warren St take top three spots but Central Park Track Club win both the Men, and the Women’s team titles. Alayne Adams, ‘SuperMom’ takes the race win, and the day’s most sterling performance - an absolute affirmation that she is #1 over whatever distance the Points’ system throws at her!! The Boss was second Master behind the Rube, Paul K popped a good one, with the Buffalo in his slipstream, CJ in his, and Partime and Patrick W close by. Sheila just missed the 2-barrier, probably by the crowding at the start, well done to her - and Kavan pulled a pr we think.

And where was defending Champion Kimka Griffin? Not in Staten Island - she was in Central Park.

Back to Chicago - Keith Dowling, our Shoe4Africa man, 2:14 for #14! Not bad at all - congrats!
Last night I was at a Harrier Party - thrown by GlennElecSki the "I live in Morningside not Harlem" Canadian. Nice guy - also ‘theres’ were the usual Harrier bunch.. I found out that The Queen of the Harriers is going to run the Havana Marathon just 2-weeks after running NYC! "I have to run NY, explaining to friends why I would not would be too time consuming…" An interesting fact - when Diane very nearly broke 3-hrs she had to run (start trouble) her first mile in 12-minutes! Mike, "I ran a long (22-miles) on Friday, do you think that affected my time in today’s Half Marathon?" and John Marron, "haven’t been able to run for the last 7 weeks, so I am quite pleased with my run today." And so he should be, he ran a 1:14! Douglas, "I only wear drag on Long Island."

The conversation then took a swing as one guy was explaining that the beauty of hiking (over running) was that you were more in touch with the nature. The proof of this explanation was delivered with a thud when he said, "I mean, when was the last time you saw an ant walk in front of you when you ran?"
Wow, I knew I was missing something!

Hartford Marathon
#1 JOSEPH NDERITU Kenya via Canada, 2:16:50 2 KASSAHUN KABISO, Ethiopia via Westchester, 2:16:55 and locally also was #6 JORGE REAL 2:23:36 Colombia via New York And the women: #1 LIOUDMILA KORTCHAGUI RUSSIA 2:35:37 and #2 LETEYESUS BERHE ETHIOPIA F2024 2:44:30
And the Half at Hartford
THOMAS OMWENGA KENYA 1:04:02 JACKLINE TORORI KENYA 1:15:10 and naturally Zoomalong won the Master’s division in 1:20:04

Visiting the SC’s - Stace the Ace continues on her way to the NYC Mum’s Marathon with her stunning comeback from giving birth 4-months ago, and Stu-Glu highlights the VCP classic. We ate lots of Lenny’s bagels, always a treat when visiting the SC-zone… and need I mention that Stace’s coffee is the strongest in the city?

We were also at the waterflooded race on Saturday in the park - I can tell you those Asics shoes with the holes in the soles ain’t too practical when traversing da ponds en course.

There was some fine running from GNY’s Cathy Stone, and Westchester’s Bob Sweeney - next week Bob is going for a 100km.

Ponytail Ted was also there and as he splashed his way through the puddles he lamented, "I wish I was with my wife in San Diego…."
"No you don’t Ted!" We retorted.
"Okay, you’re right…"
Runners love these horrid conditions, guess that is why I never became one.

Colorado Racing;
Libbie Hickman hicks da Half;
The former Colorado State University distance runner is trying to get back into the shape she was in before having a daughter 11 months ago. Hickman won the 5-kilometer Colorado Run on Sept. 8. Hickman finished well ahead of Boulder's Katelyn Johnson (1:24:01) and Jennifer Lee (1:26.03). In the men's half marathon, Juan Hernandez won in 1:12:26 from Newman, of Fort Collins, in 1:12:33. And Greeley's Steve Hackworth was third in 1:13:41.
Fort Collins' Peter Williams won the men's marathon in 2:42:01. Roger Scott of Clive, Iowa, was second in 2:46:18 and Fort Collins' Mouse Frodl was third in 2:51:59. Annette Krueger of Sydney, Neb., ran away with the women's marathon title in 3:12:30. Jennifer Dadik of Orlando, Fla., was second in 3:31:20 and Kristen Poteat of Parker was third in 3:31:28.
More Asian Games;
5000m:1. Sun Yingjie (Chn) 14:40.41, 2. Kayoko Fukushi (Jpn) 14:55.19, 3. Sunita Rani (Ind) 15:18.77.
1500m:1. Rashid Ramzi (Brn) 3:47.33, 2. Dou Zhaobo (Chn) 3:48.51, 3. Li Huiquan (Chn) 3:48.55.
The World record holder in the men’s javelin Jan Zelezny is feeling well after surgery at the Homolka hospital. Today he will be released to go home.

At the beginning of the week, the medical team under Doctor Chrobok dealt with the growth on Zelezny's rib which was causing him pain. Due to this condition he was unable to throw well at the European Championships in Munich, and he was already suffering discomfort prior to the Grand Prix meeting in Stockholm on 16 July. Zelez’ is a true legend in his own era.

Linda, an athlete I have been advising for the last couple of years has taken a trip to Europe. She left her Washington Square house, leased a car in France, and set off for a few months to drive round Europe. She reports in, "food is amazing (all about these pastries with powdered sugar!!!!), driving is great on the autoroute, though gas is ridiculously expensive - 60 Euros for a half tank! everyone has coffee in France when they stop for gas - i started to take mine to the car and was made to sit and drink it with everyone else and share stories. very nice, and reassuring..." Sounds like she is having a ball!
Great Ireland Run, County Galway: Five Miles
Leading Men`s: 1 Seamus Power (Irl) 23min 31secs 2 Noel Berkeley 23:33 (Irl) 3 Andy Cane 23:36 (Sco) Leading Women: 1 Sonia O'Sullivan 25:30 (Irl) 2 Pauline Curley 26:56 (Irl) 3 Sharon Morris 27:07 (Eng)

The amazing Berko does it again!! 23:33 for 5-miles for a 37 yr old guy who trains only when he can’t be bothered to push the lawnmower any more. The Berko is a legend… I keep trying to get him to come and stay in New York, he’d wipe the floors using his left leg alone!

Dale Craig, reflecting on the ‘millions of the marathon’s’
"I never won a penny throughout my career," admits Greig, who held the world marathon record and won a world marathon title, achievements as yet to be matched by Radcliffe. "Tea sets, cruets, cutlery, the odd table lamp, or sewing basket: that's all I won, and I gave most of it away."

Now 65, she remains the only Scottish female to have set a world mark in a recognised Olympic event, clocking 3hr 27min 45sec, almost 69 minutes slower than the current world best. She did this on the Isle of Wight, in 1964, in an era when officialdom banned women from marathons, but Greig's performance is the first officially logged by the world body of athletics on a certified course. She did so while working full time, not training full time like today's women.

One could candidly say that Miss Craig was lucky to have won some sewing baskets because if Kenya Airways had been around in the Nineteen Twenties, instead of the trusty (non flying) mule and foot, then her efforts would have come apart at the seams, so to speak.

The Captain’s off to play Golf next week in CA. I told him to make sure he does not use the golf cart, and gets the miles in hoofing it instead from hole to hole. He replied that the cart was the best bit about golfing. The fact that he drives a state of the art BMW SUV makes me wonder about the golf carts in CA.

Whilst we are on the subject… I was once training in Florida on the Arnold Palmer Golf Course, yes running not golf

Rowan Smith - a name from the past. I used to ride the bus with her when I was a little boy. Now I read she is running 33-minutes for the 10km! She should come to New York too!
Singing Hot!
Fauja Singh, a 91-year-old from Great Britain, completed the BUPA Great North Run Half-Marathon last Sunday in 2 hours 38 minutes and 55 seconds, an apparent world best 90 plus age-group record. Last April at London, Singh set a marathon world AGR of 6:45:31.
Weekend Update
Paula Radcliffe smashes the World Record in Chicago running 2:17, Ndereba takes second in 2:19.... Khannouchi wins in 2:05:55
1) 2:05:56 - K. Khannouchi 2) 2:06:16 - T. Takaoka 3) 2:06:16 - D. Njenga 4) 2:06:18 - P. Tergat 5) 2:06:46 - A. El Mouaziz 6) 2:09:41 - A. Culpepper 7) 2:10:02 - J. Kagwe 8) 2:11:51 - D. El Himer 9) 2:12:43 - P. Githuka 10) 2:13:16 - T. Hiskia
1) 2:17:18 - P. Radcliffe WR 2) 2:19:26 - C. Ndereba 3) 2:21:22 - Y. Shibui 4) 2:21:31 - S Zakharoka 5) 2:25:20 - M. Biktagirova 6) 2:26:53 - D. Drossin 7) 2:28:15 - K. Obata 8) 2:31:37 - N. Olaru 9) 2:34:36 - M. Chiba 10) 2:35:53 - J. Hennessy

The Last Ten Miles!

The NYC Marathon is always a super special event for the city of New York. A human chain, a bond, and a thread of hope running through the entire city.

Our goal is to prepare you to have the best ever experience, thus please join us to 'look over' the last portion of the marathon.

WHERE: Meet under the bridge on 1st Avenue near 59th ST (4,5,6, N & R are the closest subway trains.)
WHEN: Sunday October 20th at 08:30 AM
DISTANCE: The last ten miles of the New York Marathon course.
WHY: Every runner who did this last year told me how much it helped 'on the day' of the race. You will then be on familiar ground.
ROUTE: This is a gentle training run. Obviously it will be impossible to keep a large group together (although we are unsure with numbers). Generally people who know the route will instruct. Also along the way yellow flags are generally in place to mark the way. Efforts will be made to form pace groups.
Everyone is invited to just show, make friends, and run - No RSVP needed, just your positive self and running head! Last year we had about 60-runners, and I received a lot of rewarding feedback after people had completed the Marathon.

The Thursday night drizzle caused a distinct lack of bodies at the workout, though let me say the fire on the track from those there tonight would have brought tears to a snowman’s gizzard. Very little talk, and much leg power! A week till the Irish Ironhorse’s Hawaii race and all looks on key, DandaDog was runnin’ smooth alongside, Cre & Bob are honing on the Marathon in style, LQD came down, and even Partime (in the rain can you believe?) Buffalo was there, with Chris, and Lee from Amex, Evelyn, Leola, Century, and Kevin all put in solid 40-minutes worth of intervals. The Queen of the Harriers was tonight’s eye-opener, she ran with such a speed that one passer-by thought her a sprinter in our distance group. And finally Patrick made it back2track!

Later that night, on the blood trail, to Café Nicole, at the Novotel Hotel. Now if the French run the place you can be sure that the food would be good - The starter was coconut shrimp, really good, and then the filet mignon and fries - I just dig the flesh right now. The dessert of course was scooting by and stopping at H&H! Cinnamon Raisins can’t be beat - and I am doing the great Tuckahoe challenge, sampling Jam & Jelly from Welch’s and giving the low down on the name difference.

No sooner had we written for the babyjoggers’ stories to be knocked on the head (Ed’s note: "Funny he doesn’t remind you that he was blown off the reservoir two years ago by Zoomalong pushing TWO chiselers… and that was a day when he was running a tempo!") than we received an email from across the pond, "Hey I ran 25:40 for 5-miles, and I have done all my training with a baby stroller. I never run ‘alone’ these days!" Yep, and it was a ‘she’! She should come to New York, with those times she’d be a queen, and she wants to remain nameless… (she is a legit runner to that we know for Sure!)
Seen in the park Alem & Sherlock - did you know that it takes Sherlock a scant 20-odd seconds to fix a Rubrik’s cube? He is training for the World Champs next August and under private instruction from the world leading rubricker!
One of my friends wanted to read the recent article I wrote in Running Times about Kenyan Women, only after I had brought up the fact that one of the featured women would be running Chicago on Sunday.. they then asked how they could get the magazine, and I pointed out that I had informed the person a couple of months ago that it was out…. "But I don’t know where to buy Magazines in New York." The sterling quote of the week!
After an abundance of Meaty source stories on da web, this one in particular, one reader who’ll also remain nameless (okay, okay Leslie - I won’t write your name! At least I won’t put that Silver is the surname!), we asked that person to send in their culinary skills in an essay. This is what we got, "put water in pot, turn on stove (don't set anything on fire), put pasta in boiling water, eat before it's mushy." Yep she’s a vegan.
Paula Radcliffe flew to Chicago on Wednesday with just one aim in mind: capping her wonderful year with a marathon world record. Radcliffe races in the Windy City on Sunday against the only woman to go faster than her over 26.2 miles, Catherine Ndereba.

Their clash is the reason the BBC are showing the race live for the first time! Strange that Khannouchi does not get the same treatment considering the race is in his home country, even in his home state we aren’t getting the ‘moving pictures’. Nope, better go to Chicago and watch the local Fox, or see it live!

"Turns out quite a few chicks I know are running Seattle in dec...and so I guess my self-imposed running hiatus (due only to laziness over the last few weeks) is over- because who wants to be the last one in of the group...and plus I have found some new excellent running partners. Didn't realize it was thanksgiving until you mentioned it (hello!)" Thanks to Eldo Lise for keeping us in tune with the Canucks… speaking of which the zippiest of all in NYC was seen yesterday very early in the park - CPTC’s own Alayne Adams, currently the Queen of VCP. The mention of thanksgiving in Lise’s email lies in reference that on Monday it is the C-version…. Our Intrepid reporter will be going to Morningside on Sunday to a Harriers party in honor of the day.
At this point our I. Reporter wants to say, "I got this email from DandaDog - and I’m printing it!" DandaDog recently podium placed when returning to a race at his old stomping ground, "Just thought I'd mention - when I ran that 5k last weekend, my old coach announced that I never ran that well in HS. True, I did not. Although I like my old coach, I have to say that your coaching is what has made the difference." Thanks, says, da Coach/Reporter.
Kenya's Ernest Kipyego won the Cologne Marathon in an event-record 2 hours, 10 minutes, 53 seconds this past Sunday.
Kipyego beat the previous mark of 2:10:56, set by Germany's Carsten Eich in 1998, and finished 42 seconds ahead of runner-up Andrew Sambu of Tanzania.
Claudia Dreher became the first German woman to win the event, finishing in 2:31:30. Countrywoman Ulrike Maisch was next, in 2:32:14.

The man who has won New York & London, and will be looking for a win in Chicago on Sunday.
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day , Americans consume 7 billion weiners, frankfurters and cased sausage products.
Check out the Raw Impressions Musical Theater this upcoming Monday and Tuesday nights (October 14 & 15), at La MaMa's cabaret space. It looks to be a lot of fun - the evening will be made up of 5-10 minute new pieces, and you'll hear a full spectrum of musical styles & stories (I'll be doing two pieces - one dramatic, one comedic). I've heard live recordings of previous shows, and the evenings are clearly charged with great energy, lots of laughter and a talented crew of writers, composers & performers.
From RW: remember the name:
Following up yesterday's Running Shorts item, Kent Hollingsworth, the third of 3,000 runners to cross the finish line in the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon, has now been disqualified after race officials said that he had taken a shortcut Sunday along the 26.2-mile route. They would not say the 40-year-old from Sarnia, Ontario did so intentionally.
The New has finally caught up about Tegla’s world record - one of those records that have been surpassed en route to longer records but a record non the less. We mentioned it a couple of weeks ago but the result was dredged out by the other happenings of the time.. Paulamania is coming to your shore! And turning the results clocks back..

August 3, Saturday MARATHON:-- MEN Name, Surname Nat Time Age From 1. Cosmas MUSYOKA KEN 2:17:38 30 Kenya - there is a name from the past! The last time I was with Cosmas we were locked inside a police car, scantily clad, freezing cold, and in Houston!

To explain further… It was ten miles into the Houston Marathon. Cosmas, a Mexican runner, and I were running along having an awful day. The concrete highways had beaten up my legs and I was simply sinking backwards - it was a jinxed day, nearly everyone from our team had a bad run that day.

So Cosmas, the Mex, and I decide to drop out. Standing on the roadside we began to get cold waiting for a race official, or some form of help. We noticed a vacant police car and decided to hop inside (yes, we were really getting blue by now). Unfortunately we slammed the rear doors shut before realizing that you can not open the doors from within!

I hope, dear readers, you have not had the misfortune to be stuck inside a police car for it is not a nice experience! Firstly the seats are as bony as a mule’s skeleton, and secondly the leg room is tailored around a 2’ 6" midgit!

Cramps set in, I needed to stretch my legs, so we began banging on the windows trying to attract somebody’s attention - but everyone was watching the Marathon, and cheering! Anyone who did look at the police car, and saw three immigrant faces pressed up against the glass and screaming, somehow chose to ignore us!

And that was the beginning of the Cosmas story. Part 2; "When the Cops returned with donuts…" will be written about in due course… then of course there is the goat story, that’ll be part 3.

Sir Roland, who is by far the most intelligent being in New York I know (and that is seconded by nearly every single person who has ever met the Ex CID, MI5 liason officer, retired professor, sends this smidgen of help for the sick - it is as close to poetry as the job allows him to lean, "chicken soup. then fly the coop and do a loop. will do you a lot of good." And Marty sent his advice, "Then Monday I awoke and felt like shit. I decided to try to tackle this headcold holistically. I went to the vitamin shoppe and bought some Zinc and Bee Propolis. In combination with tea honey and Vitmain C lozenges and I felling 90% better after 2 days." Thanks to both of them! Also Marty tells me that he (TGV) and Bola ran an awesome 20-0miler up in the sticks on Sunday. Meanwhile Sri Lanka's Susanthika Jayasinghe wins the women's 100m at the Asian Games. She obviously does not think much to 20-milers!
Michelle King & Marc Davies, "Marc and I are travelling across the country; moving to Virginia. We are in Boulder, right now, with a stop in Chicago to watch the marathon."
Old Fashioned Greasy Hamburger
1/4 pound ground beef (chuck) 1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon finely chopped onion 1 hamburger bun and some butter
Mix all ingredients except the bun. Lightly pat into a burger about 1/2 inch thick. If you want a juicy burger, don’t pack the meat. Fry the patty on the grill or in an iron skillet over medium high heat for a few minutes then turn over and cook a few minutes more. Please don’t over cook it.

Lightly butter the top and bottom of a bun, place on grill until golden brown (or toast it). Spread mustard on bottom half, pile with chopped onions, pickles and meat patty. Spread mayonnaise or mustard on top half of bun. Pat the top of the bun with a spatula loaded with hamburger grease. Provide lettuce, tomato, and catsup if desired.

Michiel’s writings have a new look on the Urban Site. To be honest this running site offers you, dear reader, a wide diversity of excellent info, news, and gluey topics. All brought to you by Urban Athletics… on that note - The Spaghetti Kenyan reports in, "These 20-milers are killing me!" That is his NYC debut preparation routine - 20’s.

I did a 20 myself on the treadmill this morning. I did not really plan it, the numbers just kind’ve rolled out. The people in the gym came and went, new people came and went, it took a long time! I used to do this session back in 2001 and I would run 18-miles at 6-min/mile pace, then race the last 2-miles often going well below race pace to 5 min mile for the last mile. I could never do this training outdoors, but in saying that when I was running sub 2:20's I would do a 20 where the last 5 was sub 5:20 pace, and the first 15 were at 6 min pace or better (at altitude too).

Anyway to cut the stalk from the carrot today’s sorry effort was at 7’s with the last two miles at 6’s! Oh well, as I mentioned I never meant to do a long run, but the sad thing about the clock is it does reflect degeneration of oneself, and oneself is only how we can judge our efforts - The Khannouch finishes his last two miles at 4:40 pace… and I remember training in 1996 with Moses Tanui with a bleedin’ jeep making sure we kept pace! Now Moses was unbeatable at the end of a long run. (Ed’s note, ‘Yawn, yawn, I know, in another year he’ll be writing 8-min mile, the year after that ten….").

Susan Chepkemei has a stress fracture and now will not run the NYC Marathon, a big shame for Susan as she was a clear top four contender for the title. Last year despite having untimely female- problems on the marathon day she finished a courageous second.
China's Sun Yingjie won the 10,000 meters at the Asian Games earlier today in 30:28.26. Another zippy china-time.
New Look to the Shoe4Africa page.
On Saturday, November 2, the day before the New York City Marathon, the United States Olympic Committee will decide between New York City and San Francisco for the U.S. bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympics. To explore New York's award-winning Olympic X Plan, learn more about the bid, and register your support, visit
Feeling no fatigue after winning Sunday's Berlin marathon without even breaking a sweat, Naoko Takahashi woke up early the next morning and went for a long run.

The Japanese Olympic champion, the first woman to break the elusive barrier of two hours 20 minutes last year in Berlin, cruised through an early morning jog and then said she was looking forward to another tilt at the record in November.

"I thought for a few minutes my legs would be sore, said the 30-year-old Takahashi, who won her sixth marathon in a row in 2:21.49, at the head of the world's largest field ever with 32,753 runners. But my legs weren't heavy at all. I went jogging and felt as good as ever.

Well she will attempt to regain the record in Tokyo.. but first we have the PaulaPower in Chi’cago!

UK Road Race Championships for 2003 Half Marathon Wilmslow 23rd March Marathon London 13th April
Current IAAF World Rankings Top 10: (September 23) WOMEN
1. Jones 2. Feofanova 3. Devers 4. Szabo 5. Guevara 6. Mutola 7. Radcliffe 8. Adere 9. Bergqvist 10.Foster
MEN 1. El Guerrouj 2. Montgomery 3. Boulami ‘Blood’ 4. Sanchez 5. Greene 6. Lagat 7. Garcia 8. Chambers 9. Kipketer 10. Limo
Positive feedback for the Nike Class: "I'd also like to thank you for all the Nike training classes you ran over the Summer. They really helped my training - proof of the pudding being - I beat my Manhattan half-marathon time by almost 25 minutes on Sunday! I hope to drop down for one more class before the big day November 3rd!" from Colm Malone - Awesome Colm, that is a chunk and a half!

And a timely note that this Monday coming, the 14th, is a break from the classes due to a certain gentleman called Christopher Columbus - the Italians will be celebrating… was Christopher a viking? No comment.

We hear from 17 - she moved to Washington in August and has settled in, though she misses the Urban World - I wonder if she misses the Boot Camp sessions?
Last night I was going to go down to the track to see my fellow team mates and do a sort of limp session but I have been as sick as a dog since Sunday. The last time I got a cold was in October 2000, pure coincidence that it was the week before Staten Island Half Marathon - as it is this year! Basically my rule of the thumb is if my pulse is 20 beats above normal I don’t do a session… if I can walk to my running shoes then I’ll run.
Australia's Charlie Booth, 99 years young, won the 100 meters sprint at the World Masters Games before announcing his retirement from the sport.
"but I did want to say that I did a PR in Grete's. 1:27:32!!" Big Congrats to RandySax.
Today's One Man One Vote - "The New York City Marathon is the greatest race in the world."
We take this vote with weight as it comes from a veteran racer.... and if that is not enough then believe Lisa Ondieki who ranked her NYC marathon win above her Olympic medal.
Joan Samuelson, the 1984 Olympic Marathon gold medalist and still the American record-holder in the marathon, has committed to running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday.
Speaking about the pollution problems in Athens: Deena Drossin of Mammoth Lakes will likely choose the lesser of two evils and run the 10,000 meters at the 2004 Olympic Games instead of the marathon. "The only thing that steers me away from running the marathon in Athens is the air quality," Drossin said. "My lungs have been good to me all these years, so I don't want to brutalize them by breathing in that air for 26 miles."

We believe a lot of the lead women share this view - it will be a stacked 10,000!

Detroit Marathon: Men - John Kariuki, KEN. 2:19:14. Women - Angela Strange, CAN, 2:43:22.

and another Kariuki! Kosice Peace Marathon: Men - David Kariuki, KEN, 2:12:40. Women - Tadelch Birra, ETH, 2:36:49.

Syracuse Festival of Races 5-K: Men - 1. John Thuo Itati, KEN, 13:27 CR; 2. Shadrack Kosgei, KEN, 13:27; 3. Gilbert Okari, KEN, 13:30. M40 - Francis Kamau, KEN, 15:13. Women - 1. Eyerusalem Kuma, ETH, 15:38; 2. Ejegayshu Dibaba, ETH, 15:44; 3. Teyeba Erkesso, ETH, 15:46. W40 - Susan Munson, 18:06. - Great season for John Itati so far in 2002!
Gebrselassie talks about what I think actually helps Ethiopia be a better running nation than S.A.
"South Africa has an opportunity to create more longer-distance athletes, especially here in Joburg because of the altitude. To train here, at 1500m above sea level, is perfect," added the 29-year-old superstar.

"Ever since I first came here, I realised that this country can dominate the rest of the world because you have everything.

"In Ethiopia, one thing we have is altitude. But we have only one simple stadium for 65 million people - one track. The track is old, and when I think about the facilities here, I think about coming to train here.

"South African athletes do very good results in Europe, but they need to do more. They have to, because, according to the country and how many people there are, there is no question that they can dominate the rest of the world.

Spain's La Liga Real Madrid 5-2 Alaves
Only 60 seconds after coming off the bench to make his debut for his new club, Ronaldo blasts in Real's third. Ronaldo quickly slots into Real's star-studded team, scoring his side's final goal in another stylish win.
Only a couple of weeks till the Ironhorse of Ireland goes to Hawaii to represent his country, and the Urbanoso’s in the IronMan!
What happened to Il Pirata? "I have drifted from running in Manhattan quite a bit, especially since I started to work from home here in Jersey." There you go!
Ridgefield Half: I ran this race back in ’99. It was the first place I ever sampled a salt bagel (the last place too!)
Sergio Ribeiro, Danbury, CT - 1:10:45 Martha Merz, Mystic, CT - 1:21:24
At the Nike Run - Free Nike Sunglasses for Leola, a free dri-fit long sleeved shirt for Tamar, even Lewis got free coolmax socks… and myself? Well I just overdosed on the free cliffbars! Did I mention Tamar pr’d in the Norway run on Sunday?
Happy Birthday to Michelle King of Canada - soon to be wed to Marc Davies, of the steeplechase event.
The Corporate Challenge saw the Road Runners Club place in the top ten - awesome!

On the subject of the Club: Finish Line Banquet Tickets: The 2002 New York City Marathon Finish Line Banquet! Tickets get you gourmet cuisine at Tavern on the Green, open bar, free champagne, large-screen broadcast of the entire race on WNBC, and VIP seats at the finish line! Reserve ASAP—this event was a sellout in 2000 and 2001. Highly recommended.

Mohammed Mourhit's lawyers went to court to appeal against a three-year suspension imposed on the Belgian distance runner after he tested positive for the endurance-boosting drug EPO (erythropoietin). Huh, he should serve his time, and return his medals if you ask me. then his records should be stripped from the books.
BUPA Great North Run, South Shields: Men: 1 Paul Kosgei (Ken) 59mins 58secs 2 John Yuda (Tan) 1:00:02 3 Rop Rodgers (Ken) 1:01:40 4 Stefano Baldini (Ita) 1:01:55 5 John Mutai (Ken) 1:03:30

And the Women:
1 Sonia O'Sullivan (Irl) 1:07:19 2 Susie Power (Aus) 1:07:56 3 J Chepchumba (Ken) 1:08:34 4 Jelena Prokopcuka (Lat) 1:08:49 5 Fernando Ribeiro (Por) 1:09:20 6 Derartu Tulu (Eth) 1:09:56 7 Elana Meyer (Rsa) 1:11:36 8 Liz Yelling (Bedford AC) 1:11:42 9 Kerryn McCann (Aus) 1:13:26

WOW- Go Sonia! Awesome running. At this conjuncture let it be said that she left New York with a copy of Train Hard Win Easy tucked under her arm - of course our Intrepid reporter is taking full credit for her inspired run.. and what about Kosgei? The first ever sub 1-hr run in Briton! Shoe4Africa runner, John Yuda, grabbing silver! What a day, what a day. This is awesome news for the NYC Marathon - Sonia is in form, as are the two third place finishers who are headed for NY - Rodgers and Joyce.

BUPA Great North International Road Miles, Newcastle:
1 R Silva (Por) 4mins 12.40secs 2 V Shabunin (Rus) 4:12.60 3 M East (Newham&Essex Beagles) 4:12.80 4 J Thie (Cardiff) 4:13.00 5 A Graffin (Belgrave) 4:13.10 6 J Mayock (Barnsley) 4:14.00 7 A Whiteman (Shaftesbury Barnet) 4:15.00
1 K Holmes (Ealing) 4:32.10 2 S Ayhan (Tur) 4:34.40 3 T Tomashova (Rus) 4:35.70 4 G Hendricken (Irl) 4:37.20 & #8 was J. Ceplak in 4:48

1 Mark Carroll 30 RI 1:03:11 2 Kasahun Kabiso 35 WTC NY 1:06:09 3 Brian Clas 30 NYAC NY 1:06:52 4 Philippe Rolly 30 WTC NY 1:09:52
Grete’s Gallop. A stunning new course record from the Irishman who was never challenged and ran a kilometer clear of the chasing Ethiopian. A brave return to form from the long-injured Brian, and Phillippe (another of the strong contingent of French runners) stuck in a solid warm up to the New York Marathon where he hopes to run around 2:22.

1 Carol Howe 36 NJ 1:14:58 2 Leteyesus Berhe 24 WTC NY 1:18:06 3 Lynn Patchett 35 BERMUDA1:22:50
It was a one-woman race - Carol ran with the elite men and scored amongst them too with the fall’s most outstanding female performance. Her NYC debut should be something very special!

It was a great day, the weather was perfect - spot on. We saw Beth Wassner & Katy Hitchcock in the accompanying 5km, with a speedy Mexican just out duking The Boss (cheers to him!), and with Grete Waitz herself in the park, and half of the Norwegian community of NY it was a great day - faces in the crowd - Cre looping on the loops, CenturyMan doing an 18-miler and nearly PR-ing for the Half on route, Ybanez & Conor having great runs and proving that the Master’s are tops in this city, Ponytail Ted was one of many who noted how their Central Park 5km time was about a minute slower than the Wall St AHA race a couple of weeks ago - Yep, short course ….. BethG radiantly shining, she is expecting on Feb 14th… please don’t name it Valentino! Rick P on the Bridle Path logging the miles… Leola all smiles on every mile… three hundred runners with Walkmans in the race.. some guy towing his son with a rope on bicycles causing havoc, Danny of the Achilles Track Club’s Dad running his first race in 6-years, Hakan of the Achilles zipping round the park.. it was a great day with a tremendous turn out. Pierre Henry led the Urbanoso’s, with Randy close on his heels, Sean, Century, MasterBalsster, Cre, Vitaliy, Leola, Danna & The Judge - well done guys!! Also I was especially pleased to see the Super busy Nancy from Team Nike doing what we preach - she was out there pounding the miles… the same could be said for Leslie Silver who flashed by, "I’m a bandit today!" Spotted down the road in the gym was Esther - haven’t seen her in a long time…. And speaking of Esther the Rezza Dogs were out in force too!

Congratulations to Zaki Haki, and Marietta, on the birth of their second child - Sarah. Zack is an Albuquerque running legend. The three time Columbus, and 2-time Cal. International Marathon winner trains like no other up in the Sandia foothills. If any ‘star’ comes to town (Khannouchi, Skah, Thugwane, whoever…) you can be assured that Zack will blow them off the trails. If the Olympics were held in those foothills Zack’d be Mr Midas. (ed’s note, His ‘real’ name is Abderrazak Haki).
Jackson Hole - the home of the 8oz burger. We visited the establishment on Madison and 92nd St…. the last time I was there was with Hugh Jones, a former winner of the London Marathon and Chicago runner-up. A burger is a NY City institution, and rightly so.

I had the biggest thing they had on the menu smothered in everything, and with all the trimmings. I skipped the sessert (as we could not determine why the Cheesecake was not touted as Extra large as in everything else…) Upon returning home, later that night, I was still hungry - thus I ate 5-bagels. I was surprised to see that I was at a weekly low the next day on the bathroom scales - a miracle, not that I’m a Greek on the second floor!

"I've never aimed to break Irish records, I've always aimed much higher than that. (John Treacy's) record (of 2:09:18) is a very good record and I don't know if I will break it here in New York, I haven't set I time goal. I've come here to compete." Mark Carroll conference calls his NYC Marathon intentions.
Going Half way
The organisers of the Flora London Marathon this week announced a new running initiative for next year, the inaugural adidas Flora London Half Marathon, which will take place on Sunday 2 March, 2003. The race will take place at Silverstone, one of the world’s premier Grand Prix motor racing circuits. "This is another exciting venture for us" commented Race Director David Bedford. "This race will provide the perfect warm-up both for those embarking on the full distance six weeks later in London and give those unlucky enough not to get into the Marathon a feel for the Flora London Marathon experience."
What is Gebrselassie up to? Haile is setting new standards in his business and other interests. He owns two office buildings in Addis Ababa, the newest of which, the Alem Building on Bole Road, was opened earlier this year. This building houses the Olympic Café, managed by his brother Zergaw, and the Alem Fitness Center, managed by his wife Alem. Soon a brand new cinema of western standard will be opened on the same site.
What am I missing? I used the ideal body weight finder, and for my height I ‘should’ weigh 184-lbs to be ideal… hm the mind boggles.
The World’s top ten Master Blasters!
Mohamed Ezzher (40,FRA) 2:10:33 Paris 08Apr01 John Campbell (41,NZL) 2:11:04 Boston 16Apr90 Jack Foster (41,NZL) 2:11:19 Christchurch 31Jan74 Joshua Kipkemboi (43,KEN) 2:11:45 St. Paul 29Sep02 Kjell-Erik Stahl (40,SWE) 2:12:33 Stockholm 07Jun86 Ahmed Salah (41,DJI) 2:12:44 Monte Carlo 23Nov97 Fyodor Ryzhov (42,RUS) 2:13:04 Boston 15Apr02 John Maundu (44,KEN) 2:13:06 Mombasa 04Jul99 Abraham Limo (40,KEN) 2:13:38 Vienna 26May02 Antonio Villanueva (42,MEX) 2:13:41 Eugene 12Sep82

Priscilla Welch (42,GBR) 2:26:51 London 10May87 Firaya Sultanova (40,RUS) 2:27:58 Boston 15Apr02 Tatyana Pozdnyakova (43,UKR) 2:29:25 Chicago 11Oct98 Irina Bogacheva (41,KGZ) 2:29:39 St. Paul 29Sep02 Joyce Smith (44,GBR) 2:29:43 London 09May82 Carla Beurskens (42,HOL) 2:29:43 Rotterdam 17Apr94 Evy Palm (47,SWE) 2:31:05 London 23Apr89 Marie Soderstrom (40,SWE) 2:31:28 Stockholm 09Jun01 Lorraine Moller (40,NZL) 2:32:02 Boston 15Apr96 Maria Luisa Munoz (40,SPA) 2:32:34 Valencia 06Feb00

Club talk: CPTC’s site mentioned that a certain StuGlu has taken to running past people with his baby stroller informing them that they are being blown off by his Son.. whether this is true or not I have not a pot of glue… but it leads to the next point - The only bragging rights with Baby Strollers goes to Jerry Lawson - he won a 5km in 14:57 pushing a baby in a stroller, with the Mother’s blessings of course! Now that is pretty classy…. We should add as well that Jerry was pushed into the race, he really did not care for the challenge. (Ed’s Note: They should see how fast Jerry moves if there is a plate of Chicken Wings on the go….).
Today’s Quiz - Name a job that Jonathan Edwards, the WR holder in the T-Jump, did before Athletics?
A: "Holiday job working in a bakery." Why did he give that one up? Sounds like Bliss on a popsickle to me.
News Update: Mark Carroll will be the hot favorite for the Grete's Gallop tomorrow in Central Park. Carroll hopes to run sub fives on the undulations of CP's course. Last year's defending Champion Brian Clas will not present his usual national class challenge, injuries have hampered his training this year.

The Last Ten Miles!

The NYC Marathon is always a super special event for the city of New York. A human chain, a bond, and a thread of hope running through the entire city.

Our goal is to prepare you to have the best ever experience, thus please join us to 'look over' the last portion of the marathon.

WHERE: Meet under the bridge on 1st Avenue near 59th ST (4,5,6, N & R are the closest subway trains.)
WHEN: Sunday October 20th at 08:30 AM
DISTANCE: The last ten miles of the New York Marathon course.
WHY: Every runner who did this last year told me how much it helped 'on the day' of the race. You will then be on familiar ground.
ROUTE: This is a gentle training run. Obviously it will be impossible to keep a large group together (although we are unsure with numbers). Generally people who know the route will instruct. Also along the way yellow flags are generally in place to mark the way. Efforts will be made to form pace groups.
Everyone is invited to just show, make friends, and run - No RSVP needed, just your positive self and running head! Last year we had about 60-runners, and I received a lot of rewarding feedback after people had completed the Marathon.

Now for something on the light side,
When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat the problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to 300 Celsius.

The Russians used a pencil.

Track attack was done before the giant rainfall, but not completed before the floods hit the rubber! Ouch, what a monsoon - at least it was warm. A good group led by Dandadog’s strong session… The Irish Ironhorse was throttling back…. Conversing with Cruiser we were talking about the incredible MasterBlaster who 22-years ago this month was the first Manhattan finisher in the NYC Marathon - yes in those days it used to be held in October. Century man steamed out some impressive splits tonight, and Barry hopped from A to B, or was that a BA? Don was back on track, and Leola popped by under a rain drop. Bob ran a steady session as did The Sax. Amber is only a month away from leaving NYC but she was putting in her effort to pop a good one in NYC. The Queen of The Harriers and Cara looked super smooth with a strong stride length throughout… "Hey I ran within a second per lap…" added CoffeeKevin. Evelyn was back to force, and Partime made a two time with LQD.

We hear the troops went to Two Boots…. Myself? It was to Josie’s for the usual… washed down with the delectable H & H combo of cinnamon raisins.. well it is more healthy than cheesecake I suppose!

The 19th of October - If you happen to be in Sweden why not go to Sparvagen’s Yearly party. For the price of a little over $20 you get a sit down meal, 3-course and restaurant catered, a DJ, drinks, and a dancing buzzin’ room of crazy Swedes celebrating another successful season.

This club has a whole host of Fab runners - name 2! Okay, Malin Ewerlof who won the World XC Champs at the age of 16, took a Silver in the Euro’s 800m, then we have our Fav Marathoner from Sweden, Anders Szalkai - a stunning 8th place in Fukoaka Marathon, and a 2:12 result to back up his Olympic merits. If I were in Sweden then I’d be there…. But I will be ironing my Ziggy Stardust suit for the very next night I am going to see Bowie with TGV! Wow, bring the night on…

Chase da chase - this Saturday!
The fastest teams from Europe, Australia and America have confirmed their entries in the October 5th JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge Championship®, setting up what promises to be another scintillating duel on glamorous Park Avenue.
The top fastest Marathon performances - do the mathamatics and see the Commonwealth Blood!
Khalid Khannouchi (USA) 2:05:38 (1) London 14Apr02 Khannouchi (MOR) 2:05:42 (1) Chicago 24Oct99 Paul Tergat (KEN) 2:05:48 (2) London 14Apr02 Ronaldo da Costa (BRA) 2:06:05 (1) Berlin 20Sep98 Moses Tanui (KEN) 2:06:16 (2) Chicago 24Oct99 Gert Thys (RSA) 2:06:33 (1) Tokyo 14Feb99 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) 2:06:35 (3) London 14Apr02 Antonio Pinto (POR) 2:06:36 (1) London 16Apr00 Josephat Kiprono (KEN) 2:06:44 (1) Berlin 26Sep99 Fred Kiprop (KEN) 2:06:47 (1) Amsterdam 17Oct99 Raymond Kipkoech (KEN) 2:06:47 (1) Berlin 29Sep02

And the fairer sex:
Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 2:18:47 (1) Chicago 07Oct01 Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 2:18:56 (1) London 14Apr02 Naoko Takahashi (JPN) 2:19:46 (1) Berlin 30Sep01 Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 2:20:43 (1) Berlin 26Sep99 Margaret Okayo (KEN) 2:20:43 (1) Boston 15Apr02 Loroupe 2:20:47 (1) Rotterdam 19Apr98 Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) 2:21:06 (1) London 21Apr85 Ndereba 2:21:12 (2) Boston 15Apr02 Joan Benoit (USA) 2:21:21 (1) Chicago 20Oct85 Ndereba 2:21:33 (1) Chicago 22Oct00

A upstate - Syracuse, New York hosts a festival of races this Sunday. Also here in NYC we have loads of races this weekend - check out the site to see them all, plus $$ to be won at Grete’s Gallop ½ Marathon!
Fame! The Spaghetti Kenyan appears in glorious color, and in a winning pose, in this month’s edition of Runner’s World. Paul is a NY state legend, and one in Kenya too…. His only problem is that he does not eat enough bagels!
Craig Mottram, a former triathlete five years ago, and today the World Cup 3000m Champion is switching coaches.
Mottram said tension between his manager Nick Bideau (Cathy Freeman's former manager-coach) and his former coach had forced him to choose between the two. He will continue with Bideau and Alan Storey, the coach of Irish Olympic silver medallist Sonia O'Sullivan.
We hear from Mr Z. in regards to:
"Toby: My swedish-english dictionary translates tidning as newspaper, so I guess the one you plan to push is the one that has hired you! The ever elusive Mr. Z"
The name Toby has English/Dutch origins and the Coat of Arms contains Chequey black and gold a silver fess on which there is a red flower. Spelling variations include: Toby, Thoby, Tobias, Tobey, Thobey, and others. First found in in Essex where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor. - Ha, I knew it, swopped at birth…. A Lord of a manor?
A Manchester City Council report declares that the Commonwealth Games were staged well within budget. Good news for ANY city that is looking to host a Major championship event.
"I might need to start a Bagels to the UK fund and you are my favourite for the job." Steven P has relocated to England, and it is obviously the food he misses the most!

There is a chance that Steven will return to the City of all Cities to run the Joe Kleinerman 10km.. speaking of which we were talking to Joe today, a man with a tremendously in-depth memory!

Seen in the park biking this morning was Jane Monti, the lady in charge of the hospitality room at the NYRR elite events.. Cre putting in a hard ten miler after his Doctor deemed him a healthy nut, also Rodney Cutler whose famous salon on 57th Street is a cut above… I kill myself writing this stuff….
Commonwealth marathon champion Kerryn McCann, of Ozzyland, admitted today winning the BUPA Great North Run title on Sunday will prove an even tougher than her success in Manchester 2002 (the Sir Roland’s of this world will gleam great reward from this comment)… Former World Half Marathon Champ (from the Commonwealth) Elena Meyer has now joined the stunning women’s field… contraire to Sonia’s statements in NYC this race will NOT be her last before the big M - she will contest the Great Irish Run on the 13th of October. Sonia, and the 2 Ethiopians mentioned last week are NOT from the Commonwealth, but former WR holder Joyce Chepchumba is amongst the Commonwealth challengers…
More news from Pieter - his link is above the gossip, check it out!
Guest Speaker: Dr. Mike Simon, Sports Psychology on Monday at the NIKE Wollman Rink.
We are pleased to announce that our Intrepid Reporter will be the new MetroSports running columnist.. so guess which 'tidning' (Swedish word) we'll be pushing!
Susan Chepkemei will be flying to Albo next week to begin a 3-week stint doing some altitude training, joining her will be her Dutchman David.
Happy Birthday to Stace-The-Ace, forever young.
"You fell??? I thought I was the only one that did that....the best part is looking back and blaming some fault in the road. Well gotta fly...our Run for the Cure is this sunday so busy organizing friends to run in Toronto and Vancouver- this will be our 12th year doing it ...they better find a cure soon!" Eldo Lise is my therapy!
NIKE: If you ran the three races: the Fitness 3.5-Miler, the Dash and Splash 4-Miler, and the Challenge of the Unattached 5-Miler, then congratulations! You can now pick up your special prize--a custom-designed duffel bag courtesy of NIKE--at NIKETOWN (6 East 57th Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues; go to the customer service desk on the third floor and please bring photo I.D.). If you have any questions about the series or your prize, e-mail Jessica Cohen at NYRR:
Stuart Alexander - big thanks, his running shoes are now ‘running’ in Africa!
Perspective; CPTC workout Vs Sonia O’Sullivan’s. CPTC’s volume is less than 24% of Sonia’s total, and intensity wise…. Okay, let’s not talk intensities, that is not fair. This piece of info is meant ONLY to be ‘as a matter’ of interest - in can be taken in any number of ways but is meant only as web-observations… CPTC’s volume over my own of quality is 100% so I ain’t doin’ no talking!
Spotted on the Rez yesterday morning was Mgee! One of the City’s finest middle distance stars who has been riddled with injuries of late. He is now making a come back, and my guess is his eyes are on the indoor circuit.
Big Boon for Chicago:
El Mouaziz, (2:06:52) a two-time Olympian from Morocco, is one of the world's most accomplished marathoner runners. He is a two-time winner of the London Marathon (1999, 2001) and the winner of the 2000 New York City Marathon.
Chicago is shaping up to be a cracker - the starting field as usual is top notch, always the case with such a large prize package.
Mark Carroll could be the Irish surprise for the NYC Marathon, the odds are against it - but then there is the luck of the Irish!
Berlin: Former WR holder 16 Ronaldo da Costa BRA 2:12:52, Former 2:07 man #18 Domingos Castro POR 2:13:23 - faces in the crowds at the races. Top 4 women in Lisbon Half: 1 Margaret Okayo KEN 69:51 2 Derartu Tulu ETH 71:36 3 Esther Kiplagat KEN 73:38 4 Tegla Loroupe KEN 75:03 & the men, 1 Felix Limo KEN 62:05 2 Hendrick Ramaala RSA 62:20 3 Tesfaye Tola ETH 62:27 4 Paul Kirui KEN 62:37 5 Peter Kipkazi KEN 62:37 6 Rodgers Rop KEN 62:59 (J. Kosgei in 64:41 - the perennial NYC runner-up, and twice 2:07 man.
1st of October - Happy October everyone.
Coming to CP this weekend; Smokin’ J’s cycle race debut. Watch out team postal stamp!

The last known picture of Steven Paddock in Manhattan, along with the Intrepid Reporter (dragging the trolley) who happened to be passing by on his way to sending two more boxes of running shoes to Africa. This month has been tremendous - we’ve sent so many used shoes - all thanks to you guys out there pounding the roads yourselves!

PR News: TGV for the Half over the weekend, and the results have finally come in from the Tuckahoe Challenge, Century man PR’d big time in the 5-miler, thirty minutes after his mile PR. The courses were not easy, and to knock 2-minutes from your 5M pr is fab.
The World’s largest (participants) Cross country is the Lidingoloppet in Sweden, it was run on Sunday, and here are the leading results for the 30km men 1. 1:36:51 Mbusya, Agustus Kenya 2. 1:38:12 Johnstone, Kemboi Kenya 3. 1:38:19 Kibet, Nicholas Kenya 4. 1:38:39 Inchoro, George Kenya 5. 1:38:42 Mohamed, Mustafa Hälle IF 6. 1:39:04 Togom, Augustine Team Østergaard-Newline 7. 1:39:04 Bergman, Magnus Enhörna IF 8. 1:39:55 Kirwa, Francis Lahden Ahkera

The women, in their collective sanity, run the elite 10km;
1. 35:06 Ongera, Janet Kenya 2. 35:29 Chepchirchir, Filomena Kenia 3. 35:45 Söderström-Lundberg, Marie Hässelby SK

So Kenya storm to victory, as is usual in this race, in both events. Grete Waitz won the women’s race, when it was 15km, 11-times! The male in #8 is Finland’s top 800m runner, running a little over-distance one could say.

King Cre, back from the sticks, "I found a perfectly measured ten mile route…. I ran 11-miles because I got lost!" He had the t-shirt of the week on, a plain white with red letttering, ‘Manhattan East’ that’d be a good name for a club no? Reminds me of the powerhouse Athletics West.. speaking of which if anyone has an AW singlet please let me know… and on that subject we got an email from Dan Browne this morning who is very pleased with his 2:11 debut in the marathon on Monday - what a guy, a deserving result - expect fireworks from this guy in the future.
Pittsburgh 10km 1. John Itati,28,Kenya 0:27:31 2. Moses Macharia,27,Kenya 0:27:32 3. Gilbert Okari,24,Kenya 0:27:35 4. Dejene Berhanu,22,Ethiopia 0:27:38 5. David Njuguna,23,Kenya 0:28:00 6. Simon Rono,30,Kenya 0:28:02

John was slated to the 5th Ave mile - looks like he did the right thing with a stunning new PR, and also another major 10k victory this year - he’ll be moving up to the marathon in less than a couple of years, watch this space. The women’s results are, "In review."

Antonio Pinto will face Paul Kosgei the Kenyan winner of this year's World Half Marathon and Tanzania's John Yuda runner-up in the IAAF Championship event on the last two occasions, in Britain’s Great North Run on Sunday. The women’s field was reviewed last week on our page - Kosgei is our fav to rave about.
Well I got beat up, verbally at least, for eating at Morton’s by more than one Vegit. Lastly by Leslie, "Did ya enjoy the cow you slaughtered?"
Well if the waiter had given me a chainsaw I’d’ve given myself a more generous cut…
Anyway last night, after the Nike runs - great 400’s guys! It warmed my heart to see everyone out there pounding the roads. Leola, and Dan from the Thursday nights, Beth & Greg from the day that ends in a Why, all running fast, Mr. Z who thought finished somehow meant one more repeat….. Yeah, yeah, food was The California Pizza Kitchen with Amber. The array of pies is somewhat more exotic than the norm, and I shot for the Tandoori Chicken on Honey dough… not bad at all, and the dessert was a Fudge Caramel Pecan cheescake - nice! Amber went for the Wild Mushroom - her focus for NY is to achieve the qualifying standard for Boston after missing out last year by a mere One Second! She’ll do it in NYC!
The Vancouver Scoop: "Don't get me wrong, I like my gym....first off-no spandex allowed (most excellent)..and if you made any comments like that- would probably get pummelled as it is just a weightlifting place (no aerobics, spinning, trendy classes-even more excellent) with a hard core group, run by a few guys using it to legitimize their "other" businesses. Besides...comments were made in good fun...but I'll the add the comment to Toby's NY shut you up pile of sayings- you do have good ones! Long weekend-friend of mine visiting from Seattle- gets up at 6:00am's got to do with being a mother or something- and this non-mom is one tired chick today. We were at the Clinique cosmetics counter yesterday- and the gal helping my friend out of the blue gave us samples of eye gel cream- "do I look that tired?" I asked....In those bright dept lights- everyone looks bad I have decided.

ya know the fashion police type thing for those guys that wear those way too short shorts... caught a sighting the other day-not pretty.

Heard from "coach" Landis today- don't think you met him -hails from Big Sky, Montana and is going back to Eldoret end of october- working on long term plans for the orphanage and maybe getting some of the local runners scholarships to the states...his wife and he are heading there via Vancouver so will be good to chat with him about getting me back there in the future....good guy to know as he has more connections than Moi (president of Kenya) has with his swiss bankers." Thanks Lise!

Vlad makes… Good. Vladimir Kotov, the winner of this year's Comrades Marathon, is still reaping the benefits of his hard-earned victory in June. Kotov has signed a 12 month contract endorsing Osteo-eze Acute, a product designed to relieve, protect, and treat the widespread effects of joint and cartilege damage usually suffered by road runners. Read Ultra runners!
Kotov, the winner of the Comrades in both 2000 and 2002, became SA’s first self-made road running rand millionaire. Kotov has bought a luxurious home in Cape Town.. apparently the salt mines of Siberia are no longer so attractive.
Japan's Olympic champion Naoko Takahashi won the Berlin marathon for the second year in a row on Sunday. Raymond Kipkoech of Kenya won the Berlin marathon men's race with an unofficial time of two hours six minutes 47 seconds. Fellow Kenyan Simon ‘fats’ Biwott finished second in 2:06.49 with Vincent Kipsos, also of Kenya, coming in third with a time of 2:06.53. Super zippy running!

Takahashi, the first woman to break the two hours 20 minute barrier, clocked 2:21.50 ahead of Mexican Adriana Fernandez a former winner in da Big Apple.

The amazing Takahashi has now won six consecutive marathons dating back to 1998. She said her main aim was to become the first woman to win back-to-back Olympic marathon titles. Bets against her?

Women - 1. N. Takahashi (Jap) 2:21:49 2. A. Fernandez (Mex) 2:24:11 3. H. Kimutai (Ken) 2:28:10 4. S. Gemechu (Eth) 2:28:15 5. A. Buia (Rom) 2:32:47 6. Z. Dahmani (Fra) 2:34:15 7. J. Lodge (GB) 2:34:17 8. K. Wessel (Ger) 2:38:35 9. G. Gonzalez (Spa) 2:38:38 10. C. Doellinger (Ger) 2:39:37

1. R. Kipkoech (Ken) 2:06:47 2. S. Biwott (Ken) 2:06:49 3. V. Kisos (Ken) 2:06:53 4. B. Usisivu (Ken) 2:07:51 5. J. Muindi (Ken) 2:08:24 6. K. Matsuda (Jap) 2:10:30 7. J.E. Palalia (Mex) 2:10.38 8. M. Tanui (Ken) 2:10:39 9. E. Mutai (Ken) 2:10:41 10. M. Yatich (Ken) 2:10:56

Shoe4Africa man Mark Wendot Yatich creeping in there in tenth!
Of note: Kipkoech has only been running for 2-years(!) Furthermore it was only decided that he was running Berlin last week!

Out & About - up in the sticks we bumped into Comfy Ed, and all the guys from the Los Compadres. The day begun with a train ride to Tarrytown, and who did we meet there but TGV. Earlier than that we met BodyCraig (well that’s his email) at the train station who very nearly caused me to miss the train.. long story, and prior to that up in Da Bronco’s & I was walking under a bridge when a huge guy with a Gnasher hound and tattoo’s (on both) called out to me. I thought ‘uhoh’ and continued walking, he called again and came across looking like an extra for a Van Damme movie, "Hey man, I voted for you!"

Well back to the Tarrytown train station; Sitting behind a silver land rocket thinly disguised as Nissan’s latest 350Z was the man who has owned more cars than the normal person has teeth! Yep, TGV has done it again! "Well I was going to go for a M3.. but that car…. (is so last decade)"

This thing turns more heads than a $100 bill drifting on the sidewalk, and boy does it move! Nice choice, the question is; will he keep it longer than it takes to print the plates?

Tal Bagels for lunch, and tasty they certainly were! Tal have a great cinnamon raisin that has a hard to describe fruity twang that is not raisin… The coffee was so - so…..

And later that evening, last night, I went out with The Irish Ironhorse Conor. We went to a chinese midtown place on 49th & 2nd Ave and ate everything on the menu, twice! Due to my bagel overload I had to carry out a doggie bag, but in true Ironman style Conor polished the plates - nice to eat out with someone who out eats me…. Did I mention Conor literally flew through his running leg of the Triathlon race he did on Saturday, "The running is really there!" The Thursday night track sessions are paying dividends, but really it is his great working ethic - fab to see in NYC.

Just glanced back at the Berlin results - Jimmy Muindi in 2:08?? Is it true? If that is the same Jimmy the Kamba that is a huge shock, and a nice surprise for all the older runners who think their best days are behind them.

I first met Jimmy in a 30-k Cross country race, I met him again in another country at a road race.. and since then he is the type of guy one sporadically meets at a race then does not see for a couple of years - I mean this guy has been running for donkey’s!

Twin Cites- The American Champs: Stunning debut win for Dan Browne 2:11:35 #2 Joshua Kipkemboi 43 2:11:45 #3 Jackson Kipngok 40 2:11:51 #3 Brad Hauser 2:14:15 #5 David Morris 2:15:27 #6 Jim Jurcevich 2:16:18 #7 Greg Jimmerson 2:16:27 #8 Todd Reeser 2:17:12 #9 Eddy Hellebuck 41 2:19:59 #10 Chris Wehrman 2:20:33 - 43 years old and second place, 40 and third, 41 and Ninth? Eddy sneaks yet another sub 2:20 - what a runner!

Women - Irina Bog. Of Russia took the gold.

Pole vaulter Janine Whitlock is found guilty of a doping offense and suspended until 2004. I think 4-yrs should be the minimum, 2 encourages the gamble.
News from Eldo Lise,"So at the gym early on wed.- on the leg press machine-friend comes up and in a booming voice he says "do you want a margarita and sunscreen with that break?" -okay so maybe my 1 minute "rest" between sets extended a little longer- it was just one of those mornings...on to the next set of reps and this guy beside me says- "can't be working that hard if you can yawn at the same time" "yeah, well I'm good at multi-tasking" (dumbass!) - didn't realize I had so many trainers all of a sudden.

Started the Red Cross Disaster Services- leadership training (love it!) tuesday night.... was a seminar with the rest of the team- there are 20 of us- all have done years of disaster work here and overseas, work in emergency services/search & rescue as their regular jobs or are in the healthcare field, and sitting beside me is one of our local news anchors - and I'm thinking how in the world did I get in with this group (moi- no experience and what did I say in my interview??) later in the evening we are discussing "the principles of leading thru a crisis"...last one turns out to be a sense of humour...and I guess that's where I come in?" Thanks Lise!

Great North Run line-up:
The Olympic 10000 meters gold medalist Derartu Tulu and Berhane Adere, winner of this year's World half marathon title will be challenging Sonia O’Sullivan, and the dynamic Kenyan duo Susan Chepkemei and Joyce Chepchumba in Newcastle this Sunday.
Zola Budd-Pieterse, who has podium placed in the above race, is to run the marathon in London early next year. "I’m feeling good, my training is going well, and I have at last overcome the foot injury which has plagued me for most of this year," she said.
She was approached in July by former top international athlete, David Bedford, who is now part of the organizing team at the Flora London marathon.
Cre’s Breakfast - Cre is on a mission in his marathon training - one of the rare few who can run 16-miles, then pick the hilliest loop in the park, and up the pace for another 6-miles! He hosts a great breakfast of bagels and coffee, happens to be our fav… a good guy, and a solid member of UATH.
Morton’s Steakhouse - Decaff coffee, Filet Mignon, Idaho Potato, Brocc, Asparag, Heineken, and cheesecake - great place. Supposed to be the big man’s eatery. A great meal! (Ed’s note: "Then why were you spotted eating 5 H&H bagels an hour after shoving all that food down your gullet?")
The Fifth Avenue Mile: Comprehensive results are on the web site, The running commentary (not as good as the vocal provided by the Voice of NY Mr. Ian Brooks): Master’s (the biggest cheers are for the age groupers in this event) - a stunning race from50yr+ LI Kathy. Breath takingly winning the race, she took the record from Sylvie who herself ran a fine race. The Master’s male 60 yr+ guy broke 5-mins! Shockingly fast… CPTC’s Sid took third still as smooth as silk. The open master winner was WTC’s Conor O’Driscoll who ran unchallenged. Master’s in the pack Herb the Verb ‘in marathon training,’ ran 5 and little change - by his side was Maria ‘Millrose’ Duran, She continues to look stunning and the talk at the finishing line was how did she manage to lose those 35-lbs? Truly inspirational. R2 cruised through just "to do it" in 6:20, and Marty cruised "I’ve another race tomorrow…" Leola, who had more smiles than anyone else’s mile, ran great, and Mike Rosenthal crushed, absolutely crushed his goal time (6) by posting a 5:47….. It was good to see the Elite Race Director, Paul Mascali, doing what he promotes and placing in his event. A welcome back to Alston Brown from Jamaica too

In the Open women’s UATH’s ace Fiona Bayly sporting her ‘80’s classic singlet made the podium despite crossing over into the multi-sports and earning a place in the World Championships next year. "I’ll always be a runner, not a gear-head…." In the men’s 6:30 to 5:45 race a misplaced Mexican won in 4:37! The men’s invitational saw PA’s Kenyan Leonard Muchuri glide under 4-minutes for the win. Second place was a Brit, and our own George from da Bronx, via Europe, snabbed 4th again - Falmouth Mile revisited. Where was our Favorite the Spaghetti Kenyan? He’d have been on the podium for sure! Meanwhile George is a name for the future as he is still young, and believes in things like Father Xmas.

In the Women’s Elite Grace Njoki made the day’s Kenyan double in 4:44, we recognized Katy Hitchcock of the NYAC who ran a fine fourth, great to see her again.

Faces in the crowd not running; Sir Roland NOT in his patent Orange color (sans shoe fob too), Ambrose Salmini - a man who does more visually to promote running in the Tri-state than arguably anyone else, Kimka and Lisa who were last seen joining Jack Nicholson for the premier screening of his latest film at the Lincoln Center… "Loved the red carpet bit…" We heard Kimka say… Lisa looked super zippy in a great Nike white singlet that looked like it belonged on a red carpet… Chairman Bernie was, as he is at most races, chief Marshall at the post, Mary W with son Alex is another regular out supporting the local runners… Don-Pic was snapping photos as he usually does in great style and was deciding whether to turn up or not for Thursday’s track session - The excuse? "I may be in Malaysia." Okay that is a good one! Last but not least a guy came up to our intrepid reporter, "So you’re the guy everybody loves in the city!" Man, you can guess that make our reporter’s day, anyway it turned out this guy was no other than George Sheehan Jr(!!) What an honor, and what a nice gent.

James O’Brien, one of CPTC’s fast guys, Rachid Tbahi, PonyTail Ted (marathon training but whipped out something special on the day), David Barrett (zooming down the Avenue), Barry Markowitz ("looking for motivation"), Karel Matousek ("Not bad for a 50-yr old huh?"), Ivan Ragoonanan - gets a mention for having a groovy name, ditto for Gary Batongbacal who finsihed with Ivan under 7. Good job to ya all….

Merane Phingbodhipakkiy - La femmes great name, and she was just behind Cara J from UATH - a great result, 5:40, as she is in heavy M-training, and has a bruised knee to boot, Sally Carpenter in 6:17 - good job, just before she celebrates her October birthday, Nina Cerfolio & Julie Sender, ten seconds back were a place apart - both used to train with the Urbanoso’s, soon after we spotted Rebecca Baldwin of TRD, everyone was out there.

Paula Radcliffe's world record attempt in the Chicago Marathon will be shown live on the BBC. Lucky Brits!
Three more boxes went to Africa today. We are on an amazing roll this month! When I was at the PO the postmaster says, "You're sending these Surface? Well it says Airmail on the box." Oh, so you read Icelandic?? So I told him, "I crossed out those stickers, they're written in a foreign language, and I'm re-cycling the box." To which he replied, "Well Downtown they're going to think this is airmail!" Thus we responded, "You're right - they probably can't read that huge SURFACE you've written across the box, and they probably can read that little Icelandic sticker... and they'll probably be fooled by the lack of expensive postage too huh?

What a ca-hoot.. meanwhile thanks to Judy Harrigan for the delectable coffee beans from Venice California! What a sublime flavor!

The B.A.A. Half Marathon will have a new improved course - that is good news for the 100-man who will be running! The world’s most profiled race this weekend will be the though here in America the Nat Champs are in Twin Cities, but the hottest race will be:
The 15km Mount Kenya road race will be held in Kerugoya on Sunday. Top athletes in this event will get a chance to join athletics clubs in Japan, its co-ordinator, David Miano, said. The meeting is also a curtain-raiser for the cross-country season which starts on November 9 in Nairobi.
FRED LEBOW XC results. Now posted on the site. Wow, the men’s race was won in 16-plus? Where is Tesfaye Bekele now we need him! J. MacDougal as a 17-yr old winner, and Alan Rube as a post Master put in the day’s best results, as did Alayne ‘SuperMom’ Adams in the women’s division.
"So where were the rest of you?" According to the CPTC web site ‘we’ are not considered true members if ‘we’ missed tonight’s workout - read; it was raining. Well as I have not made a Thursday night work out in over a year I guess I am not a real member…. True enough I am yet to sign the club’s entry form…

Well instead we ran past the DWS, continued down to 6th ST and coached the loyal Urbanites who turned up in the pouring rain, then turned round and ran back home! On the track - Buffalo stormed through the raindrops, The Irish Ironhorse close behind, Bob simply flew today with stunning speed (I wonder if he hates the rain?) Andrew charged the session, Chris complete with heavy warm ups held pace, as did Lee (off to Aruba no less), Leola did not let the rain stop her from smiling, and Amber braved the weather and proved her steel, and Cre proved that he great, tough and brutally delivered long run of 22-miles, kicking in the hills and tempo for the last 6, has not taken too much out of him! Great going, I was proud to be a coach last night.. furthermore the Captain ran a 2-minute PR this morning in the park! writes:
Do you know anyone (CPTC or non-CPTC..doesn't matter) who might be interested in running Reach the Beach this weekend? We're heading to New Hampshire tomorrow morning and just lost one of our 12 runners. We're getting desperate, and you know just about everyone in the city... Pace of the runner isn't an issue as our team consists of 5:40 to 7:15 10k folks...they just have to be able to run the miles, and willing to have a great time.
Happy Birthday Smokin’ Justin Reid! The Northern Irish international who now resides and smokes in the City that never sleeps.
Mebrahtom Keflezighi, the American record holder at 10,000 meters, will make his marathon debut at the New York City Marathon on November 3, and that is going to be one VERY interesting Debut! Here is the result from Stockholm’s ALJ-Open - it used to be one of the top notch 10,000m races on the Swedish track season - it was the first 10,000m I ever ran, and the first time I broke 30-minutes for the 10,000m too…. Those were the days. But these days #1 Jesper Hansson 67 Enhörna IF 31:40.83 2 Fredrik Svanfeldt 63 Hässelby SK 31:58.51 3 Johan Lindberg 80 Upsala IF 32:06.17

The ALJ open was named the ALJ memorial.. strange as its namesake is (thankfully) very much alive; The Swedish Stats expert, and Eurosport commentator Anders Lennart Julin. The vandringspris (perpetual prize) is a mixing bowl glued on a wooden stand with a list of the runners who have won the race - I think when I last saw the trophy only once had it ever been won outside of the 30-minutes. The race also doubled as the City’s 10,000m championship - I won the race twice and was followed by two wins from my Tanzanian/Swedish friend (and a winner of the Stockholm Marathon) Alfred Shemweta. If my memory serves me correctly Shemweta blizted a solo championship record the first year he ran it hence I was glad I never went for a three peat. Joking aside the race had a reputation to be the PR event; thus it was that a bunch of us ran with the idea of sharing the pace, hm - I led the entire way till 9700m when Lars Andervang (whose claim to fame was winning a marathon in Spain) finally decided to ‘help’ with the pace. Luckily I had my demon kick in those days…

The day before that race my club coach had moved from the City to the sticks, so we helped him move - proving that an active day is sometimes good before a race. Lethargy breeds lethargy.

Spanish Crush: After crushing Liverpool six days ago, Valencia continued on their merry way to the top of Champions League Group B with a dominant 3-0 victory away to Spartak Moscow on Wednesday night.
Ana G’s take on the missing Cathy Freeman, the 400-jinx! "I never thought she would not come back. Cathy is a very good runner and with her coming back maybe the 400m can be like it was with Marie-Jose Perec and the 400m can go under 49sec again."

Since losing to Perec in the 1996 Olympic final, Freeman has won 46 of her 47 races over 400m. Her one loss came in Oslo in 1998, when she hurt a bone in her foot mid-race. But after the high of 2000, Freeman's only international performance has been her effort in Manchester in July, when she helped Australia win the 4x400m relay gold medal.

From 2:07 in London in #19 in the Dam tot Dam Dutch classic - Ian Syster slips down da rankings!
Swansea Bay 10km, Wales: 1 Miriam Wangari KEN 33:36 2 Amanda Wright-Allen ENG 33:46 3 Andrea Green ENG 33:58 & a FAB time for the men’s winner, Felix Limo KEN 27:39 2 Albert Chepkurui KEN 27:50 3 Daniel Komen KEN 28:58
67:17 was all that Ronaldo Da Costa could muster to place way back in the Medellin 1/2M - he will be running in Berlin, the site of his 2:06 race in 1998. The event was won in 63’ by Ben K. The Kikuyu runner who won Chicago last year - Teresa Wanjiku (71’) from Norristown, by the way of Kenya, took the women’s race - she and Ben run for Lisa’s group.
Santa Fe 1/2M HALF MARATHON HILLY EL:7500-8800ft MEN Info from Shawn Hellebuyck 1 Sylvestor Moleko RSA/NM 70:44 $1K 2 Eddy Hellebuyck NM 40+ 70:48 $500 3 Phil Castillo CO 72:10 $200 4 Jason Hubbard CO 72:19 $150 5 Chokri Dhaovadi MAR/NM 73:07 $100 6 Teddy Mitchell NM 74:12 $50 7 Sam Ngatia 40+ CO 74:16 $200 8 Andrew Musuva KEN/NM 74:58 The beers are on Teddy! $50!
Providence 5km had a Master Blasting performer! Gilbert Rutto KEN 41 14:22!
A new round of attacks by online criminals is being directed at online payments service PayPal this week, including e-mails that inform account holders they need to re-enter their credit card data because "we had some trouble with one of our computer systems." - Be warned!
Two events definitely worth attending today: Clinic #6: Marathon Countdown Robert Wagner Middle School (200 East 76th Street), 6:30-8:00 p.m. Shelly Glover talks on how to tackle the Marathon - I strongly advise any Marathoners to go to this clinic; Free for NYRR members, $5 for non-members. Then:
Countdown Party
Dorrian's (1616 Second Avenue at East 83rd Street), 7:00-10:00 p.m. Free entry for all. Hosted by the NYRR - what a club! Two event in the same evening! Obviously the second event will not get rolling till later hence you won’t miss anything by going first to the clinic…..
The Captain sends this little story, with a stink of the truth in it,
One afternoon, a wealthy lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the road side. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate. "Why are you eating grass?" he asked one man. "We don't have any money for food," the poor man replied. "Oh, well, you can come with me to my house," instructed the lawyer. "But, sir, I have a wife and two children with me!" "Bring them along!" replied the lawyer. He turned to the other man and said: "You come with us, too." "But, sir, I have a wife and six children!" the second man answered. "Bring them as well!" answered the lawyer as he headed for his limo. They all climbed into the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine. Once underway, one of the poor fellows says: "Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you." The lawyer replied: "Glad to do it. You'll love my place; the grass is almost a foot tall."
Lunch with Steven P yesterday… Next week he’ll be living in Swindon, though he assures me that he’ll not forget his Orange roots, and will not be a stranger to NYC.
No results as yet from the NYRRC Board of Directors, but here is a little email from one of my friends who did not get round to voting, "Shame on me. I was planning to be there but I helped a friend with an errand in New Jersey late in the afternoon and we got stuck in traffic. (I was thinking about that all evening but then figured, "hey- everyone loves Toby, how could he not win?") If you lose by one vote I will really owe you. Well, I've got my fingers crossed." The theme rolls on as Brent sent an email yesterday asking how he could vote for me as well! It is now over, the campaign season has now turned into the Cider season, and win or lose I feel I have gained much from the experience of running for the board. I have been taken aback by the overwhelming kindness and support of so many of the NY running community, I am deeply touched and forever in Your debt. Whatever.
Although the majority of the World’s Press (Just take a look at the Brit online magazines) is mockingly noting that Sonia O’Sullivan’s debut at New York is the "Worst kept secret" the spin back is on them! A double whammy - the whole point of this delay is keeping the Marathon in the press, and it is working - thumbs up to the NYC Marathon Team! Richard Finn has done an excellent job for the NYRR making the event the most talked about Marathon this fall…. Who gives a hoot that Abera is running in Japan. NYC is the place where it is happening! And believe you me, there are real surprises to come!
Robert Cray, ‘Holdin’ On’ a great example that Blues is not a forgotten art.
Further news from the Dam to Dam, where Lornah set the WR, The Jamjar snuck in there - 9 Magdeline Chemjor (Ken) 54:53.

And only in Norway,
A women's football team in Norway could be disbanded after they played a man in goal. Askim Rodenes FC fielded male coach Ragnar Johansen between the sticks for their clash with Yven, which they lost 6-2. Yven, perhaps unsurprisingly, chose not to lodge a complaint, but the referee said it was technically against the rules and would be mentioning it in his report.

At da track; Central Park TC were joined by the long standing Czech member, Karel today, "I’m living in the village, it really is the happening area of Manhattan," he informs us. Sir Roland, who really does an excellent job of timing the group very smoothly, was showing off his new exclusive pair of white Nike’s today - a model absolutely nobody else had - and he had a new extra sized Shoe Fob to boot (probably with a copy of Mein Kampf hidden inside, "I’m working full time in a part time position…" he lamented about one of his five part time positions he fills up his mornings with.. forget the afternoons…. And any thoughts of sleep were lost when he started maintaining the orange web site! Speaking of Canadians Craig ran a steaming session, and hot on his heels was the amazing Rube! Alan has had a scorching Summer of sessions and I for one think that he is going to have a knock out Marathon this November.

The Harriers were down on the track and PonyTail Ted tells, "The Queen of the Harriers won some serious dollars in a Half Marathon this past weekend thus she’s buying the Harrier-Beer on Thursday night!" Hopefully after the Queen has notched a sterling track session on 6th st first! Welcome back James Siegal to da track - after a plantar hiatus.

Greg Norman, Pro Golfer: "I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father."
SHOES4AFRICA update - another two (one more was rejected for oversize) cartons of shoes sent on Monday, that makes the tally over 200 for the month of September alone! A big thanks to Marty Levine for delivering a box of good shoes to be sent, Marty is a long time contributer - as he drove them here one team member asked, "Are those new?" "Nearly," replied Marty… "I’ll have them!" said the team member. "No you won’t, they’re going to Tanzania!" Good for him!
So it was O’Neil’s bar yesterday morning where we toasted Sonia, and her decision to run NYC Marathon. Stir Fry vegetables for Sonia, and she elaborated a bit on her training, "Stepped it up in Volume which means I can eat more, Yea! A lot of longer intervals and more distance. I do long runs up to 2hrs 40 now." And remember we told you NOT to read up too much with the weekend’s race results? Well, she continued, "I ran the NIKE 10k yesterday. I warmed up with an hour’s running, then the race was delayed so I ran an extra 30-minutes, ran the race with my training partners (guys), and then 30-mins warm down - over 2:35 total."

Did you know that Sonia was a marathon volunteer for the NYC 1991 edition when Liz McColgan won? Sonia was out at the start collecting baggage! "We got NYC Marathon T-shirts, I thought it was great!" Sonia is going back now and will run one more race before NYC, The Great North Run - a huge half in Blighty, where she'’l face up against Joyce Chep. and Susan Chep. She’ll return to America about 10-days before the Marathon, and come in to NYC a couple of days before the big event. An example of one of her hard sessions? "4 x 5km" Enough said.

John Thuo Itati (3:58.7) and Lyumdila Vasilyeva (4:32.1) both won and in doing so set course record at the Pennsylvania Avenue Mile in Washington, D.C. John was going to come and run the 5th Ave this coming Saturday, but has decided to go for a 10k race instead in Pittsburgh.
Prague, Czech Republich, Mattoni Grand Prix: Men, 10-K - Paul Tergat, KEN, 28:14. Women, 5-K - Aniko Kalovics, HUN, 15:30 CR. Tergat proving that he is in great form just 3-weeks from Chicago.

I am guessing it was US only money in Cow Harbor? That is usually the only way one gets an American 1, 2, 3 in a big road race these days.

Eldo Lise, "What are my favorite dishes- all of them! The food is similar to mediterranean/greek style-and to date... have yet to find a place that can match my grandmother's culinary talents...may have to make a trip to Chicago soon to visit her!

"To start, the flatbread -eaten together with cilantro and a mild feta type cheese, eggplant dip....then lamb kebobs or ground beef (needs to be ground) kebobs with a pilaf rice -then dessert- ice cream type dessert made with rosewater (this is an acquired taste) or backlava.....all cooked in a ton of butter of have wine to unblock the arteries.

"Quote of the day: (seen on a tip jar in my neighbourhood italian cafe): "Tipping is not a city in China". Big party tonight so must go nap (these 7:00am saturday runs are killing me!) while the vodka chills...."


"A World Best for Lornah !

Very tough race with only headwind ( point to point race ) and a lot of rain. She got stiff legs and couldn't push at the end but she was up to 15 K on a 50:20 pace ! She ran the whole race alone and it looked really great." More from Pieter - click on his link.

It was the Dutch Dam to Dam, and Charles Kamathi was the male winner is a speedy 45-mins!

Nike 10K Run, Richmond Park, London :
1 P Kosgei (Ken) 28:23 2 J Korir (Ken) 28:27 3 L Kipkosgei (Ken) 28:38 4 J Brown (Eng) 28:40 5 J Kimtai (Ken) 28:47 6 H Ramaala (Rsa) 28:50.

1 P Radcliffe (Eng) 30:38 (UK record) 2 E Meyer (Rsa) 32:40 3 S O’Sullivan (Irl) 33:47 4 C Dale (Eng) 34:45 5 L Watson (Eng) 36:33 6 S Budd (Eng) 38:29.,

Paula Destroys! Watch out Chicago! She is moving like the A train.

Out & About Yesterday: Firstly at the Polo Race - Paul Mwangi took the first place from the Ethiopian KK, and a Mexican (just flown in last week) took third - A hot humid day, with some awesome hot running! The Ethiopian girl, Lete, took top honors from Kathy Grote of Runners Pace NJ, Husband Ryan watched from the sidelines. Paul, "Ah, it was easy today…" Ouch 18-mins on a humid undulating course shows he is in form! Ybanez, also from WSX Runners gave a fab performance to nab 10th place and first Master, he is the man this year on the roads.

West Side’s entire team had decided to go for the roads this day leaving no challenge for the Warren St team up in VCP. Surely, with the help of the new Mexican, they would have easily taken the top points up in the Bronx had they traveled but… "What team race?" quote of the scoring WSX runner.

Later at the hospitality tent I was standing by the bagels and muffins (surprise surprise) and was shocked by the number of women who came up, "I just want to take a muffin for a friend.." 5-mins later they return (covered in crumbs), "I just want to…" Ha ha, I had a ball pointing out the obvious. Then the people who hover and try and grab a muffin from the Joe Public, even the diamond attired UES toots…. "Excuse me, they’re for the VIP’s" to which comes the retort, "Oh, but I can take one?" Er, no actually….

Then a quick detour to the West Side, first to say a fast Happy Birthday to Kimka Griffin, and then to The Strand for Steven Paddock’s farewell brunch.
We had a great turn out, lots of laughs, and a good time. Sir Roland (with a milkshake in one hand and a digital camera in the other) ate the biggest burger known this side of the Great Wall of China, Bola-Gym rapped and wrapped hardly anything edible down his throat, Alan battled the gallery with the future league of CPTC’ers, Shula ate Steven’s fruits - though in fairness hers never arrived, Marty double fisted the snapples, Margaret Angell went barefoot, Andrea ordered a small stack, that was similar in size to Steven’s tall stack, Nobody ate any salad… The team was in high spirits, no least because the Women (home grown team) continued to dominate in NYC - Alayne won the race, Margaret S. took silver, and Ali wrapped up the scoring trio in the top five! What a blow out! On a team note where was Naomi Reynolds? Is this the first race she has missed in VCP all year?

Tegla Loroupe has the lowest yet BMI I have calculated! Even less than Steven Paddock, and Paula Radcliffe, and any of the skinny Kenyan men!
Tonight is the NYRR AGM meeting - why not go, but run first at the Nike Training Run; we run at 6:30 Wollman Rink, totally free training, talks, massage, T-shirt incentives and remember it is free, free.. the most popular American word!
We hear from Dorian, who has, sad to report, a hip stress fracture - due in part to too many Marathons and deep tissue massage directly after finishing a long run.
Her sabbatical from running is now taking place, "In the mean time I will be taking Doug Sterns running in the water to get my legs back in shape and between Physical Therapy and working out at the NYSC I should be ready to run again in the spring time or perhaps before. Hopefully I will regain my pep to my step back.

I will keep you updated. Keep me posted on everything. I may be back to the road to recovery sooner than I think. I will definitely be at the NYC Marathon to cheer you and all my friends on and of course Urban Athletics.

Good luck to you on Monday. I got my vote in for you." Thanks Doreen.

Talking therapy we went to see BodyCraig on Friday. The BC has his gym opposite Billy Clinton’s offices, "I’m training Nora, she fights Ali’s daughter next month." Ouch, be careful on me. So I ask about tickets, "Hell, you can meet her next time you come up." Perhaps a move into boxing could be a wise move…. I wonder if they have limits to the amount of running away one can do in a ring?

Eldo Lise reports, "Out for dinner tonight with Dad- persian food- my fave -I'm fasting all day for it.

The ongoing saga: found out if you go to you can get the names of all the administrators of servers so going to be writing the boys in Cabo about their virus ...but going to be difficult as my spanish comprises mainly of "cerveza per favore"...

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the website,, to thank the many loyal viewers of the site, and to welcome new viewers, have negotiated drink specials in over 50 NYC bars for the week of September 22 - 28, 2002
The World Cup Results: M1500m 1 AFR Lagat Bernard KEN 3:31.20 (CR) 2 ESP Estévez Reyes ESP 3:33.67 3 EUR Baala Mehdi FRA 3:38.04 4 OCE Abdi Youcef AUS 3:41.01 5 GER Haschke Franek GER 3:41.58 6 GBR East Michael GBR 3:41.88 7 ASI Suleiman Abdulrahman QAT 3:42.27 8 AME Santos de Souza Hudson BRA 3:42.58 9 USA Lassiter Seneca USA 4:05.82
W800m 1 AFR Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 1:58.60 2 ESP Martínez Mayte ESP 1:59.24 3 EUR Ceplak Jolanda SLO 1:59.42 4 AME Calatayud Zulia CUB 1:59.44 5 RUS Cherkasova Svetlana RUS 2:00.72 6 GER Gesell Claudia GER 2:01.58 7 USA Spencer Sasha USA 2:02.92 8 OCE Lewis Tamsyn AUS 2:03.10 9 ASI Sugimori Miho JPN 2:03.22
M5000m 1 ESP García Alberto ESP 13:30.04 2 AFR Kosgei Paul KEN 13:31.71 3 EUR Sghyr Ismaïl FRA 13:32.82 4 USA Keflezighi Mebrahtom USA 13:33.44 5 GBR Mayock John GBR 13:38.63 6 GER May Michael GER 13:39.73 7 ASI Zakaria Abdulhak BRN 13:54.68 (PB) 8 OCE Power Michael AUS 13:58.07 9 AME Kaley Sean CAN 14:33.57
W3000m 1 AFR Adere Berhane ETH 8:50.88 2 EUR Szabo Gabriela ROM 8:50.89 3 RUS Zadorozhnaya Yelena RUS 8:50.93 4 USA Schwald Sarah USA 8:57.27 5 OCE Power Susie AUS 8:58.09 6 ESP Santiago Beatriz ESP 8:59.88 7 AME Babcock Courtney CAN 9:05.98 8 GER Schulz Melanie GER 9:10.57 (PB) 9 ASI Nasukawa Mizuho JPN 9:23.47
Blood Boulami Not missed by the African team:
1 AFR Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:25.34 2 ESP Martín Luis Miguel ESP 8:26.35 3 ASI Saifeldin Khamis Abdullah QAT 8:30.66 4 USA Famiglietti Anthony USA 8:32.72 5 EUR Vroemen Simon NED 8:36.06 6 OCE Nowill Peter AUS 8:39.22 (SB) 7 GER Ghirmai Filmon GER 8:42.29 8 GBR Stokes Stuart GBR 8:43.38 9 AME Bourgeois Joël CAN 8:56.13
M800m 1 ESP Reina Antonio Manuel ESP 1:43.83 (CR) 2 AFR Saïd-Guerni Djabir ALG 1:44.03 (SB) 3 USA Krummenacker David USA 1:45.14 4 EUR Bucher André SUI 1:45.31 5 3\ GER Schumann Nils GER 1:45.34 6 8AME Barbosa dos Santos Osmar BRA 1:46.01 (SB) 7 ASI Kolganov Mihail KAZ 1:47.45 (PB) 8 GBR McIlroy James GBR 1:48.43 OCE McCarthy Kris AUS DNF
EPO Olga, back like a dirty dish W5000m 1 RUS Yegorova Olga RUS 15:18.15 (CR) 2 ESP Domínguez Marta ESP 15:19.73 3 EUR Pavey Joanne GBR 15:20.10 4 OCE Johnson Benita AUS 15:20.83 5 AFR Chepkemei Susan KEN 15:27.04 6 ASI Kawashima Akiko JPN 15:41.95 7 GER Mockenhaupt Sabrina GER 15:42.22 8 AME Rocha Nora Leticia MEX 15:45.48 9 USA Liss Collette USA 15:59.44
M3000m 1 OCE Mottram Craig AUS 7:41.37 (CR) 2 AME Galván José David MEX 7:47.43 (SB) 3 ESP García Roberto ESP 7:53.96 4 AFR Bitok Paul KEN 7:56.31 5 GBR Whiteman Anthony GBR 8:03.33 6 ASI Hashim Ahmed Ibrahim QAT 8:08.31 7 EUR Lebid Sergiy UKR 8:08.65 8 USA Asmerom Bolota USA 8:10.66 9 GER Schäfer Raphael GER 8:33.89 - Bitok is listed at 66kgs(!) that is 147-lbs! Minus a sack of rice perhaps!
W1500m 1 EUR Ayhan Süreyya TUR 4:02.57 2 RUS Tomashova Tatyana RUS 4:09.74 3 GER Friedrich Kathleen GER 4:10.20 4 USA Jacobs Regina USA 4:10.78 5 AFR Maranga Jackline KEN 4:11.10 6 ASI Borisova Tatjana KGZ 4:11.14 (PB) 7 ESP Fernández Nuria ESP 4:11.56 8 OCE Jamieson Sarah AUS 4:12.33 9 AME Hyman Mardrea JAM 4:14.60

And the scandal of the games? The men’s 1500m where the USA representative is allegedly admitting to pacing Bernard Lagat of Africa… hence ruining his own race and finishing with a High Schoolers’ time - NOT what one should do for team points!

Seneca Lassiter is na de eerste dag van de Wereldcup in Madrid zwaar bekritiseerd. De Amerikaan eindigde kansloos als laatste op de 1500 meter. Omdat hij in het eerste deel van de race flink tempo maakte, laadde hij de verdenking op zich dat hij tempo maakte voor zijn Kenyaanse trainingsgenoot Bernard Lagat.
That’s what they are saying in Holland about it!

And the Team results: Kind’ve tough because the European Team is split into a complete German team, a British team, A Spanish team… hence Europe takes the best from the left over countries… theoretically weakening the Euro’s further is that (for instance) Britain has the #1 European Sprinter, it also (on paper) has the #2, thus the Euro’s must search even further down the lines… geddit?
Men 1 Africa 134 2 United States 119 3 Europe 115 4 Americas 111 5 Spain 94 6 Germany 86.5 7 Great Britain & N.I. 86 8 Asia 80 9 Oceania 62.5
And for the women: 1 Russia 126 2 Europe 123 3 Americas 110 4 United States 105 5 Africa 99 6 Germany 79.5 7 Asia 75 8 Spain 74.5 9 Oceania 59
BUT take away the drug infested influence to the team and the Russians would not have won.

"I'm not interested in running indoors in Europe, I don't like the indoors." Ana ‘Che’ Guevara, the queen of the 400m this year. My sentiments exactly - Half the Runners in NYC get injured by running indoors. How many indoor tracks do they have in England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia? The answer to that is very few!
Then, invariably, the comeback; "Yeah, and if the weather was like New York’s then…"
Sorry but I remember being on the track with a National team squad of Mediterranean athletes who bent down on their hands and knees and used their running spikes to dig the ice and snow off the track to complete a work out. Goes back to the three D’s - which I now hear someone has started pasting at the foot of their email(!) Dedication, Discipline, and Determination. We have to thank Paul Tergat for developing the concept of the three D’s.

Mind you I am not opposed to racing indoors though.

Long run in the park - Shula with excuses on how I missed out on a slice of apple pie… Madame Mileage, "I was crying the whole time…" Another example of how running makes us feel good (it was therapy). Comfy Ed, "I’m coaching a HS in Westchester, my girls are good, but the guys all ran off…." That’ll cause a team problem. Leslie Silver, -couldn’t get near her to catch a comment as she was waiving her arms in every direction at great velocity. The Sc’s avec Le Chiseler in his new chariot (on the bridle path no less!), The Boss & CJ. Canadian Craig, "I’d be doing a long run BUT for the alarm clock…" Minnesota was talking for about 5-mins when I suddenly realized that this is how long the breaks were each lap for her group! Wow, I noticed everyone in her group, Leola included & Don, were looking happy and conversational…. And then I found out why - Picnic long runs. Slave driver Tanser would have never allowed that - okay, stop for 2-minutes Max but longer?
Anyway my parting words to Minnesota were, "I have to go now, someone’s service at 10…"
She was looking at the watch and my running clothes, "Yep I have to go like this, it was timing….."
"You’re going to church in your running clothes?"
"Well the guy is dead, I’m sure he would not mind."
And that is how I found myself sitting in a Catholic Church dressed in a singlet & shorts. (Ed’s note; "Read too much chatting.")
Heard in court,
"Q: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all?
A: Yes.
Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory?
A: I forget.
Q: You forget. Can you give us an example of something that you've forgotten?

Metropolitan Athletics Congress Cross Country Champs were held on Sept 15th. From the results it appears that there was not one single open male runner in the race. A bad sign of the times - surely something is wrong when the local organization field such a poor turn out.. hence the "Young Men 15-18" age group winner would be the day’s best… he ran 18:23 for the 5km course that can not be described as demanding in any terms! Second in his division came in 23:22… and in all divisions only one other athlete (A master runner) beat the 20-minute mark!

And now to something far more interesting,
A Norwegian football team has agreed to sell one of its strikers in exchange for his weight in fresh prawns.
Striker Kenneth Kristensen will be weighed carefully before he moves from Third Division side Vindbjart to rivals Flekkeroy.
His new team will then present Vindbjart with an equal weight of prawns. The bizarre deal was agreed at a Vindbjart board meeting, according to the Faedrelandsvennen newspaper.
Stop Press: For those of you going to Van Cortlandt Park Sunday for the team scoring cross country race, please make note of the following.
Registration will begin at 10:30, The men's start will begin at 11:30, The women's start will begin at 12:00
The number one train will stop and 215 st. and have shuttle buses going up to 242 st. Please plan ahead and leave earlier if you are taking the train.
BTW: No products in the store till at least next Wednesday - hence don’t bring your shopping bag to the newly re-opened UATH store! The stress is causing The Boss to tug down an extra smoke here and there too…..
However down on the track it was action as usual! With Don back, Leola dodging footballs, Cruiser driving hard, The Irish Ironhorse (who is on his way to Canada) fighting like a stallion everything looked as is. Lee went out a little harder, Becky was feeling rough, as was Amber, DandaDog made a sterling appearance, and there were no flying 4’s from CoffeKevin - his nutritional advice for the evening, "Grab a beer…" Did I mention the truth of one’s better half??
Barry and Barry II were out in force as was Seth. Amex Chris & Lee locked in, as did Randy who rocked the session sans Sax…. And where was Partime? Right! KingCre ran steady and Cara was on fire - all this after her Rocket Philly (Did I mention Stace-The-Ace’s Philly? Phenom time!)…
Dead Legs: It begun on Tuesday night; I could not run a speed session (haven’t done a session to be proud of since XMAS 2001), anyway so I jogged home. The next day, to redeem myself, I ran 20-miles. In the evening I ate like a camel after crossing the Gobi desert. So today, to redeem, yep I did a back to back - 20 again! As if that was not enough I ran a couple of miles at lunch time too, then ran 5-miles to the track in the evening to coach.

Well I was determined to take the subway home. It was all planned, I even recruited KingCre to run with to make sure…. So we set off and low-and-behold the 10th ST bridge has been taken down! So we decided to run to 23rd and take the bus… it was then I remembered the smallest denomination of cash I had was a $10 bill! Hardly bus fodder. KingCre suggested we just get on the bus anyway, but I hate it when others do that and I’m riding the bus.. y’know delay delay… so we run to 34th when he takes the bus crosstown (he had a one swipe card) and I headed north, yep ran all the way home to complete a 33-mile day. It was fate! I mean on how many nights do a friggin’ bridge across a highway disappear? Talk about a slogjog! Thus the food for the night was Luigi’s, and great it was too - highly recommended Italian on First & 88th. The chicken pizza was the taste of the night…. And some!

A memorial mass for Eddie Coyle will be celebrated on Saturday, September 21 at 10:00 a.m. at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, 230 East 90th Street in Manhattan. Coyle was a running columnist for New York Runner and the New York Daily News, and a member of Millrose Athletic Association. He died on August 3 at age 76.
Excellent News: The IAAF World Cup in Athletics will be held in the United States for the first time ever in 2006, International Association of Athletics Federations President Lamine Diack and USA Track & Field CEO Craig Masback announced earlier today.
A great battle is expected at the Berlin Marathon between Takahashi & Fernandez of Mexico - Taka’ has not raced since her 2:19 over the Marathon distance and has already started talking about her NEXT marathon after the upcoming Berlin - Tokyo. Hence I think Adriana F should be our fav for the race… on the men’s side Moses Tanui, who has all but been written off by EVERYone, will race the younger and speedy Simon Biwott, and former WR holder Ronaldo Da Costa. Well Tanui easily won Vienna this year so watch out - the old guy has life in those brittle pins still! The fav must be Fred Kiprop - hired as a rabbit but……
NIKE Obligations mean there will be a head to head this Sunday - Paula Vs Sonia in England over the 10km. Both girls are in hard marathon training, neither like to lose either.. could be fireworks, or could be a fizzle!
RIP: Bob Hayes died at age 59 late Wednesday in his hometown of Jacksonville, Fla., riddled with liver and kidney ailments and prostate cancer. At the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, Hayes won the gold medal in the 100 meters.
Eldo Lise gives her take on Party Music and email sending, "no instruments-just a cappella -to which my friend seemed to be horrified that his dad was singing at his fancy schmanzy party...some of us thought it was great. D.S.- remember their "twisting by the pool" song big hit in high school- won an air guitar contest to that song as an all girl band at our school- and I won't even go into detail on the costumes...classic embarassment to laugh about now.
"keep getting all these unsolicited emails every day- microsoft says a virus has hit a server and my address was picked at random to have emails sent...lucky me- anyways a huge pain in the ass- and MSFT says they can do nothing...I'm thinking go ask Bill- he's got to know." Thanks for the update, glad to know the V-city is still movin’.
Colin Jackson will make his final outdoor athletics appearance for Great Britain on Saturday in the IAAF World Cup final in Madrid. Head to head - Colin Jackson: 2 World Championship Golds, 1 WC Silver, 1 WC Bronze, 1 Olympic Silver (1988), World Record Allen Johnson: 3 World Championship Golds, 1 Olympic Gold.. tough call who is #1…..
"Running is going fine, I have now got this little mp3 equipment and pick up good old rock and roll from the net and now I am having a ball on the treadmill. No, I have not been racing too much recently, but running is more fun than racing in my books. Humm." That’s the Icelandic news from Bryndis, she continues, "I hope you win the elections. I would vote for you!" Great! Also a timely reminder to those of you who have the envelope sitting under the pile of junk mail, between the throw out newspapers, and covered in dried coffee…. Vote asap, or the snailmail won’t count! Vote for whoever, but please vote.
Coincidentally for those in NYC the big meeting is on Monday!
Click here and watch the directions roll in front of your very eyes on how to get from Central Park to the Store!
"I'll take your sage advice and not attempt a "double"- and you know I'll definitely keep my word on this one! Dinner party was good as always- with friends, my friend's dad-and his friend who is 80! Being a good irish - many songs were sung by the dad and he was a hoot. His friend -exceptionally smart and interesting, has a brother in Tanzania so we had much to discuss of course. Upon leaving- my friend says "my dad will be talking about you girls until xmas, and will be telling me to marry one of you.." "uh-huh- but he knows you're gay- right?"

"I'll send your regards to Mary - and we coined her wiggle- "the butt dance" - that move had me in tears laughing New Year's Eve on the dance floor at the Eldoret Club...fafafafa." Eldo Lise who sings and dances with the best of them.

African World Cup News:
The mid and long distance Africa team is composed of Bernard Lagat (1,500 metres), Paul Bitok (5,000m), Paul Kosgei (10,000m), Jackline Maranga (1,500m) and Susan Chepkemei (10,000m). The Kenyans will be joined by Djabir Said Guerni of Algeria (800m). Moroccan Brahim Boulami (3,000m steeplechase) has tested positive for EPO and is likely to be dropped from the team. Mozambican world and Olympics champion Maria Mutola (800m) and Berhane Adere of Ethiopia (5,000m) are the leading women. In Johannesburg, South Africa four years ago, African men won unprecedented third men's victory. - What a team! No doubt it’ll be a Kenyan for the steeplechase now Blood Boulami is out!
Happy Birthday to The Captain - celebrating the big one today!
TGV reports in, "I saw the crew at the start line yesterday in Philadelphia (Chubby, Cara, Partime, King C and LQD) Next year you should come down. Philadelphia is a great little city.
PS I wont be attempting the triple on Sunday, but it is tempting." What has Sir Roland Started!
"And Philly is a great town. I think I'm sold on this event for next year and will probably try to do the Broad Street 10 miler in May. As great as teh NYRRC scene is, its really nice to get out of NY and do a big event in another town." And Patrick Walsh also sings high of PA
Wow, what an age! John A. "Old John" Kelley and Ginger DeLong were married on Saturday, September 14, on Cape Cod. Kelley, 95, won the 1935 and 1945 Boston Marathon, holds the record for the most Boston finishers (58), and remains actively involved with the race, serving as its Grand Marshal. Grand being the operative word.
Denver Marathon winners: Heather Burcher, 24, of Golden was the women's marathon winner, crossing the finish line in 2:59.44. And Sean Larkin was timed for his win in 2 hours, 34 minutes, 50 seconds,
Goat’s Cheese Soup: Jonathan Wyatt, of NZ, blitzed the field to claim his third world mountain-running title in Austria.

Wyatt, from Wellington, braved sleet and freezing temperatures to establish a big lead on his rivals, finishing three and-a-half-minutes clear of second placegetter, Raymond Fontaine, of France.

OLYMPIC medallist Suleiman Nyambui has warned the Sydney Marathon wouldn't attract top athletes with its "peanut" prize money.

Nyambui, Tanzania's national athletics coach and the 1980 Olympic 5000m silver medallist, watched three of his countrymen sweep the podium at the Sydney Marathon.

Stephen Bwire won the race with a time of 2h17m30s. The place-getters in the men's and women's event, that was won by Australian Heather Turland, collected total prize money of around $15,000.

"There is no way you can bring the runners with this peanut money they have, you are talking about US$100,000 at other marathons, US$60,000 plus a Mercedes car," Nyambui said.

In Print: Soon to be released by Breakaway Books: HOW RUNNING CHANGED MY LIFE. True to form this book underplays our Intrepid Reporter. AS a junior he actually ran at the National Championships, not State as this book says. There were no states where he grew up! Anyway the book is a collection of short essays written by a group of people - in your book stores in 3-4 weeks!
NYCM Focus: Jeff Schiebler of New Westminster, B.C., who is training fo rNYC debut, finished second in the half-marathon event at the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon on Sunday.
Schiebler finished in a time of one hour five minutes 17.5 seconds. Joseph Ndiritu of Kenya won the race in 1:04:47.3
Lioudmilla Kortchaguina of Toronto was the top woman in 1:15:19. In the marathon, Stephane Gamache of Ottawa won in 2:25:24.5 while Nicole Stevenson of Hamilton was the top woman in a time of 2:36:56.4.
At the Ritz Carlton the Caviar is $150 an ounce.. eat it sparingly! The Champagne is somewhat more reasonable, only $18 a glass! However best bargain of all is for a snip over $20 is the burger. Comes highly recommended, tasty, and nutritious.
News from Eldo Lise, "Not much to report from the west coast today- pretty slow in the excitement area... Out of curiosity- if you run 2 races back to back (craziness really)- which one do you run better? I really want to run the Lewa Downs marathon when I return (when???) to Kenya- think my time would improve being chased by a hartebeest or lion....yaha!

Spoke with Mary on the weekend- always good for many laughs. Mark's cousin is getting married out here in october so will see my old running partner-and assess who's fallen into the worst shape since we left Eldoret.

Friday is a big b-day party for friend's 5 year old- theme is spiderman and so yours truly managed to weasel out of being spiderman/woman and delegated to another friend- who is a rock climber and he will be repelling out of a tree and showing up as a surprise- I predict all 16 -5 year olds will be wetting their pants either in fright or excitement. Drinks will be mandatory after that afternoon.

Off to a dinner this evening-friend's dad is in town visiting and a staunch irish catholic- I'll have to make sure I leave my "is the pope polish" comments at home. My dad arrives tomorrow for the week -he on the other hand enjoys the pope comments." Thanks - BTW A’Dam Michiel is on holiday in Bali.

And in reply to the double:
Not usually a good idea as you spend the first race saving energy fore the 2nd, and the second wishing that your legs weren't so dead from the first!

The first time I did a double was in Iceland - I ran the Nike downtown 5km, then jumped in a car and ran a a country 10-miler. The combination of being a beginner, the car drive, not stretching, and running further than I'd ever run before make that a very memorable day.... as I said, not really recommended.

