Train at High Altitude. Many people ask me - "How can I go and train in Kenya?"
I recommend one place; email info@lornah.com to go and stay at the Home of Champions.
Join a slue of Olympians from around the world and running enthusiasts who come together for talk, training, and an unforgettable Kenyan vacation

*Exclusive use of the private LKSA tartan track*Swimming Pool*Gym*CCTV 24hr security - G4S 24hr security*Internet Lounge*(2)Restaurant(s)*

RUN the TCS New York Marathon for Team Shoe4Africa please! We need you to fund raise and run the marathon for us - can you do it? Give me an email toby@shoe4africa.org and let me know if you want a spot in our ace team. SIGN UP LINK

Extremely sad news from Kenya. Earlier this month three Canadians arrived for a two month training stint. One guy, the coach, from Newfoundland who was making his first trip to Kenya. He'd been involved for decades with the running scene, obviously loved the sport and was a participant. In Iten we share breakfast tables, you sit and talk and learn. "Cliff" with his Canadian cap always had good stories from the past andd also of the present - like how he went out for a jog/walk and a Kenyan guy dressed for buisness, slightly over weight, had started jogging by his side offering him encouragement. Then there was a the group of kids who had joined him on consecutive days. He always had nice things to say... last night I heard the sad news that he had collapsed after a morning exercise and died in Iten. RIP Cliff.
I think I have to learn a new language to understand twitter, double dutch and skinny goat. Apparently facebook is no longer the place for the cutting edge.

However you get good info every where and I saw that the Born to Run guy has a new book and its release is next month and if you visit the Back on My Feet webiste, available on good (old) facebook, you will see details on how to attend, contribute and come home feeling good.. with a new book that I know will be a great read. plus my friend Terry Gerchberg is the Exec Director so it will be a cool night.

Sports (athletics - running) round up - the Good - Jessica Ennis is making a return after a two year absence after childbirth, the Bad- Russia don't retract the Olympic medals of convicted cheaters (for eg. Yuliya - 3,000m steeplechase: Olympic champion in London, world gold in 2011 and silver in 2009. Got a two-year and six-month ban in January, but has so far kept her medals). Usch... then the Ugly - why would Nike wish to pay copious amounts of money to have a man who has been twice banned (showing how effect the bans are) wear and promote their brand? What message is that sending to the young kids going into the sport today? Nike's PR manager might say they are only taking the lead of the dubious move of the USATF who made this man their 'hero' of the year (Male athlete of the year). Bizarre. Can one see Ben Johnson getting the athlete of the year in 1990 if he competed well two years afetr Seoul? I am guessing not.
A day in NYC. Started with a subway ride down from Harlem to Park Ave South. There was a time when I would never ride a subway spare one or two times per year. That was in my bicycle era. Today less than three miles I walk, more than that run or sub it.

Again I wonder at how the MTA can be thinking of raising the prices - they should give 'us' NY-ers a subsidy. Inner city travel should be cheaper than $2.75 (the proposed hike I think from 2.50). Anyway I went to snappy offices of Helen Keller. The CEO, Kathy is a good friend from a long time. She had set up a metting with their new Africa-person. This was the first meeting of how we can get a sort of partnership in Kenya. There is an opportunity that has opened espeically with farm lands and nutrition... and kids. Next up I was off to the Achilles Office where I did an hour catching up on emails before heading for a business lunch to discuss a number of things with Mr. Achilles - Dr. Dick Traum.

After lunch it was back down town to meet Eric - a music producer who is organising a Nelson Mandela rock concert at the Barclays Center - hopefully he'll be helping S4A in that way too soon. I want to see if I can interst him in the new Children's Health Insurance Fund thing I am working on. Then it was uptown. By now it was snowing and Eric was going to a meeting on 54th so I hitched a ride up to 50th where I met Stacy, a long time friend from the running world. Then after this I was supposed to go back down town to the F.I.T. offices but my phone battery had gone flat so I could not call to check the Boss was 'home'. So I ran the 85-blocks back home in the freezing snow... by the time I had got up-uptown it was thick and looking like December again!

