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Sumgong's excuse - link... Not valid, there is no record of her being at the hospital at that time. No record, and no one single person that can vouch for her. No excuse.

So the situation now sits as Sumgong apparently (being?) sorry... Unless there is a financial payback a sorry means nothing to the women whom she displaced with her cheating. Let's see. Sumgong, it is time for you to step up and do something... positive... oops!

Finally... ADAK sanctions Jemima Sumgong with a four year ban. The first reigning Olympic marathon champ to be caught. Such a huge shame for Kenya that an individual brings down the name of the other runners.... When Justin Gaitln gets caught (the first or the second) no one says 'Ah all Americans are dirty...' but when a Kenyan gets caught...
What a marathon weekend!! Too much fun and greatness.

Derick Wittenberg & Mary, Pieter Langerhorst, Lornah, Paula, and I.

From the start (meeting my international running friends on Wednesday) to the finish (dinner last night at the NYRR chairman George's house who was kind enough to come out in the rain on race day and meet me at the finish) it was a spectacle event. My ace Shoe4Africa team, the great team breakfast's, the parties... our fab post race party at a button factory! And more... all the stories etc.

I go to the RunCenter for my Kenyan Running talk... here are the people I had to follow.

Haile Gebrselassie, Paula, Bill Rodgers, German Silva, and Ryan Hall.
Anyway we had a Kenyan talk with Lornah Kiplagat, Peter Rono, Starbucks and I. Peter Rono, Olympic Gold in the 1500 is going home to Kenya in December after an absence of 15-years, it will be a big welcome for him!

daily Nation, “My success has come as a result of high standards of discipline inculcated in me at the camp. We followed strict instructions from our coaches and the management at the camp,” Geoffrey Kamworor, NYC winner 2017. Lifetime amazing result by Shalane Flanagan to win the women's race... can she double up in Boston? Mary Keitany had a bad day and that shows the caliber of the athlete as she still finished second. Every one in NYC, from taxi drivers to street hopping ants is ranting, "American woman... won!" Shalane has done something amazing for the women's sport of distance running in the country.
If you are a Team Shoe4Africa runner tomorrow you get 40%, yes 40, off all running gear (all brands)!! Come to our morning run.
In Marathon week in NYC everyone comes to town. Even the people you don't expect. More managers; I met Brendan O'Reilly, Tom Ratcliffe, Michel Boeting (whom stays 50-meters from me when he is in Kenya), Hawi, Hicham, and quite a few more... then runners aplenty; met Abdi who is looking great - he was #3 last year, Edna Kiplagat - who won Boston earlier this year and Gilbert who are here with their family, Michel Butter from the Netherlands who is often in Kenya and has been going to Kaptagat before it became the popular place to be (and is the undisputed Ping Pong Champ of Iten), Haron Lagat - a long time friend and a Cherangani neighbor, good to see him, I had no idea he was here, along with the US army team, and Paul Chelimo, a great guy from Iten who grabbed the Olympic Silver behind Mo. Diane, Burundi's best runner, and Betsy Saina again. Funny to think how the city comes alive with all the runners, then goes down on Monday when the event is over.
Sad to hear that Tanzania's Nat. record holder in the Half Marathon, 59:30, Ismail Juma, died in a road accident. He won the Istanbul half earlier this year and was Tanzania's most promising athlete for a while.
AIMS marathoner of the year - Nov 10th - Mary Keitany and Eliud Kipchoge. No one can dispute that result. (even though it is yet to be announced).
Amazing line up-- come by and say hello

Who is not at the NYRR RunCenter this Saturday? Come on down, it is free and join us - Haile Gebrselassie, Bill Rodgers, Ryan Hall, German Silva, Paul Tergat, Jenny Simpson, Lornah Kiplagat, Kathrine Switzer, Emma Coburn, Deena Kastor are all coming into town to be there this weekend. Along with Gordon Bakoulis, Alison Desir, and me... and Mr. Starbucks too.
It is going on at the NYRR RunCenter, 320 West 57th St.

NYC marathon - we went to see Mary Keitany and Charles. Great catching up with them. Also Betsy Saina (my sister-in-law) who is here making her NYC debut. Then, at the Hall of Fame, Starbucks and Lornah (who was getting an award), and Paula Radcliffe, who is traveling like crazy these days, seems to be everywhere, and looks great... and of course all the NYRR peeps. Bumped into Hawi, Meb's brother who does all the management, and speaking of which great to see Luis Felipe Posso - one of the legend Managers who is not looking day older than he did back in the 1990's! Meb of course yesterday getting the top NYRR award of the Abebe Bikila prize... well deserved, iconic USA runner of the century!