Yokohama Super Track
800 - 1, Jolanda Ceplak, Slovenia, 2:00.70. 2, Tina Paulino, Mozambique, 2:02.86. 3, Ludmila Formanova, Czech Republic, 2:03.58. 4, Miki Nishimura, Japan, 2:05.62. 5, Reina Sasaki, Japan, 2:07.25. 6, Tomoko Matsushima, Japan, 2:13.79.
5,000 - 1, Meseret Defar, Ethiopia, 15:26.45. 2, Derarturu Tulu, Ethiopia, 15:26.73. 3, Jane Wanjiku, Kenya, 15:29.23. 4, Kayako Fukushi, Japan, 15:29.77. 5, Yoshiko Ichikawa, Japan, 15:31.10. 6, Lucy Wagui, 15:33.03.
800 - 1, Wilfred Bungei, Kenya, 1 minute, 45.99 seconds. 2, David Krummenacker, United States, 1:49.01. 3, Pavel Czapiewski, Poland, 1:48.36. 4, Hisato Suzuki, Japan, 1:50.25. 5, Atsushi Kanno, Japan, 1:50.51. 6, Masaharu Nakano, Japan, 1:51.76.
5,000 - 1, Zakayo Ngatho, Kenya, 13:35. 2, Julius Maina, Kenya, 13:36.05. 3, Julius Gitahi, Kenya, 13:36.64. 4, Kazuyoshi Tokumoto, Japan, 13:39.59. 5, Tomohiro Seto, Japan, 13:39.81. 6, Toshihiro Iwasa, Japan, 13:42.45.
Alan Ruben & Greg Diamond represented the city well in the 45+ division in the Philly Half As did Zoomalong in the 40+ NYC’s top Master couple winning their respective divisions. P. Rolly (Da French again) was the first ‘local’ in 1:10 And in the crowd - Da Captain, and a name from the past Gary Fanelli (running for the Viagra Abusers Team),
Sweden’s Biggest XC relay with literally thousands of teams is run by Sparvagen & Hasselby, the city’s premier running clubs - each was represented in this Saturday’s race: Back in the day when I competed for Sparet…..
1 Rånäs 4H 1.28.58 2 Spårvägens FK Dam 1 1.30.54 1 AstraZeneca/Enhörna IF 1.16.08 2 Turebergs FK 1.18.19 3 Hässelby SK 1.19.36
USA Shot putter Marcus Clavelle, who finished third at the U.S. Open track meet, was suspended for two years after testing positive for steroids.
Huge kudos to Raphael for winning Yonkers, one odf the toughest races out there in 2:37 - before the race he’d stated, "2:38 in prep. For NYC!"

Running round the reservoir this morning, Miss Marla Runyan after her Philly debut - looked very stiff!

Alessandro also says goodbye to New York for a couple of weeks - he returns to Italy to run the Italian Half Marathon Championships - a race where to place in the top 100 one must run sub 1:10, we had an Arriverdci dope run in the rain.

The guys from Los Compadres were out there too jumping puddles. And R2 who is preparing to defend her Master’s title at VCP this Sunday.. it will be very interesting to see if Naomi defends her open record in a race with a bit of stiff competition. Time will tell.

Here is a picture of 75 to 81 pairs of used running shoes on their way to Africa! On this road coincidentally James Cagney was born (to the left), to the immediate left is the gym I go to (new York Sports), at the bottom of the hill lives Steven P. over the Avenue, and behind is Central Park. Typically (concerning hoofing boxes) I live at the bottom of the hill too, 50-meters away from Steven, hence it is a big blow for me that he is moving at the end of this month.

The Shoes meanwhile are going to be used for some upcoming races in Tanzania - each finisher will receive a pair. What a great way to promote running in Africa we think!

Constantina Dita won the Romanian national championships half-marathon in Turnu-Severin on Saturday in a national record 1:08:10.
Mombassa Marathon - Josephat Rop broke away from the leading pack halfway through the 42-kilometre course to win the Mombasa International Marathon yesterday. The 30-year-old romped home in 2 hours, 13 minutes and 57 seconds in a race held under ideal weather conditions with temperatures dipping to an average 26 degrees centigrade following overnight rains.
David Simwoko finished second in 2:145.43 followed by Ambrose Makau in 2:16.32 in a race that attracted 76 runners.

Considered a serious marathon runner after finishing fourth in the 2000 Turin Marathon in a career best time of 2 hours, 10 minutes, the Kabete-based soldier who runs for Fila, said he would shift his attention to the end-of-the-season races, most probably the New York Marathon in November by which time he will have recovered from the strain of yesterday's race.

"I liked the weather here and would have done better had I been pushed," said Rop at the Mombasa Stadium finish which was also the starting point of the race.

Jane Omoro of Telkom won the women's race in 3:00.17. Priscillah Biwott was second in 3:13.34 and Grace Chebet third in 3:21.12.

We hear from Keith Dowling, "I'm going out fast and trying to hang on for a sub 2:12." Our hopes are with ya Keith - You Can do it!
Fun & Games at the Nike class. Tamar had mixed feelings on the new nike shoe, PonyTail Ted came looking for a son, and found one! Marcia came along, and Claudia, and both smiled through the dreary weather. We had a buddy run with people making friends… and some even did!
Some users have reported Not being able to find Tobysworld -so we have (for netscape users) gone back to the older format of pasting on da page - thanks to Mikey-Nikey & R2 for letting me know.
Stolen from the CPTC web site: "Among other feats, Tesfaye Bekele was famous for having won the Race To Deliver-Cross Country 5K double. We do not know if anyone has ever attempted the triple." The triple refers to the Bi.. but as Tesfaye was as direct as a dime he ran straight down 5th Avenue the day before… and speaking of doubles and tipples; CenturyMan ran TWO pr’s within the hour, taking a steaming ½-minute from his mile and a minute from his 5-miler….Wow! CPTC’s Tom Phillips also ran at the race and won the combined twosome challenge with his son - beating amongst others our Intrepid Reporter and his partner.. complicated was not a complete enough word for the varied awards and divisions!
The last week to vote! Please Vote, if not for me then for anyone! Voice your opinions the way you want to, but please make yourself heard.

Continual thanks to all the people who have stood behind me in this campaign, you’re the best! Last week on the bridle path I ran with Raphael V. Lunas who ran Yonkers Marathon as a training run yesterday (in prep. For NYCM), and he remembered that he has not voted yet, but he is voting Toby! Yet another runner on the roll! Did I mention Alayne Adams (One of NYC’s and Canada’s premier runners) voted 4- time for me (family members), so a huge thanks to her! And whilst I am pumping the barrel for all of its contents I received this email from PhotoDon as we all know him, Mr. Don Preven,
"my thanx & appreciation for ur help & encouragement. it is a privilege to know u & it's always a joy & pleasure to be with u & the guys & gals at workouts & races. the NY Running Community is fortunate to have Toby Tanser as one of its members. my continued best wishes for good health, good running & a good life! KEEP ON KEEPING ON." Thanks Don that was a great endorsement!

Steven P reports in, "Things went well, I am a little sore today but already better than yesterday, so the recovery time will hopefully allow me to race on the 22nd.

Are you racing the 4 miler tomorrow on the Hudson River Park as I think we will be there as Honor wants to run it." "Good luck in the NYRRC elections, they need someone like you that adds value to the running community."
From Andrea Ostrowski is our quiz winner - she emailed in and rightly named the Mother & Son in the Mein Kamp Q. Just for voting we’d have given her the win!

CD of the week - an alltime classic, Harvest by Neil Young - I just love that CD!

And Reuters reports:
WASHINGTON (Sept 12) - Americans are living longer than ever before, but they are overweight and physically lazy and spend far more on health care than any other country in the world, the U.S. government said on Thursday.

The infant mortality rate dropped to a record low in 2000 and life expectancy hit a record high, the report by the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

"In 2000, Americans enjoyed the longest life expectancy in U.S. history -- almost 77 years, based on preliminary figures," said the report, published on the Internet at http:/ "The life expectancy of men was 74 and for women almost 80."

From Fat to Blood Boulami.
Boulami B sample was found to have traces of EPO an endurance-enhancing illegal drug. Brahim Boulami faces a minimum 2 year ban.
Philly Master? King of the course: Set course mark (1:00:27) in 1997. That is also the record for a half-marathon held in the United States. Body Mass Index? 20.8 - Da American Khannouch! And on that topic here is the American team for the World Cup:
800m David Krummenacker 1:43.92 1500m Seneca Lassiter 3:36.73 3000m Matt Lane 7:50.77 5000m Meb Keflezighi 13:21.87 3000m Steeplechase Anthony Famiglietti 8:19.07 & 800m Sasha Spencer 2:02.34 1500m Regina Jacobs 4:01.02 3000m Sarah Schwald 8:56.49 5000m Collette Liss 15:28.05 - no steeple for la Femmes

On that note we report that Monsieur Mileage is currently home in France, buying coffee - can’t wait for his return and breakfast!

Meanwhile dinner with Tamar & CoffeeKevin - Delectable. Tamar is an out of this world cook; we had Moroccan Chicken & Israeli cous-cous with a hint of dried lemon, followed by dates poached in liqueur & Ben + Jerry’s. It was just delicious, and I want it again for breakfast. We talked about how CoffeeK used to eat 2,000 cal breakfast’s thinking he was on the Jane Fonda’s and how self denial is a disease of diet….

Kind of nicely set me up for the next day: after a run in the park, a talk with the ALS group (great to see two superstars of CPTC Margaret & Ally both in the park running a 20-miler, then at the meeting!) I went to see Shula.

Shula is an English girl who has been living in Berlin Germany and now the States for a number of years, won the most improved runner from CPTC, and is great fun to natter with.. hence when she mentioned baking Apple Pies and Coffee I was on my way!

The very next day we were up in Harlem train station when we bumped into a runner going to do Yonker’s who wanted to know if our intrepid reporter was headed that way, "You’ve got to be kidding!" Turning our head we noticed Craig Plummer, the new manager at the gym on 125th so it was train travels with him.. anyway that is another story, but returning to the City in the afternoon (after meeting a brazilian who runs for Leppin Brasilia way Upstate) we returned to the Reebok Club - basically a family catwalk gym. Full of screaming kids, sun tanned girls, and nobody much working out….. basically the MO for this part of town… apart from Jordan Metzl, who surprise, surprise (not that TV show) is alos the boyfriend of the aforementioned Shula…. Did anyone say that Manhattan was a big place? Enough, enough…

Instead let’s go to some interesting running results from his weekend’s GP final: M3000m - A kick race; 1 Chebii Abraham KEN 8:33.42 24 2 Bitok Paul KEN 8:34.00 21 3 Bett Mark KEN 8:34.20
M1500 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:29.27 24 2 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:30.54 21 3 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:31.51 last place - Seneca Lass. Of the USA in 3:54
W3000m - 1 Szabo Gabriela ROM 8:56.29 24 2 Tomashova Tatyana RUS 8:56.34 21 3 Adere Berhane ETH 8:56.60 18 4 Masai Edith KEN 8:57.29 15 5 Pavey Joanne GBR 8:57.71 12 6 Malot Leah KEN 9:00.15
1 Zadorozhnaya Yelena RUS 4:00.63 24 2 Favor Hamilton Suzy USA 4:01.08 21 3 Hendricken Geraldine IRL 4:02.08 (PB) Regina J. DNF.
IAAF Grand Prix Final Quotes
Tim Montgomery (USA)
Winner of the Men’s 100m in a new World Record of 9.78 and of the Overall Grand Prix Title "You know; World Records always happen when you expect them the least. The weather was quite cool today like when I ran 9.84 in Oslo. I didn’t know I would be able to break the World Record during the warm up. This is the end of a great season for me, I knew I was in great shape and today everything was just perfect. The wind was perfect (2.0), my reaction time was almost perfect (0.104), but that is what you need to break World Records. I only realized I had done something special after finishing when my coach ran towards me on the track and lifted me up in the air.

After the women’s race which was won in a very fast time, I was kind of eager to run. I knew the race would be fast, I just wanted to get there and run. I had no time objective today, I just wanted to beat Dwain Chambers. But I took my focus off Dwain to concentrate better. I decided to focus on Coby Miller and tried to get the better start possible. At 30m, I saw no-one was around me so I kept digging down as deep as possible. And from then on I kept running and running and running. I knew I could break the World Record ever since I ran 9.96 at the age of 19 when I had no muscles, no training and no technique. I didn’t know when, but I knew I eventually would do it. There is no limit for the record: World Records are meant to be broken and I am sure they will all be. Maybe all expect Michael Johnson’s 19.32!"
On Hicham El Guerrouj: "I have a lot of respect for Hicham El Guerrouj. I was part of the American relay team in 1996 when Hicham fell in the 1500m Olympic final and I saw him lying on the track and crying. I asked myself why he was crying. Ever since I followed his career and witnessed what an exceptional athlete he is. From that day on, I never wanted to see him cry ever again."

What we say - Greene’s move from Nike to Adidas was da Kiss of Death!

Hicham EL Guerrouj (MAR)
Winner of the men’s 1500M in 3:29.27 but only second in the IAAF Grand Prix Standings "These things happen in sport. I am an athlete and I like the sport for all it can offer including surprises. What Tim achieved today is exceptional, I take my hat off. No-one, including me, had ever thought of the possibility of him winning the Standings, so after Felix and I had run I thought I had got it. But I am happy that the sport offers such great moments. If I had lost a World Champions or the Olympic Games, yes I would have been disappointed but today I am just happy for Tim. If the IAAF was to give me the trophy of the Best Athlete of the Year I would have to pass it on to him for what he has done is fantastic. This will not spoil my birthday today. I will still celebrate with some of my closest friends in a Moroccan restaurant and take my mind off athletics."

Marion Jones (USA)
Winner of the women’s 100m in 10.88 and winner of the IAAF Overall Grand Prix Standings "Today I am extremely happy for Tim Montgomery. I see him training every day, day after day in Raleigh. I see the time and efforts he puts into training, the way he dissects each of his races. I know how he talks over and over about his training session and about what technical part of the race he improved. Tim Montgomery is a technician and today, like every one else in the world I am in awe of him. This is the first time I saw a 100m World Record being beaten LIVE. Today we should all celebrate something incredible."

Dwain Chambers (GBR)
Second in the Men’s 100m in an European record of 9.87 (equalled) "I may have equalled the European record today but still, I have lost the race. I am disappointed I didn’t win. Times are somehow irrelevant to me, what I want is to win races. I don’t like finishing second! I am pleased with the record, yes, but my main feeling at this moment is disappointment for not having been able to beat Montgomery. I have had a great season this year but have also learnt a lot for the future. I will rest more between races, this has been the first year I have been faced to this type of race where very Friday you have to come out and be at your very best. If you want to know the whole truth, today I wanted to have the $50,000 dollars in my pocket! I am traumatized by what Tim did, completely traumatized. But I will be back."

Felix Sanchez (DOM)
Winner of the men’s 400m hurdles in 47.62 Just after his 400m Hurdles "The public was extraordinary today, Stéphane Diagana has been extraordinary and my time is much faster than I expected. The race also was much harder than expected, the wind was blowing very hard on the back straight and it made me mess up my stride. I am happy though and will get ready for the 400m flat in one hour and a half." After his 400m where he finished 5th in 45.25 "Despite my loss I am still a happy man today. Of course, I am a bit disappointed with the way I ran the 400m flat. I didn’t go out as fast as I should have done. I thought one and a half hour rest between the two races wouldn’t be enough but it was more than enough. I felt like I had still a lot left in my legs. My time in the Hurdles was superb today. I am still undefeated in that event. I can say 2002 has been a Dream season for me. I will definitely not double at next year’s World Championships. I will concentrate on the Hurdles and try as hard as possible to defend my World title."

Gail Devers (USA)
Winner of the women’s 100m Hurdles in 12.51 "This has been the longest season ever in my career but still a very good season for me. I have been saying since the beginning of the year that what mattered the most was being consistent and I have been pretty much consistent around 12.4/12.5. Wins and losses haven’t been that important, I have made mistakes and as long as I can learn from my mistakes then all the wins and the losses become valuable experience. This was the first year I have been training by myself, so I believe I can be satisfied."

more locally on Saturday the 2 Ethiopians whipped the field in the Harlem race:
#1 BERHE, LETEYESUS BRONX 29:55 - coincidentally there were just 29 women in the race.
Men - 1. Ronald Mogaka, KEN, 1:02:22 "That is why I was ziggy-zagging, because he was using me," said Mogaka after the race. "I decided to ziggy-zag so I could run my own race."
Ronald used to be a 1:43 800m runner on Kenyan soil, until he found out the WR (high Alt.) was 1:44…. Readers of this page will recall! 2. Abner Chipu RSA, 1:02:45 (Chippy is a guy who likes a beer; I first met him in Clarksville. Moments after a tough 10k we were in Thomas Osano’s hotel room and Chippy was onto his second beer in seconds - the race was an 8AM start! About an hour later Thomas passed out…. That was a fun day. 3. Stephen Kiogora, KEN, 1:03:15 4. Khalid Khannouchi, USA, 1:03:18 "I'm here for one reason," said Khannouchi before the race. "It has a similar course to Chicago. It's more important to run a solid race (than to win)." 5. John Kagwe, KEN, 1:03:31
Women -
1. Catherine Ndereba, KEN, 1:09:20 "In fact, my training is coming up. The best part of today is to finish the race feeling good and do what I am supposed to do." 2. Marla Runyan, USA, 1:11:19 (debut) "I was on pace at half-way," said the always analytical Runyan. "Actually, I went out hard. I went out (at) 5:09 (for the first mile). Coming into the back side (of the course), I sort of started to run high 5:20's... I kind of knew I probably wasn't going to hit my goal. I gave it a good shot." 3. Luminita Talpos, ROM, 1:12:36 4. Carol Howe, CAN, 1:15:15 (debut) - Way to go Carol (from NJ now, though CAN blooded! Carol is runnin’ NYCM!) 5. Zivile Balciunaite, LTU, 1:15:25
And a quick word from Eldo Lise, "quick email to say hi- have to stay up and drink muchos glasses of water (this is getting to be a bad habit lately-bad me!!) before sleep- and swear I am feeling the hangover may as well send out some emails... this has been a very weird week...all ending with my hairdryer mysteriously starting up on its own this evening....minor heartattack there-but hopefully some reasonable explanation for it other than my friend's "your place is haunted". That is Vancouver for you! It ain’t what they call Rock n’ Roll!
Sunday in the park - hardly anyone out running (wimps) but Linda was out there, so was Jonathan Pillows, CPTC’s best steeplechaser, "No fun doing long runs with waterlogged shoes." Know what you mean Jonathan!

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The Store, sans products, will open on Tuesday. The Nike race opens the weekend celebrations - Welcome!
"This is my third mobile phone. I dropped my first in a pint of beer." Nobody will be surprised to hear that that quote is from The Queen of the Harriers. "I think I liken myself to Neil Young…" We though Buddy Holly - Kavan, and "You can F**K the bonus!" And the last one we credit to CoffeeKevin who ran a decade PR 400m to cancel the planned bonus 400’s his group had lined up. His time left the CenturyMan in disbelief, "You were kind to him…" Nope, the clock did not lie!

The session was a hard one and left most of the group in a non rebellious mood. Ironhorse, for once, could not lead the session throughout and was left trailing.. Bob steamed everyone on the 100’s showing untapped talent ready for the US sprint force…. The Buffalo & Le Harrier led the 2-mile tempo in a nitch over 12’ and the 400’s were warfare. Cruiser noted, "Your faster guys die before the finishing line," right on they do and lose valuable seconds in the process. Andrew L ran much better than last week and showed the rust is coming off, and Becky’s legs looked ready to begin hard speed now that they recovered from her Marathons. The 100-man was blowing hot/cold after working with the Swat teams all yesterday… and where was Partime? The Boss & Cara were working out… but… "Oh she’s gone to a baseball game…" Partime??

Later that night we tried the Nori Sushi starter - great, Grilled Atlantic sublime as per usual, and can you guess the location? Yep, a mood of habit, or a mod of hobbit - Josie’s. Did I mention H&H?

Defending Champ returns to the city next Friday for the 5th Avenue Mile.
A reminder that on Saturday, at 11 PM, in Central Park 90th & 5th entrance picnic tables, I will be giving advice on how best to prepare for the New York City Marathon. Each year I try to be involved with a charity project, and for the last couple of years it has been the ALS group. If you attend tomorrow’s talk, and I will be constructing individual plans, and offer to help the ALS group (talk to Margaret) then you will have the chance (and VERY good odds) to win an exclusively signed T-Shirt from the winner of this year’s New York Marathon. This is a prize that money can not buy!
We wish Steven P a speedy recovery from his hernia Op. Will this slow him down? We doubt it. As Canadian Craig mentioned on the Friendship run, "He loses 20-lbs and…." Yes sir, flying is the word.
Our Trivia Question - Since nobody managed to correctly guess the ShoeFob epidrama…. Whose Mother translated Mein Kamp from one of the World’s universally difficult languages into English for the CIA? And if you know the answer to this one you deserve to be in the CIA!

Speaking of Mother’s the great Icelandic Family Reunion Xmas plans are not… turning cartwheels one could say. Trying to do a family reunion when your family and siblings live in different countries is a dab difficult… well try continents! Sister#1 (only by age, hope she does not read that!) is in Asia, Sister #2 is in Africa, Brother in Europe, and me - North America. IS it any wonder the last time all four of us met was in 1987.

An extended welcome to John Kerner Laura Lee Kozusko and Adam Manewell who have just become new CPTC runners. And rumors are true Sir Roland did run 5-miles of the park the other night. I was lucky enough to run alongside the legend. Other Club leading legends present; Colonel Bill Staab of West Side, The King of the Flyer’s, and leading the Urbanoso’s it goes without saying that the Boss was there. No longer can we call him ‘Chubby’ any longer as he is skipping across the scales these days.
news of the rich n’ famous: "Winning the World Cup is the goal of my season," says Bernard Lagat
"I’m ready to try a historic double at the Grand Prix Final", says Felix Sanchez
And Wilson Kipketer takes over 800m number one spot in IAAF World Rankings.
thanks for putting together yesterday's "tribute" run. It was definitely what the doctor ordered. Kellie Quinones - CPTC." Kellie, we were proud to have you running with us!.
Definietly an exciting name to watch out for: Jeff Schiebler will make his marathon debut at the 2002 New York City Marathon on Nov. 3. With a half-marathon (1:01:28). Schiebler has a shot at breaking the Canadian national marathon record of 2:10:09 set by Jerome Drayton at Fukuoka, Japan, Dec. 7, 1975.
Good luck to all runners heading out to the stick-boroughs this weekend; a large group of New Yorkers will be headed for the Philly Half. Expect The Khannouch & Ndereba to win. Coincidentally this month’s Running Times has a story on Ndereba (I wonder why we are plugging the story) and FURTHER more this is the first time Catherine has been a solo cover girl on Running Times/Runner’s World magazines! The Khannouch was in Central Park earlier this week running on his favorite loop… he’ll be ready for Chicago!
We end today with an email that was sent on to us:
"You may have heard the story about a Nigerian woman sentenced to death for having a child out of wedlock. She will be buried up to her neck. Then be her punishers will surround her and throw rocks at her head until her skull is crushed and she dies a painful and horrible death. The woman has 30 days to appeal against her sentence and is unlikely to prevail. It takes less than one minute to sign the letter and it really could mean the difference between life and death. Please forward to your friends also, this poor woman needs all the help she can get. Link to the Amnesty International site by highlighting and copying and pasting this link: On the right hand side, there is a place to click on so you can sign the letter to the Nigerian president. We need to do everything we can to save this woman from a barbarous death and to save an innocent baby's mother."
New homepage - bear with us, all links will eventually add up to rooting! Click here to view!
Huge thanks to every single one of you who made it out last night to the Central Park Friendship Run. It was a resounding success if judged by the spirit of the run. A sphere of runners from so many of the clubs just circling the park, and getting out there.

Way, way too many names to name right here but personally as I sit here at the computer I can see all the faces, and feel all the faces’ energy - an amazing feeling. Once again running proves to be a great movement, and happening in New York City.

"One flaw with sending someone to Eldoret to train with Lagat in his attempt to catch El G -- Lagat lives in Pullman, Washington! (At least, I believe so. And I believe his sister runs for, or at least ran for, WSU)." And that was from John Prather… However we may add that Lagat was indeed training in Eldoret! Sorry John, but where someone trains has very little to do with where one has a home! Paula Radcliffe lives in Loughborough but spends a large chunk of the year eitrher in France or the U.S.

Coincidentally Eldoret is a very nice place to both live and train… where else can you go in the mobile wireless store and find Daniel Komen behind the counter? Go to the internet café and chat with John Korir…. Slide into a gym and see Moses Tanui pumping iron… cross the road and nearly get knocked down by Moses’ Kiptanui’s mercedes.

Lille Half Marathon: 1 R. Cheboror KEN 61:42 2 Wilson Onsare KEN 61:55 3 William Kiplagat KEN 61:56
Femmes: 1 Anastasia Ndereba and 2 Beatrice Omwanza, both clocking 71:45 - Ndereba given the nod, & 3 Zahia Dahmani 74:46.
And in Scotland - 1 Sammy Kipruto KEN 63:15 2 Jason Mbote KEN 63:15 3 Abner Chipu RSA 63:17…. 8 William Musyoki KEN 66:22
1 Joyce Chepchumba KEN 70:03 2 Mizuki Noguchi JPN 70:06 3 Caroline Kwambei KEN 71:11
Queen Joyce - can’t wait to see her again in November!! Caroline is from the HATC - well done AGAIN to Pieter da Coach!
Nike Budapest Half Marathon had William Kipsang (KEN) 1st in 62:59 at the front of a field of 3,385 finishers, with Luka Keitany (KEN) 2nd in 63:25, Matthew Birir (KEN) 3rd in 63:28, - Olympic Gold medalist from 1992, a place behind Sammy the snake (now called Luka) previously 6 years older than he is now Keitany…. Who had an outstanding sister called Jebiwott who was amazingly talented, and I think now attending university in the Southern States no less. The mother has one tooth, and the father is awol…. and
News from Monday’s Nike Run: "Just wanted to say thanks for a great workout tonight! Felt particularly noble since I didn't have a single slice of great loss in my book. I mean, if I'm going to be naughty it'd better be with something really worthwhile!" Minnesota gives her take on Nike giving out cake following the workout! It was Suzanne’s birthday!

"I'll remember you when I've forgotten all the rest, you to me were true, you to me were the best."
Bob Dylan.

To all the people who gave their lives in the 09/11 tragedy - Rest in eternal peace, God Bless You.

Tonight, at 7:00 PM, I would love for you all to leave your homes, workplaces, and wherevers, and come and run for those who can no longer run. Not in competition, with a number or a sponsor, just simply as friends united together in the New York running community. Thank you, Toby.

pic: R. Soong.

St. Eriksloppet, formerly known as the Stockholmsloppet doubled as the Swedish Championships on this past Sunday. First place went to a Kenyan, Augustus Mbusya who ran alone to a victory time of 1.05.01. Winning the Swedish Champs, and coming home second, (with a riktigt svensk namn!) Said Regragui IK Tiwaz 1.06.34
Winning the women’s and a Swedish born, bred podium to boot was 42-yr old runner Marie… it was a HOT day, and run around noon. Funny that they call Sampras an old man! However I can assure you Sampras could not have matched this result - 1 Marie Söderström-Lundberg Hässelby SK 1.13.54 2 Annika Nyberger Spårvägens FK 1.17.02 3 Helene Willix Spårvägens FK 1.17.09
Wilson Kipketer’s sub 1:43 tally? 22- shocking.
Out & About - John’s Pizzeria on the EAST side. Tried the West Side one on 65, and this one is way east on 64th.

The food was not bad - the pizza toppings, Sundried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Meatballs. The dessert was Cheesecake - also very nice, and the drink was Cranberry Juice - could have been better. The coffee was average. I would rate the place a few notches above the Western counterpart basically on the ambiance, service, taste, & setting.

Yesterday the Boston Athletic Association started accepting on-line registration for the April 21, 2003 Boston Marathon. Commit now!
The Nike run on Sunday was great fun; I ran, with others, with George from Yugoslavia - as mentioned before one of NYC’s best milers. The Sun was shining, the air was fresh, and everyone seemed in a good mood… could it be, George, "I had 3, 000+ kcals of beer last night.."
Anyway Joseph happened to mention that a local church had free goodie food after the service, "It is good, I am not of the religion but I go there for the food…" added Laurie-Lee.

Well the talk after the run was by Mark Will-Weber, the author of a Quotable Runner and a veteran of 13-yrs Runner’s World. We had a great talk and after as we were all splitting up Joseph pointed out that now was the hour of the church feeding. I replied, "Nah, I don’t feel like I have deserved it." To which Leslie replied, "Deserved it? When does anyone ever deserve stealing food from a church!" I guess you had to be there - Leslie (always with her arm gestures that take up a sidewalk) is a hoot!

A’Dam send in his report!
"Well, in 8 days Kamiel Maasse broke 2 Dutch national records, the 1st in Brussels (27.26.29), the second in Berlin(13.13.06) beating Dieter Baumann, the German competitor (PB of 12:54.70 !! Zurich 1997), who took silver in 10K Munich. In Friday night's Berlin Golden League Maasse was capable of staying with the leaders for 11 1/2 laps when the African train started kicking home running the last lap in 57 seconds. Maasse is thrilled of course but still he looks back with some pain in his butt about the missed medal after falling in Munich. Everybody competing in distance running knows how tough it is because as a white athlete you have simply to be of a more than outstanding level to beat the best Africans nowadays. For white athletes its not different in sprinting of course or your name has to be Konstadínos Kedéris, the white 19.85 (200m) Greek sprinter. Cause we don’t judge others lets only say that you are not guilty until proven. But he HAS a phenomenal stride bringing him home. Marion Jones, Hicham El Guerrouj, Felix Sanchez and Ana Guevara are this years gold diggers sharing 50 kilos of gold. Can anybody tell the value in EURO ? El Guerrouj has been running lonely to the finish line for 3 months now in 7 different European cities. Have been watching him live several times know, he just stretches his legs a little after 2 laps. But OK he is the only one capable of doing it this way. There was more fireworks to be expected this year, especially from the side of Kenyan Bernard Lagat. He must be capable of closing the gap which seemed to become very close last year as he ran 3.26.34 in 2001. Is there anybody fast enough willing to leave for Eldoret, Kenya to help him push more ? Lodging and food and drinks will be offered to your needs. Your intrepid or Dutch reporter can help you out looking for a place to stay. Marion Jones is still numero uno in her events but she does not have the glow and the speed of the years 1997 and 1998. How is this possible ??, she is so deliciously young born in 1975. Her coach should be Dutch Henk Kraayenhof, she will be running 10.60's again as he makes 39 year old sprinters run 10.09 and 20.19. This is still the WR which is out of anybody's league for 14 years. The price is high. Lets change the rules and try it with a flying start !! 10.49 ± 0.0 Florence Griffith-Joyner USA 21.12.59 1q1 Indianapolis 16.07.1988 Comin up is still the Grand-Prix Final in Paris. Should I go there mmmm..." Big thanks as usual to our great Amsterdam ‘AmDam de Boer’ Michiel.
Celic 5-miler 1 19:10.3 0648 KASSHHUN KABISO BRONX NY M 19 04:47 2 19:19.1 0652 PAUL MWANGI NY NY M 35 04:49 3 20:57.2 0649 TRBOR MURRAY ARVERNE NY M 37 05:14 4 21:14.1 0047 BRENDAN HEALY STATEN ISLAND NY M 22 05:18 5 21:40.8 0571 FELIPE VERGARA BROOKLYN NY M 38 05:25 6 22:07.0 0682 DEAN GRUSKY STATEN ISLAND NY M 28 05:31 7 22:18.0 0620 STEPHEN MARSALESE NEW YORK NY M 36 05:34
1 23:25.5 0651 LETEYESUS BERHE NY NY F 24 05:51 2 25:02.8 0673 JIMENEZ CARMEN LONG BEACH NY F 43 06:15 3 25:07.6 0236 WINNIE NG STATEN ISLAND NY F 50 06:16 4 25:22.9 0360 DIANE KENNA NEW YORK NY F 37 06:20

Titanium Tanser, David "Race Director Extraodinaire" Monti, & Alberto "Mama Leone's" Salazar.

Reminder that the Nike run starts at 6:30 PM tonight at the Wollman Rink. Tomorrow's page will includa da story from the Sunday Nike special with Leslie's 'church' take!Addressing a Question: On another website, and a running site we saw the question posed, "Since she can't win Chicago?:" In referral to Lornah’s decision to run the New York City Marathon. Oh boy how little is known! Without bothering to rake through the annals and issues of deciding a race let’s just say that Lornah’s presence in NY has a lot to do with the positive impression (going from both ways) of Allan Steinfeld/David Monti & Lornah and Pieter.

It is a fact that even if Lornah was not to race in New York she would not be running in Chicago. Until the mini marathon Lornah had no plans to race a marathon on the US soil this year at all. To be honest I think that the runners of this country should be very happy that such an exciting and exhilarating athlete as Kiplagat is coming to the East coast in November, and I think for the most part they are.

When Lornah was last in the States, and winning the Falmouth Race, she had to contend with unfounded comments from a man who is seen by many as an ambassador of the sport, Mr. Shorter. I really hope that she will be embraced, especially by the public of NYC, with the respect she deserves when she does run NYC.

If a token of her character is needed for justification of the soul consider this; she put all her life’s savings into helping the young girls of her country with absolutely no hope of recuperating her outlay. Think about that the next time a coin or two is dropped into a charitable hat.

Anyway, as usual, I have somewhat deviated from the opening question. To say Lornah has failed in Chicago can only be judged by the women in this world who have ran faster than 2:22:36 on that course. I can almost promise that Ms. Benoit, Radcliffe, Loroupe, Ndereba, Takahashi & Pippig would call Lornah a winner in every sense of the word. Speculation to whether, in this her most sterling of year’s to date, Lornah could have won Chicago 2002 will always be just that. If one followed the issues that surrounded The issue (so to speak without offending, implicating, or annoying) one could understand why Mrs. Simba Starbucks is ready to come to New York with guns ablazing!

From Dorian, "Hi Urbanites,

I hope all is well with all of you. Sorry I haven't written to you sooner but you will understand when you read on.

I have unfortunate news but during the Manhattan Half Marathon I got injured. I went for a deep tissue massage afterwards and should have never gone for one. As a result I have a hip stress fracture and I am out for the rest of the season.

It came as a shock to me as it has for many of my friends that will be running in Chicago and the NYC marathon. I didn't know how bad I was till I went for my MRI. I knew things were getting worse but I didn't know how bad they could actually get.

Not only am I out from running a Marathon but I will not be returning back to work till maybe October 28. I will be working out of my house.

I go in for a second MRI next week if the healing process is not healing properly I will be going in for surgery to have plates put in my hip. I am doing everything the doctor said and staying off my right leg. Hopefully I will not have to go in for surgery I will keep everyone posted.

I think I over did it with the running/mileage and should have never gotten the Deep Tissue Massage. I didn't think I could get this sick.

I am feeling better each day I just get very tired quickly and don't have that pep to my step that I used to have.

Providing I don't go in for surgery I will see you all at the finish line of some of the upcoming races. I definitely will be cheering you all on during the NYC Marathon.

If anyone wants to contact me this is my e: mail address

See you all soon, DORIAN." We wish you a speedy recovery!

To all those interested in the Orange:
30th CENTRAL PARK TRACK CLUB ANNIVERSARY PARTY! The Central Park Track Club's 30th Anniversary Party and Awards Dinner will be held Saturday night, November 16th (note new date), at the beautiful Saint Peter's Church at Citicorp Center in midtown Manhattan. Invitations will be sent to all current and many former club members. This gala event will combine our annual awards feat with a celebration of our illustrious and rollicking history. And of course, great food and drink and dancing. Our 20th anniversary was held at Saint Peter's, and all who attended will recall the elegant and festive atmosphere. Come and party with teammates new and old and experience all that is special about the CPTC.
Whatever next? Is it true? Argentina beats the USA millionaires 87-80 in the world basketball championships, thus ending the NBA Dream Team's 58 game winning streak. Thanks to Sir Roland for that snippet. In fact the US lost twice, and now are out of the home court comp!
"Obviously it's embarrassing, on our home turf. We have to walk away from it as a learning experience,'' U.S. guard Andre Miller said.
Snapping out of an inside seam the hunt continues on the East Side of Manhattan for the information that many believe will unearth the true means that a certain former CID agent detects the seemingly undetectable.

Mysterious ways of trying to distract some one from the presence of having a shoe removed can be a painful and tough project as our own Intrepid Reporter discovered ("Actually he gained as Titanium plates are valuable." Ed’s note).

There is a bounty on offer for certain information pertaining to a mixture of…. A fashionable Red Nike Shoe (model name withheld by the host), A day time night time Ed character, and a Sef-hobo…. With a twist it could be yours!

News from over the pond: "To celebrate the 25th anniversary of athletics’ oldest world record, an attack on it is being planned. One of the first men to enlist is the record holder himself – and a search is on for sponsors to bring in the best rivals from around the World. Donald RITCHIE set the World 100 Mile Record of 11 hours, 30 minutes and 51 seconds on the tartan track of the Crystal Palace on 15 October 1977, during a 24 hour time trial. Now the Road Runners Club, of which Ritchie is president, has booked the same stadium for 20 October this year – and William Hill, the bookmakers, have offered a "Ton Up" £5,000 reward to anyone who sets a new men’s World 100 mile record at this race. The likeliest record breaker is Yiannis KOUROS (Greece), currently the world’s greatest ultradistance athlete, who on 18 August ran 96.167 miles in a 12 hours time trial at Mexico City. Because of the high altitude of that venue, this suggests Kouros is within striking distance of Ritchie’s record when racing at sea level. Kouros has expressed interest in competing at the Crystal Palace."
M800m 1 Bungei Wilfred KEN 1:44.62 2 Yiampoy William KEN 1:44.75 3 Bucher André SUI 1:45.20
M1500m 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:30.00 2 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:32.91 3 Rotich Laban KEN 3:33.81
M5000m 1 Kipkosgei Luke KEN 13:10.41 2 Limo Benjamin KEN 13:10.77 3 Lebid Sergiy UKR 13:10.78 4 Bett Mark KEN 13:11.10 5 Abate Abiyote ETH 13:11.80 6 Mezgebu Assefa ETH 13:11.87 7 Gebremariam Gebre-egziabher ETH 13:12.14 8 Chepkurui Albert KEN 13:12.22 4 9 Kipchoge Eliud KEN 13:13.03 10 Maase Kamiel NED 13:13.06 11 Baumann Dieter GER 13:13.39 A close race! Kamiel continues to impress!
W1500m 1 Ayhan Süreyya TUR 3:58.43 12 2 Favor Hamilton Suzy USA 3:59.40 10 3 Turova Alesya BLR 4:01.97 (#13 Regina Jacobs 4:08)
W5000m 1 Adere Berhane ETH 14:41.43 2 Kidane Werknesh ETH 14:43.53 3 Johnson Benita AUS 14:47.60
And the gold goes to… all the superstars that don’t really need it - Marion, Ana, Felix, & El G get to share $$$$$ of the shiny stuff.
"This is a wonderful idea. You can count on the Merms to participate...Joan" we hear from the Mercury Masters talking about the 09/11 run. Remember The Engineers Gate at 7 PM for a group friendship run.
from Century, "Learned something new today,
Dunkin' Donuts Box of coffee, dozen donuts, $15.00
Starbucks, Box of coffee $15.00
Which is the better deal?
I say Starbucks since you get better coffee, plus you don't eat all those donuts! (I failed to mention that we buy 2 dozen bagels since that might sway your decision)."

I say Starbucks out and out. Had this converse with the Tahari Ferrari this very day - my own belief is that Starbucks, $1:89 for a vente coffee, is NOT expensive. According to trader Coffee Kevin Starbucks use premium beans, plus the cafes are nice and clean… Ok, go to Joe’s Diner and get a cup of swillwash brown water for $1:50, or let’s go French and pay $2:50 for a ¼ size cup of sometimes good/often bad coffee… so what is the deal?

Alright if you buy a dry (contradiction for a wet drink) skimmed, tall (Also contradiction as it is their smallest cup), Frapp you will pay nearly 5-bucks… that is expensive. But for the real person’s drink, a plain coffee, Starbucks remains a NEW YORK steal deal.

Now moving to Dunkin’ Donuts… Usch, just taste of sugar! I remember (back in the memory bank) a couple of years ago in NYC I was given about 5 boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts - ‘we’ took them to a party and I was the only one in the whole place that did not think ‘Fab food’ I personally though, next to a bagel, reckon that you just don’t get the same satisfaction & taste. Another case of one man one vote, or one mouth…

Out & About dining with Minnesota - Salmon was the taste of the day, and Sterling was the wine choice - highly recommended from the California Vineyards. Minnesota is off to the Cayman Isles at the foot of next month the lucky thing - posing the Q, when is she going back to Minnesota?
Eldo Lise, "a friend of mine is back in town and was over last night- she has been producing the series "Kink" over the last year (airs on Bravo)..did 12 shows in Vancouver- filmed in Toronto this summer- all about the underground kinky sex community....and I get to hear all the good stories behind the scenes...from your mini van couple in the 'burb partner swapping to hard core fetish parties....all very, very interesting. The brit ex-pat community in Naivasha still have key parties...and after spending a few weekends with some of them- not surprising at all..but then that's just b/w you and me....oh all this so very important trivia!" Thanks Lise!
Seen riding through the park on a bike that looked like a stealth cruise missile was Tristar… one of her stable of such steeds.
And back to Eldo Lise, talking parties, "My friend told me his father's russian remedy for a hangover was whole canned tomatoes with pepper on them- could you just imagine....
but then running 20 miles (they did call you crazy white guy in Eldo).....I'll stick to my gatorade remedy. Didn't run in NYC -just bladed in the park instead- but I'll have to say that was a bad hangover day to remember- unfortunately the fence was too far from the road to bounce off that day!"
Don’t understand the current Apple Mac ads on the TV, I mean are they saying that if you are stupid and can not use windows then apple ifs the machine for you? I much prefer the John McEnroe Heineken Ads!
Coincidence or?? ALL four jackpot winners are sponsored by NIKE in the IAAF Golden League.
Now we begin a new feature!
Sprint Talk - Quick stuff, so quick this is the first and last of it!
The gossip is that the Brit again beat Mo’ Greene, and the press wrote, "Even after two weeks of doing nothing more strenuous than "sleeping, eating burgers and going out" Chambers still had far too much fire power for the Olympic champion and world record holder as he beat him for the fifth time in six meetings this season. He overcame the worst start of the eight runners to win easily in 10.02sec from the American Coby Miller in 10.07 on a track not conducive to fast times.
The European champion had not stepped on a track since his victory at Crystal Palace 14 days earlier because of a cold. "I needed the rest because I wanted to make sure I was physically and mentally ready for the big races," he said. Greene's litany of excuses continued - this time it was too much weight training during July." Let’s not forget that Greene is still the World Record Holder, and the Olympic Champion. Until someone takes at least one of those two titles away from Greene (oh yes he has the World Champs title too!) then I think it is time to be quiet. Nobody can be #1 in the World on every day since 1997*!! Can they?
Footnote; Greene won the World’s for the first time in ‘97
And of course our page would not be complete without an update from Amsterdam - Our Fav City in Northern Central Europe. Michiel says, "Returned to the famous soccer club AJAX last week is Finland's Jari Litmanen. After the speculations this was applauded by everybody in great Amsterdam. In his generation he is one of THE most popular players in Amsterdam.

After leaving Ajax in 1999 for Barcelona and later on for Liverpool he didn't play as much as a professional soccer player wants to play. He first joined Amsterdam's famous soccer team in 1992, however he didn’t play a lot that season cause he had Dennis Bergkamp in front of him whose making the most beautiful goals for Arsenal in GB nowadays. A year later he started to come to life for real and played an important role in winning the Champions League for Ajax in season 1994-1995.

Oh boy when I think about it I miss those years when Ajax simply kept on winning also the World-cup 1995 in Japan. Did lots of party-time ! Ajax didn't play great for the last 5 years, also because of the result of the Bosman-arrest in 1995, a court case won by a Belgium soccer player in European Community court in Brussels. It means that a player whose contract is ending can leave a club transfer-free.

One of the results of this court case means that it has become more difficult for the smaller clubs (this means less $$) in Europe to compete against the clubs with much bigger budgets, like Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, Manchester United. This new soccer-season Ajax started well leading the competition after 3 wins in 3 matches. This with the head-coach Ronald Koeman for 1 year now. Think he is something like the 5th coach in five years now." Thanks!

Cycling: Spain's ONCE-Eroski fulfilled their role as favosrites in the opening team time trial of the Tour of Spain, with team leader Joseba Beloki crossing the finish line at the head of his team. ONCE completed the 24.6km time trial in a time of 26min 21secs to beat the US Postal team into second by 14 seconds.
Tillburg 10-km Susan Chepkemei Kenia (15:19) 31:11 #2 Lornah Kiplagat Kenia (15:19) 31:16 & #3 Christina Pomacu Roemenië (16:29) 33:02
men’s 10-mile version of the same race, #1 Wilson Kigen Kenia 46:32 #2 Rodgers Rop Kenia 46:37 & #3 Eliud Kurgat Kenia 47:01
World record for Sonia! Ireland’s Sonia O'Sullivan who is preparing for the Great North Run Half Marathon in Newcastle on 6 October, decimated the World best for 10 Miles when winning in 51 minutes flat the BUPA Great South Run in Portsmouth, England., faster by 16 seconds than the previous best set by Colleen Deruck in Washington’s Cherry Blossom race four years ago.
RIETI RESULTS M1500m 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:26.96 2 Shabunin Vyacheslav RUS 3:34.63 3 Rono Robert KEN 3:34.63 - a sizzler!
M3000m 1 Ivuti Patrick KEN 7:38.69 2 Kwalia James KEN 7:38.86 3 Kosgei Joseph KEN 7:39.38
M800m 1 Kipketer Wilson DEN 1:42.32 2 Bungei Wilfred KEN 1:42.34 3 Yiampoy William KEN 1:42.91 4 Kimutai Japheth KEN 1:43.15 5 Baala Mehdi FRA 1:43.15
W1500m 1 Favor Hamilton Suzy USA 3:59.43 2 Sacramento Carla POR 4:02.28 3 Gorelova Natalya RUS 4:02.94 4 Lishchynska Iryna UKR 4:03.78 5 Maranga Jackline KEN 4:04.05 6 Schwald Sarah USA 4:05.12
Important Reminder - The NYRR race, Broadway to Broadway, has been canceled. I have received two emails this morning asking about 'start times,' there will not be one! Go for coffee & bagels instead.
Down on the track; Team Harriers won the relay.. however in the running, and in da mix was a great effort from all the participants - Can you imagine Coffee Kevin even ran the bonus? Leola & Herb the Verb were zipping round, Becky & Amex Lee (just to confuse the usual Becky-lee scenario, Cre n’ Cruiser kept it on the ball, 100-man was pounding out with Amex Chris against The Queen of the Harriers and Andrew L, Conor was running solo but keeping the clip as was Paul C, LQD came back to the track(!), The Boss was running with Partime (yes, she showed) and Cara - running smooth, Seth & Julie(a?) were burning the lanes, Barry and Amber too, Lee & Randy… Man too many hard working souls, Bob.. the list rolls on. Great Job, and a superb effort - The relays were a success in the fact that everyone looked zapped afterwards! We welcome Tamar, and hope next time she’ll run with us.

Later that night, caught putting a homing device in 100-man’s truck, (Can you believe he’s carrying 24-bagels and not inviting me??) though we believe he is somewhere in Astoria so if anyone sees truck #540 email me asap with directions.

Josie’s - yeah I know, I guess I can’t re-review the excellence of the place… the Salmon was delectable as it always is. Cara tells us to try the black bean starter too.

Back to the track - Devon’s troop of Orange were also there tonight running faster - it was a happening night. Luckily no soccer ball incidents… did I forget the H&H cinnamon raisins? Yes Sir, yum yum.

Tempo run in the park… a good old year ago these used to be at 5-min to 5:10 mile pace… however with the sinking economy (Ed’s note; "This guy could fill a canal with excuses.") we are now happy with running somewhat of a more, let’s say, conversational pace.

So it was that yesterday morning saw myself, and Alessandro (my Italiano buddy), set off in pursuit of the holy trail… otherwise known as a loop of Central Park. You know the Hendrix song… "If Sixes were Nines…" We run the first mile in 6:09… after reporting this, at the bottom of Cat Hill, The Italiano Jet zips a 5:30 next mile UP a 600m long hill….. To cut a long story short that was the death of me!

On the way back we called in on Steven P. Steven was sitting with his new toy, a polar watch, "This will take my training to a new level of ‘statie geekyness’."

From our Puerto Rican mailbag:
La Tobina... Are you alive chebyebye???
We're running!!! I've lost 27 pounds.. Now we're up to 10 min warm ups / 5 running 1 rest x 5times / 10 cool down.. all courtesy of Simba.. (She is the trainer with Pieter) I did 6km Monday and 5 Wednesday!!! I'm super happy!!!! the group has grown to over 150 people that have joined us! I'm so into it that I'm beginning to consider sports medicine as a career!.. You know, cardiac shifts, hemoglobin dissociation changes when you run.... and yes Lactic acid... here's a link to the webpage from our "Operacion 1427" which is actually the total pounds we weighed in together, the 6 of us.... any way don't be a stranger!!!!!! also a picture of me during warm up!!!!"

Great News from La Guigi - a picture of him can clearly be seen on Lornah’s site photos. He is the journalist that was in Kenya this winter with La Benji - great guys!

Announced in the press today - Lornah Kiplagat, aka The Simba, will run New York Marathon. You see we can keep secrets! Obviously having Pieter & Lornah as good friends allows us to privy info but we do not follow the line of most journalist web sites and jump on the ‘you heard it first’ band wagon. What would be gossip would be the real Tobyspage - this stuff on da site is defo ‘b-rated’ to learn more catch me at a starbucks….
It was also announced Chepkemei will be running too. Susan told me this in January. Her quote, "This year I am going to NY to win. Last year I had (womanly issues)…. Blah blah, But this year will be different." My money is on the Simba. Toby’s predictions will be announced when the male name I’m tipping is released to the press! What to do what to do.

Many people have emailed in to ask about what the drug Boulami is accused of using is. On this web site we hate drug users, and wish they’d all drop dea.. (well out of the competition). Here is The Scoop on EPO
What is it?
Erythropoietin (EPO) is a hormone naturally produced by the kidneys. However, this hormone can be artificially produced to improve the performance of, for example, athletes or cyclists by injection.
Why would athletes do this?
Its overall effect is to increase endurance and, in athletics, it is used mainly by long distance-runners. It is injected under the skin and stimulates red blood cell production. The more red cells there are in your body, the more oxygen that can be delivered to the muscles. This delays the onset of fatigue, meaning an athlete can run harder and for longer.
How effective is this drug?
Tests in Australia have shown that improvements in an athlete's performance over four weeks would match those expected over several years.
Is its use detectable?
It cannot be traced by conventional drug testing. New methods have been developed in France where the results of blood sample analysis and urine analysis are compared. These techniques were introduced ahead of the Sydney Olympics last year, although no positive tests were announced. The blood test will show if there is an unusual reading of blood cells. The following urine test will then be able to highlight any difference between the EPO levels produced naturally and synthetically.
Knowing they will be tested, won't athletes just simply stop using it ahead of a competition?
The results will be positive if an athlete has taken it within five to seven days. However, for the drug to be effective, an athlete would need to take it within five to seven days of running.
Is taking the drug dangerous?
Injecting the drug will thicken the blood. If it is over-used the blood will become so thick, there is a real danger of the heart stopping when the body slows down, for example, when falling asleep. Increasing the likelihood of suffering blood clots, heart attacks and strokes is a real possibility.
To end today’s page (thus skip at will) we have the lyrics of a great Bob Song:
Make You Feel My Love.
When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you fell my love

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
And I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
There's not doubt in my mind where you belong

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on a rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothin' like me yet

There and nothin' that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
Make you happy make your dreams come true
To make you feel my love

Fyrirspurn þín verður afgreidd eins fljótt og auðið er. To any inquiries!
Lornah Kiplagat & Running Team News updated.
Spotted in the park, not strange, but on the Bridle path, very odd, was Da Boss! Is he getting into filley’s?
A nice letter from Christa, also useful to those thinking about focus races for next year:
Dear Toby, Praise: I always enjoy reading "Toby's World" and have developed a habit of checking it regularly. Thanks for all of the great information.

Support: Even before I encountered the "Vote4Toby" promotion, I had already voted for "Toby" by sending in my ballot. I wish you success as I'm sure you would do an excellent job on the board. Update: I thought I chime in on the Rock n Roll Half in Virginia Beach this past weekend.

I ran the race, and I think it is a great event for New Yorkers. The course is flat and fast with the only obstacles being the few turns (and the possibility that it could be very hot, although it wasn't this year). The support was strong even in the rain, and the elite field was very exciting. There were some familiar faces in the crowd as I think I spied a few folks from the Central Park Track Club. And there were a few familiar voices, at least I think that's the case. The British fellow who calls some of the NY races seemed to be on the podium in Virginia Beach. (You might know more about that than I.)

The airfare to the race is dirt cheap: less than $50 each way on AirTran, which makes it an easy trip for the weekend, and the local running club, the Tidewater Striders did a lot of work to provide support, including providing pacers for various goal times. My time wasn't what I would have liked it to be as I was coaching my sister who ran her first half marathon (breaking two hours her first time out, not too shabby for someone who just started to run this past March).

Those seeking PRs might find this to be a good place to get them. (Elite women have an early start.) Plus, there's the great beach party that follows with opportunities to gulp down some suds, jump the ocean waves, and wiggle tired toes in the sand. Ample, reasonable accommodations are available ocean-side right at the finish line, so non-running companions can have a good time, too. The race continues to grow in popularity and is limited to 15,000 participants. It sold out months in advance last year, and I would expect that this year's race will be full by early 2003. Registration is currently available on-line: Wishing you well, Christa Acampora." Thanks for that one!

We read on the NYRR bulletin board that a CPTC member is renting out an apartment for the NYC marathon - $200 per night for a 3 night minimum. If you are interested then check it out.
The 2002 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon has reached its registration cap of 37,500, matching last year's record totals, and registration is now closed for the October 13 race.
Janne Holmen, the hot media name before winning the European Championships, "at a pre-championship press conference only three journalists came to talk to me!"
Mombassa Marathon, Apparently chosen by the KAAA for the selection race for the Paris World Champs! Really? We’ll see!
OZ running: OLYMPIAN Lee Troop put in a dominant performance to win the Victorian eight-kilometer cross-country title at Ballarat University on Saturday.

The tough four-lap 2km course took a toll on runners and the lead pack was narrowed down to the Geelong-based Troop and fellow Olympian Michael Power.

Sarah Jamieson caused a boilover in the women's event, defeating national cross-country champion Anna Thompson.

Jamieson attacked the race from the start and won easily in 20:35 over six kilometers with Thompson second in 21:05.

Brit news: UK Athletics Performance Director Max Jones said: "To qualify for the World Cup is an achievement in itself and establishes us as one of the major athletics nations in the World. "One has to be realistic when looking at the potential placing of the Norwich Union GB Team as we will be competing against continents, not just nations. "We will hope for some outstanding individual results and a placing which reflects our current strength in Europe."
R2; "8th overall -- 1st masters woman at the XC. Yeehar!" Our congrats to you! Awesome.
From Andrew Goldfarb, "PS -- I had not seen your site before. I like it." And thanks to him for his interest in giving some old shoes to the shoe4africa.
Random mailbag: An email from Mr. Z, "Toby:
I thought you said that we could bring in our old running shoes to Niketown, AND GET 1 more punch on the old card. I need 1 more punch to get that $25.00 off, so I brought in my old shoes and the guy at the information booth looked at me as if I were speaking Esperanto!

He sent me up to customer services on the third floor, and they told me that whereas they could take my shoes, they couldn't give me a punch on the card; I could ONLY get that at 6PM on Tuesday evenings. Not getting the $25.00 off is making me think about chucking the whole thing and buying my shoes from Fogdog or Road Runner Sports. As you've got more input with Nike, perhaps you could tell the Nike folks that they shouldn't brush runners off so cavalierly! (Nancy came with me and we did a little window shopping. The stress fracture is healing well and she will soon be able to run again).

I read that you would like to have a "solidarity" run Sept 11 in the evening. I would like to participate as well. At the last race, I set a PR for 10K, the first post Sept 11th PR I've set. Take that, Osama!

September 11th, is also the 20th birthday of my cat, "Bella Abzug". I've had her since she was but 6 weeks old--She picked me out at North Shore Animal League.

I'm still trying to pass the kidney stone. I've had a cat scan at White Plains Hospital, and will have a follow up visit with Dr. Glassman in two weeks. By the way, how is your sister?"

In reply: Mr. Z we told you to bring your training shoes to the Nike training runs NOT niketown, and indeed you would have got the punch….. how is my sister? Which one, and why do you ask?

On a further note we have had lots of positive feedback on the 09/11 training run - it looks like the park is gonna be full.
And whilst on da topic, over to Eldo Lise, "...and what is the "right" shoe size these days?
Just got a new pair of running shoes this morning (not Nike this time!)- hate going thru the process...just wish they would keep the same style, color etc- but then like the sales guy said- what would the marketing people do...didn't tell him I used to be one of those mktg people! Anyways, off to try them out." Thanks Lise.
Out & About - I had a nice running talk with ML last night - a super group of positive runners who’ll be striding out in the AHA run on Wall St in a couple of weeks. Of course The Queen of the Harriers leads that troop… one thing you usually find in running is a nice set of people!
Email update - another club, and yet another, confirms to participate on the friendship training run.
Excellent news from John P down South, "even my five-month-old son took my advice and voted for you!" that’s what I like to hear!
A certain financial company in New York will be listening to our intrepid reporter tonight as he gives a talk. ("What?? I’m selling all my stocks!" Ed’s note).
Next week, on September 11th, we were thinking it would be great if all the NYC runners met at the Engineers Gate and ran united… not in competition but in friendship. 7 PM - There is the big NIKE race on the weekend, 14th, but I thought just for the runners who want to reflect over a few shared miles. An open invitation to everyone.
Down on the track - The big question is what does Sir Roland hide in his shoe fob? It was something lumpy (Ed’s note; "It did not slow him down, I saw him sprint past you on a 200!"). Answers on a postcard to the usual address… The Boss, known now as The King of Norwalk, was on da track, Kavan told us, "I killed him running some 1200’s…" We note that Kavan was not wearing his baggy windmill shorts tonight… Herb-The -Verb was down doing community service clearing toddlers off the tartan… The Queen of the Harriers & PonyTail Ted were also working on working up da pace…. CPTC was down in force - Margaret The Angell which reminds me to announce for her ALS team we will be awarding one of the group with a NYC Marathon signed T-Shirt from the Marathon winners - this exclusive is priceless… How can you jump in on the deal? There are 2 requirements - First and foremost, you must donate some money to the ALS charity (talk to Margaret to find out how), and secondly you must be the closest to guess the female winning time of the 2002 NYC Marathon. The odds are good as this is a small group!
We were happy to see George Hirsh down on the track training, he is off to China next week…. George travels seemingly nonstop around the world and is the leading force in Running literature - without him there’d have been no Runner’s World!
Adriana Fernandez, da winner of the RnR, will be a hot fav for the Berlin Marathon at the end of this month. Takahashi was lamenting her ‘lack of last year’s form.’

Eldo Lise, "Saturday was just one big seinfeld skit...went to the italian part of town for the best latte in the city...for the second time the guy making the coffees...disses me and offers my friend his card and says "comma back and I looka after you next time..." and I'm the one getting the coffee!..."maybe he's on the other team my friend offers"...not likely -so next week we are going in seperately to see what happens...all I want is the card and the offer of a free coffee - it's now just a game. We then hit a thrift shop- they have this great leather work bag in the window...$15! Friend goes in to buy it- they won't sell it until the next day as it is part of the window display that day...even as my friend offers $20- "no", $25- "no", $30- "get out" - on the way out another guy says to us "didn't sell it to you either huh?"....the day just continued on like that...lot of good laughs."

One of our reader’s lifes, she sounds like she is having a ball! "i just arrived back this morning from VA, going to the US Open today and off to the Cape tomorrow or early Thursday until Sunday. unemployment is difficult, i know!"
And furthermore here’s the news from my Rackajack buddy Mich, "Ok..I clicked on your WebPage an hour ago and now I know all about Starbucks, Sonia and the Spaghetti in his Puma...
Why didn't you come to Reykjavik the paradise city?? uhmm... I were waiting for yaw! I'm still a housewife who feels so good about herself if she actually walks to playschool to pick up her sticky sons! Goodness I feel just so ... blugh! after reading about 5.45am training times... puke! puke!.. must go and have another ciggy.." Mich is da coolest thing that happened to Rackajack since the Beatles invented harmony pop. She hails from the U.K. grew up in Singapore, married a rock star… and now lives within a bjork of Bliss in Reykjavik 101.
"I've run 10,000 before at altitude in Nairobi, but this was my first serious race at the distance. I wasn't surprised by the time though. After all, I am the world record holder on the roads," commented Sammy Kipketer after becoming the fifth fastest ever man at the distance.
New Haven, Conn., New Haven Road Race 20-K/U.S. Men's and Women's Championships: Men - 1. Dan Browne, OR, 59:20; 2. Kyle Baker, MI, 59:21; 3. Jim Jurcevich, OH, 1:00:53. M40 - Dennis Simonaitis, UT, 1:05:20. Women - 1. Colleen De Reuck, CO, 1:07:53; 2. Libby Hickman, CO, 1:09:02; 3. Milena Glusac, CA, 1:09:57. W40 - Linda Somers Smith, CA, 1:12:39 AMR. - Great for Dan who is looking for the full distance in the Twin Cities, a name for the future… and coached by Salazar no less! Colleen ran well too, bodes well for her Marathon!
Da faces in the crowd - 67 MARSALESE STEPHEN NEW YORK NY 37 M3039 0:35:31 1:12:35.8 1:12:35.8 43 SWIFT STEPHEN CROMWELL CT 31 M3039 0:32:42 1:08:44.8 1:08:44.8 82 PINGITORE RICK WESTFIELD NJ 44 M4044 0:35:46 1:13:41.3 1:13:41.3 91 NIEMCZAK ANTONI ALBURQUERQUE NM 46 M4549 0:36:20 1:14:13.3 1:14:13.3 146 FREDERICKS AMY STAMFORD CT 36 F3039 0:38:05 1:18:21.6 1:18:21.6 231 COWDEN PATRICK NYC NY 45 M4549 0:41:26 1:23:10.9 1:23:04.1 324 PETERSON TED NEW YORK CITY NY 46 M4549 0:42:53 1:26:30.4 1:26:18.8 - In there we have the Prez of the Harriers, PonyTail Ted, the prez of NJM, an ex-Urbanite, a zippy Stamford gal, a guy who has failed more drugs tests than any other 2:09 marathoners I know, and a Team-Hellebuyck runner who ran in the World’s for Team USA a couple of years ago… All in a cup of soup.
Henry Isola Cross Country, Sept. 1: Harriers shone in da rain: Art Gunther first overall, John Marron second, Douglas Hegley ninth and first master. Good job guys!
Lunch at Pick-a-bagel with Buffalo who will be locking horns at the Atlanta Marathon this thanksgiving, then hopefully he’ll be on the Boston bound Urban bus… and speaking of which… YES we do believe the store will be open on the 16th of September following the 14th 09/11 race. I am trying to persuade the Boss to throw an opening party for loyal customers, and the running team as well.
Hash House Harriers - HOPS - 'Good Times Never Seemed So Good" Thursday - September 5th, 2002 3pm till there be a floodie, floodie @ Reade Street Pub.
Padua Meet 800’s 800 - 1. Mardea Hyman, Jamaica, 2:01.60. 2. Janeth Jepkosgei, Kenya, 2:01.78. 3. Judit Varga, Hungary, 2:02.03. And 800 - 1. Japheth Kimutai, Kenya, 1:46.33. 2. Kirwa Wilson, "Finland via Kenya" 1:46.67. 3. Alex Kipchirchir, Kenya, 1:46.71.
The Park Forest 10-miler had a top ten clean sweep for the men, with all the Kenyan women taking 100% of the top five! A minute and a half after the Kenyans came an American girl to collect $600 - no such luck for any American men - prize money stretched to the top 10, and in 10th trailing the winner by OVER 6-minutes another American girl scooped $200……
DUTCH NEWS: "Dutchies Greg van Hest and Luc Krotwaar have been contracted for the Amsterdam marathon on October 20th. The objective is go out and set a new Dutch record, which is still held by Gerard Nijboer for 22 years already in 2.09.01. Nijboer was the winner of the marathon at the EChamps 1982 and 2nd in marathon in Moscow 1980. The news was announced today in a press conference.

Van Hest made his debut in a 10K road race last Sunday after injury for 1 year. He made the clock stop after 29.00. van Hest certainly did not lose his old style by leading from the start but was caught after 4K. He has been training for 11weeks straight in altitude Font Romeu, France. 29 flat in your 1st race after surgery on 2 achilles' is excellent and looks promising.

Krotwaar pulled out of his preparation for the marathon at the EC in Munich but is currently training on holy grounds again in Iten, Kenya. Since he started ''working'' in Kenya he is flourishing again and ran excellent races in Holland with very fast times. PB of van Hest is 2.10.05 and Krotwaar's is 2.10.59 .

This means that breaking 2.09.01 will not be easy and the conditions and the shape will have to be outstanding. Budget for Amsterdam is 1million EURO, 25% is for contracting. I will be there live to watch the race closely and cheering them on from mr. Bike since I know all the shortcuts in Amsterdam of course!" Thanks Michiel!

Congrats to Lornah Kiplagat & Pieter Langerhorst. Last Friday they were wed in Holland!

The couple were married on XMAS day over a year ago in Kenya, but this was the official European Wedding!

Sonia O’Sullivan missed the World 5km best by just two seconds after once again producing her fearsome sprint finish to win the Flora Light Challenge for Women in a time of 14:56, for 5K on the roads in London's Hyde Park. 1 Sonia O’Sullivan (IRL) 14:56 2 Benita Johnson (AUS) 14:59 3 Marta Dominguez (ESP) 15:11 4 Susie Power (AUS) 15:15 5 Joyce Chepchumba (KEN) 15:24 6 Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 15:26
Swedish Women’s race - Anders Szalkai’s sambo comes in #7
Resultat Tjejmilen: 1) Janet Ongera, Kenya, 33.22 2) Gunhild Haugen, Norge, 33.38 3) Malin Öhrn, Växjö, 34.34 4) Marie Söderström-Lundberg, Hässelby, 34.38 5) Lena Gavelin, Jamtrennarna, 34.53 6) Helene Willix, Spårvägen, 35.20 7) Annika Nyberger, Spårvägen, 35.37
Rock N Roll - Thanks Sir Roland!
Rock N Roll ½ Marathon: MEN
1. Paul Tergat, 33, Kenya, 1:01:59* $12,000 2. James Koskei, 33, Kenya, 1:02:07 $7,000 3. Ben Kumatai-Kosgei, 31, Kenya, 1:02:10 $5,000 4. Stephen Kiogora, 27, Kenya, 1:02:24 $3,000 5. Gilbert Koech, 22, Kenya, 1:02:29 $2,000 6. John Kagwe, 33, Kenya, 1:02:36 $1,500 7. Japhet Kosgei, 34, Kenya, 1:03:00 $1,000 8. Mbarak Hussein, 37, Kenya, 1:03:36 $750 9. Fred Kiprop, 28, Kenya, 1:03:36 $600 10. Marco Gielen, 32, Netherlands, 1:03:48 $500
* Course record. Tergat’s first ever on US soil….
Speaking of records…. 12 bagels for lunch yesterday (well it was Labor Day)…. And two tubs of Philly Cream Cheese.
1. Adriana Fernandez, 31, Mexico, 1:10:21 $12,000 2. Tatyana Khmeleva, 23, Russia, 1:11:25 $7,000 3. Nuta Olaru, 32, Romania, 1:11:49 $5,000 4. Margaret Atodonyang, 24, Kenya, 1:12:03 $3,000 5. Deena Drossin, 29, USA/CA, 1:12:32 $2,000 6. Pamela Chepchumba, 24, Kenya, 1:13:02 $1,500 7. Elana Meyer, 35, South Africa, 1:13:10 $1,000 8. Sylvia Mosqueda, 36, USA/CA, 1:13:28 $750 9. Alice Chelangat, 25, Kenya, 1:13:48 $600 10. Luminita Talpos, 29, Romania, 1:14:13 $500
ALS - You can make a difference! Yes, YOU!
"I have no rivals at the moment, so I have to try and do it virtually all on my own, but I am confident I'm capable of breaking the record," said El Guerrouj. Won again, see below, but did not get the record.
Gordon Bakoulis, 41, has been named to the newly created position of editor of the New York Road Runners. Big congrats to Zoomalong, and more of her below as she continues to impress ALL with her sublime NYC running.
08 may refer to the passing month here in the USA, but for Swedes it simply means somebody who lives in Stockholm. No kidding, today’s trivia!
Evelyn’s wedding photo - At Last!

Haile Gebrselassie will almost certainly not run a fall marathon because of a persistent calf problem hampering his training.

We also hear from Michiel, "Haile Gebreselassie stepped out of his preparation for the Berlin marathon on September 29.

He still having a problem with his left calf holding him back since early June already. By then he stepped out of his 1-hour-track world record attempt in Hengelo, the Netherlands. He will first start now getting a 100% again with exercising and will decide afterwards if he will stick to the track and go for the World championships in Paris next year or run a spring marathon in.....Rotterdam perhaps.

This also probably because his manager Jos Hermens is the field manager in Rotterdam marathon and athletic fans in Holland love Haile G. and want him to see a marathon in Holland. He is called mister Hengelo in Holland because of the WR's he run there." Thanks Michiel!

Eldo Lise gives us the quote this week, "here's the quote of the day: out for breakfast with a friend...need an extra chair so she asks the guy at the table next to us (who is clearly alone) if we can have his chair..he says " no- it will wreck the setting"...uh-huh..."
Mary Spera, "I voted for you! You rock!" Thanks Mary, you’re da best!
Camp Kenya responds to the EPO news:
"We are simply faced by abnormal competition," said Athletics Kenya (AK) chairman Isaiah Kiplagat. "If the 'B' sample proves positive, then the IAAF will not recognise his record and this gives Kenyans the challenge to try to break his old record and all other distance marks," added Kiplagat who is also a council member of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). "Personally I am in shock," said AK secretary David Okeyo from Kisumu. "But I have always had my reservations about Boulami's performance in the steeplechase in the last two years. Our athletes are certainly the pillar of the sport. Their purity cannot be doubted. This also puts to rest fears that our boys are in decline."
"Running is a lot like life. Only 10 percent of it is exciting. 90 percent of it is slog and drudge." - Dave Bedford, English distance runner who occasionally put in 200 miles a week in training.
Ivo Van Damme Meeting leading results:
10,000m: 1 Kipketer Sammy KEN 26:49.38 2 Mezgebu Assefa ETH 26:49.90 3 Limo Richard KEN 26:50.20 4 Chepkurui Albert KEN 26:50.67 5 Korir John Cheruiyot KEN 26:52.87 6 Ivuti Patrick KEN 27:05.88 7 Yuda John TAN 27:06.17 (Tanzanian record for John Yuda (27:06.17), with a Dutch record of 27:26.29 for Kamiel Masse. PR’s for the top 5). An outstanding 10 again at Brussels, the Euro home of the distance classic event.
M3000m: 1 Goumri Abderrahim MAR 7:35.77 12 2 Chebii Abraham KEN 7:36.58 10 3 Kipkosgei Luke KEN 7:37.05
MST: 1 Kemboi Ezekiel KEN 8:06.65 2 Martín Luis Miguel ESP 8:07.44 3 Koech Paul KEN 8:11.79 4 Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:12.31
M800: 1 Kipketer Wilson DEN 1:42.74 2 Yiampoy William KEN 1:43.36 3 Mutua Joseph KEN 1:43.81 4 Krummenacker David USA 1:43.92 5 Bucher André SUI 1:43.93 6 Saïd-Guerni Djabir ALG 1:44.11 7 Borzakovskiy Yuriy RUS 1:44.16 8 Schumann Nils GER 1:44.20
M1500: 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:29.95 12 2 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:30.39 10 3 Rono Robert KEN 3:30.99
W100M & 200M - double! 1 Jones Marion USA 10.88 12 2 Pintusevich-Block Zhanna UKR 10.90 1 Jones Marion USA 22.11 2 Pintusevich-Block Zhanna UKR 22.24
W1000m: 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 2:30.12 2 Cummins Diane CAN 2:34.14
W1500M: 1 Ayhan Süreyya TUR 3:57.75 12 2 Turova Alesya BLR 4:00.76 10 3 Jacobs Regina USA 4:01.06 9 4 Sacramento Carla POR 4:01.35 8 5 Favor Hamilton Suzy USA 4:03.01
W3000M: 1 Adere Berhane ETH 8:26.14 12 2 Szabo Gabriela ROM 8:26.15 10 3 Tomashova Tatyana RUS 8:27.18 9 4 Pavey Joanne GBR 8:31.27
European champions Real Madrid won the European Super Cup for the first time on Friday beating UEFA Cup holders Feyenoord 3-1 with a superb display of attacking football.
Pasted from the CPTC site: "NOT SO FAMOUS SAYING: Well, we will make sure that this one does not make it to the permanent archives: "Hi, I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading some of your stuff again, especially the workout reports and the food reviews, because they remind me of how retarded you can be. That was a compliment, in case you don't get it." Well, buddy, you have a nice day too!"

If that un-named person thinks that of the CPTC site I hope he/she never visits this site! We are an infinite lifetime behind the alphabet of Re-runs… and that is no tardy boast! And with that I think I will pen another Restaurant review.. about Josie’s & favia. A healthy head to head.s

From Michiel, "Can you imagine that you run a very fast National Record in 27.26.29 and that you are still coming in 10th place following 9 africans. That's what Dutch Kamiel Maase experienced last night at the Ivo van Damme Memorial in Brussels.

With this race he personally made up for his lost medal (gold...?) in the European Championships a couple of weeks ago in Munich as he fell down in what had to become His Golden Race. After his fall some favorites had a glance on the stadium screen and decided to start kicking from there. Concluding from a result like Friday night Brussel's, meetings like the Europeans are the only chance for a spaghetti Kenyan like Maasse is to go for the big prices. Running times like this means running 10 K's after another of 2.45 and faster. Try 1 in your next track-workout !

Your Dutch reporter was fortunate enough to run against Maasse last year in Holland at a local 3000 track meet. Afterwards I went to him for a talk and asked for his signature like a 13 year-old-schoolboy. Maasse (30) is in his best form ever and chances to win Big medals for white distance runners are very few nowadays. He started running at age 19/20 and has been making progress ever since. To tell you what a distance runner in Holland of this elite class makes money-wise, he has been working 20-hours a week as a bio-chemist until half a year ago. He decided to stop because he felt it was taking to much exercising 10-12 times a week, traveling, competing, having a relationship etc. and working also..!

Talking more about Brussels Golden League, the race director of the van Damme meeting was waiting for nothing last Wednesday at Brussels Zaventem Airport to pick up Brahim Boulami. Result came out from Morocco's authorities that he tested positive on, well we know what, after years of EPO now. The dutch reporter has been watching him live 2-times setting a WR. Thanks Mr. Boulami fore this one. The crowd doesn't matter that much but if your name is Simon Vroemen setting a 8.06 ER in 3000 steeple chase some time ago and you run another race in 8.18 and the winner is setting a WR in 7.53 you feel like a 1-st timer as he is obviously not after 15 years of hard labor. That’s what Vroemen told the press asked for his opinion. Since cycling is very popular in Europe and not that much in the States, anybody remembers Italian cyclists winning everything there was to win in the early 90's ? That’s what EPO does to a endurance body." Thanks A’dam Michiel!

Out & About at the liberty 10km - Firstly let me say I was super impressed when coming face to face with Alberto Salazar he says, "I know you - train hard, race easy guy!" Ha ha, he must’ve seen da race! Although the train hard bit is somewhat misplaced by run lots… my second week of over 100-miles and the legs are showing it!
Once upon a time 100 was a flash in the pan, but these days the miles leave me not able to climb the three flights to my apartment - I am currently sleeping in the street.

So there goes my excuse for notching out another run at a full effort (on the day) that felt like a sledgehammer to a sleeping slug…. ‘it was just another training run…" one could say, but I was running hard. C’est la vie. The nice thing was the (truly) hundreds of runners who came up to me on the day and said, "I voted for you - good luck!" and "I really hope you get in on the vote!"

Monsieur Mileage, who went sailing by me in the first mile (after the wheelchair overturned, the cop beat up a cyclist who would not get off the road, and the lead Kenyan girl was in front of us…) said, "If I was declining like you are I would give up running. Your only hope in running now is in politics! I mean look who gets elected in this country!" (Don’t worry I’ll spike his coffee next time we have breakfast together - which I hope will be soon).

Reminds me of whenever I see these stupid ad’s that say, "Your healthy heart beats at 42, whereas an untrained heart beats at 65 - that is a saving of 23,000 beats per 48-hours." I mean, I mean… Dur! How does Mr. Ad think we get our 42 heart rate to start with? My elevating our hearts to 175+ exercising - a fine saving. And a saving of ones’ time no less.

Back to the race - The Spaghetti, sporting his new Puma outfit, zipped away with the win - it was a Kenyan podium 1 2 3. The women’s race also had a Kenyan victress but surely the outstanding result of the day was Zoomalong’s 2nd place in hard training for the Marathon! A welcome return to racing was seen in 4th from Nnenna Lynch - if you don’t know that name then you ain’t following the sport (or weren’t a few years ago). Nnenna (no relation to Jimmy Lynch da Rope) was a world class runner this and that side of the pond.


DoolePip: A couple who said "I do'' 83 years ago have been officially recognized as the world's oldest living married couple.
William and Claudia Lillian Ritchie, who got married on April 12, 1919 in Jeffersonville, Ind., received a certificate from Guinness World Records on Tuesday.
Michael Schumacher has become the first man in history to score 10 GP wins in a season after a stunning display at Spa, which saw him take a record sixth Belgian victory. Schumacher led home Rubens Barrichello for a Ferrari one-two, bringing the team a record 50th consecutive podium result. Juan Pablo Montoya finished a distant third for Williams, almost 20 seconds down on the race winner.
Out & About - H&H bagels (again!) and the waistline is showing it… with a dab of the starbucks. Now why does starbucks call the small cup a tall? Go figure! Vuitton drinks the dry.. but it is wet, go figure take two!

Before that it was in da park for a 20-miler with Steve P & Alessandro from Italia.. and it rained on us. We were chugging along nicely, a good group to run with - no egos or pace swings.

"He [Brahim Boulami] has disgraced Morocco. I'm very disappointed as he has tarnished the reputation of Moroccan athletics that we've had from Khalid Skah [1992 Olympic 10,000m champion] to myself" -World 1500m record holder Hicham El Guerrouj on fellow Moroccan Brahim Boulami who was busted for EPO.
Campaign to clear drug use results - Olympics 5000m 1 - G Ethiopia Millon Wolde 13:35.49 2 - S Algeria Ali Saidi-Sief 13:36.20 (Busted) 3 - B Morocco Brahim Lahlafi 13:36.47 4 Ethiopia Fita Bayissa 13:37.03 Award Fita the bronze, and Brahim the Silver.

World Cross Country Champion 2000, & 2001, European records - Mohammed Mourhit (busted) - strip the 10,000m European Record, and award Lebid Sergiy, Kamathi Charles, and Guerra Paulo the medals for 2001 & Assefa Mezgebu ETH 35.01 Paul Tergat should be upgraded for 2000

Take the steeplechase record out of the books, and re-award Bernard Barmasai with his 7:55 real record.

News form Fiona of The Urbanoso Club;
"I made it to the World Championships! A million thanks to the varied support each of you contributed. I raced faster this Saturday 8/31, at altitude and on a harder course, than I did in NYC two weeks ago, and I squeaked onto Team USA! This is only my second triathlon this season and I haven’t peaked yet (being "race-sharp" requires more racing), so it’s more than a thrill for me. But again, along with the thrill is the gratitude to you guys. Enough cannot be said for having other people "on board," as they say.

Worlds are in December 2003 in New Zealand (summertime, there), a hop from my mother’s birthplace, Sydney, Australia... and who knows what will happen between now and then, but it’s a tickle to have earned my spot there. It was glorious weather in Idaho Saturday: 55 degrees at the 7:00am start, (the lake temp. was 70), and by the time we were running, the air was 78-80.

The 1.5K swim was tough – very choppy waters (wind-whipped); the 40K bike was one of those mountainous ascents with intermittent rolling hills and plenty of potholes (country roads switchbacking up the hillsides overlooking the lake) with a steep downhill near the end where we reached 50 mph; and the 10K run was along the lake shore. Lining up on the beach for the swim I saw I was the smallest person in my age group - and perhaps in the entire race – so I expected several folk would pass me during the first 6 miles, all flat , in the bike-leg, but the moment those steep hills started, I passed them. Folk with long legs tend to be faster on bikes because they generate more propulsion on the pedals (longer femur bones help with the application of force through the pedal-stroke), but I worked as hard as I could on the uphills." Congrats!

08/31-09/02 - HAPPY LABOR DAY Holiday week end. Have a great 'time-out' and check back on Tuesday for Bumper News!
technical reasons; some mail sent to ____ is not being transmitted right now - please use ________ if you are experiencing any probbos. Thanks - have a great holiday weekend!
America's SOS - Save our Baseball players, they need to go on strike 'cos they're starving!
Evelyn’s wedding photo is missing! It won’t download for some reason. Too bad as it is a cracker - An Urban Wedding! She looks simply smashing, a huge congratulations from all at Urban!
Surprise surprise - Steeplechase Record Holder Tests Positive for EPO… the record should be withdrawn from the books.
Who did not see this one coming? The only real surprise was how long he managed to run undetected.
Brahim Boulami, who lowered his ‘own’ (tainted?) world record in the steeplechase two weeks ago, tested positive for EPO on August 15. The "A" sample involved was tested at the IAAF accredited laboratory in Lausanne. Both blood and urine samples were taken. Remember Ali? The Olympic Silver medalist?
1,000 - 1, Jolanda Ceplak, Slovenia, 2:31.66. 2, Faith Macharia, Kenya, 2:37.67. 3, Janeth Jepkosgei, Kenya, 2:37.98. And that was the best result of Wed’s Italian meet.

Here’s a picture of our Amsterdam Reporter - Michiel.
In 1994 in the Kanonloppet, 20km Cross Country race in Aland ‘Wally Kelly’ placed fifth. ‘Wally’ was an Australian steeplechase runner of national level. What was his real name, and why was he running under a pseudo name. No points for guessing who entered him as Wally Kelly, and who made up that pseudo name!
Jolanda Ceplak and Kelly Holmes the 800 meters gold and bronze medalists will appear head-to-head for the first time since the European Championships in the BUPA Great North Mile on October 5. Holmes made some rather accusing comments directed at Ceplak concerning chemistry and performance.
Shoe take from John Prather
"The Mariah was a great shoe... for about five races. The midsole broke down too quickly. I'm partial to the new Fila Racer, the red one with the one-piece upper.

For trainers, I like the Pegasus, too. Also, the Asics Epirus (gold, stayed around a long time by running shoe standards. And I like the Nike Huarache, too. Can you tell I like 'em lightweight and neutral?

Best spike -- the Nike Zoom D, about five generations ago (late 80's/early 90's). Of course, my Lydiard steeplechase shoes hold many memories, not all of them good!"

More good news on Paula’s fight for a drug free ‘runningworld’ - read Paula is 110% clean and has been since the birth of her long career (note no cancer, bad skin, mysterious illnesses, yellow eyeballs…)
"Paula Radcliffe, winner of two major championship gold medals this summer, has reacted to innuendo that illicit drugs aided her performances. Radcliffe, who broke her 5,000 meters Commonwealth record in Manchester then ran the world's second-fastest 10,000 meters in Munich, said: "I was disappointed and saddened by whispers that others believed I was using drugs. I was deeply hurt and offended to read an article in L'Equipe casting doubt on my achievements.

"I realize that doping is a problem in our sport and have always made no secret of my views. Indeed I am working with the IAAF and WADA to improve the situation, and we do now have a valid EPO test. "Since reading the article in L'Equipe, I have asked the IAAF to conduct random blood and urine tests on me in the build up to Chicago [marathon]."

Radcliffe, 28, has also asked for further steps to protect her. "I would like these samples to be frozen and tested again in the future as new detection tests become available. "This is the only way I can think of to prove that my results are the result of over 10 years of hard work, pain and dedication. It is sad that it has come to this, but I am happy to take this step and encourage others to do likewise and silence the doubters."

Smokin’ J’ "did a 120 mile ride on Sunday up and over Bear mountain - only part of me that’s sore is my butt - sorry arse I 'm not an American! It'll be 67 days without smoking this Sunday - unfortunately other than the CC also 67 days without running!"
IAAF NEWS: This Friday night, Boulami returns to the King Baudouin Stadium and after reducing his Steeple World Record to 7:53.17 in Zurich a fortnight ago, he is "intent on going even faster" in Brussels.
Watch out for the war; a duel between El Guerrouj and Kenya’s Bernard Lagat.
A quality 10,000m is always run in Brussels. It will be a largely Kenyan show in which 5000m specialists World Champion Richard Limo and Commonwealth gold medalist Sammy Kipketer take on the 25 lap experience of World 10,000m Champion Charles Kamathi, Paul Kosgei and John Korir - should be a great race, check it out on ESPN.
For our international readers here is the scoop on the Stockholm Women’s race this Sunday. The article talks about the fav for the race, Gunhild Haugen of Norway, and… chansen (the chance) att ta (to take) sin andra seger (another win) i Tjejmilen (in the women’s 10-km).
Den 30-åriga norskan är den mest meriterade 10 000-meterslöparen bland de drygt 23 000 som är anmälda till landets största idrottstävling för kvinnor.

Vid friidrotts-EM för tre veckor sedan kom Haugen på åttonde plats både på 5 000 m och 10 000 m.
- Jag är mycket nöjd med insatsen i EM, kommenterar Gunhild, som bestämt sig för att sluta tävla på elitnivå efter den här säsongen. Gunhild Haugen, som då hette Halle i efternamn, vann Tjejmilen 1993.

On the track last night: Cold, freezin’ 64-degrees… after days in the 90’s it felt like Igloo City!
We had the Airhorn session with new member Amy calling the shots. The Boss was talking about doing the double this weekend - The Liberty 10km and the VCP XC race.. strangely enough a few hours earlier at Starbucks Steve P was talking about doing exactly the same thing!

Anyway on the track we had DandaDog, Conor, Buffalo, Barry, Welcomeback Andrew, 100-man, Lee-Becky (no Becky-Lee…?), Don, Amber, TGV, Seth, Evelyn (newly wed and still smiling), Queen of the Harriers (Yes, in person!), and probably someone else whose name eludes me right now….. No complaints, everyone shone in the workout.

Later that night, Josie’s salmon is the bizz - the service was great as usual, the place rocks and moves to a Zaga-Tanza 9/10 rating… only surpassed by the bag of H&H bagels Vuitton slide by en route East… Yum, yum.

Chris Bilsky and Husband Mark - big helpers in the Shoe4Africa project - THANK you!

Heavy rain early with thunderstorms developing late. Low 63F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall may reach one inch. The forecast for Thursday night... Ouch!

Dressed all in red, at 06:30 yesterday morning running in da park was Da Boss - going zippy too…. His diet? "No carbs."

Meanwhile over at KingCre’s for breakfast… beautiful bagels (bought from a shop next to S-Runners on Amsterdam/77th), fruit, and sterling Zabars coffee. KingCre is going strong - he ran very, very solidly on the weekend over the 18-miler, and now looks set for a great November.

Great is a word we can apply to Maria (Herb The Verb’s girlfriend.) She has lost an amazing 39-lbs! Increbible, very well done Maria - that is staggering. She is the clubs pin up model!

The absolutely awesome field put together for this weekend’s RnR ½!
Runner Nation Age Best Fact/Comment Shadrack Hoff RSA 26 61:11 1st 01 RNR Half John Gwako KEN 24 61:00 2nd 01 RNR Half Paul Tergat KEN 33 59:17 2x Olymp.Silver Med.10,000m, WR in Half Mar. Paul Kirui KEN 1st 02 Abraham Rosa 10k Abdelhadi Habassa MAR 26 1st 02 Anthem Fairfield Half James Koskei KEN 33 Winner of 3 major U.S. road races in 02' Moses Tanui KEN 36 59:47 2nd 99 & 3rd 00 Chicago Marathon Brad Hauser USA 25 Debut 2nd U.S. Olympic Trials 5,000m Christopher Cheboibich KEN 25 60:49 2nd 02 Boston Marathon Michael Aish NZL 26 Debut 5th 02 Mt. SAC 5,000 Mebrahtom Keflezighi USA 27 Debut 1st 00 Olympic Trials 10,000m Paul Koech KEN 33 1st 98 World Half, 10,000m John Korir KEN 26 61:32 1st in 5 major U.S. road races in 01 Philip Tarus KEN 27 60:24 1998-99 Suzuki RNRM Champion Jaouad Gharib MAR 26 61:41 2nd in 02 World Half Championship Sammy Korir KEN 30 60:15 3rd 2001 Rotterdam Marathon John Kagwe KEN 33 61:18 2001 Suzuki RNRM Champion Peter Chebet KEN 26 N/A 1st 99 San Sebastian Japhet Kosgei KEN 60:01 1st 00 Tokyo Marathon (2:07:09) Rachid Zar KEN Eliud Lagat KEN 26 60:53 1st 00' Boston Marathon Gilbert Koech KEN 22 63:32(ALT) 1st 01 Pitts. Great Race 10K Martin Ndegwa KEN 25 64:30(ALT) Jackson Koech KEN 24 62:07 2nd 01 Coahuila Half Marathon Josh Cox USA 26 N/A 10th 00 Chicago Marathon Joseph Kimani KEN 29 60:04 WB 10K 27:04 William Kiptum KEN 31 61:13 2nd 00 Philadelphia Half Ryan Shay USA 23 2nd 02 NCAA 10,000m Championships

ELITE ATHLETES - WOMEN As of August 15, 2002 - Subject to Change Runner Nation Age Best Fact/Comment Deena Drossin USA 29 70:08 1st 01 RnRHalf, 5k WR (14:54) 02 Margaret Okayo KEN 26 68:51 1st 01 Boston Mar.(CR 2:20:43) Elana Meyer RSA 35 66:44 WR Holder in Half Marathon Asmae Leghzaoui MAR 26 69:46 WR 10k (30:29), WR 8K (24:28) Pamela Chepchumba KEN 24 71:02 5th 00 World Half Alice Chelangat KEN 25 70:05 1st 02 Suzuki RNRM Lyudmila Biktasheva RUS 28 70:31 3rd 02 European Championships 10,000m Jen Rhines USA 28 Debut 1st 02 10,000m USTAF Nat. Championships Nuta Olaru ROM 32 69:52 6th 01 London Marathon Bouchra Chaabi MAR 23 71:11 3rd 00' African Championships 10,000m Kayoko Obata JPN 30 71:05 8th 01 RNR Half Ichiyo Naganuma JPN 30 72:57 10th 01 RNR Half Teyeba Erkesso ETH 20 71:51 2nd 02 Ethiopian 10,000 Nat. Champ. Tatyana Khmeleva RUS 23 Debut 2nd 01 Russian & European Champ. 5k Kim Fitchen USA 25 72:32 4th in U.S. National Championship 10k Luminita Talpos ROM 29 70:33 5th 01 Beach to Beacon 10K Olivera Jevtic YUG 25 69:34 11th 00' Olympic 10,000m Gladys Asiba KEN 25 70:05 2nd 00'- 01' Philadelphia Half

Interesting article from Michiel in A’dam, our Dutch reporter! "Did we talk last week about not starting athletics at age 12 and quiting at age 25 simply because the love for the sport is not there anymore or the dream of becoming one of your counties or even worlds elite has vanished. This probably after years of hard training as a youngster. Here is an another example of an athlete competing very strong. Dutch sprinter Eric Roeske returned home this week from Potsdam, Germany with his pockets full of silver and gold medals. He won these in his category, men over 40 at the European Championchips for Masters. You can name yourself officially a master if you are over 40 for men and over 35 for women. Eric won a silver in the 100 (10.98), and golds in the 200 (22.55) and 400 (47,86 this is also a WR...!!). He started athletics at age 24 and ran a PB of 46.99 at age 36. Talking more about performances of Masters, in Holland people are discussing Dutch Troy Douglas, he is a former Bahamas athlete, breaking all Master world records easily if he will turn 40 this year. He probably doesn't want to think about this himself simply because he is still competing at the elite level at this moment. Doing times like 10.20, 20.50, 45.00. Last year he set Dutch records with 10.09 and 20.19. Douglas is coached by Henk Kraayenhof, an expert in training, nutricion, bio-mechanics etc., gives lectures about these subjects, has been working with soccerclub Juventus, Italy. He has been coaching athletes like Merlene Ottey and Nelli Cooman, the last one is a former WR holder in the 60 dash indoor with 7.00 and a worldchampion several times. I still remember her winning these championchips in the eighties as she ran like a bullet indoors." BIG thanks to Michiel for that!
USA Marathon Championship fields at the 2002 Twin Cities Marathon set for Sunday, September 29.
Twin Cities Marathon will host USA Championships for Open male and female and Masters male and female runners, only the second event in history to do so. Personally I liked the NYC nationals idea the best - this is the format for most countries to have the premier marathon as the championship. Hence one would not have the obvious problem we’ll see this year - last year’s defending champ, Scott Larson, returns to NYC to run… and Marla runs NYC too - would they not medal in a National Championship, hey stop there what about Deena - a firm fav! Therein lies problem #2 - is Chicago or Boston the major, or is NYC? Dumb question - NYC is the mother of ALL marathons, and that is accepted worldwide.

David Morris of Albuquerque, New Mexico headlines the U.S. Open Men's field with his 2:09:32 personal best set in Chicago in 1999 which set the American Record at the time. He'll face stiff competition from 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials runner-up and 2002 USA Half-Marathon Champion Peter DeLaCerda of Alamosa, Colo. Also entered are first-time marathoners, Brad Hauser of Palo Alto, Calif. and Dan Browne of Portland, Ore. Hauser, a Stanford graduate, was a 2000 Olympian at 5000 meters. Browne, who ran a personal best of 27:47 for 10,000 meters this spring, is an eight-time U.S. Champion in road, track and cross-country. Team USA Minnesota's Chris Lundstrom, third in the 2001 USA Marathon Championship, will also contend for a top place.

The U.S. Women's field boasts two recent USA Marathon Champions, Julia Kirtland of Harpswell, Maine, who won the 1997 national title, and Kim Pawelek of Jacksonville, Fla. who won the 1999 U.S. crown at the Twin Cities Marathon. They'll be joined by Susannah Beck (Marla Runyan’s great friend) of Eugene, Ore., fourth in the 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials, Christine Clifton currently residing in Milan, Italy, who ran 2:32:47 at Chicago in 2000, and Magdelena Lewy of Berkeley, Calif. who finished second at the UPMC/City of Pittsburgh Marathon this May in 2:36:48.

San Fran and NYC are chosen for the final US olympic cities!!
On the track last night with CPTC: Running smoothly were the club’s super zippy runners, Alayne and Margaret. Alayne becomes the star of the night as she gave me Four Votes! Awesome, and a big, big thank you. For those of you not in the know Alayne was second in the weekend’s TuneUp race… a great post-vacation result! A great result period!

Others on the track - Herb the Verb running like a raging bull as per usual. Steve P breathing in the last fumes of the lower East River before he heads for hernia treatment and the Isle of Blighty…. Also Erik, and the ever fast Jonathan Pillows….. and that man who once promised me breakfast in the powerbar bet… Tom da Phillips who dragged us all along, "Too slow boys!" Ouch.

The Queen of the Harriers writes some nice things for the CPTC Vote for Toby page - thanks, she is a diamond!
’Berto Salazar is in town this weekend for the race downtown.
Stephen Ondieki, sans the colors of Westchester, cruised into the finish completing the course in a conservative 1:10:26 in the Dominican Half……
Fanny Gonzalez of the Dominican Republic led the women by almost two minutes in 1:26:20. On the NYC we have 2 top Dominican runners - Sherlock, & Raphael Lunas V.
the U.S. Olympic Committee's site evaluation team will cut the list of American cities hoping to host the 2012 Summer Olympics in half, selecting two finalists from Houston, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The USOC's board of directors will select the ultimate U.S. candidate for 2012 on November 3 - read NYC Marathon day!.

And Marathon’s; I bet Berlin was thrilled to learn, "Japan's Olympic champion Naoko Takahashi, booked to run in the Berlin marathon September 29, said Monday she was ready for another race less than 50 days later.

The 29-year-old, who is aiming for a second straight women's marathon gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics, said she would also challenge the Tokyo international marathon field on November 17.

"I have made up my mind to race in the Tokyo marathon, as I am expected to be in better condition than expected when I run in Berlin," Takahashi said in a statement released through her agent.

Eldo Lise? Here’s the scoop, "it's a hot one here today...very conducive to power art I have mastered this summer...planning a bbq on the beach for dinner is about the extent of activities for the bad is that...I've got to get back to my 10 activities per day in Sept. or my butt just may turn into a couch potato casualty." The life of Riley huh? Loafing I can manage, but power loafing - that sounds Kramer-esque!
We had a mini poll - The Runner’s, no, THE Runner’s shoe of all time - Nike Pegasus, by more than a foot! This shoe is one of the longest running (ho ho) models first hitting the stands in 1981 as a gray shoe with a blue swoosh. It also happens to be the Ed’s fav shoe too. If anyone catches him in the park this September running in any shoe other than the Pego they will be treated to a bottle of very nice red wine (small print - races excluded, though not the warm down jogging - always done in Pego’s!)

Does anyone remember the LDV, the terra tc, or the eagle? The best ever racing shoe? The now retired Air Mariah’s. Best racing singlet design? Athletics West. Do I sound like a Nike rep? Alright name a classic Asics singlet - point taken huh!

Breakfast this morning with David Monti, the race director for the elite field of the NYC Marathon. This year’s event is certainly shaping up to be a cracker, a fab field with some really exciting athletes. Keep tuning in to the NYC marathon web site for more news.
Just in case you missed it on the web:
The Club Team Championships - Together the Teams Unite
by Toby Tanser
On Saturday, August 17--a celebrity watched from the sideline at the race. The world record holder for the men's marathon, Khalid Khannouchi, raised his eyebrows and exclaimed, "Glad I'm not running today!" It was strong testimony to the heat facing runners on that bright, clear day. Khannouchi was born in Meknes, Morocco, under the African sun. He now resides with his wife Sandra in upstate New York in the small town of Ossining, coincidentally the hometown of two-time Club Team Championship defending champion Paul Mwangi.

With three miles under his belt it looked like the Kenyan-born Mwangi was going to make the unprecedented three peat. He was clearly in front of the field as he had been in both 2000 and 2001. He had recently switched clubs and, now wearing the colors of the West Side Runners, he held a commanding lead. Then as quickly as he had taken the lead in the first 100 meters, disaster struck. "I got a sharp pain in my chest. I could not run," Paul would recall at the finish line later. He was soon passed by Stephen Ondieki. Mwangi fought the urge to quit. "I stopped, looked, and saw nobody. I thought, 'Just continue, easy to the finish.'"

Ondieki, surprised by Mwangi's sudden problems, ran unchallenged to win in 24:06, one of the slowest times for this 5-mile race in recent years. "I thought I was second [place]," he says, "Mwangi went very hard at the start." Oppressively hot weather was perhaps the main reason this year's field contained only forty runners finishing in under 27:00. Last year there were 55 under the mark.

Chasing the 'Chester
Many feel the men's team race was cemented before the horn sounded, as one team has shown near-total domination in New York: the Westchester Track Club. Warren Street, with a new line up this year, uncharacteristically failed to get a single runner in the top ten places. Newly drafted Jimmy Lynch, a Dutchman by birth, led the team to the runners-up honors, finishing fifteenth overall.

The women's team race, which started twenty minutes later, faced ever-climbing temperatures of well over 90 degrees, the humidity giving a swamp-like feel. A mere three females managed to slip in under 30:00, a benchmark for the local elite. At the fore was Ethiopian Leteyesus Berhe, who led a clean sweep of the podium places by--you got it--the Westchester Track Club. Berhe pushed from the gun and soloed to a 100-meter win (28:56). "I have no good speed and must try early to get away," she says. And get away she did, namely from Christina Blackmer (29:17). If there was a surprise in the field it was that last year's winner, Kim McGreevey of State College, Pennsylvania, could run no faster than 30:01.

Placing 11th overall, Mary Evans, 43, of Westchester took the top master's honor. First in the men's masters division was the ageless 46-year-old West Side Runner Amador Ybanez (27:00) in 41st place. Ybanez was closely followed by Central Park's running president, Alan Ruben (27:11), himself 45 years old. Both men scored easily for their respective open teams, an honor Evans surprisingly missed out on--she would have been a top scorer for any of the other teams that scored this day!

A very commendable 22 teams scored for the men, and an even more impressive 25 women's teams completed the distance, proving once again that women's running is on the rise in this city. All in all it was a remarkable showing for a lazy, muggy summer's day.

The spirit of this day is unrivaled in the NYRR club scene. It is a day when the majority of the teams forget the borders and the wrangles of the preceding months and come together to truly celebrate being a part of the city's great community of runners. A few hours after the last runners had crossed the line, and all the team bagels had been eaten or left to the birds, a number of local teams met at an outdoor restaurant by the beautiful Hudson River. A stranger leaning up at the bar asked, "So what team is this?" After trying to point out various individuals, these runners told the stranger, "This is the New York Road Runners; we're just one big family."

Toby Tanser writes a column for New York Runner, and is constantly out and about on the local running scene.

What is the Simba up to? For those of you not familiar with The Simba - she won Peachtree in a course record last month, 30:32 for the 10k. Her husband/coach (Starbuck’s) tells us, "She is very focused. Next week she will run Tilburg but she doesn't taper, nothing, it's just another training for her. Dam tot Dam on the 22nd of September is more important. She will run next week with Susan. In Dam tot Dam with Susan and also Adere so that will be fun." (Chepkemei & Berhane).
And our report from Amsterdam dwells on that race - here’s the scoop from Michiel, "Returning for real on September 8-th after surgery on both L+R achilles is Dutch Greg van Hest. He has been out of serious competition for a full year. Van Hest, since he started winning road races in 1995 is well known for his demon starts in the past. He will be competing against Rodgers Rop (2002 Boston marathon winner) and Wilson Kigen in the Dutch Tilburg Ten Miles. In Holland he is the only one together with Kamiel Maasse and Luc Krotwaar, since he started training on the red dirt roads in Eldoret....!! capable of beating some of the fastest Kenyan athletes. Even more interesting is the very fast line-up for the womens 10K race where Lornah Kiplagat and Susan Chepkemei will be battling it out. These 2 kenyan ladies are the fastest in the world in 1/2M and must be heading for a time well under 31 minutes." THANKS MICHIEL!

My regular readers will know that Van Hest is a guy I used to train with so I will be very interested to see how he is doing in that race!