Meanwhile in running the redhot Mo Farah races tomorrow in Lisbon, here's his game plan from the press conference; 'I値l see how I値l be on the day of the race,' he said. 'I知 in good shape, as my recent two miles world indoor best proved, but once I知 on the course I値l see if I知 able to produce something special. I値l go with the boys in the front and then we will see.' -- guessing a new PR for him.
Yesterday I was humming a tune to Bob Dylan lyrics that I was muttering to keep warm in NYC up in the 140's when I was visiting an art school. I got into philathropy through schooling. It was all about BogaZaire but that isa another story - here I was talking to an enlightened Art Teacher about a project we are doing to send art from Harlem to the children's hospital in Kenya... and the cold wind continued to blow through my bones.
It is very easy to understand why Ryan Hall is such a great media person - he is himself, he is genuine and it comes out - here in the New Yorker, even the writer isn't doing justice to depth kind've scribing more that write-Ing, but here you go... a train ride to work (link)
Pretty much decided that tbe Shoe4Africa 5k will be on June 18th, so make sure you are here and ready to run! In that month the first Shoe4Africa Germany race will come... then also in the pipeline is Shoe4Africa Japan!
The London Marathon field got another upgrade - Geoffrey Mutai who was slated to run Tokyo and A. Mergia in the women. Shockingly good just got better.
Was at the NYC half Marathon this past weekend. At the north end of the park. What was incredible was how many people were running.... tons, the lines never stopped. People just kept on streaming. Sally finished third, and in second was Joyce who has the CR at the Shoe4Africa 5k in Iten, Kenya. In the men it was a Kenyan from Iona college that won.
Raining in NYC - cold but not so cold as when it was when the freeze was here. Talking down pours the rains are here, not yet in Kenya -- and the by the ways - two odd stories. I come to the Nairobi airport, outside the airport a guy from Kenya Airports Authority, young guy, stops me before I enter the building, "Where is your ticket?" I tell him I have no ticket, it is called an e-ticket. He says, "No one enters this building without a ticket, or this badge" he says pointing to his "Kevin O. namebadge". I ask him, "Have you heard of an E ticket?" He says, "You. Stand to the side you are not coming in. You need a paper ticket." I am wondering what planet he is coming from - I thought I was behind the times. Lornah is inthe next terminal so I decide to call her. I also call British Airways, I also call the British Embassy. Two minutes later Lornah (whom I have just flown from Eldoret with arrives, she has called the supervisor. The British Airways rep arrives... the guy starts to regret this stupid attitude he has...

Meanwhile a close friend of mine gets invited to a 40th birthday party three weeks away. She responds Yes to the husband. The day of the party there is an update. Y'know one of those evites. She goes not checking the last minute update, buys a gift etc. Following the party she is about to leave when the host husband comes up to her, "By the way, it's $40." She is like, "Urm what a surprise, was that on the invite??" The husband replies, yes, I just updated today. What a low down trick. I only met this guy once, for about five minutes on the floor of a department store. A few months later I get an email from him... asking for money. Some people...

David Rudisha winning in Australia kicks off his season. Two days ago I was chatting with Brother Colm who was telling him his season - good to hdear he's coming to NYC, in fcat earlier this year ADIDAS flew him to Florida for a photo shoot - the irony, a man from the Masai Mara... One of Iten's most famous residents - he has actually just bought a house there.

Great recent sessions from Priscah Jeptoo and Jemima - the speed was mind boggling. Reid C., Canada's best marathoner is staying n Iten right now up till Rotterdam, a 2:10 runner, and he agreed - the speeds were befitting a male marathoner.

Talking marathons - a nice invite from Gilbert K. to go to the World Champs with him and Edna K. for the marathon where she's trying to win for the third time.

Lornah's clothing line is a big hit in Kenya - imagine the first lady is not only wearing it, she is buying it! You know the product is good when you see someone capable of freebies at the store counter -- reminds me of some famous athletes I know buying Asics shoes instead of running in the ____ they are supposed to wear.
Sally Kipyego here to defend her title at the Half and I am guessing she WILL. Can I say Hoping she will. Another Iten resident...

Thanks to Diane from Burundi who is in Iten training for giving me my first taste of coffee from Burundi arabica -- I never knew Burundi had good coffee! She is there training, with Coury from Sri Lanka, for the London Marathon...

Thanks to Chris Kelsall - Just saw this article... LINK. About the "ace" Sally Kipyego.
Breafast with Mary Keitany, Edna Kiplagat and Gilbert Koech. In fact all the athletes are here this morning - Stephen Kiprotich, Wilson Kipsang, Geoffrey Mutai, Dennis Kimmetto, Ezekiel Kemboi... and we are talking farming, not running! Actually there is a IAAF testing station here today but in the meantime...
Bumped into an old friend today - Bob Keino, the son of Kip Keino. He is now the Director of the Kip Keino Training Centre. Then I was to the Eldoret Club and met Moses Tanui who was heading out for a golf game. In the lounge, where the CEO of the Moi Referral and I were on a conference call to a Doctor in Switzerland, I ran into Daniel Komen - the 'original' and still the world 2-mile, and 3000m record holder. He reminded me he is an ambassador of the Children's Hopsital and wants to buy some bed.
More fast Kenayns running in the Rome Half - I recall the day when breaking the hour was never done. These days every race breaks the hour.
Charity news - thank you so much to Michael Kugler, Shoe4Africa Germany for sending over a big pile of running shoes. I opened the store room to find a big pile on the floor and had to do some detective work as the boxes had been destroyed with the names. Thanks to www.shoe4africa.de
I am not a social media wizz but I did get on Twitter today and found Lornah Sports posting - on Saturday they are opening their pop up store in Nairobi with a permenant store coming a month after. In fact when I was flying Lornah yesterday. Fabian, the Moi University former dean was also on the plane. Then coming to Iten Douglas Wakiihuri, the former World Marathon champion was there having dinner with us - as he is training the President's wife as she prepares for her half marathon on the 8th of next month in Nairobi. Also in Iten is the French Steeple ace Bob Tahri. As always a running village. Just missed Paula Radcliffe as she left last week.
I see Apple watch is coming out soon - I am going minimalist. My watch tells the time and that is it. Love it. Basics. I kind've like the phone thing, cash in the pocket etc. Not really a fan of those running watches either that track miles, speed and whatnots.
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