Mason, Mary, Charles, David, Samantha, and Jared.

Run Clean, a campaign started in Kenya in 2015...

One wonders just what was Jemima Sumgong, top left, thinking as she smiled.... Jemima, busted early this year whilst preparing for the London Marathon, did so at a time when Kenya was calling out for "criminalizing doping"....

The truth of the matter is up till today, Nov, Jemima still hasn't received a ban, right? If so exactly how long and starting when... Despite, the #RunClean was a great Kenyan initiative started in Nandi County.

News from Liverpool (BBC) - 30% of our 11-year-olds are obese.
Vivian Cheruiyot wins her first marathon, 2:23, on a bad weather day - LINK. The Viv that won the Olympic Gold last year in the 5000m...
Fingers crossed for Martin Kosgey - running Frankfurt tomorrow. A recipient of Shoe4Africa shoes back in the day when he had no shoes! Last year he was #2 in 2:07:22 - let's go Martin!

With Martin at the airport!

A picture from an incredibly talented friend - Jonas Leriche!

In 2010 when Kenya went to the referendum vote Western media and countless other news channels came to Kenya. There was no killing, violence or troubles. Cameras filmed whatever they could "Watch out, maybe just soon..." Nothing happened. Ditto in 2013 - the world went back disappointed. In 2017 any person that died in Kenya became a victim of the elections. Also any person that died was automatically killed by the 'other side' (without trial or reason. On Aug 8th Kenya went to vote, Jubilee won by a landslide, and also won in the majority of the counties (makes sense). Let's just call it 8-mill vs 6-mill. before the elections the opposition had stated, the same as 2007, that if it lost it had to be rigging.

In 2007 when Kenya burned the opposition kept quiet as thousands of Kenyans went to the streets, most jobless machete wielding thugs will to die "for Raila". The educated, the working and the respectable stayed off the streets. the self proclaimed 'baba' could have stopped the killings with one speech; he remained silent for long. 600,000+ displaced, well over 1,000 needless slayings. Where was King Solomon we ask?

Anyway, fast forward to the 26th of Oct. President Kenyatta again gets another 7-mill votes (more than Raila in the first round).

"Turnout for the constituencies counted so far was 43 percent. That figure is likely to decrease when it includes returns of 0 from least 23 constituencies where authorities were unable to open even a single polling station because of protests by Odinga’s supporters." Sad to see the opposition again use excessive violence and force to keep people away from the polling stations.

Congrats to Team Uhurutto, the majority of Kenya has overwhelmingly spoken.

Went to the Ndalat XC race in Nandi. Good to see my in-law Eliud Kipchoge the greatest marathoner, also Abel Kirui back from Chicago, Janeth Jepkosei was there with Eunice Sum, also Ben Limo, Alfred Kirwa, and many others. Even when we left the VIP area (thanks Solo) we bumped into Olympic Champ Nancy Lagat. It was a crazy day with so many great runners.
Lunch with Lornah Kiplagat and her mom! Her mom gave us Mursiik - the Kenyan secret! Rotten milk - well cultured!
Watching the Chicago marathon with Mary Keitany and husband Charles at their house in Iten. Great race, was fun! An unknown Kenyan lady grabbed second - a room of runners and no one had heard of her despite she ran the first 25k at 2:17 pace!
Met Edna Kiplagat and Gilbert on the road in Iten! They are soon coming to the New York Marathon... and staying in America a little longer. They want to start a school in Kapkoi - we will visit soon. Edna almost won her 3rd title this year in the World Champs.
Thanks to Seattle Green Lake Running Club for the 12-miles today. Great to meet the group and got to run with Jules and Kenny - trying to get everyone to come run in Kenya!

Watched an amazing Doc. on netflix called ICARUS - it was eye opening to say the least, what a superb job by Brian Fogel. Spurred on we next went on to Matthew Mc (complicated name) with Gold - another good watch. I rarely get to watch films but these two were worth the minutes.

Nice to meet Jesse Itzler (http://www.the100mileman.com/living-with-a-seal/) at an event Survive & Thrive, organized by Marvelous Marva and her friends up in Kent CT. Jesse used to volunteer with an Org I am affiliated with and then his staff contacted me a while ago ago about training for a 24-hr relay race... Anyway he is a great speaker; super enjoyable.

At the https://surviveandthrivetoday.com/ event there was a host of fun people doing a lot of exciting things and it all happened at an adventure park - good to meet the Tech world people of tomorrow... today!

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