The Nike run was a great success last night - a super turn out, and R2’s friend won the shades - many runners went home with free Nike T-shirts, and every one had a ball! Thanks to all who came - but remember next Monday is labor day, so no run! Boo-hoo.
Speaking of running - Do you want to do something for a good cause? I coach the ALS squad for the Marathon, PLEASE if you are running and not raising money for someone then go and run the Marathon (Chicago, New York, Mars..) for these people! I personally promise it will make your run MUCH more satisfying, and give you a triple rush of satisfaction when you cross da line and help those who need it!
Details on the ALS can be found on the ALS link on the home page -
The good thing about this web site is that it is bank rolled by our intrepid reporter and thus can endorse whatever without a tinge - so when I say, Cingular has a great deal phone package with the carryover minutes I really mean it. (Ed’s note - the guy does not even have a mobile phone, listen to him!)
Wanna read more about Simba & Starbucks? Check out this month’s edition of RUNNING TIMES for an article by Tony Dancer.
Eldo Lise, "Hip concert was awesome- outdoor, on the harbourfront - small venue (which is rare for these guys!) and tons of Canadians from Vancouver had trekked down to see them ...yours truly is a mere 5 feet from the stage all night- close enough to be sweated on by the lead singer. Your canadian friends in NY will no doubt be jealous."

"How small is this world- before I left for Kenya, one of my clients forwarded me email updates from friends of his in Toronto that were travelling in Africa....well turns out we are all in Seattle this weekend staying with mutual friends...she and I were trading stories about Nairobi...'til I realized that her stories sounded a little too familiar...."

Shocking Splits - I do this run, and it is a series of laps - I keep on hitting the same times per lap. Take today - I run 17:32, 17:32, and 17:30. I was running the last loop (they are on the XC) and I thought I bet it will be 17:32, I’m going to sprint the last 80-yards to mess up the timing." If I hadn’t it would probably have been 17:32! Shocker Roo. There was a school out running - 1 x 1-mile, they had a bus to bring and take them home. Then people ask where are the American distance runners?
The weekend’s most zippy 5k was won by former 5th Ave mile winner. On the women’s side Edna showed great speed by outrunning Wangui. Edna was an outstanding junior back in the day….
Binghamton, NY. Chris Thater Memorial 5-K. Men: 1. John Thuo Itati, KEN, 13:38; 2. Leonard Mucheru, KEN, 13:40; 3. Patrick Nthiwa, KEN, 13:51. 40+ Andrey Kuznetsov, RUS, 14:57. Women: 1. Edna Kiplagat, KEN, 16:13; 2. Naomi Wangui, KEN, 16:16; 3. Jackline Torori, KEN, 16:20.
Partime was also there on Sunday (Tuning Up)… as was Seth (he who ran Rackajack Marathon last week).

Another Great Endorsement - this one from the Team in Training coach for NYC -
Senor Ramon writes; "Hi to Spring, Summer and Fall TNT members.
This your coach/ex-coach, I just writing you to ask for you support . Those of you that are members of the NYRRC will be getting or already gotten a proxy for the election of NYRRC board of directors. A good friend of mine, Toby Tanser, is running (no pun intended) and I urge you to vote for him. Not because he is my friend (most of you probably know him as well from seeing him in the park, or you may see me talking to him see picture below), anyway, he is a runner that can bring great things to the organization, I could give many reasons why you should vote for him, but I don't want you to spend your day reading when you could be running.
Just trust me, if you want things to improve in the running community, he is a person that can do that.
And if you are still not convinced, just do it as favor to me. see ya.. Raqui."
What a nice guy! This voting thing really is letting me see some really nice qualities in people!

This is Martha Ernstdottir, a 1:11 1/2Marathoner, and a fellow Leppin runner. She also ran for Nike Iceland as I did. Martha dominated the Icelandic running scene, on the women’s side - she would often place very highly in the overall field.

Once for the Reykjavik Marathon Adidas put together a team with the top three Icelandic men, so Nike responded - we had a team with myself, Martha, and a Norwegian Nike rep who was passing through Iceland. Despite the rep was not in the best of shape we won the team race!

Out and about - With Dr Lewis Maharam - the NYRR Med. Doc. His new offices are on West 57th Street, #24 on the six floor. This guy has his pulse on the running injuries that plague so many athletes in this city - Check him out, he is the BIZ! However this week you won’t catch him as he is the Med. Director of the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, so he’s outta town as from tomorrow.
Finnkampen; Sweden Vs Finland. Distance results - 800m: Rizak Dirshe S 1500m: Juha Kukkano F 3:54.66. 5000m: Samuli Vasala F 13:45.58. 10,000m: S Vasala 28:45.83. 3000mSt: Kim Bergdahl F 8:32.50.
Women 800m: Suvi Myllymäki F 2:04.53. 1500m: Lena Nilsson S 4:19.35. 5000m: Annemari Sandell F 16:11.49. 10,000m: A Sandell 33:41.18. 3000mSt: Ida Nilsson S 10:09.19.

Great Finnish doubles for AnneMari & Samuli in the 5&10’s! the Finn’s were victorious in the overall team competition. Yes and Kajsa did win the women’s high jump with 2:01(!!) with the Stefan & Steffan both jumping 2:30 to take the men’s high jump. Lofty stuff.

Hokkaido Marathon
Men 1) Samson Kandie (KEN) 2:15:12 2) Yuki Yamamoto 2:15:17 3) Nobuhiko Matsunaga 2:15:27 4) Tatsuya Hoshi 2:15:31 5) Zabedayo Bayo (TAN) 2:16:14
Women 1) Chika Horie 2:26:11 2) Hisae Yoshimatsu 2:28:49 3) Chihiro Tanaka 2:35:44 4) Banuelia Mrashan (TAN) 2:35:57
Mutola will attempt a WR today - The mark she will be attempting to surpass is the 600m WR of 1:22.63 run by Cuba’s Ana Fidelia Quirot in a competition in Guadalajara, México, in 1997. Pacing the race will be Belgian 400-hurdler Ann Mercken, as her countrywoman Sandra Stals will join Letitia Vriesde of Surinam and Russia’s Natalya Dziadkova as the other top runners in the event.
The site for the record attempt will be the stadium in Naimette-Xhovémont, a suburb of Liège.

An attack on the men’s world-best in the 600 is also on the program. This year’s world leader in the 800 meters, Joseph Mutua of Kenya, and Japheth Kimutai, shall attempt to better the 1:12.81 run by American Johnny Gray in Santa Monica in 1986. Nixon Kiprotich lays claim to have beaten that, and has the video tapee to prove it - unfortunately there was not an IAAF clock… and yes he did do it in an 800m race dying in the homestretch. Kipketer too….

Eldo Lise, "Reminds of the time my brother came to visit and I took him to our huge outdoor salt water pool- overlooking the ocean...most awesome place...but the pool is a long one- 150m I believe (feels like twice the size of a regular one)...first lap, half way down the pool I look back to see where he is...well hanging on to the edge of the pool for life,completely exhausted (you have to work up to these laps) - I almost drown because we are laughing so hard at his pathetic attempt on one lap. Needless to say that was it for him." We were discussing my terrible effforts to swim - kind've like a deaf and two legged crocodile with a dumper truck on his back trying to surface in a sea of concrete whilst balancing a marble on his nose.

Retro Running; We hear from Stefano, the men’s winner of the ’99 Backward Mile here in NYC. "The record of the mile seems both of Donald Davis and to the university of the Hawaii in 1982 with 6'09", then it seems that Bud Badyna has a record of 6'17" but I don't know if has gotten him/it in competition, of sure not to the Backwards Mile where it held the record with 6'40. I in 1997 have raced in 6'27" in a television show in Italy, then courses to NY in 1999 in 6'43" falling to the first turn of the oval Delecourt. In Italy we have taken very seriously the thing and the competitions are organized very well, it seems me to understand that to NY draws of pure fun and every year instead they change place and don't take care of the particular ones."

And for results - here are the leading results from the Rio Half;
Masculino: 1- João Baptista N'Tyamba - Angola - 1h 03m 31s 2- Rômulo Wagner Silva - Brasil - 1h 04m 31s 3- Manoel de Jesus Teixeira - Brasil - 1h 05m 09s 4- Elenilson da Silva - Brasil - 1h 05m 20s 5- Daniel Lopes Ferreira - Brasil - 1h 05m 41s
Feminino: 1- Selma Reis - Brasil - 1h 15m 02s 2- Maria Zeferina Baldaia - Brasil - 1h 15m 13s 3- Marizete de Paulo Rezende - Brasil - 1h 15m 55s 4- Viviany Anderson Oiveira - Brasil - 1h 16m 00s 5- Violetta Kryza - Polônia - 1h 16m 12s
Speaking of results - Out & About yesterday came from the roads of CP… three loops gives one a long time to reflect! It was my third long run of the week (well Sunday to Sunday). (Ed’s note - that’s over a week Cheat!)
Anyway, I was getting bored with the same loops on Wednesday but thought the incentive of doing a long run in numbers would be enough to take away the boredom.

The original plan of clicking off 5:40’s was abandoned when I woke and felt as stiff and creaky as someone who needs to stretch and not hop out of bed and run 18-miles at some hour the cockeral has not even heard of! Besides non of my training partners were there who I was going to do this plan with… so it became, ‘Let’s just complete the distance.’

Chugging along in a race in Central Park one sees many familiar faces, ‘Dig deep Toby’ ‘Hang in there’ ‘Come on, don’t get up’ ‘You can catch them….’ Aren’t really the things you want to hear when you are out for a training run, especially loop after loop.

Along the way we bumped into Canadian Craig, running smoothly, and the Freider twins from Fleet Feet who are in training for the marathon. We also talked to Ryan Grote, a runner who ran very well on the roads last year here in the city - he was pacing his wife Cathy who was leading the women, we talked to her too - she was running very well, looked amazingly fresh and gave the day’s best performance from my point of view. She looked like this 18 was a 3-miler. "She’s doing 100’s" Boasted a twin.

Cathy is aiming for the Marathon, and who can guess which one? Nah, you’d never guess - The Wineglass! Husband Ryan did a lot of tri training earlier this year, "I got bored with running…"

Urban Runners - Lee & Tom under Tens, Buffalo & Bob great strong runs ahead of predictions, Cre & The Verb - power runs! Some terrific solid runs on a tough course!

Arne Haukvik, the founder of what became "Bislett Games", has died at the age of 76, after a long illness, VG Nett reports.

With his straw hat and his garden strawberry parties, he became known as "Mr. Bislett" to a number of top athletes from around the world, who came to Bislett to present top results and even several world records.

It all started when he in 1965 brought the Australian long distance runner Ron Clarke to Bislett. Clarke lowered the world record for 10,000 meters by 34.8 seconds in front of a 17,000 ecstatic Bislett crowd.

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it." From Da Captain.
Norwich Union recap
W800m No surprises as Miss Mutola continues to dominate the event, year after year. 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 1:59.06 2 Ceplak Jolanda SLO 1:59.61 3 Martínez Mayte ESP 2:00.54 4 Cummins Diane CAN 2:00.76 - Great run again from Diane!
W5000m Continuing from the indoor scene Berhane, also the WC in the 1/2M is showing that she is the top Ethio' this year. Sonia does well, and third is becoming to be her tinge for the year... beats fourth! 1 Adere Berhane ETH 14:33.65 2 Szabo Gabriela ROM 14:34.29 3 O'Sullivan Sonia IRL 14:46.97
M800 with the absence of da King Kip Yuriy moves back to the 8 after a trial with the 400's that did not go so well. Another fantastic result from Krummy with Bucher still struggling after a 10-week ankle break (literally). 1 Borzakovskiy Yuriy RUS 1:44.78 2 Krummenacker David USA 1:44.87 3 Mutua Joseph KEN 1:45.02 4 Reina Antonio Manuel ESP 1:45.69 5 Bucher André SUI 1:45.73 6 Robinson Khadevis USA 1:46.19
THe mile was suposed to be a WR attempt - it never was, but El G wins his 4th E. Carr Mile title. Corny continues to impress, and leave his big brother William in da dust. Ngeny was a virtual mile behind. 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:50.86 2 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:51.68 3 Silva Rui POR 3:52.21
Our feature race the M3000 - Paul, for a decade Kenya's best kicker, got outkicked himself from the man that hails from the town of Kipkabus. Benjamin, a big man by Kenyan standards, has the gear shifting of an 800m runner. Luke takes the bronze with a Franko-Maroc splitting the Rift Men. World Champ, from last year, Limo shows that the great XC season he had in Kenya earlier this year has given him a competitive stride this year with another fine result. The top Euro (born in Euroland) Sergiy took a very impressive #8, another man who excelled over the turf this past winter.

Back in #12 we had the young Ethiopian who won the World XC juniors - Geb predicts great things from this guy in the future. Kamiel, who used to study in Texas, came in next - this past year he has been a full time athlete (sans his sympathy job) and the results have showed great promise for the tall Dutchy. The Olympic 5000m champ came in next showing what an incerdible depth this great race had!
1 Limo Benjamin KEN 7:50.29 2 Bitok Paul KEN 7:50.54 3 Kipkosgei Luke KEN 7:50.68 4 El Himer Driss FRA 7:51.30 5 Limo Richard KEN 7:52.06 6 García Alberto ESP 7:52.09 7 Mekonnen Hailu ETH 7:52.18 8 Lebid Sergiy UKR 7:52.26 9 Mottram Craig AUS 7:52.71 10 Abate Abiyote ETH 7:53.33 11 Geneti Markos ETH 7:55.23 12 Gebremariam Gebre-egziabher ETH 7:55.40 13 Maase Kamiel NED 7:56.18 14 Wolde Million ETH 7:56.97
Winner of the Day's Double was the 400H and 400m flat racer, and still in with a shout for the gold - 1 Sánchez Felix DOM 48.08 & 1 Sánchez Felix DOM 45.14
And to wrap it up certainly the top sprint result was fianlly the head to head that was never even close, 1 Jones Marion USA 10.97 2 Pintusevich-Block Zhanna UKR 11.11 3 Gaines Chryste USA 11.12 Great to see Marion demolish Zhanna who has surely been dodging the Queen of da Sprint all season long. Kudos to Marion!

Simon Rono took a victory in the 26th annual Crim 10-mile run.
"It was very slow," said Rono, supposedly 30, of Kenya. "Nobody was pushing me. If somebody was pushing me, I would have run harder." Benjamin Kosgei of the High Altitude Training Camp, Kenya finished eight seconds behind Rono at 47:21.

"The race was competitive," said Ndereba, whose time was the second-fastest in women's Crim history. "When it's more competitive it's easier than just being out there running by myself." Rono and Ndereba each received $5,000 for their first-place finishes. About 6,000 runners participated in the race.

Our overseas reporter Michiel.... "Announced as the highlight and also the closure at the friday night's Norwich Union Grand Prix a IAAF GPI trackmeeting known as Crystal Palace in the South of London, was a world record attempt of the King of miles, Hicham El Guerrouj.

Last week in Zürich's Weltklasse meeting he came 0.89 short of breaking his own 1500 worldrecord holding strong since Rome 1998. It is obvious that he is competing at his own elite level even more now because there is no other athlete on planet earth fast enough to keep up with his fierce pace.

The 2 kenyan pace-makers in the race started out at WR pace but it was obvious that El Guerrouj did not have the feeling and the power needed for going under 3.43.13. First lap in 55.67, second in 56.25, third in 62.15, last one in 56,79 stopping the clock at 3.50.86 after 1609 meters. However, in my opinion he was looking good. For distance runners that means even more skinny and looking sharp in the face than usual.

Breaking worldrecords in 2002 athletics is not like ordering pizza, it's the mother of all sports, practiced in more countries around the globe than any other sport.

Everything has to be right, not only the inside but the outside factors as well. This attempt was mainly announced by the organization to attract more spectators, viewers and perhaps also as a result of Guerrouj' performance in Zürich a week ago. Perhaps he has been explaining that if he felt right he wanted to try and go for a personal best.

Other highlights were Chambers defeating Greene, 4-1 is the score this season. The first meet between Jones and Ukraine’s Zhanna Pintusevich after the loss of Jones at the worlds in Edmonton last year.

Jones won easily this time with a relieved face since she is always expected to win like she's a robot. The double of Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic, the world 400m hurdles champion who produced a rare seen 400m hurdles/400 flat win. Dutch sprinter Troy Douglas, I will not mention his age again; he doesn't like it also because it's not relevant, ran a not so fast 20.82 after 20.56 last week in Linz, Austria.

110 hurdler Colin Jackson made his last outdoor appearance on British soil and despite breaking the tape in third position, the European champion received a standing ovation for his past performances expanding a carreer since....I believe 1985 which include the world record, two world and four European golds. This is my story of this event.You people must know where to find more. Michiel/A'dam. - Thanks for da report!

Results from the Swedish Olympic Day Run: Herrar 5 km: 1) Magnus Bergman, Enhörna, 14.50 2) Thomas Byrberg, Löplabbet, 16.15 3) Hussein Fazeli, Iran, 16.25
Damer 5 km: 1) Cilla Pettersson, Tureberg, 18.09 2) Cecilia Ehrig, Rånäs, 18.11 3) Katarina Löf, Spårvägen, 19.37
Many moons ago I was fortunate enough to win the first olympic Day Run in Stockholm, ahead of team mate Jonny Petren. It was 7.3km then and I remember we passed the 5km split in under 14:30.. the day before we had run a track meet in the South of Sweden. We traveled back to Stockholm and ran this race because it was prize money for Swedish club runners, and the purse was not made public (read no Africans ran...)
I won the following year despite missing the start - they actually started the race early! I had to run right from the back of the field, I believe I was behind about 3,000 runners. My team mate, Idris Ibrahim, was leading the race when I caught up at about 5.5km. My tactic was to fly by him as fast as I could. He later recalled that he thought I was doing intervals and not in the race... funny as he had seen me warm up with a race number.
Out & About; Cafe Mozart for breakfast with DandaDog, da rating for their bagels is urm, urm.... not a NYC bagel.

We met Steve P for coffee at starbucks - sad to say he is heading back to the U.K. That will be a big loss for the CPTC team - not only is Steve a great guy, but he is also a good runner too. We believe he'll be going to Swindon, we wish him well... the farewell party will be in September after the XC race in September.

Talking Starbucks - went to 2x with 100-man on Saturday for Java. We bumnped into Partime, Monsieur Mileage, Silky Wilky en route too, as well as Fatima, and Jacob. I think H&H got mixed in the bake too!

Sonia O'Sullivan a former winner of the BUPA Great North Run will line-up against all three medal winners from this year's IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in this year's momentous race.

The Irishwoman a past champion of the Tyneside Classic taking place on October 6, goes head-to-head with Berhane Adere, Susan Chepkemei and Jelena Prokopcuka who took the honours over 13.1 miles on a wet May morning in Brussels.

My Favorite webpage. No apologies for this subject matter, purely personal favorite. A huge thanks must go out to Sir Roland, that is an immense amount of work (Ed’s note; Being webEditors don’t we just know it!). And I was speechless when I clicked on the page and saw it. That is certainly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me since I came to New York, and I thank Sir Roland from the bottom of my heart for this piece of art! - You’re the best!

Eldo Lise, "16,000 calories...must have been one mother of an enchilada...or maybe just your excuse to go to the gym and get in with the 50+ ladies at your gym....

Serving a tennis ball -easy- throw it in the air quite high, hit the hell out of it and pray that it lands in the right court... played the other day with my friend's visiting Texan friend...nice gal...but wrong attitude "Hey Lise, ah' don't care if I win or lose, ah'm just happy to be out here playin' ya know?" huh?

Hope Berko is better in Ireland- told him to hang on to his girlfriend if she puts up with all his craziness and love for the ladies...or does she even know...."

Thanks for the updates Lise - keep ‘em coming! Berko is indeed crazy, and Shirley Valentine must be too to put up with him - he’ll kill me if he reads this… mind you an Ocean parts us!

From Alan Ruben, the president of the Central Park Track Club: "Members of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) will be receiving in the mail an opportunity to vote for up to 5 directors of the NYRR in the next couple of days. Our men's team leader in Saturday's Club Championship 5 mile race, Toby Tanser, is standing for election. On behalf of the Central Park Track Club, I would like to urge our members to vote for Toby because, apart from being a nice guy, he is a competitive runner who would be a strong advocate for club runners in New York City like ourselves."
Read this story on the Club Champs!
And moving on to the times; "After a stellar career that included two victories in the Boston Marathon, Mr. Tanui's form slumped somewhat in recent years with a string of close finishes. But he returned to one of the local training camps and last year won the Vienna Marathon." What?? It was a mere couple of months ago he won Vienna, and in recent years (2) he happened to run 2:06:16 - The fourth fastest runner all time in history - PERIOD! Man - Please, oh please, give me a slump like that!!
Lyrics of the week come from Bob Dylan. The song is about a guy called William who kills an Afro-American servant. This is the last verse;
In the courtroom of honor, the judge pounded his gavel
To show that all's equal and that the courts are on the level
And that the strings in the books ain't pulled and persuaded
And that even the nobles get properly handled
Once that the cops have chased after and caught 'em
And that the ladder of law has no top and no bottom,
Stared at the person who killed for no reason
Who just happened to be feelin' that way without warnin'.
And he spoke through his cloak, most deep and distinguished,
And handed out strongly, for penalty and repentance,
William Zanzinger with a six-month sentence.
Oh, but you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears,
Bury the rag deep in your face
For now's the time for your tears.
What a song - check out the full lyrics- The lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll on any BobCat website.
A sell-out crowd is set for Today's Crystal Palace Grand Prix.
The 100m sprints; the world Nos 1 and 2 go head to head. Marion Jones and Zhanna Pintusevich in the 100m.
The men's sprint boasts the fastest five guys in the world this year. The women's 800m includes the world's top three. Jolanda Ceplak, Maria Mutola and Zulia Calatayud will run.
World No 1 Hicham El Guerrouj is gunning for a world record in the Emsley Carr Mile. In this Golden Jubilee year, it's also the 50th year of this race. El Guerrouj won races 47, 48 and 49, and if the conditions are right, then he should win the 50th, especially as the world No 2 and 3, the Kenyan Chirchirs, William and Cornelius, are due to be pace-making.
Out & About last night boozing with the Nike guys - It was a celebration for Queen Deb, Da Chief. The interesting thing is Deb knows all the names from the good ol’ days…. Must have another drink n’ chat with her… before she pops over to TZ! Lucky thing…. Well the beers n’ cake were flowing, we had a great night up on the West Side. All I can say is Go Nike Go. I love being involved with projects where I love the product I am working with - one day I will tell you my 1990 Pegasus story.
Earlier that night on that track with the crew - a great focus night, with (for once) everyone giving a fiery effort - I was REALLY impressed (Ed’s note, That’ll be a first, you always grumble about how they never train as hard as you think you used to train… but we all know different huh). (reply: What a positive working environment I surround myself in!). Train hard, Rock on!
We hear the Berko is going to Oz for the Winter training camp. For 6-weeks no less. Berko's claim to fame, "I was 11-seconds from a Gold medal in the Barcelona 10,000m final..." What he doesn't say is that he was knocked out in the heats, but his time translated.... Personally I think getting to the olympics, especially from a running country like Ireland, is terrific in itself. That is of course if you are clean - Berko? I'd stake my life on it. what he does have in his favor is the ability to never over train (incredibly lazy), a running body (skinny and the height of a shrimp), and good friends to offer their encouragement & support - ha ha... you'd never guess that I really like the guy huh?
The Berko classic could be, "Berko, someone's stealing the car!"
"Oh well, let's finish talking to the lovely ladies first...."
Kudos, and how we love it from John Prather; "Thanks for being the best damn source of running news in the world (you're usually several days ahead of the curve, and often have scoops available nowhere else that I can find) and for being damn entertaining, too. See ya soon. John"
Harrier News; Hood to Coast Relay: This weekend, 13 Harriers will be taking on the 200 mile relay from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Pacific Coast. Twelve of us on a Mixed Open team, in relay order: Karee Hanifan, Mark Paulonis, Anne-Marie D'Alessandro (Team Captain), Mike Sarnoff, Lee Sossen, Laura Feiwel, Julie Lazarus, Pete Davis, Douglas Hegley, Patrick Guilfoyle, Diane Kenna, and Mary Schafer on the anchor leg. One of us, Matt Rocket Rosetti, is on a Men's Open team that should win the thing outright, as long as they learn how to read their maps correctly. Check out the event at
From the Spaghetti Kenyan, "I voted for you yesterday and forced 4 more to. I will see who else I beg." Also Alayne Adams, CPTC’s super runner, "Yes, I’ll vote for you!"
Sir Roland, down on da track; The other week we both wore the same pair of classic Nike’s - this week he has to outdo me - he wears the classics AND clips on the deluxe shoe-fob carrying compartment… no doubt made by Burberry’s between the East Egg and Western seasons.
The Boss was on the track too - thankfully for once with a singlet….. and again Partime was down doing intervals. Do I smell a new nickname? Overtime?
Excellent News for local running; Philadelphia Distance Run have announced that the world record holders for the marathon, Khalid Khannouchi of Ossining, N.Y. and Catherine Ndereba of Nairobi, Kenya, will zipalong in the 25th edition of their half-marathon this year on September 15. Marla Runyan will also toe the line too! She is a newly wed… wooow.
RW Master’s Rankings: 1. Eddy Hellebuyck, NM 605 1. Tatyana Pozdnyakova, UKR 250 2. Andrew Masai, KEN 515 2. Elena Fidatov, ROM 225 3. Simon Karori, KEN 340
Spain Track Meet: The men’s 3000m flat witnessed a fine win by 18 year-old Kenyan James Kwalia. 5000 meters European champion Alberto García made a big move with 250m to go, but Kwalia did not yield and edged clear on the straight to take a comfortable victory in 7:37.42 from García’s 7:38.28.
M1500 Reyes Estévez was in a class of his own. The 26 year old Spaniard crossed the finish line in 3:34.67 with Kenya’s David Nyaga and Japhet Kimutai (800m specialist) just behind him clocking 3:35.47 and 3:36.11 respectively.
Kudos to MiniBlaster; She did volunteer work at Memorial Sloan Kettering with kids who are doing chemo as outpatients.
And on the subject Mini’s Mum was approached by CPTC with a view to a stronger Master’s team! The Boss would be in tears to lose MasterBlaster!
Out & About in Hoboken yesterday, with the Captain. Quite a nice little village they have over the River! I was surprised, not how I envisioned the isle to be - looks like a fun seaside place. We ate Mexican at Baja - nice sized portions, and furthermore we stayed off the Margarita’s!
A letter from A’Dam! Maurice Greene, this planets fastest man over 100 meters decided to tell his real story to make an end to the rumors going round that he would be past his prime already. he says his up-and-down performance this season so far is due to family problems and the troubles he experienced in the change from sponsor Nike to Adidas. However, Greene is 28, how could he be past his prime!

A long time ago scientists said that after age 25 'explosive athletes' slowed down. Theories changed rapidly even more after Linford Christie won the 100 in Barcelona in 1992 at age 32 beating young guys. Performances in a sport like athletics have a lot to do with training years, being healthy, experience, focusing, training smart and with your head but also a dedicated heart of course.

Dutch sprinter Troy Douglas will turn 40 this year, he broke Dutch records in the 100 and 200 last year. So for all you people out there starting running at age 27 means that you can reach your top and run a 66 minute for men and 72 for women 1/2 marathon at age 40. That’s if you got the time, patience, and are willing to make the effort. Michiel (Ed’s note - Thanks Buddy, keep them coming!)

Kris Gould wrote: "Toby, Enjoy your site. As someone who's been running in CP for years I have a running-in-CP etiquette (and safety) question for you. Running in the park on the main loop counter-clockwise during the day (as annoying cars and bikes whiz by) I encounter a runner running clockwise. Should I move to the right or to the left to pass?"

Great Question. Theoretically you should move to the right, however considering that the oncoming runner has the view of the oncoming traffic I think you should hug the left kerb - thus move left!

Eldo Lise? "After power loafing all day yesterday- thought I better be productive today- so hard to be motivated with so many summer (or any) distractions. Having said that- been out all morning doing errands and looking for baby shower gift...which happens tomorrow night...these showers are sooooo boring...and never have any alcohol-which for these events I find a necessity.

Dad phoned from Shanghai last night- has the traveller's curse...which he gets every time he is over there...haha! Think he is regretting not bringing me along...says he was taken on a hike the other day....climbing approx.16,000 stairs for 6 hours- and being an engineer, only he would count all the stairs." Thanks!

Soccer: World Champions Brazil lose 1-0 at home to Paraguay, Italy suffer a similar fate at the hands of Slovenia, Sweden draw 1-1 in Russia. And forward thinking… Rivaldo threatens to retire from international football if he is not part of the plans for the 2006 World Cup. Tennis Former world N° 1 Pete Sampras crashes out of Long Island (Hamlet Cup) 2nd round beaten by France's Paul-Henri Mathieu in 3 sets… Australian Open winner Thomas Johansson pulls out of the U.S. Open with a shoulder injury.
Happy Birthday to Mikey Maloney! Have a good one Buddy!
Another day, another day! C’est la vie! Time for a quote… let’s go to the Olympic 1988 Marathon Champ: "[Scientific testing] can't determine how the mind will tolerate pain in a race. Sometimes, I say, "Today I can die.'" - Gelindo Bordin.
Congrats to the Ironman - Conor Murphy Age Group Place: 9 Swim: 31:30 Bike: 1:09:55 Run: 40:20 Overall: 2:28:54, that was from the NYC Tri!
Americans eat more burgers than anyone else -- three a week each, on average. Steve P tells us The Corner Bistro is the place in the village! A burger, sans the creamy dressings, can often be a very healthy meal. Go for a grilled version, and leave the fried onions to the Space cadets.
Wanna travel? The Marathon Ciudad de Mexico will be held on 20 October 2002, and the contact details are now: David Silva Granados, Maraton de la Ciudad de Mexico Instituto del Deporte del Distrito Federal Tel: +525 5688 6829 Ave. Division del Norte, 2333 Fax: +525 5605 1209 Col. General Anaya Email: DF 03340, MEXICO Website:
"Sub-3:50 Mile" for 17-Year-Old: Alex Kipchirchir of Kenya won last Friday's under-23 1500 meters race in Zurich in 3:32.95, roughly equivalent to a 3:49.95 mile. Kipchirchir's reported date of birth is November 26, 1984.
Here is a point of a certain view from One of our readers his name has been withheld as the opinion may wrongly be misconstrued,
"Just a philosophical question, not meant to imply my support of certain performance-enhancing procedures: Why is an altitude tent fair when EPO is not? Isn't the objective the same? And worse, doesn't it just further separate the haves and have-nots? I mean, there's no way I can afford an altitude tent at $16K, but if I wanted I could probably swing a flight to Portugal, score some EPO, and get back to Arizona for less than a grand."
Sunday, September 8: The Continental Airlines Broadway on Broadway Run has been canceled.
Talk has been that UATH might blend with The Harriers…. The result would be The Urban Harriers? "We’ll have to see…" said Douglas da Prez of the Harriers. He had originally proposed New York Harriers sponsored by Urban Athletics… quite a mouthfall, and not really suitable from our side of the table. The Bosses take, "Let’s talk." One thing is for sure the uniforms would remain black & white… On that note - Many people have asked about my gray singlet that I wore on Saturday, No - you can not buy one!
This weekend is the Tune-Up - I have a love-hate relationship with this race. In 2000 it was love, last year it was hate as my leg froze up and I literally could run a step forwards. This year I am trying to complete the run only as a long training run knowing that I am in no condition to race 18-miles. I advice all Marathon participants to run this race - if you are unsure about the Marathon that is. If you can complete three loops of Central Park (with three Harlem Hills & Cat Hills) in August then you are well on course to complete in November in Da Big One!

What is the big one? The New York City Marathon - The Marathon of all Marathon’s, undisputed!

Free for all: The John Jay Pool is on E. 77th & the river. Its lap swims are M-F 7-8:30 both in the morning & evening and it's free. Of course, since it's an outdoor pool it's only open another couple weeks until Labor Day. Thanks to Kirsten for that info!
More sad news for the Naali family - The famous Tanzanian brothers’ running family suffered when Simon died a few years ago when training for the Stockholm Half Marathon - an event he was a favorite to win - Simon is perhaps the only athlete to win the Swedish Triple Crown, Goteborgsvarvet, Stockholm Marathon, & Stockholmsloppet. He also was a Commonwealth Games medalist. Soon after the Father died, and in the same week brother Thomas, (#3 in the London Marathon), had a very serious car crash which in effect ended his running career. Recently the news looked bright again as Francis won the Commonwealth Games Marathon last month, but now the Mother has died. We send our best wishes & regards.
LINZ Meet - Check out Diane! W1000m 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 2:38.08 2 Cummins Diane CAN 2:38.45 3 Ceplak Jolanda SLO 2:38.50
W3000M 1 Defar Meseret ETH 8:48.13 2 Ejigu Sentayehu ETH 8:49.48 3 Kavaklioglu Ebru TUR 8:49.89…. 9 Yegorova "EPO" Olga RUS 9:07.65
M800m 1 Rotich Michael KEN 1:47.52 2 Kipchirchir Alex KEN 1:47.54 3 Alemu Berhanu ETH 1:47.67 4 Lelei David KEN 1:48.06 5 Téllez Norberto CUB 1:48.10 6 Peterson Derrick USA 1:48.22
MST 1 Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:19.52 2 Pröll Martin AUT 8:24.59 3 Vroemen Simon NED 8:27.60 4 Driouche Aziz MAR 8:30.18 5 Usov Roman RUS 8:32.90 6 Gary Robert USA 8:35.81 7 Hughes Ray USA 8:37.40
Good News - It was announced at the farewell BBQ last night that the Nike Running Series will continue throughout the fall. We really must say a BIG thank you to Nike for this generous and purposeful initiative. Y’know what is so rewarding? The look on the faces of the runners returning from the runs - Let’s Just Do it! Speaking of which save the date - September 14th - Nike 4-mile Liberty Race. It is going to be a BIG one! On the 15th is the Race for the Cure - there, if you work for AMEX, you’ll get a chance to hear our infamous intrepid reporter giving a running lecture…. And coincidentally the same soul will be giving a talk to M-Lynch on Sept 04th downtown on running… (Ed’s note: Now if we could only get him to shut up that’s be good!)

With the good weather we have been motivated to run a bit more - the last two days have been mega-mileage days. It always happens, A really bad race sparks off a rampage - On Sunday we had 20-miles in the AM, and 5 ½ in the PM, Monday 5 ½ in the AM, and 14 in the PM…. Let’s see how long we can keep this up!

The Diet - Okay the BBQ was a little slip up, but one has to slip to keep the other days in focus! I am serious here - a sin here and there keeps the belly out of the chair…..

Former Olympic champion Sebastian Coe is seriously considering joining the race to be London's next Mayor as the Tory candidate.
DogDan just missed his goal time by a tantalizing 3 seconds on Saturday - pretty damn close in such weather - Well Done!
Shocker - We hear that CPTC beat GNY in the softball game. I thought it had been rained off myself - hardy sportsfolk in those teams!
An interesting Polish 800m race - featuring the winners of both the A & B races at Zurich a couple of nights before. Against the cards the B race winner won; 1 Wilfred Bungei KEN 1:45.71 2 Joseph Mutua KEN 1:45.71 3 William Yiampoy KEN 1:46.08 4 Pawel Czapiewski POL 1:46.19 5 Arthémon Hatungimana BDI 1:46.40 - Arthy used to train at the Flying Hellebuyck Albuquerque camp. He used to like the Ford Explorer VERY much!
World 400m hurdles champion Morocco’s Nezha Bidouane gave birth to her first child on Friday night. Bidouane had decided to take one year off competition to concentrate on her maternity after 13 years of top level athletics performances.
Queen Kajsa! Since 1996 no female high jumper has reached 2.05. Also having won the European title in Munich a week ago Miss Bergqvist is undoubtedly the best female high jumper in the world. She cleared 2:05 in Poland this past weekend, absolutely outstanding! Consider that the two Stefan’s are at the top of the men’s high jump this season, and Christer Olsson is leading the World in Triple Jumping… and one soon understands that Sweden is a Powerhouse of athletic talent - from a country with less inhabitants than New York City!
In the same meet Marion’s big rival won the 100m lining things up for a great head to head; Pintusevich UKR 10.97
Helsinki Marathon Results: 1. Panga Sebastian Tanzania (1/2 split 1.07.36) 2.18.31 2. Kurui Francis KENIA 2.21.20 W: 1. Zolotareva Tatiana Russia 2.50.10 2. Loginova Olga Russia 2.56.30
Cruisre wins! Two tickets to the New York City Marathon Finish Line Banquet at Tavern on the Green on Marathon Sunday, November 3. Winner Christine Summerson. That was the Run to Liberty raffle.
Patrick rates The Healthy Bagel, "I must admit, the bagel I had was definitely well above average. I go to a place called Hot Bagel in Queens on 30th Ave., which is as good as I've found locally in Astoria, but still not what I'm looking for. The search continues...."
Chicago’s Elite: Radcliffe, Khannouchi, Tergat, Ndereba, Current Chicago champion Benjamin Kimondiu, Peter Githuka, John Kagwe and Joseph Kariuki. And more; Michael Aish (New Zealand), Jeff Campbell, Alan Culpepper, Keith Dowling, Shawn Found, Eric Mack (USA) Luis, Antonio Dos Santos (Brazil), Tobias Hiskia and Gert Thys (South Africa). Gonna be a hot race!
Congrats to the fat Tuesday Sylvia! Women - 1. Sylvia Mosqueda, CA, 1:12:34; Winner of America’s finest 1/2M. Mbarak Hussein, brother to Ibrahim, took the men’s from fellow Albuquerqian Simon Sawe.
Happy Birthday to Michele of Central Park Track Club!
The town of Ossining in Westchester County sits from 6 to 200 feet above sea level. Khalid Khannouchi's bedroom in Ossining, or at least the air in it, is 12,000 feet above sea level. This fact has special significance because the 30-year-old, Moroccan-born Khannouchi is history's fastest marathon runner. In a teleconference yesterday, he disclosed that for three months he had been sleeping in an altitude-training room he had installed by Colorado Altitude Training for $16,000. Franko Vatterott, the company's director of sales and marketing, said oxygen was removed from the room in increments tailored to the athlete. He said an athlete had to spend at least 10 hours a day in the room for at least four weeks to accustom the body to reduced oxygen. The theory is that if a runner sleeps high and trains low - sleeps in the thinner air of high altitude and races or trains at low altitude - less oxygen is needed. ``I started using it in May,'' Khannouchi said. ``I really felt a big difference two weeks later when I went to Albuquerque to train and didn't feel it.'' From Da Times. Thanks Victor! Paula & Marla also have them.
Eldo Lise, "Mary and I were going into the Eldo supermarket one day for our daily purchase of cadbury chocolate and that drinkable yogurt that is so yummy (the yogurt cancels out the chocolate of course- therefore no calories)...and at the bag check-in watched a woman check her handbag and 3 chickens into one of the slots- priceless."
FRANKFURT, Germany (August 15, 2002 11:51 a.m. EDT) - Nine Ethiopian athletes who abandoned their team during a stop-over in Frankfurt have applied for asylum in Germany, border police here said Thursday.

The nine, who do not have identity papers with them, are being held at a detention center at Frankfurt Airport where their plane had stopped following the African athletics championships in Tunisia.

Ha anyone want to recruit for a NY team? The mind boggles, who will we see waiting at the immigration desk?

Excellent news; World Record-Holders at Rock 'n' Roll: Kenya's Paul Tergat and South Africa's Elana Meyer, who hold the half-marathon world records, will both be running in the Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach on September 1.
Mike Rosenthal reports on his brother Seth, who is visiting Iceland! "I got a phone message from my brother Seth. He ran Reykjavik in 4:17:59 which is his PR by 53 seconds. He said he loved it and conditions were great (15 deg. C.). I'm eager to hear more when he returns tomorrow. I'm sure your advice helped a lot, especially since he's been injured since last year's NYC Marathon." A pr in Iceland is Very commendable - that is not an easy course at all!!
Zurich: MST - 1 Boulami Brahim MAR 7:53.17 (WR) 2 Cherono Stephen KEN 8:05.14 3 Koech Paul KEN 8:05.44 Wow, out of touch! A new World Record, Kenya’ll be in tears!

M1500M - #3 fastest time in history, and which web site has been telling you that the ‘new’ name on the scene would be Cornelius this year?? 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:26.89 2 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:30.88 3 Silva Rui POR 3:31.22 4 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:31.52 5 Chirchir William KEN 3:32.76
#1 race M800 1 Mutua Joseph KEN 1:43.33 2 Kipketer Wilson DEN 1:43.59 3 Mulaudzi Mbulaeni RSA 1:43.81 4 Bucher André SUI 1:44.30 5 Czapiewski Pawel POL 1:44.35 6 Krummenacker David USA 1:44.74
#2 800m Race: 1 Bungei Wilfred KEN 1:43.64 2 Yiampoy William KEN 1:43.69 3 Kimutai Japheth KEN 1:44.07
W800 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 1:57.24 2 Ceplak Jolanda SLO 1:57.78 3 Martínez Mayte ESP 1:58.29 4 Miles Clark Jearl USA 1:58.41
M5000 -M’Kenya! 1 Kipketer Sammy KEN 12:56.99 2 Limo Richard KEN 12:57.86 3 Chebii Abraham KEN 12:58.98 4 Limo Benjamin KEN 13:01.31
Gail Devers hopes of winning the Golden League jackpot faded as she lost women's 100m hurdles in Zurich to Spain's Glory Alozie
W1500M - 1 Szabo Gabriela ROM 3:58.78 2 Favor Hamilton Suzy USA 3:59.10 3 Turova Alesya BLR 3:59.89
W3000 - 1 Adere Berhane ETH 8:32.76 2 Tomashova Tatyana RUS 8:33.40 3 O'Sullivan Sonia IRL 8:33.62
We are sorry to report that the Gazelle has a stress fracture, and will be out of competitions for the foreseeable future - a bad blow for her, and of course MCNY.

New of the WeltKlasse was fast; Michiel reports, "Brahim Boulami became the hero at the annual Weltklasse meeting in Zurich. 7.53.17 is the new standard in the 3000 steeple. Did he not only set a new WR last year at the Ivo van Damme Memorial in Brussels, taking away this record held by the Kenyans for 22 years straight: at this moment he is also trying to set a new standard. The Kenyans could only keep up with him for 1500 meters but just could not follow further on, the gap at the end was 12 seconds which is at this level almost a 100 meters. Boulami has ofcourse big examples close to him as his brother Khalid has been a top-runner also and his country-fellow Hicham el Guerrouj.

What this Marrocan has been doing for the last 5 years already is amazing. He just keeps on winning all the races he participates in. El Guerrouj was again showing graceful elegance in his 1500, gliding to a 3.26.90 digging a 4 second gap, at 1200 he was still under his own WR. I just love the style in which he just effortless follows for 2 laps the pacemakers or brutal guys trying to beat him, then accelerating and flying home. The name of Maria Mutola is becoming a statue for ever in Switserland since she won her 800 in Zurich fo the 10th time in a row....since 1993.

If you think about this performance you can show nothin but a lot of respect. Ofcourse you can be the best in your event but showing it for 10 years in a row !, 10 years of no injuries and showing your best form in this event in August every year is a performance on its own in a sport as tough as athletics. Not to be expected losses in die Weltklasse were Wilson Kipketer in the 800, Gail Devers in the 100 hurdles, Greene fisinishing only 5-th in the 100. This year's Maurice Greene is not what he has been doing before, this counts also for his training partner and friend Ato Boldon, he finished his season already, running poor perfomances of 10.20's and 10.30's.

Not able to show his 8.06 ER steeple performance again was Dutch Simon Vroemen, but still he beat Spanish Jiminez who grabbed his gold away in the EURO champs. Still performing very well is Dieter Bauman, a very tough athlete coming back after 2 years suspension. He was the 5000 gold winner at the games in Barcelona back in 1992 already beating....africans. It shows that you can you can be very competitive on this level even if you are 37 and the drive is still there.

There was lots of fun in Zürich, the crowd was fanatic and cheering and yelling like in a Dutch soccer-game which is rare to experience in athletics, the weather was a 30 Celsius, no wind. The Italian taxi-driver raised in Spain living in Switserland bringing me and my friend Ron to stadium Letzigrund is saving some more money for new teeth now. After the games I went on to Zürich nightlife, this is not like Amsterdam, ofcourse not, but hé you can make fun everywhere. The Swiss are rich and since they trade the EURO 1 on 1 for the Swiss Frank they become even more rich, $%#&*. The EURO is easy but your wallet keeps growing with coins from countries all around europe, only the notes are exactly the same. But since the Thai Bath fits also very well in all machines you can make money also a little bit. So thats my story of the Zürich trip in 34 hours and 1100 miles of fast Deutsche und Swiss Autobahn and some slow Dutch ones." Thanks!!

The Spaghetti Kenyan - Aiming for NYC Marathon, to challenge the big guys….. Carol Howe and Zoomalong providing the race of the week end in NYC Club Champs unattached race, with the un Polished Pole in third.. Stephen Ondieki, now running for Westchester (It is hard to keep up with all the switches) took top honors, with Lete in La Femmes… the bad weather brought a host of sub standard performances…but when all was said and done Westchester proved once again they are the City’s top team, and that without a doubt. Last year the men had 10 in the top 15 to win, and this year the women showed with their scoring 5 in the top 8 places… that is a wipe out!

Colonel Bill Staab, of WSX, "Well my team has the best dancers…." Dog Dan, "We scored!" Sir Roland of CPTC, "You’re not Coca-cola, you have zero pulling power." Partime, "Well I ran today, just not in the race." CoffeeKevin, "I’m thinking of moving to the oil."
Meanwhile out in obscurity; The Boss won a race, and the series, in Norwalk… and Kavan did just that… "Four minutes of walking in the race, and Jerry just beat me…" Go figure - you do the math!

AOL tells; Name Meaning; Toby, a 2-syllable girl's name of Hebrew/Greek origin, means: God is good.
Nicknames for Toby are Tobe, Tobey, Tobi, Tobye, Tova, Tove, Tybi and Tybie.
Peter Nzimbi won the Reykjavik Half Marathon - 1:07, from Svein Ernstsson of Iceland. A surprise to see Peter winning, I am glad that he missed the $500 bonus for the 1:05 CR as he is indeed a shady character. Interesting to see that he has become a Master’s runner too - that guy’s age hops around like a Yoyo. The First woman was Icelander Erla Gunnarsdottir.

Piotr Uciechowski of Poland took the men’s Marathon, with Rannveig Oddsdottir of Iceland Taking the women’s race.

the Swedish Men’s 10,000m Nat Champs: 1 Erik Sjöqvist 72 Enhörna IF 28:57.72 2 Joakim Johansson 76 Hälle IF 29:03.20 3 Claes Nyberg 71 IF Göta 29:09.89
The Women’s 10,000 1 Jenny Widarsson 76 Mullsjö SOK 35:52.00 2 Annika Nyberger 68 Spårvägens FK 35:55.64 3 Anna Isaksson 73 Flemingsbergs 36:37.67
High Jump Kajsa took GOLD with 2-meters!!
The Men’s 400m was dominated by Juniors (looks good for the future) and was nearly a City Championship closed affair - a good quality in Stockholm - 1 Johan Wissman 82 IFK Helsingborg 47.58 2 Thomas Nikitin 82 Spårvägens FK 48.06 3 Andreas Mokdasi 84 Hässelby SK 48.45
We hear from Fiona Bayly, A big Urban welldone to her;
THe Hudson River - a gorgeous 75 degrees or so - was too warm for wetsuits if one wanted to be eligible for national standings - so I left the ol' suit at home, went out, and won my age-group, and came damn near to placing in the top three overall in the AG event. I qulaified for Nationals, in Idaho in a couple of weeks. Yippeeeee! The paid pros started after we did, and they were allowed to draft each other on their bike ride, the luckies! Hey- at least the toll booths up near the Bronx were open for all the traithletes. That was a kick.
What’s Kingcre up to? "Just up to my neck in some construction projects and a bit overwhelmed by the heat and the physical labor combination."
Spaghetti Kenyan, "You eat too much!"
Me, "Say what?"
Spaghetti, "Yes, but you are thin."
Me, "You too Spaghetti!"
Spaghetti, "If I ate as much as you I’d be too fat."
Me, "Well you are thinner than me."
Spaghetti, "No, you are thinner!"
Me, "I don’t think so! And I don’t eat too much do I?"
Spaghetti, "You come to my house, and eat then we’ll see."
Can’t win! Spaghetti will next be performing next week at B_ 5km, he is aiming to go under 14-minutes, and my money is on him running 13:50.
Meanwhile talking abs, Partime does 150 situps per day! Wow, I am super impressed with that. My PR is 25!
And club news close out - The Boss (Le Informer) came up with some very interesting stuff one of our Bubblegum members happened to say to him about our intrepid reporter. How many faces can a head have? Over & out.
Yesterday in the heat of the morning, in the middle of a 20-mile run in the 90-degree heat, we saw Lauren & StopnChat circling the park watching the NYC Tri, and Jud & Monsieur Mileage glide by….
Out & About - Ocean in the evening for da Fish, and Healthy Bagel for the sourdough cranberry & walnut raisin bagel at lunch. Speaking of food - Tonight after the NIKE run we will have a Barbeque - all welcome! Come and have an easy run with us - 7PM at the Wollman Rink. My big hope (after seeing him in motion last Tuesday on da track) is that Sir Roland will attend! Lill’ Jacob of the NYRR, "Do I have to come?" Of Course! Da gang will be there!
But would you vote for this guy?
On the track; Dodging soccer balls, wrestling with irate walkers, and generally having a Thursday night blast….. Best of luck to Conor who led out the workout, and will compete on Sunday in the NYC Triathlon - the man is running very well! A small turn out was due in part to the focus of this weekend’s comp, "What race? I’m doing Norwalk…" Mentioned the Boss, who is leading the CT challenge. JimmyBats was down showing off his Radioactive Orange Shorts "These things are used for stop signs in Russia," he boasted. Becky excused herself from the weekend’s party with a good session, as did Lee (but she’ll be there)… Cruiser is on holiday - Don, Leola, Century certainly weren’t - neither was Partime or Cara - there were some sterling efforts on the track tonight… Even Elvis turned up! Must have been the reruns. DogDan & Candlestickman flew through the session, and the aforementioned soccer ball straight into poor Amber who logged a good sess.

Out & About afterwards to Josie’s for exactly the same dish - but I hate it when they ask, "How do you want your salmon done?" There is only one way for Salmon to be cooked… I mean are they waiting for someone to say Well Done? Gimme a break!

Mike Mykytok tells us he may make it in for some drinking over the weekend to the Big Smoke.

Excuse of the Month for not attending the work out goes to one of our newest, and most welcome members - Evelyn. She always gives a focused effort on the track (after arriving on her skates!) And her is the excuse, "Hi. I wanted to let you know that I most likely won't be there for the next couple of weeks. I'm getting married next week and am caught up in a bunch of wedding stuff."
A huge Urbanoso Congratulations to Evelyn from us all at Urbanoso World!
Meanwhile….. Queen of the Harriers, "Well tonight I will be on a booze cruise but I promise to toast you and wave as the party boat passes by the track on the east river!" Hm, no comment mon amie!
Reports are now out that scientists have developed Marathon Mice - genetically effective to run WR marathon’s… now if only I could get this reincarnation kick worked out.
Brits are celebrating a resurgence in popularity in T&F after the Commonwealth Games - so much so that the Jewel track (Crystal Palace) is having extra seating added……
We hear Don is off on the Runner’s World Alaska trip - I am jealous, I could do with a cruise. Mind you that perhaps would not be the wisest for me and da scales…. Once I see those buffet tables my self control goes out the window. However at the moment I am pleased to report that all sits fine in that department - I have not regained the slabs I gained in Puerto Rico, yet! - this weekend!
We hear from my Amsterdam correspondent; "Michiel from Amsterdam is off to Zürich für die Weltklasse in the famous Stadion Letzigrund.1-st time I am going there to watch today elite's field. I have been in Brussels 2 times as a spectator joining a 50.000 people crowd going wild. Dutch participants in die Schweiz are the fresh silver medalist at the eurochamps in Munich last week, Simon Vroemen and the young ones Arnoud Okken, Bram Som, Stephan Beumer. Simon is THE track and field king in Holland at the moment after running his EURO record of 8.06 in Monaco and now his silver medal in Munich. And to tell you readers how things can change for an athlete in 1 season, saw him finishing almost dead last in 3000 steeple, last year in Brussels Golden League where mister Brahim Boulami kept running victory laps with the Moroccan flag wrapped around his skinny distance shoulders after breaking the long held 3000 steeple WR by the Kenyans. Will they succeed in taking this one back to altitude Eldoret this track season ?! Time and some competitions will tell. What more confrontations to expect: Ceplak-Mutola, Chambers-Montgomery-Greene, Lagat-El Guerrouj, etc. And further not to forget, many Europeans must be in superb form as they have been tapering-off for the European championships. If the weather, dry after some fresh rain, no wind and the vibes are there we can expect some fast times and distances."
Paul Tergat of Kenya, one of the greatest ever distance runners, is on course to run The 25th Anniversary LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon on Sunday October 13. Earlier this year Tergat became the world's second fastest marathoner with a 2:05:48 performance in London running against World Record holder Khalid Khannouchi and Haile Gebrselassie.

Tergat - winner of last year's BUPA Great North Run, - joins an unprecedented field in Chicago that now includes a match-up of the two fastest male and the two fastest female marathon runners of all-time. "Paul's addition to this field makes it the strongest in the 25 year history of The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon," said Carey Pinkowski, the executive race director. "To have both world record holders Khalid Khannouchi and Catherine Ndereba is an accomplishment, but to also have their closest competitors, Paul Tergat and Paula Radcliffe in the same race is epic.

"To have these magnificent athletes meet in the prime of their careers on Chicago's fast course may result in the greatest head to head competitions in marathon history." Well not as an impressive field as in London but……

Helsinki GP II
M3000 Finnish winnings continue:
1 Vasala Samuli FIN 7:46.95 2 Mottram Craig AUS 7:47.01 3 Kirui William KEN 7:47.15 4 Muli Pius KEN 7:47.88 5 Chenonge Hillary KEN 7:49.19 (name the famous Uncle link….)
1 Mulaudzi Mbulaeni RSA 1:45.29 2 Kipchirchir Alex KEN 1:45.74 3 McCarthy Kris AUS 1:45.93 4 Rotich Henry KEN 1:46.16 5 Rotich Willy KEN 1:46.55 6 Robinson Khadevis USA 1:46.63 1 Samaria Agnes NAM 1:59.69 2 Vriesde Letitia SUR 2:00.42 3 Raspopova Olga RUS 2:00.53
1 Ejigu Sentayehu ETH 8:52.88 5 2 Kavaklioglu Ebru TUR 8:53.89 4 3 Kibiwot Viola KEN 8:54.25 Viola is a junior, trained in Iten village no less!
The IAAF yesterday confirmed the three-year suspension of Belgian cross-country champion Mohammed Mourhit for failing a doping test. The 31-year-old runner, holder of three European records, underwent an out-of-competition test on May 3 that showed the use of EPO, or erythropoietin, an illegal endurance-boosting substance.
TV watch! August 17 1-2 a.m. 2002 Weltklasse: Golden League Track & Field Series, Zurich, Switzerland ESPN2.. or should that be VCR at that time!
Malmo Results - this club used to be sponsored by Carlsberg (How cool is that?)
Msteeple:1 Robert Gary USA 8.32,90 2 Henrik Skoog Spårvägens FK 8.40,90 3 David Kirwa KEN 8.46,29
M1500 - A name for the future - 1 Isaac Songok KEN 3.36,97 2 Andrew Graffin GBR 3.37,70 3 Eliud Njubi KEN 3.38,18 4 Julius Achon UGA 3.39,72 5 Ibrahim Aden USA 3.43,99 (Jul & Aden were Georgetown buddies).
W800 - 1 Larisa Chziao RUS 2.01,96 2 Jo Fenn GBR 2.02,24 3 Lena Nilsson Täby IS 2.02,26
M800 - Ouch for Japheth! 1 Dimitri Bogdanov RUS 1.46,02 2 Berhanu Alemu ETH 1.46,96 3 Rizak Dirshe Malmö AI 1.47,59 4 Japhet Kimutai KEN 1.48,59 5 Jon Andersson Falu IK 1.52,63
Back in Helsinki! Maria turns to the 400!! 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 51.55 2 Richards Sandie JAM 51.74 - and Sandie is a good scalp!
On the track last night; The Boss was down there running with Partime & Cara. He was training without a shirt as is his fashion, hm, no comment, well at least we can no longer call him Chubby - he has lost da pounds. Partime & Cara were also running good! I was down there with Central Park - Canadian Craig & Jonathan P plowing out a good sess with Alessandro and I hanging in for dear life…. Alessandro actually was faring rather better than I - however it had been a loooong day!
First a lap of CP inner loop with the Captain, then a treadmill run at 6 min miling, then running down to da track… had to run back too - turned into a high mileage day.

Others seen at the track - Some great timing from Sir Roland, the best timer yet….. some inspirational talk from CPTC coach Tony for the weekend (Too bad it was all about a baseball game). A reminder from James Siegel that drinking is not really permitted in CP (alcohol that is…), StopnChat reminded everyone that this weekend has separate starts for Men & Women - don’t glance at the flyer and turn up for the wrong event!
We found out Super Sid won the age group nationals yet again… Jerome was looking very snappy in a black outfit….. hey, nobody got hit by a soccer ball!

On the way home up First our intrepid reporter heard his name being called out. As it was a rather attractive girl he stopped, she said, "Hi, you don’t know me, but I know you…." We like these continuing Goldfish bowl sagas - all in a NY City teacup!

Big Good Luck this weekend: NEW YORK CITY TRIATHLON participants. To Nicole Billman, Shelley Farmer, Sean Fitzpatrick, Joseph Frazetta, Ross Galitsky, Joe Gravier, Otto Hoering, Bill Komaroff, Jesse Lansner, Matthew Newman, Mariejo Pasion-Rojas and G'mo Rojas a special extra good luck.
Out & About at 5 AM yesterday morning - Discusiing fav hotels with the Captain - who very kindly gave me a new coffee grinder(!), and some beans! The Captain says, "Monaco, a hotel with a delectable breakfast served over a view to die for….." Et Moi? Perhaps that hotel suite (The president’s suite) in Austin Texas with my 3 bedrooms, oak conference table… I forget the name….. I had a suite at the Hilton on Sixth, 44-floor, which was also rather zippy…. The Grand in Stockholm had a breakfast fit for the gods and a location perfectio…..
We are glad to report that Colonel Bill Staab will be bringing the West Side Runners to the BoatBasin to join UATH & The Harriers this Saturday - please do not turn up at the BoatHouse!
"Paula Radcliffe who had narrowly missed the gold medal so many times, finally won two major titles in the span of 10 days. First on an electric night in the City of Manchester stadium at the 2002 Commonwealth Games she won the 5000m; nine days later in Munich she won the 10,000m at the 2002 European Championships." That report, from the IAAF, obviously is not the supported view of Sir Roland… And Radcliffe meanwhile ponders a BIG decision! "When you think that it's the marathon in Athens, which is the home of the marathon, then maybe things change a little bit," she said. "So it's a difficult decision. I would love to win an Olympic marathon, and I would love an Olympic medal on the track, so it's going to be a hard decision."
Irishman Mark Carroll has said that he will definitely make his marathon debut in New York.
Commonwealth marathon champion Kerryn McCann will spearhead an Australian double challenge for the BUPA Great North Run title on October 6. Susie Power, #3 in 10,000m, will also run for the land of OZ.
Eldo Lise heading East? "Well, just got invited to Taipei this morning to teach for Oct from may be just too good...and that would put me even further from Kenya....for a year at least...what to do... Just reading my friend's email on her latest travels makes me want to hit the road again!"
Read what husband Pieter has to say about Lornah’s victory at Falmouth! "Paul J. Sinclair" wrote: Toby: Are you aware that you're considered famous by some? thought you might enjoy this. Cheers, Paul (CPTC) (scroll down to post by greyhound7)

And from Anne-Sophie, "hey have you seen that

Man, Fame in a goldfish bowl - but I’ll take it! See above story!
The Boss will be down on the 6th St track tonight - if anyone wants to go down and join Cara & Partime for the intervals session, he’ll be Da Coach. I shall also be down there running with the Mystic Orange Runners. The Boss says, "Be there ready to run 6:15-30...." If you need his services.
Top seven men's marathon times ever: Khalid Khannouchi USA 2:05:38 London, 2002 Khalid Khannouchi MOR 2:05:42 Chicago, 1999 Paul Tergat KEN 2:05:48 London, 2002 Renaldo DeCosta BRA 2:06:05 Berlin, 1998 Moses Tanui KEN 2:06:16 Chicago, 1999 Gert Thys RSA 2:06:33 Tokyo, 1999 Haile Gebrselassie ETH 2:06:35 London, 2002
The amazing Khannouch! The slowest mile split in London? 4:55 The fastest? The 3rd & the 15th were 4:39!!
Club Champs gossip - Stephen Ondieki, Mike Mamo, and Keb the ‘other’ Ethiopian, will provide a stiff challenge to the Spaghetti Kenyan this Saturday. Stephen was the First local at the George Sheehan last Sunday, residing in Wyckoff, NJ, and running 24:25. Giving chase in second overall was Kassahun Kabiso, 18 years old, of Ringwood, NJ - used to be Alem’s houseguest in Harlem - Letesyesus was the first ‘local’ girl - also now listed as a NJ resident, in 29-minutes for the 5-m distance.
More on the Euro’s - Alberto Garcia won the Euro’s 5000m in 13:38 before ‘Frenchman’ Sghyr. The Frenchman was a Moroccan a couple of years ago - There again Wilson Kipketer won the 800m, 1:47, for Denmark - but is a Kenyan. Go figure!
WORLD FASTEST WOMEN’S MILE AT 8th ANNUAL SBLI FALMOUTH MILE Suzy Favor Hamilton Runs 4:25.27; Kevin Sullivan wins in 3:59.26
A woman terminally ill with cancer of the lungs and bones has completed the London Triathlon, just four months after running the London Marathon.

Jane Tomlinson, from Rothwell, Leeds, completed the course in less than three and a half hours, beating half of the women competitors in her age group. "It was really hard work, but I enjoyed myself," said the 38-year-old mother of three. No excuses!

Afro Champo’s; Kenya's Paul Bitok showed his strength 10 years after winning his first 5000 metres silver medal in the Barcelona Olympics and another silver in Atlanta four years later as he led Benjamin Limo to 1-2 in the race.

Bitok timed 13:31.95 and Limo 13:32.10 to relegate Morocco's Amyn Mohammed to bronze medal in 13:33.98. Algeria’s Aiss Said Guerni retained the continent's 800 metres title with a 1:45.52 victory as Kenya's William Yiampoy took silver in 1:45.79.
Men 1500m Bernard Lagat (Ken) 3:38.11

Australia: City to Surf 14K Jussi Utriainen, Finland, winning in 41:37! Jussi is in da book THWE.
Maria Mutola, "You grow up in a war, you learn to appreciate sport," Mutola says. "We had no freedom. We couldn't do anything, we couldn't go anywhere. We couldn't visit our relatives in other cities. Many people were killed or maimed by land mines. Other families starved to death." The last decade’s best 800m runner.
Quote of the week: "I've always taken the philosophy that you have to dream a little in this sport, if you stay in your comfort zone, you're not going to do anything special."
-Deena Drossin
Love that one!
And here is a quote from RW, "A well-rested Lornah Kiplagat of Kenya…" talking about her victory in Falmouth. Well rested? Are they aware that Lornah does actually race in other places other than the U.S. roads??? Check out her page to see a couple of weeks ago she ran 30:44 in Holland, a week before a 14:51 5km in Holland, then Peachtree… yeah, well rested - hard working more like! Later we read, "She opted not to do any other races after winning Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race on July 4." Really?

Anyway another GREAT result was Zoomalong! Women's master Tatyana Pozdnyakova, age 47, of the Ukraine, finished 38:53, leading Americans Gordon ‘Zoomalong’ Bakoulis, 41, of New York City, at 39:57, and Joan Benoit Samuelson, 45, of Freeport Maine, 40:22. Eddy was #2 in the Master’s men behind Andrew Masaii of Eldoret Town, married to a Kikuyu woman of wrath!

Two races - Saturday, and Thursday - both won by the infamous Spaghetti Kenyan. Way to go Paul - You’re the tops, and surely a Red Hot fav to revenge the CP loss against Stephen Ondieki on Saturday. My dollars are on Spaghetti!
Shelburne Falls, Mass., Bridge of Flowers 10-K: Men - Paul Mwangi, KEN, 31:27. Women - Lori Hewig (42), NY, 37:14

Manchester, N.H., CIGNA HealthCare Corporate 5-K: Men - 1. Paul Mwangi, KEN, 14:06; 2. Zablon Mokaya, KEN, 14:17; 3. Timothy Mangera, KEN, 14:20. Women - 1. Agnes Ngunjiri, KEN, 15:53; 2. Katie McGregor, MN, 16:13; 3. Tatyana Pozdnyakova (47), UKR, 16:17.

We read that once again Frank Shorter was making drug allegations - he made some very cutting comments after another race in Falmouth either last year, orr the year before.
I would, having lived with Lornah, swear on my life she is clean. I have been in training situations where I have seen cheats operate - the signs of these athletes are clear. Lornah is as natural a talent as one could wish for - Wake up! Just because she is running better than he did as an athlete does not mean she is a cheat! I remember a conversation with a US athlete 10,000m star who had just met the aforementioned man - "He was sour, and told me that I’d never amount to anything, even though I’d just run a time within a 100-yards of his best!" Sour grapes?
What’s Eldo Lise up to? "spent the weekend in victoria...chick's lots of junk food, tennis (my winning streak came to an abrupt end with a serious butt kicking and much gloating from the winner and foot stomping from my end- all in good competitive fun of course) and general hanging out."
Janne Holmen, the new European Champion @ the Marathon, studied in Sweden. He originally comes from a small island between Sweden & Finland called Aland. The major race on this isle is called The Kanonloppet (The Canon Race). I ran the race three times, 93,94, & 1995 - Janne won the junior division under those years. The island holds a special place in my memory as my god friend Robert Laaxsonnen also lives there.
From the NYRR, "ARE YOU THE PONTIAC COMEBACK RUNNER OF THE YEAR? Pontiac and New York Road Runners are accepting nominations for the Pontiac Comeback Runner of the Year Award. This annual award honors two recreational runners who have come back from adversity to participate in the New York City Marathon. You may nominate yourself or someone you know, as long as the nominee is an entrant in the 2002 New York City Marathon. Nominations should explain the challenge overcome in 100 words or less. Winners will receive a beautiful trophy produced by Tiffany & Co., a $1,000 gift certificate to Foot Locker, and a $1,000 charity donation by Pontiac. All entries must be received by September 30, 2002."
Fun at the Nike training runs - We raffled out new shades, gave out T-shirts, and ran around da Park! All for free - life could not be better huh?
Urban Athletics bands together with The New York Harriers for the post race party at the Boat Basin this coming Saturday - Meeting time is at 12:00 Noon. We are hoping that the West Side Runners team will also join us, I’ll have to talk to Colonel Bill Staab.
Euro Marathon results - Maria GUIDA ITA 2:26:05 CR, Luminita ZAITUC GER 2:26:58, Sonja OBEREM GER 2:28:48, and Jane Salumae was 5’ back in 4th - Jane used to be the Hofors team in Sweden, a very nice girl from Lithuania…. And a great result from 42-yr old Marie Soderstrom, SWE in 8th! 2:36
Shocking - I remember Janne from when I competed in Sweden - he was moving through the ranks getting better as a runner as I was leaving. I never guessed he’d pop a result like this. The field was high quality - the #2 man was the Paris runner-up in 2:08 this past Spring!

1 Janne HOLMEN FIN 16:24(1) 31:43(1) 47:26(1) 1:03:16(1) 1:06:44(1) 2:12:14 (Pr) #2 Pavel LOSKUTOV EST 2:13:18 #3 Julio REY ESP 2:13:28 Four Spaniards in the top 7! French fav Benoit was back in 2:16:00 (#14)

I had my body fat measured on Sunday - just 3%! That’s what I like to read. I ran with George, the Yugoslavian runner, from Westchester - one of the speedy milers in the city. Yesterday he was #4 in the Falmouth Mile running 4:03.
We talked about the (then) upcoming Falmouth and I told him that I thought Kosgei would win, George guessed John Korir - so here are the results - (positions #6&7 from HATC!) James Koskei Kenya 11 33 M 00:32:10 John Korir Kenya 32:13 Khalid Khannouchi Ossining NY 32:14 William Kiptum Kenya:32:16 Hendrick Ramaala South Africa 32:27 Christopher Cheboiboch Kenya 32:28 Benjamin Kimutai Kosgei Kenya 32:31 - Well one of us was right! I also got the women’s winner too - Lornah Kiplagat Kenya 35:13 #2Catherine Ndereba Kenya 36:00. Way to go Simba!!
African Championships W10,000m #1 Susan Chepkemei in 31:45.14, with compatriot Leah Malot following in 32:00.78. And Ethiopia's Eyerusalem Kuma zapped da bronze in 32:21.60. & 3000M SC Final 1 Brahim Boulami (MAR) 8:19.51 2 Wilson Boit Kipketer (KEN) 8:20.92 3 Stephen Cherono (KEN) 8:23:85
from Michiel, "today i missed live coverage of Simon Vroemen taking silver on 3000 with bars and water (always have to think about the cows in Kamarin stadium) Maasse missed a medal for sure as he fell in his 10.000 race. Miss Paula was astonishing and run a world record. i wrote miss Lornah a mail as she will race against her in paris and athens when everything goes well......" In Amsterdam City.
And by the roadside Sir Roland does wear the best taste in Nike Fashion - The natty Red’s are Sir Roland originals, copied by certain wannabees (Ed’s note; such as our intrepid reporter no less!), (SShhhh!)
Britain's Colin Jackson has won his 4th consecutive European 110mh title clocking 13"11. Olijars (Lat) won silver, Kohutek (Pol)bronze. And… Spain's Marta Dominguez outsprinted Ireland's Sonia O'Sullivan in the last meter to grasp the 5000m European crown in Munich on Saturday. Dominguez won in a time of 15 minutes 14.76 seconds denying O'Sullivan a successful defence. Olsson takes triple-jump gold
In a tremendous demonstration of will and power Dominguez stoll the first place finish from O'Sullivna by just 9 tenths of a second. In third place Jelena Sadoroschnaja from Russia with a time of 15:15.22.
Marveljols-Mende - 22.4km
This race is one of the toughest in Europe - the hugest hills are simply gruesome! 1 Elijah Nyebuti KEN 1:12:25 2 Zebedayo Bayo TAN 1:13:13 3 Hassane El Hamadi FRA 1:13:33
1 Svetlana Demidenko RUS 1:22:49 2 Hafida Gadi FRA 1:23:12 3 Beatrice Omwanza KEN 1:26:18
What makes us get up at 06:30 am on a Saturday morning to go for a long run in the park? Who knows but thousands did, and I had that question passed on by PonyTail Ted whose wife made that comment as he turned to the bed at 1:00Am the night before… Runners are indeed a strange breed - what they do commonly have is commitment, and that is what makes the runners do these strange things - Power to you!
Seen in the crowds - Paul K, Randy Sax, TGV, Queen Diane ("I’m not doing Moscow, I’ll do Cuba instead."), Steve P, & Canadian Craig, also Mike from CPTC, and a quite a few more.
The wake of Coyle
Setting off in a hurry I forgot to check the exact location of Eddy Coyle’s wake, though I knew it to be somewhere around 70th ST on First Avenue.
I found a large church like building with a group of old people milling in and out, and remembering something about 70th St, decided this must be the place. At the front reception I informed an old lady that I was looking for the wake of Eddy Coyle. She looked at me before yelling, "Somebody here to see a Mr. Coyle."
I told her, "Well actually Mr. Coyle is dead, but I am here to see him, as such."
"Is there a Mr. Coyle here?" She called out oblivious. The group of elderly people gawped, and nobody grasped my confusion.
"He is dead, I’m looking for a wake!" I yelled.
"You’re looking for a dead man?" She screamed back with a smile contorted across her face.
"I’ve obviously got the wrong place…" I tried to excuse myself.
"Hold on, there is a lady here who knows about dead people…."

Out in the street I managed to find someone who knew of a close-by funeral center - and there I ‘found’ Eddy.

A nice group, mainly Millrose NYRR members, & Harriers, were there for the service. The Priest, a man who did not know Eddy, gave somewhat of a discretionary speech about crosses and gifts. He repeated himself enough times to fill out a catalogue of pizza restaurants on First Avenue before a few of Eddy’s closer friends spoke of their personal memories.
My own thoughts were too obscure I thought for the occasion, Should I talk about the odd voice mail messages I used to get, what about his bagel recommendations, or perhaps the report he wrote in the paper when every single fact was wrong.
Although these were random thoughts I had of Eddy at that moment they would not quite befit the air of the day. I liked Eddy and would have known him three years this September. People tell me these were his cantankerous days - he was riddled with Cancer like a church pew was with woodworm, he was apt to snap like a small dog at criticism, but pound for pound he was the original. Whatever, I admired him for what he was.

I guess I will remember Eddy best when I am running one day in the park and the wind is coughing & blowing. It will be deathly cold with a drizzle on the edge of the day. I will come to the end of some NY City race and standing at the finishing line with a beady glassy eye there shall be an old man shivering with little fat to cover his bones. He’ll have a notepad in his hand…. And he’ll be writing about a sport, and our people, that most have cared to forget.

Following Eddy’s wake I went with Liam the Irish Tattoo, Steve El Prez, Diane Queen of the Harriers, and Ponytail Ted, to the Starlite Diner a block down the road. I was pleased to see that Eddy’s hearse was an old grey 1970’s zootmobile, quite the Coyle I thought.
As we sat and talked; "Roberto Pee-R’d in my shorts…" El Prez. "Douglas has missed the last three master’s scoring races despite me making travel plans around his requests…" PonyTail Ted. "I should go in to work at some stage today…." The Queen, and "I won’t need to shower after the club champs next week…" The Tattoo.
I forgot all about Eddy, when the Queen said at the end of lunch, "We should have toasted Eddy." A stab of guilt struck me, I guess that is the meaning of life at the end of death - Eddy’s not gone, he’ll always be there - just in our memories that’s all.

Olympic 100m gold medalist and two-time World champion Marion Jones will soon race against the woman who beat her last year at the World championships. Going head to head for the first time in 2002, Jones and Ukrainian Zhanna Pintusevich-Block will take their starting blocks at the Norwich Union Grand Prix at Crystal Palace in London on August 23.

Snappy Sprinting, #1 in the 200m men’s K. KENTERIS GRE 19.85- champs record, (#1 W200 Muriel HURTIS FRA 22.43), and 1 S. DIAGANA FRA 47.58 world leading time to winning the Euro’s 400m h!

Glory ALOZIE of Nigeria becomes the ‘european’ champion in the 100m W hurdles, running 12:73 - is this right? Nah!

World and Olympic champion Jonathan Edwards conceded his European triple jump title to his young pretender Christian Olsson of Sweden here on Thursday.

Days after completing the "Grand Slam" of the four major titles available to him by winning at the Commonwealth Games, the 36-year-old Briton saw his European crown pass to the lanky 22-year-old who he has tipped as his successor.

The giant, violin-playing German Ingo Schultz became the European 400 meter champion here on Thursday after holding off a late charge from David Canal of Spain and world indoor champion Daniel Caines. Roared on by the 60,000 crowd at the Olympic Stadium, 27-year-old Schultz crossed the line in 45.14 seconds to be greeted by a huge hug from his girlfriend, German swimmer Anke Buschschulter, who won gold and bronze medals at last week's European Swimming Championships.

Canal recovered from being overtaken by Schultz after just 100 meters to nick second place in 45.24 seconds from Britain's Caines who took bronze in 45.28 seconds. The 2.01-meter Schultz confirmed the potential he revealed when he won a surprise silver medal at the World Championships. He said: "I'm so happy. I went flat out and when my legs got tired I was carried along by the crowd."

"I am hoping to return tomorrow to Fort Romeau to prepare for Chicago." Paula radcliffe ultimately decided to skip the Euro’s - not wanting the hassles of the qualifiers, and then a final.
Treadmill talk; I was moaning the other day about treadmills but…. Once upon a little time, in a cold and remote Swedish village called Ytterhogdal, there was a treadmill.
This is the treadmill I would cycle 13-miles to run on. It was a plain machine with no fancy extras, though it did have its perculiarities. When running at near full speed the band would jump, jutter, and speed up.
This was not always appreciated as the said machine was capable of running at 25 kmph (15 mph!).
Britain's Steve Backley has retained his European Javelin crown with a throw of 88.54 edging out Russian Sergey Makarov who threw 88.05. And Russian Svetlana Feofanova wins Pole Vault gold in a Championship record vault of 4.60 And Russian Yaroslav Rybakov takes European gold in the Men's High Jump with a leap of 2.31m AND World record holder Roman Sebrle of the Czech Republic claimed the decathlon European crown with a total of 8,800 points

Women sprinters who have sex before competing generally perform better but men should avoid amorous exploits before taking to the track, the trainer of Germany's men's sprinting team said on Friday.
"With women, it's not true that sex before competitions has negative effects. On the contrary, we have scientific evidence that women who have sex shortly before competing run better. It boosts performance," Uwe Hakus told Germany's Fit for Fun magazine.
"With women the testosterone levels rise when they have sex. But, unfortunately, male testosterone levels fall after orgasm. And their muscles are less able to contract," Hakus said.

Former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding was sentenced to 10 days in jail Thursday for drinking alcohol while on probation.
In court, Harding said her arrest for drunken driving forced her to re-examine her life and was the best thing that could have happened to her.
"I'm grateful to the judge for giving me this opportunity; I finally found out what my problem is: It's alcohol," Harding said after the brief hearing.
In Addis Ababa the greatest distance runner in the world Haile Gebreselassie announced that TOTAL ETHIOPIA S.C. will be the new title sponsor of the Great Ethiopian Run, the international mass-participation road race in Addis Ababa that he helped to create.
The TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run 2002 will this year be staged on 3 November 2002 with an anticipated entry of 17,000 runners. This would make the event the largest race in Africa.
From Eldo Lise, "A record: 2 days with my mother -and only 1 snappy exchange:
mother: why are you getting all worked up and jumping up and down like a rooster?
me: I'm not jumping and roosters don't jump up and down!
mother: they do when in heat....
me: where da hell do you come up with this stuff???

...anyways, spent a day in trendy, over-priced, warehouse district checking out italian furniture, italian kitchens, italian anything ("the italians are just the best when it comes to design" - mom), for their new house renos- and there goes my not my scene, but hey gotta do one point- mother says "do you actually live here- you don't seem to know any of the stores or what's going on"......yep I don't shop.....anyways she is off to Toronto to visit my bro and his wife- and they love all that stuff- so she can get her fill there.

laughed at you taking your 'rents to Austin Powers...last month when my parents were over- my mother picks up a video of "sex in the city" on my table- "Lise- what are you watching????" (not having a clue about the show of course)...they left thinking their unemployed (by choice-it's the summer!) daughter was home watching porn all day....excellent." Thanks Eldo!

Brazilian World Cup star Gilberto Silva slotted home the only goal of the game as Arsenal beat Liverpool in the Community Shield.
Queen Kajsa B. claims the high jump gold for Sweden in the Euro’s clearing 1:98
Euro 800M 1 Jolanda CEPLAK SLO 1:57.65 2 Mayte MARTINEZ ESP 1:58.86 3 Kelly HOLMES GBR 1:59.83

M1500m 1 Mehdi BAALA FRA 3:45.25 #2 Reyes ESTEVEZ ESP 3:45.25 #3 Rui SILVA POR 3:45.43

Last night on the track; Chubby revealed, "Kavan nearly kicked me in the mile - I was flat out, and there he was…." JimmyBats, "It is all those greasy breakfasts," To which Herb-The-Verb, "I’m off to Puerto Rico, so I’ll see yas in a while." Partime was having non of it, "I did a hard one last night." But Cara replied, "Yeah, and they’re new flats." To which Barry quipped, "I’m finishing fast." But Paul K was late, and Julia (who the hell is Julia) said "I’m racing the Sheehan, any tips?" To that Century Man, "Try Duane Reade…" And then Dorian said, "What were you buying at Duane Reade?" But then The Queen Of the Harriers said, "It was a ten day binge…."
Just as Vinyl Jim flew by……..
The Amex guys, Chris and Lee, "We’re escaping before any bonuses or boot Camp!" And Leola thought, "This club looks like a crazy bunch." However with a Becky-Lee-Becky backing her up we were wondering what ever happened to Evelyn… But Conor, "King of Kona," was storming tearing up the tartan, as Dan strode behind. Amber made it down, but the fly on my computer keeps on buzzin’ around - enough of that!
Later that night it was back to Josie’s, Exactly the same meal! Is that not a seal of approval (Don’t get an Icelandic view on a seal……) - love the place to death, and the service was fab, the salmon even better!
Another beautiful sunny day. I was most annoyed to find today that over 60% of the treadmills at the gym do not reach their full speed. Most aggravating to get going only for the machine to say, ‘Can not maintain.’ On the third, yes, I took it as a sign I was not supposed to run fast (not that the speed was going to be fast), gave up, and went to collect a bag of shoes for the Africa fund instead. C’est la vie, as Monsieur Mileage is probably saying right now as he traverses the Alps with the Madame & her Mizuno’s on tow.
Seen in the park this morning moving at faster than 12-mph was Smokin J’!! Too bad he was sat on a saddle. Still good to see the Queens-bode guy out there so early - this was before 6 AM….. The Captain and I were talking about his habit of misreading race flyers and him turning up a full 24-hrs late for an event. Most annoying - no post race food even.

From G'mo Rojas: NYRR members get 10% off Polar Heart Rate Monitors, the HRMs are being sold at the NYRR Running Gallery (9 East 89th Street) and online at

IT IS a measure of Paula Radcliffe’s success that people are starting to question it. How can she be running so fast? Why the improvement? What is she taking? As compliments go, this is about as backhanded as they come and it is certainly not one that Radcliffe takes lightly. After the run of her life on Tuesday evening, she returned to the athletes’ village where she met Liz Yelling, who had also run the 10,000 metres, whom Radcliffe has known since they were juniors and with whom she occasionally trains. Radcliffe was upset, Yelling said, because she had been asked about drugs. The irony, however, could barely be greater — that after waging a long-term campaign against pharmaceutical cheating, Radcliffe is now performing in a way in which it is pertinent to question whether she has been cheating, too. Radcliffe could not get to sleep until 4am that night, but by the next morning she appeared to have squared it all off in her mind. "I can understand it," she said. "Obviously it upsets me because it’s something that’s very important to me. But I know I’m clean and the people around me know too that all this is because of the hard work I put in."
Cheers to Espana - Spain's Jose Manuel Martinez upset a dream return to athletics for Dieter da Drugs-Baumann by outsprinting the German in the final of the European Championships 10,000m.

1 Jose Manuel Martinez ESP 27:47.65 2 Dieter Baumann GER 27:47.87 3 Jose Rios ESP 27:48.29 4 Stefano Baldini ITA 27:50.98 5 Karl Keska GBR 28:01.72

Lasse Talks, and the world listens: "Lasse Viren, the Finn who achieved the Olympic 5,000-10,000 metres double not once, but twice, insists that Paula Radcliffe should throw caution to the wind later this evening and attempt a similar feat at the European Championships in Munich. "Paula should run, she will regret her decision if she withdraws. This is her time," said Viren, who achieved his first double in 1972 on the same Munich track on which Radcliffe broke the European 10,000m record on Tuesday night. His second came at Montreal four years later. "She looks in the shape of her life and these opportunities are very rare - this might be the only serious attempt at a championship double in her athletics career. Paula must seize the opportunity. It is a chance to make history and in her current form I believe the 5000m world record could easily be hers."
A letter from Victor to the parks! "I inquired of the New York Road Runners Club about the faded distance markers on the reservoir running path, especially on the west and south sides. They told me that this falls under the auspices of the Central Park Conservancy. Various markers are painted on the concrete base supporting the chain link fence at 20 yard intervals. These are very useful for runners who use thus path for so-called "speedwork", in which precise distances are required. As I said, these markers are badly faded and in need of re-painting in certain sections. Can you shed some light on the process by which the Conservancy maintains these? Thank you. Victor."
And the reply was;
Thank you for visiting the Central Park website. We have checked the markers and agree that they do indeed need repainting. We have asked the Director of our Technical Service Dept. to have the markers re-stencilled as soon as possible. Eve Rothenberg Central Park Operations."
If you also want to make a point you too can contact the parks @
Olympic champion Naoko Takahashi will return to the Berlin Marathon on September 29 - The German capital offers a super fast course, and the odds are that Taka’ will attack Ndereba’s WR.
U.S. Olympians Suzy Favor Hamilton and Amy Rudolph will join top athletes from around the world at the Eighth Annual SBLI Falmouth Invitational Mile in Massachusetts on Saturday, August 10. Expect them both to be badly crushed by the Simba who returns to America after her win at PeachTree last month!
Latest news: Funeral Services for Eddie Coyle to be held at John Kritil Funeral Home at 1297 First Avenue at 70th Street on Friday, August 9. Viewing from 10am to Noon with service and burial at Woodlawn cemetary to follow at 1pm.
We hear from JimmyBats, "Today's NY Times has a medical report on George Bush(the prez) saying he runs 3 miles 4 times a week with an average pace of 6:45 to 7:15. So for a guy whose favorite food is "chicken fried steak with a great big silver bowl of gravy" I'm really impressed. Except, Runners World reports that in June the man was the first president to complete an organized road race running a certified 3 miler timed at 20:29. (I read 6:49 pace). So does this mean: 1. The prez needs a coach 2. Our prez is pretty strong but not too smart 3. Something is not right with his press." Ha, right on! Thanks Bats!
TV Check - August 10 2-3:30 p.m. Ironman World Championships: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii NBC.
The coach of Lornah Kiplagat and I have made our Radcliffe Chicago predictions - I think low 2:18, and he says 2:17… time will tell!
To da Cinema; We went to see Goldmember.. ouch full of innuendoes from the curtain to the tape that left me thinking my parents must be musing…. "This is the kind of film a Son takes his parents to?" A-Powers is slightly over the top but….. earlier on I grabbed a great Talube salad on a sesame at Tal Bagels. Ok, off that subject.
The wake for Irishman Eddy Coyle will be on Friday we hear - 10-12, on First Avenue around the Sixties. I ask all runners who knew Eddy to pass by to pay their last respects.
Eddy was a man who was there for the NY Running community, in all weather he’d be standing on the finishing line with his notepad in hand.
In a city where running is largely ignored by the press I know a lot of runners read the Daily News on Tuesday to catch Eddy’s unique take on the weekend’s event.
Accuracy was never his strong point in the last couple of years, but his commitment was total - he will be missed.
We hear the Spaghetti Kenyan will be the favorite for the Overall Men’s race at the Liberty 10-k later this month, that after he defends his Club Champs title.
Down on the 6th St track: Sir Roland was sporting a very natty pair of Red Nike’s - making quite the fashion statement. BodyCraig (as is his email) was informing the soccer players that if they placed one more ball on the track he’d show them that there are more ties with him & Lennox Lewis than just da looks.

Herb the Verb (pictured above) was down timing his Millrose inmates, he tells us he is off to Puerto Rico soon - a reminder that we’ll have a group trip there in Feb for the race… and the Zippy zipper of the night award went to Canadian Craig who ran a stunning set of 300’s… also an award goes to Steven Paddock for another fine victory notched up over the weekend.

Then it was time for family duties; La Ma & Da Pa and moi went to a bar for a cigar… okay, not really, it was out dining, fresh salmon - and good tasting it was too. When ordering the pineapple juice Da Pa asked, "Don’t you drink alcohol?"
Hm, that was long ago… in Icelandic Days when Whiskey was water, and sobriety was a pig’s liver over the shore.

Obituary: Eddie Coyle, 76, News copy editor Eddie Coyle, a retired sports copy editor and New York City Marathon runner who wrote a popular running column for the Daily News, died Saturday at Metropolitan Hospital after a long illness. He was 76.

The lithe-limbed Coyle, who turned his life around after becoming a long-distance runner, wrote a twice-weekly column known for its upbeat advice. Coyle was born in New York on Nov. 29, 1925, and as a teen served in the 3rd Armored Division in World War II.

He came to The News in 1969. A member of Alcoholics Anonymous, he took up running and never looked back - or ever took a drink again, his relatives said. He ran in 10 consecutive New York City Marathons before dropping out of the 1987 race. "I realized early on it wasn't my day," he said. "At 10 miles, I took the subway into Manhattan." He retired from The News on Dec. 30, 1991, but continued to run and to write his column until recently. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Euro 10,000m - Paula Marches on!
1 Paula RADCLIFFE GBR 30:01.09 ER 2 S. O'SULLIVAN IRL 30:47.59 NR 3 L. BIKTASHEVA RUS 31:04.00 Pr

This report follows from Michel, "Tonight, Briton Paula Radciffe chose Munich, Germany to run a race of her lifetime in top-conditions. In my opinion the race will turn out to become s heroic solo run for 30 minutes and a tiny little bit. The conditions in the Olympic stadium (yes...the stadium where once long ago in 1974 Holland's soccer team lost the world-cup final to their all-time rival Germany) were close to perfect.

It was raining all race long, first whispering later hard but not too hard and whispering again, there was no wind, so the laps Paula run were flat as a pancake. Lots of 71's high followed by 72's and she concluded with a flyin 69 lap which brought her home in 30.01.09. The rest of the field except silver and bronze was doubled once or more, what a performance ! Except for a the EPO ?? suspected world record of Chinese miss Junxia Wang nobody has run faster over 10.000 meters. Paula said on BBC television that she will run the 5000 later as well. Seems she is heading on to another peak later this week in the Eurochamps." Thanks Michel!

We stole this quote from the Mystic Oranges; "We swear that we would not mention the Commonwealth Games because this is really NOT a major competition." Urm, and the challenge of the neighbors tomatoes are? Scuz me, Da Commonwealth Games have witnessed some of the finest running competitions ever; consider a championship of Kenyans, British Runners, Australians, South Africans, Tanzanians, Canadians… and then let’s go to the Pan Am Games. Yep, the Commonwealth Games remain one of the World’s most sterling Major Running Competitions.
Brazilian striker Ronaldo is reportedly set to meet in Milan today to negotiate a transfer to Real Madrid. Ronaldo's agent, Alexandre Martins, declared the information yesterday, according to Italian news agency ANSA.
Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj will attempt to break his own world mile record at the London athletics grand prix on August 23 if the conditions are favorable.
At 37, Heike Drechsler, relishes the prospect of capturing her fifth consecutive European crown in front of her home crowd at the European championships in Munich.
The two-time Olympic and world long jump champion has achieved everything in the world of athletics, from her very first world title in Helsinki back in 1983 - at just 18 years of age -- to her indoor world record of 7.37 metres.
Drechsler is as versatile as she is talented. With a personal best of 10.91 in the 100m, in addition to the European record in the 200m (21.71), the former East German also owns the 15th best ever performance in the heptathlon. We wish her the best of luck!
PonyTail Ted, "i read a reference in your column to a ``runners'' bar on the corner of 53rd & 3rd. you're off by a couple of blocks. ``the old stand'' is located on the northwest corner of 55th & 3rd, and is chock full of eamonn stuff. 53rd & 3rd is famous for something completely different (although maybe not all _that_ different). deedee ramone was arrested on the corner of 53rd & 3rd in the 70s for soliciting. and more recently i'm working on that corner."
Bob A gives a report on the Manhattan ½ that pretty much summed up everyone’s view; "The Manhattan 1/2 was horrible. I actually made a decision after about 2 miles that I would drop out at 7 (back near the finish area). Seeing a guy stumble to the side of the road and collapse just before the 6 mile mark confirmed that my decision was probably the correct one. (He received immediate attention by race staff, by the way.)"
Happy Birthday to a KingPin Urbanoso - Paul Kav, have a great one! And for his Irish blood….

Irish Pubs in the City. There is one on 53rd & 3rd beginning with a P that has a lot of Eamonn running memorabilia on the walls.
The best runners’ bar in the city? The answer to that one is surely that this city is missing a Running Bar. Any backers let me know and I’ll open it myself - a meeting place, a runners central… could be good huh?

"I just wanted to get up there and get tough," said Abdirahman, who would finish seventh. "It felt real, real slow." The slowish pace through four miles (18:17)
Yeah, real slow - when the pace picked up Abdi fell off!

Cheers to Amex! American Express and Modell's Sporting Goods have signed on as the founding sponsors of the inaugural NYC Run to Liberty 10-K scheduled for Labor Day weekend on the August 31.

Result of the weekend, at altitude no less in CO Springs 10km, 2. Sam Ngatia, 42, Ft. Carson, CO (KEN), 30:44 - those MasterBlaster’s never slow down.

Searching for success at a higher level, following her marvelous 5000 meters victory in last week's Commonwealth Games, Paula Radcliffe admitted her own personal ambitions will be the driving factor when seeking another gold medal on Tuesday night in da Euro’s. A big clash will also be: Newly crowned Commonwealth 1500 meters gold medallist Kelly Holmes can expect double trouble from the World's most gifted middle distance runner Jolanda Ceplak in this week's European Championships.
"It's not getting what you want. It's wanting what you've got." Quote of the week!
Scandal of the week;
Olympic long-jump gold medalist Chioma Ajunwa faces a dramatic and tragic end to a once glorious career.

s After weeks of speculation in the Nigerian media, officials Tuesday confirmed that the 31-year-old multi-talented athlete tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug at a meeting in Athens, Greece, in June.

Ajunwa, a police officer, jumped 6.63 meters at the Athens event and was therefore the favorite to run away with the long jump gold at the Commonwealth Games now underway in Manchester.

But the Nigerian Athletics Federation is now waiting the results of a 'B' sample and if this is positive, Ajunwa faces a life ban after previously serving a four-year ban for anabolic steriod use in 1992.

Under international athletics rules, any athlete who tests positive for drugs twice would automatically be banned for life.

"For Ajunwa to be caught twice defeats the defense of ignorance," said sports journalist John Joshua-Akanji.

"And sadly, now she would be best remembered as a drugs cheat rather than the first athlete to win Olympic gold for Nigeria."

M’Africa: Tunis is upbeat and awaiting the African athletics fraternity for the 13th African Championships which start on Tuesday 6 August and run through to Saturday 10 August at the magnificent 60,000-seater Radez stadium.
My campaign manager, Wendy 17, has moved to Washington - to be closer to the Avenue. She writes, "i had a bagel today... it was very very very small :(
your best manager yet."
At the Nike camp tonight - a great turnout considering the Half yesterday - people were motivated to get out there and shake a leg, I was super impressed!
And Eldo Lise, what is she up to in Vancouver? "Today is a civic holiday- (not sure for bad is that) so out with girlfriends scanning mags at Chapters and then off for nutella/banana crepes...yep....the trendy day. Just looking at my neighbour's kid outside- he's got the biggest head- like a pumpkin on stilts....better go say hi and get in on the neighborhood gossip."
This week's quote is from Sheyrl Crow - it is super but too bad I've forgotten the exact wording - am waiting for R2 to email it in, till then Cole'll do. And on that note please remember that the mailer from the NYRR will soon be popping through your door giving you the Op. to vote for the Board of Directors!
Important advice from Da Doc; "PLEASE remind your runners NOT to drink too much for this half marathon and to increase their salt intake............hyponatremia can happen in a half marathon! IMMDA recomments no more than 1 cup (8 oz) of sports drink(preferred) or water every 20 minutes while running (even on a hot day!)." Sage advice!

The Manhattan Half missed the entrant known as Zoomalong. At the time of writing we are not too sure why she did not run, but in her absence the race was won in 1:27. The men won in 1:11 - I think that time is Zoomalong's personal best, albeit one she ran before become a Master. (Ed's note - Master of running races.) Ryan Grote, the male winner 2001, was also missing from the field - we hear Da Grote is currently training for his explosion onto the triathlon field. Remember to check out his running store 'Runner's Pace' in NJ.

Newly crowned Kim Collins tested positive for a banned substance that was in his asthma medication. He was supposed to tell the testers before the Games started. He didn't. But they didn't care and he keeps his gold medal in the Men’s 100m Commonwealth. Bad move!
Mourhit gets three years - we think he should also hand back his medals after testing positive for EPO and shaming the Belgian Athletics Association.
Welsh hurdler Colin Jackson has confirmed he will retire next March.

He originally intended to quit after the 2000 Olympics but some poor performances prompted him to continue until the 2003 Indoor Championships in Birmingham. Now his defeat in the final of the 110m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games has led to suggestions he might prolong his career again.
But Jackson is adamant that will not happen, saying: "There is no chance of me carrying on after March.

Monte Carlo – In a joint decision by the IAAF and IOC to give athletes more opportunities to meet the standards for the Men’s and Women’s Marathon at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the qualification period has been extended.

Accordingly, the original qualification period of 1 January 2003 to 13 August 2004, which remains the same for all other athletics disciplines, has in the case of the two Marathon races only, been changed to now start on 1 September 2002.

"The new period will give athletes participating in Big City Marathons this autumn such as Berlin, Chicago, New York and many others , the opportunity for early qualification for Athens," said the IAAF General Secretary Istvan Gyulai. The entry standards are as follows:

Men’s Marathon – "A" Standard 2:12:00 "B" Standard 2:14:50 Women’s Marathon – "A" Standard 2:32:00 "B" Standard 2:36:00

Let’s hope our Urban Olympic Heroes Anders Szalkai, and Jerry Lawson will be in Athens for the marathon. Anders, after running 2:12 last year, suffered from some bad injuries but should, if healthy, breeze under the Q-mark. And Jerry is the runner that can pull it out of the bag easily if he gets it right on the day - like he did at the end of the Nineties with some fine Chicago finishes, and an American record. (Ed’s note - he may still have an American record in the 25km) (Clever Clogs).
Out & About, and pertinent to Mr. Lawson, we were in Syracuse over the weekend - great bagels up there, and the University up there is simply awesome… but only one starbucks in a 50-mile radius…Are you serious??
And from Eldo Lise, "i'm dog/house sitting this week- the dog is a rhodesian ridgeback and i cannot believe how much interest this dog generates on the street when out walking....'course i can't answer any of the questions asked except for "it's a female"...wickedly tired today as spent the night fighting for bed space with her (she couldn't grasp the "don't cross this line" rule) as well as hearing many strange noises (from the ax murderer hiding there) coming from the freaky attic they have...."how old are you?" was a comment from a friend today."
Odds on the club championships team results... Toby'sPreddicto's will appear after the Euro's are over. One thing is for sure the Flying Urbanoso's will not be in the top six, and we will make a point of that. Main contenders for the men - The Boys in Blue Vs Westchester Da Powerhouse, and La Femmes it'll be the Mystic Orange against Zoomalong's/Comfy Ed's MCNY. One man, one vote.
Joanie’s race
#1 28:11 JAMES KOSKEI KENYA $7500 #2 28:12 HENRICK RAMAALA JOHANNESBURG SOUTHAFRICA $5000 #3 28:19 EVANS RUTTO KENYA $3000 4 28:& first Master #11 29:49 EDDY HELLYBUCK 41yrs young.
Seth, who runs with us on Thursday nights, is playing on August 8th @ 9pm Greenwich Village Bistro, 13 Carmine St - check him out for Bluesy Jazz guitar & vocals.
Le Soccer News: French champions Lyon conceded two goals in the last three minutes to draw 3-3 at Guingamp on Friday in the opening match of their title defence.
Well we started talking about Anders… and now we hear that he won, for the third time, The Gotland Marathon - Congrats, the trail has begun to the Olympics!
Munich Fav: After her stunning world-leading 2.04 in Lausanne—which stands atop her three other 2.00 jumps this year—the clear favorite is Sweden’s Kajsa Bergqvist, the bronze medallist in both Sydney and Edmonton. - Let the Games Begin, again….
Out & About with the parents - we sampled bagels and drunk Starbucks. My Mother bought a dress that looked like it had spun one too many times in a washing machine, the thing looked beat up, and busted, on the rack. "At least she’s is quick at shopping," quipped Poppa Urban. "It reminds me of the Hippie days!" Beamed Mama U coming out of the store. I took them to St. John’s cathedral, and knowing how they love to live in those establishments for hours on end zipped down to the gym to jog on da trotter.
"Not voting is so last season." Kenneth Cole.

Happy birthday to TGV.

Breakfast with Bob - up at H&H bagels, the sesame with jelly. Bob is my mission for Boston 2003, he is going, mark my words!

Then it was to Equinox on the West Side - Why? Only to meet someone, and of course to rate the place - thumbs down compared with the New York Sports Club @ 91st. Why? Shoddy treadmills (Ed’s note, "Perfect for you - a shoddy runner!")

Four-time Olympic medalist Ato Boldon sustained cuts and bruises on his hands and legs in a head-on car accident in Trinidad and Tobago, police said.

The 28-year-old sprinter collided with a taxi on an expressway near Barataria, about 2.5 miles west Port-of-Spain, police said.

Boldon, who was alone, was driving to his home in Westmoorings, about 5 miles west of the accident scene.

The taxi allegedly swerved into Boldon's lane and hit his car head-on, police said.

Greece's top international javelin thrower Costas Gatsioudis will not compete in next month's European Championships in Munich due to a shoulder injury, Greek sports internet sites reported Friday.

Gatsioudis suffered a lesion in his shoulder after his first toss in an international athletics meet in Salonica Wednesday.

France's 1996 Olympic pole vault champion Jean Galfione underwent successful surgery on the tendons in both his feet this week, his coach Maurice Houvion said.

The 31-year-old Galfione, the only Frenchman to clear six meters, underwent surgery at the hands of Professor Saillant at the Pitie-Salpetriere hosptial.

"The operation went relatively well. The two tendons were operated on. Rather than wait it was better to deal with both feet," said Houvion.

06/24: La Guaira, Venezuela, Turi-Vargas Half Marathon had Luis Fonseca winning in a personal best 62:31 ($800), remember Luis from the roads of New York last year? He ran for West Side Runners.
We hear Westchester will be appearing at the Club Teams, whether with the squad they had last year remains to be seen. Seen, though, was WS Mike A "Teller" in the park, back from da back injury that sidelined his racing season.. also back is Shelley Farmer, though from France - she went to watch Le Tour - expect her photo hugging Lance to appear soon on the CPTC site. Said Shelley, "we went up the climbs.. at 4 mph.. they were HARD!"
fat Tuesady update; Smokin J; "as for myself plenty of biking and swimming but little of the 2 legged exercise - although unbeleivably enough since I stopped running I've not touched the fags for 31 days! - go figure..........." (NB Fags = cigarettes in da British speel!)
Wrapping up the Commonwealth, The Relays: In the relays, Cathy Freeman helped Australia to gold in the women's 4x400. Though not at full fitness, her second leg kept Australia in the hunt, and strong legs by 800m runner Tamsyn Lewis and 400m hurdles champion Jana Pittmann gave Australia victory in 3:25.63 over England by a second. Big favorites, the Jamaica team dropped the baton at the end of the first leg.

In the men's 4x400, four teams came off the final bend together, but surprisingly Jamaica and individual champion Michael Blackwood faded down the straight. It was England and Wales who disputed gold with Daniel Caines just holding off Matt Elias, whose 44.1 was the fastest split of the race. England won in 3:00.40 to Wales' 3:00.41. The men's 4x100 was even closer with England and Jamaica sharing the winning time of 38.62. The women's 4x100 was more clearcut with world and Olympic champions Bahamas winning in a Games record 42.44, though Jamaica and England pushed them all the way.

With crowds of 38,000 one could say the Games were a resounding success - we now move on to the Euro’s in Munich! Let da Games begin!
Congrats to local girl Jeanne Hennessy of Mahopac, NY; and Nicole Jefferson of Arvada, Colo. Each of this year's six recipients will receive a $4,000 grant from the RRCA.
Ron Hill, click to read!
100 meter runner Mark Lewis-Francis has withdrawn from next week’s European Athletics Championships because of the hamstring tear he suffered in the Commonwealth Games final.
From The Captain, "A husband looking through the paper came upon a study that said women use more words than men. Excited to prove to his wife that he had been right all along when he accused her of talking too much, he showed her the study results.
It read " Men use about 15,000 words per day, but women use 30,000."
The wife thought for awhile, then finally she said to her husband, " it's because we have to repeat everything we say."
The husband said, " What?"
At the track; There were some grumbles when the bonus interval turned out to be long tonight - Coffee Kevin made straight for the stands, "You’ll never catch me doing a bonus!" (A reminder that Coffee also thought half the group would drop out in the bonus on his last visit to the track). Partime became the coach, as she’ll do the session this morning on the NYSC treadmill, and the rest of the group ran, "You’ve got a big turnout tonight." Mentioned the aforementioned. Indeed we did - Paul Cassidy has now become a regular, Conor stormed through the session, Paul K turned up late but ran extra distance to make up for it, Cara (dodging MRI’s) ran zippy fast, Kim also ran fast as did Bob & Randy, Becky-Lee, Lee-Becky, Cruiser, Jen, Evelyn, Century, & TGV made for a rock, and rolled into it well… Anne Sophie came down to say hello, though sadly has shin-splints, "I wanted to do the half this weekend…" Well there’s an excuse to stay in bed. Lee & Chris turned cards for AMEX showing their metal not plastic… (Oh my god, shoot him - Ed’s note)… Consider me shot!
Out & About later; Josie’s on the West Side (74th on Amsterdam). The joint was hopping - the salmon was exquisite - Favia is dead, even the almost Greek Salad was sublime…. Highly recommended.. and Century said da chicken was tasty too! Can’t go wrong at Josie’s, check it out!
Often on this web site we post clips from other people, like the head ache Randy had the other day on the West Side Highway. A nice concerned lady wrote in to the mailbag to tell him, "Get your head checked out." Sage advice, and from my own experience a couple of years ago - I’ll second it!

In today’s mailbag from Minnesota, "did you know Amazon only have second-hand copies starting at $75? Incredible, eh? Too bad you don't get royalties on used books..." She is referring to Train Hard, wow, hang on to your copies!

Whilst on the subject of others, Eldo Lise, "Well- off to run with my new partner- a dog I am looking after- hope she keeps a good pace and doesn't stop at every second tree."

Up at the NYRR today to see Krafty - he is doing well, in fact we ran together later in the day. Went to Starbucks with Barry earlier too, the server asked, "Do you want your coffee hot?" What is this town coming to? Earlier than that we were with the Captain, he keeps me abreast of the technology market and told me about the new mobile phones that do everything for you except clipping your toes. I then went to the gym to swim, but couldn’t as I did not have a swimming cap… for a nanosecond I considered shaving my head - then I remembered how much I don’t love swimming.

Seen on the Reservoir upper loop was Victor waiting for his pulse to drop below 120, and the lower loop was R2 who informs us the Flyers are ready!

We hear CPTC are having softball batting practice next Tuesday night at 7 pm, board the windows.

Commonwealth Games, or the Kenyan Games; 5000m 1 KIPKETER Sammy Kenya (KEN) 13:13.51 (GR) 2 LIMO Benjamin Kenya (KEN) 13:13.57 3 KIRUI Willy Kiptoo Kenya (KEN) 13:18.02 (PR) 4 MAYOCK John England (ENG) 13:19.43 (PR)


W1500m 1 HOLMES Kelly England (ENG) 4:05.99 2 TULLETT Hayley Wales (WAL) 4:07.52 (SB) 3 PATTINSON Helen England (ENG) 4:07.62

M1500m Shocker! 1 EAST Mike England (ENG) 3:37.35 (PR) 2 CHIRCHIR William Kenya (KEN) 3:37.70 3 ABDI Youcef Australia (AUS) 3:37.77 4 WHITEMAN Anthony England (ENG) 3:38.04 (SB) 5 HOOD Graham Canada (CAN) 3:38.08 (SB) 6 ACHON Julius Uganda (UGA) 3:38.33 (SB) 7 SULLIVAN Kevin Canada (CAN) 3:40.95 (SB)
Slow times, and William out kicked! Julius in there, the Ugandan chili eater (for the long term page readers). Obviously Kevin S. is not in the form he was last year - SB stands for season’s best.

And now for the relevant stuff:
Fresh Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
2 pints strawberries, washed and hulled 2 cups unflavored yogurt 1/3 cup honey Purée the strawberries in a food processor. You should have about 3 cups. Put the yogurt, honey and strawberry purée into the bowl of the machine and freeze. Makes about 5 cups.
How to vote; Coming soon to Your mailbox in August will be a form from the NYRR giving you the chance to vote for the NYRR Board of Directors. My new Chief of Operations, R2, will be handling the flyers that will suggest who we advise you to vote for - look out for them soon!
I have just realized, if I wanted to have the same body mass index as Paula Radcliffe I would have to lose 7-lbs… Ouch, let’s go!

We hear from Mad Dog Mykytok; he’s heading for Falmouth….. Lornah is also running that race - I predict it will be her next victory, she is on fire. Mad Dog is pretty zippy too after winning the Midland!

I went to the track last night. When I was young I was told, ‘I wants don’t get.’ Well life rumbled on, and for a while, as I got older, I got pretty much what I wanted.
However this year, ever since last year actually, things have not been going as I want - I tell my legs move, and they don’t!

I went to the track mainly as I had told two people I would. I went to a Doctor yesterday in the on going attempt to heal my weary bones and thought, by magic, perhaps I could run pain free - I want to run….

The five miles to the track were not too bad, the legs felt creaky but Dr. Wu told me they would. His examination begun with my back, "Yes - there is problem for running…." Then he moved to my hips, "Ah ha, here, no, this is the problem - here big pain." I was told to roll over, and, "Oh, here is the big big problem. You can not run now no? You have big heart like strong man, but the body is one big problem everywhere something big…"

With that optimistic diagnosis, and armed with a full length orthotic I begun some 400’s, and sure enough the I want don’t get cut in… running home I made it to 89th just as my leg completely locked up - back to Square One.

However it was really nice to see everyone again down on the track - Sir Roland, Canadian Craig, Steve P, Tony R, Eric, Alessandro D’Roma, Lauren, Margaret’s, even Stopn’chat was there…. Hopefully I will be back, that’s what I want!

Commonwealth Games 800m: 1 MULAUDZI Mbulaeni South Africa (RSA) 1:46.32 2 MUTUA Joseph Kenya (KEN) 1:46.57 3 McCARTHY Kris Australia (AUS) 1:46.79 4 LEKOTE Otukile Botswana (BOT) 1:47.04 5 KIMUTAI Japhet Kenya (KEN) 1:47.46
& the women 1 746 MUTOLA Maria Mozambique (MOZ) 1:57.35 (GR) 2 389 CUMMINS Diane Canada (CAN) 1:58.82 (SB) 3 767 SAMARIA Agnes Namibia (NAM) 1:59.15 (NR) 4 911 SCOTT Susan Scotland (SCO) 1:59.30 (NR)
News from the adventures of Eldo Lise: Met with Red Cross this morning- joining their disaster response team...(not a paid position- yet!) one step closer to getting field experience to move back the bad thing is- I'll hoping for a disaster...(just kidding!)
CG 200m GOLD 1 FREDERICKS Frankie Namibia (NAM) 0.197 20.06 & La femmes 1 FERGUSON Debbie Bahamas (BAH) 0.184 22.20 (GR) - copy, paste, and bid.. then give to me!

Quote of the week; Sharon Stuubler (who we last saw in Austin 1998) talks to Peter G, "I took a job as a financial analyst at Select Comfort. I start on July 29. I need benefits. My teeth need to be cleaned."

Commonwealth women’s 10,000m: 1 KOSGEI Salina Kenya (KEN) 31:27.83 (GR) 2 CHEPKEMEI Susan Kenya (KEN) 31:32.04 (PR) 3 POWER Susie Australia (AUS) 31:32.20 4 YELLING Liz England (ENG) 31:58.39 (PR) 5 YELLING Hayley England (ENG) 32:29.73 (PR) 6 WILKINSON Jo England (ENG) 33:36.60 (PR)
The Commonwealth Games new track will be torn up after the games! Paula Radcliffe called on Manchester City to find another stadium after ending her search for an elusive track title with a record-breaking victory in the Commonwealth Games 5000 meters.

The 28-year-old banished years of anguish and near-misses with a crushing win on Sunday night but admitted her disappointment that the venue where she claimed her historic win would be lost to athletics immediately after the Games.

She said: "The biggest shame is that we are losing this stadium and all the memories that go with it. Surely Manchester City can build another stadium and give this to us as a present."


Another day of Wow! Paula the XC, Road, and Now track zippy runner!

News from the Kenyan Press:
Kenya could have finished first had the country been represented in other events
Kenya junior athletes lived up to expectation during the IAAF world junior championships in Kingston, Jamaica. The juniors had a total haul of eight medals – five gold, one silver and two bronze – to finish second on the table behind the US.

The competition drew 177 countries and more than 1,200 athletes. Champions US won 21 medals, nine of them gold, while Ethiopia, with eight medals – three gold, four silver and one bronze – were third. Kenya sent a small team comprising of only 18 athletes compared to 60 the US sent in their successful bid to reclaim the top position they lost two years ago to Kenya. Officials and most Kenyans were happy with the juniors. They could easily have finished first had the country been represented in other events outside the traditional mid and long distance events.

This performance was expected from the Kenyans who have maintained a winning streak in these championships since 1988 in Sudbury, Canada. In the process they have remained a feeder to the senior team. In 1998, Reuben Kosgei competed in these championships as a little-known schoolboy. Today, he is world and Olympics champion at a youthful age of 22. Viola Kibiwott, winner of the women's 1,500m race, has achieved all she wanted. Now she wants to move to the seniors level. And like other juniors before her, notably Sally Barsosio, world champion in 1997 at the 10,000m, Kibiwott, a student at Singore Girls, will be going places.

Kibiwott won the 1,500 metres but the men failed to make any impact on the distance. She clocked a personal best time of four minutes 12.57 seconds. The silver medal went to Berhane Herpassa of Ethiopia (4:13.59) and the bronze to Olesya Syreva of Russia in a personal best time of 4:14.32.

Morocco’s Yassine Bensghir took the men’s race in 3:40.72, beating Abdulrahman Suleiman of Qatar (3:41.72) and Samwel Mwera of Tanzania (3:42.69). Ethiopia’s Meseret Defar, who won the women's 3,000 metres on the opening day, won her second gold in the 5,000 metres in 15:54.94.

Compatriot Tirunesh Dibaba was second (15:55.99) and Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya third in 15:56.04. Hillary Chenonge and David Kirwa exhibited those natural instincts which have made Kenyans do so well in the 3,000m steeplechase.

So everybody is in agreement that Kenyans will continue doing well at the junior level, but will those who were in Kingston be around to run in Athens Olympics in two years time? Coaches and officials were doubtful. They were in agreement that any of the gold medallists will challenge the seniors at international competition seriously as early as the Paris world championships next year.

After that, as tradition has shown, they will quietly disappear from the scene. "We have to reverse this trend soon," said Kenya athletics' maestro Isaiah Kiplagat.

"We have set up a coaching commission to look into this problem and find a lasting solution." Kiplagat said some of the junior world beaters would never represent the country, or live long enough on the track to realise their full potential, although they will be active in some obscure road races in certain European countries.

Kenyans are awash on the road racing circuit where entry standards are low and organisers invite them for a small fee to flavour their meetings. Those who invite these Kenyans are not accredited agents, but individuals with local contracts.

And the British Papers report:
Runner sets marathon record for snail's pace
By Russell Jenkins and John Goodbody

NORFOLK ISLAND is celebrated among mollusc hunters for its unique varieties of snail, evolved over millennia of isolation in the South Pacific. Yesterday, in Manchester, the island made a new claim to dawdling fame when its marathon runner trailed home with the slowest time in the history of the Commonwealth Games. All other competitors had finished, showered, changed and eaten Sunday lunch when Jamie Donaldson crossed the finishing line one hour and 19 minutes after the winner. His baggy green shorts billowing in the wind, Donaldson entered the stadium to a cacophony of cheers, then slumped gratefully to a halt as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. He was so late, he disrupted the heats of the men’s 200 metres.

His ambition in Manchester had been "not to disgrace myself, basically," Donaldson, 24, said, after easily breaking a 64-year record for the slowest marathon. "I am actually quite relieved that I finished. I realised some time ago that would have to be the goal. It all comes down to a matter of pride. The crowd along the street was wonderful. Every time I even thought about stopping or slowing down, they were on your back yelling ‘Come on, just finish’. It was the right thing to do and great to hear." Donaldson’s time of 3 hours, 30 minutes and 20 seconds would have placed him 4,909th in the London Marathon. He has excuses. Life is not easy for a marathon runner on a rocky, five-mile by three-mile outcrop with little flat ground. And, as a short-order chef, he said: "It is difficult to train when you are working a 50 or 60-hour week."

A calf injury destroyed his hopes of beating his personal best time of 3 hours and 26 minutes. But this was no occasion for disappointment. "I was thinking of hanging up my running shoes," he said, "but I have found this all so inspiring that if the opportunity ever presents itself again, I would do it all again for Norfolk Island." Like many Norfolk Islanders, Donaldson can chart his ancestry back to Fletcher Christian, who led the mutiny on the Bounty.

Chroniclers of heroic failure will be eagerly watching Donaldson’s father Graeme, 54, who will be swimming, running and cycling in the triathlon this week. But Ian Anderson, his team manager, fancies him to beat the other Norfolk Islander in the competition.

Castelbuono, ITA, La Corsa Piu' Antica: Men - 1. Benson Barus, KEN, 34:21; 2. Paul Tergat, KEN, 34:24; 3. Hendrik Ramaala, RSA, 34:26; 4. Khalid Khannouchi, USA, 34:28. Benson is the Coogan’s 2001 Salsa 5km champion.
The dirty sport continues:
French police have arrested the wife of Lithuanian cyclist Raimondas Rumsas, who finished third in the Tour de France, as part of a probe into suspected doping. The rider was suspended by his Lampre-Daikin team pending investigation and faces being sacked if found guilty.
Brazilian World Cup winning striker Rivaldo has signed for Serie A club AC Milan, the Italian club said on Saturday.
Warning about running in NYC.
From Randy, "Yesterday, I was finishing the last of a good 12 mile run along the West Side Highway. As with any warm day, there are too many people out, but us runners are always the cautious ones. As I was heading south, at about 14th street, a woman, from out of no where slams into me as she's rollerblading across both lanes of the path. I was shocked and said, "JESUS!", and kept on my way, even making sure she didn't fall after colliding with me. I blew it off as another careless, incompetent rollerblader, but then, I then hear footsteps fast approaching me.
It's her boyfriend, on foot, chasing after me. He's running, carrying both of his rollerblades in hands. He of course yells profanities at me, telling me to f_ing apologize and f-ing this, and f-that..and then proceeds to try and tackle me from the front, head and shoulder first into my mid section! When I turn and roll off of him, this jackass, from behind, hits me in the back of my head with his rollerblade. That did not feel good. By now I quickly figured this guy is a wack job and I need to get away from him (what's a little speedwork in a long run, right?).

I took off and found some security folks. They weren't too helpful, but fortunately the NYPD arrived. There were a few witnesses there helping to give descriptions. No one could believe he did this. The cops then took me for a ride to try and find the guy, who incidentally, Park Security said "took off when the approached him".

The NYPD took me in their car to try and find the guy, but no such luck. After 30 minutes of driving around they asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, I said "no, I'll be fine", and then they offered to drive me home. I said, "no, I was having a good run, and if you could, drop me off where you picked me up I would like to at least finish my last mile." So they dropped me off, and I got my 12 miles in. My head and neck are okay, just badly bruised, and I have some small cuts that will be fine. There are a lot of idiots out there. And, be aware, and let people know that, although the West Side Highway is a good place to run, it's gotten really seedy between Christopher and 15th Street. It's not worth the hassle; find a way to go around it."

Please watch out, and be careful - this City is riddled with crazy people. Speaking of which full marks to the roller blader who was insisting on going backwards in the Rec. lane on Sunday.
Latest restaurant tip from Grammercy Park comes from R2 - "Café Indulge on Second Avenue - wonderful breads, fish, and salads…." Sounds like a good eatery to me. I sent the parents to Café Mozart today, that was after the Strawberry Fields/ Joko Lennon tour… "And there are 1, 226 trees in Central Park…" Tanza-Tour.
The winner of the Dash & Splash, direct from Colombia, is currently in New York to score his six races to count for the NYRR Marathon money… we hear that Jorge Real, also from Colombia, will also be flying in to New York soon. We await Bob Simmons from Iowa…
All fun at the Nike run last night - a great group as always, with some new faces! Welcome to you all!
Here’s a nice little story; About a yonk ago I gave a pair of shorts to a runneras a present with a clause - this was back in 2001. I told him, "You can’t wear these till they fit you properly." Well lawdy claudy Vuitton strolled into the Nike group tonight decked out in a pair of shorts that looked exactly the right size - he’s lost 20-lbs, a huge well done! He becomes this week’s hero!

Later that night at Fiorello the service was terrible, the change was wrong, and the place gets a resounding ‘go there at your peril & check ya change.’ This is not the first time the waiters have been in question for shabby service at this joint!


1 RADCLIFFE Paula England (ENG) 14:31.42 (GR) 2 MASAI Edith Kenya (KEN) 14:53.76 3 CHENONGES Iness Kenya (KEN) 15:06.06 (PB) Commonwealth 5000m - way to go Paula!!

Dash & Splash: Paul the Spaghetti Kenyan, like myself, an injured spectator, he twisted an ankle but vows to claim the Club Teams title next month, "Maybe I’ll run the CR…" he says. Paul’s main focus is on the NYC Marathon.

The Men’s winner was William from Bogota, and Cathy Grote for the women. A large turnout of 3900 runners - with Urbanoso’s Partime, Mini & MasterBlaster taking age group awards! The Voice of NYRR was there, with his usual wit. Also a large contingent of West Side Runners, looks like I’m going to a group meeting with them nest week to sample some Bolivian Food, and we hear, "Bolivia is a great place for training… Ronaldo Da Costa trained there before he ran 2:06:05 World Record in Berlin…."

In the middle of a long run The Boss zipped by, he has slimmed down so much that now we can’t call him Chubby!

Commonwealth Women’s Marathon - Not a top notch race, but a wonderful 1,2, 3 finish for Australia! Kerry McCann won in 2:30 - however to get tenth would be 2:49… surprise of the day is Marion Sutton’s 2:45, she is a former Chicago Marathon winner, and won Austin last year in 2:31. The men’s race was much tougher in quality with 2:09 man Francis Robert Naali winning for TZ in 2:11:58, Joshua Chelanga (#3 in 2001 Boston) was second in 2:12:44, and third was Letherballs himself! Andrew Letherby running a PR 2:13:23 - Unbelievably great!! "With about half a mile to go I realised I was in with a chance. My plan was to stay relaxed and hang in there; it was just a case of conserving myself until the end,"
Francis also appears in the Urbanoso stories as he used to race in Sweden during the Summers. I once raced him and three of his brothers in a race in the south of Sweden; Francis was #2, another TZ runner won, and I ran with his brother Ergobert Robert for 4 or 5th (can’t remember), and behind us was Selestin Robert Naali - all the brothers have run 61-minutes for the half marathon - what a team!

In #4 was the Olympic Silver medalist from Sydney Wainaina, and #5 at the Commonwealth was Swartbooi who is a 2:08 marathoner!

Gdansk - Wilson Boit blasted into 2nd place in the steeplechase behind Khamis Saifeloin of Quatar! 8:16.48 to 8:16:71, third spot to Philip manyim of Kenya, 8:24.
Coming next year; The Miami Tropical Marathon, the race will be Miami's first marathon since the Orange Bowl Marathon in the late '70s. Organizers hope to attract an international field of elite athletes with $50,000 in prize money, as well as a bonus of $1 million for breaking the world marathon record, and $100,000 for breaking the American record. More information is available at
Beijing plans to ban vehicles failing to meet European emission standards to reduce pollution in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics - a promising start!
newsflash: Alesia Tourova of Belarus sets new 3000m steeple World record in 9'16"51 at Gdansk meeting.

CommonWealth catch-up - Hezekiel Sepeng's failure to report for Commonwealth Games duty in Manchester has resulted in South Africa's 800m ace being suspended from athletics with immediate effect on Thursday. Athletics South Africa (ASA) informed the management of the SA Commonwealth Games team by fax on Thursday morning that Sepeng, who was supposed to race first-round 800m heats with Mbulaeni Mulaudzi on Saturday, had been withdrawn from the team.

Namibia's former Olympic silver medalist Frankie Fredericks has pulled out of the 100 meters at the Commonwealth Games

Kenyan clean sweep in the steeplechase; 1 CHERONO Stephen Kenya (KEN) 8:19.41 2 KEMBOI Ezekiel Kenya (KEN) 8:19.78 3 CHERONO Abraham Kenya (KEN) 8:19.85 A blanket finish!

Canadian triathlete Kelly Guest has been sent home from the Commonwealth Games after failing an out-of-competition drugs test.
M10,000m A close call - 1 TALEL Wilberforce Kenya (KEN) 27:45.39 (GR) 2 MALAKWEN Paul Kenya (KEN) 27:45.46 3 YUDA John United Republic of Tanzania (TAN) 27:45.78 (PB) 4 CHERUIYOT John Korir Kenya (KEN) 27:45.83 5 SULLE Martin United Republic of Tanzania (TAN) 28:15.60

Paula Radcliffe talks on her 5000m chances: "I think the three of them, Masai, Iness Chenonge and Leah Malot will pose a very serious threat," said Radcliffe. But she hasn't dismissed the added challenge from team mate Jo Pavey and top Australian Benita Willis-Johnson.
" Both of them have been running really well and there's no way I will under-rate them. They've both been very positive just lately," said Radcliffe.

After her superb London victory, Radcliffe went down with an infection which prevented her making her track debut in mid-June. Bouncing back so brilliantly in her first race, amazed both herself and manager/husband Gary Lough, who watched from trackside spellbound, at the completely unexpected Monaco performance.

Radcliffe said: "Everyone kept telling me that I’d lose my speed by running marathons but I talked to Ingrid Kristiansen and she told me the contrary. "I was a bit anxious after not running a track race for a long time but everything went well. I was surprised to be that fast although I knew I was in good shape."

What the papers say
The Daily Mirror reports that a lack of track and field entries has forced organizers to refund $300,000 to fans after preliminaries were canceled. Now further sessions are under threat because with only 16 entries for the men's shot and 15 for the women's high jump, competitors can go through to the final rounds. What's hot
The baton relay.
What's not
Mushy peas. Spanish red.
From the vault
The first Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Four hundred athletes from 11 countries took part. The Games have been held every four years since, except for 1942 and 1946 when they were canceled because of World War II.

Canada's Olympic medalist Clara Hughes won the first gold medal in cycling at the Commonwealth games in the women's time-trial.

Karlstad, Sweden - World silver medalist and European Indoor champion Christian Olsson leapt to a new Swedish triple jump record of 17.64m last night.
Despite being in the midst of the Swedish holiday season and facing a not very promising weather forecast, a capacity crowd of some 7,000 spectators gathered on Thursday evening at the "Tingvalla" in Karlstad for this year’s edition of "Götagalan".
In 15th place Warren St were the only NY state team in the top 20 places at Boston this year - three WS men ran a combined time of 8:23:22 with Chris Madden leading the way in 2:46… Stopntalk Kingsley led CPTC, 3:05:33 to a 10th place for CPTC in the women’s division. 81% of the New York state runners who started came to the finish - West Virginia led out with 94%.
local track: City College track (133th & Covent Avenue---near Broadway) July 30th, 1 mile, 200m, 800m, 3000m, 2 miles (two person relay running alternate 400m legs)
Out & About; Totonno’s Pizza on Second Ave - certainly one of the best places for authentic NY City pizza. Good service, but little else, the bread was pretty ropey, but - recommended for Pizza.
A bagel with Joan Benoit; On the Upper West Side. "Where's H& H?" She asked. Joan certainly has her priorities right. Staying at the Ritz Carlton she made a speedy stop through New York to promote the Runners brand - NIKE. Visit nike at the Dash & Splash tomorrow, it'll be fun at the pool!

Urbanoso’s down on the track; A good number, and a portion of newies also….. Barry has now become a member, and we had a French Lady too (good to have some European blood), plus Paul Cassidy (must ask him about the candlestick email reference), A girl called Kim who was very zippy (doing the 400 bonus in 71 after 5-miles of intervals!) And da regulars; The Boss ("Is that good looking girl in my club?") was leading some 200’s earlier with Kavan & JimmyBats ("I want to see myself on camera"), Cre, Paul ("I’m dreading the marathon focus"), Randy ("dedication, I’m ready,") The Judge ("Montauck and holidays for me! Enough of this training!") Becky ("I want more intervals!!" that after 15 repeats!!), Dorian ("I never want to stop so I’m going to keep going.") Evelyn, ("Humidity? Yeah also a lack of running will slow you down.") Conor ("I’m a little unsure tonight," - he reeled everyone in!), Dan (got reeled in), Don ( the steady guy), Lee (Smiling too much, she must be a Lance supporter), Cruiser & Ben - my leaders to control the rebellious group, 100-man - a rebel. Pam & Cara - ran great, ("I slept thru’ the breakfast run… " Don’t blame you, living downtown and having to get uptown for a 6 am start - impossible!), Buffalo & Chris - dug deep despite ("@00’s in the summer? This is not a good session!"), Jen ("I got an email reconfirming my marathon rejection, just to rub it in…") Man, it was a bundle of tricks & sticks on the track to say the least!

Monsieur Mileage was there with Renee Le Bleur… did you know Monsieur has run a 36" 300m - not bad for a road warrior of Marathon heritage, he popped a 43" last night with the ease of wine from a snail’s shell, "Ah zat iz not fast! And now I go to Switzerland, and France for Oliday…" Y’know just to rub it in…..

Out & About: Vuitton & I dined at LA MANGEOIRE on 1008 Second Avenue. The palce gets ***** for food & service. The salad was very tasty, and the salmon delectable and very fresh, and the cinnamon ice cream… the fischer beers weren’t half bad either - a real thumbs up. Highly recommended on all counts - when was the last time I gave such a rating… Park Avalon perhaps, Ocean on the West side behind the Museum?

Do you remember Krafty Krebs, the NYRR webmaster?
"Just got some new shoes which is always agonizing because I have some of the worst heelspurs you're likely to see. Once my feet and the shoes reach an understanding, we'll all be fine. I'm in about the same shape as this time last year, which is good since I was training then and now just casual. Haven't tried heavy speed work, but probably won't as I don't have a real reason to. Maybe I'll do some XC races, in which case I'll do some long speed later."
Breakfast was with Victor & Sandy this morning, who live on the Upper West Side. Victor is training for Chicago, he is (knock on wood) training injury free and flying round the Reservoir - he also makes a good cup of coffee!
Keith Dowling sends us this news, "Just shipped the first 5 boxes over to Arusha Town. They'll go "surface" shipping which will take 4-6 weeks. Apparently the boxes will travel by sea! Like the good ol' days." Excellent, and big thanks to Keith, and the Reston Runners crew.
Street talking Cowboy;
Catacomb - I saw Don King at da fights the other night. Man, somebody get that catacomb.
Foreclose - If I pay alimony today, I got no money foreclose.
Rectum - I had two Cadillacs, but my bitch rectum both.
Disappointment - My parole officer tol' me if I miss disappointment they gonna send me back to the joint.
Penis - I went to the doctors and he handed me a cup and said penis.
Israel - Tito try to sell me a rolex. I say, "Man, it look fake." He say, "Bullshit, that watch Israel."
Undermine - There's a fine lookin' ho in the apartment undermine.
Acoustic - When I was little, my uncle bought me acoustic and took me to the pool hall.
Iraq - When we got the poolhall, I tol' my uncle, "Iraq, you break."
Stain - My mother-in-law stopped by and I axed her, "Do you plan on stain for dinner?"
Fortify - I axed this ho on da street, "how much?" she say, "fortify".
Income - I just got in bed wif a ho and income my wife.
Opera in the park; "Toby what opera is it?" (yards from the great lawn) Urm let me check….
"Actually it is not Opera according to this program, it is the philharmonic tonight…."
The first annual NYC Run to Liberty 10-K will take place during Labor Day weekend, on the morning of Saturday, August 31. This inaugural people's run through the streets of Lower Manhattan will be organized by New York Road Runners.
Australian cycling manager Michael Flynn said yesterday it was naive to think there were no drug cheats at the Commonwealth Games, but offered to send himself home "butt naked" if any Australian cyclists were taking drugs. "No question about it," Flynn replied when asked if any competitors at the Games would be taking drugs.
What to do in NYC: Brooklyn Brewery 79 North 11th Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211 phone 718-486-7422 | fax 718-486-7440
NY's leading brewery; among the nation's top 30. Happy hour Friday and Saturday from noon to 6pm. Events, beerfests, beer tastings, dinners, and directions listed on tours/events on web site.
After being requested to do so by the GNY team I have dropped my ‘campaign’ to unite the teams of NY for a post race game of Softball after the Club Champs race in August. I mention this to inform the teams that did express an interest in playing. Plan #2 could be to go to the Boat Basin on West 79th for a beer or two, and sitting the ships roll in. I believe this second plan more fitting to the UATH, NYH, & TRD squads than more physical activities anyway.
Lornah does it again!! Now FIVE runs under 31-minutes for the 10km! Read more on her site!
Commonwealth Games drugs talk: Paula Radcliffe insists the organizers must take a strong stance to keep them clean. London Marathon winner Radcliffe, one of Britain's best hopes for gold in the 5,000 and 10,000m, said: "It's not clear what the standards of the testing will be and that's very disappointing. "It's very important we get it right because if we want to stage major championships in the future we must get it right.

"We had good testing standards in the London Marathon and World Half- Marathon and it's important we have it in place again in Manchester. "It doesn't have to be blood testing because they can do EPO testing from a urine sample. We have to make sure it is being done to deter the people who are trying to cheat. "It's important for the image of the games because the last thing we need is a drugs scandal and we must show we are going forward in drugs testing procedures."

M110H "Colin Jackson is 35, he remains the world record-holder at the 110 metres hurdles and when the Commonwealth Games open in Manchester tomorrow, he is set to become one of the stars of the show. Again.

Jackson will bid to win his third gold medal at the Games, which in itself will become a remarkable achievement because he also has silver medal from the event…in 1986. "Wow, was it that long ago?," he said.

The Irish Athletics Selectors have given Mark Carroll a huge vote of confidence ahead of the forthcoming European Championships by confirming his selection in the 5,000m, in spite of the fact that the Cork man has yet to achieve the necessary 13.30 qualifying standard.
Sonia O’S will be surprised to hear that after being forced to run qualifiers on the track for the 10,000 & 5,000m. She had hoped that her Mini result, 31’ would be suffice - but for her the rules were different. That is federation politics.
Tonight is the Free opera in Central Park. Yesterday morning it was breakfast at the Tavern on the Green; and at the Breakfast Club was Comfy Ed, R2, and Audrey - MIA was the Queen of the Harriers, though the Queen of the NYRR did drop by with husband Derek, & wee Alex. Zoomalong covered the six mile loop at 6-min/miling exactly after acting as race controller and MC. Other useful advice came from Jake La Sala, "Stay in the Rec. Lane or you’ll get squashed by a car…." The NYRR must be losing interest in this race as this was the first year without a lead bicycle to alert the sleepy oncomers that a race was in progress causing some hairy moments!

Pertaining to the SoftBall Game we are pleased to announce that, so far, everyone thinks it a sterling idea - Personally our Intrepid Reporter’s idea of a good idea is that he wants to open a Starbucks inside of Central Park… "Couldn’t we just take over that Castle?"

NYRR NewsFlash! "Change to Race Day Check-In Effective immediately, NYRR is changing its race day check-in procedures. As always, race numbers and chips (if necessary) will be distributed in the registration area prior to the start of the race. T-shirts will no longer be available at this time, however; instead, they will be distributed after the race, in the same area, to entrants who turn in the t-shirt tag from their race number. (Entrants who check in prior to race day may pick up their numbers, chips, and shirts all at once.) Race entrants suggested that we make this change to avoid congestion at race day check-in." And that is a very good we think.
Martin Steinle & Catherine Ndereba won the British 10-km this last Sunday.
Telekom rider Jan Ullrich has been suspended for six months by the German cycling federation following a positive test for amphetamines. Only 6-months?? Oh yes, Lance is still in da yellow!

Football; AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani said the Italian club were in talks with Brazil midfielder Rivaldo. And NBA; The Boston Celtics acquired four-time All-Star Vin Baker from the Seattle Supersonics in a five player deal

We are glad to hear that competitors at the Commonwealth Games will face blood and urine tests for the first time for stamina-boosting erythropoietin (EPO). Not that the medal winners, Kenyans, have anything to hide… this is not the eastern Euro Champs, but the Brits have not got such a beautiful record right now in the pharmaceutical depo!
Max from TZ is in Manchester with the national squad - he sends our readers his greetings, and hopes you are supporting team Tanzania!
Vinyl Jim - Jim Stemm. I first got to talk to Jim at the MAC awards dinner. A while later we started to talk more as we ate together at a picnic on the West Side, and trained at the 6th st track. Jim's love for music, his musical era puts him in the Vinyl groove. A most animated guy. "I had to move apartments because my record collection got too big." That's the kind of guy Jim is.
Breakfast with Partime at Starbucks; "My hip only hurts when I sleep." Wow, that is a good injury to have… kind’ve like I don’t mind the rain if I’m sleeping (Ed’s note; Now credit her with the intelligence she did with you!) Anyway Partime tells us she was at da beach on Sunday with The Boss, Cara, Costanza & Co - only a 45-minute train ride from Penn no less!
R2 - thanks for bringing back bagels from Minnesota - Not so bad taste actually, still not a Ess-a-bagel quality, but certainly better than what I’d guessed.

The Captain brings us this investment advice:
If you had bought $1,000.00 worth of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49.00. With Enron, you would have $16.50 of the original $1,000.00. With Worldcom, you would have less than $5.00 left. If you had bought $1,000.00 worth of Budweiser (the beer, not the stock) one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for 10 cent deposit, you would have $214.00. Based on the above, my current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.

Vincent Rosseau was Right!!
"According to the Agence France-Presse, Mohammed Mourhit tested positive for the banned substance EPO last May, two days before the World Half-Marathon Championships in Brussels. Mourhit, Belgium's two-time world cross-country champion, has been suspended until a board of enquiry will look over his case on August 1."
Strip the titles, records, and more this imposter ‘won’ over his career.
Australia’s Commonwealth Team includes the Flying Hellebuyck’s Circus runner Letherballs! Great stuff, I am really happy for the guy! The women's team consists of Kerryn McCann, Jackie Gallagher and Krishna Stanton, while the men's contingent boasts Shaun Creighton, Andrew Letherby and Lee Troop. McCann is a hot favorite for the women's race after finishing eighth in the New York marathon.
Beat up & Battered around; another massage with Pierre. Boy, did I need it. Pierre continues to impress - Randy tried him out and was super stunned, "magic…" it’s in the hands.
Mich is home! "I am back and now known as Michelle Duran. A little strange, but I definitely got used to introducing myself that way in Hawaii. Michael and I had an amazing time in Hawaii. We visited two islands -- Lana'i and Kaua'i. Both were gorgeous. In Lanai, we stayed at two separate hotels, each for three nights -- one at the beach and one in the mountains. We were able to snorkel, play golf, do archery, play lawn bowling, hike, have amazing dinners, and basically just enjoy each other's company. In Kaua'i, we spent alot of time lounging around. We also went on a fun kayaking/hiking excursion which felt like we were travelling alone through the Amazon."
Eldo Lise, "Recuperating from mine- this weekend from sports-related bruises, aches and pains. My kickboxing coach is opening a non-chi chi boxing gym with some partners, so yesterday was a big bbq/soccer game at the beach. Trying to find this group amongst hundreds of people on the beach wasn't too tough- look for the hard body crowd, usually in black with lots of tattoos...yep- I fit right chick was proudly showing me her new full-arm tattoo...replete with dragon, fish, snakes....uh-huh. What looked like the Russian mafia and their stripper girlfriends showed up late in the day...will be interesting working out with this new crowd. Mary is back from Eldo so we spent many hours on the phone catching up last night...."
I would like to propose (Uh-oh) that in attempt to make the Club Teams a united festival of NYC running the clubs of New York band together for the post race baseball games. Typically CPTC played first with their self, and then, over the last two years with NYH, and WS.

I am not familiar with the game of Softball but believe there is a fun game where each rotating team has 8 players and the game spins on five-outs - this way a lot of teams could come together, hang out, and try and re-install the friendliness that SHOULD be present in the inter-club competitions here in the city!

The onus would be on CPTC for this one, as they have the field booked, but as the club’s president is married to the coach of MCNY that would immediately kill a dilemma for the Rube/Zoomalong family… MCNY could field a team, I am sure The Queen of the Harriers could be persuaded to rustle up a Harriers team, Jean ‘Da Pitcher’ Chodnicki could zip up a few WS’ers, Ed for the Flyers could be asked nicely, The Boss from the Flying Urbanoso’s, Coach Bob & the Yellows are already in there - we could have a really nice ball! (Ed’s note; the puns from this guy are flippin outrageous, if I did not point them out they’d fly right by you). (reply: Who’s trying to be clever now??) Why not also an all star team from the NYRR? The mind boggles….. And now for something completely different!

Wilson Boit Kipketer.

Monaco; M800 - The other Kip is back! The man who used to sell picture portraits in the Rift Valley for pennies is back making the big bang bucks, a fab 2nd for the USA "I predict he’ll get the US mile record this year," comes from Stu Glu. Yuriy and his chemistry set was blown out the window, and Bucher obviously is not fully recovered from his injury probbos: 1 Kipketer Wilson DEN 1:43.76 2 Krummenacker David USA 1:43.95 3 Sepeng Hezekiél RSA 1:44.39… 6 Borzakovskiy Yuriy RUS 1:45.44… 10 Bucher André SUI 1:46.38
Gail Devers continues on her winning ways! 12:42 awesome!
W1500 1 Turova Alesya BLR 4:01.01 2 Jacobs Regina USA 4:01.02 3 Pattinson Helen GBR 4:01.10
W800 Scorching! 1 Calatayud Zulia CUB 1:56.09 2 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 1:56.16 3 Langerholc Brigita SLO 1:58.97
Marion continues blasting the field in the 100 - read 10:84! And Jearl-da-Pearl is still in there with a super 400 1 Guevara Ana MEX 49.25 2 Fenton Lorraine JAM 49.30 3 Miles Clark Jearl USA 50.37
1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:27.34 2 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:27.91 3 Silva Rui POR 3:30.07 4 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:30.24 5 Chirchir William KEN 3:30.88 - told ya that Cornelius was coming! The Brothers Grim. Corny grabs the WJ-record… Junior, don’t get me started!
Swedish Jumping! 1 Olsson Christian SWE 17.63 2 Edwards Jonathan GBR 17.59
Queen Paula!! 1 Szabo Gabriela ROM 8:21.42 2 Radcliffe Paula GBR 8:22.20 3 Masai Edith KEN 8:23.23
ST 1 Boulami Brahim MAR 7:58.09 2 Cherono Stephen KEN 7:58. 3 Vroemen Simon NED 8:06.91 - fastest time of the year - #2 is Chris Kosgei’s little brother. Great new Dutch NR!
M3k 1 Limo Benjamin KEN 7:34.72 2 Lebid Sergiy UKR 7:35.06 3 Ghazi Salah MAR 7:35.71 and that was one high class meet… reminds me of when we used to play marbles in the school yard!

What’s Eldo Lise up to? "So dusted off the clubs, got up at 6:00 am to hit the golf course with brother's friends (the sporty wingman is back!) in Whistler...but alas, rain prevailed and I was back in bed at 7:00. Good thing really because when asked what I well...a lot?"
Cool Brazilian Club site, and a must for any runner visiting Brazil!
Out & About: We hear at Shea Stadium Monsieur Mileage ran away with the race, and Steve Paddock (140-lbs 6’ 2" of him) took second - "Too bad it was a fun run, I did not even get a medal." Steve continued to comment, "I ran shirtless today, only because this medium sized singlet was too big, I need a small. Remember the guy is 6-foot 2-inches tall! A real six footer too!

Rounding out the top five, and wouldn’t he be 30-lbs overweight, Ed ‘Comfy Ed’ Stickles with a time around 17:25… "Imagine I was 132 when I ran my PR, and now I’m 165!" Comfy Ed also wins the prize for the week’s hardest workout; "We used to do 8 x 1-mile, then head out for a hard ten miler….." Ouch! Comfy Ed also mentioned that to be able to score for the Club Teams a runner must be a club member for four months - Does that mean that the Spaghetti Kenyan will not score for West Side? Yes. However we do hope that The Spaghetti will run for his third individual title.
Does that mean that Jimmy Lynch, and Ike the German (latest recruit) will not score for Warren Street - it should according to the rules. Ike was talking about joining another prominent NYC club in June, and has been a member only for a very little while (he is in Manhattan for the Summer), and Jimmy joined Warren Street the week before The Bronx Half.

Then it was out with "17".

Wendy, The Vote4Toby Campaign Manager.

Black & White’s, Eat ins & Outs, Sesame or Essame… a confusing world!

From the Dutch Mailbag, "I never expected simon vroemen to be flyin so high over the hurdles as he did last night in Monaco ! after his Olympic final he had not a great 2001 season and now he takes a GREAT leap and runs a European record and he takes his career slow as he is 33 years old and is still improving it shows that u can be an very competitive runner for long when you take it slow all well from Amsterdam, Michiel." And more to follow, "my problem with serious runnin is that i live in the suburb of a wild and tempting city. fun and drinks and food are always on my way. have been a party/drinking animal before i started athetics and still am. maybe i have to leave for the solitude of a kenyan mountain again.... lets meet coming winter again !"
And we hear, at last, from the Bosses Wife, not much running going on there - but she is still alive, and there is hope for bells in the fall!
WC Junior Gold 800m Men; Kipchirchir Alex KEN 1:46.59 & Women; Jepkosgei Janeth KEN 2:00.80(!FAST!) and more locally Stephen Ondieki won the teterboro airport 5k in 15:27, and in #5 Brent Purin Hoboken,NJ 29 16:07 A nice Canadian guy who runs for WS - our Intrepid reporter ran that race with Drums in 2000, he tells us he was second behind The Fouz… whether that is true or not is unknown.
Breakfast at the Hilton on Sunday - I love it, the best place on earth to meet weird foreigners, "Honey, listen to this boy…. He must be French!" And that was a dear lady from Texas at the table… I was glad the Monsieur was not present! He is packing his bag to go to Interlaken next week with Madame Mileage…. And did you know such is the influx of Japanese tourists that there is sushi at the buffet table!

Later that day I ran with CPTC’s Steven Paddock, and Kate Crowley - two of the rising stars in the club. Kate, "You don’t run for CPTC do you?" Me does actually! Steven is a stickler for distances, and we did actually do the 16.7- mile version. Back from Bolivia Steven is waiting for the altitude boost, "It is coming in August, and I’m going under 26’ in the club champs."

21 July 2002 - Heusden-Zolder, Belgium - Jolanda Ceplak made a bold statement in her final 800-metre competition before the upcoming European Championships with a spectacular 1:55.19 win, the world's best for the season in last night's Nacht van de Atletiek meeting. --Asmae Leghzaoui of Morocco, winning in an outstanding 14:51.71, considering the heavy, pelting downpour which handicapped the runners. Right behind Leghzaoui was the diminutive figure of 20-year-old Kayoko Fukushi, whose 14:55.21 established a new Japanese national record, as she clipped almost seven seconds off her time from Rome a week ago. She must have imagined what the time might have been tonight under normal weather conditions. Sonia O'Sullivan, in her first international 5K of the season after a cameo appearance at the Irish national championships, finished third with 15:18.07, just holding off American Marla Runyan (15:18.36). The men's 5K was the last race on the scheduled main program, and with the rain starting again as if on cue, Belgian runner Tom Compernolle rewarded the cold, wet spectators, most of whom remained, with a 13:17.04 victory over Kenyan David Kilel (13:17.75).
WJ - Bush man gets third from the HATC!! Congrat to Pieter Langerhorst again! 1 Gebremariam Gebre-egziabher ETH 29:02.71 2 Sihine Sileshi ETH 29:03.74 3 Bushendich Solomon KEN 29:05.96 A swedish girl got a WJ record in the heptathlon!
One of the most anticipated track clashes of this season, Andre Bucher versus Yuriy Borzakovskiy over 800 meters, will take place at the Herculis meeting in Monaco tonight, the fourth of seven meetings in the 2002 IAAF Golden League.
Miler Alan Webb is very close to signing a multiyear contract that would have to be considered astronomical for a young track and field athlete.

Webb has been offered a yearly $250,000 contract from Nike with the deal running through 2008, sources said.
Webb acknowledged yesterday from his home in Reston that Nike and other shoe companies, including Reebok and Adidas, are also interested.HR>WC Juniors 3000m 1 Defar Meseret ETH 9:12.61 2 Al Aoui Selsouli Mariem MAR 9:16.28 (PB) 3 Syreva Olesya RUS 9:16.58

Austria's World and Olympic silver medallist Stephanie Graf had a benign tumour removed from her hip on Tuesday. Graf, 29, underwent the operation at a Vienna hospital, where doctors removed the growth located between her right hip bone and the sciatic nerve, the Austria Press Agency reported. Doctor Alfred Engel said the tumour was not cancerous. Engel said Graf could begin light training in water in about two weeks.

John Yuda 13:03.62 #6 in Stockholm took the TZ National record - it was an oldie! (TAN NR - old NR 13:12.29, Suleiman Nyambui, Stockholm, ‘79

NATIONAL CHAMPS 10,000 Russia 1 Lyudmila Biktasheva RUS 31:23.15 2 Galina Aleksandrova RUS 32:13.20 3 Yelena Burykina RUS 32:14.87

Men 1 Aleksandr Vasilyev RUS 28:54.56 2 Aleksey Sokolov RUS 29:03.07 3 Dmitriy Semyonov RUS 29:05.04

English AAA Champs: 1 Jon Wild GBR 13:52.59 2 Rob Denmark ENG 13:53.18 3 Matt Smith GBR 13:53.47

In Central Park; I was cycling through and a film crew stopped me, "Can you wait for half an hour and cycle past the fountain... you'd be in a film...." Ah-ha, after spotting the big guys the other week (Sandler & Nicholson) in da park (who had caravans as large as a 5th ave apartment) I am thinking 'lifestyles' so what is in it for me? "Make up artist and lunch..." What? Sandler is picking up millions and they are offering me lunch? Forget it, I cycled on (Ed's note; yeah into obscurity).
Down on da track: A crack of lightning and the group was off n' running... Nobody whinging, nobody whining - what a training group! Conor strode out well with Bob chasing his every move.. Patrick & Chris were solid, Evelyn, Pam, Cre, Century, Cruiser (& Mr. Cruiser), 17, and Supremo Pizza (Yes, he turned up), TGV, Paul, Don, Randy, Becky, Lee-Becky, & Dorian - Not forgetting the Queen of the Harriers "I've three bottle of wine in my bag so I must rush!"??? Anyway - a splendid effort on a truly muggy night. The Boss, aka Chubby, was lifting his shirt, "What I've lost Pogo has gained." Oh, another day, another calorie... and later that night counting them at Favia's.... 07/18

Running Vs Listening to your MP3 player.

*Click Here: Vote4Toby Page*

Seen in da park early yesterday morning; PonyTail Ted & The Queen of the Harriers, ‘When the Boss opens his store I’m going down there with a $1000 to buy a load of new running stuff. I haven’t bought anything new since 09/07 last year, and I’m waiting for him to reopen.." said the PonyTail. Now that is what I call loyalty… I wonder if I opened a bagel shop if I could get customers like that…..

Speaking of food I had one of my blow out days yesterday - it started with a pizza (I’ll eat half) After eating the whole thing I got a bagel craving, 3 down, then I went to bialys - three more, then plain bread - a sandwich there. Sad to say it kept on going till I could not move off the sofa… I think it is an anxiety attack - my parents arrive in New York next week for a holiday.

Everyone on the local scene is wondering what enticed the spaghetti Kenyan to join West Side - we can report, straight from the horses mouth, that it is was sweet Nada - no t-shirts, nothing….. "It was a club that suited me." said the NYRR runner of the year. Little do people know here in NYC what a truly tremendous athlete Paul Mwangi actually is. A decade ago he was beating the likes of Tergat & Tanui. A true road warrior now, but if he had stayed with the Steeplechase then Mwangi could be as much a household name in the halls of our sport as Kipketer is. What is more Paul’s character is the of the finest too.

Stockholm, the chosen city; M3kST 1 Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:00.56 2 Boulami Brahim MAR 8:00.77 3 Cherono Stephen KEN 8:01.65….. 12 Famiglietti Anthony USA 8:24.49
M5000m 1 Goumri Abderrahim MAR 13:00.76 2 Kipketer Sammy KEN 13:01.14 3 Amyn Mohammed MAR 13:01.98
M1500 1 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:31.38 8 2 Krummenacker David USA 3:31.93 7 3 Chirchir William KEN 3:32.50
W5000 1 Masai Edith KEN 15:05.318 2 Adere Berhane ETH 15:05.98 3 Babcock Courtney CAN 15:07.53 4 Ochichi Isabella KEN 15:07.895 5 Kidane Werknesh ETH 15:08.60 6 Loroupe Tegla (Welcome back Tegla) KEN 15:12.89 7 Rhines Jennifer USA 15:13.44 - Great rersult from da Pug lovin’ Jen!!
W800m 1 Teter Nicole USA 1:58.13 2 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 1:58.23 3 Ceplak Jolanda SLO 1:58.63 - Oh my Goodness! Nicole is simply FLYING!!!
W100H 1 Devers Gail USA 12.42 - Another Goddess of the track!!
Remco Kortenoeven won the Dutch Nationals men’s 5000m in 14:06.55, Jeroen van Damme 2nd in 14:10.25 and Sander Schutgens 3rd in 14:13.89. Nadja Wijenberg won the women’s 5k in 16:41.50, with Anita Looper 2nd in 16:42.12 and Irma Heeren 3rd in 16:42.24.
World Juniors: 1 Chenonge Hillary KEN 13:28.30 (CR) 2 Geneti Markos ETH 13:28.83 (SB) 3 Gebremariam Gebre-egziabher ETH 13:29.13 4 Bushendich Solomon KEN 13:36.97 - Solomon is a product of the HATC!! Congrats not only to him but to coach Pieter Langerhorst!
Bread Star Bakery - Branford. The best bakery in town, it may be a small town but the white cinnamon bread… ouch! And a big thank you to Steve Paddock who provided us with a loaf of Bolivian Bread - excellent stuff, real taste and a touch of a fruity tang. Bolivia gets the 8/10 rating!
It is not often that we endorse things on this site, but bear with me. I needed to get a massage and by perchance I met a Massseur in the park who is a friend of the Boss's. Now I know a thing or two about poor massages - I am rarely happy with the result I typically get; most of the time I stand up after a massage and think 'wow, no different - what a waste of time!'
Call me a pessimist but it is fact from a lot of experience.
Pierre Henri has locations on the Upper East & West sides of Manhattan, I went East. He is an athlete who won a spot on his country's Olympic Team, and a regular runner in the park. I was happy to find no misunderstandings about the body's mechanics, and he knows great massage technique. I left after a two hour massage really feeling that my body had got a great massage - Hats off to ya Pierre. I can thoroughly recommend this guy for the runners of NYC, his telephone number is 212-348-4365 he also has gift certificates, great idea. I'll be there next week for more!
Championship Woes:
Reigning Commonwealth 800m champion Japheth Kimutai will not defend his title in Manchester because he can not get a visa to enter Britain. The Kenyan won gold in Kuala Lumpur four years ago, capping a tremendous season in which he was ranked number one in the world.

A request by the British consulate to hold Kimutai's passport for three weeks while they run security checks is blamed for his absence.

Kimutai's agent, James Templeton told the Guardian: ""I've sent documentation to the British consulate proving he's Commonwealth champion. "None of it works, they still say he must surrender his passport. It's impossible to get him a visa in time. "It is a shame because Japheth desperately wants to run in Manchester."

The International Olympic Committee insist on a clause in the host city's contract which allows competing athletes to enter the country without a visa. However, the Commonwealth Games have no such arrangement.

Commonwealth Games 100m champion Ato Boldon will not defend his title in Manchester due to a lack of preparation. The Trinidad and Tobago sprinter has decided not to compete again this season after a run of poor form in recent months.

"I am not in the kind of shape that I would like to be in at this point of the year," said Boldon.

Decathlete Dean Macey has withdrawn from next month's European Championships and is struggling to be fit for the Commonwealth Games. Macey, who won bronze in last year's world championships in Sydney, has been suffering with a hamstring injury since June.

Dean Macey "I do not feel that I will be able to perform to the best of my ability in two major competitions so close to each other," said Macey.

But... On the day that the Commonwealth Games faced the prospect of losing another of its major stars, Cathy Freeman's decision to make the trip to Manchester after all was a welcome piece of good news. The Australian Olympic champion has heeded the urgings of her sick husband and elected to run in the 4x400 metres relay in the games.

It is a fillip for the event after the news that the pole vaulter Janine Whitlock faces being dropped from England's team because of a positive drugs test.

We hear from Eldo Lise, who lives... guess where?
You're sure you're living in Vancouver B.C. when....

1. Your co-worker has 8 body piercings and none are visible.
2. You make over $250,000. and still can't afford a house.
3. Your child's 3rd grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is
named Breeze.
4. You can't pot legal?
5. You've been to more than one baby shower that has two mothers and a
sperm donor.
6. You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown
and can taste the difference between Sumatra and Ethiopian.
7. You also know which Yaletown restaurant serves the freshest arugula.
8. A really great parking spot can move you to tears.
9. A man gets on the bus in full leather regalia and crotchless chaps; You don't even notice.
10. The guy at 8:30a.m. at Starbucks wearing the baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like George Clooney IS George Clooney.
11. Your car insurance costs as much as your house payment.
12. The gym is packed at 3 p.m. ....on a work day.
13. Your hairdresser is straight, your plumber is gay, the woman who
delivers your mail is into BDSM, and your Mary Kay rep is a guy in drag.
14. You watch the weather from a Seattle TV station because it's more
accurate (see 17).
15. You pass an elementary school and the children are all busy with
their cell phones or pagers while waiting for their personal rides home.
16. You're sure you are the only one on the road with a REAL driver's
17. The weather forecast calls for possible sunny periods, some cloudy
periods, and a probability of rain showers...AND EVERY DAY IT'S THE SAME!
18. The more expensive the car, the worse the driver.
Up on the 133rd track; The NYRR Summer Series was checked out tonight by our intrepid (and half crippled) reporter. It was sad to see that the meet was so poorly attended it looked like a 50% turn out for Thursday night at the training track! The Voice of the NYRR, who put a lot of effort into this series, commented, "Amazing how many people said up at the armory that they wanted a Summer Series..." Where are they?

There were a couple of Harriers, lotsa CPTC'ers, some Urbanoso's (Da Boss) and representatives from NYAC, and we hear that the famous club house on Central Park South may be closing due to diminishing membership numbers.

Curtis Robb whose return to the track this season saw him selected for the England's Commonwealth Games team, saw his hopes of making it a double celebration by earning a European Championships place, die last night as he dropped out of the trial race - Robb was touted as the new ‘Coe’ back in 1992.

Yesterday we showed a picture of Chris Cheboiboch at the Boston Press Conference - he finished second. Chris is interested in running the New York City Marathon and is looking for a sponsor - he has finished second in Boston, and the Rock n’ Roll, and is the last year’s winner of the San Blas Half Marathon - Imagine your company emblazoned across the chest of this runner reaching an audience of 70-million! If you are interested in this proposition please contact me ASAP! It is an advertiser’s dream!

Today is the Tuesday Night Race Series; On the track is the 5000m & a Mile race for the distance runners. We guess that The Boss will be there running the 5k…. I might even make the hike up there myself!

“did a 75 miler when I was up in Maine.” News from Smoking J…. we hope to see him at the Mets race on Saturday. Shiney, unfortunately, is a touch injured.

Gettysburg, Pa., Spirit of Gettysburg 5-K: Men - Keith Dowling, VA, 14:36. Women - Vicky Cauller, PA, 17:18. Glad to see our shoe helper kicking butt and winning in style – Great run Keith!
Nike Runs; A fine bunch of runners turned out as per usual – A newcomer was TGV trying da shox, “I’m only doing the three miles tonight cos I’m racing tomorrow night….” Oophs I did 18-miles today, albeit in two blobs with my wooden leg. We have a newsletter in print – it is super cool, check one out!

"Friends, Romans, and countrymen. Lend me your ears! Unaccustomed as I am to making speeches I think, upon this most notable occasion..... Yes the course was very interesting. No, I tried my best to day. No, the weather did not bother me...."

Vytra 5km 1 CATHERINE NDEREBA 29 F KENYA 15:53 2 NICOLE JEFFERSON 26 F GUNNISON CO 16:21 3 ANN WAMBUI 22 F KENYA 16:23 3 locals, Bec Wassner, Leteyesus, and the Polish girl were in the top 15.

We hear that Mrs. Ben returned to racing after the birth of little Anna yesterday - she supported the NYPD by running the 09/11 Memorial Run that begun on the road outside Ground Zero. The Flying Judge Denny also ran, and the race (which was supported by the NYRR) had the best T-Shirt design I have seen all year - a real classic, and not one Ad!
We also saw James Siegal from CPTC (Sans Sasha)who ran the race "I got lost in no-mans land between two groups.. but I will definitely be back next year. The Queen of the NYRR was down with husband Derek, and the event raised over $10,000 to the WTC fund.
Jerry Lawson, the former American Record Holder in the Marathon, ran a good race in Utica - Jerry is one of the true road warriors, an honest runner who is an inspiration to any athlete.
Local star Brian Clas is currently out of the loop due to a problem with Plantar - we wish him a speedy return to the scene.
Round-up of the Golden Gala in Rome - One of Europe's premier track races. W100 H 1 Devers Gail USA 12.51
W1500M 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 4:01.50 2 Turova Alesya BLR 4:01.70 3 Holmes Kelly GBR 4:01.91 4 Jacobs Regina USA 4:02.51.... 6 Runyan Marla USA 4:02.95.... 10 Teter Nicole USA 4:04.19
W5000 1 Masai Edith KEN 14:53.77 2 Adere Berhane ETH 14:54.46 3 Szabo Gabriela ROM 14:55.48..... 9 Loroupe Tegla KEN 15:04.48 10 Chepkemei Susan KEN 15:06.96 11 Pavey Joanne GBR 15:09.99..... 13 EPO Yegorova Olga RUS 15:15.98
M1-mile 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:48.28 2 Chirchir William KEN 3:49.49 3 Silva Rui POR 3:49.50.... 9 Tahri Bouabdallah FRA 3:52.95... 15 Ngeny Noah KEN 4:00.76
M5000 1 Hissou Salah MAR 12:55.85 2 Limo Benjamin KEN 12:57.24 3 Limo Richard KEN 12:57.52 4 Kipketer Sammy KEN 13:01.56
M800 (non Gran Prix Points event) 1 Krummenacker David USA 1:45.24 2 Sepeng Hezekiél RSA 1:45.43 3 Kimutai Japheth KEN 1:45.53
Absolutely fantastic running this season by the New Mexican David! That is his 2nd GP win - although the times in the 800m are not as good as usual a win is sublime, two is unreal!

A lot of the Europeans are waiting for the Euro Champs - The fastest man of the year from 2001, Yurij B, is concentrating on the 400m for the champs but will attack the record (1:41) afterwards in the Swiss GP. The Russian took silver in the Russian Champs this weekend after running a 'slow' (for him) 46:00 - he ran the first 200m in 22-seconds! Ouch!

Crazy 8's was the headline puller this past weekend as Asmae Leg. continued her sterling season with a second world best time - 24 for the 8km (pretty much the same time that she passed 8km when running the 10k in Central Park.
Utica also had some good results with Paul Kosgei, the WC 1/2m, winnning yet again. The Master's field was of a very high quality - Eddy Hellebuyck, currently ranked #1 Master, finished a #6th, and Zoomalong in her division was #3 - Great job. On the continuing local theme Steve Marsalese had a good run, as did Matt Rossetti of the Harriers.

The British Champs produced very few good results, especially in the distance races - Steve Cram, the former WR holder for the mile, spoke out to the press saying it was one of da worst.....

The coach of legendary Jamaican sprinter Merlene Ottey said Friday that due to recent knee surgery she was not likely to participate in next month's European Championship in Munich, a day after she had been cleared to run for Slovenia.
Following the left knee operation, 42-year-old Ottey is only 10 percent likely to run in Munich, her Slovenian coach Srdjan Djordjevic told Slovene daily newspaper Delo on Friday.
The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) said on Thursday Ottey had been cleared to run for Slovenia in the European Championships on Aug. 6, after Jamaica agreed to allow her to compete for her new country.

Ottey last competed for Jamaica at the 2000 Sydney Olympics but has lived in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana since 1998 and was granted Slovenian citizenship in May.
However, Djordjevic said she would return slowly to the big events, and that she was possibly going to return with Zurich event at the end of August.

France's 1996 Olympic pole vault champion Jean Galfione has called time on the remainder of the 2002 season in order to treat an Achilles tendon injury.
The 31-year-old, the only Frenchman to clear six meters, is planning treatment with the same Finnish specialist who dealt with Ukraine pole vault legend Sergei Bubka.
"I've got a tear of about one centimeter to my left Achilles tendon. I'm obviously not in a position to do what I want - it's not only painful, but also dangerous," he said.
Wilkins (Discus) & Janine Whitlock (Pole Vault record holder) of Britain busted for drugs!
Next week - Mets Homeplate 5-k run. May we suggest that the Mets give out a few free tickets for prizes/raffles? Beats the plastic water bottle given out in 2001. Speaking of upcoming races there is a good one on 08/10, The George Sheehan Classic 5-miler in Red Bank, NJ. A challenging course, humidity, and lotsa good runners... might go myself... It is the week before the Club Teams - a party day for the majority of the NYC running clubs. I believe Moving Comfort are going to have a picnic, Warren Street a party, CPTC a softball game with Greater New York, and The Harriers, "Get drunk somewhere..." More news on the Club Champs - Apparently the top men's team, Westchester, who had all ten scorers in the top fifteen places, will not be attending the event. That should leave the door open for Warren Street. Here's my wild guess; Warren St, West Side, and a fight for third between CPTC & GNY, and for the women... a bit harder! However I'll say CPTC, MCNY, & Warren Street. (Ed's note; remember this is the guy who predicted Argentina was going to win the World Cup he he)

Tomorrow on Monday Night: Running at the Wollman Rink again - come and run a loop of the park in the shox for free, maybe they are the shoe for you!

Restaurants/Eateries: Favia with the Clipper - we got the waitress again who is as attentive as a dud light bulb. The red snapper was rather watery, the pizza was good, and da bread was not bad either. Next stop was Brooklyn; visiting the Gazelle (who is doing well). Cous-cous and chicken in a delectable little French restaurant off Smith Street in the French quarter of that borough. The decor was great - they even had a little moped in the bar! The next day bagels & coffee with the SC's - Nobody, yet nobody, makes better coffee than Stace-the-Ace, and with a supply of Ali Babas I was in Carbo-heaven!
The little nipper (Kieran) appears to be doing well - he sounds remarkably like Cronk the Burmese cat! Stace is now doing a Rez loop at the same speed as myself, and StuGlu is fully recovered from his cracked ribs.
Meanwhile out on Brighton Beach the Rocket was seen in the Rolls with a crate of Russian beer, and 20 bags of pellegrini.

Happy Bastille Day! Le Bagel, however, is better than Le Baguette! (Ed's note; we know, contraversial & incorrect grammatically, we know, la la.)

Daniel Komen, the current and former world record holder for the 3000 meters and 5000 meters respectively, intends to run the Indian Path Medical Center & SunTrust Bank Crazy 8's 8-K Run this Saturday. He is not having the best of the times recently on da track, maybe da roads are the answer!
This weekend; The Boilermaker 15-K road race. Top athletes confirmed to run the Boilermaker include: Eddy Hellebuyck, Gordon Bakoulis, Shadrack Hoff, Esther Kiplagat, Hendrick Ramaala, Evans Rutto and a few Harriers.
Set your VCR’s July 13 12-1 p.m. 2002 Golden Gala, Golden League Track & Field Series: Rome, Italy.
"Join the thousands that are racing Urban Challenge in 20 cities across America this summer. Urban Challenge – a unique test of mind, body & spirit. Conquer the concrete jungle and qualify to race for $50,000 cash in Las Vegas. Visit our website and learn how you can race for free.
No brainer; Limit fat to no more than 30 percent of calories, say major health organizations, such as the American Heart Association. & more uncommon healthy notes; Gout, a condition that causes inflammation of the joints due to the build-up of crystals of uric acid, is strongly linked to heavy drinking. It is generally a genetically inherited condition, but it is exacerbated by alcohol.
Last night was the commencing of athletes’ anonymous on the track for the Urbanoso training. We had a great turnout with such stalwarts as Cre and The Judge making welcome comebacks. 100-man stepped up a notch, and Dorian was chasing with fire in her eyes. Becky ran well proving she is now recovered from fab Grandmas Marathon last month, and Sheila was absent through her recovery from Da Bronx.

Chris, and Lee, from Amex recorded the right amount of effort to see them through the sess, and TGV pushed with Partime for a solid night. (Believe it or not the Mini is going - he wants a BMW M3 now.. car #22 in 6-years, the mind boggles....
Iron Conor clobbered, and Randy pushed despite back probbos, Evelyn got waylaid but more than made up with some sterling smooth 400's, Cruiser (full o' smiles) gave a great session, as did Don, and The Queen of the Harriers. Buffalo is back on track with getting da speed, and Bob was flying the Kramer flag with a zippy leg turnover. Strangely there was no winging from the runners.... hmm was the session too easy?

Eldo Lise, "Reading the Lords of Poverty- the power, prestige and corruption of the international aid business. You just are shocked hearing story after story of complete disaster, stupidity and corruption and waste of billions of aid $$...(saw a lot of examples thru Ethio and Kenya) ...definitely a very interesting read- am thinking maybe I can create a position for myself by being a project assessor to see if aid is actually getting to the people and report on it....wouldn't I be the most liked person then with these aid orgs!"


Eldo Lise branches out to the borders, "Wrote Lonely Planet a little diatribe about the many mistakes in their Ethiopian guide and what a wiener their writer their response today: "We'll be thanking you personally in the next edition of the appropriate LP book (be patient though - the current edition may be out for a while yet!). If we use extracts from your email in one of our products we'll be sure to send you the free LP book of your choice to show our appreciation."
World champion Zhanna Pintusevich-Block ran the fastest time of the year in the 100 meters at the Vardinoyiannia meet Sunday, eclipsing the mark set two days earlier by American Marion Jones. Pintusevich-Block of the Ukraine ran the 100 in 10.84 seconds during the meet on the Aegean Sea island of Crete.
Quad Bix will have all the top Americans running as the organizers have made the race American Money - Meb, Abdi, Todd, Eddy H, Dan Browne, Tim Broe… the lack of Kenyans will bring the wings of the eagle, and more.
The Spaghetti Kenyan has announced that he will now compete for the West Side Runners. NYRR’s runner of the year looked around and thought the WS club to be the one for him - no-one was more surprised than the club president Bill Staab. "I got a phonecall from Paul saying he’d decided to run for us. That was nice!"
Catherine Ndereba will join Paula radcliffe and Deena Drossin in Chicago this year - Paula (for my money) is the best distance runner in the World right now, but it should be a great head to head headliner!
Sports Le generale: Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian falls to fourth seed Andrei Pavel in first round of Swiss Open.

Mario Cipollini retires from cycling following his team's (Acqua et Sapone) failure to qualify for the Tour de France and ONCE-Eroski claimed the team event for the second time in three years at the Tour de France on Wednesday. The favoured Spanish contingent were on top of their form, finishing 19" ahead of US Postal and 46" quicker than CSC-Tiscali. ONCE's Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano is the new rider in yellow.

Jordan Hellebuyck, the 6-year-old son of former Belgian and now U.S. masters phenom Eddy Hellebuyck and wife Shawn, ran a 5km in Hawaii 24:20... It seems like only yesterday when the little guy could not even walk. Yes, he is named after Michael.
Out & About last night to Kwaasi's house; man can that guy cook a great meal! It is rare in this city to find someone who can create such a fine home cooked meal - da tops!
From Our Supreme Judge, "We went to Morimoto's in Philadelphia. Morimoto was formerly the chef at Nobu and was the "Iron Chef Japanese" on the cult hit, the "Iron Chef." The food was terrific and the restaurant was exotic and exciting. We did the tasting menu and had (1) toro with caviar in soy ginger sauce, (2) kobe beef with eel, (3) oil seared kanpachi (a young yellowtail), (4) lightly seared red snapper, (5) wasabi sorbet, (6) lobster w/citrus creme fraiche, (7) more kobe beef (cooked shabu-shabu style), (8) sushi (delicious), and (9) tofu cheesecake and japanese mountain yam cake. Morimoto himself made our dishes.

It was wonderful and well worth the trek. In some ways, however, it was a little too fancy and exotic. I probably prefer Nobu." Now there is a good food review from a Classy guy.

Kudos that counts - this web site has less direction than road kill on the I-95. I only care about criticism from people who maintain web sites themselves. Take for example one NY runner who started her own site after blowing mine to pieces - 9 hits, and updated for one week. Basically good or bad I only like to hear comments from other web-men thus I was honored to read from Sir Roland that this site, "is interestingly different and differently interesting."
Coming up in 2-weeks is the infamous breakfast run - my fav event of da month. I am looking for someone to grab a communal table, I think I’ll ask the Queen of the Harriers… I need someone with sharp elbows.
Anyone who has not done this race is in for a fruity treat as da breakfast is served in the gardens of the Tavern… giving you a chance to spit grape pips at the Joes & Janes’ as they dash across the tweeds to the 8-5 daily grind.
Since announcing that our Intrepid reporter is running for da board qwe have received a lot of interesting feedback about what people think of the running community here in New York… it seems there are a few holes to be plugged. But speaking of plugging we are proud to say that the top Scandinavian Marathon runner, Anders Szalkai, sends his Endorsements for Vote4Toby…
On the note of 4 something if you want to donate shoes to Africa but don’t want to post/contribute towards African postage we are considering hooking up with the Boulder program to allow you to use your ‘work’ postage to send internal mail to Colorado - keepin’ da Bosses happy.
This Thursday Nike is having a party to promote the presto shoe/range… check out NikeTown for exciting new stuff if that’s what you are in to…. If not Duane Reade has some great offers on Socks this month.
Benoit Zwierzchewski, winner of this year's Paris Marathon, will be the only French representative at the European Championships in Munich this Summer. ‘Zed’ with more tatoos than our own Kinsella is a tough front runner with one speed - his sprinting speed is da same as his marathon pace. Vitesse? Non - but speed, plenty of it.
"Since may i've been spending each w/e on the rivers all over the places - traveling from one campground to the next. we plan another kayaktrip for 1 week or so mid of august to slovenia. hope everything/body is running well in 'central park'." That was a LONG overdue report of the ongoings of Anke in Munich! I much missed Urbanite.
Paula Radcliffe will run her first track race since last September when competing in the IAAF Golden League meeting in Monaco on Friday 19 July.
Lornah has pulled out of the Golden League in Rome so she can concentrate on her road obligations - Falmouth. It is nice to see an athlete not tempted by money and being true to race organizers - How easy it would be for Lornah to go to Rome, run and collect a substantial appearance and do Falmouth - But she feels that she really wants to give 100% to the competitions that she commits to, not the ones that pop up mid-season. After running 14:51 (solo effort) on a track in training shoes she is THE hot property on da track right now.
A lot of people have been asking ‘How can I vote?’ Remember to watch your NYRR mail. The club has 38,000 and a huge percentage do not vote, thus the board gets their vote by proxy. Thus I urge you to vote, even if not for me. (Ed’s note, Man this guy has nerve huh? He’ll probably start with corny sayings soon!)
Travis Tate from Long Island asks me for a typical day’s diet: So here goes, straight from the (cluttered) table of RU: Breakfast - a couple of power bars and a bowl of Farina or Oatmeal washed down with a lot of coffee. I have a normal coffee maker and fill the water level to 8-cups, though it usually fills my mug 3 times. Lunch - currently three bagels with cream cheese and a couple of apples. Mid afternoon snack; fruit and a sports drink (Leppin). And for dinner, Usually fish and pasta in a red sauce, or rice. For dessert I’ll go for a fruit variety and will eat as much as I need to feel comfortable.
Elldo Lise, "Spent part of weekend in the Italian ‘hood …love the area- eclectic crowd, great delis and old men sitting outside discussing everything and anything. Friday night "the girls" (my new NBF's who had a bar in the D.R.) throw a little "get together" in the hood… on the way I stop on the strip to get a diet coke to alleviate a rather angry stomach (due to indian leftovers?)…coke is the new wonder cure for me- the cure introduced to me in Eldoret after an initial intro the night before to many, many drinks called the "rafiki" : Kenyan Rum (someone forgot to mention it was 70 proof until the next day), Kenyan Cane (also 70 proof?) and passion juice…the only rafiki I made the next day was with the porcelain basin. I also noted that a wicked hangover at high altitude raises the pain exponentially ….the thoroughly worst part was that I was staying with friends of friends and had just met them that day (hey- how do you like me so far?)….anyways, back to the diet coke…the owner of the of the store says: "why you wanna drink diet…you donna need it"….thinking of moving into the neighborhood.

Here’s a new level of injustice: Air India bombing trial (here in Vancouver)- even though it happened in 1985 (?) trial is not until next year and we are footing the bill for the "alleged" bombers…cost of $1 million per month! for their defense team…estimates say the Canadian taxpayers by the end of this will probably have shelled out $1 billion…and we talk about corruption in developing countries…don’t be surprised if you see me on TV at a protest!" By the way since posting the picture of Eldo Lise many readers have commented on her looks, she is quite da hit (Ed’s note, and to think your picture has been up for 2-years and not one person has ever paid you a compliment ha ha)

Out & About; Last night at the Nike training run we had a good group of smiley runners - it is great to see such a friendly nice group of runners. We raffled off Nike Sunglasses as a reward for the smiles!

Afterwards I went to Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant with the famous Dr. Lewis Maharam - the running medical director of the NYC Marathon, great food and stories… the stories were very interesting but not being one to gossip I’ll just have to say if you visit him (German Silva once flew across 2 continents for the honor) you’ll not only get great treatment but amusing stories too! And the food at Mickey’s was rat5her snappy too - a toby thumbs up from the legendary sportsbar named after the Yankees famed #7

Local Athlete at PeachTree! Zoomalong, "I was pleased with my race, just 2 secs behind the 1st master, Elena Fidatof of Romania. She creamed me last year at Utica. Maybe I'll get her there this year." OH MY GOODNESS! Fidatof has been on fire this year - and Zoomalong, at all distances, is now on top of the world as far as distance Master’s running goes. How lucky we are to have such an athlete in our own city. Huge congrats to Zoomalong for the performance of the Summer so far!
Masters Women:
Masters Men:
St Denis: 3000ST Tim Broe runs 8:22, and #1 Kemboi Ezekiel KEN 8:10.11 2 Tahri Bouabdallah FRA 8:10.83 3 Kosgei John KEN 8:11.09 - Great PR for Skinny Bob in #2!
W3000M 1 Szabo Gabriela ROM 8:31.88 2 Adere Berhane ETH 8:32.31 1 3 Masai Edith KEN 8:33.94
Continuing her World Domination - Jones Marion USA 10.89
W1500 1 Teter Nicole USA 4:05.52 2 Cioncan Maria ROM 4:05.64 3 Holmes Kelly GBR 4:06.15 -Marla Ruyan in #9
1 Devers Gail USA 12.56 - Gail you’re the best!
M5000m - 1 Limo Benjamin KEN 13:02.34 2 Goumri Abderrahim MAR 13:03.17 3 Amyn Mohammed MAR 13:03.80 - Limo was the tip for this season, and I am not changing the swing now!
Sapporo Half Marathon. Men 1) Samuel Kabiru (KEN) 1:01:11 2) Daniel Njenga (KEN) 1:01:34 3) James Wainaina (KEN) 1:01:55 (The Khann. hung with the leaders till 15km)

Women 1) Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 1:08:57 2) Mikie Takanaka (JPN) 1:09:13 3) Naoko Sakamoto (JPN) 1:09:55

And after those results we move to the Bronx - Catherine would've won overall of course, but instead we had a new name on the winners rostrum - a west side newie! And in the top three, a couple of minutes back, was The Rope in the Warren Street colors(!) Rather a shock as I saw him a couple of days ago and nothing was mentioned.
More on this race will appear in the NY RUNNER magazine so I won't use up all my stories... needless to say the Nike Truck had fun (thanks to all of you who passed by to say hello). I had a great chat with the girl who won the race - more of that later. Team awards for the scoring points race went to the Warren St guys who have now sewed up the 2002 league.. I was riding back from the race with a member of the said team who was talking about the differing clubs in NYC (after telling me that WS are one of the top five clubs in the USA- is that a ho ho ho?) anyway he started talking about CPTC. This guy says, "Central Park have that good guy, Toby Tanser..." I asked him, "Is that a joke? Or do you know my name?" He didn't!

In the pack we saw Monsieur Mileage "Tired all the time" The Rube 'he'll run 1:14' and did so, TGV supposed to come and support but ended up running, Pogo & Kavan, Paul and Co coming in togetherish for UATH (Should have a good team, especially if Pierre had registered for us). Dorian, Lee, Sharon, 100, and others were spotted in Le Deluge.

Lance Armstrong surprised almost no one but himself by opening his bid for a fourth straight Tour de France title with a victory in Saturday's prologue.

"It's a surprise and a good surprise, I'm happier than you think," the Texan told reporters after winning the Tour's opening leg, a 7-kilometer (4.34-mile) individual time trial.
The 30-year-old won in 9 minutes and 8 seconds, topping Frenchman Laurent Jalabert by two seconds and Raimondas Rumsas of Lithuania by three. Armstrong is the overwhelming favorite to win the Tour, and he lost no time reclaiming the leader's yellow jersey he has taken home the last three years.

Out & About; At the SC's - the last time I visited the house was quite a while back hence the comments from both sides of the fence, "Wow, your hair has grown..." What is more they've had a child, though somethings never change. We are talking about Ali Baba bagels and coffee! Stace the Ace is swimming these days, and hopes to make an appearance at the CP Tri in August, StuGlu meanwhile is looking forward to recapturing the form he had in April this year when he was regularly seen zipping round CP @ speeds that looked like continual interval sessions.

Fans were asking, 'Will Stace the Ace run the 'Homeplate' race she won last year?' Well the answer to that one is the couple may jog the race, look for them en route. She was spotted running on the rez on Sunday, "the time (for the loop) is not for publication!"

Atkins article in the NY Times suggesting that the Nation is fat because we don't eat enough of it... and supposedly eat too many carbs! What? Americans get over 55% of their daily calories from Fat already - where does the equation go from there. The article candily adds, 'Atkins has bad health right now....' Sure - the guy died of a heart attack - diet related? Basically no excuses - greed, glutony (from which I often suffer), and pure laziness to prepare good food (Ed's note; That's your MO).

Boo to the Times for not even mentioning that T&F was on television in their sports guide rubrik. Usch, good job they had a recipe for Icelandic Lamb!

Out and about; Favia with Century-man, the bread was rather poor this time, though the filet was fine... Century tells us he is chiseling down. The amount of food he brought to Cre's house for Mich's party would feed an army - I thought we had run out of burgers on the night after the first round, "I brought 5 packs of a dozen burgers." Not to mention the dogs etc!

Typical Bad News:

German cycling star Jan Ullrich admitted Saturday taking pills in a disco the night before a doping test found him positive of amphetamines, insisting it was a "stupidity" and he was in no way seeking to improve his performance in sport.

Speaking to reporters for the first time since the results of the June 12 became known, Ullrich said he had declined to have a second, or B test, and admitted to taking what he described as "two little pills" an acquaintance had given him in a disco.

"I accept the positive results," the 1997 Tour de France winner told reporters in Frankfurt. "That means that for the first time in my long career, I am positive." Flippin' Druggie.

Stop Press; Congrats to Paul Cassidy & Anne Merrow, athletes I coach, for Bronx pr's, and to Victor Schulster, same clan, for a 15-minute pr!! Wow!
We are pleased to announce that the Vote4Toby rally is going well - thanks to the many athletes who have emailed/spoken their support. The Spaghetti Kenyan gives us his endorsement - with the state's best runner behind me I can't go wrong!
Good luck to all runners doin' da Bronx 1/2 Marathon. I will be up there working from the Nike truck, so drop by and say hallo. Also remember that on Monday it will be business as usual with the free Nike training group at the Wollman Rink. Did you know you could drop by (6:45PM) lace up a pair of Nike Shox and go run in the park for a 5-mile loop to see what you think of this shoe development. It beats buying from a running store after sitting on a stool wiggling your toes. No obligations, free refreshments, "It is a win, win situation," JJ, and "She should go - it's entirely free, she has nothing to lose!" Minnesota. So much to gain!
I hope to see you all there - to get there enter the park at 60th & 5th Avenue, take the left hand path and go straight to the Rink (no ice on there in the Summer!)

Eldo Lise & The Intrepid Reporter (RU) walking in a field....
Happy Birthday to the Skinny Kenyan - Isaya.

"We just returned from Kona Hawaii, and Belgium, and a weekend wedding in Tahoe." The Flying Hellebuyck’s, The Jetsetters of Albuquerque!

"Made these "healthy" muffins today- healthy because they taste so bad you just don't eat any." Eldo Lise!

And to an Eldoret Meet:
Women: 10,000m Maragert Akai 34:37.7, 2. Susan Kirui 34: 49.6, 3. Mercy Kosgei 35:53.8;
5,000m 1. Rose Chepkurui 16:14.1, 2. Alice Timbilil 16:16.6, 3. Rose Tanui 16:51.7;
1,500m 1. Priscah Jepletting 4:25.5, 2. Jeruto Kiptum 4:31.2, 3. Faith Cheruto 4:33.2.
Awesome Men’s 10k on da dirt! 10,000m 1. Salim Kipsang 28.56.00, 2. Evans Kipchumba 29.11.00, 3. David Menjo 29.20.0; 5,000m 1. Robert Cheboror 14.05.4, 2. Hillary Kipchumba 14.08.5, 3. Isaac Arusei 14.22.0;
800m 1. David Karonei 1.49.6, 2. Stephen Mwangi 1.50.2, 3. Daniel Mukoya 1.50.7;
3000m s/chase 1. David Chemweno 8.49.2, 2. Luka Bett 8.51.4, 3. Nicholas Kemboi 8.53.5;

Low Key Race with World Stars - where else? Kenya Focus continues:
"Five-time world cross country marathon champion Paul Tergat and Boston City marathon champion Catherine Ndereba won half-marathon races at the Lewa Conservancy in Isiolo on Sunday.

Isaac Chemwobwo produced confident performance to retain the marathon title. It was the third edition of this event, sponsored by Safaricom.

Chemwobwo, an Eldoret-based runner, whose last year’s win was intriguing after ‘begging’ to run after arriving late, hanged on to the leading pack from start to finish covering the 42 kilometres along the dirt paths of the Conservancy located on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya. He finished almost a half a mile clear of the field in 2 hours, 26 minutes.11 seconds, just over a minute outside the course record he set last year.

Peter Ndegwa, who dominated the first part of the race, was placed second in 2:30:15 followed by Suleimani Kariuki, who was timed at 2:30:37. The winner pocketed a prize of Sh100,000, runner-up Sh60,000 and the third placed Sh40,000 plus Safaricom Mobile phones.

Tergat, who also hanged on the leading pack, came first in men’s half marathon, 1:10:57 seconds. Sports Minister Francis Nyenze flagged off the 400 runners. Tergat conceded that the Lewa paths are tough and added despite winning the race, he did not take it competitive. "I was only using it as a training," he said.

David Weru came second timed at 1:11:45 seconds, relegating Julius Mwenda who clocked 1:12:12 seconds to the third position. Commonwealth Games champion Lameck Aguta finished seventh after clocking 1:15:5 seconds.
In women’s full marathon, last year’s winner Callen Areba and runner-up Anjelina Kanana retained their titles with Areba winning in 3:15:36 seconds. Kanana was timed at 3:37:36. Briton Hillary Walker came third with a time of 3:55.28."

Olympic gold medalist Said Aouita will become the new distance coach of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

The Moroccan, who won the 5,000 meters at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, is regarded by many (himself included) as one of the best middle-distance runners of all time.

Aouita possesses an impressive coaching record, with six of his charges winning three Olympic gold medals and setting five world records between them.

TOBY’S PICK for the Commonwealth 5000m - Read Benjamin Limo. Place yer bets.
Out & About: Cuccini with the RunDoc! A little restaurant on East 74th Street that serves nice Italian food.
"She did it again ! Lornah just won the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta in the 2nd fastest time ever and a new personal best of 30:31 !! The press talked a lot before the race about a "rematch" between Asmae Legzhauoi, the Morrocan World record holder, and Lornah but Asmae was not able to follow when Lornah ran her first mile in 4:38 ! Legzhauoi finished 4th in 31:53." From Lornah’s Camp!!! WOW!!!!
In da mailbag, "Thanks again for all of your help over the past few months. As I mentioned, since working with you, I have run PR's in the 5K, 4M, 5M, 10K (unofficial), 10M (unofficial) and half-marathon. So, obviously, I am pretty happy with your coaching! See you later. Dan." Good on yer - well done!!
Tuesday Night Races, "There was nobody there…." We hear, and here’s a look at the 2-mile results: McVeigh NYAC 10:04.7 2. Jerry Macari Urban Athletics 10:11.8 Da Boss 3. Matthew Rosetti NYH 10:20.4 Matt? Are you sure?? 4. Pieter Bezuidenhout PPTC 10:30.5 5. John Prather CPTC 10:36.4 6. Patrick Mermagen - 10:43.4 7. Sam Grotewold - 10:52.1 - of the NYRR club web site. 8. Kavan Green Urban Athletics 10:52.7 Yea! 9. Mark Paulonis NY Harriers 13:16.5 10. Diane Kenna NY Harriers 13:16.6 The Queen of the Harriers
Meanwhile racing in CT. It was 96-degrees on the starting line. The race director begins, "Thank you all for coming, this is the worst weather we have ever had a race in. You are NOT going to set a pr in this weather. Do not race, do not be stupid. Just go out and have fun." 96??

TGV was making his back to the roads comeback, and we went on a mini (in the clubman) ride to the town of Milford. Now let me say the post race food was absolutely fabulous! The bakery at Branford provided this delectable white cinnamon raisin bread…. Ouch! They also had pizza (8 varieties) bagels, donuts, breads of all flavors, fruits (TGV munched the w-melon), man it was great! As for the race… hmmm. Our intrepid reporter never really got going. With Gideon Mutisya on the starting line he decided to run for second. He was told they finished the race on the running track. RU hence ran in 3rd place on the shoulder of 2nd waiting for da kick!
The course was not hard, the heat just sucked but… suddenly runner #2 stopped running! Our reporter looked down and they’d crossed a pink drawn spraycan finishing line! We did not enter onto the track! Rather annoying, but for one place hardly worth even writing about. (Ed’s note: so why did you? Obviously it bothered you!) (Shuddup! RU).

Afterwards TGV and I sat out eagerly awaiting the raffle, he missed by a digit but then discovered it was only for Firestone tires, "You can’t give those things away!!

Other highlights we went past Babe Ruth’s final resting place, and were on the next street to James Taylor’s backing band musician (whose name, Cliff?, escapes me). At TGV’s house, right next to the Rockefeller Estates we burned some bagels, and listened to a his-made CD that should be on everyone’s MP3 player! Gideon, who wanted to win the tires, "But hey, then I’d need to buy a car - that could be expensive!" The open prizes were gift vouchers to the local running store. Out of loyalty to The Boss RU gave his certificate away to a guy in the crowd who had just started running that very day, "Here’s a little incentive to keep running."

Happy Fourth of July!
Here is my idea to stop the team disputes. Nobody recruits, and runners run for their zip code. Instead of Beverly Hills 90201 whatevers we could have the flying zero's with a tinge of Bond, 10007.... I mean radio stations could sponsor teams 107.51.
Nike runs continue with great success - Be there, check out details on da web (or this one if you scroll down)! Our focus will be a solid session in da Bronx, thus Monday at 7PM will be a nice recovery run, meet, talk, and leg turnover session.
"Central Park can be like the Bermuda Triangle; once I'm cut off from the landmarks of the city, I tend to lose my sense of direction." JZ
In Central Park right now they are filming the new Jack Nic film with Adam Sandler… hoardes of rubber neckers, ugh!
Eldo Lise, "Just picked up friend at airport -back from his trip to Cuba and dumping his girlfriend (not good combo). While waiting for luggage, we are talking to a "tri-athlete" that he sat beside on the way back- "tri-ass" more like it. He was going on and on about himself- so I interrupt and say (sipping on my slurpee)-yep I am trying to get fitter- he takes a look at me and says- "not by drinking slurpees"....I ask my friend later why he drags me into convos with social losers like that- "because I think he was hitting on me"...ah...the life of the wingman.
Here's 2 videos not to rent: America's Sweethearts and The Score (more like the snore). Well it's Canada Day...135 years...debating on staying in, joining the flight attendants in my bldg for drinks or checking out the fireworks..."
Deena da Wise; "For the past six months, I've been training and racing at an extremely high level," said Drossin recently at her home. "My last two races I considered to be sub-par performances. I took that as a sign that I needed to take a little rest."
Seen in Central Park - TGV zooming by at speeds I have never matched in the park. He took a hiatus from the running scene for June, and we are glad to welcome him back for July. RLX was also in there. Myself I ran with Shiney - with a heat index of 105 we decided just to run a steady loop and it was most enjoyable as Shiney has a lot of interesting stories to tell. We are hoping that Teller Anderson will soon be back in the Fat Tuesday’s - we hear that he has a back pain, here’s to wishing him a speedy recovery. Shiney’s first job was at Harrod’s, his second in the Oilfields of Bakersfield, California.
"Kajsa Bergqvist capped off a great evening of sport filled with world leading performances when she won the women’s high jump competition with a new personal best performance and world leading 2.04 meters in Lausanne last night." Fantastic news from the IAAF meet! Kajsa is from Stockholm, a wonderful person and a fab ambassador for the sport. More results: M800 1 Saïd-Guerni Djabir ALG 1:44.70 2 Borzakovskiy Yuriy RUS 1:44.85 3 Mutua Joseph KEN 1:45.04 4 Yiampoy William KEN 1:45.57 5 Wachira Nicholas KEN 1:45.60 6 Kimutai Japheth KEN 1:46.06
M1500 1 Lagat Bernard KEN 3:32.24 2 Chirchir William KEN 3:32.53 3 Maazouzi Driss FRA 3:34.37 4 Tahri Bouabdallah FRA 3:34.85 5 Rotich Laban KEN 3:35.72 6 Shabunin Vyacheslav RUS 3:36.07 7 Hachlaf Abdelkader MAR 3:36.40 8 Lassiter Seneca USA 3:37.28 9 Berryhill Bryan USA 3:37.39
M3000 1 Limo Benjamin KEN 7:36.02 2 Amyn Mohammed MAR 7:36.30 3 Kipketer Sammy KEN 7:36.38
M3000ST 1 Kemboi Ezekiel KEN 8:10.32 2 Kosgei Reuben KEN 8:10.36 3 Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:11.27
W800 - Great speedy race; 1 Mutola Maria de Lourdes MOZ 1:56.25 2 Teter Nicole USA 1:57.97 3 Calatayud Zulia CUB 1:58.51
W1500 1 Cioncan Maria ROM 4:03.11 2 Zadorozhnaya Yelena RUS 4:03.20 3 Yegorova EPO Olga RUS 4:04.11
Happy Birthday Jerry 2:09 Lawson!
"I was last out of the blocks and had no acceleration. I am not going to blame anyone in particular," said Greene. Who else could POSSIBLY be at fault for his poor performance, other than the great one himself? --David Barrett
We hear after the chicago Marathon Keith Dowling may be scooting over to visit Ireland, he is hoping that the Berko will entertain in the fashion he is famous for…. However we hear from the Berk himself, "I’m Mr. Boring when I’m back home in Ireland… I just work, I only get crazy on our training camps!" That’s the Berko I know!
Ireland's Sonia O'Sullivan admitted she will look to defend both her 5,000 and 10,000m titles at the European Championships in August. Following an emphatic victory over American Marla Runyan in the 3000m at then Norwich Union Classic at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, O'Sullivan confirmed she would double up in Munich. "I might as well try it. You've got to try it, but I have to get the 5,000 qualifying time," said the Irishwoman.
Whatever happened to Ludmilla Enqvist the disgraced 100M hurdler? She was caught in a drugs scandal and has since slipped out of the scoop. Was she banned? Has she handed back any medals?
On the local scene things really start to hot up as the clubs start looking at the C-Champs line-ups. More than one individual was recruiting at Saturday’s race, and there are a lot of unattached runners to be ‘had.’ We hear that Amy Fredericks is leaving Warren Street…. Her 90-days will end a mere 2-days before the said champs… will we see her in new colors? Battles still rage about the Polish woman who competed for Witold Runners & then Warren St. The defense, we hear, claims that she never agreed to run for Witold and was signed up inadvertently for the club…. I personally could not get to the bottom of this if I wanted as the aforementioned woman speaks only Polish & (poor) Russian. Bearing that in mind it sees dubious that she would not have talked things through with Witold, who is Polish himself. Central Park TC has filed a protest with the NYRR concerning her performing for the WS team, as have GNY we believe.
For the Hundreds interested we report that the Icelandic ½ Marathon Champs are on the 07th of September…. I once asked someone why Americans write the month-day-year instead of the Euro format of day-month-year. I was told, "Because when you say the date you always say September the 7th… so therefore it is proper to write it that way!"
Really? And here was I thinking it was soon to be the fourth of July!
The 25th running of the New Haven Labor Day Road Race will be on September 2, 2002. Over 5,000 runners are expected to compete in the 20K, 5K and 1/2 mile Children's Fun Run. The race will again host the Men's & Women’s 20K National Championship. This will be the twelfth consecutive year that the New Haven Road Race has hosted a National Championship race.
Dan Gilbert’s quote of the day, "We enjoyed having you. The Harriers have always been more about food and beer than anything else....Diane has simply been more about beer." He was da host on Sunday…. The Queen of the Harriers responds, "Aw c'mon. Didn't you notice I ate alot of limes??" Lots more news... but it will come on 07/03 as the above is enough methinks... Nike Monday, Coffee Kevin & Tamar, Minnesota's travels, Lise's update....
Happy July!
Bernard Lagat, 3:26 1500m runner, "My parents had never been on an airplane before, nor had they ever seen me run (live) before. I had told my parents that I wanted them to come with me to Nairobi and they agreed, thinking that we would drive over. They didn’t know anything until we stopped at the Eldoret airport and I surprised them by telling them we were flying. My dad acted really cool the whole flight, but my mom was so nervous! She held on for dear life and let out some little screams once in a while, but my dad just sat back and drank tea."
No Fall Marathon for Geb? The final diagnosis on the injury that sidelined Haile Gebrselassie on June 2 during his attempt on the one hour track run world record was a rupture of the calf.
The Kenyan T&F team heading for Manchester; Track and field: Francis Nyatome (team manager), Dan Muchoki (coach), Rose Tata Muya (assistant coach) Joseph Mutua, Japhet Kimutai, William Chirchir, Sammy Kipketer, Benjamin Limo, Paul Kosgei, Wilberforce Talel, John Korir Cheruyiot, Eric Wainaina, David Kimutai, Naomi Mugo, Edith Masai, Esther Wanjiru, David Kiplack, Stephen Cherono, Abraham Cherono, Ezekiel Kemboi, Willy Kirui, Joshua Chelang'a, Jackline Maranga, Faith Macharia, Salina Kosgei, Iness Chemoss and Susan Chepkemei.
Northern Englander, John Mayock, has been selected for the 5000m (read to face Kipketer & Limo) and is not happy, "I have to say I am disappointed. Why the selectors had to make their minds up so quickly, I don't know." Preferring instead to run the 1500m against Chirchir where he felt his medal chances better. If John Yuda decides to do a 5/10 double Mayock could be in problems; mt own thoughts is the Kenyans continue to baffle by saying they are only sending 2 athletes per event in the track… apart from the steeplechase. After having five sub 13- runners in Oslo on Friday night one would think they could muster 3 men to sweep the medals….
3. Simon Wangui, KEN, 1:05:00? Losing by over half a minute? Is this the same runner who set a world leading 10-miler 46-min race in Philly?? June’s shock horror feature.
We get an email from the Mad Berko, "Still winning.........................................Noel."
Russians - surprise, surprise! Indoors 60 meter hurdles bronze medalist Yevgeny Pechonkin received a two-year ban and was stripped of his medal after failing a drugs test, the European Athletics Federation announced Friday.

An out of competition drugs test on February 10 by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) showed up traces of the banned anabolic steroid norandrosterone.

The athlete, who later won bronze at the European Indoor Championships in March, has had his medal given to fourth-placed Latvian Stanislavs Olijars and won't be allowed to compete again until June 6, 2004.

Bislett Games; M5000M 1 Limo Benjamin KEN 12:57.50 12 2 Kipketer Sammy KEN 12:57.90 10 3 Kibowen John KEN 12:58.61 9 4 Bitok Paul KEN 12:58.94 17 Limo Felix KEN 13:34.44 20 Bakken Marius NOR 13:58.23 - Bitok gets under 13, Limo the WR holder in the 15k finds the track not to his liking, and the Norwegian Fav just dips under 14’
M1mile 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:50.12 12 2 Rotich Laban KEN 3:51.99 10 3 Hachlaf Abdelkader MAR 3:52.42 11 Ngeny Noah KEN 3:57.39 - Noah will not be happy with that position, though Laban will, he has been going for years!
M100M 1 Chambers Dwain GBR 10.05 12 2 Greene Maurice USA 10.06 10 3 Montgomery Tim USA 10.10 - A shocker, it was supposed to be a USA showdown!
W1500M 1 Cioncan Maria ROM 4:03.55 12 2 Iagar Elena ROM 4:03.63 10 3 Zadorozhnaya Yelena RUS 4:04.09 9 4 Turova Alesya BLR 4:04.36 8 5 Varga Judit HUN 4:04.86 7 6 Teter Nicole USA 4:04.89
W5000M 1 Szabo Gabriela ROM 14:46.86 12 2 Adere Berhane ETH 14:46.99 10 3 Tomashova Tatyana RUS 14:47.85 9 4 Masai Edith KEN 14:48.14 8 5 Yegorova Olga RUS 14:48.29 7 6 Leghzaoui Asmae MAR 14:55.10 6 7 Chepkemei Susan KEN 15:00.05 5 14 Loroupe Tegla KEN 15:32.20 - Tegla still in there, EPO Olga gets toasted, and from Central Park to Norway Asmae dips under 15!
& taking the 100M in fine style Marion Jones USA 10.96
Out & About; A busy weekend. First stop was the FRNY race - where I was in the results I do not know, though I do not applaud having a missing result after entering and running a race.
The race begun and as nobody took out the pace I thought I would. As we hit the first mile in 5:06 I was thinking ‘this is what Paula Radcliffe had for her 21st mile in the London Marathon… Oh dear!’ Meanwhile a wry spectator was asking "Why did you go out so hard, would it not be better to run from the back?" Man, if we’d gone out slower it would have been a death march!
Even out of form I like to try! Anyway Mile 2 and The Rope comes along as Sean pulls away. The Rope, running as a bandit, graciously takes the inside line. Brent, from WS, is thinking, "I drag this guy round in our WS training on Thursdays - why isn’t he in a team singlet?" We are now joined by the young Khannouchi. Nothing much happens except shortly after 2-miles the rope drops out, or back. Meanwhile a bit back Shiney is chugging along, "I woke up, went back to bed, and thought let me just run…" And Leonardo Chalco having a training run. Onto the East side The young Khannouch brushes into a pedestrian and is sent spinning, his legs were spindling beforehand, and I think the fatigue was surmounting.
Sean (I don’t know his second name) is still way out unchallenged, and I hear some people ask, "Who is that guy?" I did not know myself.
Back in the women’s race the Master Zoomalong was continuing to humble the Open division of New York’s running scene - she ran, and won unchallenged! It was good to see The Gazelle back in the top few places, she is hosting a Crepes Soccer party for the World Cup and was rather concerned about the unsociable hour these Soccer games have been starting….
The team comps are rather controversial these days - recruiting and whatnot. Warren Street men took the medals from Greater New York for the Men, and the Central Park women defeated Moving Comfort (though of course if Zoomalong scored for MCNY…..) And Amador Ybanez & Gordon Bakoulis, for me, took the outstanding performance awards for the day. And for the future GNY were; 1-2-3-4-5 age 19 and under---with #5 a 13-year old. Watch out in a few years….
Strasbourg, France: 800m: Wilson Kipketer DEN 1:44.71, Henry Rotich KEN 1:45.73, Nicolas Aissat FRA 1:45.90 1500m: Mehdi Baala FRA 3:33.18, Mickaël Damian FRA 3:38.78, Abdelslam Kennouche ALG 3:41.37 5000m: Mohamed Khaldi ALG 13:17.71, Khoudir Aggoune ALG 13:19.75, Driss El-Himer FRA 13:20.79 3000m steeple: Ezekiel Kemboi KEN 8:20.95, Zouhair Ouerdi MAR 8:22.82, Frédéric Denis 8:22.83
Women’s distance 800m: Aurélie Coulaud FRA 2:02.12, Virginie Fouquet FRA 2:02.31, Peggy Babin 2:02.83
Two of RU’s friends feature in the 800M - the dart yielding Wilson who used to compete on the Scandinavian circuit in the mid Nineties (and had the world’s longest darts game in Karlskrona before a 1500m race…) and the beautiful Virginie of France - a model in the making.

Sheffield Results: M1500 SLOW! 1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:40.20 2 Too Michael KEN 3:41.03 3 Graffin Andrew GBR 3:41.54 4 Whiteman Anthony GBR 3:42.21
M3000 1 Amyn Mohammed MAR 7:57.83 5 2 Hissou Salah MAR 7:58.30 4 3 Mottram Craig AUS 7:58.64 3 4 Broe Tim USA 7:58.69 (Komen - 8:03!!)
Shocking 100m rsults 1 Chambers Dwain GBR 9.95 2 Lewis-Francis Mark GBR 9.97 3 Gardener Jason GBR 10.11 4 Williams Bernard USA 10.15 5 Nagel Morne RSA 10.21 6 Greene Maurice USA 10.24 7 Boldon Ato TRI 10.25
Most of you who read this page know what I think of the New York diets… protein loaded and full of it. Did you hear that the Atkins diet guy died of a heart attack last week??
Sunday; Feeling a little fatigued from Mgee’s Mexican Party (good to see ½ of NYC’s running mob in one blob) we had a tired World Cup watching experience followed by a long run in the park. Ran into the Rope & later Shiney who helped to drag the run along somewhat! Saw Monsieur Mileage doing the miles in the park, we hear that he is off to Interlaken later this year (super jealous as that is a most wonderful place in Switzerland).
In the afternoon it was out to Irvington with Steve Marsalese & Marianne to The Harrier party. Now a funny thing is that I never seem to socialize with the club I am actually in (do we see a Groucho Marx angle here?) Well as I mentioned I was not invited to the CPTC thing (recall TGV’s "I’m invited and I don’t even know anyone…" Plus Partime, "I’m invited, and I’m not even in the club…") Anyway truth be told I would always head for a Harriers Party given the chance probably due to the last time I went to a CPTC party I paid $40 for a paper plate (no fork) of cold pasta with a tomato sauce with less taste than a TBS afternoon movie… oh and I had to listen to someone give speeches about the good old days to boot… so I was rather happy to be Irvo’ bound.
The Queen of the Harriers was there, as was PonyTail Ted (who went to college with the great Henry Rono), Steve Conroy, Mark and Dublin girlfriend, Glen, Comfy Ed, Cindy, Tim, the hosts and more… Quite a club. Great party, and lots of interesting talk on too many obscure issues to mention (and about too many people who read this website - Ed's note).
Congrats to Sir Roland for picking the team that went the distance, and became, in front of $1.5 billion people, the Champions of the World Viva Brasil!
Africa took 34 medals in Atlanta, with Kenya leading the field. Kenya: 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze Nigeria: 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze South Africa: 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Tamar & Kevin; I dined with UATH’s nutrionalist and Coffee Kevin. Tamar has a great standpoint on nutrition. It is a simple three point theory;
Being Overweight is unhealthy.
Everyone can lose weight.
Calories taken in must be less than calories expended if you wish to lose weight.

"I went to the 1992 Olympics with a list of people in my pocket who had prior positive tests. There were ten or 12 names there. I think a lot of people know about what went on. Very few of them spoke up." -Wade Exum former head of USOC drug testing program, who is going to make publicly available to the press, documents involving the coverups this Saturday.

And on another note: American javelin thrower Emily Carlsten has been suspended after failing a drugs test.

A Turkish delight? Brazil's R.Carlos, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho and Germany's O.Kahn and M.Ballack are among nominated for the WCup best player's award.

Hammer thrower Aaron Fish has been thrown out of an Australian Commonwealth Games Team training camp in Darwin for allegedly using a sling shot to hurl steel ball bearings and marbles at a youth hostel. A 17-year-old sprinter James Barnes, who had also been training at the camp for the World Junior Championships in Jamaica, was sent home too, reportedly for the same reason.

Local Hero Alex Zuelle (Team Coast) wins the Tour of Switzerland - Cycling News. The Tour De France starts soon.. meanwhile we have Wimbledon!

Nike Blayden Race, Note openshaw that won the Niketown park race; 5.7M ROAD RACE 1 Julius Kimtai KEN 26:19 2 Wilson Kogo KEN 26:26 3 Tesfaye Eticha ETH/SUI 26:38 4 Neo Molema RSA 26:40 5 Mark Miles Belgrave 26:43 6 Mark Hudspith Morpeth 26:57 7 Mike Openshaw Birchfield 27:11

Last night was Michelle Rossettie’s surprise wedding shower than Urban Socials threw her. We told her that we were having a party for Cre who has been suffering from a stress fracture. I said his wife wanted to organize a welcome back party for his cast-off (literally).
Then I emailed her working partner Bob, "Hey Bob can you go over to Michelle and say that you’ve an email from Urbanoso asking you to go to a party where you hardly know Cre… tell Michelle that you don’t think you, or her, should go…"
Hopefully at this point Michelle would ‘talk’ Bob into going… if she agreed then Bob was instructed to change the line of thought, "Perhaps we should go…"
Then to further try to dupe Michelle the day before the party, (leaving it late so hopefully she could not manage) I asked her to bring some cookies for Cre!

We had a good turn out - it was good to see Ben & Jodi again, looking radiant as usual, Paul et wife were there, Patti, Bob, Tom, Jerry, Kavan & Sheila, Kevin & Tamar, Patrick and French bread, Pam, Mary V who saw a group of Urbanosos walking to Cre’s house and wondered what was going on…. A nice night!

Becky Lee’s Grandma’s - "I had a personal best by 15 minutes." Great job!
So Brazil Vs Germany in the World Cup finals. To be fair this was on the cards… There has only been ONE final in the last Fifty years without either Germany or Brazil being there….. that was ’78 when Argentina won. Predictable?
We hear from Michelle about the Canadian Tough Qual. Times for the Commonwealth G. "The Canadian Olympic Association(COA) is tired of never getting medals at any games so they have decided that the people they do send to championships or games will be medalist and if there are no potential medalist then they will not send anyone. It's kind of a joke because they do nothing to help but yet expect medals. Standards are 32:00(10k) and 15:08(5k)." OUCH, that is too fast!
Lottery Live on TV: In a New York City Marathon first, the annual New York City Marathon lottery ceremony, where the open field is selected for the five-borough race, is scheduled to be televised live on the WNBC (Ch-4) Today Show in New York between 5-7 a.m. this Thursday morning.
Green Bay, Wisc., Cellcom Green Bay Marathon: Men - 1. Andrey Kuznetsov (40+), RUS, 2:23:33; 2. Jonathan Ndambuki, KEN, 2:24:48; 3. Petru Lazarescu, ROM, 2:26:51. Women - 1. Tatiana Titova, RUS, 2:46:55; - Wow, Jonathan is a top runner (he won Big Sur) but the old Master had his number! Did I ever tell the story of how Andrey ended up in Moscow in January wearing beach shorts and Dame Edna sunglasses? #7 in the men’s race was New Year’s EVE 2001 CP winner Janko Bensa running 2:31 for $700 - Andrey took $3.5K
Lydia Cheromei’s husband’s 3000m race; 11 Hosea Kogo KEN 9:11.71
More Canuuk News: Canadian Outdoor Champs men’s 5000m Sean Kaley (OttawaLions) kicked with 800m to go. Covering the last two laps in 2:01 Kaley won in 14:07.88, with Jeff Schiebler (KajaksTC) 2nd in 14:10.17 & Da Femmes, national 10,000m champion Courtney Babcock (MountainW) in 16:37.77, with Andrea Grove (MountainW) 2nd in 16:43.10, Aster Demissie (EdmontThu) 3rd in 16:49.08
El G who will race in Bilslett on Friday over the Mile distance: "I am now back in Morocco, training in Ifrane, in the altitude of the Atlas mountains. After competing last month in Eugene I spent one day in Rabat to see my family and my little sister, and then came straight up here. The first days were a little cold and rainy, and we tried to adapt to the change, then luckily the weather improved and we were able to work well.
My friends and pacemakers, Hossine and Aziz and my brother are always with me. We live in a chalet with two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen and a cook comes by every day to prepare our meals. Often after training some friends come along from the nearby Al Akhaouine University in Ifrane, and we discuss a lot of different subjects, frequently speaking English. It’s good to get your mind off athletics!"
Bad news: Romas Ubartas, the 1992 Olympic discus champion from Lithuania who was temporarily suspended earlier this month after he tested positive for a banned steroid, can compete again, athletics officials said Monday.

The Lithuanian Athletic Federation said it lifted the ban on Ubartas after he received permission to compete from the sport's world governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations, on Saturday.

Happy Birthday Jane Monti!! Have a wonderful day, the ice cream is in the post…. It’ll melt as she is on her hols visiting Deena Drossin.
Nike Running class - Monday, 01st of July, 7 PM @ the Wollman Rink. Free Coaching, refreshments and nike gear: We also have had massages, Chiropractors, Shoe experts (there every week), Docs, Nutritionalists.... other fun things to help you with your running goals & focus. Differing fun thingies to keep YOU da runner interested... read on;
There will be raffles (we gave out a speed monitor), and free stuff give-outs like T-Shirts to regulars.
Someone asked how many people attend, and what is the standard; My group is growing tremendously well; The first week only 13 came (the biggest of the Nike weekly series, but this Monday was 32(!) and I am sure that will also be the biggest of the Nike runs.
The standard of runners goes from people who just want to come and walk, and enjoy the freebies/refreshments to fast zippers who scoot around! Everyone is welcome - even if you can just hop 200 meters!
We received that nice email from Artie today who attended the classes with his wife Irma.
Central Parkus; The Fat Tuesday’s AC. Mile repeats with Shiney, da male model…. On the last repeat I was thinking, ‘he is flying, or I am dying…’ we hear that he is going to enter the 5-miler on Saturday… The Rope turned up later with jetlag in a different time zone, just back from CA… and as for Smokin’ J he turned up looking like Roy Orbison on a dean Martin roadtrip.

Also in the park was BethG - the glue behind the NY Harriers, always great to see Beth with her bundles of positive energy….. Stopn’chat of course did just that, as did James from CPTC…. Yes, it was a happening night in the park full of Sunshine. Gripe of the night is that the bridle path is starting to look like a parking lot - those police men sure are taking liberties - the cars nearly stretch from the West side to the East now! It is criminal; when I was doing the strides with Shiney I got cut off by a cushman, I was going to bang on his window but… Shiney recalled the night before his brother’s wedding in Texas the father got locked up by the Lone State’s cops for voicing views……

The Boss was back in Tempo action - a loop of the park after a loopy bender weekend… I never got the full scoop but the lifting of his eyebrows told the story. And for news of our other trainer, the intrepid reporter, one of his athletes reports, "Since the third week in April of this year I have run PRs in the half marathon (big one!), a 4-miler (big one!), the 5K, and the 800 meters. That is 4 PRs in about 8 weeks!! Not to mention that I have run completely injury-free (knock wood) since I have been training with you." Thanks R2
‘Easier’ times now needed for runners wanting to run the Boston Marathon -- particularly older runners -- Age Group - Men - Women - Adjustment from 2002 18-34 3 hrs 10 min 3 hrs 40 min -- 35-39 3 hrs 15 min 3 hrs 45 min -- 40-44 3 hrs 20 min 3 hrs 50 min -- 45-49 3 hrs 30 min 4 hrs 00 min + 5 min 50-54 3 hrs 35 min 4 hrs 05 min + 5 min 55-59 3 hrs 45 min 4 hrs 15 min + 10 min 60-64 4 hrs 00 min 4 hrs 30 min + 20 min 65-69 4 hrs 15 min 4 hrs 45 min + 30 min 70-74 4 hrs 30 min 5 hrs 00 min + 40 min 75-79 4 hrs 45 min 5 hrs 15 min + 55 min 80 and older 5 hrs 00 min 5 hrs 30 min + 70 min
Great Bagels found; City Bagels, on 18th St (east side somewhere). Brought to us by Kwasi - these were superb, really tasty and big! A definite boon to any diet, check em out!
Coming to town, Jerry Lawson - just passing through. Jerry is a really nice guy, and a brave front runner. His admirable tactics have led to his email address which includes amongst other things the numbers; 2:09:35!
Men’s Euro Super 5000 league, and yes that is the nephew of Pekka Olympic-Champ 1500m ’72 Vasala! 1 Dimitri Maximov RUS 14:09.92 2 Sam Haughian GBR 14:11.60 3 Smail Sghyr FRA 14:14.00 4 Marco Mazza ITA 14:14.72 5 Samuli Vasala FIN 14:16.63
Serena Williams is playing on the center court, the recent French Open champion, though on another minor court we have Kournikova against a girl whose claim to fame was being beat by 45-yr old Martina last week.. where do the cameras go?

More shocking news; $32 buys you a dozen post delivered cookies from a store brand cookie maker - ouch! Those are expensive bites!

Our own Becky-Lee ran Grandmas, bouncing back from her other Marathon last month - well done. Kenyan Elly Rono beat Pavel Andreyev of Russia and Andrey Gordeyev of Belarus. Rono, 32, went on to win in a great time, and a PR, of 2:10:57. Andreyev ran2:11:20 and Gordeyev was 2:12:43.
Zinaida Semenova of Russia beat Anna Pichrtova of the Czech Republic, 2:32:21 to 2:32:39 For the women’s title.
How to go from 2:13 to 2:07 by Ian Syster, "Less mileage, more quality. We run our long runs very hard. Someone is always pushing the pace."
Kenya’s Commonwealth Games team in Manchester, UK: Erick Wainaina and Joshua Chelanga for the Marathon. Esther Maina will be the only woman representative.
Another surprise selection was that of Commonwealth Champion Japheth Kimutai who finished last in the 800meters trials runs with the former world junior champion, Joseph Mutua, in the event.
Others include, 5,000m - Benjamin Limo, Willy Kirui, Sammy Kipketer; 10,000m -Paul Kosgei, John Korir, Wilberforce Talel; 3,000m SC - Stephen Cherono, Ezekiel Kemboi, Abraham Cherono; 1,500m - William Chirchir, David Kiplak; Women: 800m - - Faith Macharia, Salina Kosgei; 1,500m - Jackline Maranga , Naomi Mugo; 5,000m - Edith Masai, Iness Chenonge; 10,000m - Susan Chepkemei.
Brazil's goalkeeper Marcos is doubtful for Wednesday's semi-final against Turkey after he got injured in a training match on Monday. And FIFA President Sepp Blatter has finally bowed to the weight of public opinion and appointed six European referees to take charge of the World Cup semi-finals.
Great fun at the Nike class - we hear from Mr Z that Dennis ran well, dipping under the Eights - good job, Artie was back in town… a good turn out all around with fun and a nutritionist no less. Our own Tamar was in the group quietly taking note of the truths….. The N. came up afterwards, "Funny, usually when I say who thinks Carbs are bad everyone yells… but this group…." She should know - This is the bagel group!

Sweden’s ‘Absolut' Marathoner. Anders Szalkai, and his daughter Smilla.
No surprises here to read, "Injured Rodgers Rop and unprepared world silver medallist Simon Biwott have been dropped from Kenya's Commonwealth Games team." These guys don’t run for metal medals!
I ran a long run in Central Park with Shiney on Sunday, it was a glorious day and thanks to Shiney I got in a quality long run, my first for 2002 when I’ve felt like, ‘yes, that was a solid, good, LONG run.’ Shiney went for the world record in races per days - From Sunday till Tuesday he ran 4 races placing 2nd, 1st, 2nd, & I don’t know the result of the last race. Pretty damn impressive!

Album, or CD of the week, Gladys Knight & The Pips, ‘If I were your woman.’

"thursday night workout followed by dublin house for post workout sports drinks, then after a quick shower & shave it was over to the east side for brazil v. england, another change out of smoky clothes, to diane's for bloody marys bagels and even more football, then on to work. as long as i don't start hallucinating i should be fine. i've got the next four years to sleep ..." A day in the life; Ponytail Ted from da Harriers.
The power of a sub 2:20 course; The Berlin Marathon, scheduled for September 29, 2002, has reached its 33,000 runners and 8,000 inline skater course limits.
Marla, "I'd rather struggle with lofty goals than settle for comfortable ones."
Susan Chepkemei, world half-marathon best, ran a highly tactical race and won in 32:38.3. She was followed by Ndereba, world marathon best, in 32:50.2. Alice Timbilil, former IAAF World 3000m Youth Champion was third in 32:50.2 in the Commonwealth Games Kenyan trials.
News from LORNAH KIPLAGAT’S PIETER: (coincidentally the only man to tip South Korea BEFORE the W-Cup. Monsieur Mileage is the only tipper of Germany!)
Just like last year wanted Lornah test herself on the track on the 5000 meter. Last year she ran 15:08 and this year she wanted to go sub 15:00 minutes.
The World best for 2002 was 15:00:49 from Elvan Abeylegesse in the Grand Prix of Hengelo. Lornah ran from the beginning 71 seconds per lap and had only at 3K a few times 72 seconds.
However, a 69 seconds last lap was enough to run the fastest time in the World on the track this year: 14:51:95! She ran the race in her racing shoes and not in spikes to avoid any injuries. Her time is a personal best, her former PB was 15:06, a course record and World best in 2002. Next race will be the Peachtree 10 K in Atlanta on July 4. Trainings partner Jane Kiptoo also ran a personal best and finished in15:19!
Talking track - I have given up racing the track events, for a good reason. Getting slower. So I decided to go and watch the Empire State Games Qualifier as I had a couple of athletes running, well since I had not raced that day I thought why not…. I ask the organizers, ‘What time is the 5k?’ ‘dunno, check the list’ ‘Um the list has no times…’ ‘dunno what time it starts then.’ GREAT - warm up, lie down, or stretch… man I just wanted to go to Starbucks and get some java. However this meet was up in da Bronx and although there are more Starbucks than Duane Reade’s in NYC not in da Bronx! I walked past ‘breakfast $1:69’ signs but no coffee shops. Mind you I will say that I love the people up in the Bronx - very friendly, I had a ball on the #5 train on the way home when someone got on and wanted to share her bag of Dunkin’ Donuts… Ophs, got distracted! R2 ran a PR, the first time running a 5k under the big digit. Dan da Dog, despite warning, set off tooo fast, and paid the price that we all have paid. Kwasi - never saw him, Century Man - he ran good, but that was in Central Park! As was Randy, Cruiser, Sharon, & Jen - what a team!! Good for you guys!
1 Janina Malska winning the Nike Fitness Run… okay, Warren Street? In the Mini she was Witold Runners! That is the shortest ninety days that ever passed by in NYC!

USA TF Champs: Great 10’s!! Amrericans are Rockin!!
1 Mebrahtom Keflezighi Nike 27:41.68 2 Abdi Abdirahman Nike 27:42.83 3 Alan Culpepper adidas 27:48.09 & 1 Jen Rhines adidas 31:57.38 2 Milena Glusac adidas 32:15.09 3 Katie McGregor adidas Ameri 32:17.49
When I ran with Jen in Central Park every time she saw a Pug she’d squeal and go off chasing after the thing to pet it!

5000m 1 Alan Culpepper adidas 13:27.52 2 Mebrahtom Keflezighi Nike 13:30.05 3 Matt Lane Nike 13:30.58 & 1 Marla Runyan Nike 15:07.19 2 Deena Drossin Asics 15:13.93 3 Carrie Tollefson adidas 15:21.37

The tuna at Cilantro, choice restaurant of Sherlock, is very nice. The ambiance is spoilt a little by the rush turnover, but to be fair it was a Friday night, and we were in the back garden. It’s foodfare is South Western and it is well worth a visit if you are on the Upper East Side hungry and looking for that type of food. The Sherlock recommends, "Margaritas!!"
IAAF World Half Marathon Champion Paul Kosgei ran the fastest 10,000 meters time ever on Kenyan soil as the National Championships-cum-Commonwealth Games Trials concluded in the city of Nairobi on Saturday. Kosgei clocked 27:44.14, slashing almost four seconds off World champion Charles Kamathi's previous mark ( 27:47.33) which was set at last year's Nationals. John Korir and Wilberforce Talel followed in 27:44.55 and 27:46.70 respectively as Kamathi, bogged down by a recurring groin injury, finished 10th in 28:20.64. The Cherono brothers - Stephen and Abraham - appear destined for a bright steeplechase future, if their performances at the Kenyan trials are any measure. Stephen, who holds the world junior steeplechase record, won the Kenyan title in 8:18.02 with Abraham clocking 8:19.26 to take third place. Up and coming Ezekiel Kemboi was second in 8:18.31.
Euro Cup, Division One: Check out the slow men’s 5000m!
s M5000m 1 Jesús ESPAÑA ESP 15:06.70 2 Dennis JENSEN 6DEN 15:09.33 3 Jose RAMOS 1 POR 15:10.28 4 S. SCHUTGENS NED 15:10.48 5 8Claes NYBERG SWE 15:10.63
M1500 1 A. TRAVASSOS 1 POR 3:42.60 2 Reyes ESTEVEZ ESP 3:42.60 3 Mark KOERS NED 3:42.87
M800M 1 Wilson KIPKETER DEN 1:44.28 (CR) 2 Antonio REINA ESP 1:45.53 (PB) 3 Bram SOM NED 1:45.86 (SB) 4 Khaled AZERKAN SWE 1:46.93 (SB)
W800m 1 Jolanda CEPLAK SLO 1:58.55 2 Mayte MARTINEZ ESP 2:01.36 3 N. DZIDKOVA BLR 2:01.70 4 Sandra TEIXEIRA POR 2:02.63 5 Stella JONGMANS NED 2:03.93
W3000 1 Luisa LARRAGA ESP 9:11.93 2 Ines MONTEIRO POR 9:21.27 3 2 Inna POLUSKINA 5 LAT 9:28.15 (SB)
W1500m 1 Alesia TUROVA BLR 4:09.17 2 N. RODRIGUEZ ESP 4:10.21 3 Jessica AUGUSTO POR 4:15.52
Sunday brunch; At the lenox - had a steak, and a pile of muffins, then we went for a walk and had a beer and an ice cream at The BoatHouse in Central Park. It was a really nice afternoon, it was fun chatting with The Rocket, "So Kotov won Comrades drinking three beers per day? I have tried that." ‘Yes Rocket, but 3 is your warm up!’ "And carrot soup? Were the carrots grown in Chernobyl Russia?" Spot on! We were of course chatting about the miraculous achievements of the 44-yr old Belarus winner’s methods of winning.
Select results from the Tuesday track night: 1. Matt 'Shiney' Chaston - 4:31.5 2. Jerry 'Chubby' Macari Urban Athletics 4:43.31.that was the mile, and the 800m: @ fat Tuesday's: Conor O’Driscoll Westchester TC 2:02.7.... 3. Matt 'Shiney' Chaston - 2:11.8, and 4. Charlotte 'super smooth' Cutler CPTC 2:13.7
Eng Vs Brazil - could not do it live! I was going to hook up with Steven Paddock (a virtual neighbor), but the hours were too tough, then Minnesota tried to bribe me with bagels and starbucks, "And my Mum phoning every minute! How could you refuse?" Then we heard that the Harriers were doing a double - the bar first then Diane's house after (again with a bagel invite!) Ouch, I'll go Spanish and see the 10 AM replay.. thus if you saw me this morning avoiding converse you'll understand why!
A good track turn out tonight. Kavan in his ‘where’s the safari party shorts’ ("Well when I’m outta shape I want to low key"), Kevin also was a welcome sight Back-on-track, It has been a long time since he was last down witnessed by his complete lack of faith in the Urbanoso’s, When I announced that the second bonus 400m was in actual fact an 800 he predicted, "There’ll be a 35% drop out rate." The Chubby Boss, on hand, said, "Only Partime will drop out…." And that’s how the song was run! What a group! Thre were some huge improvements from the last time we did this session namely Conor smashing from 19:10 to 17:40, and Dorian coming from 24 to 22! Way to go! Welcome back to Cruiser, good to have her back.
Congratulations to Michelle King, and Marc Davies - Engaged to be married! You may remember Marc as being the rebel American Steeplechaser who had an interview in Runner'sWorld that annoyed a few people with his comments on Pre - at least he was opinionated! Nothing worse than someone who does haven’t anything to say…. That can’t be said for Wilson Pickett huh? The wedding will be in Toronto next year.
From Anne, "Americans are overweight because we grow insanely huge crops of corn, wheat, and soy, and mass-produce our meat, fruits, and vegetables. So food is cheap and low in quality, and portions are enormous. If we went back to smaller-scale production, stopped feeding our cows corn, started buying better foods, we'd all be healthier."
Of course one man, one vote, But… Why are English people ½ the size of the average American? Food is very cheap there, and plentiful. France ditto. Greed, a lack of self discipline are 2 key factors why I ballooned up in weight. Sure I’d like to eat three muffins for breakfast, but I won’t. Yes, I too might like a slice of chocolate cake.. the same theme with people who say, "Oh, it is alright for you - you love to run." No, a lot of the time I hate running, period.
I am sorry for my vote it all goes back to exercise - case in point today at the gym, a girl next to me had a personal trainer; she walked on the treadmill, got off, swung a dumbell five swings, got back on the treadmill - this for thirty minutes. The whole time nattering NON-stop about her film career (don’t know who she was, but everyone else seemed to…)
Now if she’d walked to her local supermarket, gone round the isles, and carried her shopping home she have a cupboard full of produce, a better workout, and change to spare!
Out and about; brunching with the Rocket - I had a spinach stuffed Turkey Burger, wasn’t the best thing the Lenox have to offer. What was good was to hear that the Rocket is in hard training, "On Wednesday three hill sessions, and 24-miles!" Ouch!
Dining out at Baluchi’s - I love their bread, it is scrumptious and almost too good. I have always liked Indian food, preferring the ethnic spicier food than the Upper East Side watered down version though. Steven Paddock told me of a good place down on 29th & 8th Ave…...
Not for the first time we got something wrong; the equation of 1 inch = 2lbs is only correct for male distance runners, not females. The correct figure should be 1.7lbs, so Paula Radcliffe, 68" x 1.7 = 115.6 so she is actually 2lbs on the donut side of the road.
This year sees the 30th year of Central Park Track Club’s existence in the being; the date is October, however it looks like they will celebrate in December, and couple the celebrations with the annual Xmas ones. We hear that the slightly younger web site is nearing 300,000 hits - wow! How did the club survive before da web?
The Nike class was a great succees, and I will be hoping for more of you to come out on Monday. I care not what level of ability you have, fast, slow, or a metronomed even-steven - there is a place for you in the group, and a cliff bar, or two, waiting for you at the workout’s finish.
The feedback I received has been very positive, we got a nice email from Jonathan of Scarsdale just yesterday - thanks U2.
Spain's former Olympic 1,500 metres gold medallist Fermin Cacho has been in hospital since last Monday suffering from a brain disease.
Cyclo: After a ninth place yesterday Erik Zabel took a quick revenge. The Telekom-rider outsprinted his compatriot Sven Teutenberg (Phonak) on the second stage of Tour de Suisse. The yellow jersey remains however on the young Frenchman Eddy Lembo.
Congrats to Marla and her beau who will get hitched in August…. This site can keep secrets, we did hear that she was going to run NYC a month ago…. But yes we can keep hush hush about somethings!
Olympic silver medallist Eric Wainaina has been named in Kenya's marathon team for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.
Simon Biwott, silver medallist at last year's world championships, and Boston marathon champion Rodgers Rop were also selected. If all three come to the starting line that will be an awesome squad!
Finally some sunny days to string together for once! Just what the Corporate Challengers’ wanted huh? AS Monsieur Mileage said, "It is a walk, not a race!" And perhaps they should make it one. There was a related article in a paper talking about how in Europe the crowds cheered loudest for the first few competitors and did not hang around for the back of the packers AS MUCH as they do for American races (ie NYCM). My belief on this subject (yawn) is that people taking part in events here in America often go with a mindset to participate, be a number, whereas a larger percentage (not much but a larger one than here) in Europe go to compete.

This can be seen at local races where in Europe nearly everyone belongs to a local running club, whereas here unattached is the greater number.

Whatever, whatever. I remember in Icelandic races I used to stand there applauding and be the only one, others would watch - but in a deathly silence. I tried to get the ra-ra thing going… forget it!

Other things to forget are the chances of me watching the Eng Vs Brazil game live at 02:30 AM! No way Jose, I prefer my rested body to knowing a football result on the spot. It will be resent on Spanish television during the day, I’ll catch it then.

Talking about games: CPTC have challenged Greater New York to a softball game following the Club Team Champs this August. It will be interesting to see if CPTC can break their 100% losing streak they’ve created ever since they stopped playing with themselves in 1999. The year 2000 The Harriers won the infamous Tom Nohilly Trophy, the Following year Warren Street (with Pitcher Chodnicki) trounced the CPTC team, I believe the score was 28 to 1 for the first half… in fact so badly were CPTC beaten that one prominent member of the club said, "Next year we will not have a rematch - frankly this was a waste of time, it was not even a game."

The interesting thing about this year is that the teams may be evenly matched on the roads in the real competition. As for Softball I have no idea…. Steven Paddock, CPTC’s bright new star from Blighty warns, "This year I know the rules!" Referring to a technicality that removed him from the game last year, something to do with being tagged with a footfault.
Myself? I was drinking beers with The Rocket and missed the whole thing.

From Eldo Lise, "Spent the day looking after friend's 2 girls- as I've said many times before- so much easier to look after a whole orphanage or other developing -country kids who grow up having to be self-sufficient..... I am beat! Played "zoo" today - which involved a tour of stuffed animals ("pretend they are real") from the zoo keeper (she's 4) and then had to buy some animals...where does the logic come in to sell a camel (wearing a dress of course) for $170, a monkey for $1 and a zebra for $16. Hard to negotiate a good price with that logic- but bonus points for her imagination.

My wingman days are back- have been summoned to have breakfast on sat. to check out a guy for my friend while he asks him out (and me hoping it goes well or could be a little awkward). Tough to wing between 2 guys...but think you mentioned something about directional change? Since you are the W.C. expert- what's your take on all the top teams getting knocked out..." yes, well, my expertise says Brazil V Germany final, my heart says England Vs South Korea…..

Here’s a racing report from Michiel in Holland:
One of the greatest athletes of the last decade Haile Gebreselassie seems just to be coming from planet earth like the rest of 'runnersworld'. The 4 times world champion and 2 times Olympic champion athlete from Ethiopia was unbeatable until the end of the last millennium. However, the last two years he is showing signs of normal human behavior. This means that he was beaten a number of times or didn't achieve the goal he set.
And what is there more for Gebre to achieve since he is still world record holder in 'his' events, the 5 and the 10 kilometers on the track. His manager from early on Jos Hermens, a former athlete and now owner of an athlete agency based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands has been holder of the world-1hr-record himself from 1976 till 1991.

By then Arturo Barrios took this record with him to Mexico. So what could be greater for Haile than to break this record on his Dutch-home-track in Hengelo competing at the yearly Fanny Blankers-Koen Games, an IAAF Grand Prix 2 meeting.
The sweet memories for the crowd and for Haile are always there during this event since he has been breaking world records in 1994 and 1995 on the 5 and 10K in Hengelo in the past.

And all the conditions were there the second of June when I took off to Hengelo. The preparations for and anticipation of the One Hour Attempt, dominated the atmosphere of the event from the start. As it was warm (I have been sitting without shirt all day long) from the start on and at regular intervals during the program, the track was sprayed with water to reduce the heat of the surface ready for the record attempt which was the final event of the evening.

However, by the time the five competitors set off in men's One Hour at 18.45, the temperature was still there (approx. 22C). This was obvious as all runners started grabbing water of the tables after a mere 10 minutes. Haile started from the gun as second runner following his pace-setter, country fellow Worku Bikila. After 5000 was passed in 14.06, the race seemed to be just down to two men. However when 6000 was passed is was clearly that nobody was foolish enough to stay with Haile. Also Worku had by then drifted back.

Haile stayed ahead of the record for the time he spent on the track, although the difference in the end of his attempt was not more than a couple of seconds. In lap 34 however, just passing Jos Hermens cheering him on he decided to step out. As Gebreselassie hobbled off into the field the stadion hold their breath for a while. However the remaining competitors headed to their destiny with 60 minutes. As the race continued the attention of the crowd went down rapidly by the fate of Hengelo's hero.

It turned out that Gebreselassie had problems with his right lowerleg. Some time after the race he said with a little smile: ' This is part of sport'. And 'I will be back in Hengelo' he promised. Afterwards he went to the hospital to take a MRI-scan. Prior before he left he said: 'I think I can be training again tomorrow'.

Jos Hermens however was thinking differently. The problem with Gebreselassie is that it is difficult to communicate with him sometimes. When I call him from the office in Nijmegen, the athlete is talking from the highlands in Ethiopia about his workouts. 'And he is never troubled by anything, everything is going well'.
It is not till races in Europe that Hermens gets to see him. Like two weeks before the London marathon he was limping after his victory in Lisbon's halve-marathon. It turned out he was troubled by calf problems. 'In the future we have to communicate better.

Haile just doesn't want to feel starting pain. He just waves them away. That is nice but also dangerous for his career'.

Whether this career is running to its end. 'No, Haile has still too much plans in this sport'. So expectations will be high as ever when Haile Gebreselassie will run his second marathon later in 2002 !"
Michiel. Thanks for that Michiel.

Cheers to the Queen of the Harriers, Diane Kenna, for her help to the track new-comers up on 133rd Street - The Queen continues to be a great ambassador for NYC sports, and her club, the Flying 'H's.'
Spotted in the park yesterday was Zoomalong moving at quite a speed, yet her speech was perfect thus she must have been in a moving comfort zone. Also out and about, Kwasi dodging $150 trespassing fines in Sheep Meadow, Partime on the Bridle, and The Rope & Titanium running a tempo on that same route. We talked with Alem who told us how to say Thank you in Ahmaric - damn difficult long word! Raphael Lunas V. was also in the park, he thought his race on Sunday was not too fast (26' for a 5) and is expecting the form to come very soon - I think it will, he ran well in NJ 2 weeks ago. Sherlock went flying by looking super smooth, and we hear that Don was on the way to Carnegie Hall - he did (kindly) invite our intrepid reporter to join him, but dressed in shorts and a singlet.....
Paul McMullen, a top American miler managed by former 3:50 miler Ray Flynn, has confirmed that Alan Webb has signed with Flynn Sports Management (Flynn, on vacation, was unavailable for comment). Thus he will end his Michigan U career and run for the $$. Wise, now he might make as much as the 351 ranked Golfer in America.
Paula Radcliffe will miss the European Champs due to a virus.
In the post bag a beautiful letter from Mrs. Rose Bundy, please read on:
"I ran across your website, when I searched for places to donate running gear. My husband, who recently passed away, was a runner, as well as swimmer and bicyclist, completing the Boston, Flying Pig, Eagle Man, etc. even in the six months before he was diagnosed with cancer. I would like to donate his running shoes--he only had two decent pair at a time--but also numerous race Tee shirts. Since this would not be a large package, I would be happy to send them directly to wherever in Africa or to you. Please let me know. (I should note that he wore a size 11 shoe, which may be quite large for Africa.)

Also I have quite a number of medals/trophies. Any use for those?

My husband didn't get to travel to all the places in the world that he wanted to. It give me some happiness to imagine his gear getting further use in a place he would have loved to have seen. May others touch the earth for him."

We also hear from Michelle King - an elite Canadian athlete who used to stay in Albuquerque, great to hear from her again.
Eldo Lise reports, "Speaking of soccer- friend in Nairobi knew one of the coaches for Kenyan one day I ask if I can watch a practice...the german k-nob then proceeds to tell me women have no place in sports- waste of time...yada, yada...should stay in the kitchen. My friend wisely removed me quickly from the room. Few months later k-nob got booted out of Kenya-ha."
In Warsaw Wilson Kipketer, the world record-holder of Denmark, who clocked a fast 1 minute 44.28 seconds in his first race of the year.
Disgraced Olympic silver 5000 meters runner Ali Saidi-Sief said Monday that he hopes his two-year drug ban will be reduced to allow him to compete in next year's world championships in France.

Saidi-Sief, 23, runner-up in the Sydney Games, was handed a two-year suspension after testing positve for nandrolone after winning silver again at the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton, Canada. He should be made to return the Olympic medal, instead there are talks to shorten his ban!

Could anyone imagine the thought of Senegal Vs South Korea for the World Cup Final? The only person who picked South Korea was Lornah Kiplagat’s husband, Pieter Langerhorst, that I know of.
Martina Navratilova makes winning comeback in Eastbourne aged 45.

Gemany's Danielo Hondo(Telekom) claims Tour of Catalunya's stage 2 victory while American George Hincapie(U.S.Postal) takes overall lead.

South Korean government officials are considering changing its laws to give its Dutch soccer coach Guus Hiddink honorary citizenship.

World 12 km cross country bronze medalist Wilberforce Talel beat a strong field to win the 10,000 meters race during the Nairobi provincial athletics championship at Nyayo National Stadium on Saturday. Talel, also Salzburg half marathon champion, won the event in 28:07.3. Moses Mosop clocked 28:38.6 to finish second while Yusuf Songok came third in 28:52.1.

The event was used to select the team that will represent Nairobi Province in the national championships-cum- Commonwealth Games trials scheduled for this week at the Moi International Sports centre (MISC) Kasarani. Poor guy will have to tough again to qualify for the team! Running such a race at altitude will surely weaken his chances this weekend!

We hear there may be a trip to the beach this weekend - Partime wants the beach whereas The Chubby Boss wants to race Fairfield (closeby) and Kiara is also interested - could be a road trip with red, red wine.
Dual Citizenship problems: Friday will be time for the Aquino family nightmare - England v Brazil in a World Cup quarterfinal. Minnesota’s problems!
By the way I ran well in the 1/2 ironman - clocking 1.30 for the 1/2 marathon. A great Run from Conor, on the path to Hawaii this October!
From the Spaghetti Kenyan: "I was the team captain of Kenyan air force team in 1992. I kept personal records. Paul Bitok was born in 1966 Paul Tergat 1967 Need to know more? Some of the Kenyan runner are still in their 'early twenties' and have teenage sons or daughters How ironic? I am 35 but most of 'young' Kenyan runners are older! You never showed up on weekend race. Ondieki kick my butt."
"He was as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree." Chevy Chase.

Glad to see Guts Gutierrez winning the Mount Washington Road Race this past weekend! His wife, Magdelena, holds the course record for La Femmes.

Guts used to live in Albuquerque and train with Aaron Ramirez, Matt Guisto, and that group - he ran for the USA XC team way back when.
Then he moved to Sweden, and lived in a small town called Linkoping. Whenever he came to Stockholm we’d hook up for some good sessions. I remember once I wanted to do 2 x 3000m using the A & B races at a local meet. However the director would not let us! Thus immediately after finishing the race we pulled our spikes off and changed into flats and went bombing out the stadium onto the local roads to duplicate another 3000 hard effort! Everyone thought us nuts, and we probably were!

Italian cyclist Marco Pantani has been banned for eight months for using the prohibited substance insulin, a disciplinary commission of the Italian Cycling Federation has announced. Again?
Vladimir Kotov of Belarus had his second victory in the Comrades Marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg on Monday.
Kotov (Mr Price Athletics Club), who prepared for the Comrades in the Polish mountains that borders the Czech Republic, ran a tactical race to perfection in 5 hrs 30min 59sec, well short of the up-run record of 5:25:33 he set in 2000.

"Many people in Cape Town ask me how I can go on winning at my age," said Kotov. "I tell them I live a very healthy life and I train very hard. You know, there are times when I run barefoot for 30km in sand. And I drink a special health drink three times a day that's prepared by my wife Inna - it has cabbage and carrots in it. And beer," he laughed. "I drink three bottle of beer a day, no problem."

This split the field up, leaving last year's down winner Andrew Kelehe, Sarel Ackermann, Albie Geldenhuys, Russians Dmitri Grishine and Oleg Kharitinov, as well as Joseph Ikaneng, Walter Nkosi and Fusi Nhlapo to fight for the top 10 placings. Ackermann finished fifth behind Oleg Kharitonov, with Geldenhuys the third South African home in sixth. Kelehe fought his way into the golds with ninth, while Nhlapo claimed the last gold medal with his 10th.

Germany's Maria Bak (MPAC) claimed her third Comrades victory in a class of her own. She moved up from depth to overtake Russia's Elvira Kolpakova with just under 48km to go, then forged ahead for a 6:14:21 victory. She was followed by Russians Natalia Volgina (6:17:26) and Marina Bychkova who ran 6:24:23.

Eldo Lise, "Just got back from 4 days in Victoria-once known as the city for "nearly-deads and newly-weds" -now you get pierced 20-somethings hanging out at same places or events as 50-60 somethings or organically-minded tree huggers-all getting along and enjoying the same thing. I also often forget how stunning our own backyard is - took the ferry over thru the islands, saw pod of killer whales, etc...and the people in Vic are so friendly it's scary..makes for a nice change from Vancouver and all it's attitude sometimes!
So the internet dating rage has hit here fast and furious as well as "chicks on a mission". My guy friends have been regaling me with their tales since I got back- they can't believe how aggressive women have become- it takes 5 mins for them to enter a bar before the women have swooped down on them, plying them with drinks, paying for everything (their bar bill last weekend was $400) and then heading home with them...and these aren't even the coyotes or cougars!'s the 20 to 30-something group...I just laugh and shake my head...and as a friend said- "it's a veritable smorgasbord for men"..and no longer a need for moi as the wingman!"
Welcome back Sir Roland, the only guy who knows how to run a running club in New York from the 29th floor of an eagle eyed apartment. PS- Can we have a welcome home party on your roof top? News that the CPTC team were shedding tears of boredom in his absence (with nothing to do at work, except read the Times, is not an exaggeration!)
From the Washington Post: Dowling kicks back shoes to needy
RUNNING / Steve Nearman
Keith Dowling is no stranger to running shoes. As a marathoner, he goes through nearly a dozen pair a year. But Dowling has never seen two truckloads of running shoes, and that is what he may be facing when he shows up for the Reston Runners weekly Sunday run this morning.
Dowling has taken on a personal project, to collect running shoes — new and used — to be sent to shoeless runners in Arusha Town in Tanzania, home to most of Tanzania's best runners, including Juma Ikangaa, Zeb Bayo and Boay Akonay.
"I came across [running author] Toby Tanser's site,, and read about his shoe4africa program," said Dowling, a Reston resident who was the second American finisher at the 2002 Boston Marathon. "I thought it sounded like a good idea, and I contacted Reston Runners. That's when it got a little crazy.
"I have no idea how this is going to go. I had one person drop by the house with three bags. I heard from Anna Bradford, president of the Reston Runners, that we could have two pickup truck loads of shoes — no less than 200 pairs of shoes."
This is when Dowling started becoming the math expert. "I'm thinking, 'How am I going to pay for the postage to Africa for all those shoes?'" he said. "Toby figured two bucks a pair. "If I tried to pay for all this myself, soon you'd be starting a charity for me — Clothes4Keith," said Dowling, who posted recently on Tanser's New York City-based Web site.

Dowling said half-jokingly that his motivation to become involved in the shoe drive was partly borne out of guilt. As an Adidas-sponsored runner for 11 years, Dowling gets new shoes free whenever he asks. But he also realizes the downside to supplying his future competition with much-needed shoes.
"The irony is that one of these Tanzania guys will kick my butt one day," he said.
And how often does one of America's top marathoners wear out his running shoes? "I don't keep track of the mileage," he said. "I go by how dirty they look. So the coach over in Africa who will receive the running shoes, he washes all the shoes he receives, he probably won't have to even wash mine."

Dowling's only concern — except for having to ship a mountain of running shoes — is making it to the 7 a.m. run today from the Reston South Commuter Lot at Reston Parkway and Fox Mill Road (he expects to be around until 9 or so).
"I'm not a morning person at all," lamented Dowling, who plans to go a steady 15 miles. "I don't know how I'm going to do it. I like to run in the evening like 6:30 or so. It's going to kill me."

Dowling said he has enlisted the help of many of the area's other elite distance runners. "Rich and Cheri Kenah procured 25-30 mailing boxes, and Pete Sherry will help me transport the shipment," he said. Meanwhile, Dowling focuses on the last stage of his running career — qualifying for the 2004 Olympic marathon in Greece before taking a coaching job at a Division I college.

"Since Boston, my marketability went up somewhat," he said. "I am running Chicago in October, and I got a little more appearance fee than I would have. Confidence-wise, Boston was big for me. I am back on the right track [he improved his personal best from 2:14:30 to 2:13:28]. I turn 33 on July 4. It would be great to make it to Athens. I could finish my marathon career where the marathon started."

Sweetened pot — Athletes will compete for a record $451,500 in prize money at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships from Friday through Sunday in Palo Alto, Calif. The top five finishers in each event earn $4,000, $3,000, $2,000, $1,000 and $500, plus a shot at a spot on the 2002 World Cup team. The purse of $451,500 is a 20 percent increase from last year's total of $375,000.

World Cup: Woes that Sweden are out - that was the best draw they could have hoped for in the table too… Senegal will face Japan or Turkey! I pick England Vs the Turks for the Semi’s, and in the other half of the table Germany Vs Spain! I have already proved though I am a lousy predictor as Argentina are now holidaying in Bermuda as the Cup rolls on! Porr Monsieur Mileage! "I take France, (Gone), then I take Ireland, my Mother is Irish! (gone….) Okay, my wife is American……."
Kelly Holmes the Olympic 800 meters bronze medallist is a last minute withdrawal from this weekend's English Commonwealth Games trials in Manchester, reports Dave Martin. Holmes who was undecided whether to compete over 800 or 1500 metres has been suffering from a viral complaint. The former army sergeant hoped she would be able to shake it off but on medical advice has pulled out. Although missing the trials where the first two across the line will automatically be picked for next month's Games, it is almost certain the English selectors will award Holmes the third spot for both middle distance events.
Reminder - Tonight is the start of my NIKE backed class for all runners. Free, incentives, and the Stones - what could be better? BE there at 7 PM Wollman Rink, Central Park - Look for the Nike Truck!
OhMyGod! Germany's parliament voted to create a 2m euro fund to compensate former East German sportsmen and women who were forced to take drugs! Pathetic! Absolutely the biggest smack in the face yet to the claean legions of athletes who had to compete against these idiots. I happen to know quite a few Eastern athletes, many of whom did not take drugs and never became ‘famous’ names - they were merely kicked off the ‘official’ programs. According to these athletes you were given a choice. Total non-libel hearsay concerning one East German - lets call her Muta Biggit. Muta was told to walk over the border (east to west) when it became apparent the system was crumbling. Muta then scored numerous wins on the world scene before, surprise surprise, she was caught for a drugs infringement…. The check will be in the post for her no doubt! This is diabolical to put it politely, an absolute scandal.
Men’s middle/long distance IAAF ranking top eight: 1. (1.) Richard LIMO 1980 KEN 1388 2. (2.) Paul BITOK 1970 KEN 1375 3. (3.) John Kemboi KIBOWEN 1969 KEN 1364 4. (4.) Haylu MEKONEN 1980 ETH 1362 4. (4.) Sammy KIPKETER 1981 KEN 1362 6. (6.) Benjamin LIMO 1974 KEN 1360 7. (7.) Luke KIPKOSGEI 1975 KEN 1359 8. (8.) Million WOLDE 1979 ETH 1349
Paul Bitok born in 1970?? Give me a break!
The Spaghetti Kenyan writes in to ask why he is called such? Paul - You’re consistently the best runner this state has got, like the Spaghetti Western movies, plus you’re adapted now to the West - and have no desires for the tastes of Ugali any longer.
South Africa's leading track and road distance star, Hendrick Ramaala, has expressed his dis-satisfaction with the lack of incentives (and races) for distance runners in South Africa.
He stated this week that "I don’t think any of us (distance runners) are going to make selection for the Commonwealth Games this year and, anyway, there are no races left for us to qualify at before the cut-off on June 16. I’m not hanging around here for our winter so I’m off to the States to their summer altitude training camp in Albuquerque and I’ll do a few races over there as well."
Ramaala is the top ranked SA athlete in every distance from 3 000M through to the marathon.
Big Thanks to the Queen of the Harriers; A party invite up in the sticks, the same day coincidentally as the CPTC party, and in the same neighborhood! Looks like I’ll be barbequing with the ‘H’ team this month… The Harriers have somewhat more lively parties than the Orange Team anyway.. more my can of soup.
LAGAN Valley's Maria Skelton broke the Northern Ireland 5,000 meters record by an astonishing 17 seconds last night......
Running at a top class meeting at the Wythenshawe track, near Manchester, Maria clocked 16.26.24 in eighth place behind Russian girl Yelena Burykina.....It was only Maria's second serious outing over 5,000 meters but she comfortably smashed the Northern Ireland record of 16.43.8, held for some time by Ann Terek.
173 cm tall, and weighing 54kgs = Paula Radcliffe. Lightweight. 118 lbs/5’ 8" The old maxim for a distance runner is 2lbs for every inch, thus 68x2 = 132lbs! s
English 10,000m Commonwealth Games trials, men: 1 Rob Denmark ENG 28:43. 2 John Wild ENG 28:43.82 3. Andres Jones WAL 28:43.93 4. Ian Hudspith ENG 28:46.40 5. Glen Stewart SCO 28:47.52 6. Matthew Smith ENG 29:18.93 7. David Taylor ENG 29:20.02 8. Paul Evans ENG 29:25.55

W5000M 1 Catherine Berry ENG 15:32.32 PB 2 Natalie Harvey AUS 15:38.25 3 Hayley Yelling ENG 15:38.30 4 Elizabeth Yelling ENG 15:45.08 PB

W10,000M 1 6Sonia O'Sullivan IRL 31:33.19 2 Sabrina Mockenhaupt GER 32:27.63 PR 3 Elana Meyer RSA 32:36.15 4 Hayley Yelling ENG 33:07.52 -Sonia Qualifies for the Europeans… M5000m 1 Sam Haughian ENG 13:42.80 2 Michael Power AUS 13:44.32 3 Matthew O'Dowd ENG 13:46.24

The 2002 New York City Marathon lottery will take place on Thursday, June 27, with complete results posted on Friday, June 28 at and
Germany's former Olympic champion Dieter Baumann finished second in a 5,000 meter race in Germany on Friday to gain the qualifying mark for this year's European Championships which take place in Munich from August 6-11. Is it drug free? Who knows… 13:20…. Where’s the toothpaste!
"He ran between 270km and 300 km a week as well as a stretch of 70km twice a month to prepare for the upcoming Comrades race on Monday between Durban and Pietermaritzburg." "So said Willie Mtolo - New York Marathon winner for 1992, Comrades runner-up in 1989 and Two Oceans champion for 1991 - at a Comrades Association handing-over ceremony in Johannesburg on Tuesday." From the SA Press. It is being run today! Go Willie Go!
News from HATC camp Holland: "Very sunny and they expect 30 degrees tomorrow so really warm. I will leave on Monday morning and be back next week Monday. Caroline ran 1:10:15 yesterday and broke the course record with 2.5 minutes ( Linah ran 1:12:47 last year ). Rono lost the sprint because of blood blisters, Christine won a small 10 K race in 33:05 and Jane lost the sprint in the Night of Borgholzhausen in Germany. 5 Mile race and they sent her in the wrong direction the last lap ! She was in the lead at that moment."
Happy Birthday Senor Ramon Bermo!
Chubby, The Boss is missing in action!

Track East Region qualifier - July 7 in New Haven, CT; For the USA National Club T&F Championships - July 20 in Bloomington, IN. Each of the regional championship meets will implement club scoring. The winning men's and women's clubs at each of the regionals will be awarded $500 in travel support for the USA Club Track & Field Championships. Visit the USATF website for more information on these events. The annual Mount Washington Road Race will take place this Saturday, where runners will tackle the tough 7.6 mile course, which rises 4650 vertical feet at an average 11.5 percent grade.

I got an invite today for Wilma’s birthday party tonight - too bad I’m a continent away! Wilma has won many of the top US road races, she was a 31’-10km demon racer.
French Patrice Halgand(Jean Delatour) claims Dauphiné libéré Stage 4 victory while American Lance Armstrong(US Postal) retains overall lead.

Mexico and Italy qualify for last 16 thank to their 1-1 draw in group G. In the other game, Ecuador beat Croatia 1-0. Both team eliminated.

In-form Denmark striker Jon Dahl Tomasson is doubtful for the World Cup second round clash against England due to a groin injury - this would be a huge blow to the Great Danes.

Whilst we are multi-sporting; NBA Finals: LA Lakers defeat New Jersey 113-107 sweeping the best-of-seven series 4-0 to claim their third consecutive title. Let it be remembered that the Kings took LA to overtime in the Seventh Game to get to the finals. New Jersey were the flop of the tournament - No doubt they’ll lose all their good-time supporters as easily as they gained them. This Championship was a true indicator that the West is far, far superior to the East in terms of basketball. The Tahari Ferrari’s prediction of a Nets victory, with a sweep, could not have been further from the end result (Quite like your prediction of the Argentina soccer squad huh? Ed’s note).
A quote from another web site on Saturday’s mini - "the leading group of a dozen or so invited international stars headed north along the first flat mile on Central Park West." They obviously were not either there, or are runners. If you stand on 61st Street you have to look up a long gradula climb to 81st street - if that is a flat mile……
World 10,000 metres champion Charles Kamathi is nursing a nagging groin injury which he fears could affect his performance during the Kenyan Championships next week.

"I have to slow down my training because if I go full blast it may cause problems during the trials. Don’t rule me out, nonetheless," he said. "The injury won’t stop me from running my best. My speed and endurance is very good. I keep praying that it gives me a break during the trials," he said.

Down on the track - the group is getting used to, and loving, those bonus intervals, Amex Chris just shrugged his shoulders, Buffalo gave that pained smile, Il Pirata laughed (well he was spectating)……
A good turn out for such dreary weather, can’t the sun come back?
From Eldo Lise, "Quick humorless note to say hi...was planning to go out for a long late night run, but the summer weather has brought out all the freaks in Vancouver lately, most notably a sex offender that has been released from jail tonight "there is a 99.9% chance he will re-offend, but has served his time, so is free to go"...ya just gotta love our judicial system. Off tomorrow to purchase some kind of protection- perhaps a rabid pitbull or something."
Checking out Chelsea Piers Health Club - thumbs down in comparison to New York Sports Clubs. At the gym; There was a guy talking to another, "I’ve a breakfast issue, I can’t decide what to eat for breakfast. I mean if I eat a bagel I’m going to get a sugar dive later….." Oh my goodness, is that what diet has become these days?
Speaking of diving my pick for the WC crashed out - Argentina. They never recaptured the form that got them to the finals witnessed by the fact that the teams they beat to get there, or should I say annihilated, remain in the tournament. A wise crack email of "Would you care to revise…" from Minnesota arrived shortly after the game that sent Sweden to the top of the group, above England who could only manage a draw against the Nigerians - that the Swedes beat. Did I mention that England has a population Eight times greater than Sweden? Did I mention that whereas England X 8 consider themselves to be a Soccer Nation the Swedes national sport is Ice Hockey??

Of course I am supporting Sweden! That I did not pick them as logical winners of the WC does not mean I don’t support them - I picked the Lakers to win the NBA, but I would have been 20x happier if the Kings had won! Interestingly enough Denmark meet England in the next round, an even smaller country!! Sweden meet Senegal - should be colorful. "Thumbs" up to Sweden who won without the Arsenal star Freddie, and their captain Patrick.

Zwitserloot Dak Run 10-K Groesbeek, NED; Saturday, June 8 - The first 3 come from the HATC!!
WOMEN - 1. Caroline Kwambai, KEN 31:59 2. Jane Kiptoo, KEN 32:35 3. Christine Chepkonga, KEN 33:44 4. Nadja Wijenberg, NED 34:51 5. Wilma van Onna, NED 35:07 And TODAY A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WILMA! Nadja is the girl who once bleached her hair platinum blonde in Albuquerque much to the disapproval of husband Ger.
Male performance of the weekend past: Coahuila Half-Marathon Coahuila, MEX; Sunday, June 9 Distance: 21 km MEN - 1. Jackson Koech, KEN, 1:01:34 - Silvio Guerra was 5-mins back!
Litchfield Hills may have been won by a Moroc but Mad Dog was there: 10. Mike Mykytok, USA 36:59

’92 Oly. 1500m Champ tries the 5000m in Spain #11. Fermín Cacho ESP 13:46.65 and in the women’s 3000m #13. Tegla Loroupe KEN 9:23.83

More locally in Boston 1500m: 1. George Milic, Westchester TC, 3:50.65 2. Desmond English, Westchester TC, 3:51.20

Oh No! Sebastian Coe has been nominated by UK Athletics to stand for election to the International Association of Athletics Federations council.

He has already spread himself thin and not performed in the many duties he has undertook since leaving the arena - how far can you go using your name?

At the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava last night: Alesya Turova, ran 9:21.72 to break the world record in the women’s steeplechase. It was the Belarus runner’s first attempt at the steeplechase, and her time clipped more than a half second off Justyna Bak’s week-old world record. Bak had the best view of the new record, as the Pole finished second in 9:32.26.

Wilson Boit Kipketer ran 8:06 to defeat Morocco’s World record holder, 8:07 Boulami, in the men’s event.

W800 METERS: 1. Mutola (MOZ) 1:58.50; 2. Kirilova (BUL) 2:00.84; 3. Formanova 2:01.31; 4. Fuchsova 2:01.35; - Had to include #4 as she was an Albuquerqian with her cigar smoking coach, a fun couple. Every year since 1991 Mutola has broken the 2-min barrier

Rainy Dogs on the Rez last night -James stopped by, as did Stopn’Chat, and Mike, and Monsieur Mileage. Mike asked, "Does that guy ever stop running? I saw him running an hour ago!" That is why the Monsieur is so aptly named. Alan Ruben ran by, "Hi Rube," to which we heard, "I won." We are jumping the press to guess he is referring to the Museum 5-km, and if so - a big Urban Well Done to The Rube, a great win from a great runner.
Huge Congrats to Smokin J & Jo, they’re expecting their first child later this year!

On that note it was a slog with the Fat Tuesday’s last night - the humidity did not make it easy, neither did the Rope’s relentless pace - mind you Teller Anderson started it all out with a very zippy opening 1000!

Seen in the park, both in red, Vinyl Jim, and Monsieur Mileage, "Now, I must support Ireland - my Mother is Irish!" Good tactic!

Topical quote from Shiney, "A World Record in the park, and virtually ignored in the press!"

On Monday 17th at the Wollman Rink, lower Central Park near East 65th St at 7 PM the Nike classes start led by Toby Tanser (we like that guy). Come each week to a class that will be free, offer refreshments (free), weekly goodies (such as free massages), a chance to try out new Nike products (run a loop in the new Air Moto’s?pegasus's to see if you like these sneakers - NO obligations!) and what is more the classes are for ALL runners, no matter what your standard. Toby will have a small team of leaders to run with the different levels of abilities, there will be a Nike truck to hold your valuables, and it will be lotsa fun! Any Q’s? Email him! The email is on the homepage! EVERY Monday from June through till the end of August - invite your chums, we will have frequent runner cards that will reward Your attendance!s
The Stockholm Marathon - 1 My Tahar Echchadli 67 Morocco 2.18.20 2 Alfred Shemweta 70 Hässelby SK 2.20.52 3 Jussi Utriainen 78 Finland 2.24.43 and the ladies, 1 Lena Gavelin 74 BIF Jamtrennarna 2.33.48 2 Marie Söderström Lundberg 60 Hässelby SK 2.36.30 3 Tadelech Birra 74 Ethiopia 2.41.51
This must be the first ever year that a 2:24 gets a bronze medal! I think the standard has sunk very low these last few years, but a great Swedish win on the female side! On the homefront we are not surprised to see Alfred Shemweta has now switched clubs to the Hasselby Club - a rival to the Great Stockholm Sparvagen club - though naturally not as good. When I was in Sweden they were always ‘shopping’ as Sparvagen just won with the talent the coaches nutured. On a sad note I think this is the first time in ten years Anders Szalkai has not been in the top ten finishes, due of course to that Achilles operation. However his girlfriend will represent Sweden in the Marathon team competition for the Euro Champs.
Bellin Run Results: 1. James Koskei Eldoret, Kenya 28:24 2. Albert Chepkurui Kenya 28:32 3. Bob Kennedy Bloomington, Ind. 30:06
Kennedy not quite at his sub 13-min 5000 speed yet!
For the first time since Brazil in the 1966 World Cup, a title holder leaves the competition after the first round. France who started as a logical favourite are packing their bags and head home. Heja Danmark! - Go Denmark!
Shelter Island, NY, Shelter Island 10-K: Men - 1. Paul Mwangi, KEN, 29:38; 2. Janko Bensa, YUG, 30:00; 3. Kassasun Kabiso, ETH, 30:01. Women - 1. Grace Momanyi, KEN, 33:48; 2. Janelle Kraus, NC, 34:04; 3. Kelly Keane, NH, 35:05 - Good for Paul, back on top, and Janko is quite an athlete too, a fine run from the Flying Hellebuyck’s Grace too. Kabiso is racing every single race possible! This result was ½ a day before his Newark race.
News from Keith Dowling one of America’s top distance runners who is more than helping with Shoe4Africa; "We're currently looking at getting the press in on the act as we hope the publicity will attract some dollars from local retailers. If I tried to pay for all this myself, soon you'd be starting a charity for me! Clothes4Keith!!"
"In coordination with RestonRunners, we will have some sort of "scene" happening down here, with the bags of shoes, some local celebrity runners, etc. Once we have a date I'll let you know. Hope things are well in the Big Apple!" BIG THANKS KEITH!

Asmae Leghzaoui, WB 10km

Question of the Day: In fact let’s call it the monthly question! How come they are calling Geb’s 2:06 a World Best debut? He ran a marathon before, and I don’t care if it was 2:45 or 6:01, I don’t care if it was when he was not ready, or after breakfast and on eggs - he has run a marathon, thus it can not be a debut World Record. Am I missing something? Yep, the pepper!
Two front runners of the Mini: Kathrine Switzer ran 51:14, while Nina Kuscsik, recovering from knee surgery, finished in 1:16:14. I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Kathrine following the race, "I was happy to beat my age!" She exclaimed. In fact the dining table was a runners table of excellence - We had Zoomalong, the Master’s winner and totally great person, Allan Steinfeld who kept us enthralled with some great NY city marathon stories, Lornah - enough said, Pieter - a totally great guy with more adventures than a ship wrecked pirate, Roger Robinson - great writer and former runner….. beats a table for two!
Bislett Games: Latest on the roster is U.S. sprinter Tim Montgomery. He’ll go head-to-head with Maurice Greene, the current holder of the 100 meter world record. Marion Jones will lead La Femmes.
$400 on offer for the first man to break the tape on Sunday’s 5-mile race in Central Park regardless of whether they are a member or not of the NYRRC.
Sitting in the gym: I am in the steam room doing my sit-ups. This guy comes across, "Relax won’t you? This is the steam room!" Your point exactly? It turns out our Mr. Thinks that "You’ve done your hour or so in the gym, the steam room is for relaxing!" I asked the man what he’d actually done in the gym, we totted it up, and it came to approximately 14-minutes of actual exercise inside the hour he’d been inside the gym! I told him to relax whilst sitting in the car he’d driven to the gym in!
Former Wimbledon finalist Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario has pulled out of this year's tournament because of "extreme exhaustion" Known what ya mean!

Sweden captain Patrik Andersson is definitely out of the group F game against Argentina on Wednesday after failing an injury test on Sunday.

Germany's Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) claims Canadian GP victory, his 59th career win, ahead of Scotland's David Coulthard(McLaren-Mercedes) and the last report of our multi-sport news; Spain's Igor Gonzalez Galdeano won the Tour of Germany on Sunday as Germany's Erik Zabel won final stage in a sprint, his fourth of the race.

Athens GP last night: M1500m 1 Ngeny Noah KEN 3:36.87 2 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:37.51 3 Tahri Bouabdallah FRA 3:37.66 4 Krummenacker David USA 3:37.68 - remember Bob, 3rd? He was the skinny guy in Albuquerque, and remember too that Cornelius is my tip for the future of the 1500m - his brother won the mile on Sunday in Palo Alto… Slow steeplechase, read no GP points, 1 Cherono Stephen KEN 8:17.31 2 Kiplitan Thomas KEN 8:18.36 3 Kosgei John KEN 8:23.92
La Femmes; 3000m GP points, 1 Adere Berhane ETH 8:55.67 2 Masai Edith KEN 8:56.72 3 Cioncan Maria ROM 8:57.71 and the point-less 800m 1 Ceplak Jolanda SLO 2:00.16 2 Calatayud Zulia CUB 2:01.21 3 Kirilova Tsvetelina BUL 2:02.52 Speaking of Palo Alto we were glad to see Dan Browne pop a nice 5000m there, 1 Kipkosgei Luke KEN 13:17.46 2 Chebii Abraham KEN 13:22.88 3 Browne Daniel USA 13:34.72 4 Abdirahman Abdihakem USA 13:36.63
In the mailbag: "Did you notice that Leteyus Berhe (the Ethiopian female wonder girl) ran BOTH the mini (35:15, 3rd NYRR member) AND the Shelter Island 10K (36:28, 3rd woman) both on Saturday? For this daily double, she took home $200 and $300, respectively. I was pleased just to have run fast enough to view the Mini leaders from three distinct points!" Full observation points from David Barrett. Dave shared the viewing merit with R2 who also managed to whip round the park.

Sunday evening, just back from Fiorella where I ate with Lornah Kiplagat & Pieter Langerhorst - I am in dire need of a stomach pump, man I ate so much this weekend! As sad as I am to see all the athletes fly away it will be a boon for my waistline! Earlier that morning I had been at a race in NJ - who did we see on the starting line? The Fouz! I ran the race with him for a while, still the same man, still making those turns! The ‘young’ Ethiopian Kabisco ran away with the race, as is the usual these days. But anyway, let’s turn the clock back:

Life is not bad at all! I came to this conclusion lying on a massage bed in the Mayflower Hotel overlooking Central Park. My Masseur was bemoaning clients who don’t pay, the type who swear poverty and wave from the window of the local in vogue restaurant window. "It’s karma, they don’t pay in the obvious way but…" I replied that not many of us are in the sport for the money, it is the love of the sport, and the lifestyle. I mean look at the 2 scenarios; Get up at 7 AM, out the house 7:45, Wall St by 8:30… work. And then there is, Get up at 7 AM, go to a friend’s house and watch the Soccer World Cup. Have coffee, take a group of America’s finest women on a running tour of the Mini-Marathon course. Return to the hotel, meet friends that you have not seen for ages come from four corners of the world, and settle down to an hour long massage waiting for lunch (to eat with an Olympic Double Gold medalist).

Yawn it is a hard life! Rewind; The Football match was good - I watched with Minnesota, and her mother who is Brazilian phoned up six times during the match from Rio. My mother has not phoned me 6 times this year total! Even with her planning a trip to Manhattan next month! Imagine how many times she’ll phone when Brazil are playing(!) This was for the Argentina - England game.
The run I took Deena Drossin, Jen Rhines, and Milena Glusic on a tour of Central Park. "I’m gonna call you Mr. Stats!" said Milena as I mentioned all my zooty facts & figures I keep up my sleeve to influence Uncles and film stars. Jen was just looking for Pugs - she adores that breed, and after hearing about Pug Hill wants to come in on the train with her edition! Deena (whose truck I borrowed back in 1997 to do some impromptu gardening) also loves Dogs, but when I mentioned we were passing Madonna’s apartment she screeched to a resounding halt and screamed - she is a huge fan. Deena has now upgraded from that truck and has a Ford Expedition…. I wonder how many of CenturyMan’s tiny Mercedes you could fit in that thing?

Lornah came in at 11 AM, "I have been sleeping, from 10 to 10!" Nice job if you can get it! Carmen Tronesco (See the Fat Tuesday’s story) came in, "YOU! I must take a picture of you to show Ricardo - man you killed us that night! Sylvia sends her regards….." Referring to the night we set Austin Texas on fire, and subsequently nearly missed the early morning flights.

Posso, one of the biggest agents in the world, came in and lamented that his own career has again taken a fallback, he wanted to run a Marathon this year, "Too busy!" Pieter came in with a starbucks Chai, "hey, great news - the starbucks headquarters for Europe is going to be in Amsterdam!" Ray Flynn came in, a manager of a bucket full of athletic talent - the Razorblade has put on quite a few pounds since his 3:49-miling days… Sonia O’Sullivan’s daughter was verbally keeping everyone on their toes in the hospitality suite with some shrill cries….. Liz Yelling missed the Soccer game but was very happy to hear of Argentina’s loss…..

I continue to get great feedback for the article in NYRunner - like it, or hate it, please voice your opinions to the address - about that article and everything else in the magazine - they NEED your feedback please.

Shadrack Hoff, is stuck in his homeland of South Africa with visa problems. He was scheduled for a host of the US races, his loss will not be mourned by fellow racers, only the organizers - this guy kills on the road and takes no prisoners!
From the Prison Bench: Catherine Ndereba (World best 2:18:47) easily won the 10,000m event at the end of the two day Kenya Prisons Service Championships at Nyayo National Stadium yesterday. In the absence of Susan Chepkemei (who ran the 5000m) and New York Marathon winner Margrate Okayo, Ndereba easily romped home in first position clocking 33:39.2. She was followed by Jackline Cherutich who was timed in 35:29.8, with Grace Miseti finishing third with 37:31.0.

In the 5000m, Edith Maasai who won the women's short race at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Dublin last March, beat Chepkemei into second place. Maasai clocked 15:57.4 with Chepkemei returning in 16:00.5. Pauline Konga was placed third at 16:56.1 in the race that attracted high profile athletes.

Oh, a storm is threat'ning My very life today If I don't get some shelter Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away And that from the Rolling Stones.
MAC CHAMPIONSHIPS June 16th Location: Astoria Park Registration: Begins at 9:00am Start Time: 10:00am Entry Fee: Individual events $5.00 for MAC members, and $6.00 for non-members Relays: $15.00 for MAC members, and $18.00 for nonmembers Awards: Medals to the top 3 in each event.
The Actual Mini was incredible; Lornah’s tactic was blast from the gun - she did 4:46-9:42-14:50 (5k-15:06), the Maroc then was shoulder to shoulder - 4 miles 19:38- 5 miles 24:27 (the WR is 24:38!), and then the Maroc pulled away for a fab win.
We predicted that Lornah would win basing the count against Deena, Tulu, & O’Sullivan. We did not guess that there would be a girl faster still! However we were right telling you the World Record was going to fall!
One could say that the result was unexpected - Neither of the top two were invited to the press conference on Thursday - only when Tulu could not attend was Lornah asked to go to the press conference. I have some great quotes, but I’m saving them all for the NY Runner I’m afraid, but needless to say there were stories aplenty. Afterwards we went to Becco on 46th, a great restaurant with excellent food. Lornah was sitting talking to Allan Steinfeld, "I was so surprised, I was running and people were shouting for me - they were using my Kenyan nickname, Simba! How could they know?? It was an encouragement to have all the people cheering for me!" Thank you to the readers of Run Urban for the support!!

Sonia was shocked at the pace, Deena too… eyes were rolling. The other Kenyan girls were wondering what they were doing wrong… the Russians were drinking lots of wine and Ludmilla was singing with a bottle in hand…

First local was Jeanne Hennessy closely followed by Carol Howe who is just coming back from childbirth, first Master - an incredible 34-minute 10k by NYC’s own Zoomalong! Awesome!

Later in Starbucks The Simba, drinking her tea, was in a rueful mood - "I run in Portugal a half marathon, get passed in the last Km and miss the World record, and now in Central Park again!"

More news as usual on Monday, but we interrupt the deluge of press to announce that yesterday, 06/06, the SC's became parents (Ohmygolly!) - A Big Urban congratulations, and welcome to Kieran Creamer-Calderwood, personally I'd've called him, 'Under' and changed the surnames to Milkwood. But there you Jumpin' Jack go!
Fat Tuesday update - click here.
Paula Radcliffe will run the Chicago Marathon this fall - setting up a head to head with Deena.

Liz Yelling, who looks like Paula, who runs for the same club as Paula, who comes from the same town as Paula….. is ready for the Mini, what does she want to do in NYC? "I want to go to the shops on Fifth Avenue, Paula tells me they’re good." Sonia, along with screaming kids and a lethargic husband was happy to find raisins on the breakfast table… She wants to buy a PDA here in the smoke…..

Ludmilla clothes shops, and eat at the Russian community area - (All the way out to Brighton Beach??)… The Ethiopian girl beginning with E, "Hotel room, to rest…."

Out and about with the Simba & Pieter. Simba (lornah Kiplagat) wanted cheap clothes shops - we didn’t find many on the Upper West side I can tell you! Okay then, coffee shops instead - that we found. They also came with a present of some Douwe Egberts coffee from Holland for me! I took her to Super Runners where the staff asked, "Is she fast?" How about a 30-minute 10k?

Deena was tired, her dog went fishing yesterday and was snoring over the phone to her (I kid you not).
A day in the life huh?

Yesterday morning it was Soccer at Monsieur Mileage’s house, France drew and the Monsieur was not pleased - the Madame did not seem as concerned with the antics of 22-men chasing an inflated bladder round a grass field!
From TGV, "Have a great time at the MINI this weekend They should use me to drive the pace car (Mini pacing the Mini....get it! HAHA)" He has a good marketing point.
Eldoret lise? "After years, succumbed to this yoga craze and bought a video...gave me the worst headache afterwards (apparently a side effect?) and high blood pressure (let's get to the next move already! my a.d.d kicks in) off to try it again before it hits the dustbin and I go back to kickboxing."
It rained like a bucket from a well down on the track tonight. Shiney and I did a set of 400’s, and the Rope turned up to finish them off - Shiney showed good track form, this being my first track session of the year spelled ugly! I am embarrassed to relate how slowly I was shuffling. Back on track after all these years, training log entry, "Moved like a lump of mahogany through a jar of honey… well it could have said that. Shiney was going well though, and The Rope had no problems…
The UATH’s that came down were the toughies! First let me say welcome back to Kavan & Sheila - back for good from Tucson. Then a big welcome to Jen, our latest new edition, "This is commitment!" She said between a lightning bolt and a crack of thunder…. Pogo was back, Il Pirata survived the floods.. Lee-lee, and Becky-becky ran seemingly unbothered by the pools of water, with Century splashing along…. Sharon was not complaining, and Chris from AMEX put in a great session too without a word of complaint… Buffalo came down, Patrick was there - quite a motley crew, and as a bonus there was no bonus intervals added on to the end of a tough workout! Later that night it was pizza at Favia… yum yum!
Shocking, I was in the park at 5 AM this morning and it was spotless. Nobody could have dreamed that 30,000 corporate challengers had run there last night. It is amazing what a tremendous clean up job is done over night.

In the mailbag from Travis Tate, "I had to comment on the stuff you write on the Tobeys World site. I can't help but laugh, you are pretty damn funny. I saw you last year at the snow ball race on long island, and wanted to talk, but you looked kind of busy and disappointed at the same time."

*News from Nairobi -The stage is set for the Kenya Prison Service Athletics championships due to be held at Nyayo National stadium, five-minute drive from the Nairobi city center, from June 6-7, from where the team for the National Championships (June 19-21) will be selected.
The focus will again be on the Kenyan Prison Services’ "Golden Girls", a group of world renowned marathon runners who include Catherine Ndereba the holder of the World best time (2:18:47), Susan Chepkemei the holder of World half-marathon best (1:05:44), Margaret Okayo the winner of New York City and Boston City Marathons, and Ruth Kutol the winner of Venice Marathon in 2000 (2:28:16) and runner-up in Paris Marathon (2:27:54) last year.

Ndereba, whose attempt at a third straight Boston City Marathon title was shattered by Okayo last April, where she finished runner-up, will battle it out in the 10,000m in Nairobi with Chepkemei, runner-up for a second successive year at the World Half-Marathon championships in Brussels last month and fifth at London Marathon (2:23:19).

"I am taking the event very seriously because I want to qualify for the Commonwealth Games," Ndereba, also twice winner at Chicago Marathon, said.
"I know it won't be easy because all the athletes are fighting it out for the Nationals and ultimately for the Commonwealth Games, but I will give it me best shot," Ndereba said. The 5000 meters will parade Okayo, Edith Masai, who won the Women's Short Course race at the World Cross Country Championships in Dublin last March and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics silver medallist Pauline Konga.

The Best Burger in NYC? This place received a #1 rating: Corner Bistro 331 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014, tel: 212-242-9502
Tobysworld goes aluminum! 50,000 visitors in less than TWO YEARS! Oh Mother of Pearl! Speaking of which people often ask, "What is" now that it appears on a singlet or two. I tell them something to do with Remington Steele, and 007.. perhaps that is why we get the hits! The biggest draw would be, "" I think free is the best advertising word in the globe!
Soccer/Football/Futball World Cup; USA surprises everyone by beating Portugal! Ireland manage a draw against the Germans, and Russia beat Tunisia. The Rocket, who is supporting The Russians expect them to go no further than the first round but…. Ireland did well as Germany are hot favs for at least a semi-final slot. I’m going with the Lakers to win.
This morning I will be at the press conference of the Mini Marathon listening for once instead of nattering!
Out the Loop! TGV asked, "Are you going to the party this weekend?" Our reporter asked, "Which?"
"The Central Park Track Clubs! Dave Howard’s parents house, I looked on the email list, everyone is invited. I’m going but I hardly know anyone there." We must be out of the invited list - mind you I think I’d choose partying with the Mini-athletes instead! "well you’re not really in Central Park," was TGV’s next comment… Man, looks like there’s a conspiracy or something!
From Il Pirata, "my shin injury is finally abating...knock on wood. i fell down a flight of stairs on mon night and was not hurt badly - so i think i have literally hit rock bottom haha." That last bit must be Vietnamese humor!
Seen in the park last night - Lauren who won a triathlon recently. Lauren and Canadian Craig really do a fantastic job of promoting their country - it is always a great pleasure to meet and chat with those guys!

Also Milena Glusac was doing some easy jogging, pencil thin - she makes Tegla look fat and I kid you not! I’ve a Milena story but I’ll save it for another day!

Running up Cat Hill were a few members of the TRD club - they did a fantastic job, and it warmed my heart to see what a good effort they were putting in… RayLay was also there sans shirt (and a few extra pounds to show) zipping up the hill in a style that showed shadows of that great running stride he had in the 1980-90’s

BEGINNING RUNNERS' GROUP WITH TOBY TANSER: If you know anyone who wants to begin running and is scared to do so, or intimidated to join a club, please note that Toby Tanser will be running a class for beginners (you know, people who say "I'd love to run one day" or "I'm able to run three miles but I want to do more") on every Monday night at 7 PM in Central Park as of mid June. There will be incentives to attend from NIKE! And it is free to anyone, so email Toby Tanser ( ) for details if you or anyone that you know would like to attend.
We hear from Eldoret Lise, "Seattle was fun as of my best friends and husband live there. Only thing now is their little guy gets up at 5:00 am...and I don't. I was explaining to them if you had a video of yourself that was attached to the crib as well as a timed-release food pellet shoot- then the child would be okay until at least 8:00am. No one liked the concept...but I think it will catch on soon."
"Anyways, mother in town today to visit a friend- hanging out with them is like watching a cross between an Abbott and Costello skit and Seinfeld...culminating with my mother wanting to get a glimpse of our nudist beach (refused to take her)....everyone is gone now so tonight I'm being anti-social and doing nothing."
Bad News, Smokin’ J pulled something in the calf, hence the race disappointment on Sunday. However he says, "one bit of good news the Sentra never came off so the Fat Tuesday's have upgraded their transport to a Pontiac Bonneville - far mroe spacious for those road trips!"
At the invite of Monsieur Mileage guess where I’ll be headed tomorrow morning! "come and watch the french victory in the world cup and to share a french breakfast (baguette and Camenbert, wine and champagne if success of the french team)."

Monsieur is concentrating on setting PR’s in odd distances, so if you know of any races in the 3.75 range let me know.. seriously speaking though after his 400’s on the track last week we think he should move down in distance and do the middle distance stuff.

The reigning World Indoor 800m champion, Yuriy Borzakovskiy, opened his summer season with a stunning 400m, he won in 45.91! Faster than Coe ever ran!
Hicham El G, "Now I’m heading back to Morocco for a months’ hard training in Ifrane before the first meeting of the Golden League in Oslo. Winning the jackpot will be harder this year, as we have to win our event in all seven meetings, but it is a noble challenge, and athletes like challenges."
We saw Bola in the park tonight. As the hoards of runners ran by he quipped, "I’m off to find a wife in there!" The Fatties were in the park, whittled down to three as Smokin is injured. The Rope, back from New Paltz, was da Untouchable last night. And boy did he motor for "having dead legs from the hills at N. Paltz…." Shiney is looking for a good race this weekend so if you know of any…. Sonia O’Sullivan was going to join us, she was skidadling round the Rez, sounding confident of the win this weekend! For those of you not running you really should go out and support!
Speaking of which Zoomalong, leading the MCNY girls, flew by on the transverse - she is my inspiration, what a runner - remember to give her a cheer as she goes by… and when you see Lornah (Team Saucony, and looks very Kenyan) scream out, "Go Simba!" ‘Cos that’s her nickname. She wants to go shopping on Sunday so I have to look for some clothes stores with a starbucks attached - that way when she goes to shop…. A good tip!
A hot field is getting set for the fifth edition of the IAAF Permit Meeting "La Notturna di Milano" on 5 June at the Arena Civica in Milan will feature 12 medallists and another ten finalists from the 2001 IAAF World Championships in Edmonton and six medallist from the Sydney Olympics. The highlight event will be a scorching 5000m!
Fattie News! More on the Fat Tuesday Athletic Club.
Sammy Korir's last two miles, 4:46 and 4:49, took him to the Suzuki RnR title running 2:09:01. Alice Chelangat, also of Kenya, took the women’s event in 2:29:56

WE hear from Arusha, "Last weekend was the Tanzania track and field championships, where the commonwealth team was selected, hopefully they will bring some medals, we have high hopes on (John) Yuda."

Peter De La Cerda won the 2002 USA Men's Half-Marathon Championship at the Carondelet Heart Institute UMKC Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City, he ran 1:05:57, #2 was Jim Jurcevich (1:07:25) and Kevin Collins took the bronze. (1:08:02).

Repeat win: Gardena, Calif., Nissin Foods Invitational 5000: Men - 1. James Koskei, KEN, 13:33; 2. John Itati, KEN, 13:35; 3.

Lincoln, R.I., Lincoln Park's Rhody 5-K Road Race: Men - 1. Mark Carroll, IRL, 14:33; 2. Paul Mwangi, KEN, 14:45; 3. Paul Mbugua, KEN, 15:03. Carroll is a 13:02 5000m runner, thus the Spaghetti Kenyan ran well to get so close!

Two outstanding results from the NCAA’S Baton Rouge, La., NCAA Divison I Track and Field Championships: Men, Steeplechase - Dan Lincoln, Arkansas, 8:22.34. & Men, 10,000 meters - Boaz Cheboiywo, E. Michigan, 28:32.10.

Cyclo: The Saeco team will be replaced by the Jean Delatour team at the Tour de France following allegations of doping during the Giro.

In Hengelo Kelly Holmes roared around the Dutch Stadium winning in four 03.93 seconds - the fastest metric mile in the world this year.
Second was Ukraine's Irina Lishchynska in 4:04.67 and Poland's Lidia Chojeck, third in 4:06.17.
A product review by Dave Barrett:
"Have you seen this new watch that uses Global Positioning System technology to measure distance run (accurate to within 10 meters over ANY distance, and to within a meter after averaging a few measurements), and instantaneous pace?

Tremendously cool, and (I have tested it thoroughly) it really works. You can do an accurately measured interval workout anywhere on earth -- or know exactly how far and fast you did your tempo run. Since I have to do a lot of my training away from Central Park in Greenwich, this is a really useful thing." Sounds groovy!

Big thanks to TGV who popped round last night with a Tarry town muffin - what a guy! He also had some shoes for S4Africa the Saint. The Mini Cooper is a real conversation magnet, only about 100 people stopped to gawp at his new wheels. TGV is having a sans-racing period, but not before he roots out why Sir Roland never included his NCN 5k result. CD of the night is courtesy of TGV too, ‘Let it Bleed.’ The Stones, what a classic!
we hear from King Cre: "The running goes slowly. I can do about 30 minutes at this point fairly well. Did one day of 45 this week. Trying to go back and forth between running and biking. Will set NYC marathon as my next long term goal and start going at it over the summer."
Zoomalong scored a very impressive 2nd place in the Master’s division at Freihofers, another local star, Kimka, took third. Marla Runyan took first overall in the open race. This is an amazing effort from Zoomalong, only four seconds behind Joan Nesbit - the pair of them slipped under 17-minutes.

The day after the race we went to the Lenox for brunch, after pre-brunch at Healthy Bagel (for the Cranberry Bagels, and Sesame for good measure too.) So anyway over half a chicken, and countless muffins, on top of the bagels, I heard from the Rocket, "Oh Kim, didn’t run hard… she jogged in, gave up…." Well 17:08 is her fastest time this year huh? Is that jogging in? I dryly pointed this out, and I also said, "Give Gordon credit because she is the one who was just recovering from running a Marathon…" to which was countered, "Everyone runs good after a marathon…" I think the fat is on the fire, and that can only be good for local running!

Speaking of local running: At the races today the young ("I’m somewhere around 18-24 years old") Ethiopian zipped away with an unchallenged victory. The first two miles were 4:55/10:00 and then our reporter had a dead leg and limped out of the view, and race. Gillian H. continued her domination of the 45+ age group (she probably had ‘runs good after a marathon in the Eighties’ in her legs) and took the overall spot!

Running great for UATH was Michael Maloney out of his cast, Evelyn looking super cool in the new singlet, and Paul running a good time. CenturyMan’s time was undisclosed in the results, Dorian ran well too. As for Smokin’ J we don’t know what happened, more news to follow tomorrow!

In the evening it was Shepherd’s Pie with Minnesota and half a gallon of ice cream, we watched the B-Ball game, a good comp. Though I was sad to see the Kings lose, but in all fairness they were outplayed. Minnesota was going to stay up all night watching her beloved Football games, then try to go to work - good luck.

We hear Walter Du-Maica won the RiverDale Ramble, and our own Boss won the YAI 5-k challenge - good work guys!

Italian cyclist Gilberto Simoni has been suspended by his Saeco team after failing a second doping test for cocaine.
After approximately 39 minutes of Haile Gebreselassie’s attack on the World record for the classic One Hour run, Ethiopia’s four time World and double Olympic 10,000m champion staggered to a halt, as he passed his manager Jos Hermens on the back straight of the Fanny Blankers-Koen stadium. Gebrselassie hobbled off into the infield, clearly with a problem to his right leg and was taken out of the stadium to sympathetic applause, as the remaining competitors headed to their own destiny with 60 minutes. The race was eventually won by Aloys Nizigama of Burundi (20354 metres) with Ethiopia’s Fita Bayissa (19275m), who gamely continued running despite the fact that the crowd’s attentions had been otherwise diverted by the fate of their Hengelo hero.

"I'm unlucky, there were perfect weather conditions today but this is sport, what can you do?" said Gebrselassie at the press conference immediately after the competition. "It is like a cramp but I really can't quite describe the problem but it isn't a serious problem," concluded Gebrselassie, who was taken to hospital for an MRI scan and ultra-sound to hopefully denote the nature of problem. Jos Hermens later confirmed that this injury would certainly rule Gebrselassie out of the planned 10,000m in Sheffield at the end of June.

We expect the race to attract thousands of participants," said Kiplagat. "We will be having competitors and joggers in addition to wheelchair athletes," he said. That from Mr. Kiplagat of the Kenyan Federation talking about an upcoming Nairobi Marathon. If you have seen the roads in Nairobi.. ha ha, the thought of a wheelchair race is beyond a joke.. beyond craters!
The New Jersey Nets should be called the New Supporters - amazing how so many people are suddenly supporting a winning team, typical shallow tactics - If the team wins, let’s support them - who loved them last season? No-one? Thought so!

Talking about Support, Monsieur Mileage tips the German team for the World Cup… his comments on Senegal, "Lucky goal, and the French team a little over confident. We are going to check the schedule and see if we can’t find a nice clash to have a party around… Ar-gen-tina!!

Eldoret Lise, "found a job posting for Eldoret today- with the VSO (acronym for: your salary-hapana shillingi)...being an advisor for a dairy farm...could you just see me doing that...though I did learn a lot from the dairy farm that Phyllis Keino also had....first day there asked her farm manager "so like, do you milk the cows every day or every alternate day?"..well imagine my surprise...twice a day...who knew. Turns out I wasn't the only one that asked that same question....urban pavement idiots!"

Goteborgsvarvet in Sweden we see the man who once came to NYC, and ran the Brooklyn Half: #18 Mayeroff Jason Myles USA 1.10.54 He tells us that he thinks the course is tough, personally I thought it okay - Gothenberg is a fun race to do.
Sveriges genom tiderna bästa kvinnliga medeldistanslöpare slutar tävla. Malin Ewerlöf-Krepp, som är vann EM-silver på 800 m 1998, har besvärats av en hälseneskada i nära två år. - Man måste inse att tiden är mogen, säger hon. Det var i juli 2000 som Malin fick den besvärliga hälseneskadan. Under ett 1500-meterslopp på Bislett i Oslo föll hon i hop efter att ha fått en bristning i hälsenan. Därmed var drömmen om att kvalificera sig till OS i Sydney krossad. Malin Ewerlöf-Krepp gav dock inte upp löparkarriären. Hon satsade på comeback, men nu tvingas hon alltså ge upp. Grundträningen har gått bra, men både i fjol och i år har hon fått ont i hälsenan när hon börjat köra tempoträning i spikskor.

Sad news that Malin Ewerlof, Sweden’s great 800m runner has had to quit running - injuries with spike running shoes! She won the World Juniors at the age of 16(!) Took a silver in the 800 at the Europeans, and was 100% clean in a dirty sport. She was a great athlete, and it is a big loss to the Swedish team.

"I just got back from registering for the race this Sunday -- the National Council on Women's Health Mother's & Daughters Race Against Teen Smoking. I signed up for me, and for Kevin's kids -- Fallon will run with me, and Eamon will do the peewee race.
I got home and opened the goodie bags, and in each one was an M&Ms toy with a supply of mini M&Ms. Now it seems to me that a Council on Women's Health should also be concerned about obesity, and companies like M&M Mars marketing junk to children. I feel pretty strongly that health-oriented organizations like NYRR and NCWH should just say no to corporate gifts of junk food aimed at kids." A letter from Tamar - very good point.
In Central Park - a solid session of 300’s with the Fat Tuesday’s, and Mgee came to join us and that injected some raw speed into the group. It was a good hard working, and rewarding session. Smokin J definitely went up a notch in gears, with Michael A with him, and of course Shiney led them all!

So where was The Rope? Well, we then went down to the 6th ST where a literal circus was taking place! CPTC middle distance group, UATH, and now Warren Street… and The Rope! Running some 400’s with longs rests in the low sixties we saw an 800-style session led by Rayley and RLX. Monsieur Mileage was leading Le Group and looked rather good at the high-speed. Perhaps the club will produce some zoomy 800-m stars now. It was good to see Rayley again, and of course his wife Lisa from Sotheby’s, and with all the WS-ers it was a nice social buzz on the track.

Sid Howard, the world indoor 800m record holder came over to give talk about, "The Cup" he thinks that Senegal will have it tough.. a reminder the big game this weekend is England Vs Sweden - it is drop dead early on Sunday morning! I will be over at Steve Paddock’s house at 6:30 to see the second half… I can’t face the first half at 5! The Rocket wants to stay awake all night drinking, then watch the game(!)

Hero of the nigh was TGV who brought his Stones collection for me to record.

And the Urbanites? The Boss is still lamenting his last ten mile race, he was out there for a long time to think about it too. However the good news is that the store will open in August so remember to save your pennies! The session of 400’s UATH did were solid enough - especially my core runners. Conor, suffering with a bad back came through to run strong, and we happy to welcome back Il Pirata back from CA with speed (though a lack of endurance), he’ll get it back soon enough…Bob from Kramer whipped the track with good leg speed, Chris from Amex ran solidly as did Patrick chasing him up, Adam made his return… Sharon led the Rock group with a great effort, there was a good pack with Evelyn, Mich, Liz, and Megan. Becky, Becky-lee, Tom, Dorian & Don had a good solid thing going too… even if CPTC did try to shovel them off the track! Randy made his comeback tonight too, and yep there was dancing on the track afterwards - I told you it was a circus!

Later that night; dining out at the good places to eat we had a steak to get the Iron, garlic potatoes, and spinach. A meal for a King (Ed’s note; And eaten by a clown.)

#9 Una English IRL 9:08.58 - in the 3000m race at the Pre Classic, Dez the Rev’s sister.

A name in the pack at Vienna was the legendary Abebe Mekonnen, #20 ETH 2:26:42 No man has ever run more sub 2:10’s than this guy.

Winning Twente in Holland was 1 Raymond Kipkoech KEN 2:12:33

The Gothenberg Half had Somalian-now-Swedian winning the race; 1 Mustafa Mohamed Hälle IF 63:35 E3.8K 2 Pavel Loskutov EST 63:50 E1.5K 3 Augustus Mbusya KEN 64:24 E1K 4 Alfred Shemweta HässelbySK 64:52 E1K 5 Claes Nyberg IF Göta 65:20 E600 The prize money is in Euro’s. Alfred, of Sweden, is also an African. The Swedish best runner of the last ten years, Claes, has yet to pop a good Half - he is much better than 65:20. And da women
1 Lena Gavelin SWE 73:03 E3.8K 2 Janet Ongera KEN 73:21 E1.5K 3 Anne Mette Jensen DEN 73:29 E1K 4 M. Söderström-Lundberg SWE 42 73:33 E1K Another Swedish victory, but this one was born there too! The amazing 2:31 Master’s marathoner in 4th!
Elva Dryer has withdrawn Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K. She is expecting her first child in December. Congrats to Russ and her.
Dutch Half Marathon Championships men’s: Jeroen van Damme is now da national champion in 64:13, he beat Denis Ndiso (KEN) 2nd in 64:55, Marco Gielen 3rd in 65:03, Musa Cherutich (KEN) 4th in 65:56 and Neals Strik 5th in 66:12.

Nadja ‘the skinny Russian now Dutch’ Wijenberg soloed to a 74:29 women’s title, Carla Beurskens, who is over 50-yrs young 3rd in 82:41.

A letter from Eldoret Lise, "Out tonight walking the seawall, purchase the latest CDs, then hit our neighbourhood bar for vodka-cranberry drinks...all in all a good substitute for the missed workout!

"So reading you have lost your goal of 20 lbs...just reading in the latest "Self" mag that 63% of americans want to shed 20 does that make you an american wannabe...ouch!
Here's some other of their research "findings" to help motivate: women's poll:
Most improved sex life / most sexually adventurous: runners
And as a sidebar:
Least likely to take the initiative during sex: cyclists
Most likely to fake it: golfers
Most likely to be two-timing: inline skaters
margin of error- probably huge. worth the read- why not, good stuff to discuss over drinks." I love her emails - some bits are unprintable…

Olympic champion Cathy Freeman has pulled out of the Commonwealth Games 400 meters to look after her husband who has cancer.
Diane Modahl, the former Commonwealth 800 champ, retires at the young age of 35. She had a career seeped in drug dealings.
Where is Sir Roland off to next week? "This year it is Cannes --- yes, we get to go there AFTER the film festival crowd has dispersed." Didn’t I tell you that Sir Roland is a follower of Fashion?
The June 1 deadline approaches for prospective participants to get their lottery applications in for the 2002 edition of the New York City Marathon, run on Sunday, November 3. For people interested in applying, visit to fill out an application.
5 years ago Ruth Wysocki ran 4:08 as a Master’s for the 1500m! Wow, that is an awesome time.
This weekend the Rock n’ Roll Marathon will feature the one and only PA fav - John Kagwe, last year’s winner. Okayo will not defend her title.
Mamo Wolde’s funeral attracted all the top runners in Addis as they lined the streets to give the man a send off. Wolde won the Olympic Bronze at the age of 40 in the Marathon, after taking Gold at 36 yrs old!
Kenya’s World and Olympic steeplechase champion Reuben Kosgei has declared his intention to break the World 3000m steeplechase record at Hengelo (IAAF GP11), this coming Sunday 2 June. Watch out for Geb in the 1-hr run too. We hope to have a track side report from our Dutch correspondent Michel.
On the Rez tonight someone asked, "So how can I lose weight, I just can’t do it!" So I said for them to write down all they ate in a day and email it to me for diagnosis. "You’d be appauled." Was the reply. Therein lies the answer I sparred. "No, some very accomplished people can not lose weight… do you know 61% of Americans are overweight.." Yes I did, and I also knew that I did not want a part of this conversation.
It was a no-win situation for me - I was doomed to lose. Should I point out that a very small small number of Europeans are overweight? "I know I’ve been there. It is harder here in America, our lifestyle…." I countered, a lot of it is food choice to which I heard, "Yes I don’t have time to prepare food, I have to eat convenience food - and you know about convenience food!" Thus meaning an excuse for bad eating. Okay back up! How convenient is fruit? How difficult is it to peel a banana, time consuming? Hard work?

As I said I could not win! Anyway to change the subject; If you know anyone who wants to begin running and is scared to do so, or intimidated to join a club I will be running a class for beginners on every Monday night at 7 PM in Central Park as of mid June. There will be incentives to attend from NIKE! And it is free, so get in touch if you have anyone who wants to attend!
Okay I’m off to eat now, and speaking of which what do runners eat? The Rocket? A Russian pasta with a lamb filling. Tergat? Rice and vegetables, same for Tanui. Mc Kiernan (2:22 marathoner) she likes potatoes and veg. The Berko, "Scones, I don’t eat much. I think most people eat way too much - You (Titanium) included!" So now I’ve been told!

Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis will not recover from the birth of her first child in time to compete in the heptathlon at either the Commonwealth Games or European Championships this summer, according to Sally Gunnell, an Olympic Gold medallist herself. And da coach.
This message from the NYRR, "In exchange for a few hours on a weekend morning, you could get an inside look at race management, be thanked by hundreds of runners, receive a souvenir race t-shirt, and help New York Road Runners. We need volunteer course marshals during Central Park events to make sure participants are where they're supposed to be and to assist other park users. It's lots of fun and a great way to meet people. To volunteer, please contact Steve Boland at 212.423.2205 or" I always try and help at at least 1 or 2 races per year… it is always fun!

And I urge you to respond, honestly either way, to the next paragraph; "We hope you've been enjoying the May/June issue of New York Runner, our free member magazine. With so much information--tips on handling allergies, great running routes in Westchester, crosstraining advice, stories of how running can be used to seek solace, a new column about the local racing scene, "News From the Front," and lots more--it's worth a close read. The editors welcome your comments at"

Further news from Keith Dowling, one the top US runners, "I contacted the Reston Runners and they liked the idea of the group sending a mass shipment over to Tanzania."

Fantastic stuff, it is so good to see people really helping like this! Read on!


Reston Runners joins Keith Dowling in an effort to send running shoes to African athletes.

What Reston Runners is collecting running shoes for athletes in Africa. Bring your old running shoes to the run Sunday, June 16, Reston South Commuter Lot (at Reston Pkwy and Fox Mill Road)

When Sunday, June 16, 2002

Then What Keith Dowling (1st American at 2002 Boston Marathon) will mail these shoes to a Tanzanian athlete who will distribute the shoes to runners in the area.

For More Info Check out the website for more information about the program Keith is involved in.

1995 Sentra - 60k miles, and that is Smokin’ J’s new car. The Fat Tuesday’s mobile!

You need only two tools. WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use the tape. Sound advice from the Captain!

At Bolder Boulder 10km a staggering 44,877 runners competed in the citizens' race. Kenya and the US swept the team titles, with Deena taking the top overall, and Tom Nyariki the male topspot. Tom, 29:04, won $3750, and second place Alan Culpepper won $8250 with American incentives. hm…. It is easy to see why so many athletes want to change nationalities these days! (Ed’s note; You’d need to change citizenship to the Samoan tribe to earn a red dime)

Jorge Real of Colombia who ran some local races last year, and won the NYRR 30-39 runner of the year was #26. #38 was Gary Staines, Great Britain recording a 33:15. A name from the past, the man who warms up before a race with a hair comb, and a mirror. Britain took the last place in the team comp. And next to last in the women’s team race.

From Eldoret Lise: "So out of the corporate rat race, decide I just want to hang out this summer-do odd jobs and maybe bartend at this club where all the good bands coming to town play...friend tells me I will need a boob job to get hired typical of this town and unfortunately so true- being the L.A. of the north. Whew- bet you are sitting up after that sentence."

"Lot of media hype here on the next attack in the US- must be so hard listening to that all the time and waiting. So fortunate we are not a target.
Heard from Mark that 2 of our IAAF runners at Kazi Mingi won the 150,000 ksh jackpot last week. How's your friend's camp in Iten going?"

Reply on the Camp, "the camp is running well... one girl was #7 in the world 1/2 champs, they went 1st & 2nd recently in Glasgow Women's 10k, and the master's runner ran 2:13 for 5th in Vienna - top notch for a 42yr old!"
CPTC’s web master’s take on the World Cup, "The obvious choice" are his words, and his vote - Brazil. Talk about picking with the pool books, and not with the net!
More Bagel News from our Nutritionist Tamar; ‘When it comes to bagels, it's hard to rely on a "standard" listing. Traditionally, bagels are made with no fat, so a 4-ounce version will only have a gram or two (from the trace amounts in the ingredients). No "real" bagel has any appreciable fat. Who knows where they got their cinnamon raisin from -- it's certainly plausible that some company makes their CR from a different kind of dough. It's definitely not the cinnamon or the raisins.’

‘If you suspect there's fat in the bagels you're eating, there are two ways to find out. First, ask what the ingredients are. Second, wrap one in a paper napkin and let it sit on the counter for a while -- see if grease stains emerge. If it's not fatty, it's about 80 calories per ounce.’ We were wondering about the claims that a CR bagel has much more fat than a poppy/sesame version - as quoted by the Fat Book.

On the subject of such someone asked why the Fat subject has taken a backseat recently after the day to day blows of a few weeks ago. Truth be told I have reached my desired weight I am glad to say. It was done by hard work, and perseverance. Losing weight is not easy, the hardest part (methinks) is the last few pounds when you have hit a normal weight, and want to gain an athletic figure. I lost 20-lbs from a frame that to many was ‘normal’ to begin with. The members of this page who I had hoped, and written about, losing weight have not fared so well. Two appear to be absolutely the same weight that they begun at. No names mentioned because I know it is a touchy subject, so is discipline… you have got to want to and act, not just wish for it and hope.

the Ridgewood Master’s Mile produced some good results; Kim Griffin New York,NY 40 F 26 05:01 winning by 40-odd seconds, and then 1.Marcus O Sullivan Havertown,PA 40yr 4:19 2.Paul Mbugua Rosendale,NY 40yr 4:21 3.Connor O Driscoll Rye,NY 40yr 4:33

The Open race was a disappointment by comparison: 1.George Milic , 4:17 and the women, 1.Joyce Bednarek Riverton, NJ 4:58 and 2.Janina Malska , 27 F 27 05:13 5:13 Janina is the Polish woman who has been racing a lot on the local scene here in NYC. She registered as a Witold Runner for one race but apparently talks are that Warren Street are after her… will have to be in a few months though, no?

Carino’s - 1710 Second Ave. (bet. 88th & 89th Sts.) Southern Italian cooking on the Upper East Side at a steal! Check it out if you like taste and don’t want to spend an Upper East Side inflated dollar.
From the NY Times; "Bootsy Collins was trying to explain about the funk the other day. The taxonomy of the funk, he said, was life-sustaining, almost like natural law. But these days, alas, the young do not know. "It's like when I say, "Glory be, da funk's on me,' " he said. "A lot of people don't know what the heck I'm talking about." Mr. Collins was happy for the opportunity to translate. What it means, he said, is, well: "Glory . . . be . . . da funk's . . . on . . . me. It kind of says exactly what I'm feeling."

And it is true - Look at the Fat Tuesday’s, back in fashion! Last night they were boogeying round the park with a funky session. Shiney turned up, "The Rope is not going to want to do mile repeats tonight…" Michael A, "Well, I’ve $20 let’s go to a bar…." Smokin’ J, "How about…." And he rattled off on such a speal that nobody could understand, thus disagree, so we set off on whatever he’d designed.
The racing plans for The Fatties seem unclear at present, but it looks like The Rope is on vacation, Shiney is in the Kenny Dolan 5k, and Smokin’ & Titanium will be in the teen Smoking 4-mile race. Back in Central Park again…. Almost looking forward to it.

Also note there is a 5KM on Saturday in Central Park starting at West 67th @ 9 AM, the YAI Challenge, and there is a quote from Titanium on the cover of the Flyer to why ‘you’ should run this race! The first year they had big bucks prize money, I am unsure if they have big bucks on Saturday, or not…. But they have the funk!
Ethiopia’s four time World and double Olympic 10,000 metres champion Haile Gebrselassie, who will run the classic one hour race this Sunday 2 June at the Fanny Blankers–Koen Games, IAAF Grand Prix 11 meeting in Hengelo, Holland, has announced that he will only run one other track race this summer. Gebrselassie who has yet to decide definitely whether to run the 10,000 or the marathon distance at the 2003 IAAF World Championships in Paris, will race the 10,000 at the Norwich Union Classic, Grand Prix 11 meeting in Sheffield, England on 30 June, in an attempt to register an "A" standard qualification (27:49) mark for the championships.

The 29-year-old Ethiopian who finished third at last summer’s World Championships in Edmonton, wants to remove the burden of seeking a qualifying time as soon as possible, so that he can concentrate on his ambitions at the marathon this autumn and next spring.

"I don't have a wild card (entry as reigning champion) for the World Championships like before, so the 10,000m in Sheffield is a very important race for me. Doing the marathon was great but I would like to do both marathon and track running," commented Gebrselassie.

Can’t wait - two great races no doubt! The Sheffield track is fast, though I am sure the days of Geb hitting 26:22 are long gone for the 29-yr old…. It that a ho, ho ho? According to Fantaye Sirak, an Ethiopian Master’s runner; "He is saying he is how old? (Huge laughter) Perhaps his child is this age!" Joking aside if Geb is 29 I promise you he’ll never set an Master’s records!

Has anyone got Brown Sugar by The Stones on CD? I want to copy it onto my computer, so if you can help out please let me know, I only need to borrow the CD for the day tops.
We are very happy to report that Keith Dowling, one of the USA’s top distance runners, has shoes for Shoe4Africa - they’ll be soulful fast ones!
Happy Birthday to LQD!
teen Smoking 4-miler:
This is the Teen racing promo for next weekend’s park race. A race that we stand behind, and hope you’ll support!
Kobe Byrant’s pregame meal? MacDonald’s #2 meal. Whatever that is I have no idea, you’d have to ask someone like the Centuryman for Mac Donald’s food. Apparently he knows all the numbers, and dishes, and Kobe of course.

Speaking of food the Muffin Man is the place to meet these days - the other morning the Ferrari, partime, R2, & james Seigel were all seen at the joint by our esteemed staff writer RU.

What is Eldoret Lise up to? "Off now for chick's weekend- so packing every piece of sporting equipment I own...(no shopping allowed!)....ya gotta love these weekends..."
Norway’s 1996 Olympic 800 metres champion Vebjoern Rodal is to make a comeback only 18 months after announcing his retirement. The 29-year-old has entered his country’s national championships in August because he said he has grown so disillusioned at the standard of middle-distance running in Norway.
"The new generation of runners aren’t that good," said Rodal. "I’m looking forward to compete with athletes aged 20 to 22 years old. Maybe my presence could enhance their performances."
New look on the yellow homepage!
A hot draw in the tennis world; Hewitt draws Moya, Canas, Sampras, Kuerten in same half of the draw for French Open.
Breakfast the other day with Smokin. Don’t you hate it when you just know that the foreign girl behind the counter is going to get your order wrong? You try to explain as slowly and clearly as possible, and then you get the order all screwed up. That’s Hot & Crusty Bagels for you - at least our coffee’s at Starbucks were right!
VIENNA, May 26 (Xinhuanet) -- Following are the results of the 19th Vienna City Marathon race here on Sunday: Men's race: 1. Moses Tanui, Kenya, two hours, 10 minutes, 25 seconds 2. Kimayo Kibet Boaz, Kenya, 2:10:35 3. Barnabas Kipngetich, Kenya, 2:10:53 4. Joseph Ngolepus, Kenya, 2:13:18 5. Abraham Limo, Kenya, 2:13:38 First Master.
Women's race: 1. Ludmilla Pushkina, Ukraine, 2:32:03 2. Jackline Jerotich, Kenya, 2:32:49
Great to see Moses on top again, I know he’ll be unhappy with the time. But in the words of racing, ‘a win, is a win.’
On the Blower this morning we had the Berko from Ireland, he won the Dublin Classic 5-miler, "Kicked the Kenyan’s, there was this young ‘un who tried to get away from me at two miles, but you know how hard it is to drop the Berko! I hung in and pushed on. I am racing well, doing shit for training though…. It is raining here (in Cork, Ireland), I might go out later."
RIP: UK Athletics have announced the death on Saturday night of Sir Arthur Gold CBE, EAA Honorary Life President, and one of the most influential athletics officials of his generation and a pioneering anti-drugs campaigner in the sport
Slovenia’s Jolanda Ceplak the women’s World 800m indoor record holder, ran a magnificent Slovenian record of 1:57.63, the world’s leading time so far this summer, at the European Champion Club’s Cup in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday.
McLaren's David Coulthard won the Monte Carlo GP. Michael Schumacher was second, Ralf S. took third.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Sunday disqualified two Austrian Nordic skiers from the Salt Lake Olympics and banned their coach and chiropractor from the next two Winter Games after blood transfusion equipment was found in their quarters during last February's event.
Lance Armstrong (US Postal) claims Midi Libre race in France.
45-year-old Martina Navratilova has become the oldest woman to win a WTA tour title after claiming the Spanish Open doubles.
Mamo Wolde, Ethiopian pioneer marathon athlete who won gold in the 1968 Mexico City Games, died Sunday aged 70, state radio announced.

Family sources were quoted as saying Mamo Wolde died in hospital where he had been undergoing treatment for "internal complications".

He was to be buried Monday at Addis Ababa's St. Joseph Cemetery close to the special burial site where the legendary Abebe Bikila, first African to win an Olympic gold medal, was interred in 1971.

TGV’s Holiday weekend: Yesterday I ran Spring Lake 5 yesterday. The race was ridiculously crowded and impossible to move. Today (Sunday) we ran 3 by 1 mile in VCP today at 5K pace. It was a tough workout. Tomorrow I will be off to Ridgewood to run the 10K and the 5Km.
Out and about; Eating with Minnesota over the weekend she is still convinced that England are going to win the World Cup, Why? Because they played well over a decade ago. Nope, it is Argentina all the way! The Cup begins next week, let the games begin! England imponerade inte mot Kamerun! (sentimental Sweden.)
Kenya's Ronald Mogaka won the Ogden Newspapers 20K Classic in Wheeling on Saturday morning.
South Africa's Hendrik Ramaala was #2, and fellow Kenyan Evans Rutto took third. Mogaka's winning time? 1:01:45
The Traveling Wilbury’s lyrics: "Someplace by Rahway prison they ran out of gas The undercover cop had cornered them said "Boy, you didn't think that this could last" And Rahway was the destination of the Traveling Fat Tuesday’s, or at least that was the plan.

Arriving at the race I met Ali Baba the Tanzanian runner I last saw during the HP commercial we shot in Central Park together. He has now become a race director, and who was his second in command? Alem from Ethiopia!

I should have known there and then something would be amiss! Alem had also brought the fast Ethiopian runners with him.

Now the last time I ran a race with the Ethiopian Army I spent the first mile chasing down the female local version of Derartu Tulu with Monsieur Mileage. I was reflecting on those passing thoughts as the gun sounded and the field moved away like there was a $1000 prize for the first 400m split!
Round the first bend and onto the straights the runners were gone. I counted eight in front, and they in turn were strung out by mini gaps. As always I wanted to stop there and then, but I decided to chug on a bit further. Either everyone was running way too fast, or I was going way too slow. I presumed the latter.

I had envisaged running the race with Smokin’ J but as he never made it to the starting line I decided to just try and pick off each runner possible. After a mile the pace at the front appeared to wane. For once racing was quite pleasant - I honed in on a runner, passed him, and moved onward. At two miles, "hey, the next runner passed and I’m in the money!"
I never quite reached the Ethiopian Mzebukwhatever he is called, he is winning all the local money races right now.

The course was 400m longer than the year before, and as the course last year was certified by the USATF this would logically make this race a 3.35-mile race, not a 5k as advertized. The race organization said they would send out an apology to all those who competed for making them run the extra distance… but as I guessed after racing in Africa…….. It is probably the first time in his life the Ethiopian ran a 16-min ‘5K,’ he had planned to go to Ridgewood after the race to compete there, but the fast first mile, mile and a half, must have dampened his enthusiam to race again. No surprises Leteyesus won the women’s field - she also ran her personal worst of over 19-minutes for the ‘5’

The Century Man made the start - the first time in his last three attempts at doing so! He even came to the end of the race too, and could’ve been close to a PR had the course been a little more accurate! Afterwards it was to Lenny’s & Starbucks for post race refreshments. Nothing like a Sesame & Salmon washed down with a Naomi Campbell.

Snagging a third at the Spring Lakes 5-miler was Rob Zand, a name from the past - last year a CPTC-er… we believe he is competing for another club these days. A loss for CPTC as he was moving nicely in this race.
Chad Newton won the Vermont Marathon in 2:26 picking up a nice wedge for running such. 2:41:20 was the first woman, Veronique Vandersmisse.
Anne Wambui won the Moonlight CT 5k in 16:28, with Moses Macharia winning in 14:17, The Spaghetti Kenya was an uncharictaristic #7 in 15:10!
Quite a few local names at Ridgewood; Pat Nthiwa of kenya wacked the field with a 13:56, the Spaghetti was second in a good 14:15… the Slinsk #5, Michael A #9 (15:55), Anne Marie Lauck, 1st woman 16:17, Steven Paddock CPTC 16:19, The Rocket Baranov (#5 ‘woman’) 16:35, Sherlock 18:30 (must’ve been running as a rabbit for some girl no doubt), and in the 10k Stephen Ondieki won in 29:47, taking two others under 30-minutes! Monsieur Mileage 32:35 jumped inside the top ten one spot behind Raphael Lunas who was 8th.
The IAAF is pleased to announce that the World Record holder and Olympic and World Champion at 100m, Maurice Greene, has committed to racing at all the meetings, starting at the Exxon Bislett Games in Oslo on 28 June.
A happy Memorial Day to you all! On that note congratulations to Tony Ruiz, the CPTC trainer, who celebrates his birthday today. More news coming tomorrow, but a short recap of the weekend's major track meet:
A round up of the Pre Classic: Still winning, W1500m 1 Nicole Teter Usa 4:12.93, 2 Regina Jacobs Usa 4:14.95, and the Men 'did' the old Imperial mile (109-meters longer) - No Surprises, the big three: 1 Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco 3:50.89 2 William Chirchir Kenya 3:51.03 3 Bernard Lagat Kenya 3:52.63 Remember to watch out this season for William's younger brother Corneleus who will run like a tornado.

The fast run had wins for Marion Jones Usa 10.90, and Tim Montgomery Usa 9.97

The distance races, great to Marla at the top! 1 Marla Runyan Usa 8:39.36 2 Sonia O'Sullivan Ireland 8:39.88 3 Werknesh Kidane Ethiopia 8:42.57

The men’s 5000 had big expectancies for the USA entrants: 1 Abraham Chebii Kenya 13:13.53 2 Ismael Sghyr France 13:16.74 3 Albert Chepkurui Kenya 13:17.32 4 Mark Bett Kenya 13:21.32 5 Luke Kipkosgei Kenya 13:30.71 6 Meb Keflezighi Usa 13:31.37 7 Tim Broe Usa 13:31.61…… 9 Abdi Abdirahman Usa 13:45.19 & 11 Dan Browne Usa 14:16.29 The guys will fight again, I am sure of that.

The result of the meet, if not for the 0.7 extra breeze;W100 hurdles, 1 Gail Devers Usa 12.29!


Why are these prominent running women displaying my NYRR permenant bib number?
Simon Wangai. Hot tip for the Ogden 20k this weekend!
Looking further ahead the next great barrier race could come on June 12th; Ostrava, Czech Republic - The World record holder Brahim Boulami of Morocco, who just recently ran 8:04.51 in Portland, will line up against the strongest Kenyan and former World record holder Wilson Boit Kipketer, who is also in blistering good shape, having run 8:05.98 in Doha recently. Also, with two very experienced rabbits from the Kenyan steeplechase "school", Josephat Kapkory and Stanley Kibiwott, a very fast race is more than possible.

Stanley is the runner leading the group in the steeplechase photo in that ‘Train Hard, Win Easy’ book - then he was an unknown runner, just training hard without a passport. Like the third runner in the same photo - Kipkirui Misoi, who was even more obscure. Misoi ran onto the list of the top ten ever performers last year with a 8:01 clocking!

World Cup news: Ireland captain Roy Keane has sensationally been sent home after "slanging match" with coach Mick McCarthy. And for the team that I said was hot, Gabriel Batistuta scored four second half goals as Argentina crushed J-league club Kashima Antlers 5-1 in their first World Cup warm-up in Naraha on Thursday.
On Sunday a star-studded field has been assembled to tackle Marion Jones in Eugene. It includes Tanya Lawrence, the Olympic bronze medallist, back to fitness after missing last season with a stress fracture. Inger Miller, the 1999 World 200 meters gold medallist, Savatheda Fynes of the Bahamas, winner of the Oregon Track Classic last weekend, and Latasha Jenkins of the US, currently the second fastest runner over 100 meters this year, are also entered.
We hear fromAmex Kieran, "We just had a newborn expand our family two days ago: Liam Robert Hooks, weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and 19.5 inches. I'm dusting off the baby jogger as I write."
$500 Master’s Money for the Ridgewood Mile Road Race. And heading up there is Kimka, and also Conor O’Driscoll. We had the pleasure of the COD’s company for the Fat Tuesday session last night. Conor has quit his job and now is a one man company, he’ll be chasing the bucks along with a few others I can imagine. Our own Boss is racing in Milford tonight, hopefully the two will meet head to head soon for an intriguing clash.
The Fat Tuesday session went very much as expected - Shiney, who is off to CT for the long weekend zooming along, with Michael A, Conor, Smokin’ J & Titanium chasing in arrears. However everyone went up a notch timewise. Smokin’ is shopping for a car this Saturday.

On the subject a caller last night was TGV with his new Mini. A groovy looking mobile, and amazingly with very good leg room for a small car - they’ve done an excellent interior design job.

Down on the track; The fartlek session went without a hitch - we welcome Chrissie the new girl, and Liz mentioned that it may be fun to do a team race with our women….. so get in touch with her if you’re interested. There were some tired looking faces, always means that the session was honest. Pogo was back on track, Il Pirata has gone West for the holidays, and the egg rolls, Paul turned up a notch late as usual, Buffalo was there, Partime and kara, Evelyn, Becky & Lee, Century, Don, Amex Chris & Lee, Conor & Dan da Dog, a new guy.. a few others and the aforementioned for a fun night. Nobody got hit by a flying javelin which was a huge relief, and no blood on the tracks - only on my disc player.
Have a great Memorial weekend to all! Take care, and be yourselves!
Marty tells us that our friend Rachid Thabi won the Briarcliff 10k with relative ease.
The IAAF Drugs expert makes headlines: Italian sports doctor Professor Francesco Conconi will be tried for sporting fraud after a four-year investigation by police.
1 Salim Kipsang KEN 47:55 2 Tesfaye Eticha ETH 48:35 Gran Prix of Berne 10-miler. Marleen Renders beat the Jamjar into second place for the 2nd year in a row. The Jamjar did win the 25k of Berlin the week before though.
NEVER TAKE UP THREE LANES WHEN YOU RUN!!! PLEASE!!! That bold and informative message comes from Sir Roland teaching track etiquette, and we thank him for doing such! Each week I yell at the Urbanoso’s and remind them, "Stay in lane one, overtake in lane two…." You should hear the lame excuses for not doing so.
Not only is it good manners, but it is also for your safety. Don’t ever worry about the runner’s behind you - they will prefer that you run uniformely.
I was supposed to do a weight session with Partime today, so I turn up at 8 AM an hour early to give her warning, and let her know I’d be on the treadmill when she was ready. "I’ve showered this morning…" So there is an excuse! In her defense Partime always looks top notch in her work costume. And people wonder why she’s called Partime Pam!
The Britannic Asset Management Women's 10k broke all records again this year with a staggering entry of 9290 women pledging to run the race on Sunday 19 May and with almost 8,000 runners taking part on the day.

Defending champion Lornah "the simba" Kiplagat from Kenya, won for the third straight time in 31:14, the second fastest time in the world this year - followed closely by HATC members, Lina Cheruiyot with 32:08, second for the successive year, and Caroline Kwambei in 32:14.

Former Commonwealth 200 meters champion Frankie Fredericks is again ready to pay his own costs to compete for a third time in this year's Commonwealth Games - "My country is poor, it is the least I can do!" ATHLETE OF THE WEEK.
James Koskei, Team Kenya, and 2001 Bolder Boulder defending champion will be joined by Tom Nyariki and Dominic Kirui. Guess who is gonna win the team comp. At this year’s Bolder Boulder? Team Kenya? And for the women…. It would have been the Ethio squad, but they have withrawn. Off the top of my head I could name 4 differing Kenyan female teams, but a rather weakened team will be out there giving Team USA a chance to make the home crowds happy…. Hm
Marla Runyan will Run da 24th annual Freihofer's Run for Women 5-K on June 1 in Albany, New York.
Visiting the Rocket; "Brooklyn was my worst ever…. I was up late the night before drinking wine, to bed too late, and I have not been running fast enough in training." Whilst we were at Kimka Mansions RLX phoned up, he wants to recruit the Polish runners who are running in NYC right now. Apparently 2 guys from Poland are here for a few months to make some money, and one Polish girl who we’ve seen win a few times already on the local circuit. This city, more than most, gets these transitional athletes staying for periods and cleaning up the money market.
Sonia O’Sullivan said today that she intends on focusing on the 5000m for the Athens Olympics. She would like to do a Marathon seriously ("I jogged Dublin" she said of her 2:35 performance of yesteryear), but sees her main focus on the track, and has not (contrary to rumors) decided whether to run London next year in an anticipated head to head with Paula R. On the mini she says, "I’m running to win, not going for a time."
we hear from LQD, "i'm still in singapore wrkg 18 hr days (with lots of client dining; not good for running...unfortunately) it's been soooo hot here....35-38 degrees....even hot at 6am and at 11pm."
The Boss is getting back in Shape! Yesterday he did a 10k tempo and popped a 34-minute effort, that is moving… on an undulating course… Chubby added, "An’ I’ve kicked the butts too…" Marlboro has lost its last Urban cowboy…… Remember at this point that Smokin’ J lives in Queens, and that ain’t Urban - that’s unreal.
Eatin’ pizza last night at Luigi’s with Dan da Dog, he tells us, "I’m going to push in the gay run…." Wow, that it worth avoiding! Think I’ll take a trip outta town on that day!

Breakfast with Grete Waitz yesterday, and she ate.. fruit and bagels. Grete is still as skinny as a rake after all these years. Most remember her as a Marathon star, she also ran 8:31 for the 3000m on the track! (Ed's note; Is that what you call name dropping?) (reply: Actually I have been bumping bony shoulders with Grete for many a year - she used to always win the Lidingoloppet XC in Lidingo Sweden, ocksa hon kan pratar svenska med mig!) (what?) (ha ha).
At the Chiro’s - 4 ½ mins treatment, cost $55, enough to crack me up. Just kidding, actually I am interested to see if this stuff works, I am going into it with an open mind (Ed's note: that's because you have an open skull).
Nothing is better than a true decision to a disagreement. A guy and a girl were arguing what was easier to run in. We’re on the Rat Race focus here. The woman was saying it is harder to run in a skirt than it is in a suit. The guy was not agreeing. In the rat race men must wear a suit, shirt and tie, where the women can wear a mini skirt and lightweight cardigan…. On an unbiased ground I’d side with the man. Last year I ran in a heavy wool suit, it is tough… and a few years ago in Stockholm I ran the Stockholm New Year’s eve race in a skirt (well a kilt actually) thus I can answer the argument from hands on experience. Given the choice I’d run in a skirt, over a suit!

And seen running in such attire was Patrick W, and the Queen of the Harriers.

Congrats to Mad Dog Mykytok for winning the Midland! I did write a race report and more but it appears that Monday’s posting was lost in Cyberspace… all those good stories about Brooklyn lost! Probably a good job, I’d’ve been shot at dawn.
From the mailbag: "sorry, but i think you are a totally freak. but don't worry -- just remember: le freak, c'est chic." And that was the words of Runaway Liz.
Vinyl’s take on the Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue,’
"I have a scratchy copy of the original LP on Columbia from 1959. The label is bright red and features the famous "6-eye" logo - six little white ovals on the red background. Any Columbia release from the 1950s that has this design is sort of a collector's item today. In the 60s Columbia did away with the 6-eyes and in the 1970s the label changed from red to a more of a maroonish sort of color. So I would guess the red design on the CD is sort of a nostaglic, retro throwback to make it look like a mini replica of the original. A couple of years ago a book was written about this legendary session and I went to a reading and discussion event."

"The only surviving member of the sextet, drummer Jimmy Cobb, who's still a pretty active musician, was there. He said the recording date was no big deal. The cats just wanted to get it over with and get out of the studio and nobody noticed anything magical when they were playing. Kind of took the mystique out of it for me."
He’s the guy, Vinyl-Jim.

Audrey stop-n-chat, "hey, I know you told me I should not run a half so close after Boston, but I did the Mother’s day ½…. But wait I jogged it in 1:32…." Things bode well for Stop-n-chat, if she’s jogging a 1:32 what is she going to race? Meanwhile hot on the racing scene is Amy Fredericks who is making podium places seemingly every day of the week - latest victory was the Rat Race in a natty costume to boot.
Former Giro d'Italia winner and current second overall Stefano Garzelli's control sample has confirmed the presence of the banned diuretic probenecid. He's out of the Giro.
In it for the long run… jump: Germany's reigning Olympic long jump gold medallist Heike Drechsler is aiming for a record fifth continental long jump title at the European Championships in Munich in August, and has denied she will retire at the end of the year.
Enos Keter won in 64’ but three Albuquerqians were not far behind, 4 Wilson Musto KEN 64:53 $3K 5 Lazarus Nyakeraka KEN 64:59 $2K 6 Simon Sawe KEN 65:06 $1K, at the Coban ½ Marathon - run at elevation. Glad to see Musto (The tooth man) running well.
May 19th in Morocco, the Casablanca Women’s Fun Run (10K) fielded 8000 women, and was won by Zhor el Kamch in 31:40, with Restituta Joseph (TAN) 2nd in 32:00, and Tegla Loroupe 3rd in 32:29. Tegla? Is that 2-year Tegla again? Bouncing back from 1993? And The Spaghetti Kenyan, NY state’s finest, Paul Mwangi was #2 in Midland 15-k - he must have raced the day before because 47’ is not so fast for Paul.
We hear from Harriers Ted on the Art Gunther story, why Art now runs for the H-Team. "our team cheerleader has been begging cajoling and otherwise annoying art for the last several years to join the harriers. art has been more than happy to run unaffiliated for the last decade or so but i guess he was just so worn down that he finally decided to write ``nyh'' on his application."
I actually met Ted later on the Rez, he gave a thumbs up for the Brooklyn race this weekend.
Earlier that afternoon at the Chiropractor’s; My left side now weighs more than my right - go figure. Posture? Haven’t got it. A future? Look to Leonard Cohen, then repent! Well here are some tips how to eat healthy pizza,
Typically, a slice of pizza with pepperoni or sausage has about the same amount of salt and calories as a large burger or breakfast egg sandwich from a fast-food chain, said the center,

Cutting back on cheese, loading up on vegetables and having salads or fruit on the side instead of breadsticks or cheese-bread can help.

One solution, that's not on most menus but is widely available, is to order pizza with half the regular amount of cheese, the center said. Another possibility is to ask for no cheese except a sprinkle of Parmesan before the pizza is baked.

CD of the week is Putumayo Presents Samba Bossa Nova, just in time for the upcoming (please) Summer.
Naomi Campbell's favorite holiday resort? Jamaica. Also the home of the Carib Cement Marathon. What an event that was - running out to Port Royal and back in the heat with absolutely no shade, brutal. However the pre/post race parties made it well worth the while.
The 12th of August 2002 is the opening date of The Urban Athletics running store downtown, same location. So save your pennies for the great opening bonanza affair.
The North County News 5k is on Sunday June 02 AM near Yorktown. This year Khalid Khannouchi will be at the event, as will "The World's Best Muffins."
If you are going to that race, from New York, and want to car-pool, please let me know as there is an interested athlete wishing to do so for this race. And may I add she is interesting to talk with - making for a nice trip!
this letter excerpt was posted on the RW site, "However, I find it curious that most of these athletes, save for a few exceptions, rarely last more than 3 or 4 years. While folks like Paul Tergat and Catherine Ndereba continue to flourish, what's the latest on Joseph Chebet, Elijah Legat, or more notably, Tegla Loroupe, who so dominated women's running just 2 or 3 short years ago? We fail to notice many of these athletes disappearances due to the fact that the talent pool amongst the Kenyans is so vast that there always seems to be another gifted athlete to take their place."

Answering that is simple: Tegla was, and is still, a world force - she ran an excellent short race in Switzerland recently, she was prolific throughout the Nineties, Is the 1993 World Championships a prolific enough event, and the World 2002 World Championships prolific enough - she was on Kenyan teams at BOTH events!
Just because her profile on the Amwerican roads seems a 'short time span' her career is long! What's the latest on Chebet? He placed third in one of Europe's most competitive Marathons on Sunday. Elijah Lagat is still running at a world class level, over in Europe - and Elijah did not start running till he was 34…. The problem is that the US-media/public sees these Kenyans shelf-life as when they appear on the US circuit. Please bear in mind a World Class Kenyan (An ability above any Western Athlete) can have a running career running for 10-12 years in Kenya before even racing in Europe (the natural progression before hitting US soil)…… I have a picture of Tegla in the Eighties going to India for a Kenya Vs India track meet with athletes long, long forgotten…. Look at Joyce, on the scene for years, look at Tanui, world class today, world class in 1987……

Can anyone tell me why Colombia records prints "kind of Blue" by Miles Davis on red CD's? Perhaps I should ask Vinyl Jim - a man always on top of the deck.
In the Kenya meet 800m Vincent Kemboi ran the first sub 1:45 locally since a 1:44.92 in 1996, Mutola won in 2:03 - read High altitude.

More locally we hear that Liz ran an ultra (again) this weekend, "i won for the women and came in second overall."

Happy Birthday to Eden Weiss of CPTC!
Quatar Cap: fab steeplechase, total Kenyanoso, former WR holder beats Olympic & WC. 1 Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:05.98 2 Kosgei Reuben KEN 8:06.58
1 Ngeny Noah KEN 3:33.02 2 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:33.30 Remember Cornelius's name! Rarely does a Tanser-Tip disappoint, this name is going to be big this Summer!
1 Varga Judit HUN 4:09.04 2 Negussie Abebech ETH 4:10.49 Women's 1500m - local runner, The Gazelle, would have placed in the top eighht had she run, and performed at her pr level.
1 Malot Leah KEN 9:11.43 2 Masai Edith KEN 9:11.50 3 Defar Meseret ETH 9:11.95 a very close call in the 3000m, Paul Bitok took the men's in 7:37
Withdrawing from the race was World 100-metres record holder Maurice Greene, unlikely to run again until June's Athens meeting after injuring his left leg in training.
Soccer- Real: France's Zinedine Zidane helped Real Madrid win the Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen, collecting the only trophy missing from his illustrious career. Celebrating Real's 100th year, the European title came as a relief in the club's first and best title of the season.
Down on the track; A big bunch running 800 repeats - Sherlock joined us we are glad to report… Partime is showing great improvement with attendance…… Lee back from Die Netherlands, good to have her back, or was it Becky abroad and Lee in the Marathon…. Chris from Amex ran a gutsy session, as did Paul when he arrived… we had a welcome newcomer - Don… and another guy who came up and said, "Can I interview you?" I thought he was from a newspaper doing a story on local clubs - but no, he wanted to join a club, so I told him to look around and come back if he couldn't find any other club he liked… and that's the closest we get to recruiting.
Earlier in the park the Fat Tuesdays; with the upcoming Bathroom scene Shiney had a lot on his mind, so much so that he ignored the rules of Physics and went where non of us could follow firing through a set of 300's that left me looking for loopholes, Smokin' reminiscing about his days as a steeplechaser, and Michael A (who is now a regular-regular)… well he did fine.
Partime is palling with the big guys - smoochin with no other than Roger Clements from the Yankees at the gym.
Happy Birthday to the man known as Mr. Jonathan Zuckerman, right now on the high seas cruising some buffet table on Northern Lights Caribbean, or whatever they call cruise ships these days.
Meanwhile in Canada, "just heard that the "polka king" (a well known cdn accordion player) was awarded the Order of Canada- the highest award our country has- apparently while I was away, everyone lost their minds." Thanks to Eldoret Lise for keeping us tuned in.
Mo Greene is turning colors, and flying the flag to run for Adidas. Nike have lost out due to Mo's desire to have the company make the flying Mo shoe - Adidas are even looking into a clothing line… will it be green we ask?
Back from her travels is Lee, "And the most amazing thing is that, in spite of ham and cheese twice a day for 3 weeks, I lost 5 lbs!" Huh, is that how they eat in Amsterdam?
Watch out for these guys on the fast roads of Prague this weekend: Andrew Sambu of Tanzania, Joseph Chebet of Kenya, Alemahyea Simretu Assefa of Ethiopia, Andre Ramos of Brazil, and John Nada Saya of Tanzania. Ramos back after his positive drugs test, Chebet a little outta form, and Sambu back from the bush!

Who else but Franca Fiacconi leads the women's charge.

Justin Gatlin of the University of Tennessee has received a two-year zap-out after testing positive for amphetamine. Headlines were on fire when last weekend ran a sensational 19.86 for 200 meters. Surprise, surprise.
FIFA World Cup Rankings: 1 France 2 Brazil 2 Argentina 4 Colombia 5 Portugal 6 Italy 7 Mexico 8 Spain 9 Netherlands 10 Yugoslavia 11 Germany 12 England 13 United States 14 Romania 15 Republic of Ireland 15 Czech Republic 17 Cameroon 18 Paraguay 19 Sweden 20 Denmark
Give me a break! How on earth does England only get one place above the crummy USA team? Okay, the USA may do well in Central America against the obscure, and diverse, footballing nations, but every time they come to Europe they get hammered! In all, unbiased, honesty, I can not see one team from #14 onwards that would lose head to head with the States.
Lunch with The Rope; a cool guy if ever there was one. This guy knows how to get the knots out of any limbs - if you need a once over with isolated stretching, and learning how to stretch check him out. If you are a doubter come and watch the Fat Tuesday's train and look at how smoothly he runs.
Gripe of the week; At the gym, set the scene; I am knackered from yesterday's interval session, I have 8-miles to run at slightly below 6 min/mile pace at a gradient that is minimal but feels like a mountain. I had to drag my legs to get to the gym in the first place.
Next to me on the treadmill is a girl walking and talking on her cellphone. I had to run 5 ½-miles with her talking at my side. There used to be a sign saying 'No cellphones' so I am looking around trying to see if it is still up and a member of the staff walks by in her work clothes (IE definitely on the job) talking on a cellphone!

Not surprisingly after my eight miles this woman had just 2 in her bag.

Whilst we're griping my love with the CP-cyclists took a deeper dive yesterday; I am cycling through the park, in one arm I have a shopping bag with groceries, hanging from my handlebars is the huge kryptonite lock, am in running clothes & shoes… do you get the drift? Anyway I overtake a pack of men straddled upon their Colnago & Kestrals $$$bikes. Two seconds later they chase after me and pull up along side.
One of them looks across and says in an extra loud voice, "Now the good weather is here we have to contend with all the fair weather racers…"
Now I am not usually rude, but this idiot (and I will refrain from naming the team on his jersey) was just way too much of a bad fruit, so I added, "Yes and all those lycra tights that should have been ditched with the Fame reruns…." Needless to say the sight of his fat midriff poking out over a needle saddle was part of the reason I went by in the first place… okay let's be honest, they were also piddling along.

El Guerrouj has abandoned all plans of turning to the 5km event. The Moroccan went into last season talking of moving up to the 5000m but ended it vowing to stick to the 1500m until after the Athens Olympics in 2004.
"I'll be looking for summer employment so that I can pay a few bills and pay for few rounds. If you wouldn't mind, could you post that sentiment on your page. Perhaps someone will have a good fit for me. I've taught and worked as a paralegal and am open to most any work. Sorry, I know you are not an employment agency. Thanks. Kavan…" So if you know anything that fits the part for him, get in touch!
The Corporate Challenge rolled by last night, only two miles into the 3.5-mile race it was an actual rarity to see anyone running! I am dead serious, the entire field after the first 100 or so were walking…. I got so happy when I spied someone actually running! Bola from CPTC would have won the race but he took a wrong turn, and did an extra lap of the Bridle Path….. Dr. John was out on the trails, as were the Rez Dogs doing a great hillwork out.
CD of the day, Spyro Gyra - Fast Forward.
9 AM registration, 10 AM starting is the MAC track this Sunday at Astoria Track in Queens. A list of events is as follows; 5000 RW 4X100 M 1500 M 400 M 3000 M (WOMEN) Co-Ed 4X200 (2 Men 2 Women) 800 M 200 M 5000 M (Men) 4X400 M. There is open & Master's divisions… maybe even sub masters, post open, age group & the community egg and spoon awards… sounds like a good local event to jump into to get back on MAC.
News from overseas: "In Tanzania things aren't very bad. Yuda is trying hard to make his way up. He was the favorite in the last World half Marathon championships in Brussels, but unfortunately he finished disappointed 3rd, he was just not lucky!
He is now preparing for the Commonwealth games in Manchester UK scheduled for end of July.

On the other side my ladies are trying to make their way up as well, I had the lady who ran 1.59 in 800m two years ago, get injured last year, but seems to come back in a super form this year, let's see how the track season in summer will treat her.

In general, in Arusha things are warming up, our small Arusha is growing bigger from day to day, as the political capital of east Africa community, things moves really fast. Alfredo Shahanga - the young one is now days living in Italy, he has been there for one year now, and Gidamis Shahanga is a politicians these days. He is the Mayor of his town."

Milena Glusic on the Marathon: "I love the marathon; I love the whole experience. I think the race is a tremendous race. I was running along at 22 miles and feeling good, and then at 22 and a half I felt like I was carrying the entire city (borough) of Manhattan on me. It was a sugar low. But I was still really pleased with it." (She a ran 2:34 debut)
Down on the track this morning it was like an animal farm with schoolkids turning up for a local competition. A teacher came up to me, "I know you." Then there was a pause where I wondered, 'Am I supposed to say something? Does she know me from the grocery store, did we go to school together… blah blah…." Perhaps she wanted to be acknowledged for her recognition skills. Anyway my "That's good," reply was not what she was expecting. (I could tell from her eyebrows). "You're that runner." Man, keep me in suspense, I'm now trying to guess her next line - multiple choice a) That runs on this track (she'd need a good memory for that one.) b) That runs in Central Park (what I was half expecting), or c) That guy who got attacked (the other half of my expectancy). Anyway there turned up a new reply! "I saw you on MTV last night!"
Well wanting to avoid further converse, and of course not disappoint her, I smiled back, and trying to think of something neutral to say could only manage, "And here we are now." That at least lifted her eyebrow… Anyway for some real reel TV news R2 was at a party this weekend with no other than Sarah Jessica Parker.
The German athlete Dieter Baumann has decided not to appeal against the decision of the Stuttgart Regional Court which held in April of this year that the 2-year ban imposed on him by the IAAF Arbitration Panel for a doping offence in September 2000 was legally valid and that he had no claim for damages against the IAAF arising from such ban.
With seven gold medals won on the second day of competition, Brazil retained it’s supremacy at the 10th edition of the Ibero-American Championships.
At the Sheffield Meet next month $100,000 is on offer if the world record goes for the men's 100m, "It's a different sort of season for me this year," says Mo Greene the top contender. "Us Americans don't have a major championships. Some guys might choose to rest up and save themselves for next year - but I'm not like that. I'll be training hard and competing."
Mario Cipollini won a mass sprint in the final kilometer to win stage three of the Giro d'Italia; Garzelli retained the pink jersey

French midfielder Zinedine Zidane says he wants to quit football when his contract with Real Madrid runs out in four years time.

"I'm willing to do ANYTHING!" from Mikey-nikey, he's looking for gameful employment, so if you know of anything let him know.
We hear that Sherlock will be joining us on the track tomorrow - if you want to know where to get a great margarita on the Upper East Side Sherlock's the man to ask!

In the park The Khannouch was out running full of smiles… The Rope was full of power in the Fat Tuesday session of 1000's, and Smokin disappeared into the dust during the session - hope he is okay, he just kept on running… did a gump! Shiney meanwhile, under the shadow of his stunted stride (according to Smokin'), beat the wind and had a power surge to fly like an eagle through a sparrow run… and Michael A was back from down South, though he is off again this weekend back to Memphis - he must love the pretzels American airlines serves.

NO guesses needed to know which club member rates his Nike's by looks, and looks alone. "I know the pegasus is a good sneaker, but it does look so neat…" Oh, Mikey-Nikey! Ophs.

Bad rains hit New York - wow, I will be happy when this summer finally arrives, long time coming. On the calendar - a points race this weekend in Brooklyn, a 5-k at college point, and a fast 4-miler in CT.
Dutch Soccer: An extra time golden goal from Zlatan Ibrahimovic handed Ajax their 7th double as they lifted the Dutch Cup with a 3-2 win over Utrecht.

Tennis: Andre Agassi grabs first Roma Masters crown crushing 7th seed Tommy Haas and Formula 1: At the Austrian GP Michael Schumacher of the Ferrari team was victorious.

Stacy Dragila jumped a World-leading 4.62 at the Modesto Relays.
We hear from Eldoret Lise, "So just back from 7-11...was fighting a sugar craving for the last 3 hours and finally gave up- ran out for some was a good fight while it lasted though....think it's a chick thing...

Brother decides to upstage me this year for mother's day..the nerve- I send her pics of myself (okay and her) while he sends a big cheque. Mother says she is going to buy one of those statues of the peeing boy for her pond and name it after my well spent I say."

At the recent World Championships Kenya took team Gold in the men, and the women's race, they also took the individual men's title, and got the silver in the women's individual race. Here's what the Kenyan newspaper wrote of this result, "Despite winning the overall title, Kenya still needs to go back to the drawing board to review their running techniques.
There is no doubt the country is blessed with athletics talent but other countries have been capitalising on Kenya's poor techniques." Give me those poor techniques!!
Bern, Switzerland, Grand Prix von Bern 10-Mile: Men - 1. Salim Kipsang, KEN, 47:55; 2. Tesfaye Eticha, KEN, 48:35; 3. Viktor Rothlin, SWI, 48:45. Women - 1. Marleen Renders, BEL, 52:59; 2. Magdeline Chemjor, KEN, 54:21; 3. Beata Rakonczai, HUN, 54:38 - Salim's brother, called Rodgers Kiprop, drives a taxi from Nairobi to Eldoret if one should ever visit Kenya…. Salim won the WC Silver in the juniors 10,000m after miscounting the laps and stopping a lap short. He resumed running upon realizing, but came up a little short.
Gum Tree 10-K: Men - 1. Sammy Nyamongo, KEN, 29:16; Sammy is back, after taking a hiatus to drive school buses in Atlanta, he is back on the roads on foot.
Today's did-you know fact; Coach Bob Glover's teams won the National TAC Marathon titles in 1978 (New York), 1981 (Ottawa), 1982 (San Francisco), 1983 (Los Angeles), and 1990 (Grandma’s)…. And with the recent uprising of talent in his club right now it looks like the FluorYellows are heading up again. There is a lot of talent in the club not seen on the local scene - he has a host of young athletes running low 15' 5km's.
recipe of the day is one high in Iron. Ingrid Kristiansen used to swear by eating blood pudding, and a lot of the distance runners go for liver, so here is a recipe!
Smothered Beef Liver
3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 large onion, sliced 1 pound beef liver 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt, or to taste 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper, or to taste 1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce 1/4 cup water 1/2 teaspoon oregano
1 Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Saute onions until soft, but not browned. Remove from pan using a slotted spoon, and set aside. Slice the liver into serving size pieces, and remove any membrane. 2 In a shallow dish, mix together the flour, salt and pepper. Dredge the liver in the flour mixture, and place into the hot skillet. Brown the liver quickly on each side. Place reserved onions on top of liver pieces. Pour the tomato sauce and water over everything in the pan, lifting the liver pieces to let the tomato sauce coat the bottom of the pan. 3 Sprinkle the oregano over everything, and simmer over low heat for 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Adjust salt and pepper to taste. Be careful not to overcook, or liver will be tough. I serve this with mashed potatoes and green beans.
News on Lornah Kiplagat, and the HATC? Click here!
This from Patrick Walsh, "The address for Thursday's post-workout Urban/Rez Dog gathering is American Trash, 1471 First Ave., between 76th and 77th.

I predict that Portugal will beat Mexico, Germany and Italy on route to a
Finals matchup with Argentina, ultimately losing in injury time.

Neither France nor Brasil will make the semis, being eliminated by England
and Argentina respectively.

The most exciting matches of the tournament will be Portugal-Mexico (round
of 16), Ireland-Italy (quarters), England-France (quarters),
England-Argentina twice! (prelims and semis).

Turkey will advance to the quarters, and Japan will give Brasil all it can
handle before being eliminated in a shootout in the round of 16.

Dark Horse pick: if Ireland gets past Italy, they'll beat Portugal and
advance to the Final.
CPTC are giving away free T-Shirts to club members… apparently selling must not have worked. They are an Orange above orange, and obviously are priceless. To get one appear at the next work out where they'll be handed out. You know one man one vote; "The ugliest T-Shirt in the park!" was shouted out by one certain member of the Warren Street Club as one of the CPTC master's ran by in the roadworks T-Shirt. I may add at this point that our Editor very much likes the Warren Street clothing line. However I was most happy to see someone called Vram Malek has joined the Mystic Orange Club, what a super cool name… Vram sounds very zippy!
We jump a triple: Jonathan Edwards, World triple jump record-holder since 1995, and current World and Olympic champion had revealed last winter that 2002 could be the last year of his illustrious career. But having returned from five-weeks of warm-weather training in Florida, Edwards, 36, has not ruled out the possibility of even going to Athens in 2004 to defend his Olympic title.
Prediction: Argentina WILL win the World Cup this Summer. They are, without debate or doubt, simply the best ever team. However it may be noted that The Brazilian Team lost the 1998 World Cup against a far less talented French Team. Hm, I think though I will stick with Argentina.
If anyone knows Sharon Kim's telephone Number can they give her a ring and tell her to sort out her email account? Thanks, I get bounce backs every week from the group senders.
At 133rd St, the NYRRC Outdoor track:
June 18 1 mile 400m 800m 200m
July 2 2 mile 400m 800m 4 X 400m relay
July 16 5000m 800m 400m 4X 800m relay
July 30 1 mile 200m 800m 2 miles (two person relay running alternate 440 yard legs). Expect to see The Fat Tuesday's at the 5000m race. As for the rest of the races, well I don't know if I can get the energy to go all the way up to 133rd St just to run a mile, or an 800m! For what? Remember I am writing personally here… I mean if I thought I could run a PR…… wake up - I don't think PR's are on the plate, and I think the day is better spent doing a session towards a more suitable race to one's schedule. Now if they'd thrown in a 3000m! And $10 (members $8) is rather steep, I'm betting they won't have any bagels. The only plus is the event is hosted by the Famous Voice of the NYRR! Now there is entertainment.
Speaking of track I was checking the results of the Albany Track Classic on the CPTC website…….. Yeah right, enough Not said.
Monsieur & Madame Mileage; Back from Utah where they enjoyed some hiking, and running in the clear air of Mormonville land. Madame is concentrating on the 5-k this Summer, et pour Monsieur? "I want him to come second, to win a DVD player (in a local race)." Said La Madame. Unfortunately at that competition was the Ethiopian new guy that is currently sweeping the roads, and two Hispanic runners of the fast legs community. Madame has gone to CT to run a race with her Mum, and Monsieur plans on joining the Fat Tuesday's for breakfast tomorrow at Lenny's/Starbucks avec Phillip Rolly (yet another European runner here in NYC).
Honest talk from El Mayo. He wanted to drop out early from the P-burgh Marathon last week "Then I thought about the "adopt-a-runner" program I had signed up for. I put some effort into it, and I needed to cross the half-way mark to get paid. I jogged another 8 miles to hit that mark in 1:20, then jogged to the next aid station to drop out at 14 miles. I'm a little ashamed about jogging to the 13.1 mile mark like that to collect a check, but, to be honest, I need the money ($500). Any sensible athlete would drop as soon as it becomes clear that you need to drop or risk further injury. For me, there's no honor in slogging through a race just to finish or hit some point along the course." I would have done exactly the same thing, and 90% of the Runners I know too. The reason being is when you try to be your best in a sport you often make big financial sacrifices. The people who drop out without a concern for $500 would be the rich, and very few rich would be heading for the 2:12 - 2:15 Marathon bracket.

In most major Marathons in the 90's you would often see some African big name runner walking the last half only to finish an hour or two outside his/her PR - well you can guess that appearance contracts would say that the 'start' money would be reduced by (typically) 50% if the said athlete did not complete the marathon. These days it is less common as fewer athletes receive appearance money, and the big guns have generous clauses to allow them to drop out.

Driving down the road, we pass a Classic Mercedes, "I like that car…" I mention.
Century Man says, "That is the model they designed my Mercedes over." Ten minutes later in time, I ask him, "Do you know that Chrysler model that is taken from a copy of the Fifties car?" To which Century replies, "I don't like cars that are copies!" The Mind Boggles, I wonder if he had this train of thought when he leased his yellow Mercedes. May I add this is not the first incident.
The Osaka Gran Prix does not usually attract a top notch field, this year was no exception - Men's 1500m: 1 Hachlaf Abdelkader MAR 3:40.36 2 Lassiter Seneca USA 3:40.65 3 Berryhill Bryan USA 3:41.05 4 Mottram Craig AUS 3:41.31 5 Zegeye Daniel ETH 3:43.77 - Consider El G runs these thing in 3:26!

The 5000m was a little better with 2 unknown kenyans bettering 13:20, but the steeplechase dropped to interstate level with a Japanese win in 8:41!

The best results came in the men's 100m with Shaun Crawford running 9:94 to Tim Montgomery's 9:95

The women's fields were pretty rough, apart from a good 5000m with Benita Johnson from Australia winning in 15:01, Leah Malot of Kenya was second in 15:04… 16:03 for Catherine Ndereba - what went wrong?

Pettigrew, Antonio, of the USA won a high class 400m in 44.72

Juan Carlos Dominguez of the Phonak team became the first leader of the Giro d'Italia cycling race after conquering the prologue in Groningen. The Spaniard managed a time of 8'12 to beat Lotto rider Rik Verbrugghe (BEL) by just a second.
What are the Charlotte Hornets going to be called when they move to New Orleans?
"But I was very surprised with the track and field knowledge of the crowd there," said El Guerrouj, an Olympian and three-time world champion. "I want to offer them another great race, and I am hoping to beat the best mile mark ever on U.S. soil." El G.
Lotsa fans: Sheffield where on June 30 - the IAAF Grand Prix2 meeting is being run on the same day as the World Soccer Cup final! I wonder if they'll show that competition on American television…..
Athens will host a non-smoking Olympics in 2004, but will respect the rights of smokers, the organisers said yesterday. Smoking will be banned in all competition and non-competition venues, including the main press centre, and in the stands at all outdoor sports arenas even including beach volleyball.

Ice Hockey; Slovakia beat Russia 4-3 in final to become World Champions.

In the 800m at Stanford Bernard Lagat continued his domination of track (from 800 up to 5000) winning in a 'slow' 1:47, Japheth Kimutai nabbed third in 1:48 - read more about him in da book (used to be the Bagel's training partner Ed notes: And now he has the Fat Tuesday's!), Further down we had Ben Kipkurui running 1:50 (World Junior 1500m record holder), and Dez the Rev ran 1:52 in the second heat.
Speaking of the fat Tuesday club - we ran long in the park together on Sunday. Smokin' had been listening to a radio program called one hit wonders, and he readily sung us a line of each song, and we had a quiz run - a cigar and $20 for each correct question. Shiney was more concerned with whether he would have finished filming his 'bathroom' scene in time to do a race next week, he also popped up with the good news, "I've a house in CT for the Memorial day weekend, some friends are going to Wales… we could have a National Lampoons weekend!" And it was also decided that our club championships will be in August - One loop of the Reservoir. Currently the bagel holds the official witnessed recorded time of 7:24. I think the record will go…..
USA Track &Field 25K national championship, David Morris of Albuquerque, N.M., claimed the crown with a 1:17:14, despite being in Brussels, Belgium, last Sunday to run a 1:03:24 for 26th place in the World Half-Marathon Championships. Todd Williams (1:17:18) from Knoxville, Tenn., was the second American and James Jurcevich of Columbus, Ohio, placed third with a 1:17:22. Ronald Mogaka won the race in 1:13:56 - read old pages of Tobysworld for an interesting story on him. The Americans still consider Kariuki's run of 1:13:55 in 1998 to be the World record for the distance despite the rest of the world, and Alaska, know that Rogers Rop ran 1:13:44 in Berlin a YEAR ago!! Interesting when I brought this up with a USATF official at a USA Champs last month the gentlemen said, "Yes, we know there are some dubious times set in France." Don't even go there! I suppose that official, who lacks in geography as well as sense, does not recognize that Rop won Boston this year either.

But hey, perhaps he does, Boston is in America - isn't it?

Anyway back to the 25K: Local girl Teresa Wanjiku of Kenya a la Norristown, sat and kicked for 1:26:57 to Jeanne Hennessy's (US Champ, and used to run for Taconic) 1:27:18. Following Hennessy in the U.S. and open competition were Beth Olds, in 1:29:30 and Lori Stich Zimmerman in 1:32:23. The women's National Championships podium was perhaps the most unknown three runners of the race's history. Of course Jeanne is known to NYRRC runners as she ran a 2:47(?)- NYC marathon last year.

Kenyan men swept the first 5 places, the big surprise was that John Kagwe finished only 9th! The women's race had only one foreigner in the field, and as you read - she won. But 'oh-my-god' Jeanne won $6000 for her effort!

And the local race this weekend Janina Malska was the only woman to beat the 6 min per mile barrier in the Half, and she ran 5:59 pace to scoop up the money in a relatively low attended race. Big cheers to the GNY team that won the points' race, CPTC notched second, MCNY took third… and where were the only team in NY that actively recruits?

Central Park TC coach Tony Ruiz was spotted in the park for the race. Quote of the day goes to Tony, Somebody made a comment on his team jacket, saying that it was good it was so bright, or he would not have been recognized, to which Tony agreed and said, "Well I gave this jacket away, but unfortunately it came back to me… Anyway I've got to be off, there's a cute girl running for MCNY in the Half…." And the other quote comes from the Century Man, "I woke at 6 am to get ready for the race, felt like I was hit by a truck…" yep, he did not get there (again a first?) if you were guessing.

NBA News - Come on Sacramento! Boston? For the East!

On da track: Well before it was Fat Tuesday session. I really did not want to run, I was tired and tired ontop of that. I had gone to see The Russian Rocket in the morning, he'd wimped out of the run, and settled for Austin Powers instead. Still we had a power breakfast of Kasha… and anyway (off the side track), I turned up in the park ready to blow the training off…. Unfortunately the guys turned up. Shiney had a gear on top of even The Rope tonight, Michael A made a great debut on the 300's, and The Rope - well he is the guy who never has a bad day. Shiney summed up the feeling of not wanting to do a session, "That is what a group session is for!"
So down on the track, first we saw Sonia again - we met her at the Rocket's this morning, unmotivated - looks like she got inspired.
The Boss is off to New Orleans, he swears that the smokes will be a thing of the past when he returns. He better be because I've got him as my relay partner in the Beer Mile next month.

Herb-the-Verb was missing, told us he was coming, strangely enough Pogo was also absent….

There was some unprintable gossip, about The Wife, and also someone's wife, and two girls from another running club - but we'll steer clear of that story for a while. The session was short and intense, and most of the group gave a good 90%

We were happy to welcome back 17 into the group, and hope she'll keep up the focus.

Closing the night out, we went to Favia with The CenturyMan who is maybe going to Boston this weekend, that is if he gets out of the hole on 26th Street first (Splicing cables).

Il Pirata was running strongly in the miles, glad that his hip probbo's have cleared up…. Evelyn was back, she rolled in, and out of 6th st….. Bob was back, and Chris was the sole rep from AMEX (whatever happened to Kieran!)…. Odds on The Boss giving up smoking? 50-1 against.

Tim Broe will be attempting to break the American record in the 3000-meter steeplechase on Saturday, May 18 at the 12th annual adidas Oregon Track Classic. If he succeeds in bettering Henry Marsh's 1985 record of 8:09.17, he will earn a bonus of $50,000.
The key competition should come from world junior record holder Stephen Cherono of Kenya (7:58.66)
Former world champion sprinter Merlene Ottey was granted Slovene citizenship on Wednesday. The Jamaican-born Ottey, who turns 42 tomorrow, is a former world champion over 200 meters, and has lived and trained in Slovenia for several years. Representing Jamaica, she won nearly 30 Olympic and world championship medals, and two years ago at the age of 40 ran 10.99 for 100 meters. An agreement still has to be reached between the Slovenian and Jamaican federations before Ottey can compete for Slovenia.
Men's Health Magazine recently asked its readers to rate their favorite sports fantasies. The top vote-getter: Run a 4-Minute Mile, wow - what a shocker, and I thought football was supposed to be big!
Hicham El Guerrouj the world record holder will return to Eugene on May 26 to defend his Prefontaine Classic mile title.
Maria Mutola, from Mozambique, will be one of the top attractions at the African Permit meeting in Nairobi on May 18. The reigning Commonwealth champion making her first visit to the country, has a personal best of one minute 55.19 seconds. Hopes are that she’ll break 2-mins for the 800m, it’ll be tough in Nairobi.
Big money is expected to attract another class field to Chicago in the autumn. The men's and women's winners will each get US 100,000 dollars - the largest payout ever for first place in a marathon.

Lining up already - Deena Drossin, Alan Culpeppper, & Jen Rhines looking for the double-US money incentives.

Woody Allen's Manhattan opens with a scene at Elaine's restaurant which is at 1703 2nd Ave.
Bloomsday 20th place was good enough to earn Eddy Hellebuyck of NM 40+ (38:32) the sum of $800. Kim Jones of CO 40+ (45:24) took the female purse of $800
Sunday the 19th is the Buckley’s 5-km race in Brooklyn. I have heard a lot of great things about this restaurant that hosts the post-race party. If you wanna check it out, ring 718-998-4222 raise over $50 in pledges and your entry is waived.
Smokin J was absent from the Fat Tuesday’s tonight - he had a sterling classy excuse, "Had to have dinner at the Ambassador’s place…" Referring of course to Die Britiska Plats.
Jonathan Zuckerman - A Warren Streeter, or a CPTC’er? Club talk? Let’s advance to what is happening at the Harriers: "The Harriers Culture: One of the strengths of the Harriers is that we are very low-key, non-pressure, unstructured, etc. We are careful not to order people around or place demands upon our members. After all, we all have busy lives, who needs more pressure? However, the lack of structure also ends up being a weakness when it comes to runners who need a little more planning and/or guidance. We have hoped, for several years, that a sort of "Group II" would form spontaneously, with runners who are focusing on gentler paces hooking up to run together on Thursdays. Unfortunately, that hasn't really happened. Perhaps it's time to try a different approach." The message then goes on to give suggestions - where is Group I? A quick glance at the local race results does not reveal them?

Meanwhile at Niketown I bumped into Dorian, she said, "Some of the guys were saying I have to put down UATH on my race entry…." To which we replied, "Do what you want. If you want to write down UATH do it, if you don’t don’t, no hassles!" Now that is non-pressure in the real sense.

"Track in the U.S. has big problems right now. It seems that we got caught doing what we always do -- that is, we energize every four years for the Olympics and try and coast on our reputation in between. This has been our history, and we've been able to get away with that in the past. But I think now the rest of the world is improving so fast, and they see a little crack in our armor." Views of Clyde Hart, MJ’s coach.
"Arsenal do the double!" A big Yeehar from Smokin J. Obviously a supporter.
On the Rez last night was Alem and his Ethiopian entourage - apparently the Addis Athletic Club. We also saw Sherlock at the gym, in his undercover shades.

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Jonathan Zuckerman - A Warren Streeter, or a CPTC’er? Club talk? Let’s advance to what is happening at the Harriers: "The Harriers Culture: One of the strengths of the Harriers is that we are very low-key, non-pressure, unstructured, etc. We are careful not to order people around or place demands upon our members. After all, we all have busy lives, who needs more pressure? However, the lack of structure also ends up being a weakness when it comes to runners who need a little more planning and/or guidance. We have hoped, for several years, that a sort of "Group II" would form spontaneously, with runners who are focusing on gentler paces hooking up to run together on Thursdays. Unfortunately, that hasn't really happened. Perhaps it's time to try a different approach." The message then goes on to give suggestions - where is Group I? A quick glance at the local race results does not reveal them?

Meanwhile at Niketown I bumped into Dorian, she said, "Some of the guys were saying I have to put down UATH on my race entry…." To which we replied, "Do what you want. If you want to write down UATH do it, if you don’t don’t, no hassles!" Now that is non-pressure in the real sense.

"Track in the U.S. has big problems right now. It seems that we got caught doing what we always do -- that is, we energize every four years for the Olympics and try and coast on our reputation in between. This has been our history, and we've been able to get away with that in the past. But I think now the rest of the world is improving so fast, and they see a little crack in our armor." Views of Clyde Hart, MJ’s coach.
"Arsenal do the double!" A big Yeehar from Smokin J. Obviously a supporter.
On the Rez last night was Alem and his Ethiopian entourage - apparently the Addis Athletic Club. We also saw Sherlock at the gym, in his undercover shades.
Yesterday’s ‘the Daily News’ or ‘the Post,’ has news on our Judge’s latest case - check him out!

"It is about searing pain from gun to tape." R2 talks the 5km.

Colleen De Reuck's Bloomsday 12k finish earned her $14,000!

From the Denver Post: "When you've had two solid years of constant up-and-down training because of injuries," Goucher said last week, "it's the same injury over and over and over again, every day you go out the door you hurt and it takes everything you have to get through a run, after a while you start going: 'Is this really worth it? Is this what I should be doing?' It (stinks), it's not fun, it stresses you out, it makes you sad, it makes you angry." That is about America’s bright hope Adam Goucher. They love you when you’re up….
We have an update from Eldoret Lise, "Nothing exciting to report today..... After a cursory look at bank funds...thought better cut back on the social outings today and! Snowed here yesterday morning (??) - remember this time last year- was swimming outdoors....but that didn't stop a tennis re-match b/w friend and I ...wearing many layers and gloves of course. Off to buy a lottery ticket....."
Tuesday Night was Fat Tuesday night as usual. The group has settled down somewhat to a rather pleasant group. Shiney turned up looking like he’d come straight from the catwalk. Two known lesbians on the Reservoir even gave him the whistle, oh the hassles of having a model in the group, Smokin J’ turned up with the idea that we all do the Teen Smoking 4-miler, "Something to do with the quitting smoking bit that I liked…." Michael Anderson tells us he is going to concentrate on some track races this Summer, looking forwards to getting back on the loop - did I mention that Michael was an Ivy School Champion runner, and ran a low 14’ 5000m? Another of our celebs. And The Rope made his usual late curtain call but ended up leading the workout, so who are we to comment!

On the cooldown we saw Zoomalong, NYC’s top and most consistent runner these days, and we are pleased to report that Zoomalong will be spearheading the challenge for the local runners in the Mini - last year she nearly crept in to the elite open prize money sector!

On Fox Sports New York May the 8th: Finish Line: Boston Marathon, Balmoral Road Race, Keyspan Achilles Marathon.
Catherine Murphy achieved the European Championships 400m qualifying standard with a personal best at the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Welsh indoor record holder clocked a time of 51.50 to beat her previous outdoor best of 51.84.
Dan Browne, who ran a 27:47 last Friday, emails to say that he really feels he has hit great form - he only wishes he’d had the same turnover when running the NYRR 8-km last month. Personally I think the race would have been his by a big margin.
Wilberforce Talel, the Kenyan winner of the African Medical Research Foundation Salzburg half marathon at the weekend in Austria intends to concentrate on 10,000 and 5,000 meters this Summer. Speaking on arrival back home, Talel, who beat a field of over 1,200 runners in his only third half-marathon said his aim was to do well at the national trials for the Commonwealth Games. Olympic medalist, and all-time great, Patrick Sang finished 11th

Also happy was the winner Callen Areba. "This was a tough race and I had to time myself carefully over the distance," she recalled. Talel clocked one hour, one minute and 17 seconds, 16 seconds ahead of Macharia. Katio returned 1:02.08. Three other European based Kenyan athletes, Musa Cherutich, Peter Raburu and William Kipsang finished fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively. Sang played the role of team leader. Areba ran from the front breasting the tape in one hour eighteen minutes.

As we reported yesterday the Commonwealth 10,000m places are going to be very highly contested!

For sale; Two three month Memberships for Dolphin Gyms, and New York Health & Racquet Club.
Looking very snappy on the Upper East Side was Partime in a designer suit yesterday morning - she was headed for coffee, and the Muffin Man Coffee House (rated 7/10). Other restaurant news, The Lenox suffered a small fire in the women’s rest room as someone threw a cigarette in the trash can.
I finally got round to seeing Notting Hill, the movie, last night. Rather spiffy, nice film - I thought it very good (as if you are interested!) And back to the real world today I am headed for SSB on Park Avenue. Nope I am not investing, I will be going to see TGV and drink coffee, sounds good huh?
Spokane, Wash., Lilac Bloomsday Run 12-K: Men - 1. James Koskei, KEN, 34:25; 2. John Thuo Itati, KEN, 34:26; 3. Dominic Kirui, KEN, 35:21. M40 - Simon Karori, KEN, 37:36. Women - 1. Colleen De Reuck, CO, 38:53; 2. Teresa Wanjiku, KEN, 40:17; 3. Natalie Davey, IRL, 40:24. W40 - Lyubov Kremleva, RUS, 42:16. #2 in the Men’s is our 5th Ave mile winner John, also a familiar name in #3 - Dominic has an amazing injury story for anyone who feels depressed about injuries - one day it’ll come out on the pages! And what can one say about James K - the ultimate road racer.

Trieste, Italy, Maratona d'Europa: Men - Henry Cherono, KEN, 2:11:38. Women - Franca Fiacconi, ITA, 2:29:00. Yet another sub 2:30 from Franca, a lady that graces the NYCM each year with style grace and a…

Pittsburgh, Pa., UPMC Health System/City of Pittsburgh Marathon: Men - 1. Reuben Chesang, KEN, 2:14:53; 2. Eliud Kering, KEN, 2:14:56; 3. Gilbert Rutto (41), KEN, 2:15:34. Women - 1. Violetta Kryza, POL, 2:31:45; 2. Magdalena Lewy, CA, 2:36:48;

Second place in the Broad St 10-miler: Benson Barus, KEN, 45:44 remember the name? He won Coogan’s last year! And people say the NYC scene is not tough!

James Bungei - 2:18 at Pittsburgh? Not so good for him, even worse Jacob Losian 2:38, though one suspects some pace making duties there - both these runners are world class athletes.
1. The Japanese eat very little fat, and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans. 2. On the other hand, the French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans. 3. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans. 4. But, the Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans. 5. Scientific Conclusion: Eat & drink whatever you like. It's speaking English that kills you! Vad kan man sager om det?
Ridgewood Road Races. Road races with prize money (masters mile, elite mile, 5k & 10k) on Memorial Day - Last year El Mayo won the 10k, and the 5 is usually also a good race. The women’s field is typically not as strong in depth, kind’ve like a deli coffee. By the way, it is time to get out the Gipsy King’s CD’s as the Summer really seems to have finally arrived!
Hot 10,000 expected in the Manchester City Commonwealth Games this summer; The two Kenyans, Paul Kosgei, the newly crowned WC in the 1/2M, and Reuben Kosgei, the Olympic & World Champ in the steeple, both intend on running the 25-lap event.

Incidentally the two are not related, neither are Pamela & Joyce Chepchumba, although it was stated otherwise in the running press recently.

Berlin 25k report: Rodgers Rop repeats a win in the German city. Rop was not run since Boston, in fact a week before the event he did not even plan on running this event, he told us on the phone, "I want to go back to Kenya, see my new born child, then start training." However a premium offer to perform set the legs in motion, and the result was Golden. The Jamjar won the women’s race, she is still hoping to get an American visa and study over here - if anyone wants to offer her a scholarship in the state of NY let me know; Rodgers Rop (KEN) 1:15:48; 2, Wilson Onsare (KEN) 1:15:49; 3, John Rono (KEN) 1:16:34
Women: 1. Magdaline Chemjor (KEN) 1:26:15; 2. Valentina Delion (MOL) 1:36:25; 3. Kathrin Behrens (GER) 1:42:59.
Simon Wangai runs an amazing 45:16 to win the Broad Street Run!! Shockingly fast... In 12th place a name from the past Paul Mbugua of Kenya making a return to racine. First Female from Nippon, was in 50th place - Naoko running 56:00. Simon runs for the Lisa Buster Team.
1.Stephen Ondieki won the Our House 5-miler in front of Fat Tuesday’s Mad Dog - 2.Michael Mykytok 24:10 to 24:19 Mad Dog wants a party in NJ, guess we’ll have to get over to the House.
Brussels, Belgium – It was neck and neck to the line in the men’s race, but at the finish Kenya’s Paul Kosgei slipped past Morocco's Jaouad Gharib to win the Championships in a time of 1:00:39, just three seconds ahead of the Moroccan. Tanzania’s John Yuda took third place after making the running for much of the race. 5km in 14:48, 10km in 28:48, 15km point (43:19).

"it was my first race at half marathon." Nice quote from the race winner, better known over the steeplechase distance. "I knew from three kilometres from the finish that I was going to win. I could see that John Yuda was weakening and I was sure that I could beat the Moroccan with my kick."

Unusually, Gharib was the sole representative of Morocco competing in the men’s race – just as his compatriot Asmae Laghzaoui was the only Moroccan in the women’s race. Asked about this limited representation from a traditionally strong country in the event, Gharib explained that most of his compatriots were already in training for the track season.

Despite his success today, Kosgei has nor real ambitions to quite the track in the immediate future: "I will still continue running on track and doing cross country. I have changed my focus from the steeplechase to the 10,000 metres, which I will run in the Commonwealth Games this summer. Maybe in two or three years I will start to think about running the marathon." Kosgei’s win helped to give Kenya gold in the team competition, ahead of Japan and Ethiopia.

And the women: Berhane Adere won! The first time that an Ethiopian woman had won gold in the Championships.

Susan Chepkemei was unable to withstand the Ethiopian’s finishing kick and followed her across the line for her third successive second place in the World Half Marathon Championships, after two defeats at the hands of Great Britain’s Paula Radcliffe who was not competing here in Brussels.

Sonia O’Sullivan crossed the line in 14th position.

Chepkemei, Pamela Chepchumba and Lenah Cheruiyot (High Altitude Training camp), won the team competition, ahead of Russia and Ethiopia.

Loroupe,three global titles in the event (Kosice 1997, Uster 1998 and Palermo 1999), finished in 1:14 43rd place - terrible by her standards.

Cinco De Mayo: What a race, I love this Mexican event. The staff and ambiance make it a special event - the organizers thank you for turning up (so UN-New York!), and the whole enchelada makes it a race not to miss. Herb The Verb & Maria were there, "I wanna see the Boss back in shape - where is he?" We were wondering the same thing. R2 was there, 20" from her PR, thus a little disappointed - even more so when she missed the bagels, Bill Staab (El Captiano of WSX) "Have you noticed how everyone stays around after the race? It is nice to go to such a race - you don’t get these friendly races in Central Park." And we saw Alem who his new protégé, an Ethiopian Marathoner who won the race easily in 14:57, "I am thinking of starting a new club in Manhattan, I have lots of good runners - all I need is sponsorship!" Last but certainly not least we were happy to see The Gazelle again! She debuted on the racing circuit with a fine second place position with her typically smooth running stride - maybe we’ll see the Gazelle in the longer events this year… remember she has jumped in a ½-marathon in France whilst on a holiday and popped a 1:17!

Just as we were talking about November the race organizer, Adam, came up and mentioned a good race down in the Caribbean with lots of prize money… in November!

"Like Rolls-Royce Urban Athletics never advertises the Marathon Training Classes. The only club in New York to have two coaches with such credentials as Sub 14’ 5000m, Sub 2:20 Marathons, International Marathon wins, Master’s Runner of the Year Awards - does this club rock? Can you find a flier? Nah, do we need them? Nah, what is the best team in NYC? YOU know it! Jeez these coaches have FUNK, they have more local wins together over the last couple of years than most athletes in other clubs! Now if they’d only learn to kick their habits." This was sent in by a team member, and we gladly post the letter. The reason why is revealed on our new singlets - da website is posted on the back! Not that this website advertises anything!

Anyway the first showing was RU & The Boss at the Revlon Run. Some Warren St. guys yelled out, "This is a woman’s race - well if they don’t like the idea of 30,000 women chasing after them that is there own choice. In saying that ½ a mile further up the course RLX was there supporting all the runners - good for him, a concerned coach - his steed won the women’s race, Kimka for the RLX club. Second place was a foreign girl, and Zoomalong, still with Boston in her stride, notched in a third place. Outstanding! Rafael Vegas took the top honors and funnily enough the guy who finished third in the race, from Latvia, came up to our intrepid reporter after the race, "I know you - you used to race and live in Sweden!" I keep on harping on about how small this running world is.. but really!

After the race, and chatting with RLX who was telling me about WS’s new exciting marathon runner from Colombia, it was over to the VIP tent for lax and bagels! Yum.

Soccer: Lyon beat Lens 3-1 to lift the French Championship for the first time.

Two goals from Ray Parlour (69') and Freddie Ljungberg (79') gave Arsenal a 2-0 win over London rivals Chelsea in the FA Cup final in Cardiff on Saturday.

Borussia Dortmund won their sixth German title in dramatic fashion by fighting back from a goal down for a 2-1 victory over Werder Bremen in their final game of the season on Saturday.

Real finals! They are there - the best team in Europe will go to Glasgow on the 15th of May to play some German team for the Champions’ League. And what a beautiful city Madrid is too - I got lost there once, and it was a pleasure to do so.

Olympic 200 meters silver medallist Darren Campbell has returned to Sale Harriers after spending several years competing for south London club, Belgrave Harriers.

The Linford Christie coached athlete left Sale, based in Manchester where he was born, to join the highly successful Belgrave team almost five years ago

He obviously does not know that Shiney & The Bagel are members of Belgrave!

We hear from Elle Mayo, "I seem to have bounced back from the marathon; sleeping nine hours a night works well. I had run a very hard 50k up here the week before the marathon so I guess that took something out of my legs. Steve talked me into the marathon. Thanks so much for the good wishes for Joe; I will be calling him this evening. He is going to visit an elementary school class today (some of the invited athletes did a pen pal program with a school) and all the kids want to know about is Skunky (how much does he eat; how much does he weigh)--never mind running!"
This is a report on American Trash, the hang out bar on First Avenue of the Reservoir Dogs: "Yuppies line up to drink at this post-collegiate hangout where the Wurlitzer jukebox plays loud rock while guys play pool and pinball and knock back beers, keeping one eye on the TV. American Trash is the theme -- a recent motto reads "We are a professional drinking bar."

Well nothing there to entice us. At least that club has a bar hangout. The Harrier’s have The Dublin House. Urbanoso’s? Any place they have not been banned from - Used to be Sidewalk on 6th Street, the bar claimed, "We never close…" Well we soon found that out to be a lie!

Bahamas' premier gives Olympic runners 400,000 dollar land plots for bringing home gold 3 May 2002 - Nassau, Bahamas (AP) - The Prime minister of Bahamas has awarded 2 million dollars in coastal land to five members of 400-metre relay team for bringing home gold medals in 2000.
France's reclusive triple-Olympic champion Marie-Jose Perec made a rare public statement Thursday when she called on the French people to stop far right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen being elected president on Sunday by voting for incumbent Jacques Chirac.

Perec said that Le Pen, who stunned the French political establishment when he finished second in the first round of voting a fortnight ago ousting Prime Minister Lionel Jospin from the race, endangered everything that was good about France.

"I have decided to add my voice to those which have been raised against the temptation of France closing its borders," she said in a statement. "I ask my compatriots to realise how much more valuable is a France which is a multi-cultural mix," added the Guadeloupe-born athlete.

Perec, who has hardly uttered a word in public since she fled the Sydney Olympics prior to running in the 400m, said while Le Pen has claimed non-French born athletes did not appreciate French values and would not sing the Marseillaise real sports fans would not take any notice of his views.

"It is true sporting performances are not that effective against the rise of racism and xenophobia. "Howeverm I believe that the athletes and their achievements do have an impact on the young, men and women alike of the great free country which is France," she added.

Perec, twice crowned Olympic 400m champion and once at 200m, is the latest high profile athlete to come out against Le Pen with most of the 1998 World Cup winning squad, including star player Zinedine Zidane, and the Six Nations Grand Slam rugby winning side urging people to vote against him.

The gripes of wrath: Over-racing. Bekele races three races in one weekend; All kinds of comments were heard, not many of them positive. The great thing about Tesfaye is he knew the people were saying all the garbage comments, and he did not care, "Have they run 2:12?" he would say with a grin!
At the Cardinal meet on Friday an outstanding 400m hurdles win: Kempa Busby, Nike 47.29
Yoko Shibui of Japan and Deena Drossin!! of the United States set national records in the 10,000 meters for their respective countries to highlight the Cardinal Invitational on Friday at Cobb Track & Angell Field. Shibui ran 30:48.89 to win the race, while Drossin was clocked in 30:50.32. Drossin beat the previous American record of 31:19.89 set by Lynn Jennings in 1992.

Look out for Deena in Central Park next month running the Mini!

Men's 5000m
1 Martin Keino, Puma International 13:22.91 2 Jorge Torres, Colorado 13:26.00 3 Dathan Ritzenhein, Colorado 13:27.77 4 Jonathon Riley, Stanford 13:29.15 Great American running positions 2-4!
10,000 Men’s
1 Kenya’s Albert Chepkurui, Puma International 27:19.79 2 Mebrahtom Keflizighi, Nike 27:20.15 3 Luke Kipkosgei, Nike International 27:46.49 4 Dan Browne, Nike 27:47.04 (Fantasmo!) 5 Jeff Schiebler, Nike Canada 27:50.65 1 Jon Brown, Nike International 27:53.42
1 1 Charlie Gruber, Kansas 3:41.08 AP 2 1 Jason Lunn, Nike Farm Team 3:41.14 AP 3 1 Gabriel Jennings, Stanford 3:41.48 and further down the field local man Ameigo Rossi, Track West 3:47.77


We have groovy new singlets - Only 12 of them in XS, S, M, & L. If you want one let me know ASAP as they will go very quickly! Only $20, and they are technifine Sugoi top quality. Beautiful print too.
On the track; some confusion with the session as a few people seemed not to have listened to the description! Anyway, everyone looked suitably tired, and chitchat was at a minimal so ‘it’ did the modo!
The Boss is craving his lost speed, "Where have the 26’s gone?" He was lamenting… Jeez, I’d be glad to see a 30! He is getting cocky now he’s down to 155.

Despite warnings of torrential weather it was actually a pleasant night - glad to see Mindy back after her Marathon, she had a great post-marathon leg turnover. And we welcome back Paul, one of the roots of UATH, back into the squad. And Partime was there again - I think there could be a name change, she is getting consistent!

Earlier with the Fat Tuesday’s we were discussing who is the most famous name we have beaten. Ike, the German, comes out with, "Schumann!" That was a trump card that kind’ve spoiled the game - that guy only won the Olympics in Sydney 2000! As I keep on saying, we have some zippy guys… Congrats to Shiney, he has netted a role in a film, we only found out when trying to schedule a team breakfast, "I can’t make that date, I’m in a film…" Nice excuse.
No surprise that I saw Zoomalong again - no wonder she is winning all the races, her focus is great.
News from Ireland, and the Berko, "Running 40 or so miles per week. Won a 4mile (19:05) & a 5mile race of late."
Seen on the Rez the other night was Kimka flying by no doubt listening to the drive of Kid Rock (ugh), and also wearing a yellow top Partime. Now there is a coincidence. We also saw Laura back to running after her marathon on Sunday (crazy), ditto Steve Marsalese, but Liz goes one better (worse) as she was also out there running after her 31-mile ultra!

Nutters, the lot of them - who could have guessed it? Three days after a marathon I’m lying in a bathtub with a triple King Lueger box of Godiva’s with a crate of Guinness, a box set of James Bond DVD’s, and not a running shoe to be found in the house. Speaking of which that is the only giveaway who lives in a house like this. Another story! Another day.

Going back to Kid Rock The Century Man hears that Kimka likes Kid Rock, then goes out to buy a CD himself. Did I warn him? Yes. Did he listen? No. Did he listen to the CD.. ha ha. I am yet to find someone other than Dr. Griffen who likes KR.
A rainy day yesterday when I was running in the paqrk - guess what? Absolutely NOT one cyclist was spotted whereas the day before it was like the Tour de France starting zone - Kind of highlights the commitment difference between the two sports, runners will go the extra mile. I can hear the cyclists groaning on this one - but Not one single bike on an entire 4-mile loop? In the sunshine they were passing in droves.
The Hospital Hill Run Half-Marathon in Kansas City on June 1 will serve as the 2002 USATF Men's National Championship for the 1/2M distance. The 29th annual competition is part of the 2002 USA Running Circuit, in which runners compete for a Grand Prix series total purse of $365,000. Lucky US runners!!
Former Chicago marathon champion Paul Evans is adamant he can still gain a place over 10,000 metres in England's Commonwealth Games team. And he is concerned about the future of distance running in Britain. "With all respect there isn't much opposition out there," says the 41-year-old Belgrave Harrier.

"I cannot say there is anyone I really fear," added Evans, a British international for more than 10 years. "There is nothing coming through - it seems the wheels are coming off distance running in this country."

Small World; The German guy who joined the Fat Tuesday’s training group was a training roomate of Thorstein Naumann - a friend of RU from Albuquerque… and furthermore Shiney competes for Belgrave Harriers in London, as does The Bagel!
Swiss 800m world champion Andre Bucher is out for at least six weeks after fracturing his left foot during training.
The five wild card teams for the Tour de France: Bonjour, Crédit Agricole, la Française des Jeux, AG2R and Saeco.
Slovakian shot-putter Mikulas Konopka tests positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. East Europe?
Local News - Arsenio Ortiz of Queens-actually Mexico finished #4 in the Big Sur Marathon. Other local Mexicans who stay in Manhattan for bits n’ bobs are as yet not in the city.
A letter from another TobyAwards winner Margaret Angell. Please please do something to help this cause - If every single person that reads this page would make an effort to do a little it would be fantastic! Y’know if you commit, climb on board this is something you will not regret. What did you do for charity in the year 2000? Nothing? How about remembering 2002 by saying, "Ah yes, that was the year I strode out for ALS…" I promise the memory will be worth a million bucks. For the first person who emails Margaret and says, "I want to run the Marathon for the ALS cause." I have the first ever signed Second Edition of Train Hard Win Easy for you. Read on:
Dear runners, friends, teammates, coaches, family ...

So as many of you know, for the last few years the Angell family has run a small fundraising operation called THE MARATHON TEAM to raise money for ALS research. Back in the summer of 1999, we set out to find a few people that could run, contribute and "do something" about this horrible disease. Three years, four marathons, and over $500,000 donated later, I am asking you for your help ONE LAST TIME.

We want to pull together one last team. But, as usual, I cannot do it without your help. I need your help recruiting runners.

The basic requirements for a runner: * Wants to run the most exciting marathon in the world on November 3, 2002 * Wants to raise money for an excellent cause. (We ask that each runner aim to raise $3,000 but we do not have a minimum or a maximum level.) * Wants to be part of a team of over 20 runners all trying to reach the same goal - 26.2 miles and a total amount raised of $150,000. * Wants a coach. Toby Tanser is ours.

If you or a firend/relative/cousin/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc. is interested, please ask them to email me ( and register for the lottery at:

As an added bonus, each year I get 12 numbers for people that don't make it into the race through the lottery. If you or your friends commit to running for the team now, and don't get in through the lottery, I will put you at the top of the list to get one of the 12 automatic entries.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, please don't hesitate to email me or call me at (917) 951-6100.

Thanks for everything! Margaret

05/02 - Training Will take place tonight at the 6th St... for the 115th time of asking (And it is always the same people), "We train in the rain!"

Besides it is Patrick's birthday!! Happy Birthday to you!

Firstly a message to those down on the 6th St. track - Patrick says, "I invite everyone to join me after Thursday's workout to celebrate my 35th birthday! I'm meeting some "civilian" friends at a German beer garden called Zum Standing, at 107 Ave. C (at 7th). It should be lively! And what can top post-workout bratwurst???"
Olga Shishigina, 2000 Olympic 100m hurdles gold medallist, Kazakhstan’s first Olympic champion has announced her retirement from Athletics. Achilles injuries forced the career’s finish.
Australia's Olympic track heroine Cathy Freeman was told last night to wait another week before trying to resume running on her injured right leg
Suzy Q’s answered: In her second 3000m competition in the last 11 years, Hamilton set a meet record in 8 minutes, 56.03 seconds. Favor Hamilton also set Drake records in the 800m (2:01.68) in 1998 and the 1500m (4:05.13) at the 2000 Drake Relays. Favor Hamilton said her next competition will be the 1500m at the USA Outdoor Championships June 21-23 in Palo Alto, California.
Madrid marathon 1 Daniel Kirwa Too KEN 2:16:11 2 Francis Kipketer KEN 2:16:14 3 Fikadu Bekele ETH 2:18:00…. 10 Michael Sarwath TAN 2:21:15 Sarawath (as his name is) - a blast from the past, I used to train with the guy back in 1997. The guy was pencil thin but would moan about how he could not get rid of the fat on his back, "It is a man’s problem to get fat here, it will not disappear. Sarawath was in the Military, a talented runner at the shorter distances.
Victoria Island 10km; #6 Joseph Kamau KEN 30:11 - Kamau was the runner-up in Boston 1997. He used to have some great results whilst competing for the Lisa Buster squad in PA. Since moving camp, to Canada, his results have plummeted like a rock down a mountainside.
Ian Syster debuted at the distance with a 2:13:30 then he ran 2:07:06 a superb and dramatic personal best for 5th at Flora London. His coach is the 2:06 Marathon record holder of South Africa Gert Thys
Tales of Rehab - Our Fav Eldoret correspondence, Lise, blends(?) in to normal(?) life: read on!
"Going from Eldoret to driving my aunt's mercedes around Vegas was quite in the lap of luxury, but still craving the antics and tribulations of Kazi Mingi- why is that? Had too much fun I guess. Wedding in Vegas was over the top (but fun) with caterers and band brought in from L.A. for 350 guests- and there was so much food- that I had to eat a lot so it wouldn't go to waste. (see Toby...some girls do finish their food...and have seconds..haha!).

Then on to Edmonton and snow for bro's wedding...could hear murmurs from some of the older folk as we walked in to the church and saw that I was "best man"...the whole day was a ton of fun and I have now acquired 4 new sisters who are good fun (but not as much fun as my ex-roomate Mary of course-hey by the way, killed my first North American skeeter yesterday).

The toast to my brother actually got quite a few laughs (thank god) as I started with...."it has been said that the family that stays together probably has only 1 car...we only had 1 car"...and ended with these words of wisdom: "wherever you go...there you are"...Also ran into a couple of people that knew Kip and Phyllis from the World's- small world.

So flying back from Edmonton yesterday- sitting beside an army pilot (our age...okay my age) who would be too freaked to spend time in Africa because of all the diseases...yet pilots an F-18 plane....kept asking me questions about aids, wasn't it a concern when there and asked if I was going to be tested....guess I have now found a good deterrent for keeping some men away...hahaha."

As one can guess I have heard all the gumph in the world, and Mars, for reasons why to miss a session or a training run. Some go from the ultra lame angle, others go to the inventive front. However I have noticed a huge and unmistakable trend through my ongoing survey; It is the person, and their personality; Let me explain - dull people with less happening often miss training, it is a reflection of their actual real life. On the otherhand interesting people, who have lots to talk about, generally don’t miss sessions; Case in point! Yesterday The Captain worked super late, he had a ten hour shift. I am sure you are all aware by now that the Captain is a Doctor - he has to look alert, and be on his feet. In those ten hours he saw a staggering 55-people. Yet upon driving home late he was out very early the next day (he lives in NJ) to meet me at 5 AM for a session. Captain - I take my hat off to you.

The Captain tells us that he ran the Lincoln Tunnel 5-k on the weekend, and with the weather as it was that proves what a smart guy he is. Stories that don’t make the cut; How he won $6 retrieving an implement of pleasure lost in the depths of an orifice -usch!

From the Geb Camp, Jos Hermens, Gebrselassie's manager and coach, said last Sunday that Gebrselassie will choose among Chicago, Berlin, Fukuoka and Amsterdam for his fall marathon. Hermens also said that one of the things Gebrselassie is looking for, besides a fast course, would be the chance to go after the world record without anyone on his heels -- or in front of him.

"Haile wants to run alone," said Hermens, who was in Cleveland serving as the elite athlete coordinator of The CVS Marathon and 10-K. "He did most of the work in London [and didn't get the win]. He does not want that to happen again."

Noah Ngeny, the Olympic 1500m champ, has his goal for 2002, capturing the WR this Summer sHis next race will be Doha, Qatar on May 15 when he will measure his form against some of the leading athletes in the 1,500m but certainly not El Geurrouj.
Cycling; German rider Erik Zabel (Telekom) wins Frankfurt Grand Prix ahead of Belgium's Jo Planckaert
Sonia O'Sullivan is the sole Irish entrant for the World ½ Marathon Champs event this weekend, and she is clearly in the mood to add another world title to that she's won on the track (in Gothenburg in 1995) and cross country (4 + 8km in Morocco in 1998). That’d be a sweet triple!
On the news this morning it was reported that Baskin Robbins is giving away free scoops of ice cream between 6 and 10pm. It's part of a special promotion, and for each scoop they give away, they make a donation to First Books.
Gareth Turnbull flies the flag for Northern Ireland easily winning the Olympic development mile at Penn - the closest competition came typically from Kenya - Muchuru and Shadrack. Turnbull’s training partner finished 4th.
"My, how popular we are becoming…" These words from Smokin J following the Fat Tuesday’s practice. Apart from the regular four; Michael A - the lone American, Peter from Austria, Ike from Germany who won the Rye Derby 5-miler + $500 this weekend, and Jim the fast miler who is Irish and a regular on the pace making circuit.

If, and an if, we were a real team…. Anyway as The Rope said, "We’re going to have to start capping the group, it is getting too big. Gotta keep it small." And it was The Rope that dominated the session of 1000’s tonight. Coming soon - a time trial around the Rez; Bagel has the time to beat for the upper loop, and Smokin’ the lower loop (far, far superior time). My money is on the Rope scooping both records, though Ike looks like a good side bet.

Anyway all this aside - this must be the best training group in Manhattan? If you know of one better send it in to our editor.

Achilles Marathon: Stephen Marsalese 2:49:17, Ellen Mccurtin 3:09:26, both age group winners. 2:59:16 was the first female, Janina Malska of Poland. Closer to home Prisco Huerta of Brooklyn won in 2:40:58

The fat Tuesday’s won by over one hour in their division. Heard from the sidelines East 90th St entrance to the park, "Well once they said they were running the other clubs did not even bother to enter."

Moving Comfort took the women’s relay, and Beauty And The Beasts (with UATH Tom Cobb) took the co-ed title.

Paul Mwangi tells us he is in form to run sub 29 in his next 10Km
Libbie Hickman, Cheri Kenah, Collette Liss, Sylvia Mosqueda, and Colleen De Reuck will all run in this year’s Freihofers one month from today.
Kenyans dominate the Marathon Rankings: Paul Tergat is ranked second in world men's marathon according to the latest International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) ratings.

Tergat's time of 2 hours 5 minutes 48 seconds in the London marathon two weeks ago, rates the five time World Cross Country champion second overall in the World behind Khalid Khannouchi from United States. Ethiopia's Haile Gebrselassie who launched his marathon debut in London is placed third while Morocco's Abdelkader Mouaziz, a former London Marathon champion, is fourth. Ian Syster of South Africa is fifth.

Other Kenyans in the top ten are Simon Biwott and Eric Wainaina, placed ninth and 10th respectively.

In the women's category, newly crowned Boston marathon champion, Margaret Okayo, is rated second. Okayo, also the New York marathon champion, recently set the new record for the Boston marathon.

Leading the pack is Briton Paula Radcliffe who recently inched closer to the World women's marathon best held by Catherine Ndereba.

Radcliffe recorded an impressive 2:18.56 to clinch the London marathon. Ndereba is placed third on the list with 2:21.12, which she recorded in Boston.

Leverkusen qualify for first Champions' League Final beating Man United. Let’s hope they meet Real - we’ll see tomorrow. Man U is a Yankees type team - spell cash. That the Yankees have a payroll more than double of that over any other baseball team matches up with Man u - a team with the large group of good-time supporters.

Three-times French Open champion Gustavo Kuerten is 100 percent fit following hip surgery and eager to get matches under his belt as he gears up for the defense of his Roland Garros crown next month.

Quote of the week comes from Peter Julian,
"Somebody could offer me a job for $1 million tomorrow, and say "you have to turn down your running," and I wouldn't think twice about taking that job. I don't care that we're living in a one-bedroom cottage. I don't care that I'm driving around in a 1989 Jetta and the tires squeal everywhere I go. I don't care that we have to buy $7 bottles of wine instead of $20. I know that to me, I have the best job in the world. You can't beat it. If somebody has run before and they've felt what it's like to be able to run fast... there are CEOs out there who would trade it (their position) in a heartbeat. I realize that. Having gone through what I did in the last couple of years just makes me say that more strongly."

What makes this saying so poignant is that Peter Julian, a 2:15 Marathoner, had two bouts with cancerous gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs), that required surgery.

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Out to Sharz finally after living for umpteen years on the UES. The food was more tailored to the fatty businessman fare - I did not rate the place, though the ambiance was not so bad.

News from our Tucson friends: Sheila and I will be leaving Tucson May 31st and will arrive back in NYC early June.
Big Congrats to the Runner’s World publisher - George Hirsch, 3:39:39, 1st M65-69,
Urban Athletics Team #2 defeats Team #1 in the Achilles Marathon Relay. Full results can be found on the Achilles Track Club site. But this from the Captain of Team #2, "AND we were 7 minues ahead of our brothers and sisters on UA #1 (I smell a team name change!)."

Comments from Team #1 Captain were not forthcoming.

This Saturday Shula is organizing a football party at a bar on First Avenue. Two London Clubs, Arsenal & Chelsea, will fight out the battle to see who lifts the Football Association’s Cup. This is one of the most prestigious awards in football. Kick-off is at 10 AM.
Martinique track highlight; World champion Allen Johnson, enjoyed the fast track, turning in a winning time of 13.04 seconds, fastest in the world this year. Johnson beat fellow American Dawane Wallace (13.44) into second place, and he was hardly pressed. Speaking after the race, Johnson confirmed that he was just "concentrating on running some fast times this year."
Barcelona playmaker Rivaldo is out of Champions League semifinal second leg against Real Madrid with a knee injury.

No surprises that Michael Schumacher raced away with his fourth win of 2002 with a pole-to-flag victory at the Montmelo, Barcelona. Ferrari on Fire!

Italian rider Michele Bartoli (Fassa Bortolo) outsprinted Serguei Ivanov (2nd), 1999 champion Michael Boogerd (3rd) and Lance Armstrong (4th) to win the 37th Amstel Gold Race on Sunday.

Surprise surprise section: Lithuania discus thrower Romas Ubartas faces life ban after positive steroid test

Have you ever seen a film where the heroine jumps in a taxi to save some flailing relationship, hands the taxi driver $50 and says, "Go as fast as you can!" He races off with you hoping that she’ll get there… Enter the real world - you are trying to cross a street and a taxi cuts the lights, "Damn Idiot!" Next time remember that could be Meyrl Streep!
In a recent City-Poll the results were as such: Friendly
1. Honolulu 2. New Orleans 3. Seattle, (#10 New York)

1. San Francisco 2. New York 3. New Orleans 4. Chicago

Honolulu 2. New Orleans 3. Santa Fe 4. Seattle 5. Phoenix/Scottsdale 6. San Francisco 7. Orlando 13. New York

Helpful with directions
1. Honolulu 2. Seattle 3. New Orleans 4. Orlando 5. San Francisco.

Do you see a trend? Firstly all this should be taken with MSG… ‘Cos, 5/10 New yorkers are foreign tourists so how can they be helpful with directions? Secondly laid back - What? Sure if you live in Honolulu or Santa Fe where very little happens it is easy to be laid back. If you are laid back in New York you wake up and everyone has moved into the next year. AS for diverse NYC should be #1 - In San Fran everyone is diverse, which in turn makes them all normal! In NYC you actually get diversity - from the Upper East Side Tweed bores to the East Village purple tongued turtle eaters. The last time I was in San Franscisco I could not spot one person who did not look like a stage hand from a Grateful Dead concert.

From Michiel in Amsterdam, "However, my personal experience of a lifetime was my entrance in the 4K cross-country in Kisii last december, after something like 200-300 meters I thought I was going to lose it, my consciousness."
Big Sur Marathon: Men - 1. Jonathan Ndambuki, KEN, 2:18:05; Women - 1. JulieAnne White, CAN, 2:51:10; I last raced Jonathan in Las Vegas, he is one of the Kenyan road warriors that were true juniors making him a rare breed indeed.
Cleveland Marathon: Men - 1. Andrzej Krsyscin, POL, 2:19:06; Women - Larissa Zousko, RUS, 2:37:43; Krsyscin came from Albo’ and atraining with Team Hellebuyck - that is why he won. Russians had 5/6 podium spots.
James Joyce Ramble 10-K: Men - 1. Zablon Mokaya, KEN, 29:35; 2. Paul Mwangi, KEN, 29:40; 3. Jack Dwyer, MA, 30:25. Women - 1. Agnes Ngunjiri, KEN, 34:01; And what a weekend could NOT have our fav Spaghetti Kenyan storming to a great Silver Medal result - Way to go Paul!
Kobe, Japan, Hyogo Relays: Men, 10,000 meters - 1. Zakayo Ngatho, KEN, 27:36.68 Not surprising a Kenyan has the World leading time for the 10,000!
Rockville, Md., Pike's Peek 10-K: Men - Michael Mykytok, NJ, 30:40. Women - Irina Suvorova, MD, 35:45. Great result to see Mad Dog of the Fat Tuesday Club (affiliate member) winnin’ out West.
Jean Chodnicki-Stemm aka the Pitcher, scores a fabulous Second place overall in the NYRR Bring a friend 5-miler. We are super impressed! In the men?s race Julio Chuqui took the top honors.
African Military Games results: Altitude: 800m: 1. Noah Ngeny (Kenya) 1:46.5; 2. Joseph Mutua (Kenya) 1:47.0; 3.Osmael Hammed (Sudan) 1:47.5
1,500m: 1. Robert Rono (Kenya) 3:40.6; 2. Abdelkader Hachilaf (Morocco) 3:41.5; 3. Sammy Mutai (Kenya) 3:42.4; 4. Noah Ngeny (Kenya) 3:45.0;
10,000m: 1. John Korir (kenya) 28:29.6; 2. Sammy Kipketer (Kenya) 28:30.5; 3. Paul Kosgei (Kenya) 28:83.0;
3,000m steeplechase: 1. Wilson Boit Kipketer (Kenya) 8:27.0; 2. John Koskei (Kenya) 8:47.7; 3. G/Mehidin Mariam (Ethiopia) 8:57.7.
24 year-old Kenyan Jackson Chebet beat his countryman Reuben Chebutich over the final two miles of the 3rd Country Music Marathon to win in 2:18:59. Both suffered growing fatigue and dehydration over the last couple of miles in the cool, overcast conditions, slowing them to nearly 8:00 per mile pace.

Aurica Buia of Romania overcame a 3:22 deficit at 17 miles to overhaul a faltering Anne Kosgei of Kenya. Buia's winning time of 2:35:58 was 1:18 behind her course record of 2001. Kosgie, who was on 2:28 pace at half-way, suffered the same late-race fate as Chebet and Chebutich for the men. She fell from first to fourth in the final mile.

The 53 degree overcast conditions seemed to assist everyone in the 11,545 field who assembled in Centennial Park for the marathon and inaugural Country Music 1/2 Marathon - all except the Kenyans. "I am so happy to have won," said Chebet afterward. "I felt good the whole race, but I had to slow down towards the end because of the cool weather. The last two miles were hard, very hard."

After a 1:07:31 first half by pacesetter Godfrey Kiprotich, the race broke down to Chebet, Chebutich, and Ethiopian Ayele Mezgebu, who was running in his first marathon on his first trip to the United States. Both Chebet and Mezgebu, though new to the marathon, come from strong running bloodlines. Chebet's older brother, Joseph, won the Boston and New York City Marathons in 1999, while Mezgebu's younger brother, Assefa, won the bronze medal in the 10,000-meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Todd Williams continues his comeback notching a 28:35 10,000m this weekend!
The Story of the Fat Tuesday Athletic Club.
A run in the Park; On Saturday I ran with Walter Du-Maica & The Boss in Brooklyn - conversations? Pots of chili people, (not that we know any of them). When does a commitment get sealed? The answer to that is all to do with nothing, of course - But get this for a story, and no names. A person, let?s call him Hartman, was running on the Reservoir, let?s say in Central Park, and a nice attractive woman comes up to him - ha, ha. Nothing strange yet huh? Well Let?s add the woman?s husband to the mix, but he is running half a lap behind. Enter stage left, some bushes, just for discretion?. And for the full story be there on the track Thursday. It makes you wonder - the last month I was talking with The Rocket and Sonja, and he says, "Hey, relationships are great." Yeah right, a week later, "They suck!" Exit stage right.

We took the subway back to Manhattan, typically the wrong one - The Boss was supposed to meet the New~beau Nobu @ some platform that we weren?t visiting, worse still he tells me, "You can get off at 59th & Lex?" So I am sitting on the subway waiting to see that station?. There you go, another story! Involved a helping hand from a person with a NYRR T-Shirt who happened to recognize the confused RU?. Rather like the small kid on the Rez Wednesday night - I was coaching the Dogs and this little kid comes up to us, "Hey I know you!" (At this conjecture I was surprised because I was in street clothes), "You?re the guy who races too much." Thanks.

The Achilles Pre race dinner was held at the Cornell Club just off Fifth Avenue. The event was held mainly for the Jewelry & Foreigners, and as I qualified in the second division?.

Dick Traum, the originator of the Achilles was there, and also a smattering from the local scene - Kathy from the NYRR, Laura from TRD, Tom & Nina members of UATH, Paul Fetcher from the RLX?. The best part was that I did not want any of the desserts. In fact the only thing I ate and liked was the sweet bread with raisins. As we left we were given a Pumpkin Pie and the elevator man, I noticed, was lining up his future tips by pilfering the pies as the lift stopped on the said floor and giving them to the regular Cornell Club members.

On entering the party I got run-over by a disabled guy reversing his electric cart whilst drunk! The hazards! And I did not even get into the guide dog fight between an Alsation & a Boxer, guess whose legs were caught in the middle.

New York State?s Best Runner Paul Spaghetti Mwangi continues to shine on the US circuit - a 5th at the highly competitive Bun Run was duplicated with a 5th at The Plaza America Family 5K. The Amazing thing about Paul is that he lives and trains in NY state, never returning to high altitude, dismissing the myth Kenyans are good because of altitude - Paul is good because he trains hard!
Mikey-Nike sends news of his adventure race with buddy Dave; "So many mixed feelings.... thrilled that we won but so bummed out about my ankle." Well done guys, but sorry to hear that MK rolled the ankle - recover in Rome! And that is where he is now.
Penn relays, local Master Conor runs the Mile, it was won by an Irish runner in 4:16. 7th Conor O'Driscoll, Westchester Puma 4:39.25

In the men?s mile Bernard Lagat wins in 4:02, as Tim broe runs 4:03 & Abdi 4:06 - 1st & 4th from the NYRR 8-km Champs. A reminder that Lagat is a 3:26 1500m runner!

Pittsburgh preview: Gilbert Rutto (2:10:37) and Nelson Ndereva (2:10:01) both ran their best times in 1996, although Ndereva was again under 2:11 at Beijing last fall. Eliud Kering ran 2:11:11 at Prague last year and Andrew Musuva (2:12:01) has been a three-time winner of the Twin Cities Marathon. Other top Kenyan men will include Kefah Keraro, Reuben Chesang, and John Mwai.

Previously announced competitors include a quartet of Americans: Peter Julian, Joe LeMay, Rob Reeder and Carlos Paradelo.

The 2001 Pittsburgh women's winner Violetta Kryza of Poland will return to defend and her main competitor should be Larisa Timkina of Moldova. Timkina ran a lifetime best of 2:34:06 to win in Mainz last May, but her last effort was a less-than-impressive 2:42 for fifth place at Motorola Austin in February.

Other top international runners include Tatiana Maslova of Russia and Leteyesus Berhe of Ethiopia/New York City. The leading U.S. athletes will be Alison Holinka, Magdalena Lewy, Wendy Nelson-Barrett and Tammy Slusser.

Tergat gives up day job and becomes a soothsayer "I can foresee a sub-2:04 in the not-too-distant future. I can't foretell who will run it. But, with the sort of field that I saw in the London Marathon, I wouldn't be surprised if it is done this year."
About 160,000 World Cup tickets left unsold in South Korea will go on worldwide sale over the Internet from May 1, Japanese organisers say
The Commonwealth Games Council for England, last night announced which athletes have been selected to run in the marathon at the XVII Commonwealth Games in Manchester this summer. Morpeth Harrier Mark Hudspith, who claimed bronze in the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria Canada, will aim to improve on his finish eight year?s ago. Shaftersbury Barnet Harrier Dominic Bannister and Tipton Harrier Stuart Hall will support the men?s challenge.

Paula Radcliffe, after her superb performance in this year?s London Marathon, has decided against competing at the same distance, and will instead concentrate on the 5,000m or 10,000m. Marian Sutton will lead the women?s marathon challenge, having proved she?s back in form; shrugging off the injuries which plagued her in 2001, Marion ran a course record when winning the Austin Marathon in Texas in February. She is joined by Tipton Harrier Debbie Robinson and Birchfield Harrier Bev Hartigan, a bronze medallist in the 1,500m in the 1990 Commonwealths.

We hear from Lee, vacationing in Amsterdam, "A block away was the Leidesplein, an open square ringed by restaurants and bars, with street performers. Right by our hotel was a head shop, selling all kinds of mushrooms. On the other side was a "coffeeshop" where you can buy and smoke pot and hash. We were only a few blocks from the museum quarter, and the Vondelpark (about the size of Prospect Park) was a few blocks further." Vondelpark - that brings back some memories I can tell you, especially the trees! As for the coffee shops - my two favs were The Bluebird, and The Future. Anyway Lee continues with this revelation, " We do all agree that Van Gogh was truly brilliant." I think the rest of the world are with you on that one! Ha, I?m only jealous - continue to have a wonderful time!
Edgar de Veer, Jos?s assistant, said of geb?s london race: "Haile never used carbo drinks before and therefore decided to drink water during the race. This could be the reason that he ran 'out of energy'. "He will for sure drink a carbo drink at his next marathon, which will be planned in the autumn of 2002. Haile also indicated that he has a strong preference for a fast course."

Hartmann, the Physio, added: "If you go for a walk around the shops for four hours you pop in a shop for a coffee with some sugar in it. Yet Gebrselassie took nothing - and for a whole marathon. He got hypoglycaemia in the final miles and went out the back door. He could have run between 2:03 and 2:04 if he'd taken some liquid fuel on board."

Believe it or not - the Swedish XC Champs were held this weekend; Glad to see NON of my team mates running in the Sub Masters style competitions - they were in the open division. Here are the Open results:
Women 4000 M
1 Malin ?rn-69 IFK V???,12 2 Johanna Nilsson-83 H?? IF 14,30 3 Linda Str??7 H?elby SK 14,37
Team Hasselby won. MD 4000 M
1 Claes Nyberg-71 IF G??12,05 2 Mustafa Mohamed-79 H?e IF 12,06 3 Simon Gutierrez-66 H?elby SK 12,17
The same Simon that ran in the US Champs last year(!)
Halle team gold.
Women 8000 M
1 Marie S??str??undberg-(born in 1960) H?elby SK 29,21 2 Catarina Asph-77 IFK Mora 29,57 3 Hel? Willix-74 Sp??ns FK 30,04
Anders Szalkai?s sambo was 5th.
H?elby SK won gold from Sp??ns FK
MD 12000 M
1 Erik Sj??st-72 Enh?? IF 38,36 2 Magnus Bergman-68 Enh?? IF 38,47 3 Alfred Shemweta-70 H?elby SK 39,03
Enh?? IF took team gold.
Go figure - Central Park Track Club count race victories each season, road races, biathlons, garden party races, and triathlons. In fact every kind of race except a track race. Odd? The explanation comes from Sir Roland, who is in charge of the CPTC website - ie the whole picture.
Anyway we don?t want to quote Sir Roland on what he said, but it did make perfect sense, of course!
Team USA for next weekend?s World Half Marathon Champs:
Scott Larson, 32, Boulder, CO 1:03:08 ('01) Jim Jurcevich, 25 Columbus, OH 1:04:15 ('02) Jeff Campbell, 30, Rochester Hills, MI 1:04:24 ('01) Brian Sell, 24, Rochester Hills, MI 1:05:16 ('01) David Morris, 31, Albuquerque, NM 1:01:08 ('95)
La Femmes: Misti Demko, 34, Hershey, PA 1:14:46 ('01) Monica Hostetler, 25, Kendallville, IN 1:14:04 ('02) Linda Somers Smith, 40, San Luis Obispo, CA 1:11:01 ('97) Kim Pawelek, 28, Jacksonville Beach, FL 1:12:48 ('00) Rosa Gutierrez, 38, Glendale, OR 1:13:17 ('01)
Not one man would make the Swedish or the British Team with those times. Perhaps David Morris if he had run a sub 62 in the last two years. And just Linda would make the women?s team.
I remember Alfred Shemweta being told in Sweden, Sub 62:45 in a race he?d have to run solo in as he was lacking competition of that standard - he did run the time 62:43??
The TobyAwards
The rain really showed who is committed to training, and who is not! "Pogo? Not here again? Does that guy call himself a runner?" Asked The Boss. There were other notable absentees too (Lee who emailed to ask "Are we going to run in the rain?") Well I did tell him that the answer was a yes, but he took it as a no-show - However Mich ("I hate 200?s?. later That session was not bad), Bob (head down, good worker), Conor ("I did not blow up after the first 4!"), Evelyn (No moaning, a true trooper), Century (Sore knee, no questions about his commitment, a trooper too), Dorian (New to the club, but showing Urban spirit), Sharon (Another lion hearted runner), Natasha (ditto,), Liz (more of her below), Il Pirata (new recruit?), Becky (really has improved well), Patrick (never complains), and no doubt a couple whose names at this moment in time elude me proved that they have the mettle. CPTC?s group were also washed out - funnily enough ten minutes before the workout started the Sun shone through! No doubt tomorrow?s email will bring the excuses - no Mikey Nikey?s for why he did not come down to claim his videos, and Dan the Dog missed his last session with some excuse two days ago, I wonder what came up this time?..

We hear from Da Boss (aka Chubby) that he is down to 155! Way to go! Another character who believes in hard work & dedication, like R2 - the sane way to lose weight, and keep it off. Da Boss is looking much more healthy these days. Reports that his wife (known as The Wife) is wanting to renew the vows will be updated when we hear more?. He apparently spent $375 at Nobu?s offshoot the other night with a new mystery lady (clues are she has a broken toe!)

Club challenge: who can do the most pull-ups, send in your digits, the winner will receive a free pair of running shoes after proving themselves.
Boston Marathon champion Rodgers Rop was given a hero's welcome by hundreds of wananchi on his arrival at Eldoret International Airport on Monday.
Rop, 26, hails from Tiryo location, Aldai division, Nandi district. He was welcomed at the airport by the chairman of National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) Kipchoge Keino and the Rift Valley AAA chairman Ibrahim Hussein Kipkemboi.
Long Island Endurance Runs 7:00AM Saturday, Oyster Bay, Fireman's Field, Audrey Avenue ( 50K/50M Road Ultras) Now that is the kind of event that would suit Elle Mayo! Especially now she has a new locker full of Nike?s!
I wonder if Liz will be doing this race? She is doing a 54-mile race this weekend, "It?s ok, my mum is coming to watch me! She does not like me running so long?" Neither do I Liz, I wish she?d run 5-k?s like normal people!
Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
Masters Newz: Danny Martinez placed 8th at the Mt. SAC 5000 meters last Friday in 14:13.31, which destroyed the old U.S. masters record of 14:45.70 by Bill Krohn in 1999. However, it should be noted that Steve Plasencia ran 14:02.86 at the 1997 Drake Relays, but paperwork problems prevented it from achieving official record status. Martinez, who turned 40 on February 17, ran a personal marathon best of 2:15:31 when he won the 1991 San Francisco Marathon.
League leaders Arsenal took a step closer to becoming English champions on Wednesday after a controversial 2-0 victory over West Ham United at Highbury. Hm, we don?t like the name of the team, nor their kit. Meanwhile we are sad to report things are looking very grim for the Timberwolves in the NBA playoffs. And in cycling; Deutsche Telekom rider Jan Ullrich was cleared of doping allegations dating back to last year's Giro d'Italia, the German Cycling Federation announced on Thursday. Ullrich was one of the non-Italian riders named in the Giro investigation directed by Luigi Bocciolini.
Get it done - If you have a guaranteed entry for the Greatest Marathon in the World, NYC, then submit your payment before the end of the month. New York City Marathon 2002 - In my humble oipinion the Greatest Marathon in the World. And where do I get my views from? Well competing in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa - that is where, and I have NEVER found a finer race.
Furthermore I have just forked out $67 for an entry to the said race! I actually have in the past worked for the race thus was hoping for a waiver entry but? c?est la vie? slowing times - Pay your way Tanser! Speaking of which I think I will be returning to Iceland this Summer to run the Icelandic Half Marathon Championships, The Reykjavik Half Marathon. This will mean missing the Club Teams - A race I like to do, but I really want to go back to Iceland so I guess I will.
The African Military Games: 110m hurdles. 1. Daniel Kosgei (Kenya) 14.5; 400m hurdles: 1. Vincent Mumo (Kenya) 51.6; 5000m: 1. Sammy Kipketer (Kenya) 13:40.4; 2. David Kiplak (Kenya) 13:43.6; 3. John Koskei (Kenya) 13:55.0; 4. Girma Assefa (Ethiopia) 14:06.2 Triple jump: 1. Sanon Olivier (Bukina Faso) 16.74; 2. Remmy Limo (Kenya) 16.14; Javelin: 1. Peter Saina (Kenya) 71.84; 2. Dero Tola (Ethiopia) 63.85; Women: 1,500m: 1. Naomi Mugo (Kenya) 4:19.0; 2. Irene Limika (Kenya) 4:20.0; 3. Anna Ndege (Tanzania) 4:20.2;
Check out Kenya winning the 110m hurdles! Way to go Kosgei!.
Out & About @ Favia.. again!! It is becoming the healthy spot, and what is better is that the food is delicious! Check out the spinach small salad as a starter. 04/25
Bonne Anniversaire Monsieur Mileage!
Freddie Klevan, who turned 40 on August 1, will try to break Bill Krohn's U.S. masters 5000-meter mark of 14:45.70 on April 25 at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia.

the Krohn is a member of NYAC, formely of WTC, and now resides in Southern Stockholm with his wife Gunnel.

Funny, today there is an article about how the Chinese women were almost-probably-certainly cheating when running their slue of WR?s in 1993 - Big Improvement, okay, let?s not look at MJ?s improvement in the 200m WR! China - Let?s not look at the U.S.?s less than impeccable record (read current) with the drug authorities, let alone the Brits, Germans, etc?. fast women? I think Paula, Catherine etc could handle them, so could Tulu - her performance in the Olympics when she sat and kicked a 30-minute 10km with a last lap of 60" was, urm, sublime.

Personally I think the Chinese got an unfair wrap - they trained very hard, lived at the top, and burnt themselves out. However they ran at a glorious level. Perhaps they were actually clean? Why not. Sonia O?S was asked at the time if she would copy their regime of training 20-miles per day, with quality everyday, living in a boot camp with no telephones, computers etc, and she said she could not go to those levels? Who knows?

We are born naked, wet, and hungry, and get slapped on our ass ... then things get worse .
One of the UATH members lent me a video tape, supposedly of a running film. I chuck the tape in the player, press play - and I think they gave me the wrong tape! I may reveal what was on this tape, and who sent it later! What a slip up.
Champions League 1/2 final: 2nd half goals from Zidane and McManaman see Real Madrid beat Barcelona at the Nou Camp - Yeehar!
Geb?s manager, Jos, tells us, "Haile wants to hear Born to Run by Springsteen when he attempts to get the 1-hr record in Hengelo (june 02). This is the song they played when I broke the WR back in the 1970?s?"
Weight Watching; We have not had any reports on the weight scene for a long time. This is because I actually achieved my aim, to reduce, and have lost 15-lbs in under two months. How? Not with a miracle pill, not with any formula or powder? not by eating fat free and sugarless foods - self control and hard training. Throughout my running period (the last ten years) I think there have been more days when I did not want to run than ran. Believe you me when I was starting running in Iceland and could not even see the road from the sidewalk for the snow blizzards?
The point I am making is that to plan and stick to something, not because you are being paid to do it, or it is a career, is tough - but very rewarding.

Now if I can lose another 5-lbs??

Belgium Team for World Half:
. No surprises to disclose: Mohammed Mourhit will lead the bronze medalist foursome in teams from two years ago: Koen Allaert, Guy Fays, Christian Nemeth and Frederic Collignon (reserves: Rik Ceulemans, Stefan Van Den Broeck, Gino Van Geyte).

Marleen Renders, who has just improved on her own Belgian record (1h08:53 against 1h09:33), will lead the female team: Sandra Vanden Haesevelde (3rd place in Rome Marathon), Anne Parmentier, Catherine Lallemand (45th in 2001 champs in Bristol), and Mounia Aboulachen (reserves: Liselot Bossuyt, Sonja Deckers, Nathalie Deroubaix, Virginie Van Droogenbroeck, Bernadette Jansseune).

The last time the race was held in Belgium.. a Belgium won - will we have a repeat?

Matthew Birir KEN 2:15:28, Olympic gold medalist in the Hamburg marathon finishes 14th.
"Galloway is one of the sport's biggest fans of "walk breaks," a system that splits long-distance jaunts into several miles of running and short walks in between. At its heart, the program sounds embarrassingly similar to those infomercials that promise rock-hard abs with only a few minutes of exercise each day, but Galloway insists that walk breaks are no joke. "This is how they did the first marathons in Greece," he says. Even today, you can see some of the leading African runners slow down when they get water. This pause, Galloway says, is just a hurried version of the same idea." Today?s View; Well I am all for the walking break - I also think it is very smart, and a great way to finish? but please - Jeff must have forgotten about the water stops, most elite?s accelerate through these stops even if they are taking water! Keep things in context. Walking breaks are great, period - no explanations needed of situations that are not really inline with the theory.
The Pope was on the Rez last night - doing the stuff he promotes, running. The Pope, who as head of the NYRR, had to represent the club at both the London & Boston Marathons. Now you may thing that is easy - but being a public figure and having to be cheerful and smiley, remembering names and staying awake is tough with jetlag. I?ve said it before, and I?ll say it again NYC is lucky to have him - an Ambassador.
Dan the Dog was on the Rez too, he got a chance to listen to the barricade of banter the Dogs give back in-between repeats? wow! David Lucas led the group, closely chased by Amber who is off to New Orleans tomorrow. Anna, who Dan wrote down as 39, is 28, but looks 21, ran a great session, and we also welcomed Ray back into the fold. Running by were Monsieur Mileage, and last but not least, Stace-The-Ace.
Happy Birthday to the favorite CenturyMan, and to Sten-Olof Westlund - lycka till i stockholm maraton!
Vancouver Sun Run star: James Koskei again swished his heels to the rest of the elite field of male runners to earn the title in a time of 27 minutes, 58 seconds.

The winning time was eight seconds faster than Koskei's victorious clocking of last year. It was, however, 22 seconds slower than the one he posted in his first victory in 2000, when he threatened to break the 1996 Sun Run record of 27:31 set by compatriot Joseph the King Kimani.

Nevertheless, Koskei becomes the first male competitor to capture three consecutive Sun Run triumphs. Lynn Williams of Vancouver (1987-89) is the only runner to accomplish the feat on the women's side. The Kenyans, who grabbed the top four men's spots in the recent Boston Marathon, dominated the Sun Run as well. Trailing Koskei to the line were countrymen Moses Macharia (28:19), Stephenson Myanu (28:36) and Stephen Ariga (28:37).

Although he had a running companion for most of the race in Macharia, Koskei felt he lacked the real challenge necessary to push him to a record time. "Maybe if I was pushed I could have done 27:50 today," mused Koskei, who after pocketing the $3,000 top prize will continue his North American tour this weekend in Cleveland. "I think I'm still improving. I think I can do a 27:30 sometime this year." Methinks he can run that time too!

Kenyan World ½ team - World 10,000 metres champion Charles Kamathi and Tecla Lorupe, the finest woman marathon runner of all time, lead a strong Kenyan team for next week's IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Brussels.

The athletes, now at home, are due to leave on May 2 to link up with their colleagues currently in Europe in readiness for the competition on May 5, according to the Kenya Amateur Athletic Association (KAAA) secretary David Okeyo. Susan Chepkemei ? who holds the distance's world record ? is the other runner in the quality women's line-up.

Others are World Cross Country Championship trialist Pamela Chepchumba, Eunice Chenongess and Lena Cheruiyot of the HATC!!.

Team member Paul Kosgei, who competes in the 10,000 meters in the Military Games this weekend, will be joined by Kamathi, Robert Cheruyiot, Augustine Togom and Peter Chebet. Nice team, on both counts.

I love treadmills, but we present both sides; Here is someone?s view from that side. "I have to say from experience that the running machine can give you a false sense of security, running 3 miles in 18 minutes on a treadmill will feel a lot easier than running three miles around the roads."
"On the treadmill the ground is continually moving, as a runner you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, however, when you run outside you have to carry your bodyweight and propel yourself forward, the pace you run at is determined by yourself. There is also the weather to contend with, the undulating ground and the odd dog. Add to this the fact that when it starts to hurt you could be a mile from home you cannot simply reach for the STOP button, well you can in that there is always the option to stop and walk but that defeats the whole object."
Women will again receive less prize money than men at this year's Wimbledon tournament. So there you go - my own personal protest is a scratch from Strawberries & cream this year.
Speaking of which, Diet Focus; A common NYC gripe is, "I don?t have time, sometimes I have to grab convenience food for lunch?" How convenient is a couple of bananas and a lunar bar??
The state of the state?s youth; On the 6th St track the kids from a local sport were chastised by the teacher, "25-minutes in unacceptable for 1-mile?.." they then were ferried back to their local school in a gas guzzling school bus. Mind you if you think Moses Tanui?s kid walks to school you are wrong!
We hear from Camp Kiplagat, "Lornah had to refrain from running 1:08 in Monterrey, she wants the car next year too?" read the story of yesterday to fully understand the scoop.
I have been invited to the Achilles Party this Friday night by Laura, her mission seems to be to sabotage the hopes of the Fat Tuesday?s, "Let?s see how much red wine we can get down your throat?"
We steal the next paragraph from El Mayo?s web site where he writes about his win in the NikeTown 4-miler,
"Lining up in accordance with your ability is, evidently, optional at NYRRC races. 4000 people were in the race. I don't have a problem with the 3900 of them who lined up behind me. I just can't figure these people trying to break 7 minute pace who need to toe the line. I know I must sound like a crybaby, but what's wrong with these people? So as we rounded the first turn, I was about 5 seconds and sixty places behind the leaders."
What was Stace the Ace doing this morning? "I was home doing weights! I plan to run this evening-maybe just a loop of the Reservoir." Stace is due at the end of June!
In the mailbag from Shula, I love her humo(u)r, "IF you?d like to join me for the above and a full throated rendition of ?who?s the wanker in the black?, please come down to Clancys bar, which is 2nd avenue between 51st and 52nd, around 9.30 am for a little English culture J
The Fat Tuesday?s had a guest member on Tuesday - Michael Anderson of the RLX squad? and there was a little concern as Shiney pulled up with a sore hamstring on the final repeat.. as usual The Rope was out in front?. Smokin? J, after eating a pepperoni pizza on the subway to the park, and washing it down with a pint of Guinness had stomach trouble but recovered admirably to fly when Shiney pulled?
Alberico Di Cecco of Italy won the Turin Marathon this past Sunday. The favorite Joseph Chebet dropped out after leading for several miles.

Di Cecco finished in 2 hours, 10 minutes, 27 seconds, with countryman Danilo Goggi 25 seconds behind. Anatasha Ndereba of Kenya won the women's division in 2:29:27. Banuelia Mrashan of Tanzania was 26 seconds back.

Clint Wells of NYAC runs 13:27 for fifth at Mount Sac. A NYAC member? Also in that race was Dan Browne a few ticks back in 13:31 - the guy who led 7.8-km of the men?s 8-km in Central Park.
Bun Run - the weekend?s top road race: 1 Shadrick Hoff Albuquerque NM 28 13:51.5 5 Paul Mwangi Ossining NY 34 14:01.9 7 Simon Sawe Albuquerque NM 33 14:12.3 14 Simon Karori Chapel Hill NC 42-yrs old! 14:43.5 1st Female: 17 Colleen De Reuck Boulder CO 38 15:27. 18 Eddy Hellebuyck Albuquerque NM 42 15:28. 24 Naomi Wangui West Chester PA 23 16:29.0 and 29 Carmen Ayala-Tronioso Austin TX 43-yrs old 16:52.3 Who is Carmen you may ask? Wait till next week?s Fat Tuesday story!
Quote from a Kenyan Newspaper: "This is an official half marathon measuring 21.6km and counts for the World Championship and?." Oophs!
Dez the Rev is back in town after his Cal-holiday! We welcome him back before he departs to London.
We are glad to report that on May 18th NYC?s top master?s runner, amongst a group of a few, will make his comeback after a viral infection kept him out of Boston - Welcome back Alan The Rube? bad news for the Boss, another competitor!
Lornah wins a car! In Monterrey Lornah was supposed to just beat Ludmilla Petrova?s Course Record enough to take the bonus, a chevy. Lornah, not using her Sergei Bubka technique, took a minute and a half off the record! Go team HATC! By clicking on the updates page you can read the whole story on their website - link on the links page. She runs 1:09! Ouch. In Mexico, not the fastest place in the world to run a half!
StuGlu story concludes; 2:43:26, and he must be pleased with a podium finish - Francisco Tomas won the race in 2:34
Kenyan runner Geoffrey Kinyua has finished a half-minute ahead of countryman William Kiprotich in wining the hot weather Belgrade Marathon.

Sreten Ninkovic of host Yugoslavia finished third Saturday, 50 seconds off the pace. Kinyua's winning time was 2:18:49.

Rodica Chirita of Romania won the women's marathon in 2:40:55 - more than three minutes ahead of second place finisher Tatjana Ivanova-Zolotoreva of Russia.

Final countdown to the Fat Tuesday?s attack on Brooklyn, all reports are good so far - knock on wood nothing happens in the last few days.
NBA basketball - my fav American sport. I pick the Pacers, Pistons, Celtics, and Hornets to advance, and the Kings, Spurs, Lakers, and (please) the T-Wolves. I am sure about the first 7?. The T-wolves may not get past Dallas with Van Axel the N?deti lookalike.

Singlets - Pacers 4/10, Pistons 7/10, Celtics 7/10, Hornets 4/10, Kings 5/10, Spurs 5/10, Lakers 7/10, & the T-Wolves 9/10.

Most exciting team - Celtics, Best Supporters - Kings, Worst Supporters - Nets, Biggest flop (predicted) Toronto. Biggest outsiders with a chance to win the overall title Celtic.

Rotterdam results!! Oh my golly gosh - read one-two, then re-read the page I wrote before the race! 1. Simon Biwott, Kenya, 2 hours, 8 minutes, 39 seconds. 2. Kenneth Cheruiyot, Kenya, 2:09:43. (ran with a broken right radius after falling at 10-k!!) 3. Jose Manuel Martinez, Spain, 2:09:55. 4. Joseph Kahugu, Kenya, 2:10:48. 5. Luc Krotwaar, Netherlands, 2:10:59. (Member of HATC!!)

Women 1. Takemi Ominami, Japan, 2:23:43. 2. Masako Chiba, Japan, 2:25:11. Junko Akagi, Japan, 2:37:36.

Quote of the week, no misprint! "Really I am very happy," Gebrselassie said, building up towards one of his frequent moments of Ethio-humor. "You see how fast I ran. I did my personal best by 42 minutes."
Dieter Baumann failed to complete the Hamburg marathon in the race that marked his return to the sport after a two-year doping ban.Guess who won? - Die Siege beim 17. Hamburg-Marathon gingen vor 500.000 Zuschauern an Christopher Kandie und Sonja Oberem aus Leverkusen. Not so hard huh?
Out & About: Bumped into Ramon, known as the man who ran with the large Spanish flag in the NYC, known as my good buddy, and awesome athlete? he was in Emmaus, PA. It was time for the Runner?s World Half. You know that an organization like RW is going to put on an excellent race, and they did not fail. The aforementioned Spaniard finished on the podium in the 5Km, why did he do the 5Km? "So I can coach the runners for the ½-M at the same time."
It was a focus race for R2, time to hit a PR. Occasionally I tell my athletes to hit a PR. The projection was 1:42 (a 3-min pr). That was before I saw the course. "Is this XC, or a road race?" Someone muttered when running on a gravel path through a forest. It was a beautiful course, but not fast. I believe undulating is the fitted phase.. nevertheless R2 ran 1:41:51 - way to go!

Amby Burfoot, the winner of the 1968 Boston was the celeb in the field, and he put in a good performance, a great guy - genuine, kind, and fun. I remember playing crazy games with him, Tom Fleming, Gitte Karlshoj, Tammy Slusser, and a few others in the hotel pool in Kingston, Jamaica.

King Geb, "I want there to be no doubt in anyone?s mind who is the greatest distance runner of all time and that means I want to add the records for half and the full marathon to the those I have already achieved on the track." And on the London Marathon, "I have learnt a lot from the experience?and I am confident of beating the marathon record in the future. In London I lacked just a little too much strength and had cramps in my calf muscles after taking on water at 39km."

Geb has asked for music when he tries to break the 1-hour track record on June the 2nd.

Local spokal: This man is going to make a good masters, Niketown race: #9 Tim Leinbach, 39yrs old of WSX. El Mayo won the race in a domineering fashion, slashing the field to pieces with 4:49 miling. Our supremo lawyer, who works 23 ½-hrs per day, Michelle, nabbed a top ten spot - excellent, I know this week was a very tough week for her too workwise. Century Man, and TGV both scooped PR?s - way to go you guys. And Judge Denny was back fighting the roads and keeping justice - good for you Judge!
Last Wednesday I heard that StuGlu had scratched from the Boston field; The Ferrari told me that StuGlu did not want to risk running in hot weather, thus had not traveled to Boston, he had instead opted to fly to Chicago and run the Lakeshore Marathon that promised to have good conditions.

So on Sunday evening I checked in on the official website to try and find out StuGlu had fared, clicked on results, and the following message came up; "Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves? Maybe we should try training first!
Lakeshore Marathon training programs are provided??" Dur! Your event is over by 10-hours, I do not think we are getting ahead of ourselves! So news of StuGlu so far remains a mystery!

And more in the Marathon~World, Mad Dogs &?Englishman Lloyd Scott, who began the London Marathon on Sunday along with 32,000 other runners, is expected to complete the course on Friday night in what's expected to be an elapsed time of 128 hours 30 minutes. London officials are calling it the "world's slowest ever" marathon time.

Scott, 40, is covering the 42.195-kilometre course wearing a 54.5-kilogram diving suit complete with the dome-like helmet and boots. By Wednesday, the former professional soccer player had raised 50,000 pounds ($113,650 Cdn) for a children's cancer and leukemia fund.
Paul Radcliffe, who won Sunday's women's race, is set to greet Scott at the finish line Friday. What we?d expect from Paula, and Englishmen.

Men?s Mt Sac 800m 1:47.07 NDUWIMANA, PATRICK of Burundi, and the women?s USC winner 2:03.20 LANGERHOLC, BRIGITA

5000m women, 1 15:38.91 DENNELY-WILLIS, BREEDA (New Balance) 2 15:47.53 TAPIA, MARGARITA (Mexico) 3 15:48.08 CRAIN, JENNY (adidas) and Le Hommes, 1 13:30.54 LAGAT, BERNARD (Puma) 2 13:31.88 ASMERSON, BOLOTA (California) 3 13:37.63 HUBBARD, JASON (Adams State) 4 13:40.15 ABDIRAHMAN, ABDI (Nike)

English Premiership: Arsenal move back to the top of the Premiership after beating strugglers Ipswich 2-0, thanks to a brace from Den Svenska Kung Ljungberg! Cycling? Paolo Bettini (Mapei) wins the Liege-Bastogne-Liege ahead of teammate Stefano Garzelli. A little rally? Finland's Marcus Gronholm wins Rally of Cyprus ahead of world champion Ricard Burns and compatriot Tommi Makinen
Written as such, "i am running a 54-mile race next weekend. oy vey. don't worry, in case i pass out or something my mom is going to be there. catch you later, liz (aka the tortoise)" That from Liz.
Congrats to Zoomalong, one of only 25 women to qualify for the 2004 Olympic trials!
In the Muffin Man this morning with R2, standing in line, then in comes Partime? "The muffins?" Anyway for the morning?s best quote, "R2, now you are in that position point your foot towards 9 o?clock?"
"Which direction would that be?"
United Technologies Corporation, the world's most admired aerospace and defense company according to Fortune magazine, has assumed title sponsorship of the Greater Hartford Marathon. However this Marathon conflicts with the running of NYCM, so that is the last plug it will get on this website - bias? Nah, just I happen to think the only Marathon worth shooting for in the fall is NYC!
Sonia O?Sullivan?s next big race is next month?s WC in the Half Marathon, a month before Geb?s next big one - an attempt to capture the one-hour record, consider it done (predictions, predictions!)
"After the first water jump, I had one thought, 'Why did I do my hair this morning?' " she said. "I was on all fours (in the pit). My image of (Kenyan great) Moses Tanui was of him gliding over the barriers and landing like a cat. I came down with a thud. It's an event that drains your batteries. It's a strength event." That was Regina Jacob?s take on steeplechasing - funny, Moses never did the steeple event actually.
Important Info: the Greeks invented a type of cheesecake somewhere around 770 BC.
Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.
Toby Note?s that: Whilst in the lounge awaiting the model job the other models (all female) kept on walking over to the food table (where I was situated) and picking up either a bagel or a muffin. They would pull a small piece off, eat it, and leave. Only to return ten minutes later to repeat the process. There were ?bits? of food lying all over the place. I have noticed that men usually eat the whole thing?. I then walked by a row of manager?s desks, glancing on each I tried out my new found theory and asked the manager I was walking with for affirmity, "A woman sits there, a man sits here?" I was 100% and why? Every table that half a chewed balance bar, half a bitten apple - I guessed Woman! Try it out, it works.
Former US roads warrior finishes 5th in the OZ 10,000m Champs, half a minute behind Shaun Creighton (28:45), Andrew Letherby Vic 29:16.22
Down 6th St: After another Fat Tuesaday session, led again (boriung) by Fat Shiney I zipedydoodahed down town? and did I mention I saw Zoomalong back running in the park? only three days after her superb Boston Marathon poerformance?. the Fat Tuesday session was my third running session of the day, plus cycling all over town - do you think the guys cut me any slack? "C'mon, speed up! What's wrong with you, that ain't full speed!" shouted The Rope.
Da Boss had done a set of 200?s and Steve Marselese was going to do a set? but enough of the running talk; We hear that The Boss?s wife may be back in the frame, well he did have eyes for Partime?s friend actually but?.. LQD came down, albeit with a sore shin, and Liz made it back again.. Becky, la lacrosse expert, has been in secret training over the Winter, and it has certainly paid off?. Yep the guys were rockin? and a rolling tonight.

Later to Favia; Red Snapper and the Spinach Salad? zim zim 600 calories?. BTW, Amber: "Since Dan has been hanging out with you he has a fat complex?" What the guy is 149 and 6? 2" "Well he does look podgey on that photo?" True Amber, true enough. As I always say, stand in your underwear in front of a mirror, jump up a foot and land, if something jiggles then it?s gotta go?. However Dan the Dog has nothing to worry about in the Porkie depo?.

Britain, with its ongoing battle to return to the glory days of running, will not field a half marathon team in either the men?s or the women?s field - choosing instead to send only 2 men and 2 women. Gone for, seemingly, good are the days when the Brits would have a wide band of top notch runners? now Paula stands alone flying the nation?s hopes.
Race this weekend; NikeTown 4-miler - you should be getting a number in the post if you are a permo-owner.
"Speaking of food...found hobnobs here today- didn't think it was possible...took a look at them and kept walking...think I am cured....yeah as I head to the ice cream aisle."

"Found out last night that I am bro's "best man" - and didn't even get invited to the stag- what's up with that? Albuquerque- "pole"- have yet to make it to N.M.- heard hot as hell though...and close to UFO central (Roswell?)"

"Bob (Keino)- great guy, but rarely follows UK right now with girlfriend (both are modelling!), but should be back in NY soon...." And that from Lise who is now back in Canada. Ha, It appears the whole damn world is modelling!

Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
"It was 85 degrees and 90% relative humidity. I remember trying to stay with Bill Rodgers but being unable...feeling funny...then I woke up in a tub of ice. I lost 20 or 30 minutes. My body temperature was over 108." - 1994 Comrades Marathon Champion Alberto Salazar discussing his life threatening heat stroke episode at the 1980 Falmouth Road Race. Please take care out there!
Life in the fashion World; I arrive on the scene, a very West Coast one, amongst glitzy make-up artists, models, and muffins. My shoot keeps on getting put back and back - "Lunch?" Hm suspicious that I may not be able to run after lunch, but who can resist eating a few bagels I ask?

One model comes up to me and asks which agency I work for, I say El Privito, and she looks suitably impressed? everyone is on edge with cellphones and checking on their looks - as I have no cellphone and no particular looks to look after I fall asleep on the sofa in the middle of the muddle? did I mention I was out at 5 AM with the Captain?

I wake and it is time for make-up. My artist tells me that the next person she is going to work on is Marion Jones, ouch - the four Olympic medals Marion. My job is to run on a treadmill whilst ?having? my VO2 measured. The photographer makes my day as I start to run, "Finally a model who knows how to run." I have a mouthpiece jammed in my smacker, 1000 watts of lightbulbs in my eyes, they are spraying water in my face to make it look like I?m sweating, it is 90-degrees and no air? and the treadmill breaks down. I just manage to stop myself from flying over the controls and on to the photographers.

Resumption; 60-minutes of running @ its top speed on the treadmill with all this apparatus in my face I realize another ten minutes and I?ve ran better than I did at the recent Queens race! Then the shoot came to an end! I felt I could have kept on going all day. Coincidentally I was reading an article in a magazine at the gym - "What?s In at the Gym; Men, don?t wear Spandex, or tights - if your family jewels show then cover it - it is not the Eighties. Tight clothes only fit tight bodies." There goes the Rocket?s wardrobe, and I few others I could mention.. but won?t!

2001 World's Largest Marathons (Finishers): 1 Flora London, GBR 30,071 2 LaSalle Bank Chicago, IL 28,771 3 real Berlin, GER 25,792 4 New York City, NY 23,664 - Let?s get NYC back on top!! Enter today, and if you have pre-qualified remember you only have before May 01st to get your entry guaranteed!
Nankervis aims to run between 180 and 200km weekly in the lead up to the Chicago Marathon. It will be with equal measures of ambition and passion that he undergoes such a tough training regime. "Some people tell me that I'm crazy to run so much, but I find that it clears my head and relieves stress." You go Buster - Ballarat?s new Marathoner, replacing Mono.
Nairobi Track Meet: Altitude: 10,000M (Women) Salome Jepchumba 36:08.39 (2) Pamela Kipchoge 36:18.97 (3) Sharon Jemutai 36:25.90 (4) Lydia Kurgat 37:55.10 (5) Jane Jepkemboi 39:02.60. 10,000M (men) 1. Francis Kiprop 30:26.24 (2) Elijah Bungei 30:37.95 (3) Jonah Kemboi 30:57.74
The Fortis Marathon Rotterdam will feature Simon Biwott, Enrique Molina (debut), Alejandro Gomez, Elijah Lagat, Kenneth Cheruiyot, Jos?anuel Garc? Francesco Ingargiola, Luke Kibet, Sammy Korir, Joseph Kahugu, Oscar Fernandez, Ambesse Tolosa, Luc Krotwaar, John Gwako (debut), David Galvan (debut), Tom Van Hooste (debut), Abel Chimukoko and Kim Gillard...Top invited women include Masako Chiba, Takemi Ominami, Silvia Sommaggio (debut), Junko Ikagi, Worknesh Tola (debut), Lidia Vassilevskaya, Maria Luisa Larraga, Simone Staicu, Eva Sanz, Meseret Kotu, Griselda Gonzalez, Elizabeth Mongudhi, Annelieke van der Sluijs, and Fatima Cabral... What a sterling field! Personal fav?s for a 1, & 2 - Simon "Fats" Biwott, and Kenneth "Fire" Cheruiyot.
Worked out with partime on Wednesday, we had a goodtime shooting the breeze and getting limber as they say @ NYSC, the place to be. Sherlock was in there too, stationary running but moving faster than me.
Bumping Herb the Verb, the vaseline man: Hearing that The Verb was all over Boston I was surprised to see not one Nike poster in Boston of the Verb, or even of the Swoosh products - Adidas had all the subways, and streets - there goes the power of the BAA.

However on that note guess who is doing a photo shoot tomorrow for NIKE? Good pay too.

The 2002 Bolder Boulder Team USA women will be Colleen De Reuck, Deena Drossin and Jennifer Rhines. And the men?s, not as strong, The Team USA Men will be Alan Culpepper, Scott Larson and Clint Wells.
At the Nagano [Japan] Marathon on Sunday, Irina Bogacheva extended her world best total for most life-time sub-2:40 marathons with her 50th such performance (2:32:54). Fatuma Roba was second there in 2:27:16 (behind Madina Biktagirova, 2:26:09) giving the '96 Olympic champion 14 career sub-2:30s, second most to Katrin Dorre's 21.
Quote of the day; Khannouchi, "I had two choices," he said. "Either run with the leaders or stay behind and, maybe, run the whole marathon by yourself. I decided to follow the big guys."
If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.
Ted of the Harriers sends this note in reference to yesterday?s comments, "actually, based on recent experiences of male harriers, it refers to hernia."
SA ½-M Team for the WC looks very impressive! The team includes some of the big names in international athletics. Representing South Africa will be Hendrik Ramaala, the second fasted man over a half-marathon in history (59 minutes and 20 seconds), former world champion and record holder Elana Meyer (66:44) and Josia Thugwana (62:08) the 1996 Olympic marathon champion.

Then there is Shadrack "the Cricket" Hoff (61:11) who has gone from strength to strength over the past two years in shorter road races in America and who has worn the South African half-marathon crown before.

Jumping ahead: World triple jump record holder Jonathan Edwards is having second thoughts about retiring at the end of this season.
Boy, you certainly was ax-swinging last night on your page about singlets. You had me rolling. Cruel but fair! - From Vuitton.
Oslo's prestigious Bislett Games athletics meeting could be moved to Gothenburg in 2004 while the decrepit stadium is rebuilt. The historic Bislett stadium, which is a host for the prestigious Golden League events, needs a major overhaul, meeting organizer Svein Arne Hansen announced on Friday.

Modernization to the stands means the stadium could be closed for at least a year and the organizers are eyeing Sweden as the meeting's ideal temporary home. The Nya Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, which hosted the 1995 world athletics championships and the 2006 European championships, is being mooted as an alternative venue.

Out on the Rez; Michelle from GNY stopped by, always a pleasure to see her - she and Shelley are going to have a super focus on running a zippy NYCM! I still am stunned that she speaks to her sister every single day back in the land of Oz.. I have not talked to one of my sisters this decade.

Danny The Dog came along to wish every one well, and we welcome back Kirsten to the group, and Stephanie? Monsieur Mileage ran by muttering slanderous comments, and may I add I do like the Moving Comfort singlets?.. You know one man one vote.

Out & About dining was a sober affair at The Victory Caf? I can really recommend the Salmon, very good!

CPTC remain in #2 place in the men?s team standings, only one point behind the mighty West Side Runners. Meanwhile the better looking sector of central Park, La Femmes, hold first place with the Comfy Movers. On that note who has the best team singlet in NYC? The Harriers often claim to, their color scheme may be the best but don?t those guys get tired of people thinking the big ?H? stands for Hospital, and they look like inmates on the run? My own club remembers well the motto - imitation is the best form of flattery - nobody, at all, has ever tried to copy the CPTC color scheme onto a singlet. One can safely say this is, urm, unique. Warren Street have nice clothes but the fact that Warren St is pasted over the front leaves many wondering if these guys are extras for a soap opera that is about to happen? nice colors though. West Side, that they currently have about ten different garments in circulation leaves a run out run down.

The best singlet in NYC? The Rez Dogs.. hm was okay till someone on the Rez asked me if the picture of the Dog was related to TRD just missing a ?U? but?.the fact of the matter in my own humble opinion I like the Westchester Puma outfit?. Though they have lost the Puma now! C?est la vie.

Happy Birthday to Sweden?s #1 Marathoner - Anders Szalkai.
We are happy to announce my marathon picks netted Smokin? J $120 in bets! (Those were the unpublicized tips on whether people would run faster or slower than a certain time).
"Hopefully you have seen the boy who finished in top 20 in a Junior race in IAAF WCCC, he is the product of the shoes." - that from Max in Tanzania, the Shoe4Africa project.
Stramilano streak ended as a Italian/Moroccan Rachid beats the 10,000m WC Kamathi to the finishing line in the Italian Half. Said Simon Bor, Kamathi?s team mate in Fila, "Why does everyone want to run roads? He is the best in the world on the track - he should keep his focus there!"
Radcliffe wins with sore knees - proving once again runners run with niggles, that is life.
Paula?s money totaled over $650K for her win - the London Marathon organization consider the result to be a new world record (best) as they claim Men are not allowed on the track when a women runs a track world record, so why should men be allowed to run with women to achieve a road record - this battle has raged as long as Attila has been known as a hun.
Jon Brown leads a trio of British Athletes who have withdrawn from the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships on Sunday May 5. Rather bad news as they only selected three in the first place!
Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.

And here?s a unique excuse from concrete-17 for missing training last week? "i head out and wouldn't you know i ate concrete. i tripped over a wire and hit pretty hard. i am going for more x-rays on my shoulder today. so this is my lousy excuse for not showing up. how are you?"

The Finnish capital of Helsinki which hosted the inaugural World Championships in 1983 - and the highly successful European Championships 11 years later - will stage the 2005 event after the British bid was accepted, then pitifully rejected last fall due to not being able to prove a stadium.
Local News: Urbanoso?s will have a picnic at the transition changeover spot for the Achilles Marathon Relay. If you are running please pot luck picnic food - be creative! The stress to run the first leg for the eaters will now begin! The race is on the 28th of this month.
We hear from Kimka, she is going to take some time out of the serious stuff, and hopefully we?ll see her in some low key road races a month or so from now.
Queens - I was shocked to see people I knew cutting corners on the course. I will not name names but one guy from WS who finished a place or two in front of my lifetime worst half marathon cut over the sidewalks blatantly not even following the runners in front of him - I tell you I was amazed to see this. It was a bad race for a lot of runners - myself I planned to do it as a tempo in a half attempt to come back from my boggling injuries - even then I did not imagine I would run slower than 9-mins from my PR, but I did! Ouch. I am currently thinking of cheating too, and joining the women?s division to try and scoop an age group award. Chuq d? Nuke won? the race was none too well attended, the women?s race had Lauren Esposito winning. The 5km results were urm, let?s say none too well attended too. Basically who wants to run in that district of Queens - that was the consensus I heard, and why have a distance race as a scoring race the weekend of a classic marathon?
Speaking of the local scene I heard the news of the local runners - Zoomalong?s 2:42 seemed the result of the day, and Peter Allen?s 2:36 was rather Fab too!! Reports are that the Rocket is still somewhere in Newton trying to climb the hills?
Jodie D'Ariano who was second in the women?s half is the latest on The Boss?s wish list? so if anyone knows her, then let her know.
Luis Fonseca, who ran extensively on the local scene last year in NYC ran a new PR in Boston 2:11! Way to go Luis, a great character, we?d have become solid friends but for the fact his English is as good as my Spanish - I had a great phone conversation with the guy once. Very animated to say the least.

"I am now in Amsterdam airport (have a 10 hour stopover)...after maybe 20 minutes of sleep on the flight last night, eating a snickers bar at 8:00am (!)...and looking not so good-yeesh!
It is rainy and cold here so will crash indoors and wait for my flight all day instead of hitting the red light's going to be a long day!
Culture shock hitting quickly as I am surrounded by so much cleanliness (and me walking around with Eldoret dirt lookin' like a bum!) and efficiency..and miss Kenya already!" The travels of Lise.
"I am at the office of the Nagano marathon right now. They are treating us VERY VERY Well. We just got back from an elementary school here in Nagano where the entire school, all 500 or so of the kids, had a pep rally for Sirivanh, the only woman marathoner in Laos. It cheering in Japanese style litterally moved Sirivanh to tears. I got watery in the eyes too. I told Sirivanh, "they are giving you strength!" The pep rally was recorded by all the major TV networks in Japan. The kids made little Lao flags, and she was besieged for autographs after this." The travels of JM.
"wed afternoon i tried to do a 12m run at 4.30pm...without eager to get out in the sun i forgot to bring money....ran out of glycogen on the way back...too scared to ran into a starbucks and took 2 packets of sugar...well, i'll always give money to any beggar or homeless person (esp'y since i was too scared to ask for money or food when i was so weak i cld hardly run....thanks to starbucks i made the last mile back to the gym)." And that from LQD.
Shirt off my back; Naked Runners. Now the Sun is beginning to shine the amount of bare chested runners in CP has increased with an alarming rate. At this rate all the guys will be in jock straps come June.
"Anna Golinsky Kessler was born at 1:07 a.m. on April 12, 2002. She weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces and was a whopping 20 inches long. She took us by surprise, arriving two weeks early." That from Supremo Pizza & Mrs. Ben.
London It was billed to be the greatest Marathon of all time; all the ingredients were there. Simply put London had the biggest budget, and bought the big guns.

There were very few disappointments as the defending World Half Marathon & Cross Country English girl delighted the partisan crowds with the World's fastest ever debut, and second fastest all time result with a stunning 2:18! Considering she ran alone the entire way it has to be perhaps the greatest ever marathon ever run.

Radcliffe now says her focus is on Olympic Gold. Chepkemei, who for a long time held on to second place slipped in the last few miles and was over taken by a pair of Russian girls who ran huge personal bests and were the surprise of the day. There was another debut world record in the men's field, and that fell to the highly publicized run by the World's greatest track 10,000m runner Haile Gebrselassie.

Gebrselassie, who has won the last two Olympic 10,000m Championships, talked of setting a new world record, and he nealry pulled it off. however the experience of Khalid Khannouchi, the current world record holder, proved too much on the day and the newly naturlized American improved on his own world record by four seconds. Separating the two men was Paul Tergat who has now finished second in all three of his marathon attempts. tergat's consolation was a new African record.

The London Marathon has raised the bar on Marathon performance. The following day there was a feeling of despondancy in Boston - how could London be topped?

The press centered around Lee Bong-Ju of South Korea, and Catherine Ndereba of Kenya, the defending champions. The weather was perfect for marathoning though a faulty timing clock displayed the wrong splits which led to the men's lead pack starting the race at an unusually slow pace.

After 71-minutes the little known Rogers Rop, who holds the world best time for 25-km, made an impressive surge that broke up the field. the only man to respond was coincidentally Rop's training partner, Christopher Cheboiboch. The two train together in Iten, Kenya.

From that point on it was a two man horse with Rop always looking in control. He ran to win in a new personal best and claimed that the race was not a challenge to him, "I felt easy, I was running under control, and could have pushed harder if needed." Cheboiboch was delighted with his runners-up spot, "Rogers is tough, I did my best and I am very happy. His speed is very good."

Ndereba had a wish before she came to the starting line; a new course record. She did in fact break the record, but half a minute after her Prisons; team mate, Margaret Okayo did so! Okayo, winner of last year's New York City Marathon, pushed aggressively from the half way point. Ndereba was always within one stride until the final mile when the Kisii girl proved too strong for the World record holder.

Boston's enthralling finishes certainly made the Beantown 106th running a match for London. And the Marathon season has just begun, next week sees the running of the Rotterdam Marathon, one of the World's fastest courses.

What a blast - back from Boston, and I had the world's best weekend! An absolute ball. On Sunday I hung out with Pieter, Rogers Rop and Chris Cheboiboch. Everyone was in town, so in turn we chatted to everyone via endless trips to Starbucks. In the evening I ate with Debbie & Eric, my fav friends from Boston. Did I mention that 1/2 of NYC was in Boston?

The day of the race I was in the press rooms with Mostafa (the Coach of Ndereba)- the day before Anthony (her husband was introduced to the delights of Starbucks) watching the race unfold. To our right sat the trainer, Gabriele, and manager, Federico, of Margaret Okayo.... it was like watching the Yankees V's the Red Soxs and sitting between the owners... I was rooting, and tooting for Catherine to win, and it was so so close - what a race! But the men's race... what can I say?

Nobody believed in him, and Rogers did it! What made the race more perfect was that Chris Cheboiboch is one of his best friends - the two train at the HATC in Iten. Rogers is one of the nicest guys you can hope to meet, I knew both before they became famous and the success has not changed the guys one iota. The weather was perfect, 54-degrees exactly one hour into the race with a slight breeze (1-mph), and overcast conditions. The pace was slow to start with as the timing clocks were messed up giving the wrong splits.

The day before the race I was talking with Rogers and giving him my two cents worth from running the course... I told him wait, wait and wait. I was so happy that he did not poke his head out until past half way... but when he did he simply decimated the field.. only Cheboiboch, a 2:10 runner in Venice, could hang on.

With the brash tactic, then Catherine & Margaret running as they did, head to head, my heart was in my mouth, and Mostafa's nerves were frayed... Gabriele came across at ten miles, "I think your runner has it, Margaret's not so strong mentally as Catherine is..." Then, a few miles down the road... "Ah-ha, I don't know..." By this stage Jane Monti had joined us.. Brendan O'Reilly looking after the Japanese, Derek Froude looking after the South Africans too... and a Chinese lady who was looking after the sole Chinese girl who ran with the leaders till 12-miles, "She velee stong furs harf, no stong coming soon!"

The Pope was there, and he'll be glad that Rogers wants to run NYC, as does Khannouch... Deena D. wants to run Chicago.... Joyce wants to run NYC, as does Susan, and can you believe Joyce was up till 01:30 AM the night before her race talking on the phone? Criminal - well she did run her 13th consecutive sub 2:30 marathon!!

More gossip? Man, there was way too much. The only sad part was having to come back to New York, and not going out last night to dinner with Pieter, Cheboiboch, and Rop... now wait till I tell you the Saucony scandals, and the Expo gossip!

Khannouch wins, WR, Tergat second, new African record, and Geb third - new debut WR, 2:05's & a 2:06:35.

Radcliffe wins in 2:18 debut WR, in front of two Russians! Zacha & Petrova in #3

Fantastic results - I did not guess at all that Khannouch would win, that is fantastic. All ran a superb race, and we can be happy for all the top athletes because each should be pleased with such results.

Just goes to show that predicting a marathon is nigh on impossible! I am happy to say I was 'way' wrong!

Happy Birthday Today, the 13th of April, to Judge Denny Chin, a Supremo Judge of Supremo rank!
Congratulations to Supremo Pizza & Jodi! We are happy to announce the birth of Anna Kessler. All reports are that Mother, Father, and the Chiseler are doing great.
Welcome back the Boss! Back on track with a set of zippy 400?s, and I mean zippy too. The Boss was looking motivated, smooth, and striding out with a powerful turnover. "I ran a 5-k last week, you wouldn't believe how slow..." all is relative and he was looking anything but slow. We hear he has a lot of money riding on the race on Sunday in London. The Boss makes his racing NYC comeback @ Queens, and how serious is he? "See you on Sunday," he says, "No, the race is on Saturday!" says RU... "Is it?"

The session was 12 x 400?s "I hate 400?s" Mich, well she ran them fast enough. Natasha & Evelyn had great sessions, as did Vuitton & Dorian. Partime was, urm, missing? shock horror. Chris Amex ran a sturdy set, as did Bob, Conor picked up momentum, and the Pirate joined us, as did Dan the Dog. Becky, Lee, and Sharon were MIA?.. Patrick & Mikey Nike also ran very consistently through the set. Where was LQD?

Earlier in the park; The Fat Tuesday?s had their usual serving of pain - Shiney and the Rope leading the way, Smokin J? doing just that, and Cinnamon keeping the pack backed up. SuperMac also came along to join the guys, as is becoming the habit. The Rope predicts, "Tergat," for London. Good luck to Shiney who plays Lord Byron this Sunday on the stage. Seen running on the sand was the Zandman. Smokin' J', "These workouts are definitely getting easier..." and that from a Gateshead Runner. For those of you wanting to see a photo of Smokin' J' look no further than the NYRR race photos from the recent 5-km, and see the guy stopping his watch with the red singlet... that's Smokin'

Later that night it was to Favia, the restaurant with the calorie listings - love the place, and was well under the limit tonight, salad 100 cals (no oils), salmon, zucchini, and broccoli with spinach for 450 cals, and one small slice of table bread @ 60 Cals? and that was the total! Less than two plain bagels.

We hear from Jason Mayeroff, "just got back from the track. Jogged 6km up to the stadium, then 10x400 in ;67 like a metronome, with 200 rest, then 6km jog back home. By my own standards of pain, on a 1-10 scale with 1 being very easy jogging and 10 being a extremely painful workout, I would rate the pain level about 7. In other words, it is not a problem, somewhat easy for a track workout. BTW, I ran 40km in 2;15;55 on Saturday." Training for Hamburg, we wish him well.
Tulu is confident after arriving in London that she can retain her title, could Ethiopia go for a double win?

Said Tulu when questioned why she was so positive about her predictions of winning again, "I can only speak for myself and I have my own targets," said Tulu. "I have no way of knowing what others will do. It is a positive attitude which is driving me and I pay little attention to other athletes."

Meanwhile in Boston it looks like Ndereba?s biggest challenge will come from a fellow Kenyan - Margaret Okayo. Could be close!

Flipping back to London; Geb says he will attempt to run a world best , and not go solely for a win - the first half he wants to run in 62:30. "Sixty-two minutes is not that fast," he says, to audible gasps. "If you run under an hour, it's nothing," he continues. "The question is what will happen in the second half of the race. I believe if you can run fast from the beginning you can keep it going to the end." Well they say you can?t start a fire without a spark!
Alleging that USA Track and Field has failed its anti-doping responsibilities, the U.S. Olympic Committee is weighing a proposal to revoke USATF's status as this nation's ruling track and field agency.

Under the proposal, USATF's membership in the USOC and its recognition as the sport's "national governing body" would be revoked by Aug. 31 if USATF "does not come into compliance" with anti-doping and other issues, including accounting procedures.

That proposal is evidence of the lingering tension that has frayed the relationship between the two entities in recent months. Last October, citing doping concerns, the USOC suspended funding?about $2 million to $3 million annually?to USATF. The friction can be traced to USATF's refusal to identify a member of the U.S. track team at the Sydney Olympics who had tested positive for an anabolic steroid, but was cleared on appeal just before the 2000 U.S. Olympic trials.

The Achilles Marathon Relay Team entrants - we see Moving Comfort as the women?s favorites, and Moving Violation as a great team name! Click here to see the team?s, the individuals for the Marathon can be found elsewhere, probably in the loonie bin along with all other Marathoners.
"Do you think Kiomondiu or Chelanga will not defeat Rop at Boston?" Nope - I think even though Kio? won Chicago, and Chelanga was #3 last year at Boston, that Rop is the man! Other Boston news Lagat, winner in 2000, has withdrawn, he will run Rotterdam on the 21st instead.
London Women: Derartu Tulu top 3, Paula Radcliffe a win, Svetlana Zakharova 4th, Reiko Tosa top 8, Joyce Chepchumba top 3, Susan Chepkemei could be the surprise, or 5th, Lyudmila Petrova start? Hm, not top 5, An interesting field, especially as the field does not really suit a front runner. The weather could play a large factor. I would love Joyce to win, and Susan too, and Paula!! I can?t win on this one. The odds are stacked in the favor of Paula concerning her recent training, and races. Joyce is also training well, and Susan is very hungry - she also has a great kick should it come down to the last mile.
Suzy Hamilton - Next race is a 3000m at Drake. There you will also find Abdi attempting to break 4-mins for the mile.
I love Yahoo weather - Currently 17, today?s high 16? what a wiz.
Sur La Rez: Well an interesting fact - the majority of the Rez Dogs have a name beginning with ?A? - Anne, Anna, Amy, Alison, Amber? wow Jules & laura helping to balance the alphabet?.. Audrey stop?n-chat passed by, and yes she did? so much so she caused poor Laura to handicap herself with a 30" penalty on starting the next repeat. Texas Kim also was there, she is going to Columbia to do track this weekend?. James S will be at Queens before flying up to Boston, he told me (alarmingly) that CPTC only have 2 so far for the Queens Half - apparently Canadian Craig is doing the 5-k and not the half as first thought?. Isaya the Skinny Kenyan is shortly moving to another State to do residency, he?ll be missed? Monsieur Mileage ran by, of course he?ll be doing the Queens long event?. Sherlock was there, bookless at the Rez - with a name like Sherlock he should be on the case for me?? Dan the Dog closed on his apartment today?.. a flippin? busy night if you ask me! All this in an hour?. And Stace the Ace ran by, Frank S too, with Norman?. Rachel came late, "I?ve been doin? a recording," I think that was the excuse, did I mention that she is bass pop star? That is the thing with NYC - a happening that is happening.
DOCTOR Ekkart Arbeit, the disgraced German doping expert and Stasi spy, is back in business as the new head coach for athletics in South Africa. He will guide the South Africans to the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in July as the first part of his brief to prepare them for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Dr Arbeit is remembered as the man at the centre of the coaching controversy in Australian athletics following the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Despite reams of documents implicating him - by the positions he held - in the East German drug program, the former board of Athletics Australia appointed Dr Arbeit on a $400,000 four-year contract to be coaching director through to Sydney 2000.

After a series of revelations in The Daily Telegraph - and the outcry from athletes including Jane Flemming and Melinda Gainsford-Taylor - Arbeit's appointment was scrapped in late 1997.

The Daily Telegraph revealed documents proving Dr Arbeit had spied on fellow coaches, doctors and competitors for the East German secret police (Stasi) over 19 years. Dr Arbeit's name also appeared on the organisational chart for the East German doping committee - an official government organisation in charge of research for and implementation of State Plan 14.25, the doping system for all sports.

Examination of Dr Arbeit's own record contained in Stasi files showed he was not a mere pill-distributing personal coach but an intellectual mastermind of the doping system in athletics. He developed the framework training plans for throwing events from 1982-1988.

He was one of a handful of men who evaluated the doping program compliance and the efficiencies of specific variants of drug application by the individual coaches and athletes. He was one of the decision-makers contributing to who should get dope, when they should start, how much they used and for what duration.

In 1989 Dr Arbeit rose to the rank of head coach of East Germany whose drug-fuelled champions perverted the course of sport. It seems Athletics South Africa (ASA) is either ignorant of Dr Arbeit's particular talents or don't care about the stigma attached to any athletes and coaches who work with a leading advocate of doping in the East German sports system.

ASA chief executive Banele Sindani said Dr Arbeit was not available for a fulltime job but would work as a consultant. Sindani said with the help of three local coaches, Dr Arbeit will formulate a plan to develop a squad of athletes expected to perform with distinction at the 2004 Games.

"Our coaches' committee, guided by Dr Arbeit, will from now on deal only with excellence," said Sindani. "Their sole purpose will be to ensure that our athletes win medals at major international championships."

"Since I achieved something, running has exploded in my country," he says in his excellent English. "For me sometimes it is difficult even to know who the athletes are who are competing at the highest level. There are thousands. At the World Cross-country Championships [in Dublin last month] we had 30 athletes competing. This is amazing." Geb.
Toby?s prediction: Top two spots; Two Ethiopians, Gebrselassie and Jifar. Third place El Mover. Tergat, an eighth, and Le Khannouch a maybe DNF, Kiplagat 2:09, Tola? 4th. Baldini - 6th. Tomorrow I?ll preview La Femmes.
Check out RW-online for a Zoomalong profile.
A close encounter of a bicycling kind almost put paid to Paula Radcliffe's chances in her London Marathon debut this Sunday. Radcliffe, who is joint third favorite at 9-2, said yesterday that she had thought that her long hours of training had been wasted when she suffered a bizarre accident last Wednesday while training besides the River Abbey in Limerick alongside Marian Sutton, Britain's former Chicago Marathon runner.

Sutton, who was riding alongside Radcliffe in order to supply her with drinks at five kilometer intervals, ran straight into the back of Britain's double world cross country champion after making the first hand-over. While Sutton ended up in a heap in a ditch, Radcliffe, with tire marks all the way up her trademark white compression socks, was left spread-eagled.

"For a split second I felt paranoid that I might have hurt myself," Radcliffe said. "I was worried about Marian and she was the same, thinking it was her fault. Everything had been going all right and then this happened."

Fortunately for Radcliffe, and the event organizers, no harm was done, although the thought of two of Britain's leading endurance running talents taking each other out in such a fashion will no doubt have sent a shudder of apprehension through UK Athletics.

On the track: The Rocket doing some sneaky training? nah, he was training whilst coaching Boris the fellow Russian.
We hear that Audrey stop?n?chat Kingsley has gone into depletion for the Boston Marathon.
Despite withdrawing from this week's Australian Championships, Cathy Freeman is still hoping to be selected for the Commonwealth Games.
The Flora London Marathon will insist every elite competitor competing in Sunday's race submits themselves to a blood test - otherwise they will not be allowed to start the race. How many Russians will toe the line?
We hear from Jonathan Zuckerman, "In that picture on the web page, your pupils are reflecting red and it makes you look evil! " Thanks.
DNF for Moses "Boston" Tanui at the Paris, and a 2:10 for Ramaala who has had a sterling 2002 so far?..
10-k St Denis; East African Demo:
1 Isabellah Ochichi KEN 30:53 2 Edith Masai KEN 31:13 3 Leah Malot KEN 31:40 4 Rose Cheruiyot KEN 31:43 5 Merima Denboba ETH 31:48 6 Jane Omoro KEN 31:56 7 Magdaline Chemjor KEN 32:09 - Nice to see the Jamjar grabbing #7!
"The London Marathon course is tough, challenging and uncompromising. I won't be dragged into making predictions. All I can say is that I am fit and ready for the race" said Tergat who finished third (59:46) behind Gebrselassie?s national record run (59.40) at the recent Lisbon Half marathon.

Ethiopia's national coach Tolosa Kotu has predicted that his three athletes Gebrselassie, New York Marathon champion Tesfaye Jifar, and Olympics bronze medalist Tesfaye Tola, will sweep the top three positions in the London Marathon, but in response Tergat says he was ready for the challenge.

In the park last night: We saw Sherlock, he is thinking of doing da Queens? doin? it the stylish way. The Fat Tuesday?s were out in force, and it looks like we have a new recruit - a European (shock horror - a 100% trend) by the name of Peter Heimgarter (or something similar). Guess what, are top seed, and the guy that lead ALL the repeats last night, Shiney, has a weight problem, "When I train too hard I lose weight and my modeling career suffers. Did I mention Shiney is a male model? Yep, that stubble over the weekend was there for a purpose - a shoot with a shave.
Stolen in Central Park - My Mizuno jacket, or should I say my black one with red. Written on the back in big print - Mizuno. This jacket is not sold in stores thus if you whipped it, you better not run in the park? as for the jacket I have plenty of others so no sweat lost there.
Kenya's Peter Chebet won the 22nd running of the Berlin half marathon Sunday in the German capital while compatriot Rose Cheruiyot captured the women's race. Chebet, who finished seventh at the half marathon world championships in Bristol, finished the 21.0975 kilometre race in 1 hour 1 minute 19 seconds while Cheruiyot needed 1:09:32.

Chebet topped an all-Kenyan top six while Tanzanian Restituta Joseph finished second in the women's race followed by Lithuanian Zivile Balciunaite, Kenyan Lilian Chelimo and Denmark's Annemette Jensen. Both winners collected

Kenyan Rueben Cheruiyot won the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in 47 minutes 13 seconds, ahead of defending champion John Korir, who was second in 47:18. Last year, Korir outkicked Cheruiyot in the final 100 meters to win by one second. Pablo Olmedo of Mexico was third in 47:19.

Romanian Luminita Talpos and Teyba Erkasso of Ethiopia battled throughout the women's race before Talpos pulled away in the final mile to win in 52:50. Talpos glanced over her left and then her right shoulder as she crossed the finish line to make sure she had finally shaken Erkasso.

Erkasso was second in 52:55 and Sylvia Mosqueda of Los Angeles was third in 53:17. Marla was fifth a few ticks back.

A small world - we were pleased to see that the Z won the Paris Marathon, and then someone was talking about the USA Steeplechase guy, Mark Davis. Two sentences later; "Mark is dating Michelle King now?." Well Michelle King used to date Benoit Z a couple of years ago??
Seen mixing four different blends of coffee into one bag in Gristedes was the Rocket. The result was not so good. His diet has slipped; last year, when motivated, he would eat Runner-friendly food, carry Jack Daniels? book, and quote splits and chew raisins - today his lunch was three donuts, no training, and "I better buy some beer for after the Boston Marathon." Believe it or not he is going to attempt the Boston Marathon on NO training, a brave man indeed.
Life in central Park: This morning Sex in the City was being filmed at 90th & 5th Ave. The crew were there for hours, no doubt for a minute long clip. Seen zipping about was The Rube, the top male master from NYC headed for Boston with his patented orange headband and gloves, Vinyl-Jim with his Return of the Stones Red T-shirt, Jimmy The Rope, and later also Smokin J. Then we hooked up with Alem who said that he?d been reading the Ethiopian Newspaper and saw that Gebrselassie has said that he will probably run for President after his running career is over. Apparently the man does not want to get into politics but feels pressured and will go with the demand of the people.
Toby?s Boston picks: Roger Rop for the men, and Catherine Ndereba for la femmes.
"I love being an athlete, I get up, run for an hour, then play video games!" Joked Abdirahman, a man whose dream it is to break the American 10,000m record." Quote of the weekend. Then Mike Mykytok, "Dunno where my Ex is, I heard she was working in a strip joint." That of the American legend Laura Mykytok - a record holder in the junior ranks and one of the top US road racers in the Nineties.
"My first road race hotel roomie was Kogo, I walked into the room and he was standing there naked by the window. I thought wow, welcome to running!" Todd Williams.
Phil Wharton, "Wow Tom, we?re the oldies in the field! These guys are all born in another generation." Talking to Tom Nohilly.
NYRR Board Member Bernie Cooper, "hey Toby, where?s the red wine? Isn?t this supposed to be a party?"
"I got hit by a branch and my glasses fell off when I was on my first press truck. 6,000m women were in the race, they ran over my glasses. Imagine my surprise when after the race someone gave me my glasses back unbroken!" Amby Burfoot explaining Press truck tree ducking.
"Can anyone guess what they will run the last 400m in?" David Monti, the race director with 800m to go in the men?s race, "59" guessed Toby. The result - 59.2.
"I lapped this five mile loop four times in a 20-mile race at 5 minute miling in the seventies," Legend Tom Fleming.
"Man, let?s find some women in this town!" Abdi Abdirahman, "Shouldn?t we wait till after the race?" Nolan Swanson.
"We crashed a party on Broome and 6th Ave last night, I had to pretend to be someone called Jim Ivy." Shawn Found. Out takes from the Men?s US Champs.
A tempo in the park on Sunday morning with the Fat Tuesday?s - Smokin? J was pushing well today in the sunshine. The US Nat. guys were out there generally running between 10-12 miles (Broe did 15 with Todd Williams.) Most of the guys ran easy, or let me rephrase that, what they deemed as easy?."we did 35 for the last 6,"?.. "I jogged 12 in 80-minutes?."
Next races: Abdi, "Drake Relays - I want to run a sub 4 minute mile." Todd Williams, "Gonna do some shorter stuff." Mark Coogan, "Boston, then that is my last." Tim Broe, "The American record at the Adidas track meet, 3000m steeplechase, then the 5,000 at the pre meet." Brent Hauser, "Brad?s just bought a condo for $280,000?" Ah, the times they are a-changin? and to change I was chatting with Todd about a meet back in Europe where we both were at coincidentally 9-years ago, "I remember I was on a $4000 per year deal with limited products? I ran 27:40 and still got lapped in the 10,000m?" Read ?times? are changin? and the money is too - comprehendez?
Voila! Mon Dieu, 1. Benoit Zwierzchlewski (Fra) 2hrs 08min 18sec, 2. Pavel Loskutov (Est) 2hr 08:53, 1 Marleen Renders 2:23:05? and that was the Paris Marathon. A huge PR for Benoit, and no doubt that he is now a French hero. Unbelievable the flying Z pulls out a big one after all these years? as for #2 I remember that guy well, all I can say is that I would like to be eating his vitamin pills!
41-year-old men's masters champion Eddy Hellebuyck of Albuquerque, N.M., set a U.S. Masters 10K record with a time of 29:23, breaking his own two-week-old record by 14 seconds, and Catherine Ndereba of Kenya became the first woman to win three straight Bridge Runs with a time of 31:53.

John Itati of Kenya won the Bridge Run Saturday in a blazing time of 28 minutes and six seconds, beating Tom Nyariki by 5-ticks. Both runners ran off course. Itati won the 5th Ave mile last year. Watch that name!

Stop press: Deena Drossin sets a WR for the 5KM @ Carlsbad running 14:54! Sammy Kipketer three peats, though 20-seconds off his own WR.
Happy Birthday to Sir Roland, May your wishes all come true. Webman Sam, of the NYRR, also shares this day as his birthday! 04/06/**
A German court on Tuesday rejected a bid by Dieter Baumann, the 1992 Barcelona Olympics 5,000 metres champion who served a two-year ban for doping, to clear his name.

Baumann, 37, was initially banned after positive tests for the anabolic steroid nandrolone in October and November of 1999. He has denied knowingly taking nandrolone and argued that his toothpaste was spiked with the drug.

The German took out a suit against the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in a state court in his home state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, seeking to have the ban declared void and to receive compensation. "The completely without basis," the Stuttgart regional court said in a statement.

If you ask me it is a case of bad.. breath.

At the NYRR press conference today for the USA Champs race; It is fun to be a journalist who is actually approached by the runners with questions. It makes it easy for me when they come up and ask me questions! The USA National 20k champ, Dan Browne, has now become my ?hope? for the race after his nice comments. However the red hot fav is Abdi, followed by Tim Broe - I expect a 1-2 finish in that flavor.

As I sat munching sandwiches the Pope (Allan S) came up to me, "If you drop crubs my wife will kill me, it is her carpet!" the Queen of the NYRR was also there, as was Zoomalong - the hot Master?s USA fav for Boston, "I?m motivated now, and ready!" she said with that killer look runner?s have in her eye! Let?s go Zoomalong.

The American?s seem ready for the challenge of the 8-k, though nobody expects the AR of 22:04 to fall. Abdi was the only one who looked like he is going to set off looking for the record. Broe said that he expects to finish strong rather than go out attacking.

"I love kids so much and i am going to do Child pyschology then some day i will be working with trumatised kids from war tone countries in Africa also Aids orphans." And that was from Hezron Otwori?s girlfriend, good for her - Lydia is a nice person, and there is the proof. Hezron? One of Kenya?s 60-minute half marathoners?.
More locally we hear from El Mayo, CT?s top runner, "running at full speed saturday. pointing towards pittsburgh marathon." Good luck, we could do with a ?local? runner doing well in the race, so root for El Mayo - right.
"WIMP??? I am not.....I was just being lazy.....I will be out there next week - don't you worry (-:" that is the response I get from Steph for her non-appearance at yesterday?s rainy running practice.
The NYRR asks that should you so kind to support the NYRR 8-km National Champs that you spread yourself out along the course to cheer the guys on?. I know the finish line and probably The Boathouse will be popular spots, but why not try and get to some obscure spots to really help the runners on.
Seen in the park tonight was a continual stream of the fast guys getting ready for the Saturday Nat. Champs. With a keel to even the float the Fat Tuesday?s were out also doing the session. Shiney, as is the trend, led the way on 100% of the 300?s? Smokin J? looked faster tonight, he has started to thread things together. Super Mac also turned up to run.

Then it was down to the 6th St where the Harriers were zipping through a session before the Urbanoso?s hit the stage; we had some new faces, welcome to Dorian, Evelyn, Mindy, and Natasha! And welcome back to the old crew - Bob, LQD, Partime, Conor, Dan the Dog, Vuitton, Lee, Becky, Buffalo, Patrick, Adam, Sharon, Becky, Adam, Mikey-Nikey, Chris - quite a party we had on the track.

Out and about - Third Avenue, upper east side - Wild Tuna. Ate with Vuitton - and a good meal of Salmon I had too, he scooped the Lobster literally. Nice place with tasty food.

"Hot race news: GREAT FOOD! Smoked salmon & Bagels, Sushi, Granola, Pizza, Protein Bars, Bananas, Juice & more. And the shirt design is good too! EASY 3.5 MILE cert. COURSE. A little hill at 2 mi,then down, a smaller one at 3, then a downhill finish from 3.1 to the end!

KIDS RUNS-FREE at 9am AND BABY SITTERS so you can run afterwards.I hope you can join us!"

The race is in Fairfield, CT. & click on to entry forms

Joe LeMay's take on 'Is Boston a fast course?' While Boston is officially termed an "aided" course due to its start/finish separation and net downhill, I'd say that anyone who calls it "aided" hasn't run it. I'm not a big fan of downhill courses, because the pounding on the downhills really takes its toll on your quads after 20 miles. With Boston in particular, the hardest part for me was not heading up Heartbreak Hill, but heading down it on the other side just past the 21-mile mark. Usually by the end of any marathon, I'd rather have uphills than downhills, because my quads are suffering so much. Joe LeMay; 1999 Cal International Marathon winner; 2:13:55 PR
Top Romanian athlete Gabriela Szabo has been found guilty of insulting a coach and ordered to pay about £7,000 in damages. A court in Bucharest ruled last week that Szabo had slandered athletics coach Carmen Hodos when she accused Hodos of doping athletes. And in a ruling published on Monday, the court ordered Szabo to pay Hodos 315m lei.
Out and about last night: To the Victory Cafe with Dan of the Dogs.. we were headed to Carnegie Hill but luckily Dan spied a sign that read, "Karioke tonight." So we did not go there - nothing worse than amateur night over food. At the Victory we had a good time, and the food was not too bad either.. The Murphy's were a little short though....

Earlier in the day I cycled out to Williamsburg - it was going to be a surprise, but I tipped off, to go out for breakfast with Krafty Krebs - we went to Supercore, a very Williamsburgie cafe for great coffee (really strong & tasty, not like a certain Bently Cafe up in Tuckahoe - Ed's note), and the bagels were excellent too (Ditto Not Bentley's). The waitress looked about 38-40, she had a pink wig, wore a pink mini skirt, and had a black T-Shirt with Pussy written in silver studs revealing a tattoed stomach.... I was glad I did not take milk in my coffee.

Seen on his celphone on Third Avenue late last night - Sherlock. Dancing on the Rez was Alem, and storming the bridle path was Zoomalong.
Happy Birthday to Krafty Krebs!
Nicole Teter, the national indoor 800m champion, ran 4:09.71 for the 1500m to whack nearly 10 seconds off her previous best for the distance, 4:19.21.
Shotgun wedding: A case of wife or death. I used to work in a blanket factory, but it folded. If electricity comes from electrons... does that mean that morality comes from morons? Marriage is the mourning after the knot before.
Remember it is the USATF National Champs this Saturday in Central Park - be there to watch America's best. There is a hot favorite, a good outsider, and quite a few who could spring a surprise. Of course 'you' can run yourself an hour beforehand and compare your time. Myself? I shall be perched on the press truck feeling relieved that I am not running.
More from Lise in Kenya: MATATUS: As previously mentioned- these are the death vans that are used for public transportation (every day you hear about a horrific crash with these guys- they are absolutely maniacal drivers)- a few stories were told last week- They are so packed with people that one of our guys saw a matatu the other day with a passenger sitting between the driver and his door. Another guy refused to sit in the back as the van was so packed- so in an effort not to lose an extra fare- the driver let him drive and sat in the back himself?the guy then proceeded to drive cautiously to his destination much to the chagrin of the other passengers - as they are always in a rush to go nowhere and expect to be driven at deathly speeds!

The other day in town as we were walking into a local small supermarket- a lady in front of us checked into the bag check in- her 3 live chickens with her purse- going to miss scenes like this! It is very common to see people carrying live chickens here- and the amazing thing is how laid back the chickens are as they are being carried upside down all thru town and just hang there?pretty much motionless.

London News update: Ludmilla Petrova is feeling in shape, and Geb fears it may be too cold for him in London to run his fastest.
Out and about to Baluchis on Second Ave with TGV - excellent meal and company, I can highly recommend the place and the lamb dish I ate there. We had fun talking about colorful characters, life in the city, future plans, and the running world. Super impressive how TGV is chiseling down the kilos too... Smokin' J (now why did that name spring to mind?), Shiney, The Rope and I did our usual Fat Tuesady effort - a rather pathetic one for myself by all accounts. I blamed muscle soreness from yesterday's backward mile - the pleas fell on deaf ears, and I was left in the dust. We are now in hard training for our team race later this month - Sunday's plan is a hard tempo, we have to persuade Smokin J' that he does not want to do the race now on Saturday...
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A fan of Gebrselassie talks about his anticipated arrival in London: "What does he mean to us?" Yayehyrad said. "Oh my God! He is everything to us, every-thing. You are very far from your home. You miss everything. When he comes to run here it is like a part of home and a part of you. Sometimes when I see him I want to cry ? when you see his pain. But you know he is going to win. He has a little body but a power that nobody can explain.

"And his smile... Oh my God! He runs so hard for so many kilometres and when he finishes we cuddle him and he's happy and smiling. He never says, 'I'm tired, don't touch me'. Every time we play he says, 'Thank you for helping me'."

The Backward Mile: Yep I swore I would never ever do it again, and as only Bond says, "never say never." Down in Washington Square I ran a mile backwards, along with a multitude of others.

The Masters race went off first and with some competitors walking the entire mile it took quite a time before the women's open race started. Here we were rooting for Amy Zippy Fredericks who was the runner-up last year, "Actually I was drunk." She probably did not know which direction she was running! Amy scored a bronze today after the gitl who always wins this race won this race. Amy looked like the first runner though to cross the line as the winner was a soccer player. You see running backwards is a different sport to running, period.

The Queen of the NYRR had the right idea, "I have run this race though a couple of times... the easier I ran it the more I ached!" spice advice form Mary Wittenberg. The voice of the NYRR was on hand to add wit to a pitiful example of athletic performance too.

For the men's race you could spot the winner before the gun - he had a singlet that read, "Backwards Blood." He incidentally has 5 guinness book records for running backwards, and had traveled up from Georgia to run this event... hm, if he was expecting competition he did not get any!

However in the raffle Steve Marsalese won a 3-month membership to NYH&R but was not present to collect his award... so it passed to Mikey-Nikey! Then Jonathan Cane of CPTC, who was standing with us won another prize in the raffle, Amy got a 3-month membership (as did our reporter) for the effort thus we were indeed a receptive bunch of backward runners.

By the way; a new course this year with 4-laps and many tight turns, and lapping problems meant times were slow (ie: do not compare these times to the Delacorte Oval course). For those of you who love to say, "I could've placed... " well no you didn't, so these are for you, A GOOD PUN IS ITS OWN REWORD, Energizer Bunny arrested - charged with battery. A pessimist's blood type is always b-negative.

Then it was to Starbucks with Mikey-Nikey and Yve-Marc where we yapped about calories, vitamins, and fat... the usual stuff men talk about in a coffee shop.

Cape Town, RSA. Old Mutual Two Oceans 56-K Marathon: Men - 1. Hlonepha (Simon) Mphulanyane, RSA, 3:09:42; 2. Lucketz Swartbooi, NAM, 3:09:53; 3. Willie Mtolo, RSA, 3:12:22. Just in case you were wondering what ever happened to the Zulu man Willie who won the NYCM in the early NIneties.
TGV's latest wheels to come this summer - The Mini Cooper, what a cool set of wheels. Now that is a runner's car, glad he is getting rid of that Land Rover Freelander - good for the jungle and where he used to live, and perhaps the Queens of Madison Avenue who want to wear Barbours & tweeds and who'd survive in the rough... as long as they have their hair-drier.
Vladimir Kotov reveals one of his more unusual secrets to success. "When I go to Poland I go into a special freezing chamber. The temperature goes more than 100 degrees Celsius below freezing. The specialists put a mask over your eyes and mouth and you wear gloves, socks and a costume but otherwise you're naked.

"Most guys can't last more than four minutes - but I've spent seven minutes inside and you won't believe how good it is for your muscles."

Stop Press: One of NYC's top runners is leaving the club he has been a member of for the last four years.
The Olympic marathon champion of 1996 won the Old Mutual and Nike Two Oceans half marathon in a record time of 64 minutes and 15 seconds in Cape Town on Saturday.

Thugwane (Liberty Nike) struggled to give his best in the marathon over the past couple of years due to injuries. He said he came to Cape Town to test his fitness before competing in the Nagano marathon in Japan on 14 April.

French athletes were enraged this weekend when the officials told them that the results of the Paris 10-km race would be only available in metro timing. Metro timing is the new initiative by the European Community to standardize the 12-hour clock, and world timing system, to a more convenient 10-hour clock. The French minister for sport, "Obviously it will take a number of years for the rest of the world to follow suit, but when people think logically they will realize that having a metric ten hour clock is far more practical. Pounds and Ounces have become Kilos and grams, now is the time we must begin to change the clock system too." Runners were left scratching heads with ?new? PR?s of 5.5 and 3.4!
Watch for me in central park at the NYRRC 8K on April 6. I'm bib number 25." And that is from Joe LeMay. Myself I shall not be running as I am non-persona-gratis.. a foreigner. I was thinking of doing the other race, but in the theme of over-racing this seems like an excellent excuse (last year I had 36 NYRRC races - that before the non-scoring thingys like the Museum run etc etc... I actually had run 42 races by 08/01 including all races NYRR and otherwise). So instead I think I will do a tempo run - probably 13-miles. Talking about training runs there was a huge number out for this Sunday's run! The Fat Tuesday's RC has grown - we had eight can you believe it? Some college kids jumped in, then a guy running Boston, and a Paul guy - Smokin' brought him, "I wanted one runner fatter than me." En route we found out that Shiney's play (on 42nd St) is in Jeopardy as the lead role has quit under the pressure of the size of his role (Keats), I have offered to jump in and Ad-Lib the part, it would not be the first time. The good thing about Ad-Libbing is that you look fine from the audiences point of view, all the other actors are the ones looking totally confused. Then Smokin' J was telling us how when he worked for the Embassy he used to chauffeur dignitaries around - in his back seat; Prince Phillip, Prince Andrew, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana. Did I mention that the Fat Tuesday's are a classy club? On that subject another of our honory members is in town next weekend, Mike Mykytok known as Mad Dog, but Fat Dog to us. News on the training run actual running part (as if anyone is interested)? Controlled but an honest pace, the last 12-minutes we went up to racing pace - ouch!
Wining & Dining - Sesso on the Upper West Side. Le Maison Merlot was rather good. Also recommended is the Goat & Blue Cheese salad.
Read the updates page on the High Altitude web site for more news on Lornah Kiplagat's USA trip - next stop Carlsbad. I predict she'll break the WR record, I think the men's will go too - a brazen prediction from the horoscopical Tobyoko.
Just to highlight quality fields let?s look at Lisbon from 7th place onwards (as we featured the top 5 earlier). 7 John Korir KEN 61:00 (Ruled the American road races for the last couple of years) 8 Joshua Chelanga KEN 61:01 (#3 in Boston, World XC star) 9 Antonio Pinto POR 61:06 (London Marathon/European record holder, 27:15 10,000m runner) 10 Tesfaye Tola ETH 61:13 (Olympic Bronze 2000) 11 Felix Limo KEN 61:15 (World record 15km) 13 Stefano Baldini ITA 61:29 (Italian record holder, London Marathon winner. 2:07) 15 Simon Biwott KEN 61:42 (Berlin/Paris marathon winner. 2:07) 22 Julius Kimtai KEN 62:58 (Won all the UK races last year, the only Kenyan to beat the Berko in Ireland) 24 William Kiplagat KEN 63:08 (2:06 Marathoner, 59? half marathoner) 25 Elijah Lagat KEN 63:14 (Boston Marathon winner) 27 Shadrack Hoff RSA 63:40 (Winner of US road races last year, one of the top SA runners) 34 Salvatore Bettiol ITA 64:14 (former Italian great, with championship medals) 37 Faustine Baha TAN 64:59 (59? half marathoner) ... 43 Ben Kimondiu KEN 67:55 (Winner of Chicago Marathon 2001) 48 Domingos Castro POR 68:23 (NYC runner up, winner of Paris Marathon. 2:07) A hot field!
How many calories are in a plain, sesame or poppy seed bagel from a New York coffee shop? What are the ingredients and nutritional value? "Let us assume that you get the biggest plain, enriched bagel analyzed by the United States Department of Agriculture, 4 1/2 inches in diameter, weighing 110 grams, about 3.8 ounces. The ingredients ? flour, water, salt, yeast and malt, but no sugar, if it is a classic bagel ? are boiled and then baked. They add up to 302.5 calories, the U.S.D.A. says. On a standard nutrition facts label, the bagel would boast 1.76 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 587.4 milligrams of sodium, 111.1 milligrams of potassium, 58.74 grams of carbohydrate and 11.55 grams of protein. Vitamins and minerals include a significant amount of folate, 96.8 micrograms, from the enriched flour, but most are present in trace amounts." This was stolen from a health page - we weighed a Lenny?s bagel (Much smaller than a pick-a-bagel cousin) and it weighed 140 grams! So what figures? 110 grams? Are you serious?
Lornah Vs Deena at Carlsbad! Watch this space.
Looking local: the Rabbit 5-km saw Amy Fredericks chalk up another win, she will be racing again today at the Backward Mile - another win on the cards? Welcome Natasha Latone to UATH! The men?s race - the Fat Tuesday?s were well represented: we had Matt Chaston in second place, we had The Rope who ran unofficially but would have been 4th, there was Chebaibai who finished 5th, Rachid Tbahi in the top ten, Michael Contopoulos in 15th, and Smokin? J who was running looking for something he dropped a few places back - (Smokin? was ahead of me in Thursday?s workouts.) In fact if the Fat Tuesday?s had entered as a team we?ve have won! Many Warren Streeters out there too, ably supported by Mgee & The Pitcher (didn?t see Vinyl-Jim out there), but no RLX Pascarella! A solid performance from Michael A. TGV scorched another PR - No stopping him now. Mikey Nikey ran well too? Randy was there, and is back running after physio work? good first race for him? the Flying Judge was out there, as was Supremo Pizza, and Vuitton? we got a third overall too with Matt! Great stuff. Drums looked smooth hot off his Boston training - I think a barrier is going for him! After the race I went out with Mr & Mrs. Smokin? J to Hot & crusty, then Starbucks. We talked about a variety of things, one of which was reasons to be here in NYC - People, fun, dining, y?know.. and one sad thing I learnt from them regarding people is that Dez the Rev is going to move away from NYC, he has a job in London with a bank.
We hear from Lise in Kenya, she?ll be coming home in 2-weeks, here is her take on, "GOVERNMENT: Mrs Keino likes to send me on errands that involve dealing with government departments as they treat the "white man" better and you usually get what you are looking for- sad but true?so the other day I am sent to the vehicle inspection place to get one of our trucks inspected for the annual insurance and registration. The guy sends me away because the truck is too dirty- (hello we are in Kenya with mostly dirt roads in this area!). So I proceed to a local car wash (usually by a river- where the guys collect the water for free by bucket to wash your car?) when the driver?s side mirror is broken off ? on the way back to the inspection place I hide the mirror in my bag- hoping they won?t notice?.which of course he does after a cursory inspection?I explain that it was broken off at the car wash- which he had made me go to?he laughs about the irony of the whole thing and says- "well at least now your vehicle is clean" and passes the vehicle?so the lesson is -better to have a clean vehicle than a safe one?" And we hear from Lise?s room mate Mary, "Lise tells big lies!! I've been running .....sometimes!~!!" and more, "Too bad you still aren't around!! A bunch of us are having the first official Eldoret pub crawl tonight!! Went to the market and bought some nice and purty semi-white t-shirts. Was up late into then night last night deliberating about a design!! Yep..:"Team Hapana Shillingi (copyright: Lise Ellyin)" is hitting the town hard tonight. Of course we all have nicknames for the evening. I'm "Pombe tester" due to my intense love of beer, Lise is 'Swahili specialist" due to here butchery of the language, actually that's pretty much any language not just Kiswahili! And Mark is "coach" due to his intense running regime. (Actually we were considering Nazi runner but didn't think that was entirely PC so we had to tone it down a little!! You're missing all the fun!" People often complain that they have not a clue what is going on on this web site - for instance Team Hapana Shillingi had me in stitches, but you had to be there - Soz!
Results from the Balmoral Road Races - Sonia beats Szabo! Tesco Italiano 4K J Mayock (Barnsley) 10;59; 2m M Power (Australia) 10:59; 3, I Hudpsith (Morpeth) 11:04; BUPA Five Miles J Yuda (Tanzania) 22:43; 2, S Lebed (Ukraine) 22:59; 3, Allen Graffin (Belgrave) 23:19; 4, M Rotich (Kenya) 23:34; 5, J Wild (Sale) 23:37; 6, M Wolde (Ethiopia) 23:46; 7, J Rey (Spain) 23:49; 8, B Noad (Bristol) 23:51; 9, G Stewart (Mizuno) 23:54; 10, M Vaux-Harvey (Kidderminster) 23:57; 11, A Caine (Tynedale) 24:06; 12, M Gheorge (Romania) 24:11; 13, P Evans (Belgrave) 24:16? 16, C Thackery (Hallamshire) 24:23; Women Tesco Italiano Five Miles S O'Sullivan (Ireland) 25:16; 2, G Szabo (Romania) 25:43; 3, B Johnson (Australia) 25:55;
Former WR holder Dan O?Brien is competing again out on the West coast, out of retirement - once again!
Did I mention the 113th reason why I like Sir Roland?
Stop Press - Sammy Kipketer breaks the World Record for the men's 10k running 27:10 in New Orleans, and thus picking up $50K. 8:31 for the first 2-miles! Second was Nyariki, and third was Paul Koech - m'Kenya sweep!

Lornah Kiplagat wins the women's race in 31:45. Running the first two miles at 4:45 pace she was on WR pace until the 5th mile. Meanwhile over in Germany Linah Cheruiyot won the Paderborn 10k in 31:19, third in the men's race was yet another HATC runner Kosgei running a 28:17 PR.

One of local runners wants to know; "Do you want a membership pass to Equinox?" Valid from now till Dec 31 2002. To be had for a bargain price. If you are serious and want to make an offer then let me know, and I will hook you up with the guy - act quickly, it could be yours, and Equinox is a classy gym!
Coincidences: I tell Smokin? J I want to meet his wife, so we agree to go for coffee after the next race - I go to register, and who is there at the registration - Mrs. Marlboro Smokin? J! A small city is NYC!
Said Richard Nerurkar. "Look at Daniel Komen, Richard Chelimo, William Sigei. They came up quickly, had their time at the top, then went down or were gone." Me thinks not - Komen was running World Class times in 1993, and was indeed last year too. Chelimo begun in the 1980?s and was running well until 1995? and Sigei had a four year career at the absolute highest level. I mean to call Komen?s performances, e.g. 13:01 last year for the 5,000m, anything less than Fab is to point out that in the history of Running ONE British Man (Nerurkar is British) ONCE has run faster than that time.
Training with the Fat Tuesday?s AC; Ouch, beat up & battered around as Shiney led the group tonight. He told us on the cool down, "I ran my first (and only) Marathon at the age of 14. My father gave me 40-pounds (about 60 dollars) to buy some running shoes. I bought a pair of Adidas shoes for 20-pounds, and spent the rest in the pub. On the starting line my father promised me 100-pounds if I did it. I ran 4:01!" Man, a 100-pounds as a kid, that is Big money - that father knew a thing or two about motivation.

Joining us last night was a guy who is looking to form a new team here in Manhattan.. called The Manhattan Track Club. He has got some names interested, and apparently even gear from Asics - watch this space. Conor also jumped in on the session, he said he was going to take it easy? "I got a bit sucked in?"

Up at the armory the place is on its season?s end - Buffalo, Chris, Adam, Patti, TGV, Devon and only a few others. Afterwards it was Zagats: ?Savann on Columbus.? A nice little spot with attentive service - we had the Filet Mignon. And no dessert! Woowee! Things are getting better all the time, John Lennon was right!
We hear from a ?92 Olympian, and one of my best friends, Berko; "What?s up? Met Lornah at Leopardstown, oops told you that already. She?s looking well! The Kenyans didn't kick as much ass as they would like. That new Ethiopian is pretty hot, no doubt he gettin' his daily fix of "Jumbo's"!

Deena Drossin ran extremely well in the women?s 8k, alas the field seems weaker than usual, what you reckon. The Irish girls were great to get the Bronze, fair play to SOS (Sonia O?S), motherhood seems to be a doddle to her!

Ah Ballycotton, what a day! The cold north wind nearly blew me into the bay. Despite the gales & the shower of hail I felt strong & had my only pursuer (?) under pressure for 6 miles. By the 7th mile however It almost felt as if somebody had pulled the plug, my energy simply drained away. The fight for survival began...would the King finally be overthrown?

With 2 1/2 to go I threw off the cap, at 9 the gloves went....... believe me I was hanging on to the back of Gerry Ryan for dear life. We ran by the Blackbird Pub, 1km to go.... I was frigged but couldn't give in, not in my Kingdom. Ryan was running effortlessly now with the wind at our back. I had to hang on, lots of pride at stake here, its okay to boast about being the king so long as one could back it up.............. Finally after what seemed like hours of torture we reached the 400m mark on the Road. I hit the button & within seconds I had a 10 meter gap on the bold Gerry. Thankfully I only had to coast in the last 100m. When I crossed the finish line I virtually collapsed for several minutes. Some relief I can tell ye. As for the time, my slowest ever Ballycotton in 50:16!!!!! Alas with six victories under my belt I might just be the King forever!"

"However at the moment i am only a couch potato, cycling only and doing exercises for the achilles. And i feel just want to make the move again that?s all" And that was from Michel DeBoer in Amsterdam. Poor Michel had the bad luck to come to Kenya and suffer from a bad achilles.
Ethiopia Day: Gebrselassie, "I took to running immediately. I loved it," he said. "The freedom. Freedom from work and from my father. I remember competing in my first competition in 1988 over 1,500 meters. I won it and my PE teacher took me to a field and said ?you should run for longer distances than 1,500 meters ? show me what you can do and how far you can run?. I don?t remember how far and how fast I ran but I remember the teacher being very impressed. That was the day that my athletics career really started. I carried on running as an escape from the life I was leading. I was running to escape."
A little more on yesterday?s theme of ?No time to run? - funny when the weather is great the park is packed, but with lousy weather suddenly it is deserted.

I ran with Alem Kahsey this morning in the park, we were talking about the chances to Geb in London, and the challenges he?ll face. The Rope reckons geb will not do so well in the Marathon. My own take will be written in my pre-race script - watch out the week before London? meanwhile The Boss is gambling on the result with big bucks.

anyway we aree happy to report that Alem is injury free and ready to resume hard training - he was one of Ethiopia?s finest runners in the early nineties..

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said Thursday the Russian capital has submitted a bid to host the 2005 athletics world championships to the international athletics ruling body IAAF.
Gabriela Szabo, the reigning Olympic 5000 metres gold medallist, was one of the first arrivals for Saturday?s Balmoral meeting and her eagerly awaited clash with Sonia O'Sullivan and Spain's Marta Dominguez.

Szabo has not competed this winter but has followed a strict training schedule both in her homeland and South Africa where she owns a house and spent much of February training.

Meanwhile we hear on the local scene that Mikey Nikey?s team finished a commendable 13th despite a 3-minute penalty for not recognizing one of the team mates (who had arrived and sat waiting in the transition area!)
We hear from Anke in Munich, "i'll be travelling to france in may to go kayaking with the 'kayak gang' which sounds like a little adventure trip and also like lots of fun :)) next week i'm flying to my hometown to spend easter with my family and it's also always nice to catch up with my friends there. so everything is running very smoothly at my end and i still love my life here in munich - with all little ups and downs."
Last night I had the utmost pleasure of delectable dining with entertaining converse. I was at the house of Kaveine & Tamar. One key point, that is a marker for us all is ?Time to exercise?. How many times do you hear, "I didn?t have time to run?" but you know what is happening with the latest episode of Ally McBeal right?

Did you know the average American watches 4-hrs of television per night? Tamar is a great nutritionist - she?s the only one who doesn?t frown on my bagel consumption.

We saw Mikey-Nikey (the lifeguard to be?) last night too, looks like he has been spending a few winks under the sun lamp? else the weather in Queens is somewhat different than here in Manhattan.

Seen also was Smokin? J, Shiney, The Rope, and Chebaibai dashing over the dirt. The Rope was making mincemeat of the session?. 4:39?s, in the rain? Shiney was more intent on acting out his part of Lord Byron, playing the rogue and encouraging The Rope.

Decathlon World Record holder and fresh European Indoor Champion Roman Sebrle is on Tuesday again on the road. After a successful stay in January he is flying back to South Africa.

He, his coach Dalibor Kupka and other sprinters from the group, will join javelin legend Jan Zelezny (who is there since early January) in Potchefstroom and will stay there until 20 April. "This time it will be different. No competitions, only hard and tough training," said coach Kupka. How the world struggles.

Zoomalong, who won (whilst on a training run) the Powergel 20-miler on Saturday, in a slice over 2-hrs, is looking very strong for her Boston Challenge. Looking at the local entrants my money is she will be in the top three Master?s representatives from the state of New York?s Running clubs. One man who could defeat her is The Rube, husband to Zoomalong and Presidente of CPTC. It promises to be a great race up in Boston, can?t wait to pack my bags.
Seen in the park: Sherlock, Alem, & Lethio (My new name for the Ethiopian girl whose name constantly eludes me).
Today I?m going to Newark Airport, for a cup of coffee. Two friends of mine have a couple of hours to kill between flights so I am zipping out to see them. Pieter & Lornah. Watch out for Lornah at Cooper River 10k this weekend, and Carlsbad the weekend after? she is ready to run fast, super fast!
Double World Cross Country champion Kenenisa Bekele has withdrawn from Saturday's Balmoral Road Race. The news comes only a day after it was announced that the Ethiopian sensation would follow his historic double win in Dublin last weekend by competing in Royal Deeside.

But the race organisers have now been told by Bekele's management team that he is "too tired and has gone home to Ethiopia".

For the fifth straight year, the Camry was the auto thief's vehicle of choice, while the while the Chevrolet was the most stolen brand in 2001, according to CCC Information Services Inc. The Honda Accord was the most stolen vehicle regardless of model year.
We hear from Jason Mayeroff, "I am friends (JUST FRIENDS!) with Sirivanh Ketavong, who finished last in the Sydney Olympic Marathon. I am coaching her to run under 3 hours at the Nagano Marathon. The organizers at Nagano have been just so awesome to hotel, airfare from Bangkok, bullet-train, food, hotel, everything, so that she can lower her Lao National Record.

She ran 1;25 for a half in Vientiane on December 23. Part of the challenge is just convincing her that with this fitness, she can keep going another half-marathon if she goes through half-way in 1;28-1;29. I am either going to go for my Olympic Trials Qualifier at Nagano or the following weekend at Hamburg."

Two pieces of local news: Stace the Ace is still logging a few miles per day - she is ?due? in June? and we wonder at what age will that little boy begin his running streak?

We are proud, and pleased, to report that Paul Mwangi is a regular reader to Tobysworld. For any runner living in the state Paul is well known - he is without question the best runner in the state of New York, and has been for as long as I have lived here in New York.

Azalea Trail Run 10-K: Men - 1. John Thuo Itati, KEN, 27:58; 2. Benjamin Limo, KEN, 28:00; 3. Tom Nyariki, KEN, 28:04. M40 - Eddy Hellebuyck (41), NM, 29:36. Women - 1. Gladys Asiba, KEN, 32:08; 2. Ejagayehu Dibaba, ETH, 32:11; 3. Naomi Wangui, KEN, 32:42. W40 - Tatyana Pozdnyakova (47), UKR, 33:28. Amazing masters!! Both Steady Eddy, and Tatyana. Good to see John, winner of the Fifth Ave Mile taking top honors.
The Olympic Champ has pulled out of the London Marathon. Abera citing injury has to stay home and eat waffles instead.
Toot yer trumpet: A day after the compettion I realize that my bicycle would have been allowed in the Fat tire division due to my ?fat tires.? The winner of that said competition was 6-minutes in arrears.
We ?e?-hear from Marla Runyan, "I am actually considering some other road races this spring. Try something new and work on my strength."
Bloomin? Onion® An Outback Ab-original - this is a starter, guess how many calories? 2,950!
After defending her World Cross Championships long course 8K title in Dublin today, Paula Radcliffe explains how she set about achieving her magnificent feat.

Radcliffe isn't claiming throwing her husband out of bed on Friday night won her a second World Cross Country Championship title - but the defending champion admitted it didn't do any harm either. After retaining her gold medal in Dublin on Saturday afternoon Radcliffe revealed: "I was tossing and turning and couldn't sleep so I tossed Gary out of bed.Then I read a book to get to sleep."

Radcliffe, a superb winner for the second successive year of the World Cross Country long course title, last night reflected on how the Championships can be improved, "Scrap the 4-km and have just one race." Yep, I?d agree with that.

Kenenisa Bekele, the double WXC Champ, will compete in next Saturday's Balmoral Road Races in Scotland.
KUZHETSOV, ANDREY of Russia wins the inaugural DC marathon @ 2:23, 2:54 was the first woman, Masters runner Victoria Mills.
Runner?s Dues: "The Central Park Track Club has three national champions today, Sid Howard (M60-64), and Sue Pearsall (W35-39) in the mile, and Alston Brown (M50-54) in the 400m."

"In other local news, Kim Griffin (WS) went under the 5:00 mark (at 4:59.78) to win the women 40-44 indoor mile, ahead of another local favorite Alicia Kelly (in 5:07.13)." This was pasted from the CPTC site - Hm, perhaps they should have mentioned that Kim Griffin also beat the runners aged 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 , 36, 37, 38, 39? you get the idea?. As well as the 40-44 division - I guess she also become a National Champion. Remember you said you saw the getaway car?

How was the Harriers Party, we hear from Ted, "you may want to inquire of the undisputed queen of the harriers, who had probably the best view of the evening ... through rose-colored glasses (or were they merlot colored ... something was coloring her judgment. she was seriously considering a 5:30 a.m. run at 2:45 a.m. while claiming she wouldn't need a wrap; despite her strapless gown she figured her formerly-feathered boa would provide sufficient warmth for the long stumble home)." .
The decision on which city will replace London as host for the 2005 World Championships in Athletics, will be taken at the IAAF Council Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on April 14.
I was supposed to go to the Harriers Oscar party last night but due to not sleeping well on Saturday night (see below), then rising at 5 on Sunday morning, then rising at 5 Monday morning I decided to give it a miss - therefore (long winded explanation #115) there will be no gossip on the Oscars as I did not see them, nor on the Harriers party as I was not there!
Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain, whilst in Marathon training, won the World Champs retaining her title of 2001. She built up and maintained a lead of some 30 meters over Drossin, finishing the race in 26:55 to Drossin?s second place time of 27:04. Colleen De Reuck of the USA ran 27:17 to grab third. Fantastic running by Team USA to take the Silver team, behind Ethiopia, and in front of a diminished Kenyan squad.

Caroline Kwambai, touted as the hot new Kenyan girl has malaria and missed the WX/C - she was the top runner from the HATC camp to run in the world?s. Sick with malaria but also ran was Pamela Chepchumba. Missing, because of road races despite being selected was Susan Chepkemei, whilst the three top Ethiopian XC runners, including Tulu & Wami (World Champions), and Adhere (World record holder) simply decided not to run.

Kenenisa Bekele, from Ethiopia, in the absence of Enock from Kenya who fell ill last week (who was the defending champ) won the men?s 4-km, Luke Kipkosgei took the silver medal here in 12:18, with Ethiopia?s Hailu Mekonnen third in 12:20. Craig Mottram, mentioned in the page on Friday, produced an impressive effort to latch on to the lead group and finish fifth. Kenya took the team title for the fifth successive year.

Team USA finished in a great Fifth place led by the young Jorge Torres showing that the USA revival is on its way.

Toby?s tip came through in the Junior Women as Viola Kibiwot held on to win in 20min 13sec, one second ahead of Dibaba an Ethiopian, with Vivian Cheruiyot, of Kenya, third in 20:22. With six Kenyans and six Ethiopians among the first 15 places, Africans dominated - and with four runners in the first five places, Kenya won team Gold!

So after the first day my only wrong prediction was that the Kenyan women did not win the team title; however with two of the athletes sick and still in the squad(!) their subpar performance was not so bad. Roll on day two!

Ethiopia?s Gebre-egziable Gebremarian, who followed in the ?footsteps? (running with just one shoe) of his compatriot Kenenisha Bekele 12 months ago by winning the junior men?s gold medal. "I lost my shoe at the start of the race," said Gebremarian, who didn?t reveal whether it had been clawed off by another runner or just by the spongy surface.

Abel Cheruiyot sped into the lead from the gun and after 3km of the 8km race the leading pack but was clawed back by Gebremarian who became the first runner from the southern province of Tigray to win a title on the global stage since Miruts Yifter hit double gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and crossed the line in 23:18, followed closely by Cheruiyot, with Kiprop winning Uganda?s first ever individual world cross country medal in third, stopping the clock at 23:28.

Kenya, despite being displaced at the top of the individual medal podium, packed well enough to lift their 14th junior men?s title in 15 years, with Kipchoge in 5th and Nicolas Kemboi in 7th completing their scoring quartet. Gebremarian lead Ethiopia to the silver medals, while Uganda repeated their performance of last year by coming home third.

Kenya?s Edith Masai enjoyed the biggest pay-day of her brief running career on Sunday, when she collected $34,000 prize money after winning the women?s short-course race at the iaaf/sport Ireland World Cross-country Championships here on Sunday.

Masai, a 34-year-old prison warder and mother, out-kicked Ethiopia?s Werknesh Kidane to finish the 4km event in 13min 30sec, six seconds clear of her rival. The bronze medal went to early leader Isabella Ochichi, of Kenya (13:39). Masai, the bronze medallist in Ostend a year ago, only took up running in 1999 to help support her small son after she had split from her husband.

Ethiopia took team gold and Kenya silver, and Ireland third led by Sonia O'S. in #7. "I knew everybody in the crowd wanted Sonia to win," Masai said, "but this championship has come too soon for her. "If the championships were held one month later, I know Sonia would have got a medal, maybe even gold," said Masai. (Wow, what modesty!) "The atmosphere was electric and one of the most enjoyable races of my life. I am delighted to improve on my bronze of last year." (Such a diplomat). An excellent fifth place for Suzy Favor Hamilton.

19-year-old Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia today ran into the history books as he became the first athlete to win both the men?s short and long cross races at the World Cross Country Championships.

Tanzania?s John Yuda, who made most of the running, ran with the Ethiopian leaving in their wake the favoured Kenyan taskforce of Richard Limo, Charles Kamathi and Wilberforce Talel.

The Addis man returns to Ethiopia some $65,000 dollars better off than when he arrives but is as yet undecided as to how he will spend his winnings: "I will wait until I have the money and then I will see," he laughs, "but I might buy a car." The team competition was won by Kenya, with Ethiopia 2nd and Morocco 3rd.

That was the World?s - done for another year! I did not think that the Ethiopian would win the 12-km, not surprising was that 19th place was the first non-African born athlete to finish in the men?s 12-k. The dominance continues, though passports change color.

Two of Europe?s MAJOR half marathons were held this weekend. The first was Lisbon 1. Haile Gebrselassie, Ethiopia, 59 minutes, 40 seconds. 2. Hendrick Ramaala, South Africa, 59:42. 3. Paul Tergat, Kenya, 59:46. 4. Tesfaye Jifar, Ethiopia, 1:00:33. 5. Rogers Rop, Kenya, 1:00:45.

Women 1. Susan Chepkemei, Kenya, 1:08:23. 2. Berhane Adere, Ethiopia, 1:08:25. 3. Margaret Okayo, Kenya, 1:08:49. 4. Iness Chenonge, Kenya, 1:08:54. 5. Joyce Chepchumba, Kenya, 1:10:09.

And then there was City-Pier-City in Den Haag
Songoka, Yusuf Kenia 1:00:53 1:00:50 2 Kipsang, Salim Kenia 1:01:07 1:01:03 3 Kigen, Wilson Kenia KEN 1:01:11 1:01:09 4 Chelal, Wilson Kenia KEN 1:01:22 1:01:18 5 Koskei, Benjamin Kenia KEN 1:01:33 1:01:29 6 Cheboiboch, Chistopher Kenia KEN 1:01:35

Cheruiyot, Linah Kenia KEN 1:08:54 1:08:51 2 Renders, Marleen Geen 1:08:56 1:08:53 3 Heeren, Irma AV Cialfo 1:10:49

Positions 2 to 6 in the men, and the women?s winner were from the HATC!!! Way to go!

In a country that serves dry double skimmed lattes nothing will surprise me. There was some text before this but I edited it in an effort to be pleasant. Anyway, more local news, here?s something about the DC Marathon from an Urbanite Liz, "thought you might be interested to hear (though i am sure not as interested as me) that i had a pretty good marathon today, 3:10:55, in the inaugural d.c. marathon. it was a pretty fast course and i didn't really feel that great. but, i guess i pulled it off anyway, thanks in large part to the course. anyway, that is about a 5.5 minute improvement over my last time which was maybe a 7 minute improvement over the time before. so things are looking up a little bit." Flippin? great! Also Conor ran sub 3 and Steph sub 4 - well run to y?all!

A True Master: Dr. Kimberly ?Kimka? Griffin, aged 40, breaks the American Indoor Mile Record at Boston on Saturday with a 4:59:78! Kim also won the race.

Way to go - an excellent result, an awesome time, and a well deserved record holder. Kimka, who has not had the easiest of years was always going to break this record, it was just a matter of when. I remember running after her on a windy day on the hilly Central Park roads doing a 4-mile tempo run last Summer, the fourth mile she ran a 5:06 split! A couple of months later, one week shy of hitting the Master?s division, she ran a 4:47 at the Fifth Avenue Mile!

Highlight of the Men?s races: #2 (beaten by a younger man) Alston Brown of Mt.Vernon, NY 2:06.73 800m run! Absolutely stunning stuff from a man 53-yrs young!

Kenya's Vincent Kipsos won the Rome Marathon on Sunday, beating countryman Steven Matebo by more than a minute. Italy's Maria Cocchetti captured the women's event in a race that featured about 40,000 entrants and started and finished next to the Colosseum.

Under partly cloudy skies, Kipsos finished the 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 9 minutes, 30 seconds. Matebo was the runner-up, 1:09 behind. He was followed by Ethiopia's Moges Taye in 2:11:08. Cocchetti was timed in 2:33:06. Next were Ethiopia's Gadisse Edato (2:33:36) and Belgium's Sandra Van den Haesevelde.

The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches, an exceedingly odd number.
Biking the conclusion: After breakfast with Stephanie, who ran the DC Marathon this weekend, along with Conor (two athletes I coach, Steph with TRD and Conor joins us at the Armory on a Thursday) I went to visit Kevin who loaned me a bike for the Duathlon this weekend. His doorman looked at me, then shouted out a number. I was thinking "What?" then he repeated the number and said the name of a race?. Out of the obscure and into the Apple.

The bicycle has clip pedals and lets say I had a few issues with trying to get in the damn things. I?m on West End going nowhere and Kevin with his gammy shoulder (that is keeping him out of the race) is holding me and trying to clip my feet in. Get the picture? It got worse! Once I?m clipped in I?m scared to clip out but I need to adjust the rucksack that I?ve borrowed to transport my street shoes back home - I did not know I?d be leaving with shoes.

Blindsighted I adjust the straps with guesswork, and the bag flies off one arm and trails down the other.. oh man it got worse!

Needless to say I decided to go against the clip pedals in the race! Imagine, it is the transition, he runs in, jumps on the bike, doesn?t move, kicks the bike, falls off the bike?. Yep an ugly picture!

My research was as far as last year?s results - 12th OLIVIER BAILLET NEW YORK NY 1:06:26 Shit, that guy can run, and cycles like a demon! I thus decided to settle on the top 10% of the field which would be a time of 1:10:47 for 25th place.

I have three multi sport twigs - The first was a group of Triathletes whom I knew before I ever ran. We?d sit in a bar and they?d try and entice me to join them. They tried every tactic in the book. Non worked, until I began running for entirely different reasons. However they were a nice group, and I did actually run with them once I quit smoking for a bit. They were ex-heroin users who had become addicted to the sport, I thought that was fantastic, and very commendable to take such a hard discipline and turn it into a life-changing hobby.

Then I had the gross misfortune to date a woman who called herself a triathlete. We were at a running camp and someone came who actually walked on the training jog (5-km academy route) that we used to introduce runners to the local running area. Well she told us she was a triathlete, and not knowing any better we presumed this is what triathletes possibly did. However it turned out that this person had never, and still to my knowledge has never, completed even a baby triathlon! Even a bi-du-any-thlon!

The third was seeing Steve Brace, a Welsh fab 2:10 marathon runner, being blasted in the run part of a duathlon, the first run part!

Thus I had mixed feelings about Multi-sport events. Huge respect for the real try-ers, and shock at the phonies.

Any way I?m deviating here - So back in NYC I think why not try a Multi-Sport race, and as I can?t swim very fast the logical answer was to enter a Duathlon!

Number pick up!
I turn up at the registration desk and think I have zipped into an episode of Star Trek! The bikes look like rocket missiles. I am now thinking I should have made the effort to prepare for this race - Never in my life have I dismounted from a bike and run. Tristar says that it is very painful, she told me that I?ll laugh as I try to run. It will be a case of, ?It?ll be allright on the night?? Well that is what I am hoping for anyway. I ask how to put the number on the bike, I?ve number 93.

I was not too happy to find the weather windy - this would be a pain not only on the run, but more so on the bicycle leg. I decided against the clip pedals as the idea of sitting in the transition area for minutes on end trying to ?clip? in does not sound like fun at the beach.

Arriving home I found an email from my ?spotter? Vuitton/Century Man. He was going to be in the park and yell out how far behind I was going into the last run, he emailed to say that he would not be there as work called.

The day of the race: Okay, rewind. Trying to get a goodnight sleep was interrupted when a certain Russian called at midnight, a couple of hours later I was woken again? I was pretty tired rising at 5:40 for breakfast. The next piece of ?excellent? news was that the run had been shortened to just 2-miles! A help to any cyclist right!

I was most happy to see Jerome and Noel C. at the race, Jerome was also doing his ?first? like me. Noel had a $$$ piece of equipment so I figured he was a fixture at these things? "It?s a Rosa?" I nodded my head, and dropped in a word or two like Carbon, graphite, and curvature, when I thought it befitting. I was most happy to see some of the snobby bikers that had made condescending comments about my machinery earlier when I was standing on the start line of the run, I told them I?d look out for them in the competition.

The gun sounds, and we fly off only to brake at the first bend, I was boxed and it took an age to thread my way through all the lycra and oakleys. At the 1 ½-mile mark someone caught me. We ran together, I could tell he was a runner as he was college looking, and super skinny. I made a mental note, I?ll whip up cat hill.

We zipped into the transition and I made the beginners mistake of following him instead of running to my bike rack.. durr! Then I mis-clipped my helmet. I could not untangle the toggle! I heard someone shout, "Come on Toby! Get Mo-o-oving!" I fumbled for about a stupid minute which in effect knocked out any measely advantage I?d worked hard to achieve in the run.

I flew off up Cat Hill with the fervor of a kid in a candyfloss farm and took the lead. I was flying, I hit 30 mph against a headwind going down the east side 86th to 90th - and that despite having to swerve and avoid some stupid tourists, a dog, and two kids playing on rollerblades.

Into the bend and down the east side further I glanced behind me, Shock! There right behind me was someone in a blue lycra one-piece suit on a Softride Zipp bike (Yep I was bored so I read it all). He looked at me with an expression that said, "Are you in this race?" At this point I should add I wore a singlet and running shorts, plus I had running shoes instead of cycling things. Then with the speed of a heat seeking hotrod flew by me?? (A pass in time)? Things are now going badly, I am coming to finish the first lap and looking out for runners I know doing their Sunday run. I scream out a hello and wave to Beth G and the Harrier girls?.. I ride by and high five Paul? On the West side cycling is getting tough - not the fatigue but the fact that this year the organizers have their biggest ever field - 600! I am lapping at least 300? many are wobbling and zigzagging to get up the climbs.

My concentartion is knocked when a biker comes by and says, "Can?t believe you can go that fast with that gear!" this gives my ego a little swing and wakes me up. When I put my head down I discover that I am not even tired - I power past this cyclist and shoot off in pursuit of the others ahead.

The transition part is easy now as I leave the bike and rip off the troublesome helmet but the legs are like rubber. I am running but my legs are like rubber. No sweat, I know everyone feels like this. About ¾ of a mile into the run suddenly it clicks, I can run. I see a competitor about 300m ahead, in 450 I catch him. In the last half mile I can see another runner, so I set off in pursuit dodging the many park users. I catch his last stride as he crosses the finishing line, I am miffed the race was not a wee bit longer.

My position was #6, good enough for me to feel happy about retiring from the Multi-sports for the year of 2002. Regrets? Lazy attitude on the bike - I had two loops, 15-mins and 16-min, they should have both been 15.


Shall we take a short cut through the bush?

At the track last night; 16 x 200, 2 x 400, and 1 x 600 for the guys? something much easier for me and the Fat Tuesday?s though. We saw Monsieur Mileage in the park who seemed shocked to see Jimmy The Rope running so slowly (we?d just finished a repeat), but the Monsieur was zipping along fine. Smokin? J & Matt were absent?. Hm.

Swedish Marathon star Anders Szalkai reports after his positive comeback, earlier reported, he will concentrate on the Stockholm Marathon in June.
Mohammed Mourhit, the Moroccan-born star who, since 1997 has worn with pride the national vest of Belgium, is ready to defend his title in the men?s 12-km World Cross on Sunday, "I am in equal shape to last year, if not better." He reports after a training stint in the Atlas Mountains.
Russian long-distance runner Zhanna Malkova was suspended for two years by the French Athletics Federation after failing a drug test, L'Equipe reported Wednesday. She tested positive for the performance-enhancer EPO following a marathon victory in Reims on Oct. 21, the publication said.

The ban is not recognized by the IAAF because a urine test was not preceded by a blood test, as required by the world governing body's rules, L'Equipe reported. If the suspension is upheld, Malkova would not be eligible for the world championships in Paris next year but could compete outside France, the report said. Another French slip-up?

Support the fight against Drugs: Russian marathoner Zhanna Malkova will hopefully NOT be welcome in any U.S. Road Races? we hope! Olga Yegorova also.. the list could go on? Dieter Baumann?..why not have a web site for race directors of all athletes who have performed whilst being drug-induced. Oophs, then it gets unpopular as we would not see Uta Pippig again. It is kind of like the puffin paradox - I?ll eat a chicken, but not a puffin - they look so sweet? "Yeah, give me a break!" (said the chicken).
Slovakian shot putter Mikulas Konopka has tested positive for banned steroid stanolozol following the European indoor championships, Slovakian agency Tasr reported Wednesday.

Konopka finished third at the competition in Vienna, where he surprised by throwing five times past the 20-meter mark before taking the bronze medal with a throw of 20.87m. The athlete's coach, Karol Sula, has vowed to "leave athletics forever" if Konopka's second B sample turns out to be positive. And wouldn?t that be nice!

Local spokes: The Central Park TC will have their annual indoor relay races next Tuesday - this is where lots of club members run round the track and collide with each other. Last year the Tahari Ferrari fractured his shoulder after a collision - to this day he still feels the injury!
Life in the business world, we hear from Tristar, "Europe was good although being in 3 countries in 2 days was tough?"
"Not since Tim Hutchings followed John Ngugi across the line in the Stavanger mud in 1989 has a British runner finished among the medals in a senior men's race at the world cross-country championships. The form book suggests Craig Mottram could well be in the frame in the short-course 4km event at Leopardstown Racecourse on the southern outskirts of Dublin on Saturday. He holds a British passport, trains at Bushy Park in south London, and is the son of a former Wimbledon centre-half. Unfortunately for Britain, however, he will be chasing a medal in the green and gold of Australia.

Indeed, such has been the impact of Mottram's brilliant 5,000m run at Melbourne's Olympic Park 10 days ago, hopes have been pinned on his shoulders of becoming Australia's first medal winner in the history of the world cross-country championships. The former Australian junior triathlon champion finished a stride behind Stephen Cherono of Kenya in 13min 12.04sec, breaking Lee Troop's national record by 2.78sec. It moved Ron Clarke, who held the record from 1966 to 1999, to call Mottram "the best non-African runner in the world at the moment".

So whilst countries like America, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Belgium, not to mention France, Spain, and a billion others are "importing" athletes to run for ?their? country the Brits are throwing them out!

Along with countrymen and fellow London entrants Tesfaye Jifar and Tesfaye Tola, Gebrselassie is running the Lisbon half-marathon on Sunday. "He?s in good shape," said Hermens, who is Gebrselassie?s manager as well. Tergat, the world and course record holder is also in the field. I smell a world record!
The NYRR is sponsoring a series of four outdoor track races this summer @ the CCNY track at 138th Street and Convent Avenue. The dates for the races are: June 18, July 2, July 16, and July 30. Great stuff! Back on the track.. now if we can get the runners to all be there on the day?..
Just three months after giving birth to second daughter Sophie, Sonia O'Sullivan will bid to win a second IAAF World Cross Country short course gold medal on home soil in Dublin on Sunday - but realistically believes a top ten place will be an achievement itself.

Meanwhile in the long course, Paula Radcliffe returned early last weekend from the Flora London Marathon training weekend in La Manga, Spain, to visit physiotherapist Gerard Hartmann in Limerick for a final check-up before defending her World Cross Country long course title in Dublin on Saturday. Although her primary aim remains winning in London when making her eagerly awaited debut on April 14, Radcliffe still believes she can become the first woman since Lynn Jennings in 1992 to defend here title.

We hear from Lise in Kenya, who is about to train the new Triathlon team of Kenyans! "guess I also should look for waterwings for the boys before the swim lesson..." Reminds me of the time that we tried to teach Lazarus Nyakeraka to swim! He is a sublime road racer, with more road wins than most, and once used to rule the American roads? but put him in water, "I?m drowning, drowning? gulg?gulg.." "Shit, where has he sunk to?"
Reamed from our Fav ?orange? website: "Quantum Feet, College Point, Alley Pond, and Hell?s Gate track clubs are sponsoring a run of the Queen?s Half course on April 7 at 9:00 AM. The course is two loops; the plan is to run the loop once. Refreshments will be served afterward. If you?re interested, please call Dominic at 718-454-3338. There may also be a run of the 5Kcourse; check with Dominic for details. N.B.: The Queens Half, scheduled for April 14, is a men?s scoring race. It is paired with the Skaggs-Walsh 5K, which is a women?s scoring race."
On March 3rd in Bra, Italy, the Nove Miglia Di Bra 15.4K had last year?s Cross Delle Pradelle titlist Paul Kanda (KEN) setting a 45:23 course record. Kanda appeared in the travels of RU? he used to be living in a hut eating nothing but ugali and vegetables each day, and training quite hard too? nice to see he is doing well.
Texan Bucks: April 21st, Austin, Texas. The Schlotzsky?s Deli 5Km "Bun Run" now has prize money for the first five male and female places ($2.5K-$1.25K-$1K-$750-$500). Contact for details.
With a recommendation from Partime it was to Favia with R2 for dinner last night, and a great meal we had too! The meals have calorie/fat readings, and I am super pleased to report that I did not go over 1,000 calories for the entire dinner! Okay, well that is a big achievement for me. R2 is going to do the Mudders and Grunters XC race at the weekend, brave stuff if you ask me "How deep is the river I have to cross?"
Training with the Captain this morning (saw Queen of the Harriers and Ted zipping along) and he gave me some good advice. Some of which I?ll pass on to my dear readers - 1) Never answer a hypothetical question if you don?t have to, and 2) Keep your answers to a Yes or a No, never say more than you have to. This way you?ll know which way the wind blows.
In da park last night former Brooklynite - Khalid the Khannouch was running at a red hot pace (in a red jacket) on the Bridle Path, and half a lap behind were the Fat Tuesday?s doing their Tuesday work out - Jimmy The Rope and Mat kicked butt as per usual, Smokin and I held the quad in formation.

Also seen were The Moving Team, and Comfy Ed looking business-like at the Rez. Alem was also there and we hear that L-forgot her name was third in a 10-k in Boston last week, she is looking for a marathon - possibly the one she won last year, in Toronto, to run.

Did you know if you buy six Dunkin? Donuts right now you get six for free?
Deena Drossin is tipping her team to collect a medal - even a victory at this weekend's IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Dublin.

Drossin boldly predicted: "I think the team we have going to the Worlds is awesome - good enough to get bronze on a bad day and gold on a good day." And time will tell, not us!

We hear from Jon Brown on the Euro Marathon, "This is the race I have been waiting for since the Olympics," said Brown who has battled resiliently from a variety of injury problems. "I will be ready to run and plan on winning a medal."

He will also contend the It is highly likely the half marathon squad in Brussels will also be pushing strongly for team awards even though they cannot afford any drop outs with only the minimum three members being sent to the venue. Apart from Brown the team comprises of the highly experienced veteran Paul Evans and Carl Thackery who won the bronze medal when the Belgian capital hosted the meeting nine years ago. With the Flora London Marathon taking place on April 14 the selectors were unable to call upon the services of several athletes for Brussels including the first Briton across the line in last Sunday's trial, 1994 Commonwealth bronze medallist Mark Hudspith.

2:14 Sid Howard, aged 60!!." In response to this Ray Ley sends out this warning, "It is my goal to beat Sid?s WR, I have twenty years to train for it? and I need it!" Ray Ley would be a worthy contender - he holds the meet record for the 800m at the World famous Millrose Games, to list the names who have competed on the track at Millrose is to name a who?s who - that is some impressive credentials. But you know what? My money is on Sid improving on that time!!! He ran 2:19 last weekend as part of a relay with an opening lap of 30" for a 200m!
Figarano Marathon in Ferrara, Italy had Dominic Bannister, two hours 16 minutes 18 seconds, as its male winner from the UK, and a Swedish girl in 2:38 for the women?s winner.
We hear from our ace reporter Lise, with stories from Eldoret,
"Went to get one of our vehicles inspected for yearly registration ...guy wouldn't inspect it because it was too "dirty" (hello- we are in Kenya!) and sent me off to the car wash...guys at the car wash broke off my side mirror in the process...went back to the vehicle inspection place (with said mirror hidden in my bag)- of course he noticed and asked me about it...told him it was broken off at the car wash- the one he had sent me to---- his response laughing was "well at least now your truck is clean, so I will pass the vehicle..." so moral of the story is better to have a clean vehicle over a safe one...napeinda Kenya! Mrs Keino enjoys hearing my daily stories "
8) I think you need a face lift............Chin Tu Fat 9) It's very dark in here....................Wai So Dim? 10) I thought you were on a diet........Wai Yu Mun Ching? 11) This is a tow away zone...............No Pah King 12) Our meeting is scheduled for next week....Wai Yu Kum Nao? 13) Staying out of sight............................Lei Ying Lo 14) He's cleaning his automobile...............Wa Shing Ka 15) Your body odour is offensive................Yu Stin Ki Pu
We hear from Amy Fredericks: "Winning the 4 miler is very satisfying to me, not because of finishing first (even though it's a nice accomplishment), but because of my last mile effort...I let my mind take over so i could win the race. I sprinted my guts out the last mile and it was all mental strength that drove me to win!! I'm so glad that my win was for real because the feeling i felt from this win was quite different from others.." Amy was defeated only by a man running in a women?s race number, and was thus awarded position #2 at the race yesterday. However after some pointing out the result has been rectified and Amy is our number One!

And to Marianne Armstrong - Don?t you know it is ?not on? to give your race number to any old person? man! So who is Mr Marianne Armstrong? I wonder if it is Pierre??

From Douglas Hegley, "Is anyone interested on coming along to one of the muddiest cross country races around, this weekend 3/24/02?

For those of you who did not experience the joy last year (including the chance to dive into the icy stream 800m from the uphill finish), this is a 5 mile XC event in Westchester County, and it is "real" cross country (not the pansy-golf-course-bridal-path variety you usually get), with mud, streams, rock walls, logs, brambles, etc. Last year there was even a little leftover snow on the ground. Prizes are home-made cookies. There is a team competition, for bragging rights and some kind of skeleton trophy that you are obligated to bring back the next year.

Bring bandaids and rubbing alcohol. And lots of towels and dry clothes. Ted and I plan to go, but we are seeking other crazies to join us, including those with cars or anyone who would need a ride so we can plan car-pools or even car-rentals from Manhattan. Please let me know ASAP. To those of you who already live up there, hope to see you at the race. To learn more about the race, go to:" One word, Wow! Unfortunately I will be racing elsewhere, though I do plan on making the Harriers Oscar party, just ?to-by? social!

The Motley Crew of Flying Mzungus in Eldoret. From left to right, Brennan from Oregon, Lise (our rav reporter) from Canada, Bob Keino from Eldoret, Mary from Canada, Jimmy The Rub from Ireland, Mark from Canada, Moi, and Berko from Ballycotton. Lots of Canadians in Kenya huh?
Ruringu Stadium, Nyeri.
5000m men: Ben Maiyo (Police) 13:42.5, Paul Koech (Armed forces), 13:46.6, Daniel Rono, (Saucony), 13:50.2,

1,500m women, Jecinta Muraguri, (Prisons), 4:22.5, Grace Njoki, (ESMI), 4:23.0, Viola Bor (Kencell) 4:24.7, Jackline Maranga (Armed Forces), 4:28.4.

The Spanish Championships: 23rd Half Marathon of the City of Murcia. It resulted in a runaway win for Mark Steinle - but Britain's top marathon runner.

Sydney Olympian Steinle not only buried the Spanish opposition in today's Ciudad de Murcia half marathon - he also slashed any fitness doubts he has before next month's Flora London Marathon.

Effectively running a time trial around the 13.1 mile course - aided by 23 degrees of sunshine but hindered by a strong wind - Steinle was delighted when crossing the line in the very fast time of 63 minutes 02 seconds.

Virginia Beach 8-K
The open 8K races were dominated by Kenyan runners, as expected. Defending champion John Itati, of Lisa Buster?s group (and Shoe4Africa recipient) finished first in 22:37, followed by fellow Kenyans Kibet Cherop and Sammy Ngeno. Kenyans made up the top nine finishers. Oophs.
Gladys Asiba finished in 25:57 to win the women's 8K division, where Kenyans swept the top four places.

In the masters 8K, King Steady Eddy Hellebuyck of Albuquerque, N.M., placed first in 24:02, nipping Kenya's Simon Karori (24:21). Karori, whose nickname means ?wild donkey,? said the wind, not the heat, caused most of his problems. ``It's in your face, it's in your throat, it's just hard,'' he said. Lyabov Kremleva of Russia, 40, won the women's masters 8K in 26:34, just ahead of countrywoman Tetyana Pozdnyakova (26:58).

In the world steeplechase lists the top 49 times are all from African born athletes! In 50th place is Joseph Mahmoud of France. Could he also be African born? The surname suggests so, and 95% of the French middle/long distance team is today African born. Well in 51st & 52nd places are a Briton and a Swede!
1) That's not right.........................Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harbouring a fugitive?....Hu Yu Hai Ding? 3) See me ASAP..........................Kum Hia Nao 4) Stupid Man...............................Dum Gai 5) Small Horse..............................Tai Ni Po Ni 6) Did you go to the beach?...........Wai Yu So Tan? 7) I bumped into a coffee table........Ai Bang Mai Ni

Chinese in Five Easy minutes will continue tomorrow.

San Jose, Calif., Mercury News 10-K: Men - Michael Stoick, MN, 31:09. Women - Jane Despas, AUS/CA, 36:29. Let me guess they have cut the prize money, right?
As of April I am changing my email - Swoosh@onebox will be dead, and will be the new one, that is in April, not yet!

IOC president Jacques Rogge says that some Austrian Nordic skiers could be disqualified from the last Winter Olympics for using drugs
The ?A? Team - The Kenyan World XC Squad:
Men 4km: Sammy Kipketer, Jospeh Kosgei, Enock Koech, Abraham Chebii, Sammy Kiplagat, Luke Kipkosgei.
Personally I think this team is simply the best, unbeatable.

8km: Eluid Kipchoge, Michael Kibiego, Moses Mosop, Nicholas Kemboi, Evans Cheruiyot, Thomas Kipletab.
Junior squad, up against a tough Ethiopian team of ?juniors? that could be a tight battle - Silver will be the worst possible scenario.

12km: Richard Limo, Albert Chepkurui, Wilberforce Talel, Enock Mitei, Charles Kamathi, Hosea Kogo.
A lock for the Senior team title, and Limo is a real contender for the overall title.

Women 4km: Edith Masai, Nancy Wambui, Isabella Ochichi, Jane Kiptoo, Caroline Kwambai, Prisca Chepleting.
Good and solid squad. I expect Edith to take an individual medal, possibly the Gold. The team will have to really have a great day though to take Gold, am expecting a silver lining.

6km: Fridah Domongole, Vivian Cheruiyot, Viola Kibiwott, Sharon Cherop, Penina Chepchumba, Chepchumba Kipkoech.
One word, a lock for Gold. Expect either Fridah or Viola to win overall as well.

8km: Pamela Chepchumba, Chepkurui Ayabei, Rose Cheruiyot, Monica Wangare, Jane Omoro, Leah Malot.
Very strong, excellent squad, a 90% chance of taking Gold. Pamela should take an individual medal as well.

This is the closest I have seen Kenya to a possible clean sweep in years. If I were a betting man then I?d place my sheckels on all but the Senior Women 4-km, even though I think they have a 69% chance of taking Gold too.

Next weekend Paula Radcliffe defends her World Cross Country Championship title in Ireland as Dublin hosts the World Cross Country Championships. Radcliffe who has been in Albuquerque, New Mexico - except for a brief weekend spent in Puerto Rico where she missed the World 10 kilometres record by only four seconds in mid-February, was adamant everything is going in the right direction for her first ever race over 26 miles 385 yards.
"Everything has gone really well," said Radcliffe. "In fact it has gone much better than I could ever have expected. I've no injury problems and feel really fit." Nevertheless Radcliffe scheduled to give almost 40 interviews during a short sojourn in the Mediterranean resort admitted her quads - situated between the hip bone and knees - were a little stiff. But she is unconcerned about the soreness - which is not an injury - after flying almost 5000 miles in the past few days. Radcliffe stressed: "I'm going off to see my physiotherapist Gerard Hartmann in Ireland. The visit which is a scheduled check-up has always been planned."

Next weekend in Dublin, Radcliffe will defend her IAAF World Cross Country 8K title, which she won for the first time in Ostend last March, adding to the two silver medals she earned as a junior way back in 1993? That was before I was born?.

Seen in the park Dr. John zipping along, and Lisa. I happened momentarily to be sitting down, tired from my morning jog, thus they came to join me, "Beats running huh?" We talked about how a typical Sunday long run can turn into a 4-hr affair? with the breakfast time of course, not running - I mean what do you expect from someone who sits on a wall instead of running?
Queen Mary, of the NYRR< was also in the park, she should enter the corporate challenge, she?d win as the fastest VP in the city.
International athlete Daniel Komen has turned down an offer by the Keiyo Amateur Athletic Association (KAAA) to be elected as its chairman. Komen said he was not ready to take up the post in an acting capacity as proposed by the KAAA due to other pressing commitments He advised the KAAA sub branch executive officials to look for another person to run the association. "I would have wished to take up the seat of the sub branch chairmanship of Keiyo AAA but due to pressure of work I will not be able to offer my candidature," said Komen.

He, however, promised to give the Keiyo AAA both financial and moral support whenever they required him in their endeavor to promote athletics in the district. "I am ready to offer my support to the Keiyo AAA to enable it realize its potential to promote running as a career among upcoming athletes in the district," said Komen.

Olympic champion Cathy Freeman (VIS) returned to 400m racing in successful style amongst a swag of meet records at today's Telstra A-Series meet at Perry Lakes Stadium in Perth.

The 29-year-old won her first national race in a domineering performance. Freeman opened up a strong lead down the back straight before entering the final 100m to thunderous applause by the large Perth crowd in excess of 5000.

Running into a 'brick wall' wind in the home straight, Freeman clocked 52.59s ahead of training partner Katerina Dressler (VIS) 54.02s.

In a great 800m tussle, world indoor record holder Jolanda Ceplak from Slovenia overpowered Australian champion Tamsyn Lewis (VIS). Ceplak clocked a meet record of 2:00.71 with Lewis second in 2:01.21, Queensland's Adrienne McIvor third in 2:02.28 and Olympian Susan Andrews (WAIS) fourth in 2:02.51.

Where else can one find green bagels on a Sunday morning? The plan was to run an easy run with StuGlu who promised to go for coffee this Sunday morning... however an email from his girlfriend last night informed me that he'd indeed decided to blow me off and go to a track meet to try and break 60" for a quarter... see below.... so it left me little else to do than enter and run the four mile race in the park.

Well I nearly managed to talk myself out of it in the short jog from my door to the starting line but as the gun fired, so did I... sort of. AS we approached the first mile Trevor Murray, a name from the old races, came up beside me and grinned. I guess he was happy to see someone else not running too smoothly.

We passed the first mile in 5:12, and the guy who was second in the race last year in this race accelerated away in disgust, he would go on to win unchallenged. This was the first ever race where I have worn a heart rate monitor so I glanced down to look what was going on... it was a gradual climb up to the first mile, but the heart said 155... hm.

Okay, we're now at Cat Hill and I'm in a see-saw battle still with Trevor currently in 4th/5th. Just in front are 2nd & 3rd but it would be too painful to try and catch them, plus I know I am on course to run another personal worst so why bother... I glance at my watch 170 bpm... not bad for this mountain, think I need to throttle back as this is getting too tiresome (cue disappearance shortly after of Trevor)... my max HR is 187.... And that's is pretty much how the race went for me... a tempo run with a race number. However the goodness with these races is really the social matters of meeting afterwards, and catching up:

We saw Kevin for the first time in a while, since being elected the great UATH party man he disappeared... Pogo I met in the first mile, and he ran a solid 23:02, The Boss had a bad run suffering from multiple injuries, Amy Fredericks had a great kick to finish Second..... Bill Staab reminded me I owed him a bagel - so we'll be brunching later..... Herb the Verb & Maria were there, the first time I met them since we were in Puerto Rico together. I did not know they were there but the Verb says, "I read in the newspaper that you were coming to the event, but I did not believe it..." Just goes to show, some thing you read in the newspapers can actually be true....

Ted Peterson was there with a present for StuGlu and on his way to Starbucks, "I won this race a few years, and pounds ago," he mentioned answering the call of an obscure passerby.... at least I stopped him from making the trek to the coffee shop... And now for some startling news; Ferrari had their 38th consecutive podium finish in the Malaysian Gran Prix this weekend.

Rumors abound that a certain Stuart Calderwood, who swore off the indoor season saying he wanted to focus on Boston, has fallen at the last hurdle to enter the Front Runners? Games.

Due to some self-proclaimation Calderwood, aged 44, has found himself making one last trek up to the Armory track to prove that his legs are as reliable as his words.

We are told that this incident stems from a quote saying that, "he claims he can break 60" for the quarter." Our ever vigilant top web site, CPTC, noted that he has not done it... so this was the last meet for him to prove, reliably, that he can do it: The results?

Well we have these results from Devon, the track coach, and middle distance star: "Wow! What a meet and lots of fast times! 4x800m relay Central Park Track Club Men 60-69 (Jim Aneshansley, Dan Hamner, Norman Goluskin, Sid Howard), 9:58.0 (WORLD record) 17 second DROP! Splits? Who has 'em? Central Park Track Club Women 30-39 (Sue Pearsall, Kim Mannen, Denise Whittaker-Crain, Devon Sargent), 10:20.5 (AMERICAN record) 14 second DROP!" Well done to both teams! Also to our honory member TGV for a mile PR for his ?second? running career! And also to Madame Mileage who scored a big PR for a 5:51! C?est bonne Madame! Back to the SC 60" quarter thing, my money is on Sir Roland - I once ran surreptitiously behind the web site legendary man up to the Reservoir, well when he hit the Rez I'd say he had the leg turnover of an Alvin-Calvin twin, definitely sub-55"!

Marie S??str??undberg and Mustafa Mohamed of Sweden won the Two lakes round XC race that traditionally starts off the Swedish Running season? This was my first ever race in Sweden, and I ran it after talking to a prospective coach for a team that I was thinking of joining. The gun sounded, I was the last to react, but after a mile I had fought my way to the lead whilst running flat out. Unfortunately that morning I had taken a ferry boat to Stockholm from Finland and? well there is this thing called a buffet breakfast, you pay $10 and eat as much as you?.. as if that was not bad enough I also bought a jumbo pack of jelly beans and had chomped my way through 500gm of them all before the 09:00 start!

With a kilometer to go my stomach locked up, and I had to walk to the finish line, ouch! Rather embarrassing to say the least, although I did manage to hang on to a respectable position. The coach of the club soon taught me that eating Jelly beans on the starting line was not the done thing in running!

Sunday night: Restaurant review revisited. Back to Pomodoro on Columbus. For the first time in an age and a half I could not finish my food! We had to wait, and they put us next to the bread table - big mistake! By the time we?d been seated I felt like the Baker?s dough - risen, baked, and toasted. Oh, and any body who left me a voicemail on Sunday apologies, I pulled the power cable out of the wall by mistake, and thus deleted a bunch of messages.
Bad news to (some, we'll mention no names) Russians! The IAAF will be the first international sports federation to test for EPO and related substances out of competition, all year round, and on an unannounced basis. Starting in May, the IAAF will introduce a new procedure, based on the system accepted by the IOC of joint blood and urine testing.
Good news for the travel-hungry members of the IAAF, one of the richest sporting organizations in the world: For the first time ever, an IAAF Evaluation Commission has been created and will visit 6 cities interested in replacing London as host for the 2005 World Championships, prior to the decision of the IAAF Council in Nairobi on 14 April.

With such keen interest in the event shown by major cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Helsinki, Moscow and Rome, it was agreed that an Evaluation Commission be created to visit ALL the sites and provide the Council with as much information as possible prior to a vote. Oh such a tough life we have to lead?

Running on top of the world, really!

Flashback: Benson Masya once soloed a 20-km in England running 57:16! Ouch.
One of the most exclusive club?s in the World - the Sub 1-hr ½ Marathon Club: Paul Tergat (KEN), Hendrick Ramaala (RSA), Patrick Ivuti (KEN), Faustin Baha (TAN), Antonio Pinto (POR), Moses Tanui (KEN), William Kiplagat (KEN), Fabian Roncero (ESP), and Shem Kororia (KEN).

Just outside the club are Kenneth Cheruiyot 60:00 of Kenya, and Paul Koech and Japhet Kosgei 60:01 - also of Kenya. Koech wins the supreme prize as he won the World Champs solo on a tough course to record his 60:01, possibly equal to Tergat?s 59:17 on the super fast Lisbon course.

At the Regent, on Wall Street, Liza Minelli is getting married this weekend. I first saw Liza at an AA meeting I was lubriciously attending with two alcoholic friends of mine, or was it three? Anway I was a stranger in town and just dragged along because I was staying with these guys who drank like fishes in the sahara. Y?know the bit when you stand up and say your name, "Hi I?m Toby. I?m not an alcoholic, I?m just here for my friends?" and everyone screams "Denial!" Been there, done it. Well anyway up pops Liza! Ah, but that was so long ago.
Great North Run: Britain?s premier ½ reaches the entry limit of 47,000!
And so, a Thursday story; Today the Rocket & I drove out, in the Rolls Royce, to the Brighton Beach, known as little Russia. It was a beautiful day with glorious sunshine. The first thing we did was go to the Aquarium to see some sharks, dolphins, and other things that generally float in the sea. Thereafter we had lunch at Tatiana?s, a fine Seafront restaurant. (Except for the coffee). We had borsch, two varieties, then beef, and the R. chicken? I did avoid the beer though?

On the walk along the beach we saw a lady strip down and jump in the sea - first nudist bather I?ve ever seen in NYC! The Rocket?s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets? well they popped back in as we got caught in the traffic on the way home!

SO with a content, and over stuffed stomach I ran with The Fat Tuesday?s - a running group that meets in Central Park - tonight we had the core of Smokin? J, Jimmy the Rope (our stud in speed), Matt, and a newcomer Conor O?Drsicoll - the man who displaced The Boss as Master of the Year. Boy did I suffer, I limped like a one legged beetle through a jar of honey?. And no rest for the wicked, after a swift warm up I cycled up to the Armory to coach The Rebels. Mile repeats: "What? This sounds like a September session," said Chris, who went on to blast the session. King Cre was up there on his crutches, we?ll call him Pegleg now huh? "that?s King Peg to you?" he quipped. Pogo was seasonably late and did his own session, the Boss may be right, "He?s scared to run with others?" What else, hm not much? I did borrow the crutches for a while, then later in the evening as I was coaching Tristar (who did A great lactic session "I?m NOT recovering!" She?d scream out in the rest jog) this girl comes up to me, "Hey, didn?t I see you limping on crutches earlier?" I told her I packed it in cos nobody threw me any money.

This morning in the park Jimmy The Rope was cruisin? as was Alem and the Ethiopian girl whose name begins with an L who I always forget? they were shiftin? at a gear I can only dream about at the moment. Then we hear from NYC?s BEST sports doctor - Dr. John Connors, he is planning on going to Kenya in November - on the great pilgrimage!

Belgian Marleen Renders, one of the World?s best, is in hard training for the Paris Marathon.
Joseph Kamau and Jackson Kipngok of Kenya, were DNF?s at the Mexico Lala Marathon. Kamau once upon a time had some good NYC racing results, and Kipngok ran well for a 2:08 in 1994 Boston.
French 12k XC championships: 1 Mustapha Essaid AspttGren 36:27 2 El Hassan Lahssini ACevennesA 36:28 3 Khalid Zoubaa ACevennesA 36:48 4 Aissa Dghoughi MAR/EfsReims 36:50 5 Khalid Skah MAR/ScoSteMg 36:50
And the women, 1 Rodica Daniela Moroianu OrleansC 26:51 2 Fatima Yvelain ScoSt-MargMrs 27:03 3 Carmen Oliveras EaAntonySud 27:24 4 Fatima Hajjami Coquelicot42 27:33 5 Daniela Fugigi-Dorca ROM/AthlSud 27:53 6 Zahia Dahmani TourcoingNPC 27:59

1 Driss Maazouzi Coquelicot42 11:52 2 Mohamed Amyn MARUnSptDRis 11:56 3 Fouad Chouki StadeSotte 12:06 4 Stephane Desaulty Vga Comp 12:07 5 Fabrice Belot MontpellierA 12:15 6 Rachid Chekhemani StadSotte 12:15
La Femmes; 1 Bouchra Ben Thami MAR/BoulOpale 13:57 2 Elodie Olivares Montreuil 14:04 3 Souad Dria MAR/NiceCDA 14:15 4 Latifa Essarokh StadeDeVanves 14:21 5 Julie Coulaud Coquelicot42 14:26

Dan Browne (who did not renew his contract with the U.S. Army), Chad Johnson, Mike Donnelly, Dave Davis and Phillimon Hanneck will be the athletes for the Nike Training camp to be coached by Alberto Salazar.
The Kenya Amateur Athletic Association (KAAA) chairman Isaiah Kiplagat yesterday said negotiations are at an advanced stage to have Kenya host one of global championships. Kiplagat said: "We are talking to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to approve our bid for either 2006 or 2010 World Championship."

Kiplagat, however, decried the state of sports facilities in the country saying: "Even if we wanted to host any championships now, it will be very difficult because of the poor conditions of our facilities." Is that guy out of his mind? Poor conditions is a gross understatement! Further humor follows:
This article from today?s Washington Post regarding the Marathon race in 11-days time:

" If you haven't begun training, there's probably not enough time left to gear up; marathon training generally takes three to six months. Likewise, speed walkers won't likely be able to maintain the 14-minute mile pace unless they've been practicing. No training is needed to attend the free health and fitness expo preceding the event at the D.C. Armory on March 22 and March 23."

Gail Devers (USA), Yanina Korolchik (BLR) and Vyacheslav Voronin (RUS) all rose to the top of their Event Rankings in the weekly International Association of Athletic Federation's World Lists
Lornah Kiplagat will attack the WR @ Carlsbad next month, and Sammy Kipketer is aiming to become the first athlete ever to run under 13 minutes for 5000 meters on the roads in the same race on Sunday April 7.
The Meia Maratona de Lisboa will be held a week later than anticipated, on 24 March 2002, due to Portuguese Presidential elections.
Pet Hate: Irresponsible dog owners - I was riding in the park late last night, zooming down the West Side at 301 mph, and out darted a dog and ran across the road. The stupid moronic dog owner shouts, "No, bad boy Charlie, you shouldn?t run away from me!" The sad thing is that it would be Charlie & I who would suffer? and the moron would survive. Let?s hope she never becomes a Mother?.
Rod DeHaven, the top American at the Chicago and Boston Marathons last year, has withdrawn from the 2002 Boston Marathon, citing a leg injury.

"I called Pat Lynch at the BAA," DeHaven said, "and told him I was pulling out. After I won the Naples Half-Marathon in January, I came down with tendonitis of the ankle and lost three weeks of training. I didn't think it would be fair to Boston to accept appearance money if I was anything less than my best."

That is a shame as Rod is a great runner, and it would have been nice to see a top American up there.

Well we were supposed to go to the Jones Beach today but the weather put the kaibosch on that one, instead we jogged 4-miles in Central Park. The Rocket was trying to give me advice on where to go for holidays(!!) Rather surprising as his last two vacations in the last ½-year have been to Pennslyvania and New Jersey? In the last two months I?ve been to Africa and the caribbean, sorry what were you saying is so good about New Jersey, really? "poshol te na fig.." And that is the Rocket?s Russian reply.

More news from his house: Sonja is receiving a-lot of phonecalls from non other than Isaya the skinny Kenyan, "This man is phoning all the time, I can never get on the phone!" Comments the R. And he wants to know who is the girl on the front cover of the NY Runner magazine. Tomorrow we?ll go to the beach.

"I've got that race in New York [U.S. 8-K Championship]. I'll have a good time. I know it's going to be fun. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to running well, running fast." Abdi A. One of the favs for the National race.
Noel ?Berko? Berkeley did win the Ballycotton 10-miler on Sunday, aparently the hot favorite was a no-show - Peter Matthews. The Berko?s time was the slowest winning time since the start of the Eighties, but a win, is a win, is just that. There is a page on the Ballycotton web site that is for media reports - the page is blank!
There comes a time when one has to say ?enough is enough.? And with that said I finally decided to break into 2002 with a session of speed. Smokin? J was emailed, and an appointment was set. I suffered like the terminally dead to get, by jogging, to the meeting place and was ever so relieved to find nobody there. Great, I thought to myself, I?ll do a set of strides and call it a day.

However I was early so I thought I?d better jog a bit more and see what happens. Smokin? J turned up. Then Matt Chaston came, and to make matters really bad Brian Clas and Jimmy the Rope came along. Now I knew it was going to be painful.

We settled on mile repeats, and that was the last we saw of Brian? meanwhile a mile back Smokin? and I were discovering the word outtashape. It was painful from every dimension. The only guy who hung with Brian was Comfy Ed who was cranking out the 4?s, that whilst coaching his Moving Comfort team on the Rez too!

Score of the month must go to Norway?s Karl Rasmussen who ran 2:17:45 in LA for sixth place, and earnt $2K!
Mats Granstr??f Sweden won the Junior XC race in Italy?s top notch Cinque Mulini race this weekend, and Swede Claes Nyberg was 8th in the men?s senior race!! That is a truly awesome showing - watch out for those two guys in the World?s later this month.
2001 Boston Marathon Champions Lee Bong Ju of South Korea and Catherine Ndereba of Kenya will return next month to defend their titles at the 106th running of the Boston Marathon. - My tip is Ndereba and Roger Rop in the men?s department.

South Korean Lee Bong-ju's victory at the Boston Marathon last year cracked the lineage of 10 straight Kenyan wins triumphs there in the men?s division.

Elijah Lagat, the 2000 champion, will be back, along with 1999 Boston Marathon winner Joseph Chebet, David Kiptum Busienei (fourth last year), Timothy Cherigat, Mbarak Hussein, Shem Kororia and Joseph Chelang'a, and of course Rop & Moses Tanui, the Kenyan national record holder (2:06:16) and two-time Boston winner (1996, 1998).

Rod DeHaven, the top American at Boston last year (6th, 2:12:41) heads the home country delegation. He'll be joined by Mark Coogan, David Morris and Scott Larson.

Ethiopia's Fatuma Roba will once again be trying for an unprecedented fourth women's Boston title. Against her will be the formidable force of Zoomalong, and Ndereba. A press release on Runner?s World said that Lornah Kiplagat will run also? but that is denied by the insider staff at RU?s offices.

From Kwasi, "for the best bagels in town (get there early for their oat meal bagels): City Bakery @ 3w 18th street."
Injury has forced the country's brightest junior athlete Mohammed Farah to pull out of the World Cross Country Championships. Chris Thompson who preceded him as European junior silver medallist has also turned down a place in the senior side.
The Sydney 2000 Olympics and the Edmonton World Marathon gold medallist Gezahegne Abera is currently in the U.S. to take medical treatment for a leg injury, the national team doctor Ayalew Tilahun disclosed. According to Dr. Ayalew the injury is not that serious. But he believed it is better for the athlete to take the treatment in the United States. Gezahegne emerged to stardom in the Sydney 2000 Olympics when he grabbed the gold medal, the first men's victory for Ethiopia in the lapse of 32 years. In Atlanta Olympics in 1996 Fatuma Roba won gold medal in the women's marathon.

Gezahegne's unique achievement is the win in marathon in the World Championship in Canada, Edmonton. Gezahegne is the first marathoner to take both the Olympic and world marathon gold medals. Club sources say that Gezahegne has been in tough preparatory training for London marathon in April along with Haile Gebreselassie and Tesfaye Jifar.

The Muger Cements club athletics coach Tolosa Kotu is hopeful that Gezahegne will be ready for the London marathon.

TGV aka Marty Levine wins a 2-mile race, in a shaving over 10-minutes. A result that would see him at the forefront of any NYC race today, and it was cross-country too! TGV is a key benefactor of the Shoes4Africa Chebaibai express fund.
Sonia O'Sullivan will go to Dublin, her home country, to try and give herself a second Gold in the World Cross-Country 4-km championship. She easily won the Irish trials race, with a homestraight to spare.
Toby?s Tip for Gold in the World Cross Country Championships - Kenenisa Bekele, of Ethiopia.
Cathy Freeman never retired from zipping round the track, she merely said she was taking a break from competitive athletics. Privately, she went very close to leaving the sport.
"I wanted to have a baby; I wanted to retire; I wanted to leave Australia and live in the United States," she said this week when asked if she ever harboured serious thoughts about not returning to the track. In the final analysis, the baby became the issue.
"The thought of having a baby made me question my priorities," she said. "It forced me to ask whether I could give away running and for how long."
Freeman, who reduced her weight from 65kg to 54kg in the past 10 weeks, has total confidence in her capacity to control one body - but not two.
I don?t know?. Would you like a mint on your pillow?
Khalid Khannouchi and Catherine Ndereba, the men's and women's holders of the world fastest times in marathon, coasted to easy victories at the Kyoto City half marathon on Sunday. Morocco-born American Khannouchi, won the men's race in 1:02:16. Valentine Orare of Kenya was second in 1:02:50 and Japan's Naosato Yoshimura third one second further back.

It was the first time that Khannouchi took part in a race held in Japan.

Kenya's Catherine Ndereba wonthe women's race in 1:08:48. Japanese-based Esther Wanjiru, also from Kenya, took second place in 1:10:14, followed by Japan's Mio Kiuchi third in 1:11:37.

Alphen 20k results from Holland: 1 Kigen, Wilson Kenia KEN 0:58:47 0:58:47 2 Rop, Rodgers Kenia 0:58:48 0:58:49 3 Cheboiboch, Christopher Kenia KEN 0:58:53 0:58:54 4 Gwako, John Kenia KEN 0:58:59 0:58:58 5 Kosgei Kimutai, Benjamin Kenia KEN 0:59:13 0:59:14 6 Kiplagat, William Kenia 0:59:21 0:59:18
1 Gemechu, Shitaye Ethiopi?:06:55 1:06:54 2 Cheruiyot, Linah Kenia KEN 1:07:06 1:07:06 3 Renders, Marleen Belgi?:07:20 1:07:20
A top quality race with a great showing from the HATC team - 1st, 3rd, & 5th, in the men?s race, and 2nd in the women?s!
Sur La Reservoir: Amber of TRD, "I?m going for around 2-hrs at Brooklyn." Her coach, "Nope, go for 1:45, you can easily run it?." Result: 1:45:10 Great stuff, well done?.. then we have Tristar, I told her to go for 7:20?s, she ran 7:19?s for 1:36:07?? At this rate I?m going to Vegas.
Christian Olsson satte europarekord i tresteg med 17.80 vid Eurojump i Scandinavium. Christian sets a European record of 17:80 in the indoor triple jump!!

That is flaming far to all the Imperial readers, I kid you not - Your Evil Kneival could not manage that.

Camp Kenya: "The changes will see veteran Rose Cheruiyot switching from the 4km race to the 8km. He (head coach Mike Kosgei) reckons that, it is difficult for Cheruiyot to perform well in 4km, since she was in 6km as a junior. "Having been in the 6km category, she needs to move up to 8km in order to do well," he said. Naturally, he (Kosgei) said runners of Cheruiyot?s calibre are disadvantaged when it comes to 4km as they take about 3km to pick up, and by then the race is as good as over." Urm a big excuse me, but is that not Rose Cheruiyot who finished 2nd in the IAAF World Cross 8-k challenge in 1996? And, let?s wake up, Cheruiyot was second in both the Nationals 8km and the World Championships(!) 8km in 1996!!

The fact that she was #8 Last year in the short course may have influenced the above comments, but guys - You forget so soon?

Once upon a time I used to go for brunch with the Rocket, we eat, then he?d drag me along to the local running store where he?d buy Power Gels, and look at the racing shoes, or magazines?. Well these days we go to ice cream parlors instead, and that is after eating brunch, fried shrimp, then Salmon benedictine, red wine?. with a basket full of Muffins. However my regular readers will be glad to hear that the Lenox is indeed still standing. Wine was also on the menu last night, plus Brazilian bread filled with cheese when I ate with Minnesota, who happens to come from Brazil via London. She said her season starts next week with the Spring Fling 4-miler.
Triple 1500m world champion Hicham El Guerrouj, who is president of the charitable organization Bani Snassen, is to organize the second international road race in his hometown of Berkane (north-east Morocco) on 31 March. The competition is organized with the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco. This edition, which offers a total purse of $240,000, thanks to the support of various sponsors has been baptized the 2nd International Run of Berkane ? Running for Children. This international event, organized with the assistance of the Moroccan Athletics Federation, will comprise four events: 10km and 5km (men and women), a mile race on the road and a 2000 meter race reserved for juniors.

The organizers are expecting a number of big stars from the world of athletics to participate and especially the representatives of the high plateau: from Kenya And Ethiopia and a number of Belgians and French, especially in the 10,000 meters.

The defending Berkan champion, Peter Chebet of Kenya, will compete, as will his compatriot Charles Kamathi, who won 10,000 meter gold in Edmonton last year. Moroccan-born Ismail Sghir, who now competes for France has also confirmed his participation.

Other leading athletes expected to line up in Berkane include Belgium?s World Cross Country Champion Mohammed Mourhit (also of Moroccan origin), who will be aiming for a third title at the World Cross Country Championships in Dublin on 24 March; Olympic 5000 meter champion and World vice champion for the distance, Million Wolde of Ethiopia and a large number of top Moroccan athletes headed by 3000 meter silver medalist at Edmonton, Ali Ezzine.

Although she could not set a marathon debut record as she promised before the race, Mizuki Noguchi won the 2002 Nagoya International Women?s Marathon in 2:25:35 despite unseasonably warm weather. Hiromi Ominami who has run the Nagoya Women?s Marathon for the last four years in a row set a personal best of 2:27:29 while finishing second. Finishing third in 2:28:10 was Megumi Tanaka, another debutante.
Tegla Loroupe finished seventh in 2:31:27.
Indoor news Johan Wissman, 19yrs old, set a new Swedish Nat 200m indoor record whilst finishing 2nd in the 200m to a Brit?.. Jolanda Ceplak ran a stunning 4:05 in her first serious 1500m, 5 secs from the WR. And the ever-ready Colin Jckson won the hurdles?. All happening in Blighty.
USA 15-k Champs: 1 Deena Drossin, 29, Mammoth Lakes, CA 48:14 5:11 7 2 2 Elva Dryer, 30, Gunnison, CO 48:50 5:15 4 3 3 Jennifer Rhines, 26, St Davids, PA 49:22 5:18 8 4 4 Colleen De Reuck, 37, Boulder, CO 49:39 5:20 6 5 5 Milena Glusac, 26, Fallbrook, CA 49:46 5:21 25 6 6 Kim Finchen, 33, Palo Alto, CA 50:27 5:25 24 7 7 Sylvia Mosqueda, 35, Los Angeles, CA 50:37 5:26 - One week after her Marathon in LA!

And the men
1 Meb Keflezighi, 26, Chula Vista, CA 42:49 4:36 5 2 2 Abdi Abdirahman, 25, Tucson, AZ 43:29 4:40 3 3 3 Alan Culpepper, 29, Louisville, CO 43:33 4:41 5 Clint Wells, 26, Boulder, CO 44:30 4:47 12 6 6 Scott Larson, 32, Boulder, CO 44:54 4:49 9 Keith Dowling, 32, Reston, VA 45:17 4:52 34 10 Eddy Hellnbuyck, 41, Albuquerque, NM 45:20 4:52 11 Clint Verran, 26, Rochester, MI 45:20 4:52 Hanson's Running 12 Jeff Campbell, 30, Rochester, MI 45:24 4:53 13 Josh Cox, 26, Mt Laguna, CA 45:27 4:53 16 David Morris, 31, Albuquerque, NM 45:45 4:55?? 18 Teddy Mitchell, 30 46:05 4:57?.. 19 Jerry Lawson, 35, Jacksonville, FL 46:14 4:58 1stplace Sprts?.. 20 Mike Mykytok, 30, Ramsey, NJ 46:16 4:58?. 23 Steve Spence, 39, Shippensburg, PA 46:52 5:02?. 24 Andrey Kuznetsov, 44, Rockville, MD 47:01 5:03?.
"I made one mistake," lamented Abdirahman after the race. "I fell asleep and let him go on that one surge. It just takes one surge to break open a race."
Drossin, 29, earned $10,000 for the victory, plus the $3000 course and $5000 American record bonuses

This is a super fast course, most runners running PR?s and performances they will not repeat until next year?s race?

Seven Running USA races will celebrate their 25th editions in 2002. The seven stalwarts are: America's Finest City Half-Marathon (CA), Azalea Trail 10K (AL), Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Int'l Marathon (MI), Gate River Run 15K (FL), Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia Distance Run (PA), Park Forest Scenic 10 Mile Run (IL) and Tulsa Run 15K (OK). So expect ?old style price entry fees, with races reverting to 70?s fees? yeah right.
First a congratulations to the Winners & winning teams at the Brooklyn Half Marathon: Zoomalong with the performance of the day, first female, first Master, first author, first?. And Silky Wilky from Warren St. West Side Teamwise finally got in gear for the year, and a stunning result from the Girls in Orange. Super impressive! I missed the race, as per usual as it now seems. Except this time there was a story, a reason. I was up at 05:30, I was in Brooklyn at 07:00 an hour before the start, and only 13.1 miles from the starting line. So explain this? I can?t. How come when the gun went off I had traveled from Brooklyn, back through Manhattan, up over the Bronx, and to a town called Tuckahoe. Yep, it is true. All before 08:00! In fact by 09:00 I had eaten a fried breakfast, gone for a run, and three bagels with jelly at B?s diner had been consumed, by 09:30 I?d eaten 2 muffins and drunk a jug of starbucks, and before 10 I was in a bagel shop getting two C&R bagels with walnut cream cheese and something called a flagel, ("It?s a bagel that a truck ran over") the morning went by in a blur. I am not sure what turn I took, or whatever? but I know Vuitton had something to do with it. Meanwhile also on the road to the race was Mikey-Nikey, "I?ve taken a wrong turn, it looks like I am in JFK?." Guess who else did not turn up?

Australian Olympian Steve Moneghetti will compete in this weekend's King Island Imperial Twenty race in Tasmania. That despite announcing his retirement about a year ago.

More Oz news: In Melbourne this week Craig Mottram's 13:12.04 took almost three seconds off Troop's Australian record, set in 1999.

We read on the CPTC site about the poaching of runners from one club to another? and let it be know that in Urban Athletics we frown on those things, unless of course the Poachee happens to be an egg to a millionnaire.

Smokin? J continues his comeback trail, his immediate goals are to open another packet of Marlboro?s, and after that contemplate running a leg (or on one) of the powerbar relays.

New Web site!!

Franziska Rochat-Moser, winner of the 1997 New York Marathon, died Thursday, a day after an accident in the Swiss Alps.

Rochat-Moser, 35, was carried away by a snowslide while skiing and climbing in the Swiss Alps on Wednesday. She was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in Lausanne but died Thursday night, Vaud cantonal (state) police said.

Rochat-Moser was a lawyer but gave up her career when she married chef Philippe Rochat to help him run the gourmet Girardet restaurant in her hometown of Cressier. The restaurant is one of the most prestigious in Switzerland.

She retired from competitive running in July of last year following a hip operation.

The most successful marathon runner in Swiss history, Rochat-Moser began her athletic career in orienteering, before taking up marathon running.

She won the Swiss championships in 1989 and the 1994 Frankfurt Marathon. But the high point of her career was the unexpected victory in the 1997 New York Marathon, a victory that made her a household name in Switzerland.

Today?s profile race: Nagoya Marathon
Even though she has never run a full marathon, Japan's Mizuki Noguchi is favored to win at the Nagoya International Women's Marathon in Japan this Sunday. Her last three races? She posted times of 1:08:23 (IAAF World Championships, October 2001), 1:08:28 (Nagoya, November 2001) and 1:08:22 (Miyazaki, January 2002). The world debut record of 2:23:11 by countrywoman Yoko Shibui could well be up for grabs.

Tegla Loroupe, Poland's Elzbieta Jarosz, Kirgizstan's Irina Bogacheva, China's Li He-lan and Belarussian Alla Zadorozhnaya head the international challenge.

Cathy Freeman ran in her first international race since winning the 400 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics earlier today in Melbourne. She finished fourth in the 200 meters at the IAAF Grand Prix II meet in a time of 23.64 seconds.

"Kenyan Susan Chepkemei has withdrawn from the Kenyan 8-K World Cross-Country team that is competing in Dublin later this month." Well actually she never intended to run, she was just using the Kenyan Nationals as speed work, and to make her Prisons? Team happy.

Furthermore Pamela Chepchumba, who won the race during the Kenyan national trials last month, has also dropped out, in her case for reasons of ill-health.

At the Armory tonight: Partime made an appearance, and ran part of the session. Pogo turned up late, as did Mikey Nikey, and just as I was feeling pleased about fitting in to a pair of my own trousers I noticed a pair of my tights running round the track! Amazing how one?s clothes turn up dressed on other people? it was at this point that the Boss was staring in disbelief said, "I?m going to run an American Indoor best for 42-yr olds born under the sign of a Scorpian, and do it 20-lbs overweight too!" Me, I have not a clue what he was on about, I was too busy trying to find the ignition key for the little tractor they use to zip round the track.

Anyway when the guys, led by our social party-man King Cre, zoomed off to Coogan?s it was time for Vuitton and I to cruise to the Upper West Side. We hit a sushi restaurant called Fujiyama Pajama or something? well it was about 100-yards away from where Seinfeld is building a garage to house his collection of Porsches - read 138 83rd St.

Did I mention Vuitton had been to this restaurant before and nearly got picked up by a gay waiter? Well the said waiter was non too happy when Vuitton brought the woman in the next time, and now me! He mistakenly took me as a rival and tried to stab me with a chopstick. Man. Life gets complicated sometimes huh?

Meanwhile to throw more salt on the Sushi shaker we hear TGV is wandering around looking for a gorilla suit, he then wants to take a flight to Florida, and surprise someone?. Yes that?ll do it.

China announced Thursday a two-year ban on women's long-distance runner Li Na, trained by controversial coach Ma Junren, after she tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs last year, state press reported.

Li, who trained in northeastern Liaoning province with a stable of runners under famed long-distance coach Ma, was banned from both international and domestic competition from August 2001 to August 2003, the China Sports Daily said.

Her personal coach, Shi Fujie, was also banned from coaching for the same period. Both coach and runner were fined 80,000 yuan ($9,600), the report said. Li tested positive for the unnamed drug on July 17 in an out-of-competition urine test taken by doping specialists from the International Olympic Committee, the paper said.

Having successfully completed one quantum leap with the golden 800m run that took her past Steffi Graf and into the world record books at the European indoor championships in Vienna last Sunday, Jolanda Ceplak will be attempting to take another at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow on Saturday.

The 25-year-old Slovenian athlete has a best 1500m time of 4min 13.19sec. In the Norwich Union International meeting she aims to run quicker than 4min 00.27sec, Doina Melinte's world indoor record time.

The meeting is a five-sided international match involving Great Britain, Sweden, Russia, Germany and an All Stars team but Ceplak's rivals have acceded to her request for a guest pace-maker to be added to the field. "With Jolanda in exceptional form, and after seeking the agreement of her opponents, we have decided to give her every chance to break the record," said Ian Stewart, the meeting director.

Peter Matthews has announced he will attempt to dethrone the King of BallyCotton. In Ireland?s biggest footrace the national XC champion will go head to head with Ireland?s self-proclaimed King of the Roads, Noel ?Berko? Berkeley. Berko, the defending champ andf 5-time winner of the race, has defied the Irish world of running, his competitors wait for him to be untrained, drunk, or simply out of the loop? then they try and defeat the wizard. However to date Berko has held them at bay - the latest example was at the New year when the Flying Berko wacked out a 22-minute 5-miler!!! Not bad considering this King was winning races back in the Eighties!
Heading the list for the Bamorla 5-mile race in Scotland at the end of the month is Olympic 5000 meters gold medallist Gabriela Szabo, the woman she outsprinted across the line in Sydney, Sonia O'Sullivan and the winner of the 1996 Olympic 10000 meters title, Fernanda Ribeiro. The current world best performance for the distance was achieved in 1999 by Paula Radcliffe over the Royal Deeside course when scorching around Her Majesty The Queen's Royal Estate in 24 minutes 47 seconds.
Track and field runner Nils Engevik tested positive on a doping test and has admitted to injecting a dose of testosterone.

"I did it as a one-time thing because of an injury. I never intended to use it again," Engevik, 29, told the newspaper Bergens Tidende. The B-test of the long-distance runner is not yet complete, but he is awaiting suspension after admitting to the drug use. "I woke up the following day with anxiety attacks and heavy sweating. I regret it terribly," Engevik said.

Running with the Rocket in Central Park - we managed 6 miles in 52-minutes. To make matters worse I got blow away by a cyclist on the way over to his house. I was zipping along and this guy blew by me like I was standing in mud. I did not even try to jump on his wheel, it was not an option.

DIANE MODAHL is confronted by bankruptcy after being hit by a demand for £200,000 from the administrators and creditors of the British Athletic Federation.

Modahl took to the courts after the BAF's 1995 doping ban was overturned on appeal eight months later by the sport's world governing body. When the BAF were declared insolvent in 1997, their creditors instructed the administrators to defend the action taken by Modahl. In an interview in this week's Athletics Weekly, Modahl said she, her husband Vicente and six-year-old daughter Imani

Seen on the Rez last night - Monsieur et Madame Mileage, doing just that, Michael Anderson - who will be a strong force for Warren St @ Brooklyn on Saturday - along with the monsieur of course. Then Ramon was looking after the TNT?s, and helping me with bicycle dynamic talks?. Partime came running by, and of course the Rez Dogs themselves - I?ve got money on Amber popping a good one this weekend, Rachel too.

"Iron out the remaining political bullshit from the previous week, and ride smooth for 15 more years. I could use a lotto hit, and pack in all this bullshit called work." And that is from our own Vuitton.

The Ed?s always right; sometimes it is frustrating as a write when you know something is right, when it is wrong. For the Train Hard book I wanted to include two athletes, Chepkemei & Kipkirui. Both were omitted as virtual unknowns. Too bad as Chepkemei ran a world record in the Half Marathon, and Kipkirui popped a top ten alltime result in the steeplechase!

For the West Coasters read on: The future of your Los Angeles Marathon may be in jeopardy. In a recent newspaper article, some local politicians called into question the costs of the event to the city.

Here are the facts. Each year, the City of Los Angeles Marathon pays a fee to the city for the rights to hold the event. In turn, the city provides services to close the streets, control traffic and patrol the course. You may be interested to know that fees are waived for the Dodgers, Clippers, Galaxy, Kings, and L.A. Lakers.

You should also know that the city provides similar services for other major events such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmys, and Grammys, none of which pays a fee; all of which are closed to the public. In contrast, the L.A. Marathon is an all-inclusive event that offers local taxpayers 26 miles of free front-row seats to a world-class sporting event. It also generates $22 million much-needed dollars to the local economy following the drop in tourism after September 11.

If you think the public money spent to keep the Marathon in Los Angeles is well spent, we urge you to contact the politicians who question its value to the city. Please e-mail the Mayor, City Councilmembers, and City Controller by clicking here ( Or if you have the time, please call City Council member Jack Weiss at (213) 484-5013 and City Controller Laura Chick at (213) 485-5093.

Australia?s Olympic 400 metres champion Cathy Freeman said on Tuesday she wanted to win the 200 and 400 meters double at this year?s Commonwealth Games.

Nolan Shaheed set a new 50-54 indoor world age-group record for the mile when he finished the Masters Mile at New York City last Saturday in 4:26.75. Ouch - he holds also the outdoor record, a tick fast at 4:25.

Commitment of the day goes to the Captain who ran with me this morning at 5 AM after driving in from Hoboken in 7-degree wind chill weather! Ouch. A bonus prize goes to Kwasi who was at the 6th St track last night in similar weather. Reminds me of a quote from a coach who was helping David Hemery. It was snowing, the track was invisible. The coach went down to meet his stable of athletes, and only David was there. He told the 400m hurdler, "The road to Mexico (?68 Olympics) begins here." Sure enough a couple of years later Hemery won the Olympic Gold.

Mind you after turning up in cold weather to run at the track, and after turning up to coach I do believe the athlete has the better deal! So much so that when coaching Kwasi I jumped in the session myself, and ran with him - though he did blow me off in the running!

Three-time NYC Marathon champion Alberto Salazar holds the American8-km mark of 22:04 set back in 1981. Already announced in the field for the NYRR 8-km in April are Dan Browne, Scott Larson and Nick Rogers. Will they do it? You better be there and see for yourself!

"But no one gets faster without speed work," says Volker Wagner, coach to Tegla Loroupe and Joyce Chepchumba amongst others (But obviously not to Pro Pierre - hey, no need for snipey comments, ED).

We hear from The Boss, "Your rational for drinking is truly a revelation. Thank you soooooo much!" And for his followers we are glad to report that the Boss is indeed running again, albeit with issues - let?s hope those injuries heal up quickly.

This Saturday is the Brooklyn Half - a pain to get to the start of this one - it is out in no-mans land. However the organizers are promising a bus to the start, a T-Shirt, A well marshalled traffic free course, bagels and hot chocolate at the finish which has to be one of the best $11 bargains you?ll find in the world of running.

Today's whatever happened to? Section belongs to Maria Akraka. The Swedish born 800m runner was a favorite on the European circuit, ran sub 2 for the 800m, and won countless national titles.

S??"efter l??karri?n" tr?r du n?n l??ng eller annan tr?ng? (After your running career ended do you still do any running, or specialized, training?) ? F??ker att springa 3 dagar i veckan. Det blir inte speciellt l?t, men jag tar mig ut i alla fall. Rider och k??? en hel del p?elgerna ocks?(I try to run 3 days a week. Not so long, but just to go out. I ride and drive horses over the weekend also.)
Kommer du att springa n?a lopp som motion? (Will you enter any races just as a fun runner?)
? Nej. Slut ?slut. (No. Finished is finished.)
Har du aldrig funderat ?? att springa en mara? (Have you ever thought about running a marathon?) ? Nej. (No.) And there you have it. Maria is married to a Swedish triple jumper, and she did make a short comeback after giving birth a few years back. SHe now works with TV, and horses.

Happy Birthday to Texas Kim!

On March 21 the Kenyan team will leave to Dublin from Mt. Embu. The coach Mike Kosgei has not revealed his strategy, or team, but promises revenge - the men?s individual title will return to Kenya he says.
During the Kosgei-years, 1985-95 Kenya did indeed dominate. Culminating in the dream championships of 1994 when Kenya took all four individual titles.

Stephanie Graf, the Olympic and World 800 meters silver medallist will link-up with top manager Jos Hermens from the Netherlands later this week after quitting the stable belonging to fellow Austrian, Robert Wagner.

Colin Jackson has delayed his retirement plans saying that because he is still winning it is not an option at the moment.

A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.

"In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, as we know, kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers."

The NYC cycling scene has a reputation, amongst the running fraternity, for not being the friendliest. I am finding out firsthand! Take for instance on Sunday; I forget my helmet so I decided to cycle slowly in Central Park for a loop. I have just been reading that to draft is to follow at 3 cycle lengths so I work out that two white dividing lines in the road are ten cycle lengths. That sussed I think I will follow, discreetly at 10-lengths, some cyclists to watch how fast their legs spin and thus work out the gearing. Two women pass by in matching jersey?s and I pedal. After only 200-meters I notice they are looking back at me and making comments to each other obviously regarding me. The heads go down, and for a brief while, and they speed up to a high pace. No problem, I am hear to learn so I keep my ten lengths. The second time they look around not only am I way behind at my 10-lengths, but I am also in the cycle rec. lane whereas they are in the right lane of the road. I smile, they slow beckoning and I draw up alongside. "Don?t follow." Well excuse me but it is a one way road! I point out I am rather way back and not at all near them, "Yes. But we don?t like people following us!"

Oh well so I cycle off, and think so what. Two days later I am cycling in the park and a guy pulls past me going up the hill with his hands behind his back. Hhmm. So I decide that I must be going slowly, too slowly, but this time I ride to the farthest point of the road on his right hand side and keep pace. He glances across and speeds up, I am having distinct problems to stay with this guy but I might as well die trying. Another half mile and he comes alongside me, "You know I don?t have any gears on this bike." He says. Now this is true but the thing is like a carbon missile and his cycling shoes were aerodynamic and looked like rockets. So I responded, "Yeah, I can see that, and?" I was debating saying, "Yeah and do you like my running shoes?" But I thought better of it. Well we did not speak for the remainder of the loop when he swerved away zipping out the park, and left me like a piece of toast - burnt out. These cyclists are tough nuts. I think I?m going back to being a reservoir jogger!

LA Results: Lyubov Denisova 2:28 won, and also Stephen Ndungu won the men?s in 2:10. Our fav, Sylvia Mosqueda was 7th in 2:36? a sterling reslut for the world, but a disappointment for Sylvia who is easily capable of a sub 2:30. A 46-yr old Russian woman ran 2:30? and for our next commercial - the wonders of syringes! 2:29 was Julio Valle - a 27-min 10-k runner, something went wrong there!

News from Lise in Eldoret: "Mary and I just got back from Nairobi- chick's weekend...needed to do a little partying so it was a ton of fun. We showed the Kenyans at the clubs how the white girls from Canada can dance-with a little help from the vodkas of course.....Nairobi seemed so small as we kept running into people we know from Eldoret at every place..." Lise adds that I should explain that Hob-Nobs are actually chocolate cookies to the un-informed!

We hear from Minnesota that Henry Stern, the former parks commissioner from NYC, was seen in Fred?s today for Brunch on the Upper West Side. When Stern was told his table was not ready he simply sat down on the floor in the middle of the restaurant until a waitress asked him to move - yep, the guy is eccentric all right! He used to tell all his staff to call him ?StarQuest.?

I went for a cycle in the park and hit a squirrel. It could have been worse - there were two squirrels in the middle of the road. As I approached one jumped in front of the bike, and made it. The other one followed suit and hit me in the leg! I have Global to thank that I did not try and swerve and fall off - he told me, as we cycled together a year ago, that if it is a squirrel it is best to keep straight and be prepared to ride over the little bug. And that I was. The good news is that the squirrel was fine and zipped off. I hate riding in the park on the weekends, it was just that my total bike mileage is 24-miles for the bike race at the end of this month - I have to get in form, well learn to feel some cycle-pain.

Gabriel Muchiri West Chester,PA 23 M 1:01:18 won the Newark Distance Classic one second ahead of another Kenyan, with Naomi Wangui in 10th place overall running 1:10!

Ryuji Takei of Japan captured his first victory, beating Mohamed Ouaadi of France to win the Lake Biwa men's marathon Sunday.

The win makes up for the 30-year-old's heartbreaking performance here two years ago, when Shinji Kawashima beat him to a place in the Sydney Olympics by 19 seconds.

Ouaadi, the 2000 Paris marathon winner, survived a three-men second group to come in second in 2:09:00, followed by Fred Kiprop of Kenya in 2:09:08.

Takei snatched the lead from fellow Japanese Toshinari Suwa shortly after the 36-kilometer mark and kept some 10 seconds ahead of the rest of the field to clock 2:08:35.

More Euro News: The men's 1,500 belonged to Portugal's Rui Silva. He won by a yard and finished in 3 minutes, 49.93 seconds, for his season's best mark. Spain's Juan Higuero was second in 3:50.08 and Britain's Michael East was third in 3:50.52.

Poland took the gold and bronze in the men's 200. Marcin Urbas won in 20.64 seconds, 0.01 ahead of Christian Malcolm of Britain. Robert Mackowiak was third in 20.77.

France's Muriel Hurtis retained her European Indoor title over 200, timed in 22.52. Austria's Karin Mayr was second in 22.70, her fastest time this season. Germany's Gabi Rockmeier was third in 23.05.

Glory Alozie, born in Nigeria but now racing for Spain, easily won the women's 60-meter hurdles in 7.84 seconds. Linda Ferga of France was second and Kirstin Bolm of Germany was third.

In the men's 3,000, Spaniards Alberto Garcia and Antonio Jiminez finished 1-2. Compatriot Jesus Espana shared third with Britain's John Maycock. Garcia was timed in 7:43.89, with Jiminez at 7:46.49 and Espana and Maycock at 7:48.08. "We've been able to show everyone that Spanish athletes are among Europe's best," Garcia said. Russia's Marina Kuptsova beat Sweden's Kajsa Bergqvist to win the women's high jump, clearing 6-foot-8. Slovak claims indoor WR at the Euro Champs!
1:55:82 for Jolanda Ceplak. The surprise was sweeter when the speaker announced she had broken the world mark set here in Vienna back in 1988. Austria?s Graf said in Stockholm one year ago that she intended to break the world indoor record. She did with a time of 1:55.85 minute but she placed second once again for the silver.

UK?s Jason Gardener successfully defended his European Indoor title in 60 meters as he won ahead of his teammate Mark Lewis-Francis in Vienna. Gardener tied the championship record running in 6.49 seconds while Lewis-Francis, 2000 world junior champion in 100, won his first medal as a senior.

Great-Britain's Colin Jackson claimed the 60 meters hurdles European title in Vienna, eight years after his last Euro Champ Gold. And Poland's Pawel Czapiewski claims the gold in men's 800 meters

Mexican Olympian German Silva, who won the New York City Marathon in 1994 and 1995, has announced his retirement

Finnish Indoor Nat Champs Juha Hellsten and Jussi Utriainen?the latter training for a Flora London Marathon debut?won the 3000m - Hellsten clocked in 8:06.90, and Utriainen 2nd in 8:06.99.

A few minutes after her achievement, Russia's Svetlana Feofanova broke her own world mark in pole vault, leaping over 4.75 metres to upset Germany's Yvonne Buschbaum and Poland's Monika Pirek both of whom set new national records respectively at 4.65 and 4.60. Saturday: I had not intended on going this day to the races but that is another sstory: The day was highlighted by some fantastic relays from the High School kids. Unbelievable how much they gave in effort, especially the High School girls? 4 x 400m. Another highlight was the CPTC?s relay teams for the women - some great runs there too. I sat with the SC?s and in front of us were a most amusing bunch of teenagers who knew da? deal. A real hoot.

Faces in the crowd; Ray from the Millrose 800m fame, and his wife Lisa whose birthday it was, "I get a track meet and a meal for a birthday present." Lisa was 39-yrs young, but looking all of 29 - must be the running! Then Kimka was there too, "There should have been a Masters? women?s mile too (there was a men?s)." Bola & Sylvie from CPTC, and thanks to Bola for the bagels, R2 who kindly loaned me her zippy phone when I was trying to call Minnesota. The Boss & Mikey-Nikey were somewhere in the hall, as were many other local athletes. Yep, a good day?s competition.

Out at night to Minnesota?s to eat before the next day when I went to the Coogan?s 5-k race. The Spaghetti Kenyan had an easy win before last year?s runner-up Santos. The team results, as it was a scoring race, gave the WS team a foot back in the running. However CPTC still lead the standings.

The women?s race was a battle between the top two Master?s in the city with Gordon Zoomalong Bakoulis coming out on top - she is rocking this year, and her husband was the top male master!

Regina Jacobs jogged the race, she looked incredibly skinny - mucho jealous.

Myself I ran with my Turkish friend from the Achilles who suffers from a rare blindness disorder - the brighter it gets the less he can see. Hakan is a great guy and I got the pleasure to first meet him at the club night. As we lined up I was a little nervous that some mishap would happen, though it was smooth running all the way. I got a bit carried away with the speed, "Are you okay?" "A little too fast.." Oophs, back off! Hakan ran 23:37 - his first time under 25! Well done!

Running back from the race - I was getting cold, I went down Broadway and suddenly heard my name being called. I looked round and there was Tristar on her way back from swimming practice. So we had brunch at Toast - a nice little brunch/breakfast place on Broadway/125th St. Well what are the chances on that?

A night at the nationals: Pre-race I went up to Kimka Mansions, the only place to read W magazine. We met Sonja up there talking to Isaya the skinny Kenyan over the blower ( a small world huh?), and also Irena, the babysitter, ?People think I am too thin in America." Honey hold that dream.

The Rocket and I went for a run on the West Side Highway path - up near 110th St. Having 6 lanes of traffic buzzing past my ear (albeit in two directions) I was shocked to hear the Rocket say that this was his fav place to run!

So back to the nationals? Urm, it was great to see Jearl Miles-Clark on the track, she is a legend and a half. The men?s distance races were not too bad - Tim Broe ran great, and low and behold if I did not spot an old friend on the track! Ibrahim Aden from Georgetown. A Somalian who must?ve now gotten a green card finished 3rd in the mile in 3:59. The college-ites amongst you may remember better the name of his training partner who holds the ncaa 800 record of 1:44 Julius Achon. Well the two of them used to come to Albo with a Hungarian whose name has slipped from my memory. Achon, when injured, used to tell the other two, "You better pray to God I get better because I?m the reason why the college gets Mizuno sponsorship." What a guy, so I was very happy to Ibrahim running - no sign of Jules.

I started the afternoon at Coogan?s with R2 and 2 guys who really believed they should be comedians, I could not even do my usual impression of pretending to be amused at their dire attempts of humor.

The Romanian capital Bucharest is the latest name to be put forward as a possible venue for the Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson fight.

Olympic news, and no surprises, Larissa Lazutina and Olga Danilova's B-samples test positive

And even more bad humor: Austrian officials say blood transfusion equipment found at cross country skiing team base was used to treat colds, not improve performance

More? Okay, The IAAF decides to return to the original format of the Golden League. An athlete will now need to win all of 7 GL meetings for jackpot.

Russia's Yelena Prokhorova snatched the gold in the last event of the women's pentathlon, the 800 meters, on Friday to take the first title of the European Indoor Championships. The world heptathlon champion finished second in her 800m heat, but her time of two minutes 13.59 seconds was enough to win the gold.

But back to those Nationals, well they seemed to go smoothly enough. The men?s 800m looked a little slim on the names, and the women?s 800m was the who?s who? Of who?

Well we did see some local talent - 3 Top Masters: Vinyl Jim, and The Boss, were up there, as was Kimka. Then there waqs the guy I was sitting next to whose name eludes me, and did all night, though he told me that we go back, way back. Ophs.

Meets are good chances to meet (huh) and I met Scott Lange from the Promo world, and have a meeting with him tomorrow at the armory to see if we can work together to promote Lornah?s camp - so it looks like I will go to the Nats tomorrow as well.

Hungary has made a formal bid to host the 2005 world athletics championships. - trying to step in where the Brits failed, how embarrassing!

Happy March to y'all!
It is a funny world - I was running thinking about an ad I saw for a leather jacket. It was torn and battered and by an Italian designer label, for $3,000. It was called, "distressed leather," and thus was at a higher price than its ?pristine? cousins. Kind of like rich people pretending to blend in, and paying a price for it. Anyway at that moment I ran in to Vinyl Jim so the thoughts moved to converse. Vinyl scooped some dollars at the last money race, "And that running worse than I did last year!" Good for him.

Later in the park the Flying Urbanoso?s were doing the hillwork. Carol dropped by (jeers to The Boathouse for not letting her use the restrooms), King Cre reminds us that he needs numbers for the relay team to run the Achilles race on April 28th - So c?mon guys give the King a ring if you want to do your part. Ben dropped by, did a solid session, and speedster Kwasi came to work the gradient too. Chris from Amex, Adam, and Buffalo were also zipping up the hill, and Mary V joined us whilst tapering for the track meet on Saturday, then Connor was there too charging up the hill with power - yep, the group were kickin! Running by we saw Michael A from WS who has been running very well of late, the GNY team movin? along, and then CPTC - thanks to Alan Rube for saying hi, and to Sir Roland for smiling nicely as they went by?.

Gail Devers has the flu - be warned those of you hunting her autograph this weekend at the Armory!

"That was Candice Bergman you were talking to on Saturday." Said Laura to me. "Who, when?" I replied. "That woman who kept on asking where you came from, and saying you had a funny accent." She said. My next question was, "Who is Candice Bergman?" To which Laura said, "Murphy Brown!" Well I am also clueless to who Murphy is as well!

Next was a phonecall from the Rocket, he was at the NYRR buying armory tickets, "I?ve got tickets for Saturday." So I told him I was going on Friday. "Ah," he says, "People say that Saturday is better." Well if you don?t want to watch the distance races, you know the 3000m and the mile..

I was running with the captain in Central Park, and for once we weren?t yapping as it was a wind chill factor of 16! Yep, it was shortly after 5 AM. We were running with two women and suddenly there was a squawking animal sound from the bushes, the girls stopped to investigate, the Captain advised that we push on - "Could be the husbands."

We hear from Lee, "for fun Becky and I ran the Motorola Marathon relay. My folks live close to Austin, so it was a no-brainer. My sciatica and tight periformis is getting better. Dr. Connors fitted me for some orthotics, and I've been getting some great P.T. As with many runners, my core muscles were quite weak. I'd much rather run 10 miles than do ab work. But pain is a great motivator, and I'm learning to love crunches." A marathon for fun? Those girls are tough!

Ashia Hansen and Colin Jackson will spearhead the British bid for medals when the 27th European Indoor Championships begin on Friday morning. Dave Martin reports from Vienna. World indoor triple jump record holder Ashia Hansen spearheads the British charge for medals when the European Indoor Championships begin in Vienna on Friday morning. Along with Nick Buckfield - whose recent 5.82 metres pole vault clearance, suggests a possible medal - the highly experienced Hansen opens the three days programme for the compact 21-strong squad forecast to win possibly ten medals.

Jimmy-Bats has a new email address, if you don?t know it then you?re out of the loop, or perhaps you don?t know the Bats.

On Sunday I shall be running the Coogan?s 5-km as a guide for Achilles runner Hakan. My first step to doing more communal running stuff in 2002. Another step will be to help Krafty Krebs with a program starting near his home for the community kids - Man, they won?t know what has happened when I hit the gym, "Mom, there?s this new coach and he made us do hill work for an hour! And then we had to do Boot Camp for a further hour!"

News from the shoe project: "Last weekend I was in Kenya cross Country trials. I went there with my two juniors athletes. They finished 55th and 63rd in junior men event. This is very impressive performances compare to their ages. This are among the boys who are the product of the shoes. I started with them when the first pairs of shoes arrived. These boys are in the Tanzania junior team for WCC. Unfortunately the third boy who was very strong and worn half Marathon race at the end of last year was injured. I hope he will recover very soon to be in the team for Dublin." That from Max in Arusha.

TRD president, Danny Le Dog, wants it to be know that the below mentioned Pierre is not a member of his club.

Haile Gebrselassie had a runaway win in the Ethiopian National Cross Country Championships held at the Jan Meda Racecourse in Addis Ababa on Sunday February 24th. Haile broke away shortly after the halfway point and went on to win by 42 seconds ahead of fellow London marathon entrant Tesfaye Jifar. Neither Gebrselassie nor Jifar will be running in Dublin. Kenyans breathe a sigh of relief.

The women's 8k race was a sprint finish between four athletes - won by Leila Aman ahead of better-known athletes including World Championship 5000m Bronze medallist Ayelech Worku and cross-country specialist Merima Denboba.

The men's short race was comfortably won by Keninisa Bekele, while the women's 4k was won by Workinesh Kidane. Bekele, winner of a number of European Races this winter, aims to attempt a Dublin double, tackling the 12km race on Sunday March 24th after running in the World Championship 4km on Saturday 23rd. Results:
Men's 12k: 1. Haile G/S 35:42 2. Tesfaye Jifar 36:24 3. Assefa mezgebu 36:30 4. Mesfin Hailu 36:31 5. Habte Jifar 36:32 6. Anbesse Tola 36:35
Women's 8k: 1. Leila Aman 27:22 2. Jerusalem Kumar 27:25 3. Teiba Erkesso 27:25 4. Ayelech Worku 27:25 5. Merima Denboba 27:32 6. Atalech Katama 27:50

Legend of the day is one of Coach Bob Glover?s athletes: "Toshi d'Elia ran Boston in 2:59 at age 49, then became first woman in the world to break 3:00 with 2:57 to win world champs in Glasgow. She has been a nominee EVERY YEAR for NYRRC since it started in 1979." Man, I take my hat off to her!

On the Rez tonight, where I definitely was not taking my hat off, as it was so cold, we saw Michelle La Oz of the aforementioned club doing ?5,? then Ramon up there with the TNT, the Rez Dogs were tough enough to do a good 800 session - Amber straight from a PR in the Snowflake, Dan striding well despite nursing a calf pull, Laura doing her Olga Korbitt impressions? Stu Glu ran by twice but did not recognize me, well he was going rather quickly.. then there was Mindy and her running group? a popular place to hang is the old Rez platforma.

We hear Mikey-Nikey is making the Nationals Saturday and Sunday. Who is going Friday? I am, thanks to R2 having a spare ticket!

Svetlana Feofanova broke the pole vault indoor world record for the fourth time this month, clearing 15 feet, and with IAAF bonuses alone that is great money, good for her.

.. France's 1996 Olympic pole vault champion Jean Galfione will not be competing in the European indoor athletic ...

Soap Opera Local Sagas (If you have any sense stop reading today?s snippets. - I go to Puerto Rico and somebody emails me and says I saw your nice posting on the message board of the TRD running club (I am coaching the club) so, upon my return, I post this message:

Hey Guys- I hope to see LOTS of you out there tomorrow on the Rez. By the way I received a cryptic message, 'monsterman???' posting? I was in Puerto Rico for the week and did not post a thing... if someone is using my identity to post messages please don't - if I am barking up the wrong tree, then I will be very happy! Toby-- me.

Diplomatic methinks. Next day I check the board and what do I see? "Hey, Toby, If I really wanted to insult you, I wouldn't send a cryptic message: I would simply dust you in a road race. Be happy that I don't train for road races full-time. Sod off you overtrained stick." Pierre.

Considering I have just completed my tenth run of the year I was rather taken aback, and confused by this vicious comment, then I read the posting of the club?s former president Wenz, "Nice to see you out there on Sat. As for the posting by someone taking a shot at Pierre....Each posting on a bulletin board has a "thread" which identifies the sender. I would suggest that Monish traces the thread and "outs" the culprit. Now that should be fun :-)"
It gives me a laugh to 'read' I am an overtrained stick! I have currently ran 9 days this entire year (make that 10-today), and it is soon March no less. Overtrained? I wish!

Personally I am shocked at the response of this character whom I have never met, nor indeed care to. I hope that ?Monish? does track down the mystery posting person. And what makes Pierre so sure that he?d insult me by finishing in front of me? If indeed he ever has (I have only run about 100 races in NYC so he should have good odds!) though the name is a mystery. By the way - this bit is for Pierre, You can dust me if you want to, I am sure you are an excellent runner. But I am not sure what dusting is.... is that what forms on a stick or something?

Further investigations: In an attempt to find out who this man is I searched the TRD message board and discovered this message: "Hey, Al G.: I'm gonna race Al G. and hope to place well (top ten?) Men, make sure to train and enter this race: email:" So now I am going to look in the results of the Al Gordon 15-km race and see if I can find anything? any bets to what I will find?

Okay? a while later in time. No results anywhere to be found, thus I brought out more research and came up with this post in December that I myself made to the group, that simply said, "Remember guys, the road to commitment begins at & (miss-hit the capitals, should?ve read 7) PM tonight - be there!" Talking about meeting for our once a week session of speed training. Therein came this reply, from non-other than this Pierre character?. "Not to grandstand Toby in any way, but I just don't want anyone from TRD who is NOT racing for the next 2 months to be lead to believe that doing speed work now will help you. Actually, IT MAY HURT YOU so STAY AWAY from speedwork and REST your legs for awhile. In fact, go for a swim (if you can) to stay in shape. More is almost NEVER better: just ask this Pro. Triathlete." From: Pierre

So I first tried to reach the man by his email link, then after hearing nothing from him I responded on the message board:
"Hallo Pierre, I am trying to think if I know you. You are a professional triathlete, as your message states, do you compete in running events in New York, or triathlons? It is easier to reply to someone I can put a face together with.

However to respond to the speed issue I take the overview of Sebastian Coe, no slouch himself (for those who don't know the name he held the 800m WR for 18-yrs) - an abandonment of speed leads you forever to play catch up back to the point you left your 'speed' at. This, though, does not mean you have to be gung-ho in an intense speed program, it merely means that you have to keep the fast twitch fibers alert and in tune with the neuro rhythms of fast running

Speed does not kill the legs, it is long slow distance that does - a cause for injury more so than speedwork as the legs become less efficient the slower they turn over. Basically running is simple; practice running slow, and slow you will run. ("LSD produces LSD runners," Coe). A session of speed work is not going to kill anyone's legs. In the immortal words of the world's arguably most successful coach, Brother Colm, "Remember even 13-yr old schoolgirls are training three times a day."

I could start harping on about 500 other examples ass I am sure you could too - but basically I don't think there is a competitive running club (not triathlons) in the city that shares your view. Coincidentally last Tuesday I had the pleasure of working out with an 'amateur' triathlete, not pro like yourself, and she started her speed track session before a running team took to the track, and when she ended her session, that running club had gone home ages ago - she 'merely' has a 10:07 Ironman PR doubled with a full time job." Perfectly reasonable I think? perhaps, months later, this added oil to the fire - I mean how am I supposed to remember all these different names. What a soap opera, and I don?t even know the players! Life in NYC, the mind boggles! If it makes Pierre the Pro feel any better I can not do 10-sit-ups without problems, there you go for some dusting.

Now for more meaningful information: The New Parks Commissioner is apparently running friendly - that is extremely good news to all Park users in the City of New York.

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